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The U.S. Supreme Court Found the Heartbeat Laws of Texas Constitutional

Whatever happened to our bodies, our, rights again?  Oh yeah, it must’ve, DIED, with those, IRON-JAWED Angels then, right???  This will mark for many landmark case to the FEDERAL supreme court of the U.S. that’s for sure!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

And the Decisions of the Federal Supreme Court Also Allowed the Abortion Clinics to Report to the Authorities, the Head Supreme Court Justice Warned, that if All the Other States Followed Texas’s Lead, the Legislation will Become a Laughing Stock

The effective “heartbeat laws” started back in September stated that other than emergency medical conditions, the prohibitions of fetuses over six weeks old will be prohibited, even in cases of rape, and incest too.  normally, the zygote started having a heartbeat at week six, and, the law banned the surgeons to manually abort as the heartbeats are detected for the pregnancies.

the protests, before the TX law had been signed into effect…photo from online

And the law also allows for ordinary citizens to blow the whistle on those who are involved in the abortions, including the medical surgeons, nurses, medical professional workers, the owners of the hospitals or clinics, even the cabdriver who gave the woman a lift to her abortion, and, the reward of $10,000U.S. is to be paid for by the defendants of the cases.

The Supreme Court of the U.S. also tossed back the justices department’s halting of the enforcing of the Heartbeat Law, the justice department claimed, that this law obstructs women’s rights to terminate their pregnancies constitutionally, that it was, unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court in 1973 in “Roe vs. Wade”, found that women’s rights to abort is protected by the U.S. Constitution, while legalized abortion all across the U.S.  The American president, Biden through his statement through the White House claimed, that he supported the decisions of Roe vs. Wade that’s been in existence for close to half a century, the women’s right to abort.

Since the Heartbeat Law started, there were already, dozens of cases, at this time, the Supreme Court’s decision that the abortion clinics is allowed to blow the whistles is only, partial victory, the allowing for the carrying through of the law, is still in conflict with the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade.

found online

The chief justice of the U.S. Federal Supreme Court, Roberts sent out a harsh warning to his fellow supreme court justices on the Heartbeat Law, that if by allowing every other state to follow the Texas state senate, bypassing the courts, to set up the unconstitutional laws, “the law itself, as well as the explanation thereof, by the Supreme Courts will all become, a total, laughingstock!”

It is, already, a @#$%ING (maxed out!) laughingstock already, or, hadn’t you noticed?  What the @#$%?  This is, totally, against human right, and we women, just as same as you, sons-of-bitches (not name-calling here!) on two legs, are humans too, and, Texas passing this law, is against women’s rights, and so, yeah, the U.S. went back, hundreds of years, in this law, to PREVENT we women, to have the RIGHTS, over our, bodies, and it IS our bodies that would be, carrying, all of your young, you do realize that, don’t you, losers, or, can you guys, “shapeshift” into, seahorse daddies, or those, leaf dragon daddies here, huh???

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The KMT Mocked that the Online Supporters of the DDP are “Adopting the Green Roaches”

An INFESTATION of the DDP cockroaches, and they’re, multiplying too, here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Su, the Head of State: Connecting to the Activities of the Net Armies is Defamation

The case of Lin abusing the DDP legislator, Kao caused the net armies to get caught red-handed.  The head of state, Su stated, “the government doesn’t have the extra money to pay for the work of the net armies, nor would the DDP need to pay for the work of the net armies.”, and claimed that the net armies, the inappropriate propagandas spreading right now, are the malicious attacks on the political party.  Toward the secretary of the DDP, Lin’s claims that “the DDP does NOT have the extra money to pay for the works of the net armies”, the head of committee for the KMT, Ling rebutted, “lying through their teeth!”

and no, still not talking about these, rare species of, green, roaches here…

photo from online

Toward the mayor of Taipei, Ke’s calling “one man a letter” to Su, to check the activities of the net army.  The spokesperson of the Executive Department, Lo spoke after the press conferences, that he’d already received the letter from Ke, that the government, in implementing the policies, will discuss the matter of enforcing the law with the people truthfully, “the government does NOT support the net armies, we will NOT tolerate the spreading of rumors by the net armies either!”

