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The New FOUR-DOSE Medigenvac Warriors, the First in the Country

So, getting vaccinated, became, like that mix-and-match of, dress shirts, with slacks, or the shoes, with the, varied kinds of, socks here then???  The government’s abuse of power, using WE the people, AS, labrats of the vaccines that it produced, and what’s worse, is that these, “medical professionals” are still, making EXCUSES, for the government to cover up its own, incompetence, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Two Doses of Medigenvac, the Antibodies Tested Negative, After Mixing the Vaccines of Astra-Zeneca and Moderna, the Antibodies Tested, Positive

There’s, a first “New Fourth Dose Medigenvac Warrior” born in the country, and it’d, caused the debates on the effectiveness of the vaccines from Medigenvac.  After two doses of Medigenvac, the individual tested negative for the antibodies, then, after mixing the vaccines of AZ and Moderna later, the antibodies tested positive.  The experts told, that having a high percentage of antibody doesn’t mean having the complete protection from the vaccines, it’s just, that Medigenvac vaccines didn’t even get past its third-stage research and trials, the efficacy is unknown as is, and, recently, the country is heated up in debating about opening up the country’s borders, the experts called out, that no matter the brands of vaccines, the people should follow the lead of Medigenvac, to get a third, even, a fourth vaccine, then we can consider, opening up the borders of the country.

like this, only, there’s, NO olive, and the effects include, MORE than that “temporary lapse of, judgement”, “delayed reaction time”, etc., etc., etc., photo found online

The psychiatrist of Wanfang Hospital, Pan shared the story of the very first, fourth-dose Medigenvac warrior, it’s a medical staff in the thirties, gotten involved in the clinical trials of Medigenvac, and because he qualified for the vaccines provided by the government, he’d gotten his antibodies tested, it showed negative, thought he was in the placebo group, and gotten the AZ and Moderna vaccines, as Medigenvac posted the second-stage experimental results, he was in the experimental group.  After four doses of different kinds of vaccines, he’s currently still, healthy, no embolism, no myocarditis.

The researcher of the Central Research Agency, Chen stated, that the low and high of the amount of antibodies does NOT correlate to the efficacies of the vaccines, that the total rate of protection is only known, after the stage-three trials are, completed, and the clinical trials of the third-stage of Medigenvac is still continuing, and, there’s NO way of knowing IF Medigenvac is effective or not, plus, Medigenvac isn’t certified internationally, and, as the other countries used the vaccinations as the “foot in the door” to the countries, those who received the Medigenvac vaccines are, stuck unfairly.

The debate of antibodies of Medigenvac, the spokesperson of the CDC here, Chuang explained the matter that Medigenvac published on “Lancet”, the 903 subjects were tested for the antibodies, followed up for fifty-seven days, and, only two showed NO antibodies, the positive antibodies rate is 99.8-percent.

The head of the clinical research center of the Taipei Medical School, Liu stated, the cases of no positive show of antibodies can happen with any available vaccines, not just for Medigenvac.

Chen told, that the problem that Medigenvac currently faces is, that “it’s not internationally certified”.  Taiwan is now discussing the risks, the side effects of having the fourth vaccinations, he believed, that it’s not at all impossible, for everybody to get at least FOUR vaccinations in the near future, especially how internationally, the outbreaks are, heating back up again, not just a third booster, a fourth may eventually be, needed too.

And so, this government’s still, making, all its, BULLSHITTING excuses, NOT admitting to how this “homegrown” vaccine is, ineffective, and we the people are still, getting, totally FUCKED (don’t pardon me on this one!) here, because all our government cares about, is, ITS own, benefits, with a total disregard of the welfare of, its people, and we the people, are STUPID (yes we are!!!), for letting these, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) rule over us, we are, a people, enslaved now.

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The Cries of Those Who Stolen to Catch the Thieves

How the current DDP government managed to, manipulate the systems to work in their favors, and there’s NOTHING that We the people can, do about them!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Bo-Wei Chen was impeached, the DDP behaved like it’d discovered a new continent, pushed everything they did to the malformation of the system of impeachment processes.  The speaker of the party stated, “the minorities outvotes the majority” is the ambiguity of the systems, Huang stated, “we need to, reevaluate the means”, and Tsai also hinted that there’s a need for amending the process of impeachment.  All of these, are, the thieves crying, “THIEVES!”

