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The Nonexistent Fingers

Love is still, used as, a SORRY EXCUSE for hurting their, young children here!  Translated…

In a machinery accident, she’d, lost her middle finger, knowing it would be rude, but I still, can’t take my eyes off of her hand.  My connection with her isn’t just on the surfaces, not only were we related by marriage in the same village of the same ancestral graves, we’d also worked together for more than ten days, as coworkers———we were both the “eight hundred strong” after the Morakot Typhoon from 2009 (with the temp wages of $800 per day), and I was too unrealizing, that all these years, I’d not noted how her hand was, handicapped.

Perhaps, it’s how I’d been, troubled by the deterioration of my joints, that’s what gotten me interested in other people’s, hands?  Or, maybe, due to her missing middle finger, that’s tied to the thrilling nightmares of her, childhood, that tangled itself up like an unmanageable ball of, yarn, getting pulled from the origin, and started, unfolding, making her recall the bloody pasts.

The two boys who lost their fingers, shared the similar life experiences; the ones who’d hurt them were their, fathers, who’d both selected the most hurtful ways to, damage their, children.  Of the hands, the thumb on the right hand was bent out of shape, completely deformed, into a “sixth finger”, bent like a pincher, and gotten laughed about a whole, lot, and he’d always, cried too hard about it, and, his father couldn’t stand his complaints anymore, and took a knife and just, cut the finger, off, while Chuang was a kleptomaniac, and he wouldn’t change nor listen to the words of advice, and his father got angered, and took that knife, cut off that last segment of his left pinky, as a reminder to him, to NEVER to steal again.

And it was told, that after both were sent to the hospitals, they got operated on by the surgeons again, because the bones, the tendons, the blood vessels, the nerves in the severed off fingers needed to get fixed up.  If the surgeons just amputated the fingers off, it may affect the functioning of their, other fingers.  To the point of causing the joints to loosen down, or the tissues to become necrotic.

illustration from

The neighbors who grew up with them, for a very long time, lived under both of their, thrilling, childhood, experiences, because the adults all used the threats of “if you don’t behave, I will tell so-and-so’s father to chop your fingers off too”, to threaten their young into behaving, not knowing, how it’d, damaged the young children’s mind, that they’d begun, lying, to evade getting punished, so the children started, locking up all of their, unimportant feelings, to block out the shock, to the point of, being, suppressed.

It’d been four, to five decades, the already distant memories are now, forcing me, to empathize what the man who’d cut his own young son’s fingers off was feeling at the time.

When I was younger, I’d thought that the father of the “boy with six fingers” loved him, while Chuang’s father had, hated him.

And now, as I’d become a father too, I’d, started, reexamining the past, and it seemed, that I can see, underneath the teeth-gritting, the ferocious looking means of his father, there’s that helplessness from how he can’t, make his son act right!  It’s just, that the parents’ “I’m doing this out of love”, their body languages made the children feel rejected, their children felt hurt, and, started wondering, if they were, adopted or, picked up from the outside garbage dumps.

Like a lot of parenting books had, the children who don’t grow up in trust, as adults, they will have difficulties trusting themselves, and others too, and so, there’s no chance of her/him, forming a secure, attachment, which will severely impact the intimacy.  This sort of a childhood environment, is the forefront of the developments of borderline personality, posttraumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia.

“Sister-in-law, I’d checked out your book!”, the words of my relatives, brought me out of those, memories, I’d nodded flustered, and thanked my relative, swallowed back in my curiosity that rose up to my throat, and, as I left the library, the thoughts still, circled around, those memories of the fingers that were, severed, off.

And so, these are AWFUL cases of how the adults hurt their own young, and, it’s not entirely the adults’ fault, for they’d been, raised using these similar sorts of, violent means, and, the kid who’d gotten his fingers chopped off by punishment, his father was at wit’s end, to turn his son back onto the right path, while the other man who’d chopped the deformity off of his young son’s hand, just wanted to make him normal, either way, these two men didn’t do it right by their own young, even IF the intentions were originally loving, it still don’t make what they both did, right!