Lin claimed that the DDP didn’t have the extra money to support the works of the net armies, Ling criticized it as “a total joke!”, there are multiple victims of the DDP net army rumors, and they’d been caught for spreading the rumors online many times already, and the fact-check center found their statements as false, the online community believed that the DDP are growing the “green roaches”, and nobody is going to believe the lies that Lin is telling now.

And so this, is how bad this shit is getting, because the online net armies, are sponsored by the DDP, if they didn’t say so (making a formal statement), that still does NOT mean that they’re not, supporting these roaches, in their spreading the false truths online, and this is just one of many ways that the DDP is, shifting the wind toward their favors, not knowing, that their behaviors will eventually, turn their own supporters, against them, because they’d gone, overboard on everything.

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Saw from the Handicapped Individuals’ Perspectives, the Physically Handicapped Persons League Fought for Equal Rights

The man’s experienced the prejudices, the inconveniences firsthand, and he’s, pushing forth for changes, to make the lives of the handicapped individuals, easier here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The man, who’d been concerned of the benefits shown to handicapped persons for over a decade, Chang, found that the society isn’t friendly enough toward the group, at the end of October of last year, he’d set up the “”Taiwanese Right for Handicapped Person’s Welfare League”, to try and change the problems that the handicapped population may come face-to-face with in their day to day, and pushed forth the values of CRPD, the convention of the rights of persons with disabilities.

“The field of vision from a wheelchair, is completely different from the way the rest of the healthy people see the world!”, Chang who lives in Taipei had set up the association, being a long-time supporter of rights of handicapped persons, there are the members with the multiple disabilities, “The different characteristics of the physical handicaps all have the various sorts of problems, hardships in day-to-day living.”

Chang who is in a wheelchair had focused his attention on the matters of handicapped workers, and the matters of retirement of the handicapped persons. And, transportation and obstacles in getting around physically are also, issues of his primary concerns, like how there’s the height differences from sidewalk to sidewalk without the ramps, may turn into the “invisible killers” of those who needed to get around in a wheelchairs, and the sidewalks being occupied by scooters, forcing the handicapped individuals to walk on the roads, sharing the traffic with cars and scooters.

this is, what the immobilized are faced with, every time they go out…photo from online

Chang told, that setting up the foundation, it wasn’t only to help those who are handicapped, he also hoped that the central government can put an amendment in for the “Rights of the Handicapped Individuals in society” as well, most of the physically handicapped persons felt that they had been borderlined, seen as an odd species, that they are, looking for sympathy from the rest of the population, not only wouldn’t they be protected because of this belief, they’re also, discriminated again, he’d stated, that the handicapped persons don’t need sympathy, pity, what they need and deserved, is, equal rights with the rest of the population.

And so, this, is from the man who’s in a wheelchair, he felt the prejudices that others had treated him with, and experienced firsthand, how inconvenient it is, to become, more mobile, and how dangerous it was, to share the roads with cars and scooters, because there’s no ramp leading to the sidewalks, to get his wheelchair to go on the sidewalks, and he’s bringing that into public’s awareness, hoping, that something will be done about it.

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The Need to Prevent the Intimate Photos from Going Viral, We Needed an Amendment to Protect the Involved Set Up Speedily

On how to prevent yourselves, from getting, victimized after the two of you, break up, when those sexual photos had been, shot, during the time when you two are hitting it hot and, heavy!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao beaten by her boyfriend to injury, although the man is already in police custody, but, there’s a chance that the photos of intimacy of the two had gone, viral.  This showed, that the law is lacking, in protecting the rights of the abused, when the abuser holds the photos of intimacy of the victims, are the laws which are set up currently, enough, to protect the rights of the, victims?