The current impeachment proceedings, had been set up by the DDP back in 2016, doing away with the strict “Dual-One System”, dropping the votes to a quarter.  The prelude then, was the failures of the “appendectomy” after the Sunflower Movement of the Students, Tsai unifying the rules, immediately amended the legislatures to ensure that her party won’t get impeached.  As it’d passed the votes, all the supporters of the DDP hollered out ecstatically, “Hooray for Taiwanese democracy!”

Back then, the matter-of-fact amendment of the constitution was immediately used on Han, the mayor of Kaohsiung back then, he was, successfully, impeached.  Back then, Tsai commended, “Taiwan’s democracy had marched another step forward”.  And yet, as the impeachment case of Chen came on, Tsai sighed, “We need to work harder for Taiwanese democracy”, the DDP, as well as the scholars supporting the party also called out, to amend the proceedings of the impeachment processes.  Are all the means, the systems of democracy, nothing more, than a political tool in the eyes of the DDP?

In actuality, the voting rates, and the number of votes of the currently deletion of data case of Chen, based off of the former legislatures, Chen’s impeachment would be assured.  And there are two reasons, first, Chen’s Chinese-two claims are too outrageous, it’d made the voters intolerant of him; secondly, the DDP had manipulated the means too overboard, and, forced out the locals who’d become, upset with their ways of doing things.  Afterwards, Tsai called Chen, to make him feel better, and consoled him, “Your act is commended by all”; based off of this, does the president keep the wills of the people in mind?

The DDP is the one, turning the cultures of impeachment to the bad realms.

And so, this, is how it is, as the government sees that the rules don’t fit them perfectly, not worked in their favors, they’d, called for the amendments, and, as that same rule worked against one of their own, they’d, called out to the blind followers: let’s do away with this law, and the public who are following this leader blindly all chimed in, YES!  That, is what we all get, when we voted a dictator, by popular votes, and note: not all of us who are, against the DDP went to the polls this last time, as many of us who don’t follow their beliefs think, that what use is there?

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A Government with No Sense of Right & Wrong

Commentary, on the current situation in this country here, the head of states, with no sense of what’s right and what’s, wrong, and the people still followed their leads here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There can be the hits and misses of politics, but, there can’t be this lacking of a sense of right and wrong, it would be, “hindsight politics”, and even, a “truthless politics”.

From how the head of legislature called Cheng, the secretary of KMT “shameless”, based off of the orders of thing, it was Cheng who’d inquired Su, “if we’re really competing in this game of arms, how can we possibly beat China?”  “Would Taiwan need to develop its own nuclear submarines then?”, after Su was hit repeatedly by the questioning of Cheng, he’d asked her, “So, you’re just, surrendering then?”  “it’s best that we surrender to China, isn’t it?”, Cheng rebutted immediately, “I’m afraid, that if the time comes, you’d be the first to raise the white flag to surrender, and Tsai would be second to do so,” and in the end, Cheng forced Su to blurt out the words, “You’re shameless”.

And it’d shown, that the order of the words being: Su mocked Cheng for surrendering first, Cheng then rebutted back by saying, that Tsai and Su would turn in the arms next.  But the following day, Su had, reordered the speech, stated, that “Someone stated that the president would turn in the arms first”, “as the head of state, I naturally, had to, fight against a traitor, to set her straight, to fight for what’s just and right!”, like Cheng was the one who’d called out the surrender first, that he was forced to defend, and, it’d, shown us, what “alternative truths” was; and, Su blurted out the harsh words of “it angers me”, “traitor”, “treason”, “lies”, like he was, more than, justified, and it’s such a shame, that a head of state like this, doesn’t perform in Shakespeare.

you are our “leader”, take us to H-E-L-L!!!

led by the blind! Photo from online

It’s serious enough, that the head of state in this country is making the right wrong, the wrong, right, what’s more wayward was, Tsai had, vouched for him too, without stating that it was Cheng who’d, “spoken too emotionally” “putting the labels on, bending the truths”, and, “finding enemies within the country”.  The missed words of head of legislature is creating an alternative, untrue truth, the president added the fuel to the flames, “turning what’s right wrong, what’s wrong, right!”, and, the truth that everybody noted was, completely off, and if politics got to this low a point, is there, truth to be, noted?

