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The More We’d Given to the Children, the More We’d Ended Up, Hurting Them

So, less is more then???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The primary suspect for the murder of the police officer is a “Daddy’s Boy”, the mother said he was well-behaved, and, it wasn’t until the parents saw it on television, did they know, that their son had told someone, to beat up on a police officer, which ended up, killing him.

From a rich background, with a mansion to his name, a sports car too, with the normal earnings of the younger generation now, it would be next to impossible to live like that!  The more we’d given to the children, that’s NOT love, that’s hurting them instead!  Not having to worry, with loving parents and grandparents, and, because of the child’s lack of experiences with troubles, conflicts and difficulties in one’s life, the child would not know gratitude; and because the child is rich, and loved showing off; in the lack of experiences in the real world, the child is easily used by others, and his need to show off, would make him an easier follower, and he’d be led by a short leash by others even more easily!  And, this, is a very sad tragedy, but, what did we, as a society, learn?

So, this, is still H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T talking, because the tragedy had already happened, and, it’s NOT as if we can start to RANT on about how the parents are spoiling their kids can affect the outcomes of the events, but, it DOES bring about awareness, to let the world see, what, had caused this SPOILED brat to get so totally, FUCKING spoiled, and, even AT the very last minute, this adult child’s mother was still trying hard, to COVER for him, are you fucking kidding me here???

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The Mother Took Her Three Daughters to Shoplift at Costco

Talkin’ ‘bout NOT setting a good example here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventy-two year-old woman last month went with her three daughters to Costco to shop, while the stores clerk wasn’t watching them, the mother was suspected of putting a round collar shirt into her purse, the eldest daughter, shoplifted some workout shorts, the second daughter took some fresh oysters, while the youngest child, she took some shorts; as they were passing through the security scans, the security guard found them with the shoplifted goods, the four of them all got indicted for theft.

The mother and daughters admitted to shoplifting while in Costco, when they saw something they liked, they’d waited until there was a crowd, or when the stores clerks weren’t watching, then, placed the items inside their bags, they’d taken clothing, red wine, etc., etc., etc.; but they’d denied that their actions were a ring of thieves, that they started shoplifting, in the spur of the moment.

The indictment papers stated, that on the afternoon of July 1st, the seventy-two year old woman and her eldest daughter (age 51), her second daughter (age 49), and her youngest daughter (age 45) went to the Costco located in Wen-Shin-Nan Third Road in Nantuen District, of Taichung.

The Costco checks persons found that the four looked suspicious, and found, from the surveillance footage, that upon entering the store, they’d divided into teams of two, and they’d shoplifted the items in the shop.

And so, is it because you’re TOO poor, or, you’re a kleptomaniac?  Or, is it the thought, of how crowded the store was, the chances of you all getting caught is slim?  Was that why you’d took things without paying for them?  And this, is a very B-A-D example that parents can set for their offspring, and, imagine, what the grandchildren’s generation would be stealing next?  Cars, diamonds?  Something larger, perhaps???


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He Showed His Love for Her with a Diamond Ring, She Was Shocked, and Tried to Get Away, He and His Friend Forcibly Took Her to a Motel

Just because you have a crush, and she’d said NO, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

They’d only met once, he gave her flowers as a surprise, she was shocked, and tried to run away, but was dragged by the man, his two friends onto a car, the three men were all arrested.

A man, Lin had a crush on his friend, Wu’s female employee, Wang, asked her out for coffee, took out the flowers, and diamond, to proclaim his love to her, and it’d shocked Wang away, Lin was displeased with how she’d turned him down, and asked the two guys that were there with him, to forcefully take Wang to a motel, and, attempted to “get through to her” on his own, and, Lin’s way of pursuing love had caused him a law suit, and, he wasn’t able to have a Chinese Valentine’s Day to spend with the woman.

The D.A. believed, that Lin’s crazy way in pursuing after the woman he was into had already broken the law on obstructions of freedom, and they’d indicted Lin, his two friends.  Lin’s friends claimed, that they thought he was going to propose, they’d stuck to his back, as good friends would, was about to surprise Wang, and got themselves sued, they are NOT going play the matchmaker again.