Based off of Penal Cod 315, Section 1.2, those who illegally tapes, photographs, or using any other means to secretly film another in private activities, is punishable by a three-year sentence maximum.  And, this stated, that if the two are dating, then, it’s easily interpreted as that there’s the agreeing to getting secretly filmed, taped, and this is going to cause problems.  While, after the breakup, to prevent the images, the footages from leaking out, is there a right to ask the individual to delete all the records, this will become problematic as well.  To prevent the issues of invasions of privacy after the break up, the recordings without the other party’s concerns, are all included in the voyeur clause.

no way to prevent this! Photo from online

As based off of Penal Code 315-2, Section 3, those who spread the contents of the recordings, will be sentenced to no more than five years in prison, this isn’t lenient, and not considered as accusation cases, but, does it need to have the preset of being secretly filmed, if the victim didn’t press charges on being secretly filmed, the individual who’d streamed the footages online, will s/he be charged of this count, then, there would be, discrepancies.  Basing off of a stricter definition, it needed to have the fact that the individuals were, secretly filmed for the preset, otherwise, spreading the footages, will only be charged with Penal Code 235, spreading lewd photos.

Spreading of lewd photos is not a chargeable crime, but, the laws gave it two years and less jail term to the offenders, which is considered a slap on the wrists.  And, on the matter of spreading out the photos of intimacy on the counts, and, the sexual intercourse between the man and woman, would constitute as molestations, and wouldn’t that be, damaging the victims repeatedly.

To resolve the matter, there’s need to define the spread of lewd photos into act, at least, raise up the sentence terms to five years and less, and the charges of spreading the sexually-illicit photos, and all of these needed to get adjusted in wordings of the law, to prevent the victims from getting offended repeatedly again.

And, there’s, the matter of statutory period too, how to prevent these photos of sexual intimacies from leaking out is worth considering.  Especially with the current domestic violence prevention, only limited to the physicality of the abused, and the individuals’ personal freedoms, toward the behaviors of spreading the photos, the law only sets a restraining order against such acts, but, the victims may not know the identity of the individuals spreading the photos, let alone, asking the courts for that needed restraining order and in the end, the victims can only rely on the criminal charges to prevent the spread of such photos.

On the matter of handling the matter as criminal offense, confiscating, although this included all the hard drives, but, does it also, include the platforms of which the photos were, uploaded to, or the social media too, there’s, the definition of such needed, in legal terms, to the point of if it’d, obstructed the freedom of speech too.  Even if the confiscations of such materials had been conducted by force, in the internet eras, how to prevent the setting up of an alternative account to spread the is an even harder to tackle problem, and this will be, a hot potato that the legislators need to, look into more.

And so, there are, still, a lot of shortcomings to this, anti-stalking law, to prevent the violence of intimate partners, and, there’s the matter of the sexually illicit photos you took of each other, because you want to share that part of your selves, with the other person, because the two of you are, in love, not realizing, that HEY, if and when we break up, those materials can be used, against me, but hey, you don’t realize that, not when you’re, hot and heavy with each other, in L-O-V-E, which made you easy targets.

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The New Law that’s Being Drafted States that if a Married Woman Wants an Abortion, She No Longer Needed that Consent from Her Husband

This is, brand new, so totally different, from the TEXAS heartbeat laws, a step forward for women’s rights here, I’ll say!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Focusing on Gender Equality, Getting Rid of the Discriminations, the Eugenics Health Laws Amending the Names, the Abortions of Teenage Girls, NO Longer on the Parents’ Saying So

The eugenics health law is about to have a big change, the Department of Health & Sanitations last week asked along the experts from the various realms to discuss an amendment, other than changing the names of “Eugenic Healthcare Laws” to “Birthing Law Protection Act”, and for the sake of protecting the rights of married woman to have births, they’d canceled the rules of how married woman, in getting an abortion, needed the consents of their, husbands, meaning, that if the wife wants an abortion, she didn’t need her husband to sign off on it, and this may be a huge impact to the beliefs of traditional marriages.

