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Tang, the Head of Digital Department Can Really, Toot Her Own, Horns

Another way the Tsai government’s, wasted our, tax dollars here, setting up, this BULLSHIT “department” of the government that does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of Digital Department, Tang visited Lithuania, and in an interview of the foreign press, she’d stated that Taiwan will be helping Ukraine in “digital rebuilding”.  Surely, it’s nice, the thought, but she seemed to have forgotten, that the phone scams are worsening by the days here in Taiwan, the government and public agencies’ informational security has a huge hole in the systems, with our personal data getting stolen, and sold off.  Tang left the problem we’re facing at home, went abroad, and, tooted and boasted, what does she think she’s doing?

Awhile ago, the news over 23 million individual personal data was leaked with the N.S.A affirming that this was, true, with the leak coming from the systems of the local land offices.  After the incident, the head of internal affairs, Hsu sent in his resignation, with the “stand-in” head of internal affairs, Hua in a shouting match with the legislators who aren’t of the DDP, with that malicious attitude, until finally, he’d, “promised” to propose a solution on what should be done, within two months.

and, the grand opening of that, “office”…photo from online

These two days, there was the news of the database of the members of China Airlines getting hacked, including Chang, the C.E.O. of TMSC, Terry Go, C.E.O. of Foxconn, the VP, Lai’s personal data being, leaked.  As the civics aerial department started investigating, China Airlines claimed, that they already sent out the emails to the members to “change your passwords periodically”, to ensure the security of your own personal data.  Meaning, that the information are leaked out, because the customers aren’t frequently changing up their, passwords.  As for how the information was hacked, and the responsibilities to China Airlines, there’s, NO mention of any of this.

At the start when the government of Tsai set up the Digital Department, the DDP made it sounded like there’s some amazing acts of the department that’s foreseeable in the futures.  And yet, from its beginnings from last August, the department only put out a “noodle ordering platform”, so Tang could, dance around and show off what she had, accomplished, with the end result of the citizens, booing.

“Information security IS national security”, but, with the digital department now set up, there’s no one who’s in charge of keeping the data from being, hacked by hackers, with Tang keep on, tooting her own, horns.

And, this is another “bill” on that TAB of a long list of how the DDP wasted the taxpayers tax dollars, and, nobody knows what this new digital department does, and my guess would be, that this is only, like those, shell companies of those firms that are laundering money somewhere in Europe (that’s where those things are being done, right???  Wouldn’t know here!), with the name, and “status”, but it doesn’t do SQUAT, it can’t even prevent our personal data from getting stolen, what good is it, huh???


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With U.S. as the “Puppeteer”, the Talk of Peace Between China & Taiwan Became an Impossibility

Taiwan is still, the, BIGGEST L-O-S-E-R, if war between us and China is imminent, and yet, the DDP and Tsai still believe the lies of U.S., grabbing onto whatever STRAWS they think that will save this country from Communist Chinese takeover!  As war becomes, almost, unavoidable here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The tactic thinktank rehearsed the outcomes of war between Taiwan and China, and the end result was, Taiwan destroyed, the American armed services won, but barely, the armed forces of China, nearly completely DESTROYED.  This is very awakening, if the armed forces are sent under the willingness of the U.S., working with Taiwan under certain circumstances, this is actually, U.S.’s cognitive warfare toward Taiwan, hoping that we purchase MORE weapons from them, to FIGHT Communist China, to help the U.S., diminish the Chinese powers that are, rising up slowly.

Wanting to use Taiwan as a dummy, the setting of war is in China, believing, that they’d, set the perfect trap for China to be dumb enough to take the bait, to destroy the USELESS country of Taiwan, and in the end, China will carry the historical bad reputations, turning the 23 million of people in Taiwan into, adversaries for life with the Chinese, never reaching that peace.

what Taiwan gets turned, into: D-U-M-M-I-ES!!! Photo from online

It’s not that Communist China won’t attack Taiwan, but it’d already, drawn the lines, and the boundaries of “Taiwanese Independence and Foreign Countries’ Taking Over” simply won’t get, breached.  Looking at how the Tsai government danced along with the U.S. tunes, losing the means of communication that we have with China, the liberation armed forces circled around Taiwan in the drills, shooting the missiles over our aerial zones, shutting us up in fear.  The actions of the People’s Liberation Army is borderline toward that breakdown point, clearly, China is, upset over the behaviors of Taiwan and U.S. too; these new interaction style is becoming the norm, and, it’s hard to guarantee, that there won’t be, any, “accidents”.