Wang said, she and Lin had only met up once, on the day of the incident, she was called by her boss, to go out for coffee, she thought it was for business, and, she was shocked when Lin proclaimed his love for her, and, he’d forced her to accept it, there was only the “surprised” element, and NOT the ecstatic part.

Based off of investigation, Lin had had his eyes on Wang a long time, but he couldn’t find a chance to show her, on April 10th of this year, he’d asked Wu to ask Wang to a certain café to meet, when Lin arrived, Wu left, to give Lin a chance alone with Wang.

Lin saw that that, was a hard to come by chance, took out the roses, and diamond ring, to give her as a “meeting present”, wanted Wang to go out with him, Wang was shocked by Lin’s behaviors, and turned him down, then, ran out of the shop.

Lin was displeased at how he’d gotten turned down so quickly, he’d chased after Wang, and called up his two friends who were waiting by the café, the three of them forced Wang into the car, then, drove her to a certain motel in Chunghe in Hsinbei City, planned to get a room, and proclaim his love to her again.

Wang worried that something bad might happen to her, in front of the check-in counters, she’d screamed, “HELP ME!”, Lin’s friends worried that the hotel staff might call the police, Lin’s friends helped explained, that it was a “lover’s quarrel”, Wang gave them the eye roll; Lin was unscathed, told his friends to drive the car to Chunghe High School, to allow him to be alone with Wang, as he tried once more, to show her the love.

Wang, on the ride, clearly TOLD that she wasn’t interested, asked Lin to let her out, or, she will kill herself, Lin worried that the events might go south, and so, he’d allowed Wang to leave, after Wang got out of the car, she ran straight to the police, and told them of this “thrilling encounter with love”, the police managed to find the three men and made an arrest.

Uh, hello, are your RADARS on right?  When a woman says NO, she means N-O, NO, NO doesn’t mean: maybe, I’ll think about it, or, I might consider it, because if we MEANT that, we’d say that you LOSERS, and, just because a woman had turned you down, hurt your FUCKING pride, doesn’t give you the right to do what you did to her!

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The Boy that Fell from the Thirteenth Floor Window WAS Thrown Out by a Grown Up

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixth grade boy, Hsu two nights ago, fell from the topmost floor, the thirteenth, to his death, in his community, the police found, that he was bear-hugged by a mentally retarded man, Jiang, and tossed, from the thirteenth floors, and when Jiang was taken into the police station, he’d stared, straight into space, didn’t even KNOW he’d done a bad thing.

The family of the deceased when to the place where the child had died, to call on his spirits, cried, “My son, please, come back to us”, it was heart wrenching to see. The family stated, that the son is very well-behaved, that they couldn’t believed that he’d picked on Jiang, suspected that their son was beaten by the other elementary school kids who were gathered there at the time, hoped the police would look into the matter.

The subprecinct in Taoyuan found, that the sixth grade student, Hsu, was playing with Jiang (age 23), Wang (age 20), along with Chiao, plus two more kids from his elementary school, and they’d decided to go to their friend, Li’s house to visit.

Chiao and others claimed, that the five males and a female had gone downstairs, someone told Hsu, “You’re asking for it”, and the entire group had gone up to the topmost floor, for a “confrontation”. Hsu the sixth grader, and Wang started arguing and they started calling each other bad names, Wang was angered, and he’d put the coat over Hsu’s head, then, beaten him, and had whipped Hsu’s right leg with an iron stick.

The three playmates told, that after Wang had done, beaten up the sixth grader, he’d gone downstairs with them, leaving only Jiang up there. Jiang claimed that he took over, beating Hsu up, Hsu was fighting back, and begging him to stop, in the end, he’d bear-hugged him, dragged Hsu to the side of the walls, and, threw him down from the thirteenth floor.

Afterwards, the police arrested Jiang, along with four others, the three elementary school students who were there said, that they saw the two older guys beating on their friend, they went downstairs, and didn’t see what happened next, or how Hsu had been thrown off the building. Some of the neighbors claimed, that Jiang and Wang pushed Hsu off the buildings together.

