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Is Green the Color of Democracy?

Green is the color of, COMMUNISM, or, DICTATORSHIP, shall I say, seeing how the DDP is, screwing this country over still!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

This year, the celebration of National Day, the visuals, just as expected, the colors of our flag “red, white and blue” are, taken off, once again.  Since Tsai’s party took office, the colors on the celebration of National Day had always been different, with the set color green, and this year, they called it “Democracy Green” too.  Green is assigned to springtime, earth, biodomes, peace, it’s also, the traditional colors of the Islamic religion too; but, Tsai is a first, to connect the color green with democracy.

Tsai government avoided the colors of our flag in its uses of colors in celebration of National Day, in the name of becoming more creative, but, the government’s selecting the color green gave it away.  Green is the color representing the DDP, meaning, that they wanted green to be our national color; adding the title, “Democracy Green”, hinting, that only the DDP, ruling this country will, make this country “free”.

But, does the DDP really, stand for democracy?  The government called out “democracy”, but, its actions marched, leaned towards an authoritarian kind of ruling.  Using the claims of “changing the system”, going after the party not in power; using the name of “national security”, and, demolishing all other beliefs, not in line, with the party’s own; using the excuses of fighting off false news, to take away our rights to free speech; and, turning all the independently operating facilities, into their own, and they’d even, locked that public voting session, back inside, the bird cages too, all of this showed, “using the claims of democracy, and going against what democracy entailed!”

the colors of the party in power of this country currently…

found online

Rather than calling it “democracy green”, it’s the DDP who has the ultimate right, to define, WHAT democracy IS.  During the rule of the DDP, democracy is only a false front, to fend for one’s power of office, instead of something the government should fight hard to achieve.  The “Green Fears” had taken place of the “White Fear” since the over thirty year long democratizing of Taiwan; and, the “Democracy Green” became, its, biggest, irony!

The colors aren’t right or wrong, but the government used an assortment of manipulative measures, to add that positive overtone to the party’s colors; it’s just, that even if the adjectives stacked up, it won’t change a fact, that the DDP did NOT make the color green into the color of democracy, it’d made the color green, into, a huge, joke of, democracy instead.

And so, this, is how hard the government is, trying, to turn the country’s people, by, feeding them all the party-related news, by brainwashing us, and we got no choice, as the freedom of the press is already slashed (from the T.V. news station getting pulled off the air awhile ago!), the news media is now, one solitary color: green, and there’s, nothing that we the people can do about it, because the government is growing too powerful, and we the people, gave up our right to free speech, right to free press, to the government here.


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Patriotic Arms, Can’t Defeat the Scientific

The scientific proofs are still, the LOUDEST, even more so, than those, propaganda of the government, it’s, embellishments of how effective the vaccines the government produced is!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Nobody will, talk trash about the nation’s productions of vaccines, because, if it works, it will be, the pride, and joys, of the, Taiwanese people, also, an added of Taiwan’s, biotech industries. 

But unfortunately, the moment of Medigenvac’s surfacing before the people, it’d, been filled with the debatable, of them, the most worrisome, is the political involvement, the government’s constant intervention of the vaccine production processes, which made the hard work of Medigenvac, reduced, drowned out, by the political calls of the government.  And now, the results of the vaccines entering early, it may make the people, ever the more, disappointed, because the vaccine we’re all, looking forward to, may have been prematurely birthed, by political meddling.

Basically, as the nation’s own produced vaccine was available for those citizens who want to have it, it’d, split up the masses, but, as those, “patriotic arms” entered, it still, couldn’t, defeat the scientific proofs, especially as the number of general public started dying off let and right after they received the nation’s own produced vaccines, this will become, even more apparent, as the epidemic continues on.

like this…photo from online

From the many messages we received in the media, we know, that the Medigenvac vaccines may not have as high an efficacy as the other vaccines that are available right now, but, comparably, it has a lower rate of the side effects occurring; and yet, out of our expectations, there are, the cases of death that came after the injections, of course, there’s still this lack of proof that any of these deaths are, related to the vaccinations, it’s just, that when the public see these records, fears inside people’s mind got bigger and bigger, and thus, it’d, reflected on the records of those who’d signed on, but failed to show at the clinics for the vaccinations.

The government should think harder, seeing this sort of a trend, because in the process of vaccination of the Medigenvac shots, there are, a lot of unacceptable political manipulations, especially, the vaccine had skipped past the scientific proof stages of trial studies, it’s, not going to gain the people’s, trusts of it, and now, the reality also reflects, that if the government still refused to face this, it may not be able to, answer to the public at the very end.

