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A Seventeen-Year-Old Guy Killed His Own Grandfather, Took a Bath, Then, Turned Himself In

The guy got nagged a LOT too, translated…

A high school dropout, Lee is always up to no good, and his grandfather would often nag him about how he doesn’t get a good job, that he only watched television all night long; yesterday early morning, while his grandfather was asleep, he used a knife, and stabbed his grandfather twenty-four times, and one of the stabs was on his grandfather’s chest, and, the grandfather died right away.

The process of murdering his own grandfather in cold blood was caught by his grandmother, who stumbled out of the room, Lee had even consoled her, “I’ll call the cops later”; then, he went into his bathroom, took a shower, changed his blood-stained clothes, then, placed the murder weapon on the altar, waited in the living room, for the cops to come.

The police investigated that the seventeen year old male was an adopted son, when he was just eight, he was adopted, at age four, his adopted mother passed away, his adopted father remarried, and lived in the city of Taichung.  Lee was raised by his grandparents, behaved relatively well, but, in his last year of middle school, he became rebellious, and, after just one semester in high school, and he had started working odds and ends since, and when he ran out of money, he would ask his grandfather for it, and, they would fight often on that.

Two nights ago at around nine, Lee was watching television in the living room, and his grandfather nagged him, “all you know how to do is watch T.V. all night long”.  Lee waited until two thirty early yesterday morn, he took a kitchen knife, and hacked his grandfather on the head three times, the grandfather ran to his grandmother’s room for help, and went to the living room for the phone to call the police, Lee ran back to the kitchen, took a fruit knife out, then, stabbed his grandfather in the chest, the grandfather fell immediately thereafter.

The police got a call from Lee, turning himself in, arrived there quickly, asked him, “Why you needed a shower after you killed?”  Lee said that he was covered with blood that it made him uncomfortable, the officers believed that he was trying to clean off the evidence, he said calmly and coldly, “There was still blood on the knife!”

The neighbors said, that Lee’s grandmother had spoiled him, would give him money all the time, and sometimes, when he and his grandfather had argued, she would often act as the mediator when the grandfather said he’d called the cops on him.

The medical examiners did an check of the crime scene, and found the blood trial to be from the grandfather’s bedroom, all the way to the living room, and to areas surrounding the front door, and all around the altar too, and there were blood stains on the walls.  There were a total of twenty-four knife wounds on the grandfather, there are defensive wounds on his arms and hands; the medical examiners and the police believed that they were in a fight and a chase, and the two stabs in the chest had gone into the grandfather’s heart, causing LOT of bleeding.

The technical high school instructor for Lee said, “He’d often skipped classes, giving his grandparents head and heart ache.”  Lee was extraordinarily intelligent, making all around him helpless of the situation.

The Grandmother Bore Witness to the Murder, Wanted to Break the Fight Up, but, She Felt Powerless in Her Legs

Lee’s first uncle said that his father and his nephew’s relationship can be categorized by tension, and, it had been going on for two to three years already, his father is already eighty-one years old, he couldn’t discipline him physically, so, he can only nag him; recently, his father had talked about how his grandson was too easily angered, and had heard his own father told that the grandson had gotten angry a lot, and would often claim, “I’ll finish those two elderly one day”, without knowing that it actually came true.

Lee’s grandmother told that actually her husband didn’t say anything more to the grandson, it’s just that the grandson would fall asleep with the television turned on, and he would often complained about how much electricity he was wasting.  Last night, her husband saw the grandson was watching television once again, she wanted to ease the tension between them said to the grandchild, “If you help out with the farming, then we’ll give you a salary too.”

Without knowing that the husband rebutted her right away, “Him, a farmer?  That’s impossible!”, then, continued on nagging the grandson, “we need to cook your three meals, how can we manage to get extra money to give to you?”, the air froze.  Later, she and her husband headed off to bed, until in the middle of the night, she was awakened by his screams, her husband was covered with blood; she wanted to stop her grandson, but, her legs had become limp.

Later, she moved out of the room slowly, saw her grandson with a knife, the husband claimed to call the cops, after he was finished with his sentence, the grandson had already stabbed the grandfather’s chest, and, when she came to, her husband had fallen to the ground, and had stopped breathing.  She cried, as she consoled her grandson to turn himself in, while she went into a haze, waiting for the cops to arrive.