Where’s the limits to the Taiwanese political considerations of the armed forces?  The dignity of the country had been bullied by the dictatorship, we’d, taken the Americans for their words in arming up, buying the super expensive war machineries that the U.S. is throwing away as garbage, and, fighting this war that wasn’t even from the very start, we can’t, complain about any of it.  Forcing ourselves to arm up, to bury down the mines, setting up the armory storage for the ammunition we are in need of, lengthening the service terms, putting the younger generations in the warzones, onto the, battlefields, we’d become, subjugates to another country, just, following orders.

Enticing Taiwan to fight China, it’d become, a world trend, like, how we must go to war, to show how strong, how tough we, are?  You think that by setting up the weapon storage bases in Taiwan, will stop China from advancing?  Especially, the thinktank also, suggested giving Taiwan the missiles that can destroy Shanghai too, this is making the people in China HATE Taiwan even more, and why does the government of Tsai not make a sound, and still, she and the DDP called out to “maintain that peaceful term with China”?

If Taiwan goes to war with China, it’ll be the people in Taiwan who ends up DEAD, the brash lies of the authorities told, a million times over, still won’t be, true.

And yet, the government of Tsai still, insisted on making US, into U.S.’s BITCH, and she still failed to take the precedence of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts from before, and, if this country goes to war with China, we will be completely, WIPED out, but hey, who CARES, I mean, the U.S. already “shipped” all the workers of TMSC overseas to give them U.S. citizenship or PR, and this island became, TRASH to the U.S., it already got the technologies from us, along with those workers who don’t mind working their quadruple OTs to the U.S., they got nothing to lose, while Taiwan is, risking EVERYTHING in defying China here, and the @#$%ING DDP government still can’t see that!  How BLIND can you be???

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As the Legislator, Kao Busted the Emperor’s New Clothes, Lai Continues to Strut Around Naked?

The skins of these DDP officials are so thick, that even an UZI can’t even, shoot through it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Everybody heard the story of “The Emperor’s New Cloth” I’m sure.  And, as everybody in the story blindly commended the Emperor on the “new clothes” he had on, how it was, soft and delicate like the silk.  Only as the innocent words out of mouths of babes, that the Emperor had NOTHING on.  Nobody knows, what happened next in this story, but, there are the three “epilogues” that are possible outcomes:

First, the Emperor came to the realization, that he’s, nude, and rushes to put clothes on himself, and, rewarding the child for telling the truth, punishing those officials around him for lying.

Second, although the kid knew the truth, the child still gets, arrested, to, telling that, “national secret”.

Third, all the adults in the king’s court started scapegoating the child for LYING, that the Emperor’s new clothes is, elegant and pretty, that only FOOLS can’t see that.  And, the Emperor continued marching down the streets, as an exhibitionist, with no one in his court, his kingdom, DARE say anything about it, but, they are all, laughing about the emperor behind HIS, back.

like this…and, Mr. Washington (I think it is), gets to pick out WHAT he wants to put on, today! Illustration from online

The DDP legislator, Kao criticized the various wrongdoings of her own party, and, the party started up the act of firing her from the DDP.  And, in this case, Kao was, that kid that BUSTED the emperor for being nude, but because of how young she was, not been experienced in politics enough yet, she’d, DARED told, the truth.  While those who spoke badly of Kao, are the cabinet members of the Emperor, lying through their, teeth, refusing to admit, that their emperor was, streaking.  And once that kid busted them, of course they felt embarrassed, and wanted to, arrest the child.

Problem is, it’s subjective, that the Emperor was wearing HIS, new clothes or not, a fact, and it wouldn’t CHANGE, just because someone says it is, so.  Kao had called out, that if Lin’s plagiarism doesn’t get handled properly, there would be five “dead bodies” in the case, and, her “prediction” of that turned out to be, true.  And, I’m certain, that Lai, who’s about to take the role of the chairperson of the political party, knew the kind of material, used to make, that “new cloth”.