What’s more worrisome, the term, “patriotic arms” put that political overtone to the Medigenvac vaccines, hinting, that the people may not be, “patriotic enough” if they don’t get the Medigenvac vaccines.  While, the blind faith of those who are, “patriotic” lacked the scientific proof and support, but they are still, loyal, as the vaccines’ lab rats, does this, NOT embarrass the government?

And now, as the foreign produced, manufactured vaccines start getting in, the government should consider, temporarily, stopping the vaccines of Medigenvac vaccines, and start the trial studies up, until a more complete set of data had been collected, then, put it out, this isn’t just for the sake of all the country’s people’s health, but also, protecting this brand that’s, made in Taiwan too; because, nobody doesn’t want to see Medigenvac fail, it’s, just that solely relying on those, “patriotic arms”, to cover up for the lack of scientific proofs of efficacy of the vaccines, then, the future of Medigenvac, may be, a huge, disappointment, for us all!

And so, this, is the results of the governments, hurrying, to put the country’s own vaccine on the “markets”, because it has its hands in the stakes of the company producing the vaccines, that’s why it skipped the third stages and the trial studies of the normal development processes of the vaccines, and now, as people are dying left and right, and maybe, it can claim, that oh, it’s just, chances, but, how can you leave something that can affect a human life, to chance?  And the government is still, too unprepared for the hard-hitting outbreaks here.

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The Tears of Afghan Mothers Reflected the False Promises of Politicians

U.S. went into the country, in the name of, protecting the people against terrorists, then, it’d, left the country, hanging out to dry, in a bigger mess before U.S. intervention, and the government here finally, wakes up, and started realizing, that we can’t depend on Uncle Sam to save us, if China were, to invade the country!  Observations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scenes of the Afghan people attempted to escape, shocked the whole world; we bear, firsthand witness to how U.S. had gotten into the country, intervened, then, left the country hanging out to die on its own, how the Afghan people were, deserted.  The press brought up how the people of Afghanistan had climbed onto the departing and falling off the exteriors of the planes, Biden claimed repeatedly, “This was from four, five days ago”, like it wasn’t, worth, mentioning.

The U.S. withdrew its troops out of Afghanistan in such an awful way, and the biggest revelation to be learned, from the rest of the world is, the U.S. can’t be counted on.  Biden was interviewed by ABC on the 18th, stated, that Afghanistan is different compared to Taiwan, South Korea and N.A.T.O, that U.S. will keep every one of its, promises, if anybody invaded a country under N.A.T.O., U.S will, take actions, toward Japan, South Korea, as well as, Taiwan too.

Biden’s claims, are merely to rebut to the world’s interpretations of how America is unaccountable, the sentiments of politicians are different than ordinary citizens in that it’d needed to fit to one’s own interests, or the interests of one’s own, countries, then, the promises made are, guaranteed.

As war came, the one who’d promised to fight until the last bullet is fired, may be the first one to run from it.  From the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, we can see, that the politicians are all, liars, those who’d claimed they’re saving their arms for Medigenvac vaccines, how many already are inoculated with internationally approved vaccines, to even, their, second vaccinations?

a video on this, how U.S. deserted Afghanistan, by the order of the President, off of YouTube...

Why are US troops pulling out of Afghanistan now? – YouTube

Awhile ago, when the president, Tsai commented on the situations in Afghanistan, she’d spoken that the only way to protect Taiwan, is for us to make ourselves stronger, more cohesive, we must all stand on the same fronts, to defend ourselves, but, I beg the president, do tell us, where would we get our strengths to protect ourselves, if we stopped relying on American aid?  What’s the country’s tactics of defense, the practical means of, protecting ourselves?  We truly hope, that the metaphor of comparing Afghanistan and Taiwan, are only, unwarranted, worries.

And, we should take from Afghanistan’s example, seeing how the U.S. had, sent a ton of troops over there, for the, last decade or so, and, before the country is set up to operate as independent, fully-functioning, it’d, pulled its, troops out, and, despite what Biden claimed, how our situation, is nothing like Afghanistan’s, despite how we all would love to believe, that the U.S. will fight on our behalf, if China does, invade us, it’s still, NOT going to, happen because the U.S., is a SELFISH country, only cares about, its, own benefits.

Yeah, so???  I’m, still, an U.S. citizen here, and got my citizenship back in, 2002, I believe, took the god damn naturalization process myself, ‘cuz I was already over eighteen, and NO longer “covered” by his EX wife, like her son was, and I went to the swearing in as a U.S. citizen in front of a court judge (I think it was, but can’t really, remember now!) too!