Another example of a “Truthless Politics” is Hsieh’s “Proclamations to the Flag”.  Hsieh stood in a photo op with the Taiwanese Independence Flag, already surpassed the orders of the ambassador, after Tsai stated “the flag is gone, let’s get angry together”, he’d stated, “holding that flag high, and puking up blood”, and split the Taiwanese public whom he supposedly served in half, and continued ranting on, “I’m still holding up this flag for all of your, reputations”, “because we can’t see the country gone away”, “the Taiwan we’d rooted down on”, “You won’t even act it anymore”, “And we should NOT lie anymore either!”, “this isn’t the Republic China that’s been deserted by all of you!”, along with warning on all of “you guys”, “I can’t bear it for you, you all need to, keep it piped down a bit”, etc., etc., etc.,  While back on October tenth, our nation’s birthday, Tsai only spoke on “working together for Taiwan, accepting all our differences”, her ambassador used “us” and “your”, started faction up Taiwan internally, does the government have, schizophrenia now?

And as clear cut as the truth is, in the lips of the spokesperson for the Presidential Office, it’d become, “respect Hsieh’s words of whom he’d represented”, and they’d put him up on that high pedestal, “with a heart that loves this country so deeply, fighting hard for us”; and when it got to the lips of the head of legislature, it’d become, “no comment”; in the words of head of legislature, “those who work to represent our country must follow the laws of our constitution”.  People are humiliating the flag, this is viewed as a right to personal expression, when the diplomats humiliated the symbol of our county, it’s clearly, crossing over the boundaries of the position, as his superior, at least, Su could remind the man to watch his words, and yet, Su brushed it off as “showing disrespect”, and “no comment”, “based off of our legislation”, and slurred through the matters.

The problem is: with a government of no sense of right or wrong, will it lose the people’s trusts?  Totally NOT!  Even Lo, who usually has a sound head over his shoulders, spoke on his views after Su and Cheng had gone head-to-head, “Su spoke aloud what’s been on our minds for too long”, “the word shameless is perfect description”, placed the personal before the morality, and the rest, you can imagine then.

And so, this is what this government’s doing, talking DOWN to those of the opposing party, even IF the opposing party IS making sense and what’s worse is that the people take whatever the @#$% (maxed out!) this god damn government’s feeding to them, because, we’d been enslaved too long, it’d become, norm now…

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Chinese Fighter Planes Over Taiwanese Borders, Scholars from China: Using Taiwan to HIT the U.S.

Taiwan is still, that, SACRIFICEABLE P-A-W-N, in this war of China V.S. the U.S. and, the government still, failed to know it, wow, are we RUN by STUPID here or what???  (Don’t answer that, it’s still R-H-E-T-O-R-I-C here!!!), on how we are, led by, STUPID, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The People’s Liberation of Army of China had been patrolling the aerial places of the Taiwanese border for four days consecutively, are they, threatening Taiwan?  The researcher of the Shanghai Fudan University Song stated, that in the past, only U.S. could play that hand called Taiwan, and now, China can too, U.S. used Taiwan to HIT China, China can do the same, using Taiwan, to HIT the U.S. as well.  The former assistant director of the Department of Defense, Lin said, that the Communist Chinese fighter planes verbally told that they’re, invading Taiwan, but they’d not told, that this, was the, aerial defense practice run of American’s Southern Seas drills.