And so, this is the, CIRCUS scene of the DDP, with the party affiliated legislator, pointing the TRUTH out to her fellow members of the party, and yet, because her words aren’t to their, liking, they’d, FIRED her from the party, and she became, the one, to get, HANGED for telling the cold, hard truth, that the political party is way too corrupt already, completely, without morals whatsoever, covering for the members, even when they KNEW that they weren’t, doing what’s, right!

That, is how corrupt, politics can get here, how they still, followed that “leader”, completely, blindly, negating the FACTS, because “We must support our leaders or ELSE!”

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The “Experts of National Defense” are All Over the Places

Words that got, blurted, out loud, before running through the brains’ wires first, this DDP legislator is still, way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded, and yet, she’s, still allowed, to speak (W-O-O-F!  Good boy, Fido…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The armed service terms is going to be changed back to a year, and the complaints came online: “how come the women don’t need to, serve?”, the legislator, Fang rebutted, the problem is NOT in the women, but the laws of service that wouldn’t allow women to QUALIFY to serve.  And so she will be drafting up an amendment to allow for women to serve in the armed services, and she would be willing to serve herself.

and, the legistlator of the DDP sitll thinks, that it’s all for show, like how Tsai played her “military” persona, in that, “dress-up”…

photo from online

And these rumors online, are basically, BULLSHIT, but, the legislator, Fang’s responses are, making us fall out of our, chairs too.  Not saying, that the other DDP legislators would be onboard her bill or not, based off her age of fifty-four, she’d, long gone PAST the age of service discharge, unless, the D.O.D. allowed her to start up her armed services position as a “general”.

An even older female news anchor, on reporting the news of the D.o.D.’s testing the female servicewomen enlistment told, that she is the first in line to sign up.  Problem being, the system is that the backup troops only allows for those who’d gone to serve, who’d been, discharged, to be listed.  The female news anchor just wants a piece of what’s going on, and, falsely believed, that the enlistment is only a bootcamp.

The most talked about news on the military is related to the teams, the Black Bear group that had been mentioned in high prevalence in the Central Commissions Committee meetings.  Another host of a politics talk show went up to sign on, and immediately, posted her shot of carrying a rifle, aiming at something; but, her left hand wasn’t even holding the wooden piece steadily, he’d only, “placed” that rifle on the left palm that’s opened up.  And thankfully, she only had a model gun, otherwise, had she, pulled the trigger, she would’ve gotten her black eye for sure.  And, the school of national defense, no matter how highly reputable, I’m certain, that the people would start, questioning the quality of the lessons that the school provides.

The tensing up of the relationship with China, the continued breaching across our aerial border by the Communist Aircrafts, had gotten the news of military and arms to hit an all-time high.  Recently, we talk about national defense on the streets, like how the South American countries discussed the World Cup, there are, all those, “experts” on the matter, trying to get noted.  But in comparing, the world cup is NOT the same as going to war: besides, the commentators of the World Cup Series of South America, they actually know, that you have to KICK the ball into the opponent’s, nets!

Yeah, and this is just how, @#$%ING unprepared this country will be, and how @#$%ING stupid the people are, they think that going to war is a game, because they never actually see the faces of war, and, they’re, too, ill-prepared, and besides, on the means of physiques, how can we women, measure up to the men, unless, we all become, bodybuilding, competitors, with the muscles, flexing our bodies…and we’re still, N-O-T, so…

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Under a Government Who Cried, “Wolf”…

We the people are, unfortunately, ALL, gonna D-I-E!  No wait, not just die (like, lying in our deathbeds, from old age and whatever!), but we’re all, gonna get, SLAUGHTERED!

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, they had us, standing in line, bowing our heads, some even got down on their knees to crawl, to thank them for, ABUSE, for not doing enough, to save those who’d, already, died from the plague…

with SHIT coming out of their, mouths…

cartoon found online

Under a government who cried, “Wolf!”, where’s that huntsman when you need him, huh???  Oh yeah, that loser’s, busying, RAPING Little Red, so, let’s not, “disturb” him, in what he’s, doing.