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Wake Up, President Tsai, Stop Producing the Delusions of How U.S. Will Back Us Up

Based off of the U.S.’s current behaviors of how it’d, withdrawn the armed services out of Afghanistan, and left this, huge M-E-S-S behind, we should, take from it, but, does the government?  Of course N-O-T, as the president, as the rest of the members of the DDP still got their heads up in the clouds, in their own, delusions there!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S.’s withdrawing its troops out of Afghanistan struck up the discussion of “Today it’s Afghanistan, tomorrow, it’ll be Taiwan!”  toward this, the president, Tsai remained silent for days on end, then, expressed her opinions on the matter at the DDP midyear conferences, said that the only choice that Taiwan has, is learning to fend for ourselves, to become stronger, to become, more cohesive as a whole country, that we shan’t, rely on someone else’s, protection.  At the same time, the spokesperson of the DDP criticized the party not in power had manipulated the U.S. into “deserting Taiwan”, making these bad comments, it’d shown, NO introspections over the party’s behaviors whatsoever, let alone, helping us work well together as a complete, whole. 

Taliban had taken control over Afghanistan once more, the world was deeply impacted by this, and, the sound of support for President Biden, also, got, impacted as well.  Here, the people felt especially deep over what had happened.  In recent years, Tsai’s government was used by the Trump and Biden governments as “first line of defense against China”, a sacrificial pawn of their games, Tsai had even, utilized the uprising in Hong Kong’s against being ruled by China to help her successfully get elected a second-term.  The image that Tsai painted of Taiwan had been: Taiwan has American support, this was the biggest pillar of strength we have against China.  And now, as we the people see, how U.S. deserted Afghanistan just like that, naturally, we’d, come to worry if our fates would be, exactly identical.

“Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow, Taiwan”, it’s not an unfitting, analogy, but, an almost, identical one.  Reason being, that there’s the differences in situations as system of government in Taiwan versus Afghanistan, and, Taliban is not equivalent to Chinese Communist Party; in this metaphor, the only thing that is common is U.S. involvement.  To Taiwan, seeing how easily U.S. deserted Afghanistan for its own, benefits, and how Biden was coldhearted, in his claims, trying to, justify his own, mistaken judgments, anyone should, get that wakeup call; the protection of our allies is, thin as a piece of paper here, can be torn up to shreds at any moment in time.  Tsai’s claiming how Taiwan has only Taiwan to count on, was probably because she couldn’t find a justification for U.S.’s behaviors, and so she’d, used that, to comfort the citizens’, minds.

Problem being, in the five years since she took office, did she really have the best interest of the country, to help Taiwan get stronger, to defend this country as her goals?  That facts proved, the opposite, I’m afraid.  As we saw, the government here, is giving off the illusions of U.S. being on Taiwan’s side; how much weapons did they sell to us, how the U.S. passed laws that showed its friendly hand toward Taiwan?  How much vaccines it’d, given to us, how the T.I.F.A. conferences that’s not included us for five whole years now included us again, etc., etc., etc.  All of these, seemingly showing how the relations between U.S. and Taiwan are, improving, but, there’s, not any, practical, actual, improvements. Most of the times, it’s, only, feeding to, the country’s, own, sense of belittlement, nothing more!

What worries us more should be, in this process, Tsai allowed U.S. to use us as a pawn in their wars against China, making us into this chessboard piece that D.C. can use at any time.  This way, our sense of being independent as a country became, nonexistent, and it’d, made us, the needle that stuck out, that China will try to pull out.  These few years, the relations with China worsening, is exactly, due to this.

As Tsai took office, she’d claimed how Taiwan needs to get off relying too much on China, this is, the right direction.  But in her measures, she’d, viewed Communist China as the biggest enemy of the country, and, pushed Taiwan toward becoming codependent on the U.S., making the country lost its own original, flexibility, as well as, independence too; all of these actions, don’t seem to make us stronger as a nation.  The many behaviors of Tsai and her government, belittled the country to U.S.; for instance, opening up import of pork with the ractopamine, completely against the citizens’ wills and benefits; to suck up to the Trump government, letting TMSC set up its plants in the U.S. to invest; to suck up to the Department of National Security, she’d made the people here, get vaccinated the not-yet-tested third-stage trial vaccines from Medigenvac.  For the sake of her own benefits in diplomacies, she’d, done all of these, unreasonable, unfreedom, unscientific, decisions, and who knows, how many of our rights as a country will get sacrificed, in how many more of their, black box dealings.