Chinese fighter planes over aerial borders of Taiwan

“we’re just, patrolling, OUR, borders!!!” Photo from online

Song pointed out, that this move is the gambling of the major nations, while Taiwan was only a “playing hand”.  But, the hand that hold Taiwan, is no longer JUST the U.S., China too, can use Taiwan in this game of defense.  And now, both U.S. and China are using the combo punches, like the calls between Biden and Xi, changing the American diplomatic offices in Taiwan, occurring on the same day, and the release of Meng was also, on that day, Biden announced to the U.N. that U.S. is not going to engage in another Cold War with China again, but, came up with the AUKUS Pact with Australia; while China too, was using a combo, it knew well, that U.S. doesn’t want to get in the war between Taiwan and China, and used the moves, to have America BACK away, that if U.S. dares to throw that first punch, China will be there to fight, and this was China, playing, the Taiwan card, as the fighter planes came over to patrol, would U.S. back off?

Lin believed, that there are, two reasons for China’s patrolling the aerial borders of Taiwan, that openly it’d claimed that it was to fight Taiwan, but, the unspoken was its setting its foot down on American drills in the Southern China Seas.  But, Communist China stated that this was directed toward Taiwan, from the media to the official statements, it claimed that this was to prevent Taiwan from becoming independent, to allow it to have the effects to carry over, but this is a stupid move, it would make the younger generations here in Taiwan, feel more animosities toward China, and deepens the hatred.

The professor of Diplomacy Department of Poli-Sci University , Huang believed, that although the details suggested that the fighter planes from China was zoomed in at the drills of the Southern China Seas, but, as the planes take a short turn, fly for four, five minutes, then, they’re, in the aerial border of Taiwanese air, and this can’t be interpreted as purely, the fight between China and U.S., China is also, emphasizing how this was against Taiwanese independence.  Although, from all the political surveys, the hatred of Taiwanese toward China is now at an all-time high, but for Beijing, even if it’d upset the citizens of Taiwan, it would, suppress the calls of Taiwanese independence, despite its affects on how it would, upset the Taiwanese public.

“Taiwan observes 18 Chinese warplanes during U.S. envoy visit” from the WWW.

Huang reminded, that Taiwan can’t be relieved, thinking that the planes patrolling the aerial borders are the fights between U.S. and China, the approaches of any Communist Chinese army aircrafts over Taiwanese aerial border, can easily cause the bullets to fly, especially, under the conditions of how both distrusted each other, and there’s, low transparency of military matters, it causes more concerns and worries.

And, the Taiwanese government still doesn’t have a CLUE, we are now, officially, nothing MORE, than a CHIP in the game of America vs. China, and, we are, that stupid, pawn that either side can do without, but hey, we’re still, sucking UP to the U.S., and this officially makes Taiwan into, EVERYBODY’s B-I-T-C-H, and “WE” (collectively speaking, again!) the people, got ZERO clue!  Wow, are you, dumb or, are we, D-U-M-B here???

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The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

Lots of news lately involving money and politics dropping this week. First, there was the whistleblower story about Facebook and algorithm manipulation which was followed up by a complete network outage for most of the next day. Then, there was the story about the Pandora Papers which exposed how the wealthy have been hiding money […]

The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

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Do You Still Remember “Little Light Bulb”, President Tsai, the YouTube, Sensation?

Just, one of many, promises that this president of ours (uh, she’s NOT my president, I live in an, ANARCHY, remember???) failed to keep!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the leader of our nation announced to the public, that her IG fans is about to break 900,000, told that she will be, making the films to answer all questions we have for her, President Tsai, had you, forgotten about, Little Light Bulb already?

When was it, that leaders of a country needed to be, a YouTuber, to run the country!  From before, the president, Tsai not only found the Olympics winners, the T.V. personnel, as well as the famed man to help her add to her own popularity on YouTube, and now, she’d, started, “posing” as a YouTuber herself too.

As the Taroko Train accident occurred, Tsai cared about the clicks on her FB dropping; as the questions, the debates of the policies were concurring, when she should’ve been busying about these matters, President Tsai announced, that she’d stated how her fans are about to break 900,000 in number.