The drafts of this new amendment will be set into motion earliest at the start of January, the Gynecology Medical Society Chairman, Huang stated, that it would cause great debate for married women to not get consent of their husbands on their abortions, that after the drafts of the amendment come into place, there’s a need for the society’s agreeing on this view.

what this signs said!

photo from online

Another key point of this amendment focuses on the abortions of unwed teenage girls, if there were the disagreements on the matter with the legal guardians, it’s no longer the parents’ decisions solely.  The head of National Health Department, Wu pointed out, whether or not the minors wanted to have an abortion, will be up to them to decide, the parents (legal guardians) should not go against the persons’ wishes.

As for the abortions of the married women, no longer needed consents from their husbands, and this amendment caused great debates, there’s no consensus agreed on the matters.  Toward this, Wu told, that gender equality, equal rights for women, is now, a global, trend, and the country’s already passed the “patients’ right to choose”, any medical procedures, will respect the individuals’ wishes.

Wu told, that this amendment is major, and, the name had changed, because the former name, “Eugenics” is discriminatory, and it’d not fitted to the rights of the handicapped individuals anymore; and, in the discussions of this amendment, they will come together with the experts, to amend the laws on a more open, more progressive means, and, the formal posting of the law will be announced to the public at the earliest in January of next year, and, the department is currently collecting the advices from all around, to use the data as the basis of the amendments of the laws.

Huang told, that from a medical standpoint, the medical foundations are standing on the basis of respect for women, getting rid of gender inequality, and supportive of married women’s needing consents from their husbands in abortions, based off of the statistics of insurance, it showed, that there are, more than twenty women per year who’d died due to childbirth, or complications from childbirth, if the pregnant woman can’t choose whether or not to have an abortion based off of her physical conditions, it may not good for the mother, or the pregnancy.

And, unlike the heartbeat law in TX, this is, a step forward in women’s rights, because we now are the ones, deciding whether or NOT we want an abortion, without your consents, and just because you fucking (so???) sons-of-bitches (not namecalling here, not the literal either!) are married to us, that still does NOT mean that you have the rights to decide, WHAT we do with OUR bodies, because, it’s our rights to our own bodies, and if you want to, why don’t YOU FUCKERS (and???) try and carry YOUR children full-term instead???  Oh wait, none of you are seahorse daddies or leaf dragons, nor do you have “pouches” like those, marsupials, do you?  Nope! So, it’s OUR bodies, OUR, choice here, and you don’t got NO (oopsy, mark down another “double negative” here, why don’t ya!!!) say in this!

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The Husband Disallowed the Wife to Have a Religious Belief, the Marriage of Twenty-Seven Years, Put to an End by the Courts

And, this woman, actually, put up with this LOSER for, TWENTY-SEVEN whole years too!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, May (a false name), filed for divorce with the courts, on the means that her husband, Yong (a false name) is way too macho, and emotional abuse on her, restricting her religious beliefs, and such to file for divorce, as the family court held its trial, the husband denied the accusations, but the daughter testified, that her father had, rejected her mother for having a religious belief, the judge considered, that the two couldn’t make up anymore, and allowed for the divorce.

May stat4ed, that she and her husband Yong had been married twenty-seven years, has two adult children together, that after they were wed, Yong behaved like a macho man, not only did he get loud with her often, and, he’d, smacked the tables whenever things displeased him, and, sometimes, ignored her existence altogether, he’d even, shut down her FB, as well as LINE accounts too, and they have too different a religious belief systems.

May told, that once, as she was headed over to the dojo for her retreat, her husband threatened to “show her”, and when she’d returned home, she’d found the kitchen floor covered with the shattered chinaware, and the dish dryer also got, thrown out too, her husband disallowed her to have a belief system, and, barred her from going to the religious retreats, and she’d, decided, to file for divorce.