Rather than believing that “Today Afghanistan, Tomorrow Taiwan” is a bad sort of a prophecy, see it more as a warning in politics, reminding the people to, stop believing that the U.S. will defend Taiwan, to help protect Taiwan, the, unfulfilled, promise.  The U.S. is a democratic ally, but its citizens won’t bleed for no reasons for another country.  No matter how many delusions of America the President Tsai has, this is, the, cruel, reality of, things.

Based off of Afghanistan’s example, Taiwan should, take heed, but, the president still believed deep, in her own, delusions, of how U.S. will come to our rescues if we go to war with Taiwan, and even IF the U.S. came to our aid, it still doesn’t mean that they’re, our friends, because from the examples in Afghanistan, and U.S.’s intervention into other countries’ affairs, it’s clear, that the U.S. only, cared for itself, and yet, the president doesn’t wake up!

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The Vaccines are a Matter of Life or Death, Whose Attitude is, Unhealthy

The effectiveness, the efficacy of this, brand new technology making this vaccine isn’t even, proven yet, and the government still, endorsed it?  Yeah, what about, the lives of, we the people???  Oh yeah we don’t matter to them!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, with the obviously, observed, FACTS too!  Translated…

The process of Medigenvac’s passing the EUA was like helped by god, from signing of contract, to skipping the immunobridging’s three stages, to being mass produced before the EUA was passed, sending in the paperwork to get approvals, to the examinations of the vaccines, it all went, swiftly, it was, cared for to a fault by the government, and for three days, the news media inquired the number of casings that got sent for evaluation, and the commander Chen got angered, and stated, “this is not a healthy attitude”, to the point of blurting aloud, “it’s unrelated to public interests, how many batches of vaccines from Medigenvac got sent in for evaluation.”, where, do our lives and welfare fit in, to the views of the government officials?

Could it be, that other than keeping a close watch on the government, the media press also needed to, consider the factors of the emotions, feelings of the government officials too, and can only inquired about the officials’ hairstyle, the patterns on their masks, what they felt of the Olympic sports competitions, to show how much they’d cared, to be considered, “healthy”?

from just, 19 hours ago, already packed and, ready to go too!

photo from online

The Command Center has its heart set on Medigenvac, and, started sharpening up the axes, what’s surprising after Chen blamed the press reporters, he’d added, “it does NOT concern public health, how many batches of the Medigenvac vaccines got sent in to get evaluated.”  Is that the truth?  The vaccines are set to be used at the bottom half of August, and there were, over millions of the members of the public who’d expressed their interests on it, and the quality of the vaccines, is closely related to the wellbeing of the citizens here.

Toward the multiple inquiries of the public, the Command Center rarely explained proactively, had always, evaded questioning.  In the process of the EUA evaluations, the FDA was clearly, playing, favoritism, toward the questioning of the validity of the vaccines, the headed of FDA, Wu claimed, “maybe this is, an even better vaccine!”, from the head of the FDA, she’d, turned into, a spokesperson, disregarding completely, the professionalism needed, in closely, evaluating the vaccines, with the values of, “Taiwan is best!” while the efficacy of the vaccines, still, unknown! And so, this, is what some of us are, getting, injected with, sugar pills, because, the efficacies of this too-new-technology isn’t quite confirmed, and the government is, selling it to those who want to buy, and, what’s going to happen, if those who get this brand of government supported vaccines all contracted the virus, and then, dies?  Is the government going to, retract their claims of, “OUR vaccines are the best, with the LEAST adverse side effects”?  Yeah, let’s see, shall we???

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Shang-Chun Chang Brushed Off the Seven Hundred Lives Lost, So Easily

How the government officials, still, paint over that coat of, LIES here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s, a morbidity rate of 4.68-percent from MERS-CoV, twice more than the global average, a total of 706 who’d died from MERS-CoV.  Toward the questioning of how the medical provisions weren’t u to speed, the recruit of the specialist task force of the CDC, Chang stated, that those who’d died all had preexisting conditions, that the average age of death is seventy-three, and of these, a lot of the cases, the families signed the DNR, which was why there’s this, high morbidity rate.  Chang’s explanation, can’t cover up for the incompetence of the government, nor can it, make the general public feel, better.

Undeniably, those who have the preexisting conditions, may have a worse system of defense after contraction, with a higher, rate of mortality.  But, blaming the cause of death onto these preexisting conditions, it’s, way too, untrue, and it’d shown how the government officials, are, trying to, evade responsibilities.  The height of the outbreaks came from mid-May to the end of June, there are, dozens to more than thirty deaths from MERS-CoV per day, some died in their homes, other, in the quarantine hotels, or even, on the streets, a lot of those were only confirmed of having MERS-CoV after death.  In other words, many of them didn’t even have the chances of getting treatment, most don’t even know they’d contracted the virus, that, is why we have, such a high mortality rate.  Take yesterday for example, there are, twenty-seven new confirmed cases, but, seventeen deaths, how is this rate normal?

