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Why Does it Matter, Who I, Love???

Unfortunately, we, do NOT have the right to decide, WHO it is that we want to, be in love with, despite how “openminded” this world is, becoming here…

Why does it matter, WHO I, love???  I mean, I can love someone, who’s the same sex as I am, I know I’m, entitled, to fall in love, just like, that “next guy or gal”.

Why does it matter, who I, love???  And, when is it, anybody’s business WHO I am in love with, huh?  Who I am with (I’m still “with STUPID” here!!!), is nobody’s business, but, my.

photo from online

Why does it matter, who I, love???  Because the world assigned us, into its own, expected gender specifications, and yeah, so what IF, there are, now the laws that passed to allow for people of the same sex to be married, that still doesn’t mean, that this group of us, who are, different compared to the rest of the “general publics” (and, how’s that defined???).

Why does it matter, who I, love?  I can be a man, in love with man and woman, I can be, a man, in love with another man, or a woman, in love, with, another woman, or, someone who just loves, NO humans, and the pets, if I so choose!

So, whoever the @#$% (maxed out!) I choose to love, is, entirely UP to ME to, decide, the law has NO say in it, the family does NOT have a say in it, the society, the outside world (outside of my own, physical presence) has NO say in it, and that, is, that!

And no, still NOT an, “advocate” of LGBT rights here.  But right to live our own lives, HOW we choose….

Just so we’re, clear, I LOVE, four-legged, wagging tail, wet noses, the ones I can train to respond to my commends of SIT, STAY, good boy, now, fetch “mommy” her pink bunny slippers sort of a “gal” here.

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With U.S. as the “Puppeteer”, the Talk of Peace Between China & Taiwan Became an Impossibility

Taiwan is still, the, BIGGEST L-O-S-E-R, if war between us and China is imminent, and yet, the DDP and Tsai still believe the lies of U.S., grabbing onto whatever STRAWS they think that will save this country from Communist Chinese takeover!  As war becomes, almost, unavoidable here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The tactic thinktank rehearsed the outcomes of war between Taiwan and China, and the end result was, Taiwan destroyed, the American armed services won, but barely, the armed forces of China, nearly completely DESTROYED.  This is very awakening, if the armed forces are sent under the willingness of the U.S., working with Taiwan under certain circumstances, this is actually, U.S.’s cognitive warfare toward Taiwan, hoping that we purchase MORE weapons from them, to FIGHT Communist China, to help the U.S., diminish the Chinese powers that are, rising up slowly.

Wanting to use Taiwan as a dummy, the setting of war is in China, believing, that they’d, set the perfect trap for China to be dumb enough to take the bait, to destroy the USELESS country of Taiwan, and in the end, China will carry the historical bad reputations, turning the 23 million of people in Taiwan into, adversaries for life with the Chinese, never reaching that peace.

what Taiwan gets turned, into: D-U-M-M-I-ES!!! Photo from online

It’s not that Communist China won’t attack Taiwan, but it’d already, drawn the lines, and the boundaries of “Taiwanese Independence and Foreign Countries’ Taking Over” simply won’t get, breached.  Looking at how the Tsai government danced along with the U.S. tunes, losing the means of communication that we have with China, the liberation armed forces circled around Taiwan in the drills, shooting the missiles over our aerial zones, shutting us up in fear.  The actions of the People’s Liberation Army is borderline toward that breakdown point, clearly, China is, upset over the behaviors of Taiwan and U.S. too; these new interaction style is becoming the norm, and, it’s hard to guarantee, that there won’t be, any, “accidents”.

Where’s the limits to the Taiwanese political considerations of the armed forces?  The dignity of the country had been bullied by the dictatorship, we’d, taken the Americans for their words in arming up, buying the super expensive war machineries that the U.S. is throwing away as garbage, and, fighting this war that wasn’t even from the very start, we can’t, complain about any of it.  Forcing ourselves to arm up, to bury down the mines, setting up the armory storage for the ammunition we are in need of, lengthening the service terms, putting the younger generations in the warzones, onto the, battlefields, we’d become, subjugates to another country, just, following orders.