The police found out, that both Jiang and Wang had mental illnesses, and both are registered as such; Wang claimed, that after he and Hsu got into an altercation, he’d beaten him up, and then, left, that he didn’t push Hsu off. Jiang said, “I was picked on by Hsu, and I got angry”, but he didn’t say why he threw Hsu off the building, to kill him. After interrogations, the police booked Jiang on murder charges, and Wang on damages.

The police pointed out, that Jiang and Hsu had known each other for over a year, that Jiang was 5’6, weighed over 140 pounds, and Hsu was only 4’9, he couldn’t have fought him off, that, was why he was “thrown off” the building.

And so, that, still showed how you should NEVER provoke someone, with a history of mental illness, and plus, the man has issues, he didn’t even KNOW what he’d done, and so, WHOSE fault is it??? Certainly NOT mine, because I HAD a bulletproof, SOLID A-L-I-B-I………


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Five Adolescent Males Got Traffic Citations for Racing, and Showed Off the Tickets on Facebook

So, in THIS particular case, Facebook helps those teens get their “publicity”, doesn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Five teenagers, awhile ago, rode out on their altered motorcycles, and sped across the front of the police station, honking their horns, to show off, the police sent out squad cars to make an arrest, and gave the five individuals citations of over $30,000N.T.; of the youths in the group, Liao, afterwards, posted the citations on Facebook, showed off, said, that the citations were “red envelopes, that it’d felt better compared to getting money for New Year’s”, and the city councilperson who went to the scene said to the police, “do what you will with them then.”

Three of the five youths were riding without a license, all of them didn’t have helmets on, and, the changed motorcycles would be extremely loud, because of the alterations made.  As they sped past the local police subprecinct, they not only didn’t slow down, instead, they’d honked their horns all the way through the town, and, kept turning their heads backward, planned to get the police’s attention.

The behaviors of this group of youth was clearly noted by the subprecinct’s police chief, Su, he’d ordered the investigations right away.  The local police station sent out the officers, and started tracking down this group, and reviewed the surveillance traffic cams, two hours ago, they’d found the five young men, on the elementary school campus.

The police rounded them up, and took them back into the station, and charged them all with riding without license, without a helmet, without a rearview mirror, altering the vehicle with high rank stereo, totaling twenty tickets, with each of them getting at least three, totally up to $30,000N.T.

After the five youths were brought in, they kept horseplaying in the subprecinct; the families asked along the city council officials to speak on their behalf, hoping to get the fines reduced, but Su insisted on following the law, NO reduction on the fines.

Afterwards, one of the youth, Liao posted the slips out on Facebook, as bragging rights, after the patrol officers saw, they’d all commented on how outrageous their behaviors are, that thank heavens, there will be NO reduction of punishment.  And the city councilperson who went on that day to show care and concerns also said that parents should discipline their children more, “So outrageous, what can we do?  Whatever the police decided to do, just do it.”

And so, that, is what’s happening to the youths today, they’re NOT only scared of getting into trouble with the law, they BRAGGED about getting caught, doing something bad, and that, is what’s happening to the youth in today’s world.

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In Stories that Go Viral, Facts May Lag, by R. Somaiya & L. Kaufman

Seeing how easy things can go viral, with the “assistance” of the WWW these days, from the New York Times that came with the newspapers today…

Truth has never been an essential ingredient of viral content on the Internet.  But in competition for readers, digital news sites are increasingly blurring the line between fact and fiction, and saying that it is all part of doing business in the rough-and-tumble world of online journalism.

Several stories that rocketed around the web, picking up millions of views in recent months, turned out to be fake or embellished: a Twitter tale of a feud on a plane, later described by the writer as a short story; a child’s letter to Santa that detailed an Amazon link in crayon, but was written by a comedian in 2011; and an essay on poverty that prompted $60,000 in donations until it was revealed by its author to be impressionistic rather than factual.

Their creators describe them essentially as online performance art, never intended to be taken as fact.  But to the media outlets that published them, they represented the brew of emotion and entertainment that attracts reader and brings in advertising venues.