From all of this, people can see, three huge holes in the legislation, this is, what Tsai’s government, along with the CDC can’t, dodge from.  First, a lot of the people with their lives hanging on the lines, unaware that they’d, contracted MERS, the fault is on the command center’s not expand the scans for the virus, causing those with less severe symptoms, to enter into the local communities, to spread the virus out, causing those who didn’t know to contract the virus, and end up, dying.  As the hospital described this condition as “happy hypoxia”, how can they be sure, that all who’d died, before death, they are, happy?

Secondly, the government got caught up in how “ahead of the rest” it’d bene, but, wasn’t practical enough, in reassigning the needed resources to the needed locations, causing those who’d contracted the virus, couldn’t get into the hospital for the treatments, those who are having the more severe symptoms, not resuscitated on time.  For instance, the hotspot of the outbreaks is located around Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the command center couldn’t, help the cities get enough of the needed wards set up, with all the equipment required for treatment, delaying those who contracted the virus, that they’d become, too severely impacted by the contraction, some didn’t even have the wards to go to to get treated.  And, the single-strain treatments can effective prevent the progressions of the virus to severe in elderly, but we’d, only begun to discuss buying up the medications in June, and the drugs are finally in by mid-June, this clearly showed, of how lacking the command center had been, of the provisions of care.  The T.V. personnel, Jia’s calling on the donations of the machines, to respond to the needs of the medical staff, why didn’t the command center hear the cries in the frontlines?

Thirdly, blaming the high mortality rate on the elderly and the progressive conditions that they have, it’s, completely, bullshit, it’s a huge insult, to the healthcare system in Taiwan.

Tsai’s buying the vaccines was, calculated politically, the command center’s allotting the resources of the vaccines, politically, selfish, not caring for the health and welfare of the people, and, they’d all, misused, abused the system of healthcare we have already, established, that was, originally, working wonders.

And so, it’s still, the politics that’s, SCREWED us all!  The government is so set on defying China, making the people turn against everything that’s, from China, and, it’s propagandas paid off all right, but the cost is, the lives that are, already, lost, and will keep on, increasing in numbers, by the contractions of, MERS-CoV!

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The Outbreaks Did NOT Fall from the Skies

The commentaries, on how the government is so, incompetent, in preventing the spread, by not giving us, the citizens, enough vaccines to help us reach that level of needed, immunity, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Delta strain had been found in Pingdong, which sounded off the alarm of the slowing of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV in Taiwan, again.  The head of the county of Pingdong, Pan called out, that the outside world should NOT be on a witch hunt, not giving Pingdong a bad reputation, “the virus did not grow in Pingdong, the virus didn’t just, fall from the skies.” His words, it’d, touched many, it’s, just that the words came, a bit, late.

This current outbreak that hit hard, Hsinbei and Taipei were the hardest hit, since the DDP took office, down the chain of command, of the city councilpersons, as well as the online armies, had started, attacking both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities endlessly.  The city councilperson, Miao stated, “The whole country is in lockdown mode with Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, the side wings immediately chimed in; the second in command of the Department of Sanitation Welfares, Shih pointed out, “Wanhwa is the hole which the virus had broken in.” the supporters of DDP immediate named the strains, “Wanhwa Strain”.  Who’s hunting witches, who’s, giving whom bad names, it’s, clear to see.

The reasons for the DDP’s doing this, first, to show, that the local governments with their party affiliate being in charge is doing, way better, other than stressing constantly, “+0”, they’d also, pushed those who’d contracted the virus all outward; secondly, to divert the people’s attention from Tsai’s wayward methods of helping the country defend itself against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV.  As the clusters of infections took over the communities in Kaohsiung, the mayor, Chen pushed the responsibilities to “both Taipei and Hsinbei didn’t report the cases truthfully.”, this was, a valid, example.

Of course, the outbreaks didn’t, fall from the skies, nor would the virus, there were, the tracks to be found.  This currently outbreak locally, the starting point was the pilot’s quarantine rule of “three plus eleven”; the structural cause lies in that Tsai and her government was too full of themselves, to the point of careless, turning everything into, political-correctness, that’s what caused the outbreaks to get out of hand.  Can the Tsai government see the problems, and, amend the mistakes that it’d made, that, is the key.

the virus still did NOT fall, like this…

bombs falling from the skies 的圖片結果
like bombs, out of the skies…photo from online

As the outbreak clusters occurred in Kaohsiung, Pingdong, the calls of, “We’re all jailed up with both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities” gone, in an, instant, this, was the lessons we need to learn from the blood and the tears.  The Tsai government needs to understand and note, that “the spread of the virus is not party-specific”, that she needed to view the “island as a complete whole”; otherwise, this outbreak shall, NEVER, end.