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, we still believed in their, empty promises, of how they only had OUR best interests in mind, how they only wanted what’s good for us all (but, don’t WE got a say, of WHAT’s, good for us all???)…

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, yeah, you already know how THAT story went, don’t ya?  And, we’re still, the innocent (more like too stupid, too blind!) flock of god damn SHEEP, waiting for that “field trip” to, SLAUGHTERHOUSE TEN (‘cuz Slaughterhouse NINE’s “under renovation”, and it won’t be reopened until, March, I think…right, it’s set for its, GRAND REOPENING in M-A-R-C-H!!!)

with we the people, eating all of that SHIT, up too! and the “poop” is, REAL, NOT ice cream! Photo from online

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We the People, Paying for the Mistakes of the Energy Policies of the Government

And because, we’re still all, paying into, this government’s, SHITTY plans, that’s still, money down into the toilet (Watch it all go ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, the government had collect4ed around $450 billion N.T.s in taxes, an all-time historical high, and the waves of “returning some taxes back to the people” came on, and we all expected that the refunds will be in cash, but the president, Tsai stated yesterday, that the refunding the taxes back to the people is temporarily placed on halt, wanted us to understand.  And yet, a huge chunk of this over-collected tax amount is going to Taipower company to cover the lacking in the cost of electricity, in other words, we may not get the refunds of the taxes back, we are also, paying for the energy policies of the Tsai government, how can we possible, understand that?

The last eleven months from two years ago, Taipower had already sustained a loss of $220,400,000,000N.T.s, already closing in on the total capital of the company’s worth of $330,000,000,000N.T.s.  Due to the hike in energy costs because of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, especially for natural gas, it’d increased the cost of operations for Taipower Company, and, the estimated shortage may be roughly the same this year compared to last year.

and, here’s what THAT, looked, like…and, guess what’s going to happen, AS the plug goes into the wall??? Cartoon found online

The key to causing this total loss of the cost of operations of Taipower, is the government of Tsai’s rushing into doing awa3y with nuclear power completely.  The originally planned percentage of natural gas provision of fifty-percent by 2025, thirty-percent powered by coal, and the reusable energies only twenty-percent, due to the shift in goals of energy production policies, the check’s bounced last year ahead of its due date, and we can now only, use more fire power to increase the electricity power that we are in need of.  Especially, the proportions of natural gas powered is still increasing, this sort of a continual loss, is entire caused by the faulty energy policy of the government.

And the cost of power will only get higher and higher, and higher by the day for the futures, and, the reusable energies, will NEVER reach the rate of what’s promised to us by our, government, plus the party is now, pressed by the votes, and doesn’t DARE anger the people, the evaluation of the lowering of the costs of electricity became a rubber stamp, with, Taipower Company never breaking even.

To have a stable source of energy, the industries keep on calling out to the government, but the government still keep on giving the taxes that we pay to make up for the operational losses of Taipower, which is the same as wiping the ASS of its own, bad energy policies.

And, there you have it, the Tsai government SCREWED us over, by manipulating the people to vote NO to restart Nuclear Two, and we already all expected this to happen, and now, we’re, merely, sucking it up, and taking whatever the FUCK the government’s manipulated us into believe, and the people here, DESERVE to get, SCREWED over, because the population are too FUCKING (don’t pardon me!) retarded, to vote the way the DDP wanted them to.

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The Powers Come from the Truths, and the Government Actually Believes, that Lengthening the Service Terms Can Help the Country Defend Itself Against China?

How this DDP government, and the president, Tsai, JUSTIFIED the means of elongating the armed service terms, and, we (especially those in the younger generations!) aren’t, BUYING it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile back, the president started her speech, with the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, stated that the authoritarianism of China is, expanding, to justify the means of lengthening the armed service terms.  The fights between the two greats: the U.S. and China, it’d made Taiwan even more, reliant on or with the need of listening to the “advice” of the U.S.; the president doesn’t feel that the U.S. is pressuring Taiwan, instead, used how the Ukrainian government’s tightening up the guards to fight for their country’s territories, stated, “Taiwan is strong enough, this place will become the primary field of the world’s playing field ofe what freedom looks like, the country won’t turn into a warzone.”

The government used its, simplistic, and brash mottos, to turn the discussions of lengthening the service terms into a more advanced version of “defying China to protect Taiwan”, the lengthening of the service term, is only a means to an end, a façade, while it’d turned us, into an artillery for the U.S., in the fight between the U.S. and China, and Taiwan now has, nowhere to go, with the leader of this country, unwilling, to discuss the possibilities of, peace, to avoid war at all costs.