When the tales turned out to be phony, the modest hand-writing that ensued was accompanied by an admission that viral trumps verified—and that little will be done about it as long as the clicks keep coming.  “You are seeing news organizations say, ‘if it is happening on the Internet that’s our beat,’” said Joshua Benton, director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University.  “The next step of figuring out whether it happened in real life is up to someone else.”

The difference seems to be that the news organizations that published the recent pieces—Gawker, BussFeed, The Huffington Post and Mashable among them—do not see invented viral tales as being completely at odds with the serious news content they publish alongside them.  The Huffington Post won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012, Gawker was among the first to report the cocaine use by Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, and BuzzFeed is building teams of investigative and foreign reporters.

Editors at these sites acknowledge that there are trade-offs in balancing authenticity with the need to act quickly in a hyperconnected age.  “We are dealing with a volunme of information that it is impossible to have the strict standards of accuracy that other institutions have,” said John Cook, editor in chief of Gawker, which highlighted the essay on poverty, by a woman named Linda Tirado.

“The faster metabolism puts people who fact-check at disadvantage,” said Ryan Grim, the Washington bureau chief of the Huffington Post, which reposted the fictional airplane tweets, the letter to Santa and the poverty essay.  “If you throw something up without fact-checking it, and you’re the first one to put it up, and you get millions and millions of views, and later it’s proved false, you still got those views.  That’s a problem.”

But Mr. Cook says he thinks that readers can tell which content is serious and which is taken from the web without vetting.

It is unclear how much readers care whether a fascinating story is true or not, at least in terms of clicking on it.  Melanie C. Green, a social psychologist at the University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill, said that while people told her they cared deeply, their emotional responses remain the same either way.  “It’s the same as movies or books,” she said.  “We want to see something new, maybe escape our lives.”

And so, there goes, RESPONSIBLE journalism, because nobody gives a S-H-I-T, those managers of those newspaper companies are now, zooming in on how high the “hits” go, they don’t give a SHIT about whether or not what the reporters are writing about is real, true, or has ANY validity and reliability, and so, the world of journalism is NO longer dependable, so, IF the world of journalism became like paparazzi, then, where, are we, ordinary citizens supposed to go, to get some REAL news?  I mean, REAL news, not those things that got passed along, along, and along some more???  RESPONSIBLE journalism, MORALITY are issues at hand here!!!




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Eight Members of the Cult Indicted, Jeng, the High School Student Arrived to School an Hour Early, and Lost His Life, Chiao-Ming Chen Led the Abuse, and the D.A. Asked for a Severe Sentence

Splashed, across the FRONT PAGE section today, translated…

The case where the high school student, Jeng, was abused to DEATH by the members of the cult, Ru-Yue-Ming-Gong, the district attorneys of Changhwa made their closing statements yesterday, and they’d also found out, that the reason for the high schooler getting ABUSED to death was only because the student came to school, one and a half hour earlier than he was supposed to, to volunteer.

Chen Had Made Escape Plans, the D.A. Asked for Her Incarceration

The D.A. pointed out, that there were total of EIGHT members of the cult who were involved in the physical tortures of the high school student, including his own mother, Huang, the leader of the cult, Chiao-Ming Chen, and the D.A. prosecuted all of them based off of abused to death, unlawful incarceration, and obstruction of personal freedom, the eight of them were also involved in perjury.  And, another eleven members were suspected of making false statements to affect the outcomes of the case, and they were going to stand in for questioning at another time.

The D.A. pointed out, that last year on November 27, after Jeng’s mother was taken in, she’d once withdrawn over seventeen million dollars, N.T., along with fifty thousand dollars in U.S. currency, as where she’d kept the money, Chen still hadn’t told the investigators yet, and the D.A. suspected that she’s at flight risk, asked the judge to allow her to be taken in.

There Were at LEAST Fifty Children Who Got “Disciplined” Including the High Schooler, Jeng

The D.A. pointed out, that when Chen suspected that her followers, or the children of had misbehaved, she would always had the entire group, gaining up on the individuals, and, there were OVER fifty children who got “disciplined”, including Jeng, the high schooler.  And, the reason why Jeng was disciplined to DEATH, it was all because of Chen, and she’d even had the high school student’s mother shoulder the blames, and asked for a severe punishment.