And so, it’s not like we’re not having it hard enough as is, the DDPs are still, trying, to turn the citizens, by claiming how it’s us, the northern regions who’d not kept close tabs on the spread, how the local governments (that aren’t their colors???) didn’t do their jobs correctly, that’s, caused the virus to head south, well, there’s now, the locally “grown” virus sighted in the south, and then, the greens shuts up, because that, is how the DDP works, it tries, to bend the people’s mind, and, sway those who are, easily swayed, and, mostly, those who are fooled, are living in the south and middle strips, because the DARK greens are in control of these, local governments, and, up north, our separate city governments ARE, doing the BEST that they possibly could, and the DDP try to divert their followers’ attention, so they don’t get blamed, for their, stupidity in the policies, and yet, are we the people, just so, FUCKING retarded to believe them???

Uh……………we are, well, the majority of those the voters who are GREEN, and they will all, head out to the polls, while, those of us who don’t support the current party in power, we just feel, that we can’t do anything, to change the situations, and besides, the party in power have a way, of swaying the masses, so, why the #$%@ would we bother, vote???

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The Habits of Making the Lowly Mistakes Unchanged, Taiwan Shall be Closed, Indefinitely

It’s still, the god DAMN, @#$%ING policies of this god damn government that’s, SCREWING us all over here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As people started to believe, that the epidemic is, slowing down, with the lowering of the third level of alert, we’d only gotten ecstatic for just two days, the confirmed diagnoses rose back up to three-digits, with total number of deaths, exceeding 600.  Thankfully, the Command Center didn’t announce the lowering of the alert levels so carelessly, otherwise, the consequences would be, too dire.  What’s worth noting more, is how in just one day, Kaohsiung had nine new cases added on, with the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen’s blaming Taipei and Hsinbei Cities for their lacking in control of citizen who’d contracted the virus, and the false reports.  What’s worth more of our attention is, the originally safe and secure southern regions now had the new clusters of epidemic, in just one day, nine cases in Kaohsiung spiked up.  There were, five confirmed cases of contraction in Pingdong as well, and, the source was the individual who’d returned from Peru, and, we’re all, waiting anxiously to find out, if it’s, the first case of the Peruvian Lambda mutated virus.

It’s clear to see, why it is hard to split up the levels of alerts in the various regions here in Taiwan.  First, there’s only a seven-percent of inoculation of vaccines, not nearly enough, for the immunity of population to happen; secondly, the lives were interrelated, a lot of those who work up north live in the central, or southern regions, and, it would be, too difficult, to implement the policies of by-district rules of disease prevention; third, whenever any place loosens up the restrictions, there would be the large masses, pouring in; fourth, because the government does NOT allow for the general scans, those who are only with the less severe symptoms are going around, spreading the virus out, really hard to control.

The nine confirmed new cases in Kaohsiung, two cases of the clusters of contractions are both involved with the residents going from south to north; the seven cases in Jen-Wu, traced back to the hospitalized patient in the En-Chu-Kong Hospital, as the individual returned to Kaohsiung to live, the individual passed the virus to two families, with a total of seven members contracting the virus.  Chen accused that the Hsinbei City failed to keep track of the patient, and, failed on listing these man who’d entered and exited out of the En-Chun-Kong Hospital three times as a patient to trace, in the end, it was the government officials in Kaohsiung who’d gone online, and tracked the leads.

Chen’s anger, mostly, was from how his sustaining the “plus zero” diagnoses getting destroyed, naturally, he’d, needed to, blow off some steam.  And yet, the war against the outbreaks, is this, never-ending, tug-of-war with the virus, without bounds, can he blame how Hsinbei had, “intentionally” released the virus into Kaohsiung?  Of course not!  If he could, then, both Taipei and Hsinbei could, openly, accuse Chen, the commander for not keeping the country protected enough, to allow the virus, to take over Taiwan, to stress everybody on this, island?