And so, this is, yet, ANOTHER case of how nagging would turn a man’s mind, and, this 17 year old really cracked too, because his grandfather would nag him, NONSTOP, and, he is too intelligent for his own good as well.

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You Must Live Happily Ever After…

This, I guess, would be the Queens’ wish for her daughters, perhaps???  So, let’s begin, shall we???

Snow White’s birth mother, before she died…

Snow, you MUST live happily ever after, and NOT leave your own child, the way I must leave you, you mustn’t fall ill as I’d done, and leave your own daughter all alone in this world, with NO love at all.  You must live happily ever after, and marry that Prince Charming that woke you up out of that coma!!!  You must live happily ever after, and enjoy the life I was meant to have, but never got the chance of living out, child.

And now comes Beauty & the Beast…

You must live happily ever after, Belle, because you’d chosen to give yourself to the B-E-A-S-T, so your father would be saved, even though you felt NOTHING toward the beast, love will grow, I promise you, just give him time.

You must live happily ever after, for your father’s sake, because if he knew how unhappy you were, being kept captive by the Beast, he would’ve beaten himself up over letting you take his place.  So, for your father’s sakes, and your dead mother’s too, you MUST live happily ever after, and know, that you will NEVER get to bury your own father after he’d gone, because you’d still be “doing time”, for his sins, hunting on the Beast’s properties.

And, here’s that COMATOSE princess…

You must live happily ever after, even AS a vegetable, because you will NEVER be awakened again, NOT by Philip (that’s the name of the prince, right???), like you’d wished to, because he got DEVOURED by the dragon that was H-I-R-E-D (don’t know by whom!!!), to keep you guarded and safe, and, nobody will EVER dare venture anywhere N-E-A-R your bed after that.

You must live happily ever after, even IF nobody ever comes to wake you back up, after a million years of slumber, and, because you’re under that spell (by that last fairy godmother???), you will be FROZEN by time, and, your kinfolk, will fall asleep, alongside you, and, because you never got waken up again, neither will they.  Look at it this way, at least, you will ALWAYS BE beside your parents, the king AND the queen, sleeping in a COMA in the same building, that way, none of you will EVER feel lonely.
And, Rapunzel, who ACCIDENTALLY (yeah right!!!) cut her hair off, well, look at it this way, you’re still HIGH up, above everything else (it’s got a great view, you must admit!!!), and, nobody will EVER be able to climb to the HEIGHTS of your windows, and, you have EVERYTHING you’ll EVER need, inside that small confine of your tower, so, you got NOTHING to worry about.

You MUST live happily ever after, and have the life that I’d wanted for myself, but never had the chance of living out, because I met up with your father, darling daughter.  You must live out the rest of your lives in my wildest fantasies, and, you MUST live the life that I had wanted for myself, because you are my baby, and, I am your mother, and, you MUST help me accomplish all the dreams I’d dreamed up, but never had the chance of achieving, for whatever reasons there may be.

And that, would be exactly H-O-W, a happily ever after became so FUCKING (oopsy!!!) heavy on the shoulders of ALL those aforementioned “princesses” out there.


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A Foster Care Parent Beat a Young Boy Until He Bruised All Over

I know, STRICTER background CHECKS for those who apply to be foster parents, or better yet, put them on a probation period F-I-R-S-T, from the Newspapers online, translated…

A woman, Lee, was placed in charge of an almost one-year-old infant, she was suspected of having beaten the child up to the point that he bruised all over his body.  The child became unconscious, and the district attorney’s office is charging the woman with hurting the child.

Starting on July 3 of this year, Lee was asked to take care of the not-yet-one year old little boy, and, she was suspected of abusing the child until he had multiple contusions on his body, multiple scratch marks, along with multiple bruises were found on the boy’s body.  On the afternoon of July 28, the child became unconscious, and so, Lee took him to the hospital.  The hospital staff found multiple scars and bruises on him, and he had contracted pneumonia, they called the child services immediately.

Lee denied having hurt the child, claimed that the child had scratched himself up badly, and he wasn’t showing signs of a cold, she wonders how the hospital staff could’ve gotten the diagnosis of pneumonia.