Enticing Taiwan to fight China, it’d become, a world trend, like, how we must go to war, to show how strong, how tough we, are?  You think that by setting up the weapon storage bases in Taiwan, will stop China from advancing?  Especially, the thinktank also, suggested giving Taiwan the missiles that can destroy Shanghai too, this is making the people in China HATE Taiwan even more, and why does the government of Tsai not make a sound, and still, she and the DDP called out to “maintain that peaceful term with China”?

If Taiwan goes to war with China, it’ll be the people in Taiwan who ends up DEAD, the brash lies of the authorities told, a million times over, still won’t be, true.

And yet, the government of Tsai still, insisted on making US, into U.S.’s BITCH, and she still failed to take the precedence of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts from before, and, if this country goes to war with China, we will be completely, WIPED out, but hey, who CARES, I mean, the U.S. already “shipped” all the workers of TMSC overseas to give them U.S. citizenship or PR, and this island became, TRASH to the U.S., it already got the technologies from us, along with those workers who don’t mind working their quadruple OTs to the U.S., they got nothing to lose, while Taiwan is, risking EVERYTHING in defying China here, and the @#$%ING DDP government still can’t see that!  How BLIND can you be???

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The BIGGEST Loser of All the Tactical Rehearsals, Taiwan Always Ends as the BIGGEST, LOSER

Who is, the BIGGEST, loser???  WE A-R-E!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Rather than “Dancing to the Songs” Played by the U.S., We Should Work Hard to Avoid the Conflicts of War with China

In recent years, there were many predictions made of the war that’s possible between Taiwan and China, and the expert scholars had done their mock war trials, I believe, that no matter the outcomes of the tactical trials, Taiwan will always end up being, the BIGGEST, LOSER!

The latest results of the CSIS form D.C., the final outcomes of the war, U.S. lost two war aircrafts, dozens of battleships, with a predicted casualty of 3,200; Japan loses more than a hundred fighter planes, twenty-six battleships; and, Taiwan would sustain the expected losses of 3,500 servicepersons, with all of our naval forces, completely, destroyed; with China predicted to lose about 10,000 people, 155 fighter airplanes, and, hundreds of, battleships.

The key of these army tactic models is in the process, but the results of this particular one is quite far from the realities, and here’s why:

First, if war happens between Taiwan and China, at the start, the Chinese armed forces may block all American and Japanese forces out of the first chain of islands geographically, and even , the second chain of islands geographically, cutting off any possible American and Japanese interventions.

this is what we’re, looking at right now, with our enemies, at the, very T-O-P, and U.S. only comes in third in population, and, imagine how much more weapons, battleships, etc., etc., etc. China has, compared to Taiwan (and we’re not even on this list!) “graph” found online

Secondly, Beijing viewed Taiwan as the beneficial core, for China, even IF war becomes, imminent, the People’s Liberation Army will be all hands on deck, at all costs, not giving Taiwan or any other countries from outside ANY time to breathe during the attacks.

Third, the estimated loss of Taiwanese armed forces only included the navy warships and some of the military servicepersons, this was not exact with the computer based predictions that Taiwan is doing right now.  Whether it be the first day of war, or the entire war of Taiwan versus China, we are estimated to lose more than 100,000s of armed forces, and our naval, air force powers would be, completely, destroyed.

Fourth, based off of the tactic rehearsals, although the American armed services is bound to prevent the Liberation Armies from taking over Taiwan, but it would, sustain, too much losses too; the experts who know the internal workings of U.S. government should understand, that the American government and the D.o.D. card about the cost of war too much, whether it be the total number of American armed services lost on the battlefields, or the destructions of the equipment, for U.S., if entering into war damages its own benefits, then, it wouldn’t send the soldiers to help out, this is precisely why, there’s NO U.S. armed forces sent to the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts.