If evaluations are necessary, what’s worth noting more is, in just two months, the confirmed cases increased to more than 14,000, with more than six hundred people dead, but, the central and local governments are still, making those, lowly mistakes repeatedly, with no intentions of, amending their, methods.  If the policies are what made the outbreaks happen again, no matter how we keep our selves in check, there’s, NO way we can, escape, the attacks from the virus.  For instance, how Chen blamed the city government of Hsinbei for not keeping tapes on the disease-control of En-Chu-Kong Hospital, allowing the patient to bring the virus to Kaohsiung, causing seven people to get confirmed of contractions; while the hospital responded, that the methods of precautions they took, was exactly as the Department of Sanitations Welfares demanded.  In actuality, in the heights of the outbreaks of May, the patients who’d contracted the virus couldn’t even, get into the hospitals to get treated, how can the command center have the mind, to think of the evaluation of its, proceedings?

What’s more debatable is, as the outbreaks locally grow more and more serious by the days, the Command Centers is still, Johnny-come-lately, in the scanning of those who flew from abroad.  How careless the government’s overlooking the borders of the country, it’s hard to understand the government’s mindset.  From the newly discovered five cases of contraction in Pingdong, the sources are the grandparent-grandchild pair who’d returned from Peru on June 6th, although they had the negative test results on record with them, they’d still, infected those whom they live with, then, other family members, as well as a cab driver.  The virus so carelessly, spread into the local communities, and it would be, next to impossible, to trace those who’d contracted the virus secondhand, thirdhand.  The truth is, there were, only, a few hundred of individuals who’d entered from out of country, and in this condition, why didn’t Chen order the general scans earlier?

Take for example, this grandparent-grandchild pair who’d returned from Peru, although they have the negative test reports, but, before their quarantine terms were up, they’d been confirmed of diagnoses.  Reasonably, if the at-home quarantine regulations were followed to the t, they shouldn’t be able to pass the virus along to other relatives, nor the neighbors; it must be how they weren’t, thorough enough in their at-home quarantines, that’s why the virus got out.  Especially, the Lambda strain from Peru is even tougher in its resistance to the medications, and spread out even quicker, once it’s out, the originally available vaccines we have here, will NO longer be enough, to block it, seeing how we’re, already, lacking the amounts of vaccines available to us.  The Command Center doesn’t do the general scans for those who come into the country’s gates, lacking the strict rules of the special areas’ quarantine populations, how many time do they need to make this, rudimentary mistake, to finally learn the lessons?

And look, all of the availabilities of our vaccines, the machines to save the lives, are solely, reliant on donations from the local organizations and other countries, while our politicians are, doing their best, to, blame someone else for the incompetence, the sixteen-year-old nursing school student got accidentally shot with the vaccines she shouldn’t be shot with.  People are struggling here, while the policy makers are still, pointing fingers, placing the blames, how will Taiwan be, able to, unlock the gates?

And this, is still, the problems on both sides, the individuals’ and the government as a collective, the government is at fault, for not making the vaccines available for the majority of the population, so we can, at least, have a set level of, immunity, and on the local levels, because the governments have no way of, keeping tabs on those who had contracted the virus, from running around all over the country, and on the individual level, as this MORONS still refused, to just, SIT still, in their, quarantines, and, with all three levels of trying to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, busting out, WrIDE open, of course there are going to be, more contraction than ever, besides, it’s, currently, at the HEIGHT, of the virus’s activity levels, as this virus won’t get killed, until the temperatures rise up to 50-degrees Celsius (I think it was, but don’t quote me!), and, by the time the temperature actually, rises up to fifty, are we going to survive that heat?  HECK no, it’s only about, 37, 38 right now, and, a lot of the houses here are, already, cranking up their, air-conditioning, units!

So yeah, it’s still the government’s policies that’s, screwed us A-L-L here!!!

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Sexually Bullied His Cellmate with Other Fellow Inmates, Sentenced to Seven Years

Sexual abuse, in the prisons here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was the instances of “Sexual Bullying” in the prisons of Kaohsiung, the inmate, Yen saw that his roommate, very feminine looking, with five other fellow inmates, shoved a toy inside the man’s body for over a month’s time, until the super found something wasn’t quite right, then, the case went out into the open.  The Kaohsiung District Courts believed, that Yen, as the “orderly” of the wards, used his power status, to relieve himself, treated his cellmate as a “sex toy”, used his status of power to molest, sentenced him to seven years, and the other five who were involved got sentenced to four years five months to six and a half years; the verdicts can all be appealed.

The verdict pointed out, that the victim were cell mate with Yen, Tseng, Hsu, Chang, Song, Lee, and Wang, Yen was the “one in charge of the cell”, while the others followed his words, and the order of the cell was he say so.