And so, this man thought he could control this woman, by barring her from her freedom of religions, and this IS, the most basic rights of humans, to believe what we all want to believe, and, this LOSER tried stopping his wife from attending the religious gatherings, and this, is illegal, because nobody should have a control on what someone else believes, or if someone selected to practices some sort of a religions.  And the judge had finally signed off on the divorce of this woman from this woman.

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That Day, We’d, Saved My Five-Year-Old Youngest Cousin, from Being Sold Off into Human Trafficking

A selfish man who totally didn’t think on what’s good for his own young, contrary to the gangsters, who’d, helped this family get this young child back, out of the fire pits, sometimes, the stereotypically bad people can be good, and, those who seemed to be good, can be, bad!  Experiences, and trials of, her young life, translated…

After reading the writer, Hsu’s “That Night, I Made My Way to the Teashops”, I had the flashback of that primetime soap scene that happened in my, reality.

On my youngest uncle who’s a prodigal son, after losing ALL of my maternal grandfather’s money, he’d still drifted in the bars, the brothels, continued being his, “good son in the fire pits”.  My aunt in working too hard, keeping the family intact, before their sixth child turned one, died from illness, then, my youngest uncle sold off his youngest to the local landowner to be groomed into a child bride, with the money he got from selling his daughter, had a time of easy with women then.

like this…

photo from online

Back then, one day as my youngest uncle came back home, suddenly, he was, overcome with his fatherly love, told that he was taking my youngest cousin at age five to head into town to get her some new clothes, the family didn’t have any suspicions then, but at night, we’d not see the two of them, returning; my maternal grandfather thought: no matter how ferocious the tiger is it won’t, eat its own child, he’d already sold one of his daughters of, could he have in mind, to sell his own, youngest too?

And the following day, the families believed, that the fifth child was, sold.

My tough second aunt went around, asking about where my cousin went, and, in the mouth of the “agent who’d introduced” my uncle, she’d learned, that my youngest cousin was sold to the “tea shop” in Taipei, to pay for his own, gambling debts, he’d sold her for $60,000N.T.s—the poverty stricken selling off their daughters, it wasn’t anything weird back then.  My second uncle was a leader of a gang in Chiayi, and asked the gangsters to find the whereabouts of my youngest cousin, and the families, the relatives, started, getting the money together, to try and save my cousin.

It was 1976, I was in the third grade.  My mother bought a princess fluffy dress for me to wear, with a pair of white socks with pink lace, along with a pair of, white doll shoes, with the pigtails tied by ribbons, better dressed than I was for New Year’s.  my eldest and second eldest aunts put on their traditional Chinese dresses alongside my mother, with the heels, set their hairs at the salons, with the makeup carefully made on their, faces, with the bags full of cash, and the group of us, headed up to Taipei with my second eldest uncle.

We met up with my second uncle’s brothers from different mothers, and we were led, into, the teashops, there were, so many, pretty women here!  I clenched tightly to my mother’s, hand, looked around, wanted to find my youngest cousin.  I can’t understand it, we can, trade the recycling metals for a malt candy, what can you get, for selling your daughter?

We entered into a room, my second eldest uncle started, negotiating with the man, he got loud at times, friendly at others, stared into the man’s eyes fiercely at times, used the Taiwanese I couldn’t understand to interact, the pretty lady handed me an orange soda, I’d, carefully, took smaller, sips, wanted to save half for my, youngest cousin.

The adults looked quite, serious, I got too bored, started playing with the zipper on my mother’s purse, they’d talked for a long, long, long time, until the coldness, the fizz of the soda wore off, and I saw my second eldest uncle stand up, shook the man’s hands, we knew, that my youngest cousin can, come home now, the ladies then, pulled out the wads of cash, and stacked them, onto the tables———

We got my youngest cousin back, three times what her own father had, sold her for, for $180,000N.T.s.