The volunteer testified, that there were no visible bruises on the child’s body at the time, when she visited with him on July 14th and July 21st.

The diagnoses from the hospitals stated that the child is not yet one, and he couldn’t have reached behind his back that far, and managed to scratch himself that hard, nor could he have sprained his body with his body weight, that the scars and wounds are caused external forces.

The district attorney’s office stated that Lee was the caretaker, and instead, she’d become too violent toward the child, and denied her involvement, the prosecutor asked for a heavy sentence, as she was supposed to help take care of children, and instead, she’d hurt them.

So, does anybody feel safe, leaving her/his kid with a nanny now?  And, what happened to stricter background checks?  Oh yeah, there isn’t one, and it’s still NOT like there are signs on the people’s heads that tell you that they’re dangerous, is there?  Nope!!!


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Watched as Her Husband Beat Her Daughter into a Handicap, the Mother Got Three-and-a-Half Years of Jail Sentence

Because you just stood by, and watch your kid get BEATEN up, and you did NOTHING, and so, you’re charged with NEGLECT, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, He, was annoyed at how his four-year-old daughter kept wetting her bed, and so, he’d beaten her up with a cleaning stick or with his bare hands for over a month continuously, the child got beaten to the point that she became a vegetable; the highest court used the guidelines of damages, and gave He seven years in prison.  His wife was passive in the sense that she didn’t try to stop her husband from abusing her child, the judge decided that she was the accomplice of her husband’s violence, and, had sentenced her to three and a half year in prison.

The child is looked after by her father’s sister now, the district court in Banciao ruled that the He’s would have to pay over seven million dollars for the child’s care.

The He’s gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl back in October of 2004, they had taken their daughter to the wife’s household to be looked after, didn’t bring her home until January of 2009.

The couple hadn’t been involved in the raising of the little girl, they didn’t know her schedules; He was displeased at how his daughter would urinate on the couches or on the beds, and, he lost his temper, because she wouldn’t learn, starting on January 25, 2009, he would use the dusting stick or his own bare hands, to spank the four-year-old child.

The young girl was beaten to the point where there were a TON of bruises that covered up her body, below her eyes, was internal bleeding, her limbs, the back, and her brain had shown signs of hemorrhage.  He’s wife would bathe the child every single day, although she’d seen these multiple wounds on her, she never even bothered to care, and had never taken the young girl to the hospitals.

At two o’clock on February 27, 2007, He’s wife saw that her daughter had lost consciousness, called the ambulance, and took the child to the hospital in Linkou, but, the child had become a vegetable already, the child couldn’t even sit up, move, and her cognitive skills level was that of a child who’s only two to three months in age.

He denied having harmed his child intentionally, claiming that he was only disciplining her, and had never beaten the girl on her head, that she might have bumped her head while she ran around inside the house; He’s wife testified, that her husband had a temper, and when he gets agitated, he’d beaten people up, she had once applied medicine on her child, and begged her husband not to hit the child, and sometimes, she’d end up getting beaten up too.

The doctor testified that the victim’s head wound couldn’t have been caused by one single instance, the judge thought that when He was beating up his child, he didn’t control the strength he used, and didn’t pay attention where he’d hit her, causing the child to become damaged in the brains.  As for He’s wife, she feared that she’d get beaten up herself, she did NOT actively protect her daughter, she is partially responsible too.

Because the mother feared getting beaten up, so, she got out of the way, protected HERSELF, that made her the ENABLER in this, and, there is a GOOD reason why your child, who’s already “potty trained” started wetting her/himself, something MUST be going on, to cause her/him to have bladder issue, and, instead of trying to get to the BOTTOM of the reasons, you resort to beaten her up, yeah, that’s great parenting technique all right (That, was still S-A-R-C-A-S-M, those of you interested in knowing)…

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A Man Was Charged for Sexually Molesting a Fifteen Year-Old Online

One more reason W-H-Y one should NEVER agree to meet up with someone s/he had met ONLINE, because, you don’t know WHO you’re dealing with when you’d only had shared conversations, from the newspapers, translated…

A man, Liu, met a fifteen year old girl through a website, last year on November 23, when they had first met up, he took her to where he lived, and, over the next three months, he had raped her ten times, took photos of her naked, and, threatened her not to tell.  The father of the young woman knew she was going out with him, but didn’t know exactly what happened until the girl had a melt down on February 4th, and he called the cops.  And, Liu is now faced with a five-year-one-month jail term for sexual molestation.