Fifth, from the precedence of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, Russia is a major nuclear weapon country, so is U.S., and the two would NEVER go head to head.  By the same, China is a major nuclear weapon armed country, as the war between Taiwan and China happens, the U.S. and China also wouldn’t want to, butt heads; reason being, for the U.S., it’s too risky, to start up a nuclear war, giving the round-and-about supports would benefit the U.S. best, and currently, the U.S. government is still leaning towards using the risk-management model to deal with the issues between U.S. and China, not willing to directly get into war with China.

Collusion, avoiding war, and preparation for war, these are the priorities of Taiwan that the country needed to set up right, the diplomatic reasons should be considered more thoroughly, and we should NOT dance to the tunes of the U.S., instead we should, try and patch things up with China, to reduce the chances of, the first shots being, fired off, that should, be the pressing matter the government has, on its, hands. And so, no matter how they (the tactics in Taiwan and in U.S.) worked out the scenarios, this island still end up getting sacrificed like that PAWN in the chess game, and that’s what we’d been, from the very start of this whole SHIT, and the government led by the DDP still refuse to see the FACTS, even though the TACTIC rehearsals of war run by the U.S., and other countries, showed that there’s NO chance for this god DAMN country to WIN, if the DDP government continues to BUTT-HEADS with China, and that, is what we get for electing that DICTATOR to the “throne” here, and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the Ukrainian-Russo Conflicts, yeah, there are also Russian soldiers who died, but heck, it’s still, Ukraine that’s, lost, the most, and we are, Ukraine of the East here, and, people in this government, in this country still hadn’t, waken up yet!


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To NEVER question the authorities of an adult

To NEVER doubt that they have the best interests of our wellbeing in their minds

To NEVER disobey them

To NOT listen to the HURT in our bodies, WHAT our bodies tells us

To NEVER be allowed to feel anything

To OBEY and HONOR the man we are, serving

That, was how they’d all, groomed us, CUTTING off our rights

And we were all made, slaves

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Rohingya refugees bet lives on boat crossings despite rising death toll — Stigmatis

Woman recounts suffering on perilous journeys taken to escape oppression in Myanmar and squalid Bangladesh camps Rohingya refugees rest following their arrival by boat on Lamnga beach in Indonesia’s Aceh province on 8 January. Photograph: Chaideer Mahyuddin/AFP/Getty Images Shaikh Azizur Rahman and Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok | Jan. 8 2023 Hatemon Nesa recalled hugging her young daughter tightly as […]

Rohingya refugees bet lives on boat crossings despite rising death toll — Stigmatis

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The Japanese Government Can’t Intervene as Religion is Used to Abuse Children & Adolescents

How Japan now, came up with a way, to protect the children’s own right to their own religion, different from their parents’, meaning, that the parents have NO right to FORCE their own young, to practice the SAME religions as they believe in!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“No birthdays, no national anthems, no school fight songs.  From when I first known, I was pulled into the church group.” The man, with the false identity of Dan-Saku, at the age of eighteen, cut off contact with his own mother, who belonged to the Japanese worship group, “Jehovah’s Witness”.  He and other children who have religious fanatics as parents are pushing for the laws of “banning the abuse from religious groups” into the Japanese constitution, but the Japanese government in December, only passed the help acts to assist the victims who are scammed by the improper donations of religious groups.

The government’s welfare department will issue the formal edicts to the local governments, that if the parents use fears to brainwash the children into getting involved with the religious activities, to keep their young from obtaining a higher level of education, to find the work they wished to find, all qualifies as emotional abuse under child abuse, and the government is going to initiate the response to protect these children immediately.

But, there’s, the gray area of if the parents keep on using the religious teachings to educate their own young, pressuring them to join the religious groups, does this, constitute as, child abuse, an area, that the government, does NOT, dare to, touch.