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The One-Year-Old Young Girl Died from Being Abandoned by Her Own Mother, Her Mother Turned Herself in, Received a Five-Year Sentence

How the mother of this young child was negligent, which was what caused her to, D-I-E, and she got, punished here all right, it’s just, that no amount of sentencing would be, enough, for the life she’d caused, to die, her own, daughter’s life was, lost, because of her, lack of concern and care for her…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The woman, Wang in Taoyuan, because her husband was serving time in prison, was left to raise her own one-year-old young daughter, but didn’t care for the child enough, only fed her in the morning and at night, left her young child at home alone, went out to travel with her boyfriend for three days, and then, the child had, died.  To cover this up, she’d refused her child for the vaccinations, to evade the department of sanitations checking up, and the truth finally came out four years later; yesterday, the Taoyuan District Court charged the woman on abandonment causing death, sentenced her to fie years, this can still be appealed.

The investigations found, that after Wang gave birth in 2015, she’d left her infant home alone, multiple times because of her work, during the time, she’d failed to provide the infant with enough food, causing the infant to be malnourished, and had been hospitalized a whole month, and after they were discharged, the hospitals couldn’t find them again.  In 2020, Wang’s daughter is turning six, and, was at the age of entering the elementary school years, the local sanitation offices tracked the child’s health status, and found, that Wang and her mother who didn’t live together both claimed, that the child was in each other’s care, that was when the local sanitation offices thought something was wrong, notified social services, the social workers and police broken through to wang, and that was when they’d learned, that the young girl died back in 2016, and the body is nowhere to be found now.

The indictment from the D.A.’s Office stated, that Wang had left her own daughter twice for as long as three days at a time, and during the time, she’d not left enough food for the child, she’d claimed, that on the second time she’d left her child, she’d left her daughter at the hospital, where the child had, died, because it’d been a long time, she can’t remember now, what she did with her daughter’s, body.

Although Wang admitted to what she did, but blamed the matter on how she’d had a hard time growing up, that her husband was in jail and sent her the divorce papers, she couldn’t take it, that was why she’d been, neglectful to her own daughter.  She’d told, that her daughter was hospitalized, because of kidney conditions, and her brains, but she needed to work, couldn’t care for her 24/7, and, as the medical professionals signed off, she’d left her daughter in the I.C.U.  But, it was a fact, that her daughter had died when she went out to travel, “as I’d refused to allow my daughter to get vaccinated, she’d already been, deceased!”

The courts investigated, that although the local sanitation offices found that Wang’s daughter was unfound, but they couldn’t confirm that she’d been dead, the police originally listed this case as a missing persons, that Wang’s telling them what had happened, qualified her for turning herself in, that she could get a reduced sentence.  But as a mother, Wang did NOT solicit help when things were getting hard, causing her daughter to die, the courts, did NOT allow her to ask for a second reduction of her sentencing because of this.

And, if you ask me (but hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), this woman DESERVES to serve the HARD time for leaving her own young daughter to DIE, for NOT feeding her (that’s NEGLECT!), and maybe, this child wasn’t beaten up, or emotionally abused or whatever, her death was still, a result of her own mother’s, inability to care for her, and that would constitute as, MURDER in my opinion!

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She Was Raped in the Elementary School Years by Her Own Predatory Father, Pressed Charges Eighteen Years Later, the Predatory Father Sentenced Severely

Justice, finally got, SERVED, but, imagine HOW much pains, sufferings, trials this young girl must’ve, gone through, and this is, still, too awful, at this, this mother of the victim, did NOT, doubt her, she just found out, late is all, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A father in Tainan, eighteen years ago, abused his own wife, and, while his wife went home to stay with her family, he’d raped his own third-grade daughter, and, many years later, as the daughter shared with her church group the matter of sex, she’d disclosed to the group that she was raped by her own father, and the officials of the church reported the matter, and after investigations, there was an investigation that was resumed, again.  The Tainan District Court found, that the father forced himself onto his daughter who was not yet fourteen, and sentenced him heavily to seven years six months.

During the trial, the man denied the allegations, claimed that he was in a foul mood during the time, and had gotten drunk often, didn’t remember he’d gone to his own daughter’s bedroom, or that he had any memories of, raping her.