That just shows you how UNSAFE it would be, to meet up with someone you’d only had a few “casual conversations” with online, and this time, the young woman was still “taken”, by the BIG BAD wolf, and it’s already too late, because the girl had already been “damaged”, and, there’s NO turning that around, is there?  That just shows you that you should always question the people you “meet” online, because even IF they sounded nice or okay, they may be under disguise, and, if you were DUMB enough to meet up with the person, then, it would be too late for you as well.  So, WISE UP already, how many cases like this would you need?  Until you are the VICTIM, or your daughters had become victims too?

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His Girlfriend Sued Him for Domestic Violence, He Abducted Her Nine-Year-Old Child, Beats Him Up

Why can’t people just break up amicably, oh yeah, I forgot, it’s because “there’s NO ‘good’ in goodbye” isn’t it, from the Front Page sections, translated…

A man, Lin, was displeased at how his ex-girlfriend, Lee, sued him for domestic violence, was suspected of abducting her nine-year-old son, and beaten him up badly, and said that Lee should “be on your knees and come and beg for forgiveness”, as his way of getting back at her, and, he took control of the boy for a total of six hours, the district attorney’s office in Shihlin believed that he was evil, yesterday, the D.A. processed him based off of child abduction, damages and threats, and asked the judge to give him three years in prison.

The D.A. pointed out, that Lin had acted on the personal feelings he had had toward the child’s mother, and hurt the child, causing the boy to be damaged psychologically as well.  Lin showed absolutely NO sign of remorse, and that, was why the attorney asked the judge for such a harsh sentence.

The accusations pointed out that Lin (45 years of age) and Lee were a cohabiting couple, Lin had beaten Lee up long term, and threatened to kill her too, and so, Lee took out a restraining order, which Lin wasn’t too happy about.

In order to get back at Lee, Lin drove to an elementary school and picked up Lee’s son, and had the boy called his mother claiming, “I hurt my leg, I’ll walk home on my own.”  Lee heard her son’s voice and he sounded strange to her, she thought that something wasn’t right, but she just didn’t know what.

After Lin snatched the boy, while he was driving, he had hit the child on the head with a baseball bat, then, hit the boy’s face with his own fist, causing the child to have damages on his head and face too; later, Lee called Lin and asked if he’s seen her son, Lin falsely said that he could help her look, and, had called her back, falsely claiming, “I seem to have seen him close to the school”, “I think he’s somewhere near the entrance of the temple”.

At seven that night, Lin texted Lee, saying that he’s found her son.  Lee begged him to return her child, Lee threatened, “I have the child, you need to crawl on back to me”, “Don’t call the cops, or, you will never see your son again”; Lee worried that something might happened to her son, showed up to meet Lin, and called the cops when he wasn’t paying attention, and the cops were able to catch Lin at around eleven o’clock at night.

So, because your girlfriend had found someone new, because you would ABUSE her, so, you take it out on her son?  Wow, that’s really manly all right.  Because the woman couldn’t take the man’s abuse of her anymore, she’d called the domestic violence hotline, and, that pissed the man off, and, he took revenge on an innocent little boy, and, imagine what the little boy had gone through, and, it is still NOT the child’s fault either.

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A Two-Year-Old Died, They Suspected that it Was the Nanny, Doing CPR Improperly, That Killed the Young Child

Apparently, they did NOT stress HOW to perform CPR when you got your nanny license here, there IS a difference between CPR in adults and children, after all, children have smaller frames, more delicate bodies, do you NOT know that???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A two year old baby girl two afternoons ago, died for no apparently reasons at her nanny’s house, the medical examiners believed that the three suspicious wounds on her head wasn’t enough to kill her, and they’re NOT ruling out subdural hematoma, or the nanny doing CPR too hard that caused her to die, after the district attorney questioned the woman, they placed the woman on a one hundred thousand dollar bail for negligence.

The examiners found that there were finger-shaped bruises on the child’s cheeks, and that there were bruises on both palms too, and there are three very suspicious wounds that seemed like something had hit her, but the coroners believed that the wounds are not enough to cause the child to die, believed that there was a bigger chance she’d died of subdural hematoma.