The professor of the constitution, Minaminomori believe, that the second generation of the believers are stripped of their freedom of religion, but without the general signs of child abuse, it is difficult for public agencies to, intervene into the matter.

Practically, the children who’d been abused by religion emotionally, seeking help from the government agencies, and there’s no help given to them, because the government uses the “Freedom of Religion” clause.  The province, due to the lack of protection of the rights of children, used the more civil definitions of the forcing of the family’s religious beliefs onto the children for the family as, child abuse.

And so this, would be, an advanced law, because, we normally become whatever religions our parents would, follow, that’s, just how it is, but, due to how religions are becoming, excuses to force the children to comply to the ways of the church, the Japanese government now set this, law to protect the right of children, against their parents’, forcing them, to follow the same religion that their parents have.

This is a quite advanced law for children’s right to choose a different religion from their parents.

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Banning TikTok, Building a Great Wall of DDP?

The DDP’s, infringing our rights to use TikTok, and using that valid excuse of how it would be, addictive for younger generations of children, and that it would cause our personal information to get, stolen by the hackers, and the DDPs reason for banning it would be???  It was developed by, C-H-I-N-A, simple as that.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

TikTok had been the focus these days, from the addictions to the platform of younger generations of students or from the considerations of personal data safety, this may be, debatable, but, the head of Digital Developments, Tang said, the Executive Department is going to discuss this matter on the means of national security, with other departments of the government too, getting all of the offices of the departments of the government involved, is this, for the sake, of setting up the great wall of the, DDP here?

Tang stated, that the government already placed the restrictions of the public offices from downloading and using software such as TikTok, that if the government agencies wanted to become closed in in banning certain websites on the internet, the people can’t have any say in it; but she said “the authorities believed, that TikTok presents danger to national security”, and it’d made us all worried, that the excuses of “national security” will soon become “uncontrolled”, and the government now dips its filthy hands into the people’s uses of their cell phones and computers and laptops too.

like, this! Photo from online

The reason for banning TikTok, there’s the saying of, “as TikTok sounded off, the parents are, at wits’ ends”, meaning, that TikTok is addictive to the adolescents; but, banning TikTok, the younger generations are going to find alternatives, the online games, the friendship platforms, wouldn’t they get addicted to those too?  Not using the means of education as prevention means, to tackle the matter of internet addictions, just wanted to kill off a platform, it’s worse than sawing off the arrows from the arrows being shot out of bows.

There’s also the “cultural invasions” that are being considered here too, then, would not the Japanese, the Korean influences in the media be the exact same too?  And, hadn’t the president, Tsai also been following the soaps on the fights of the inside of the emperors’ palaces too?  Even the legislator, Lin who spoke against TikTok also, has a TikTok account too!  Another case of, “the DDP can, but we the people, can’t!”.  To the claims that using TikTok constitutes as “spreading the false news, and using cognitive manipulation warfare”, doesn’t Facebook, LINE pose the same risks as well?

There are the multitudes of various perspectives from various social media, platform, posted from the various sides, that is the collective of the digitized visual industries, it’s not surprising, that there would be, the false news mixed in them, but, there are, the creative agencies, the business opportunities in these too, Tang can not bring down the name of “digital development department” by banning TikTok.  With the huge cannon of “national security”, does the DDP want to, turn Taiwan into, North Korea?

Because TikTok is developed by China (“our ENEMY!!!”), that’s why this god damn dictatorship of the DDP is, trying to ban the downloading, the usage of it here, and that’s just shit, how far can these authoritarians go, in controlling, we the people’s, lives, and how far can the people allow, those mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) authoritarian, dictators, to rule over our lives here?  Well, apparently, we the people, still ain’t had enough of the TOUGH hands of the DDP Y-E-T!