The young woman accused, that back then, her mother was physically abused by her father, and moved back in with her own family of origin then, and her father told her to come into his bedroom, and told her, that what he was doing to her was called “making love”, she’d not known what it’d meant, but she’d told him “no!”, and melted down before the rape occurred, her father didn’t stop, and continued sexually assaulting her.

After a period of time, as her mother came back from her own mother’s home, she’d disclosed what happened to her to her mother, that her father pulled down her pants, but because she’d not known how to describe to her mother what happened then, she couldn’t clearly tell her mother what had, happened to her, so her mother thought that she only got sexually assaulted once, and it was, never, brought up again.

The elementary school instructor testified, that one day, the young girl kept going to the restrooms at school, and she’d asked her, and the young girl started crying, because the instructor knew that the student’s mother went back to her own family to stay during the day, she’d asked if her father touched her genitals, then the girl nodded yes, and the school immediately contacted her mother.

The mother pointed out, that when her daughter was in the third grade, the instructor called her, told that the child’s genitalia looked reddened, that she’d immediately rushed home then, as the social services intervened, she’d wanted to forgive her husband once, and told him, “our daughter is for us to cherish, not to hurt”; recently, the man called her up, inquired why this was once again, brought back up?  She’d told him, that their daughter is old enough, and so she is allowed to decide, if she wanted to sue him!

And so, this mother had been, the silenced enabler, and maybe, it’s because she didn’t know how to respond to what had happened to her daughter, there was no action on her part, and, this young girl is now, old enough, to SUE her own, predatory father for RAPING and for sexually molesting her!  And this LOSER deserve the harshest sentence for what he did to his own young.

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The Adults Sent in the Complaints, Causing the Children to Lose Their Chances to Learn

How it’s still the god DAMN adults, who’d, @#$%ED up the children’s lives here!  From a carnival fair, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Teacher, this is my happiest day!”, that was what the children told me, on the carnival fair at the celebration of Children’s Day.  But on that morning, the child told me that he forgot to bring the money, that he couldn’t shop for what he wanted, there was that disappointment in his, voice then.

This child, due to his family issues, did NOT go to kindergarten; as school started, he’d, cried every day into the classrooms, couldn’t even hold a pencil to write.  But, after a whole semester’s hard work, he can, finish an exam with the multiple kinds of questions on it.  And so I’d told him, because you’d worked so hard, I shall, take you to shop at the carnival fair.

As we’d gone to a certain stand, he’d, stopped, the older girl from a higher grade level watching a stand, asked if he wanted something?  He’d instinctively told her, “I don’t have any money!”, the older girls responded, “that’s okay, you can select anything you want, absolutely, FREE!”

He’d looked at me, there was, that joy and surprise that came up to his face; the young boy selected something he’d wanted, and the older girls gave him two tiny, presents.  He’d asked me, “Why are the older girls so nice to me?”, I’d told him, after you’d become older, you need to, treat the younger children like the two older girls had, shown you kindness too.  And, I’d spent, less than ten dollars, bought him two tiny toy cars, and today became, the happiest day he ever had, since he’d begun, school.

I’d thought back to about a week ago, at a not-for-profit fair, where items were sold, the parents, because they did NOT receive the earnings from the fair, filed a complaint to the Department of Education.  The purpose of the festivities, is to help children learn to cherish what’s been given to them, and to help others out, and what most kids get out of the activities, is the happiness, and not the monetary, gains from the sales of the items; the parents who’d put up the money and the time, had weaved in and out of the fair too.  And, those few adults, used their own selfishness, and, gave a bad reputation to the schools, causing the schools to be investigated by the Department of Education, with never-ending paperwork.

And, once the schools halted all the activities, because of the parents’ pressuring them, it’s still the children who are bound to fall, victims, losing the joys, and the opportunities to, learn!

And so, this still just showed, how BAD the adults are, because the adults had lost that sense of their own child innocence, and everything for them, is based off of profits, gains, and what am I getting out of this?  Taking away the children’s chances at keep their innocence intact, taking the opportunities of socialization, interactions away.