At around five in the afternoon of May 21st, 2017, Yen saw the victim wearing only his boxers, forcibly grabbed him in the crutch, and Tseng and others didn’t stop, but, joined in the abuse too, pinned the victim’s legs and feet down, the victim worried that if he’d fought, it would be even worse, he’d allowed Yen to grab him in the chest, the crutch multiple times, and the other men had even, stomped on his pelvis too.  As the workers of the prison found the victim having an odd expression, they’d reviewed over the surveillance, and found the abuse of the men on the victim.

And so, this, is an AWFUL case of POWER RAPE, because the “man in charge” of the prison cell needed to feel he’s “all that”, he’d, started the physical, sexual abuse of this, lesser inmate who was in the same cell, while the others joined in the abuse, because, they probably didn’t want to get victimized too, or that they were merely, blindly, FOLLOWING their, “LEADER”, and now, they will all be, charged, AGAIN!  And hopefully, they will get, an, even MORE severe, sentence that adds on to their, original ones.

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You’d Discriminately Called Wuhan Pneumonia, They’d Discriminated You for Being Asian

The president, setting a BAD example, leading the “masses”, to DISCRIMINATE, what the current president here is doing, just like how Trump did it, and, now, Biden is trying to, turn this all around, and yet, the president here, is still, CLUELESS as a “leader”…commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The American president, Biden signed an executive memo against the discriminations of Asian Americans during the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, and prohibited the federal government from using “Chinese virus”, along with other words that might cause the people in America to discriminate, to segregate Asian in the country.  Biden’s move had two levels: first, to put out the blazes of Trump’s racist beliefs; two, to mend the fractures in the American society; if the discrimination can’t be done away with, then, the crack simply, can’t be, patched up.

the us and the them…

and you’re not getting into the group, “red”! Found online

Biden’s “Anti-Discrimination” law, although aimed at turning the Trump government’s wayward behaviors; but, the Taiwanese from across the strait can reflect on how the President, Tsai’s mind is, way too, narrowed.  Since the outbreaks started, the government officials kept calling the virus the “Wuhan virus”; before the virus was rightfully name, this would be fine, because it is easier to differentiate.  But, by mid last February, the WHO formally named the virus “MERS”, while the CDC here still didn’t change what it was called, continued calling it the Wuhan virus.  The awareness to prevent the spread by the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations continually played on, “the Wuhan virus”, and this sort of a discrimination, is sounding off constantly, and daily into our ears, it’d sounded, quite, cacophonous.

The WHO’s renaming, doing away with the location’s names, occupations, animals by 2015, aimed at reducing the discriminations.  While Tsai’s government claimed itself to be forward in thought, advanced, but, toward the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, refusing to use the more neutralized “MERS”, and calling it “Wuhan”, Chen and the central agencies followed suit, for the sake of being “against China”.  Tsai’s government claimed that Taiwan is able, and more than willing to, become a fitting member of the WHO, but it’d, not backed down on the naming of the virus.  The government only chooses the ideals that fitted to its, needs here.

Comparing to Trumps “China Virus” “Wuhan Pneumonia”, and “Kung-Flu”, Chen’s calling it the “Wuhan Virus” constantly, paled by comparison.  And yet, Trump is a narrow-minded, a character-flawed leader, he’d, abused his power; and yet, Taiwan was more than willing, to become is frontrunner, what’s so proud about that?  What’s worse was that Tsai utilized her support in Trump, and used Trump’s claims, to falsify what democracy was; in actuality, those with the minutest political knowledge knew, that Trump had NO sense of what democracy is, and, Tsai’s government, hiding under the shadows of Trump, apparently, she’d, followed, the WRONG leader.

In Taiwan, the issue of race may not be as complicated as in the America, but the race and the issues regarding China is still, too, sensitive, the Chauvinist of Formosa made other groups feel ill-at-ease.  In recent two years, this showed up even more overtly, in Taiwan, Tsai’s discrimination caused the merchants from Taiwan working in China, the spouses from China.  Including how the Taiwanese merchants’ difficulties of returning back to Taiwan during the outbreaks, as well as toward the women married over from China, the “Mings” who were forced to stay in China, it all showed how the president, OPENLY, discriminate the people, to the point of suppression.  Maybe, Tsai believed that she had a justified reason to be against China, without knowing, that she was, feeding to the discriminations against all Asians, and teaching the citizens to hate too.

And so, the president here, just like Trump, didn’t SET a good example, instead of working together, with EVERYBODY onboard, during times of the outbreak, she’d, used her words, to struck up hatred, to get the people here who are still following her, to DISCRIMINATE against CHINA, and yeah, that, is what we are looking at here, another, Donald Trump, in the form of a FEMALE head of “state”…

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