Back then, when “Little Light Bulb” was murdered outside the MRT, Tsai once wrote, “there are so many broken holes in this society, I shall, do my best, patching every last one up.”, that card to be handed out to the families of the victims.  But at the stabbing murder of the railroad police, Lee back in 2019, the perpetrator got a not-guilty verdict due to his psychiatric evaluation due to insanity.  And recently, there was the case of eye-gouging of the female store clerk in Pingdong.

the president’s, fans page on FB, taken from online

There are, over a million holes in the safety net of this society, what had President Tsai, who’d SWORN she will do all she possibly can, to patch up the holes done, in these past five years of her terms as president?  And what needed to get patched up, isn’t just, that net of security in the society, and the DDP that’s taken over control of the government, and president Tsai, who only cared about how many kudos she was getting, should really look at this, more closely.

The Taiwanese society is, too, forgetful, the families of those who’d died in the Taroko Express derailing, cried loud in front of the president, “You’d told us you’d heard you, but you don’t do anything that brings about change.”; the president’s multiple public appearances for the police officers, the firefighters who’d died in the line of duty, swore that she will make sure that the equipment and gadgets they will be given to be used will be, the most advanced, to help protect these, individuals working on the frontlines, did you accomplish that?

Tsai and her party used the taxpayers’ resources, to raise up the armies online, to kill off all voices that aren’t hers or her party’s, eliminating those who’d don’t share her beliefs, next year, she’d set the budgets for the offices of internal affairs’ propagandas in over 18 billion dollars N.T., and the party that’s not in power started slamming her down.

蔡英文YouTube頻道 的圖片結果
one of the images you get, when you search the president’s name and YouTube Channel, found online

And this, is what politics here in Taiwan, looked like, Tsai working as a YouTube star, and as the leaders are too deep into the online propagandas, and used it as a cover for the party, the president’s incompetence of running this country, politics became, that third-rate show on T.V., if the dead spirit of Little Light Bulb can talk, what do you think she will say to that?

Nothing good is what the DEAD spirit on this murdered child would say, and, give me my life back!!!  That too, and that still just showed, how this leader of ours (uh, she’s not MY president, I am, the ruler of my own universe, a DICTATOR, and whatever the #%$@ I say, goes???) nation, cared about how many hits she’s getting, instead of, running this country well, but there’s, nothing we can do, as the online world becomes, all our, realities here!

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Is Green the Color of Democracy?

Green is the color of, COMMUNISM, or, DICTATORSHIP, shall I say, seeing how the DDP is, screwing this country over still!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

This year, the celebration of National Day, the visuals, just as expected, the colors of our flag “red, white and blue” are, taken off, once again.  Since Tsai’s party took office, the colors on the celebration of National Day had always been different, with the set color green, and this year, they called it “Democracy Green” too.  Green is assigned to springtime, earth, biodomes, peace, it’s also, the traditional colors of the Islamic religion too; but, Tsai is a first, to connect the color green with democracy.

Tsai government avoided the colors of our flag in its uses of colors in celebration of National Day, in the name of becoming more creative, but, the government’s selecting the color green gave it away.  Green is the color representing the DDP, meaning, that they wanted green to be our national color; adding the title, “Democracy Green”, hinting, that only the DDP, ruling this country will, make this country “free”.

But, does the DDP really, stand for democracy?  The government called out “democracy”, but, its actions marched, leaned towards an authoritarian kind of ruling.  Using the claims of “changing the system”, going after the party not in power; using the name of “national security”, and, demolishing all other beliefs, not in line, with the party’s own; using the excuses of fighting off false news, to take away our rights to free speech; and, turning all the independently operating facilities, into their own, and they’d even, locked that public voting session, back inside, the bird cages too, all of this showed, “using the claims of democracy, and going against what democracy entailed!”

the colors of the party in power of this country currently…

found online

Rather than calling it “democracy green”, it’s the DDP who has the ultimate right, to define, WHAT democracy IS.  During the rule of the DDP, democracy is only a false front, to fend for one’s power of office, instead of something the government should fight hard to achieve.  The “Green Fears” had taken place of the “White Fear” since the over thirty year long democratizing of Taiwan; and, the “Democracy Green” became, its, biggest, irony!

The colors aren’t right or wrong, but the government used an assortment of manipulative measures, to add that positive overtone to the party’s colors; it’s just, that even if the adjectives stacked up, it won’t change a fact, that the DDP did NOT make the color green into the color of democracy, it’d made the color green, into, a huge, joke of, democracy instead.