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The Air, My Friend

The column by Jimmi Liao, on the effects of spoiling your young, translated by, me…

This is the LAST Time I Take You Flying

You Will, Fly on Your Own Next Time.

I Really Don’t Like

That Tone of, Voice, You’re Speaking to Me in…

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, courtesy of

And, as you still may have guessed, this is still, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction, as the one who’d taken the individual on her/his back to fly, got used to being, SAT on (‘cuz s/he is the bird???), and the SPOILED BRAT got used to having everything provided to her/him by the bird, why the @$#% would s/he need to stand on her/his own, I mean, you got someone, covering YOUR sorry ASS, and therefore, you NEVER, learn to wipe up your own messes, and so, this shit is still NOT, good at ALL!

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The Pressures of Caring for His Three Young Babies was What Drove the Twenty-One-Year-Old Young Father to Commit Murder

When the help is so easily to get, and yet, these families still don’t ask for the needed help in childcare, or find ways to get them some extra money that they needed to live off of, until someone finds that job, so that’s why, these young children are still, being, MURDERED in the world right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’d been, too many cases of child abuse, the manager of the domestic violence prevention center analyzed the cause, mostly it’s due to the bad household economics, or how they weren’t getting along well enough with each other, the parents can’t find an outlet for their angers, and take it out on their own young, committing murder.

The manager of the domestic violence prevention center in Kaohsiung, Lee told, many of the cases of child abuse, the parents are emotionally troubles, with the add on of economic difficulties, and if the adults can’t relate to each other well enough, the money, hard to get by, then, it’s more than possible, that the negative emotions will, accumulate.

Lin married young, by twenty-one, he’d already had three children, without a steady employment, the kids came one right after another, the married couple had no way of resolving the means of childcare, with the stresses from their external environment, they would crack too easily, and the children became, the scapegoats of the anger.

The women and children specialty squad of the Kaohsiung Police observed, that without the parenting knowledge, the lack of harmony in the marriage, alcoholism, psychological disorders, etc., etc., etc., these may also contribute to child abuse, and most of the abusers are, parents.

The young girl, Huang from Kaohsiung moved in with her mother and her stepfather, and her mother gave birth to another daughter, and the stepfather had physically abused her repeatedly, and stopped giving her food on the excuse that she’d misbehaved herself, causing the child to lose weight too quickly, and as the school teachers noted the bruises, that was when the child abuse was reported and known.

Lee told, that if the relationship of the couple is stable, but not enough economical support, with the resources from social services allotted, so long as the parents are willing, any problems can be, overcome, but a ton of parents lacked the awareness of what is available to them to ask for, and pressured themselves.

She’d stressed, that as parents found themselves in a hard situation in childrearing, don’t worry that reporting it will break up the family, only in cases of children being physically, psychologically, abused and neglected will the social services force to place them out; if it’s the need of assistance in caretaking that’s needed, the social services can help the families with finding the daycare, the counseling that the families needed.

And so, the tragedies of murder of young children could’ve easily been, prevented, but they’re still, not, because these parents are way too emotionally immature, and they do NOT ask for help, because either that they believe they can resolve the matter on their own, or that they don’t want social services to get involved, either way, it’s still, the children who ended up, DEAD in these cases, and to think, that these tragedies could’ve been, prevented, had someone called for help.

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I Know, How You, Feel

An excellent example, of how to raise a, rational, child, how this mother sorted through the fight and the punishment phases of her own secondborn son’s bad behaviors, with empathy playing a vital role!  Translated…

Growing up, I was naughty, and a crybaby too, and, as I’d done something wrong and was punished, I’d always felt unfair, and would cry for a very long time, at this time, I’d hoped for the adults to comfort me, even though, I was the one, who’d, started the messes.  As a mother, I can’t believe it, I see shadows of me as a child, on my second child.

My firstborn, Jay is simple and honest, the youngest, Xiang, agile and intelligent, while my middle son, Ming………well, he’s, too stubborn for his own, good.  One day, as Ming got upset, he’d picked up a stick, and his Xiang, and my youngest started wailing very loud, and my second child got severely punished by my husband, and afterwards, he’d gone into his room, and when I checked on him, he was still, sobbing, I’d pushed open his door quietly, saw him sitting in a corner, with that look of “every one of you OWED me”, and maybe, he’d heard someone entering, and he’d started, burst out, crying loudly, like a child who’d been, abandoned, too much resemblance to the me back as a child too.