And so, this, is the behaviors, of this DEADBEAT who’d, SOLD his own young to feed to his own habits, and, also the stories of how the gangsters can be good, they’re the ones, who’d, helped get the youngest cousin of this ed get the youngest cousin of this ed get the youngest cousin of this individual back, and, the man who’d sold his daughter thought he got a good deal, and yet, the families, ended up, paying, three times more.

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Waiting Hard on My Second Dose of Moderna, I’d Not Dared Consider the Option of Mix-and-Match with Medigenvac Vaccines

The heart of a member of the community, who’d already, gotten her/his, first vaccination of Moderna, and is now, waiting hard, on that second dose, and, these who’d already had their very first Moderna shots are more than likely, to become, the LABRATS of the government’s Medigenvac human trials, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are currently, more than three million members of the public who are, waiting hard, for their, second doses of Moderna vaccines, which caused the local communities to concern.

Those who’d gotten their first vaccinations of Moderna is currently already at week ten, or approaching week ten since their first, and now, they’re all, faced with not knowing where their second doses are.  Looking now, at the second type government officials locally, and central, the rate of their vaccination is as high as sixty-five percent, look at, this, sharp, contrast!

what those older generations are, waiting on…

photo from online

The impotence of the department overseeing the vaccines, made the elderly populations wait hard on their second doses of Moderna.  The news yesterday printed, that the clinical trials of Moderna vaccines with the country’s own Medigenvac vaccines had passed the moral committee’s signing off, and it’s now, in motion, and, the government will take in more than two hundred volunteers who’d already had their first Moderna vaccines, to conduct the double-blind experiment, and the results of the trials is due by the end of October soonest.

Wow!  Not only did the country’s own vaccines start off fast, the blind reveal is also, supersonic in speed, it’s quite, an attention-getter all right.  Moderna mixed with Medigenvac, the world’s one and only, clinical trial; but, Medigenvac had conducted its stage three experiments, and the effects of the vaccine for the human body still unknow, can it, be used as a mixed vaccine option?

The government told, that we’d bought over five million doses of Moderna ourselves.  To date, we’d received around 1.5 million doses, less than, thirty-percent!  Korea sent its government officials to the headquarters of Moderna in the U.S. to get their vaccines quicker, and in two short weeks, they’d received, over eight million doses provided to them.  Why can the Korean government press for the deliveries, and we can’t?  If our country can get over eight million doses like Korea had, then, we wouldn’t need to be, mixing the vaccines with Medigenvac anymore.

and are, more than likely, to become, this…

photo from online

My wife and I both had our first dose of Moderna in July, and we’re both, waiting on our second.  The country’s own, not-yet conducted stage three trial experimental vaccines, we don’t want, nor do we dare, become, the “testing subjects” for!

And so, this was, the government’s plans all along, to make all those who’d received their first Moderna vaccines, to get injected with the country’s own, and this is still just, bullshit, this government does NOT care about the wellbeing of we the people, it just, cared about, its gains: printing out those, bullshitting vouchers, spending billions of our, the taxpayers money, dollars, keep on, delaying the deliveries of the vaccines, and, pushing through the passing of the country’s own vaccines, without a stage three trial, and there’s, nothing WE the people (we are, the people, are we not???), can do about it!

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The Rates of Death Spiked, the Incompetence of the Government, Noted

Oh, and what says, the government???  “we’re, fixing this problem, FAST as we can!”, and nothing IS being done, no vaccines, no quick scans set up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The most upsetting statistic for the numbers announced by the command center is, the confirmed deaths of the cases of MERS-CoV.  Up to the twelfth, there were, 411 individuals, who’d, died of contraction, the rate of death at 3.2-percent, so much higher than the world’s 2.17-percent.  Taiwan had, always, prided itself, on the medical care provisions, at the height of this outbreaks, the commander, Chen also stated, that Taiwan’s medical care systems won’t collapse.  If this is so, then, how come the rates of death still, spiked up high?