And so, this, is how hard the government is, trying, to turn the country’s people, by, feeding them all the party-related news, by brainwashing us, and we got no choice, as the freedom of the press is already slashed (from the T.V. news station getting pulled off the air awhile ago!), the news media is now, one solitary color: green, and there’s, nothing that we the people can do about it, because the government is growing too powerful, and we the people, gave up our right to free speech, right to free press, to the government here.


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Patriotic Arms, Can’t Defeat the Scientific

The scientific proofs are still, the LOUDEST, even more so, than those, propaganda of the government, it’s, embellishments of how effective the vaccines the government produced is!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Nobody will, talk trash about the nation’s productions of vaccines, because, if it works, it will be, the pride, and joys, of the, Taiwanese people, also, an added of Taiwan’s, biotech industries. 

But unfortunately, the moment of Medigenvac’s surfacing before the people, it’d, been filled with the debatable, of them, the most worrisome, is the political involvement, the government’s constant intervention of the vaccine production processes, which made the hard work of Medigenvac, reduced, drowned out, by the political calls of the government.  And now, the results of the vaccines entering early, it may make the people, ever the more, disappointed, because the vaccine we’re all, looking forward to, may have been prematurely birthed, by political meddling.

Basically, as the nation’s own produced vaccine was available for those citizens who want to have it, it’d, split up the masses, but, as those, “patriotic arms” entered, it still, couldn’t, defeat the scientific proofs, especially as the number of general public started dying off let and right after they received the nation’s own produced vaccines, this will become, even more apparent, as the epidemic continues on.

like this…photo from online

From the many messages we received in the media, we know, that the Medigenvac vaccines may not have as high an efficacy as the other vaccines that are available right now, but, comparably, it has a lower rate of the side effects occurring; and yet, out of our expectations, there are, the cases of death that came after the injections, of course, there’s still this lack of proof that any of these deaths are, related to the vaccinations, it’s just, that when the public see these records, fears inside people’s mind got bigger and bigger, and thus, it’d, reflected on the records of those who’d signed on, but failed to show at the clinics for the vaccinations.

The government should think harder, seeing this sort of a trend, because in the process of vaccination of the Medigenvac shots, there are, a lot of unacceptable political manipulations, especially, the vaccine had skipped past the scientific proof stages of trial studies, it’s, not going to gain the people’s, trusts of it, and now, the reality also reflects, that if the government still refused to face this, it may not be able to, answer to the public at the very end.

What’s more worrisome, the term, “patriotic arms” put that political overtone to the Medigenvac vaccines, hinting, that the people may not be, “patriotic enough” if they don’t get the Medigenvac vaccines.  While, the blind faith of those who are, “patriotic” lacked the scientific proof and support, but they are still, loyal, as the vaccines’ lab rats, does this, NOT embarrass the government?

And now, as the foreign produced, manufactured vaccines start getting in, the government should consider, temporarily, stopping the vaccines of Medigenvac vaccines, and start the trial studies up, until a more complete set of data had been collected, then, put it out, this isn’t just for the sake of all the country’s people’s health, but also, protecting this brand that’s, made in Taiwan too; because, nobody doesn’t want to see Medigenvac fail, it’s, just that solely relying on those, “patriotic arms”, to cover up for the lack of scientific proofs of efficacy of the vaccines, then, the future of Medigenvac, may be, a huge, disappointment, for us all!

And so, this, is the results of the governments, hurrying, to put the country’s own vaccine on the “markets”, because it has its hands in the stakes of the company producing the vaccines, that’s why it skipped the third stages and the trial studies of the normal development processes of the vaccines, and now, as people are dying left and right, and maybe, it can claim, that oh, it’s just, chances, but, how can you leave something that can affect a human life, to chance?  And the government is still, too unprepared for the hard-hitting outbreaks here.