I took his little hands, led him to my bedroom, sat him down on the bed with me, told him, “I know it’d made you feel awful what happened before, if you were the one at fault, you’d, cried enough already, and, if you weren’t wrong, then, you should not be crying anymore.”, didn’t know if it’s my words he’d, understood, or that he was, confused by my logic, he’d slowly, stopped, sobbing, I’d told him, “hmmmm, I need to know what happened, to know what you’d been through, but, to prevent you from getting trapped by your emotions, can you please use the perspective of an observer, to tell me, what had, happened, is that okay?”

He’d slowly started, “when you took Jay out, Ming and Xiang were watching dad using his cell phone (yep, that’s how my pigheaded husband’s way of, “babysitting”………), then, don’t know what happened, Xiang started hitting Ming; Ming didn’t hit back, then, Xiang threw the toys at him, Ming continued to hold it in, then, Xiang picked up mommy’s slipper and threw it toward Ming.  As Ming escaped into the bedroom, he saw a wooden stick on the floor, picked it up, to defend himself, but, Xiang started hitting him nonstop with the pillows, forcing Ming had to use the stick to defend himself, then, the stick accidentally batted Xiang’s arms, then, Xiang started, wailing very loudly.”

Based off of my understanding of my secondborn, when did he develop such endurance for humiliation, as he’d described it to me, it was like how Xin Han was forced to crawl under the man’s legs, causing him to finally can’t take it anymore, and there’s no need for him to hold it all in.

illustration from

And, as my husband told me he’d already, “sorted it all out”, my goal was to help calm his feelings, down, and told him, “it’d felt, that Xiang was picking on Ming, while Ming kept, holding it in (my second born became a bobblehead!); and the parent only scolded Ming, so Ming feel upset (at this time, my second child’s eyes got red again).  But, if you were the parent, and you’d asked the kids the process of the fight, and found that one used a toy, slippers, pillows to hit, the other used a wooden bat, will you treat them the same, or feel, that the one with the bat hitting deserved a way harsher, punishment?”

My second child replied in a barely audible voice, “the one that hit with the bat deserved to be punished harsher………”, I’d told him, “Yep!  It’s easier to hurt someone worse that way, isn’t it?  So you know, why Ming was punished, more severely now, right?”, my secondborn told me, “yes, I know it now.”

I’d patted his head, hugged him, and continued, “okay, so if you’d come to know, that your behaviors get you this sort of a consequence, just don’t do it again next time, do you feel better now?”, he’d nodded and told me he felt a bit, better.  Then, we’d exited his bedroom, and he’d, returned back to his, old, self again.

I think, we need to put aside the difference of how I and my husband handled the matter, but, accepting our sons’ emotions, letting him know, that no matter what, someone CARED about how he’d, felt, that is what made the “home”, into, a safe harbor!

And so, compared to the father, who’d punished the son severely, the mother used a calmer, a more rational approach, to get her son to examine his own actions, to realized, that he was the one at fault, and, the purpose is for the kid, to evaluate himself, to never do that bad behavior again, and, whose methods do you think would be more effective, the dad’s or the mom’s?

The mom’s of course, because she’d empathize with her own son’s feeling, and made him feel that his emotions are, look after, where as the father just started using the rod, and what would that teach this kid?  That if I hit my brother again, then, my father will, hit me too?

What does that accomplish?  Absolutely, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

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Your Back Side…

I kept chasing, chasing, that unknown shadow, that was a symbol of, you to me…

Your back side, it’d seemed so, distant, so huge, so, dark, so majestic, and I try to, match myself up to that, but always comes up, a bit, short (‘cuz I’m not as tall or big as you!).

instead of it being like this…

photo from online

Your back side, been chasing it, since you’d left me behind in my childhood years, and, so many times, it’d felt like you’re just, at the tips of my fingers, within my reach, then, you’d, burst, and, you were, gone.