Toward this, the head of the legislative branch, as well as the commander of the CDC both stated, that it’s because those who’d contracted the virus are of the elderly populations, and there were a high percentage of these elderly with the progressive conditions too.  This is, liking throwing that boomerang at the dead, attempted to, get away from the responsibilities of taking the blames.

Japan is claimed to be the “World’s Oldest Country”, with elderly sixty-five and older taking up twenty-nine-percent of the population, but, the rates of death from MERS-CoV is only about 1.78-percent; the elderly population in U.S. takes up about sixteen-percent, with the rate of death from MERS-CoV being 1.74-percent.  The elderly population here is similar to the U.S., but the rate of death is, as high as 3.2-percent, sixty times of that of Singapore’s.  Could it be, that MERS-CoV is discriminatorily, selecting only the elderly in the population to “attack”, while it’d, spread out evenly, in America, and Japan too?  Those of us with the sense, knows that this, is a FALSE statement.

A lot of those I know who worked in the medical field believed, that the rates of death being so high is due to the government’s refusing to implement the general scans for the populations, causing those who are asymptomatic passing the virus along within their communities without knowing it.  And, when the symptoms started showing, those who are lucky, only suffered from the moderate to severe symptoms, while those who are not as lucky, don’t even get to see a doctor at all.  In other words, the command center only used the numbers presented to the office by the major media, ignored the fact, that, there is, a larger number of the population that aren’t, noted, it’s a wonder the death rates are, hiking up higher by the day.

With the numbers not noticed, it’d, explained how the rates of those who are severely symptomatic, and confirmed diagnoses after death are so high compared to other developed countries in the world.  By the average number of population, the severe symptoms found in the people are twice as much as Japan’s.  As the outbreaks got hard, there were half of the number of who’d died in the total, to the point of finding the dead bodies afloat in the rivers, the car crash being injured, those who’d lived alone and died, there were, a lot from these who’d gotten the confirmed diagnoses after death, which puts those paramedics, the police officers under great stress.  Toward their panic, Chen only stated, “These law enforcement officials need to be more careful”, like he wasn’t the least bit responsible for how fast and hard the epidemic is, hitting us all.

How many of those who contracted the virus are still running around?  We can, make a rough calculation, based off of those confirmed diagnoses after death.  It would be reasonable, to estimate the total number of contracted individual to 20,000, based off of the measures the rest of the world uses to calculate, which means, that there are still, close to eight thousand who had the virus, and not known it, running around.

This showed, how the estimates by the government came too delayed, and even as the vaccines are started to get out, we still, don’t have the ability to be, optimistic.  We’re, extending the stage three alerts, giving up our freedoms, to the end of, June here.  Because our government knew well, that with those, 8,000 undetonated bombs, their powers, are not to be, reckoned with.

Before May, the CDC refused to implement the measures of the general scans, this is the reason that caused the unknown large numbers of contractions.  Since the outbreaks started, the CDC boasted about how Taiwan had enough medical provisions, it wasn’t until the systems were, overloaded, they’d told those who are without the severity of the symptoms to go home on their own, which caused many of these cases to die.  A lot of people commended the Taiwanese public of being alerted enough, that we’d, quarantined ourselves to keep the outbreaks from spreading out.  But, from an alternative angle, this showed, how the people lacked trust in the government’s policies to protect against the spread, otherwise, why would we feel compelled, to give up our freedoms to move about and around, with just a few hundreds of confirmed cases of MERS-CoV?

The epidemic is out of control right now, and clearly, this reflected on the failed policies of disease prevention, and, toward the lacking of enough provisions of medical care, and the vaccine availabilities, the government is, at question on its, methods.  For instance, to implement the vast scanning systems, to set up the temporary hospitals, to buy the vaccines, and, enforce the rates and speeds of the people’s being, vaccinated, they should all be the focal points of this new, elevated stage of defense.  As for if the current system works, I’m afraid, that those making the policies, those in power, need to, think it over.