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The Tears of Afghan Mothers Reflected the False Promises of Politicians

U.S. went into the country, in the name of, protecting the people against terrorists, then, it’d, left the country, hanging out to dry, in a bigger mess before U.S. intervention, and the government here finally, wakes up, and started realizing, that we can’t depend on Uncle Sam to save us, if China were, to invade the country!  Observations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scenes of the Afghan people attempted to escape, shocked the whole world; we bear, firsthand witness to how U.S. had gotten into the country, intervened, then, left the country hanging out to die on its own, how the Afghan people were, deserted.  The press brought up how the people of Afghanistan had climbed onto the departing and falling off the exteriors of the planes, Biden claimed repeatedly, “This was from four, five days ago”, like it wasn’t, worth, mentioning.

The U.S. withdrew its troops out of Afghanistan in such an awful way, and the biggest revelation to be learned, from the rest of the world is, the U.S. can’t be counted on.  Biden was interviewed by ABC on the 18th, stated, that Afghanistan is different compared to Taiwan, South Korea and N.A.T.O, that U.S. will keep every one of its, promises, if anybody invaded a country under N.A.T.O., U.S will, take actions, toward Japan, South Korea, as well as, Taiwan too.

Biden’s claims, are merely to rebut to the world’s interpretations of how America is unaccountable, the sentiments of politicians are different than ordinary citizens in that it’d needed to fit to one’s own interests, or the interests of one’s own, countries, then, the promises made are, guaranteed.

As war came, the one who’d promised to fight until the last bullet is fired, may be the first one to run from it.  From the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, we can see, that the politicians are all, liars, those who’d claimed they’re saving their arms for Medigenvac vaccines, how many already are inoculated with internationally approved vaccines, to even, their, second vaccinations?

a video on this, how U.S. deserted Afghanistan, by the order of the President, off of YouTube...

Why are US troops pulling out of Afghanistan now? – YouTube

Awhile ago, when the president, Tsai commented on the situations in Afghanistan, she’d spoken that the only way to protect Taiwan, is for us to make ourselves stronger, more cohesive, we must all stand on the same fronts, to defend ourselves, but, I beg the president, do tell us, where would we get our strengths to protect ourselves, if we stopped relying on American aid?  What’s the country’s tactics of defense, the practical means of, protecting ourselves?  We truly hope, that the metaphor of comparing Afghanistan and Taiwan, are only, unwarranted, worries.

And, we should take from Afghanistan’s example, seeing how the U.S. had, sent a ton of troops over there, for the, last decade or so, and, before the country is set up to operate as independent, fully-functioning, it’d, pulled its, troops out, and, despite what Biden claimed, how our situation, is nothing like Afghanistan’s, despite how we all would love to believe, that the U.S. will fight on our behalf, if China does, invade us, it’s still, NOT going to, happen because the U.S., is a SELFISH country, only cares about, its, own benefits.

Yeah, so???  I’m, still, an U.S. citizen here, and got my citizenship back in, 2002, I believe, took the god damn naturalization process myself, ‘cuz I was already over eighteen, and NO longer “covered” by his EX wife, like her son was, and I went to the swearing in as a U.S. citizen in front of a court judge (I think it was, but can’t really, remember now!) too!

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Wake Up, President Tsai, Stop Producing the Delusions of How U.S. Will Back Us Up

Based off of the U.S.’s current behaviors of how it’d, withdrawn the armed services out of Afghanistan, and left this, huge M-E-S-S behind, we should, take from it, but, does the government?  Of course N-O-T, as the president, as the rest of the members of the DDP still got their heads up in the clouds, in their own, delusions there!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S.’s withdrawing its troops out of Afghanistan struck up the discussion of “Today it’s Afghanistan, tomorrow, it’ll be Taiwan!”  toward this, the president, Tsai remained silent for days on end, then, expressed her opinions on the matter at the DDP midyear conferences, said that the only choice that Taiwan has, is learning to fend for ourselves, to become stronger, to become, more cohesive as a whole country, that we shan’t, rely on someone else’s, protection.  At the same time, the spokesperson of the DDP criticized the party not in power had manipulated the U.S. into “deserting Taiwan”, making these bad comments, it’d shown, NO introspections over the party’s behaviors whatsoever, let alone, helping us work well together as a complete, whole. 