The indictment pointed out, that the fifty-nine year old Chen, over ten years ago, had started the cult, taught her followers, to use breathing techniques and stretching, to make their bodies and minds more advanced.  Starting seven years ago, she’d asked her followers to bring their children and spouses to her ancestral home in the town of Hemei, “Silent Gardens”, to do their homework assignments and to live together.

And, because last year on May eighteenth, because Jeng’s own high school class had misbehaved, and had to do volunteer services for punishment, as mandated by his school, he’d arrived late, that night at ten, Chen grilled the high schooler on his whereabouts, and believed that he was hiding something from her, because he’d left early for school, and hollered out, “Group!” to everybody who lived at the place.

That night, Jeng’s own mother, along with nineteen more others were called to the small room, to “fix” Jeng up, and whenever Jeng’s answers didn’t come right after Chen’s inquiries, or that he’d NOT given her a satisfactory explanations, she’d gotten beaten with pipes, bamboo, by Chen, his own mother, along with six others, and this went on for over ten hours.

The High School Student’s Death Was Even MORE Painful than When Hong Was Abused to Death in the Army

The D.A. pointed out, that Jeng was beaten to have multiple wounds, and his muscles failed, to the point he couldn’t eat anything, that he’d died, an even MORE painful death, than Hong, who was abused to death in the army.  The coroner’s report found, that the liver weighed in at 1200 grams, for normal persons, while Jeng’s liver weighed only 900 grams.

Chen, along with her accomplices had “disciplined” Jeng the whole night, the next day at lunch, the member of the cult, Liu, had even told others, “last night, when we’d disciplined Chuen-Yu (Jeng), my hands are so sore from beating him up.”  Jeng was continually abused by Chen and kept in lock up, until the morning of June fifth, when there’s NOTHING but skins and bones left on him, then, he was taken to the hospitals, but, before they’d arrived to the hospital, Jeng had died.

The D.A. stated, that Chen, in order to cover up her own bad behaviors, she’d called upon the members of the cult over ten times, to get their statement the same, had everybody blamed it on Jeng’s own mother, and had asked the members of the group who were called by the police, to write out the questions they were asked by the investigative officers.

Last year in June, when Jeng, the high schooler died of abuse, but was accused of overdosing on illegal substances and died, his older sister came out, and accused the cult, and this, had helped the truth of how her own younger brother died come out.  Yesterday, as Chen, along with other members of the cult were indicted, the older sister said, “I’m just a woman, and the thought of wanting to do something for my dearly beloved brother, had given me the strengths”.

She said, that the cult, along with Chen, was what caused her family to break up, and her younger brother to die, and that there was NO way she will EVER forgive, but, awhile ago, she’d gone to jail to visit her mother, they’d held one another and cried, and she saw her mother smile, “Mom had returned to the way she was before, kind, and I’m willing to wait for her.”

Last night, when Jeng’s father was interviewed by the paper, said, that “unless you give me my son back, otherwise, I will NEVER forgive my ex wife, along with those in the cult.”  When he’d recalled how he was the one, burying his son, he couldn’t help it but cry.

Chen was indicted as the primary person who caused the high school student’s death, her younger brother, said, that he wasn’t sure of what had happened, that he isn’t at place to comment, “After all, she is my older sister, and, it would be inappropriate for me to say anything now.”  He’d only worried, that if his mother had found out, she would be saddened, by the fact, that his older sister was indicted, he and his family will let everything sink in, then, decide on what they’re to do about Chiao-Ming Chen.

The younger brother, Jou-Ming Chen said, that the family is completely against his older sister, running the cult, he’d mentioned to the cult members, multiple times, that they should NOT trust his older sister, but, nobody listened to him, and, the members are all well-educated, and adults, so, they should have their own sensible judgments, but instead, they’d treated his older sister like she was god, and he just couldn’t understand why, “and now, after the wall fell, everybody’s still PUSHING at it, something bad happened, and everybody blames it on Chiao-Ming Chen.”