Based off of investigations, the nanny, Tseng has a valid certification, and had been taking care of children for multiple years, is responsible for two other children, and, other than the little girl that died, she had also taken on a 10-month old baby boy.  The nanny told the police, that two days ago in the afternoon, she found the little girl limp, and showed difficulties breathing, she’d performed CPR on her immediately, and as the ambulance took her to the hospital, she was still breathing, that she had died on the transfer away from the original hospital; she said that the wounds on top of the child’s head, along with on the rest of her body was caused by playing in the parks, she’d denied having abused the child.

Tseng, the nanny’s husband told the police, that two afternoons ago around two after he’d returned home from taking out the garbage, his wife told him that the child seemed “weird”, had difficulties breathing.  His wife performed CPR right away, and he had rode them both to the city hospital nearby.  The hospital claimed that the child was still breathing, with a pulse, suggested that they move her to a bigger hospital, but after they’d taken her to another hospital, she was pronounced dead at four in the afternoon.

The district attorney, the police will examine the child’s chest cavity, to hopefully figure out what had killed her, to understand if the nanny had pushed down too hard when she performed CPR, but the nanny claimed that she didn’t remember the details of her, performing CPR for the little girl; the police will look into the matter, to see if negligence had occurred, in the process of trying to resuscitate her.

And so, apparently, this would be another case of negligence, because there ARE different ways to performing CPR on adults versus on children.  For children’s bodies are more delicate, and so, instead of using the whole hand to do the compressions, you are only supposed to use two fingers to massage the region GENTLY, and I’m betting that that, was what happened, that the nanny panicked and just PUSHED too hard.

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A Child, Fatally Shot His Dad, No Charges Were Filed

Did anybody NOT “follow” that keep dangerous ARMS out of reach of children???  And so, this, is yet, another tragedy, and no, it still will NOT be the last of it, trust me on that, from the Houston Chronicles,…

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities aren’t expected to seek charges in the death of an Arizona man who was accidentally shot by his 4-year-old son.

Justin Stanfield Thomas was fatally shot Friday after he and his son traveled from Phoenix to a friend’s home 90 miles away in the northern Arizona community of Prescott Valley for a surprise visit.

Prescott Valley Police Brandon Bonney says the boy found the loaded gun in the home within minutes of arrival, asked a question about it and pulled the trigger.

Thomas later died at a hospital.

Bonney says the gun should have been locked away, but that Thomas’ friend, whose identity hasn’t been released, was caught off guard by the unannounced visit.

No children lived in the house.

The child is now with his mother.

So, in this case, the FOUR-YEAR-old child got a hold of the gun, and WHAM, it fired off, and shot HIS daddy, and, of COURSE that NO “charges” are filed here, after all, we can all conclude, that this is just ONE of the many tragic accidents that’s happened in a household with a G-U-N, where the GUN was safe OR secure, LOCKED UP as it was supposed to be, and you still don’t THINK that we need gun control???

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Her Boyfriend Committed Arson, She Followed Him Off, Her Father Thought She Was Still in the House, Ran Inside to Save Her

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-five year old man, Lu seemed to be displeased at how his 17-year-old girlfriend, Huang’s family stood in their way of being together, yesterday in the early morning, he took a bottle, filled with gasoline to her place in Zhonghe, after he’d committed arson, he’d left with his girlfriend; the father did NOT know that his daughter had made a getaway, still ran into the house that was burning to save her, and he was choked by the smokes, taken to the hospital.

In the ambulance, the father kept hollering, “My daughter is still in there, save her.”, the firefighters saved four people total, including the father, the others are the girl’s grandmother and her uncle and aunt.

The police reviewed the surveillance and found that twelve minutes before the fire was set, Lu had gone into Huang’s house with two plastic bottles, after the fire broke out, the young woman left on her boyfriend’s motorcycle, speeding toward Banciao.  Afterwards, they’d both turned off their cell phones, the police are still chasing leads.

The police found, that Huang, who’d dropped out of technical high school, who is from a single-parent household, was dating Lu, and the family was against it.  Two nights ago, at ten o’clock, Lu went to Huang’s house to talk.  The father who worked in the business of delivery gas cans asked Lu to leave his daughter alone, to NOT fool around with her, to NOT prevent her from her studies, it made Lu unhappy, the two of them got into a huge argument, Lu left at around one in the morn.