As the policies of defense manipulated patriotism, and not rationally considered what’s practical, and the voluntary armed service terms are the mainstream, not resolving the problems at hand, placing the voluntary servicepersons onto that frontline, and it’d shown, how the party in power didn’t give up on the “defying China”  hand that’s not won it its local elections, and, this sort of an imbalance of military power, and the government’s claims being impractical, how can we the people not be disappointed in the government, and feel cheated?

Being ready for war, it’s the basis of keeping the country safe from invasions, but, can war be, avoided, it relies entirely on the diplomatic means of our, government.  Should the president, and the party in power, NOT explain the difficulties, the hardships of communicating with China to the people, or do they want us to, just, following their leadership, blindly?  I hope, that next year, the government, and the people will both have the courage, to know, that “knowledge IS power, and the TRUTH of what’s happened right now, being, the most important we need to take a note of”.

And so, this is how the DDP still, hypnotizes we the people, that we will have aid, which is entirely bullshit, as the U.S. only wanted to turn this country into a weapon storage unit, and what do you think will happen, if war does, break out?  The U.S. won’t be sending any extra military personnel to help us out, we’d be, on our own, and then, this island will be taken over by Communist China, with Tsai and the DDP, the first in line, to get, EXECUTED, and what then, huh???

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What Had Tsai Left, for the, DDP?

A legacy of S-H-I-T, is what this, “empress dowager” left, for the DDP!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before the nine-in-one elections, Tsai kept reiterating, “Supporting Tsai, vote for the DDP”, which showed, how much she’d cared about her becoming, “crippled”.  And yet, the results of the nine-in-one showed the truth: how hard it is, to dodge, the, reality!

Tsai had led the DDP, for the very first time, to control all the cities and counties of this country from before, and, bounced right back, after her party lost in 2018, received a historically high vote and won her presidency.  She’d completely controlled the resources in society, and her authoritarianism is way worse than her predecessors Ma from the K.M.T., Chen, from the DDP, and also, beating out, Lee as well.  Those who’d died already who were once members of the DDP, I’m sure, they’re now, turning over in their, graves if they can see what she’d done.

and this would be, EXACTLY what the DDP left behind: a TRAIL of SHIT!!! Photo from online

From a rich family, used to speaking in Chinese, not Taiwanese, the version of Tsai being, lowkey, with the grassroot foundations, leading the chauvinistic DDP, it’s, not matched up at all.  But she’d, taken advantage of the times, and manipulated the ancestries to causing the ambiguous beliefs of the people in the country, and switched her claims, as she’d become, the dictator of this country, won the favorites of the undecided, voters.  The older generations of “Taiwanese Independence” called her “Fake Taiwanese independence”, but if the DDP followed the roads of these older generations of the DDP, they may not have gotten their party members in control of any local, let alone, the national, government.

But the DDP is, slowly losing its, energies in the past.  From before, it’d ranted loudly, nobody is in control of anything internally, the insides of the party are fighting all the time, and yet, these factions can always stand together as a stronger whole against the outside.  And now, it’d gained totalitarian control of the local government offices, and yet, it’d, marched down the same path of the KMT from before, toward authoritarianism, the justice, the examination departments, all became, the party’s, tools.

Tsai had surely, led the DDP to the top, but she’d also, caused the DDP to fall from, high up, to the deep, deep, valleys of low too! And so, you can see, how one person, singlehandedly, bring the political party to glory, and singlehandedly, also brought it down to hell, and it’s all, one woman’s doing here, and now, we the people are, finally, waking up, and we will not stand, being ruled by her, dictatorship, that’s why the heads of the local governments flipped over compared to the last time, and, hopefully, the KMT will take Tsai as a what-not-to-do example, to rule over the local governments that they’d won in!

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Taking it All Too, Slow, the Government Led by Tsai is Still Waiting for Our Upset to Finally Get to It

On that losing STREAK now, the DDP is, on the party that DERAILED from the wills of we the people, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The losses of the nine-in-one elections, the pains aren’t even over yet and the DDP is still, evaluating, what went, wrong, then came for it, another loss of the election of the mayor of Chiayi too, and, the head of state, Su kept on, ranting incessantly, and still stalled the flights to and from China, the FDA still, trying to, weasel their ways from the labeling of the exports of items from here to China, the district attorney’s offices are, going all out, going after Kao, with the government of Tsai, keep on, doing things that upset the people that are, unjust.  For the elections in Chiayi, Huang used the 63.6-percent votes, defeated Lee’s 34.8-percent, which clearly stated that we the people, no longer followed the leaderships of the DDP now.