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The Hikes in Living Needs Got to an All-Time-High, We the People Can Only Keep Buckling Down, with Those in Power Caring Only about the Elections

What WE the people CARE the most about, what the party in power didn’t pay enough attention to, which showed, in this, last local government elections, and the DDP continued to be, clueless here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The word of the year vote had been tallied, and the word the people selected is “hikes”, this showed the effects of inflation in recent years, how the negative effects from inflation had caused the people to have the unforgettable painful experiences of trying to make our ends, meet.

The media reported, that the U.S. and Europe may be stuck in the inflated state, the governments already, forecasted the failing to live up to expectation economy turn out, and, this certainly affects Taiwan, in that our economics won’t rise up as we wanted it to as well.  I’d felt numb as I’d read this news, although the pandemic is, seemingly slowed down, but the economics is now, declining, and surely, we the people, will have it even harder next year, but we can’t, cry about it, the only thing the people here in Taiwan can do, is to, tighten up our belts, and, try our best, to save on the daily living expenses.

During the nine-in-one elections, we the people are already, broiling like the frogs in warm water, despite how the costs of living is continually rising up, there’s nothing we can do.  Nearby to my home, there were the signs of increases in costs of things, the breakfast shops, the cafeterias; even the originally long-lined ramen shop from Japan, announced that it was going to, rise up the cost of per bowl too.  Those who are in power, only cared about the elections at hand, they have, NO mind to pay to the effects of hikes in living costs to we the people.

how the same amount of money from before, buys us, a whole lot, less, but the government doesn’t see that, at A-L-L! Illustration from online

As I’d bumped into the ladies, and started chatting, we’d shared how the costs of electricity in the summers went up, how we’re, having it hard, making our ends meet, or that we’d not dined in a restaurant for too long, gone to see the movies, out to, travel too, the leisure activities from before the pandemic, now became, luxuries of life we can’t, have, to make sure we have enough money for the three meals a day, we can only, buckle down, and, as we’d discussed how the government claimed, “the economics of Taiwan is at its best in twenty years”, it seemed, that the government officials are living on a parallel plane to us all, they’d NOT know how hard we’re having it, and the angers are written, all over, the housewives’, faces here.

Since the DDP took power, all they cared about is the elections, and certainly, their cares for nothing else had, impacted the operations of the country’s economic welfare, those on the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses, the retired are impacted by collateral damage, and it’d damaged our faith of the government’s ability to rule the country.

Those who are in power should know, that the economics is what we the people cared about the most, only through “stabilizing the economy”, keeping the cost of our daily living needs controlled, improving the relations with China, pushing forth the innovations in technologies, to help the industries run better, to help we the people fare better in the economy, especially paying closer attention to those who are in the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses, this can’t wait.  Giving us a better life, that’s, the guarantee to win the next election, those who are still in power, need to, watch it.

And, that’s just, how the DDP, let everything else, slide, as they’d only zoomed in on the elections, because they only CARED about gaining that extra seat in the government offices, and this time, they’d, lost all of their seats in the local governments up north, while the southern parts, well, it’s still, asleep, not yet awake, and the people on this island, hopefully, will soon, wake UP, and vote these, god damn, politicians with their own party’s benefits before the people’s needs first, OUT completely.

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The Votes are the BEST Weapons Toward an Opaque Government

How WE the people, SHOWED the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, that we will, NO longer put up with their, abuse, by the votes…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s a very low turnout rate in the nine-in-one elections, reasons are because people took the votes as nothing we can use, to change things, after all, putting democracy into practice should be an everyday thing, not just at election time.

In recent decade, the world’s countries started unifying the standard operations of voting, the four core values included: transparency, participation, review of the government’s actions by we the people, in hope that we can, knock open the door of government, to allow the citizens to participate in setting up the laws, to enforce the practices of democracy in our, every day living.  This seemingly new political movement, is actually, related to our, daily living.