Your back side, I keep on, chasing, like that dog who’d, discovered his own tail, and just goes around, in circles, circles, and circles, heading, NOWHERE!  Your back side, went out of focus for me, and I’d, blinked, again, again, and again, to regain my visions of, you, but couldn’t…

Your back side, I’ll always be, seeing, I will, never, get ahead of you, because you refused to let me have, my right of, way, it’d been like that since I was too young, too short, too tiny, to surpass you, to now that I’m an adult, you still, won’t allow me to, get ahead of you, because you fear, that I will, leave you, far, far, far, far behind, like you’d, left me too.

it’d become, this…

with the adult, walking, AWAY from the young child…


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Every Child is Happy in the Amusement Parks

On how cruel the parents can be, without themselves, knowing it, abandoning US, their own FLESH-and-BLOOD!  And yet, we still all, grew, UP…translated…

I still loved taking my children to the Children’s Amusement Park.

As my father was younger, he too, might have understood this also.

It was mildly cooler on that day, thinking back, I suppose that it was at the time when autumn is about to, head into, winter.  The reasons for it, unknown, to me then.  One day as I got up, my father and my mother discussed something in a quiet voice, then, he’d told me to come with him.

That was a day of school, as I recalled, so, why didn’t he bring my younger brother too?

I was staying quiet, and focused on staying quiet, uncurious, but, I was, secretly worrying, that my father was, taking me to sell me off to someone.

what the, amusement park ride looked like to this man when he was only a young boy…photo from online

The drive wasn’t a short one, I’d no longer recalled if I’d shared conversations with my father or not, and, even if I had, I’m sure, I’d only spoken, a few, words, back when my father was younger, he’d not known how to talk to his children.

And finally, we got off the freeway ramps, and it was surprising to me as he’d pulled into the parking lot, the colors of the rainbow came into sight, it was, the rambunctious, loud, Children’s Amusement Park.

Don’t know if anybody recalled the “Tien-Yuan Villa of Doliou”.

My father bought us the fares, and, stuffed a hundred or was it two hundred dollars in my hand (back then, that was, a whole lot of money), told me to go into the park to play, to get myself something to eat if I get hungry.

He’d told me, “before the park closes in the afternoon, I will come, and pick you up.”

And at that moment, I’d understood, that my father took me to get babysat at the Children’s Amusement Park on the day.

How grand was that, I tried hard, to hold back my grin, as my father looked, very serious then.

Shortly, my father sped off, and the old woman who was watching the gates close by, didn’t say a single word.

I’d entered into the park, recalled how I had a ton of, fun, gone on every single right, it was cool, the weather, but I’d, sweated a whole lot on the day.

When I suddenly felt hunger, it was past noon, I bought a corndog, had an orange soda, burped a few times, I felt more than, happy and, satisfied.

what childhood is like, for most of us…photo from online

I’d stuffed myself then, time for the Haunted House, I’d not dared entered since I got there in the early morn.

I saw a couple, who were, smiling very radiantly as I was standing in line, looked like they were, checking into a motel or something.

Thinking back, it was, quite, metaphorical, that a couple entered into a haunted mansion together.

They may get married in the future, and, maybe, they will become, someone’s parents, and, bumped into a ton of, scarier things than ghosts, and some of which will probably be too hard for them to handle, but, so long as they still shared the love, they will probably be able to, laugh, about it.

I’m scared of ghosts, and couldn’t even, open my eyes, and just, clung on to that older girl’s shirttail all the way, thankfully, she’d not found me a nuisance, she was like a mother, held me close, gently.

Don’t worry, it’s all, fake, she’d, told me.

Exiting the Haunted Mansion, I’d passed the couple by, don’t know why, I’d started, feeling, something weird.

I’d felt, very, alone, so suddenly.

Lost my sense of play then, just, sat on the benches, by the, trash can, watching the people go to and from, envied how they were laughing, and crying too.

As the evening came, I’d not noted that it had, until the song “Goodnight” by the singer came on, chasing the visitors, out.  As the skies grew dark, everybody was then, exiting, I’d started worrying then, worried over time, and, I’d, waited and waited, and waited, until, there was, absolutely, NOBODY else around, then, I’d, stumped, outside.