From any angle, however, there’s no hurry nor worries over the DDP’s loss of the local district elections.  In calling out to the party members to “stay together”, the various sects o the DDP maintained their silence, for now, seemingly waiting for Lai to become the chairperson of the party, then, the whole party will have the victories of the 2024 elections in the pockets.  As for what responsibilities should Tsai shoulder, does the cabinet led by Su need to be, switched out, dose the government need to adjust the direction it’s heading, is the party switching out the incompetent members of the higher up offices, none of these, are in the DDP’s, considerations.  Yes, the DDP can still, take its, sweet time, using the word of Chen on the imports of groupers being banned to export to China: we are waiting for the public to get angrier.

until we became, an angry MOB like this, the DDP is not going to look AT itself and examine its own, bad behaviors, until we overthrow the DDP, it won’t know what it’d done wrong! Photo from online

but we the people are just, way too, civilize to rise up or to, RIOT!!!

The DDP had been in power for a whole of six and a half years now, the party’s used to getting its ways with the policies, it may not even recall, what the “upsets of the people” is.  Especially for the president, Tsai, for two whole years, she’d, stayed, out of the spotlight, not hosted any press conferences, or got interviewed by the press, she’s now, only used to public speaking to a small group of press, or posting on FB, not facing up to the questioning or the inquiries of the party, or outside her own political party, and, I’m afraid, that the words, “People’s Opinions” have slowly, gotten, erased from, her, mind.  Based off of the Taiwanese People’s Opinions Foundation’s latest polls, the rate of support of DDP went from 41.2-percent from three months ago to now, 3.5-percent, and, it’d, intersected with the support for the KMT.  Can these changes, at least, WAKE Tsai up about the people’s opinions of her, as well as her, party too?

Take Chiayi for example, the 2020 elections, Tsai won an all-time-high votes of all of DDP’s history.  At this time, the mayoral elections, Lee only won 32,790 votes, not even a-third of the votes that Tsai had won.  And the DDP doesn’t wonder: where did the missing votes of more than 66,000 go in just a little over two years?  Like Chen, and Lin, the assistant secretary to the presidential office, Lee was also, a favorite of Tsai’s, and, had, just like all others, stepped over other people, to get higher up.  But this time, the Central Election Commission’s delaying voting for Chiayi, in the end, the executive offices, the higher up of the party are, already having their own troubles, and couldn’t help him campaign, and in exchange, the city got an all-time low voting rates, and the DDP’s losing the race.

The DDP took power, and made many calculations for their own benefits, and it’d upset the voters ever the more.  And yet, the evaluation committee led by Cheng that was supposed to evaluate what the party did to cause it to lose big, still can’t hit the bull’s eyes to this very day.  Some blamed it on the elongating of the service terms, causing the younger generations to not vote for the party, some believed, that the stance of the party on the relations with China needs to change, some blamed it on the fake news cognitive warfare; blaming everything, but nobody DARED state the obvious, “it’s because the DDP strayed from the public’s expectations, and the values of democracy”.  Losing to this bad, the party doesn’t even make a peep on the evaluations of what’d happened to it, how will it introspect?  How will it know what it needs to improve on?

What’s worse is not just playing dumb in the post-elections evaluations, but how the members of the party was paid off, and the going after of the members who’d not won.  Before Lai was the chairperson of the party yet, his subordinate, Yu who was fired from his post from his affairs, got put up for the post of the C.E.O. of “Taiwan Information Security Agency”.  And, the younger brother of the legislator, Chiu who was sentenced for the smuggling of the cigarettes in the China-Airlines case, got a promotion that was recently announced by China-Air.  While Kao, the candidate for Hsinchu, who was debated on the fees she’d paid her assistant, had been gone after hard by the district attorney’s office.

Ironic as it is, had the DDP not claimed its grander ideals, it’s double-standards currently, won’t have that adverse an effect to the people; had Tsai not issued so many declaration, using her writing style, her means of ruling this country wouldn’t be interpreted by we the people as cruel.  That big ship is turning slowly now, the DDP is evaluating what went wrong, even, slower, as the upsets of the people get loud enough, then you shall, finally, feel, our, wraths!