The issues considered by the people in this last election included the matter of purchasing of vaccines, the quality of construction of the Hsinchu Baseball Park, the cases of plagiarism of the researchers in the Agriculture Department, as well as the mayoral candidates, all of these are related to the transparencies of public information.

Starting with the matter of the baseball park in Hsinchu, a stadium that’s not been evaluated for the safety of use, can it start being used, this is directly related to the safety of those who use the stadium.  And, the results of rushing to allow for use, is the risk of the players life.  Like all the constructions that are in our ives, and, often, there’s, that steady stream of information, that didn’t update as the construction was being worked on, and sometimes, people have NO clue what’s being built behind the fences.

Then, there’s the purchasing of the vaccines, and it’s clearly, NOT as the party that was in power stated, “we’re ahead of the rest”, and what’s more questionable, was that the contracts of purchase submitted by the Department of Health & Welfare had been blacked out for most parts, and, there was the clause of the purchases staying under cover for as long as thirty years too, and the statistics evaluation department, demanded that the Department of Health & Social Welfares to be opened up about the purchases of the vaccines, without breaching the confidentiality clause.

As for NCC’s allowing Mirror Media to set up the station to air so quickly, it’s unclear if the higher up government offices had a hand in it or not, the current and past C.E.O. of the station have their separate claims; the Department of Agriculture found the ancient research documents, and started up the investigations of whether or not there’s the infringements of rights………, these cases, not only did NOT help with the people’s interpretations of the candidates in question, it’d put more doubts, and the party in power is the most responsible for this, reason being that the processes of handling the investigations aren’t, transparent enough.

Take for instance, the research hosted by Chang, the KMT candidate for the mayor of Taoyuan, it was the ONLY case of encroachment that the Department of Agriculture had looked into in its history!  How can we not think, that it was targeting the candidate from the KMT ticket?

As for the rights of the citizens, the government has the duties, to show the information that it’s discovered, to satisfy the people’s needs to know.  Demanding the government be open, to lift up all the covers, we would better avoid the cases of bribes, and it can be used as examples to follow in future elections too.  What those in power wanted to keep out of public awareness, there may be more that’s harmful to we the people, hidden in them, while, the best way to show the government that’s not transparent enough, IS, with our, votes!

And so, this was, exactly what WE the people had done, we’d, VOTED the DDPs out of the majority of the local government offices this time around, because of what happened with the DDP, how it’d, screwed us over, and, we are still, getting the party back, for ALL who’d died, due to the delayed purchases of the vaccines, of how the DDP is making us eat poison from other countries, making this country’s people into everybody’s BITCH, well, guess what, we the people will NO longer put up with the abuse by our government, that, was what this last local election showed.

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It’s the Sixth Year of Tsai’s, “Regime”, the Younger Generations Couldn’t be Farther Away from the Road Home to Cast Their, Ballots

W-H-O the people again???  See how FAR the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP can, go here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.o.D confirmed, that this election day, will not be like the past, with the employees given a day of absence free of consequences from work to vote.  This was one more stripping the people’s rights to vote away since the C.D.C.’s “Those confirmed of diagnoses aren’t allowed to go to the polls to vote!”, plus the act of those who can’t make it back here to Taiwan who became invalid temporarily, the Tsai government’s stripping the people of our rights had elevated to a, brand new, level.

There is an estimated 300,000 who couldn’t make it back in time who’d become, uncounted who are out of the country.  The command center of MERS-CoV estimated that there would be 50,000 to 70,000 who would be banned from voting due to quarantine or contractions, and the servicemen who won’t get to the polls on time due to the eliminating of their sick days is estimated at between 70,000 to 80,000.  And the total estimated number, conservatively, will exceed 400,000.
And this, is just how the DDP government, knowing that they’d, #$%@ED up this country, not wanting to lose big times, the undemocractic methods it implores, to strip even more rights away from we the people, and it’s still all, bullshit, and, unsound, the “excuses” they came up with, on how this is to prevent the small gatherings to stop the spread of MERS-CoV.

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