At around 3:17 yesterday morning, Lu appeared in front of Huang’s house, took out two bottles, filled with gasoline, entered into her house.  At 3:32, the girl left first, Lu followed her shortly thereafter, then, there was a huge BANG, and the house caught fire.

The man in charge of the borough said that he heard the commotion, he immediately told his son who lived on the fourth floor of Huang’s building to take cover, the neighbors all helped out with the putting out of the fire, gladly, the fire was put out by the fire department, that there were no major damages.

The fire department found that there were two starting points of the fire, the back of the kitchen and on the lanai, close to the storage, they suspected that it was arson, and will now, send the evidence to the forensics to determine.

And so, this still happened, because “Romeo” and “Juliet” were kept apart by HER father, and this time however, our “Romeo” decided to SET fire to “Juliet’s” house, instead of committing suicide, and, look where it will get him?  Behind bars, with “Juliet” never seeing him again, after this, the father is totally NEVER allowing his baby girl to go out with that loser again that’s for sure!!!

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A Grandmother Did Everything She Could, Including Keeping Surveillance on Her Grandson, to Prevent Him from Marrying Again

From the Front Page Sections, translated…
An eighty-year old woman, Wang, because she was an illegitimate child, was bullied by others, she worried that if her divorced grandson remarries, the two great grandsons might have a hard time, in order to prevent her grandson from falling in love, she would guard his door by the day, watching to see if he’d taken anyone home, and the grandmother-grandson pair got into arguments and the elderly woman tripped and fell, hurt herself, the grandson asked for a restraining order and was granted one.
“I can’t understand, what is so wrong with dating after divorce?”, the elderly woman, Wang’s grandson claimed, he said, that he’s already divorced with his ex-wife, and is now single, needs someone to keep him company, and couldn’t understand why other people’s grandmother gave NOTHING but blessings when grandchildren are married, but NOT his own.
Grandma Wang lived with her son and grandson, the grandson is in real estate, at age thirty, he has two elementary school age children. A year ago, the grandson took a woman from work home to discuss the work, the grandmother mistook the grandson for having an affair, she’d told his wife, causing them to get into a huge fight, and they ended up divorced.
The grandson complained, afterwards, his grandmother would NOT let him bring female friends home, and would have a chair outside his doors, and would check the closets to see if there are shoes that don’t belong? Whether or not he has an extra helmet on his motorcycle or not? She would even come to his bedroom doors, to hear if there are women’s voices, it gave him a difficult time.
After he’d divorced, when he took his first girlfriend home, the grandmother found out, called him “shameful”, along with other things; the second girlfriend got rice thrown by the grandmother in her face, signifying an exorcism, they ended up breaking up; and now, he’s with his third girlfriend, he was careful, in not letting his grandmother know about it.
“You must stay faithful in a marriage, how can you screw around?”, the grandmother said, after you’d married, had kids, you must take good care of them, how can you divorce? If you remarried after the divorce, the hard times will come to the children.
The elderly woman, Wang said, that because her own mother is a spare wheel, she’d been carrying a bad rap, when the children from his father’s real wife told her to do something and she didn’t, she’d get beaten, yelled at; and so, she couldn’t accept the fact that her grandson was with another after he was married; after he divorced, she worried that if he remarries again, her two great grandkids will get picked on.
Wang’s son and daughter-in-law stated, that they’d hoped that their son can have a complete family, had communicated with the mother multiple times, but she won’t listen, they were troubled too; the reason why their son kept this third girlfriend “covered up” was to their suggestion.
The grandson said, that he did NOT push his grandmother down, didn’t know how she fell and hurt, but she insisted that he did. The judge believed that the grandmother showed love in a different way, when the grandson disagrees, he should gently communicate with her about it, that if another incidence of violence happens, then, there will BE a restraining order in place.
Because of this elderly woman’s own experiences, and how she got picked on by the rest of the world, called bad names, she tried to save her grandson from weathering through the same things, her heart WAS in a good place, but she had a LOUSY way of showing it, and that just shows you that there would be generation differences, in even the closest people with you.

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