The elderly woman who was watching the gates, smiled and saw me off, still, without a single, word.

I’d turned around for one last look, the amusement park was then, taken over by darkness, without the sounds of joys, or the, color, and I’d felt, that the amusement park is also, lonely, that what she wanted, wasn’t to say goodbye to me, but for me, to go in again, to be with her.

Maybe, the Children’s Amusement Park WAS, the loneliest place on earth, so, that’s why, people always go there, together.

I’d waited for my father outside, tired, and cold too, the skies was completely, darkened, to the color of the blood, red, the car drove off one by one, the crowds, left, to the point, that I could, no longer, see my own, self anymore.

As my father’s headlights showed, the skies had, lost color completely then, even the elderly woman who kept the gates had gone home already.

Ahhhhhh!  Closed so soon!  He’d gotten out, and, blurted out this, lie.

I’d, believed him.

At the time, I still had two younger brother, and could understand it, the every parent had a different mode of making their, marriage work, but, they were all like, the Children’s Amusement Park, bitter, lonely, and in pain on the inside.

Until I became all grown up, with children of my own, I’d still prayed, that every child, when they were taken to the Children’s Amusement Parks, they are, happy.

And so, this, is how we all, grew up, being, abandoned by our parents, physically, and/or, psychologically/emotionally, because, our parents are all, ill-fitted, unequipped, to “handle” their own young, US, and that, is how children lose their, innocence, in their, younger years, without them ever, realizing that they had already been, “stolen”…


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Can’t Pay Her Rent, the Single Mother Was Unemployed, & Poisoned Her Own Six-Year-Old Son to Death

Pressed by life, and there was, NO way out that she could see, so she’d, murdered her own young son, then, attempted suicide…tragedy strikes!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-six-year-old woman, Hsu and her six-year-old son, were found, lying in their rental suite in Shuling, Hsinbei City two days ago, there were, multiple knife wounds around Hsu’s neck and thorax, she was taken to the hospital for observations, while the young boy had foamed at the mouth, with the livor mortis appearing, already dead; the D.A. and police suspected from the scene, that Hsu had poisoned her own son to death, then, attempted to commit suicide, they’re working the case as a murder.

Based off of investigations, a little over a year ago, Hsu was divorced, took her own six-year-old son to Bade Street, and rented a suite there in the Shulin District.  Hsu works in telemarketing, they’re not well to do, but, they were, getting by.

Two months ago, Hsu was fired from her work, the family sank economically, couldn’t even pay the rent.  The son attended a local elementary school, he’d become absent since the start of this week for three days consecutively, the school couldn’t get in touch with Hsu, and couldn’t get into contact with Hsu’s ex either, at around nine two evenings ago, the ex called Hsu’s parents to call the police, and the landlord, with the man in charge of the local borough went to the rental home of Hsu to break down the door, and saw both Hsu and her son lying in bed.

The boy was dressed, foamed at the mouth, lying on the left side of the bed, no apparent physical injuries on him, with livor mortis setting in; there were four knife cuts around Hsu’s thorax and neck, she was covered in blood, and lay on the right side of the bed, still had a breath in her, but barely, she was then rushed to the hospital, her life was, spared, but she’s in a coma, while her son, died.

There was a cup with unknown liquid on the bedside, a bloodied craft knife found under the right side of the bed.  The police found a final note in Hsu’s iPad.  The child’s father told through a friend, that after they were divorced, he’d still provided for his own son, and had wired $15,000N.T. by the month to Hsu as alimony and child support, and he’d had his son to stay with him every other week.

The preliminary investigation by the police showed, that Hsu may have been overwhelmed with the economic pressures, after she’d murdered her own young, she’d attempted to commit suicide, because she’s not yet awake, the inquiries about what exactly happened will have to wait; the D.A. had selected an alternative day to autopsy the boy, and they’re working the case as a murder.

And so, it seemed, that this woman became too stressed by her economics, and decide to take her own young son with her to die, and she survived, but her own young son had died, and she felt there was no way out of her situations, that’s why she’d, murdered her own young, and attempted to kill herself, and now, as she’s the survivor, she would have to face up to the guilt of murdering her own young.

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