Taliban had taken control over Afghanistan once more, the world was deeply impacted by this, and, the sound of support for President Biden, also, got, impacted as well.  Here, the people felt especially deep over what had happened.  In recent years, Tsai’s government was used by the Trump and Biden governments as “first line of defense against China”, a sacrificial pawn of their games, Tsai had even, utilized the uprising in Hong Kong’s against being ruled by China to help her successfully get elected a second-term.  The image that Tsai painted of Taiwan had been: Taiwan has American support, this was the biggest pillar of strength we have against China.  And now, as we the people see, how U.S. deserted Afghanistan just like that, naturally, we’d, come to worry if our fates would be, exactly identical.

“Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow, Taiwan”, it’s not an unfitting, analogy, but, an almost, identical one.  Reason being, that there’s the differences in situations as system of government in Taiwan versus Afghanistan, and, Taliban is not equivalent to Chinese Communist Party; in this metaphor, the only thing that is common is U.S. involvement.  To Taiwan, seeing how easily U.S. deserted Afghanistan for its own, benefits, and how Biden was coldhearted, in his claims, trying to, justify his own, mistaken judgments, anyone should, get that wakeup call; the protection of our allies is, thin as a piece of paper here, can be torn up to shreds at any moment in time.  Tsai’s claiming how Taiwan has only Taiwan to count on, was probably because she couldn’t find a justification for U.S.’s behaviors, and so she’d, used that, to comfort the citizens’, minds.

Problem being, in the five years since she took office, did she really have the best interest of the country, to help Taiwan get stronger, to defend this country as her goals?  That facts proved, the opposite, I’m afraid.  As we saw, the government here, is giving off the illusions of U.S. being on Taiwan’s side; how much weapons did they sell to us, how the U.S. passed laws that showed its friendly hand toward Taiwan?  How much vaccines it’d, given to us, how the T.I.F.A. conferences that’s not included us for five whole years now included us again, etc., etc., etc.  All of these, seemingly showing how the relations between U.S. and Taiwan are, improving, but, there’s, not any, practical, actual, improvements. Most of the times, it’s, only, feeding to, the country’s, own, sense of belittlement, nothing more!

What worries us more should be, in this process, Tsai allowed U.S. to use us as a pawn in their wars against China, making us into this chessboard piece that D.C. can use at any time.  This way, our sense of being independent as a country became, nonexistent, and it’d, made us, the needle that stuck out, that China will try to pull out.  These few years, the relations with China worsening, is exactly, due to this.

As Tsai took office, she’d claimed how Taiwan needs to get off relying too much on China, this is, the right direction.  But in her measures, she’d, viewed Communist China as the biggest enemy of the country, and, pushed Taiwan toward becoming codependent on the U.S., making the country lost its own original, flexibility, as well as, independence too; all of these actions, don’t seem to make us stronger as a nation.  The many behaviors of Tsai and her government, belittled the country to U.S.; for instance, opening up import of pork with the ractopamine, completely against the citizens’ wills and benefits; to suck up to the Trump government, letting TMSC set up its plants in the U.S. to invest; to suck up to the Department of National Security, she’d made the people here, get vaccinated the not-yet-tested third-stage trial vaccines from Medigenvac.  For the sake of her own benefits in diplomacies, she’d, done all of these, unreasonable, unfreedom, unscientific, decisions, and who knows, how many of our rights as a country will get sacrificed, in how many more of their, black box dealings.

Rather than believing that “Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow Taiwan” is a bad sort of a prophecy, see it more as a warning in politics, reminding the people to, stop believing that the U.S. will defend Taiwan, to help protect Taiwan, the, unfulfilled, promise.  The U.S. is a democratic ally, but its citizens won’t bleed for no reasons for another country.  No matter how many delusions of America the President Tsai has, this is, the, cruel, reality of, things.

Based off of Afghanistan’s example, Taiwan should, take heed, but, the president still believed deep, in her own, delusions, of how U.S. will come to our rescues if we go to war with Taiwan, and even IF the U.S. came to our aid, it still doesn’t mean that they’re, our friends, because from the examples in Afghanistan, and U.S.’s intervention into other countries’ affairs, it’s clear, that the U.S. only, cared for itself, and yet, the president doesn’t wake up!

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