And so, the incompetence of this government is, what SCREWED, “we the people” over, and there’s still, NOTHING that WE the people, CAN, do about it!  And, we’re going to become that tribe in South American, with our, final “member”, DYING of the contraction of MERS-CoV, and thus, ends, ALL of us, as, a “country” of people here!

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The Mirrors of Truth of Vaccines, Reflected on How Incompetent the Government Truly is

The government, TOO incompetent, and “we” the people (still not included in “we” here though), way too, FUCKING (so???) retarded!  Another, ABUSER/ENABLER relationship style, in the federal, level here, commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the government just sent out the “news” of the vaccines being available to every citizen here, there came, the case of the clinic’s workers, getting the shots ahead of the rest, and all around, there’s, the claims of how people should not have priorities over each other, clearly showed, that people are, panicky, by the limited supplies of the vaccines here; at this time, the city of Kaohsiung sent out the memo, “forcing” the medical workers to get shot, and claimed, that if the hospital workers don’t receive their shots, fines will be, enforced, which clearly, showed, once more, that the government abused its, powers, the vaccines became a mirror of truth, and now, it’d, reflected, just how, incompetent this government, truly, is.

Level three alerted continued throughout the whole of Taiwan right now, over hundreds of confirmed diagnoses daily, the number won’t drop down; since yesterday, there are, a total of 385 deaths, and you can imagine, how the people are, starting to, panic; but, the lacking in the provisions of vaccines, and we’d had to get, categorized by groups, to wait for our turns, and we’re all worried now, that we won’t get at least, one injection, and, there would be the “specialty relations” of the vaccines, using the connections, the means that comes into form.

Providing enough vaccines for every citizen, that’s, the government’s, responsibilities, to free the people of panic, rather than severely criticizing the people for getting in line for the vaccines when it wasn’t their turns, we should trace back to why there aren’t enough supplies for all.  Like the famous man of culture, Jeng stated yesterday, he’d hoped, that Taiwan will have enough vaccines soon, to free us all, from the panics and the fears.

Tsai spoke on a press conference yesterday that she will, “Do all she could, to contain the spread”, but, since the start of the epidemic here, the government leaned toward the “benefitting of the party members”, the “special rights to get vaccinated”, and so, it’s only naturally, that based off of the government’s means of preventing the spread, everybody’s, fighting for the vaccines.  But, the roots of the problem lies in how the government “couldn’t get ahead”, and buy the vaccines in advance, because of how fast the virus is mutating, the distributions of the vaccines, the inoculations, that’s what’s caused this great scare, this, witch hunt.

And, the people were originally given the rights to choose the brand of the vaccines, to have their shots or not, but the Kaohsiung City Government announced that it will fine the hospital workers, the nurses, the doctors who didn’t get their injections.  This showed, how passive the government is handling the matter of vaccinations, and that, they’d, expand the rules at their wishes, when they want the people to fear, they’d, used the means of the punishments, the fines, and, this made people lose respect, and faith in our government, it’d showed, how the person in power lacked the basic means of ruling the country correctly.

We the people, don’t need the verbal encouragements from our president, we just want, when can we live free, healthy, of worries of the epidemic?  And rather than enforcing the law, the government should reassign its, resources, and manpower, to something it should be doing in the first place.

This is how, the government goes, AFTER its, people!  Because of the shortages of the vaccines here, we’re all, freaked out (hey, speak for your self!!!), and, because the number of contraction, number of death still, rises, that’s why, everybody’s, freaked out, which leads to those private workers of clinics, getting the inoculations, ahead of their turns.

It still all goes to how INCOMPETENT this majority-voted government, and its, president truly is!  And, there’s still, NOTHING we can do, as we’re all, too, CIVILIZED, to OVERTHROW the government, like that angry mob gathering outside someone’s house, with those, lit-up, fire torches here!

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