And so, this is what this, party-by-the-people is in essence, it’d, SCREWED us over from the days of shortages of vaccines, then, from using the citizens in this country as guinea pigs for the vaccine tests, for importing in the vaccines in late, for banning the imports of BioNTech vaccines late, because the agent is from China, and count up how many are already DEAD, and still dying, contracting the virus here in this country, not to mention, the favoring those immoral losers in the party, and trying to go after those who don’t follow their leads, and it still doesn’t have enough abilities to introspect, and, for certain the DDP is on its way, to losing the major presidential election coming up in 2024 for sure!

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If the DDP Does Not Undergo the Reforms, It Shall Suffer its Next Major Loss, Soon Enough

How do you, WAKE an already, too, CORRUPT to the core political party up???  You don’t, ‘cuz, they’ll, NEVER, L-E-A-R-N to do right, by we the people!  This is still, notes that fell on, DEAF EARS here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chiayi mayoral candidate that the DDP put up, Lee, suffered a great loss at the re-election yesterday, this was, one more loss of the DDP, since the nine-in-one elections from last month.  The president, Tsai got off of the position of the chairperson of the party, but, there’s, almost, NO voices of evaluation within the party itself, and the officials didn’t take the time, to set up a brand new team again, and, to this very day, it’s still, the exact same individuals that presented themselves in front of our, eyes and it’d made we the people say “NO” again, to the DDP.

After the losses of the nine-in-one elections, the DDP became like a high pressure cooker from within the party, although a ton are dissatisfied with the tactics, the policies of the elections of the central government, but, not very many spoken out loud.  And yet, there’s, this, interesting change of late, other than the councilpersons, the legislators, demanding that the head of State, Su step down, there are more and more who are of the party, dissatisfied with the lack of actions from the DDP.

The evaluation committee of how the DDP lost big, was led by the head recruit, the mayor of Taoyuan, Cheng, but, after multiple meetings, the evaluation committees can’t reach a satisfied solution, of what went wrong, the legislator, Liu also stated, that the evaluation committee didn’t evaluate a thing.  While, in the press reports by the DDP central, the reason why the DDP lost, based off of the evaluation committee’s disclosures, is that the results of the elections had, shifted, too far from the polls, other than how the younger generations didn’t want to go fight on the frontlines of war, they’d even, blamed it on, TikTok too, for brainwashing the younger generations to not go to the polls, so funny!

The DDP made history this time, of the loss of the city government offices in thirty six years since the party began, but, nobody dared shoulder the responsibilities for this, they can’t even, stare the reason why they’d lost big in the eyes, the evaluation committees, didn’t evaluate a thing, and they’d still, boasted on the records of “glory” since the party started, ruling over the country, it’s just that those in office, didn’t, reinforce what they’d done that was, for the people’s, benefits.  Back in 2014, 2016, and 2020, the DDP won the elections based off of the reinforcements they had online, and now, as they’d suffered these losses, they’d, blamed it on the new-age media, proving, that “it’s just, not my fault!”

The reason why the DDP lost is quite apparent, and, the current evaluations the DDP is conducting is merely, self-deception.  And, toward the lack of response for the evaluation committee, the party members are, getting upset, primarily, they’re, all worried, that other than the election of the president in 2024, the people might also, SHOW the DDP what we’re, made up of in the elections of the legislators too.

After the losses of November 26th, yesterday, the DDP mayoral candidate of Chiayi, suffered, another, loss, a lot of the members of the party are now, worried over, that the makeup elections of Taipei, will also, go, bust as well, meaning, that before the new chairperson gets into office, the DDP is to face a series of a total three, losses.

And yet, we the people, are now, without the time, nor the patience, to wait for the DDP to get itself back on track, if the party can’t introspect, keep derailing from the people’s beliefs of what’s good for us, then, the next loss shall, come, soon, enough.

And so, this, is how a once all high-up-and-mighty party, got, pulled off of the shrines, and, with the fading of that needed spotlight, nobody cares what that last guy’s name was, do we?  Of course not!  As, in this last election, we’d SHOWED the DDP, WHAT we the people are made up of: we will NOT take their abuse, we will REFUSE to get ruled by their, authoritarianism, totalitarian leadership methods, and if the party doesn’t reform itself (which it probably won’t, because it doesn’t have a clue!), then, the next loss, like the writer stated, shall come, too soon, like that, fast ball that the batter is, ill-prepared for!

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