And so, you have it, families of the victim AND the accused, and that still shows you, how DANGEROUS, it is, to NOT have a strong sense of the self, you’d get easily swayed, into listening to the WORDS of the D-E-V-I-L, and, end up doing a VERY bad thing, to someone you loved, like how the mother of this high schooler had followed the words of the cult leader, and allowed her SON to get ABUSED to death!!!


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The Mother Who Forced the Daughter to “Get a Transfer of Energy” from the Master Got Eleven Years in Prison for Allowing Her Own Child to Get Raped

The C-O-N-C-L-U-S-I-O-N of the report from days ago, here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The Entryway to Taoism, Living Lectures”, the initiator of this cult, was accused of raping the believer’s thirteen-year-old young daughter, even though, he’d claimed that the girl’s diaries are from her own imagination, a “romance novel”, but the judge doubted that “the young woman’s sentiments came from getting raped by an elderly person, along with her own mother?”, yesterday, the judge gave the man who was the cult leader fourteen years in prison, and the adolescent girl’s mother, eleven years.

The judge criticized, that the mother’s duty is to protect her own daughter, but instead, she took the false words of “rechanneling energy”, and allowed the man to sexually rape and molest her own child, that she should be severely reprimanded.  The young girl’s mother was out on bail of $300,000N.T., as she left, she kept silent; Xiang Ou-Yang, however, stayed the night at the Taipei Penitentiary.

The young girl’s mother more than ten years ago, joined the Ou-Yang’s (age 67) cult, two years ago, she’d told her daughter, that after she goes through “guided energy practices” she will become more popular, and would have multiple talents too, told the daughter to fellate the spiritual mentor, Ou-Yang.

The young woman wrote about what had happened to her in her diary, after her mother read it, she’d mocked the daughter, “nobody’s going to believe you”; and the young woman, got the advices from the online community, and started collecting her own evidence, and started suing the adults, and, when Ou-Yang was arrested, he’d claimed, that the youth was writing an X-rated novel, that there are nothing but made-up stories in the adolescent girl’s diaries, and that he was impotent, and so, he couldn’t have raped the girl.

The judge believed, that the hospitals diagnosed the young woman as having a deep laceration in her hymen, and that most romance novels are merely projections of love imagined by the authors, how would it detail the rapes of her own mother, along with a “grandfather-aged” man, that it must’ve really actually happened to her.

At the court sessions, the woman admitted to giving the “master” oral sex, that her daughter was watching her do it; but she believed, that it would be helpful to her own life, encourage the daughter to help the “master” fellate too.

And so, here, is a less-than-PERFECT (as there IS no way of ending this SHIT right!!!) ending to the suffering of this young woman, at the hands of her own mother, and this, is still DUE to the WEAKNESS in human nature, and that, was what the LOSER was counting on, the WEAKNESS in human nature, and so, this sort of SHIT will keep on happening ALL over, NOT just here, because there are those who are out there, taking advantage of the WEAKNESS in human nature.


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A Man Who Claimed Himself to be a God, Raped a Pair of Twin Sisters

How many times, do YOU (and no, still NOT one of you out there!!!) have to see this sort of SHIT, to realize, that you have to make it STOP???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A scammer who proclaimed that he’d been possessed by Living Buddha, had a female vegetable vendor take him home, provide for him, then, used the excuse of helping her get rid of her negative energies, wore his religious robes, and raped the woman’s twin daughters over fifty times, the highest courts gave him a sixteen year limited sentence on charges of forced sexual behaviors, forced molestations.

Lee (age 37) who’s a dropout from elementary school, claimed to be possessed by the Living Buddha, claimed himself to be the “Zen Master Jigong”, eight years ago, he’d met a female vegetable vendor in Hsinbei City, claimed that he was a son from her past life, and the woman believed it, and two years ago, she’d taken him in, allowed him to use her living room, to do his business.

Because Lee had his eyes on the woman’s college level twin girls, she would often pretend to be taken over by the gods in front of them, claimed that the daughters are children of the heavens, that when he’d touched them while he was being taken over, they should NOT avoid it, and that if they’re not feeling well, then, the gods can go through him, rubbing their abdomens, or to insert the fingers into their vaginas, to suck on their breasts or lips, or necks, to get rid of the negative energies.

Lee saw how the female vegetable vendor believed his claims, started in March of last year, he’d taken advantage when the sisters are ill, and disregarded their wills, in one and a half months, he’d raped the two girls fifty-three times total, and the victims told their relatives and friends, and was accompanied, to call the police, and that, was when the fake Jigong mask fell off.

Lee claimed that he was subdued by the gods, and didn’t know what he was doing, the female vegetable vendor had even spoken on HIS behalf, but the judge believed, that Lee used the weakness in humanity, and raped the victims, that his actions were unforgivable.

Like I’d said before, a LITTLE ignorance, still goes, a VERY long way, and in this case, two young women got R-A-P-E-D, because of the mother’s ignorance, and that just shows you, how those M***ER F***ERS (maxed out on my “cussing” already here!!!) would still BE using the weakness in human nature, to SCREW those “unsuspecting” lambs out there, so, do NOT fall for it again!!!


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A Man Used the Name of God, Raped Three Women, and in the Eight Years, He’d Gotten His Ways with Them, Over a Thousand Times

Yes, we still have ANOTHER (and no, they’re still NOWHERE N-E-A-R “extinction”!!!) one of those, preacher of G-O-D (or some OTHER sort of “higher forces”) that RAPED, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“In the eight years, he’d raped over a thousand times!”, the fifty-seven year old hoaxer used the excusing of helping people clearing out the bad cysts, and curing breast cancer, as the reason, forced three of his female followers to “get together with him”. Subtracting the days of their periods, their abortions, on average, the man had raped them once every three days; and, the total number was shocking, even to the judge.

Chen had committed rape a total of 967 times, and, based off of the punishment per crime, he would’ve had to serve a TOTAL of OVER 3500 years in prison; the Tainan District Courts mandated that he must serve a twenty-five year sentence behind bars.  Chen denied having raped, claimed that it was all consensual, that afterwards, there were displeasures, that, was why the women accused him; the woman who claimed to be Chen’s family said, that Chen is innocent, and that they will be appealing the case.

Chen is medium built, without much hair on his head, looked ordinary, is very articulate, worked as an operator of an incense shop in Tainan, on the topmost floor of his shop, he’d set up a place of worship, normally, he would offer room and broad to his followers to practice religion in, and had sold items he had blessed to the people as well.

On one evening in April of 2004, he’d used the excuse of how he was taken over by the gods, and kissed a woman until she woke, then, he’d lied to her about how there is a bad cyst in her body, and that if she didn’t have sex with him, not only would she lose her marriage, had to marry more than twice, and she won’t live until she’s forty years of age.  The female believer was panicky, and was forced to have sex with him by his coercion.

“During the day time, he’s a respected teacher of religion, but, at night, he was this awful man.”, the female follower accused, that the frequency that Chen had asked her to work with him increased from once a week to two, three times a week, and if she wouldn’t agree, he would pretend to be possessed and start cussing and screaming at her, and had roused up the crowd, to have them pound on her, and, in the four years, the woman had been raped for over two hundred times.

Later, Chen started going after a twenty-seven year old woman who’s there on her father’s behalf, claimed that there was a cyst in her uterus that will turn into cancer, and that her father would have something horrible happen to him, and he’d even knocked her up, and had her aborted.  This woman accused, that other than when her period came, and on the days after she’d had her abortions, Chen would come to her almost every single night, and in the three years, he’d raped her for over seven hundred times.

Chen told another woman that “There will be a tumor on your breasts”, that he must use Chihgong to help her break up the bad energy, for it to NOT become cancer, he’d taken her shirt of, and sexually molested her twice.

And you still don’t learn?  Are you FUCKING (oopsy, and my B-A-D!!!) kidding me?  How many CASES had there been already?  Oh yeah, it’s C-O-U-N-T-L-E-S-S, and, how many MORE will there be?  My guess would be INFINITE, because there will always BE those people who PREY on the weakness in human nature, and, because you’re way too FREAKIN’ weak, in need of something (how the hell would I know what???), that, is why, some of you out there, are still falling for these sorts of S-H-I-T-S!!!









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