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The Legislations for Long-Term Care is STUCK Again, My Household is About to Get Shattered Here

This, would be the PRIMARY issue of concern, in all the world’s countries today, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of the news reported by UDN NEWS, the legislations for long-term care is stuck, in the legislative department again.  It’s such a pain, just like the scholars stated, if there are NO laws tailoring to the long-term care of the elderly population, a lot of the families in this society will shatter.  All of us, siblings are trapped, in this deep and painful abyss, and, there’s still, NO end in sight.

My mother is in her eighties, has serious long-term conditions, other than heading to the doctors regularly, she’d still needed around-the-clock care, but, we’re all, regular working class, and, although we wanted to hire someone to watch my mother, but, my mother feared that she’ll drag us all down, and wouldn’t allow us to spend the money, and so, we, the siblings that are all over the island took turns, looking after her.  Even so, whenever there is a period where nobody was able to go stay with her, when my mother is left all alone on her own, we couldn’t help but worry, but, there ARE, no better ways, it’s truly, hard!  If there’s long-term care programs, and when it is required for us to, we’re willing to pay the extra fees, to kick start this program, so, my mother could be looked after well, so we can all, take time off, it would be a wonder, and, none of us needed struggle as hard on the issues.

Seeing my mother’s conditions, I’d come to my senses, that I’m almost sixty, I deeply feared that I may become a burden to my two sons, and so, I’d bought myself some long-term care insurance, my other half wanted to do this too, but, unfortunately, he has a history of long-term illness, the insurance companies wouldn’t provide the coverages.  Ahhhhhhhh!  How long, this road, to providing the long-term care for elderly is, when will it actually start working?

And so, this, is still, NOT just happening here, it’s happening, in ALL the world’s countries, because as we live longer, more health issues will surface, take of dementia, there WASN’T the diagnosis of dementia say, back in the 1900s, was it?  Nope, because people didn’t live LONG enough to get there, but now, as the human age gets longer, there’s this desperate need, for long-term care, but, can we get it???


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The Extensions of Ferguson, Two Officers Gunned Down in Front of the Police Stations

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police chief of the city of Ferguson, where the white officer shot an African American student turned in his resignation on the eleventh, the crowd gathered in front of the police station, to show their displeasures.  The very next morning, two officers were shot outside the station, after they were taken to the hospital, they were both seriously injured, but were both conscious.

The chief of police of the city of St. Louis stated that a thirty-two year-old officer was shot in the face, the other forty-one year old, in the shoulders, both were called, as back ups for the situation in Ferguson.  After the gun shot sounded off, the 150 protesters, ran scattered, and, there were those, who’d squatted down at the scene, to find cover.  A huge police force used to put out riots then arrived shortly on site, circling the station, another dozen squad cars, blocked the streets too.

Last year on August 9th, the white officer, Wilson received a call from a shop front, that someone had stolen some cigarettes, he’d arrested the 18-year-old suspect, Brown.  After they got in altercation, Wilson had shot Brown six times, and killed him.  A lot of people believed, that the police was using too much force, and that it’d shown racial discrimination against African Americans, and, all over the U.S., there were protests and riots, but the Grand Jury of Missouri couldn’t find enough evidence to prosecute the officer, Wilson.

The Justice Department of the United States on the fourth opened up about the investigation of the Brown case, and disclosed, that the Ferguson police department, and the court systems are discriminatory against African Americans, the checks on the roads, the arrests, and the ticketings, were directed toward African Americans, for the sakes, of getting more money for the courts.  After the reports were out, the members of the bureaucracy of Ferguson had stepped down, the Chief of Police, Jackson, was the sixth person, and his resignation will be effective, starting on the 19th.

And so, this, is somewhat of a justice, isn’t it?  Because there’s this RACIAL discrimination toward African Americans, so, you still can’t blame the public for becoming overly emotional, but, shooting someone at random is still wrong, and, this all started, when that white officer shot Michael Brown, because he confused him with someone who robbed a store???

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Dragged On, by This Ailing Body of Mine…

This would be, taking, someone ELSE’s persona…

Dragged on, by this ailing body of mine, I feel, so incarcerated, so trapped, inside, this body that no longer feels like mine anymore, and yet, because I can still “function” (meaning that I still got a pulse, a VERY STRONG one to boot!!!), the doctors, they wouldn’t, consider, letting me die a good death.

And, recently, I’d had yet, ANOTHER stroke, that rendered me, handicapped, and, I’d started, needing the help, to wheel me everywhere,, and, I’m still trapped, by this ailing body of mine.  Dragged on, by this ailing body of mine, why, oh why, can’t I just die?  I’d been made to suffer, since the moment that my dearly beloved family told the doctors to SAVE me, but, at the price and the cost, of losing MY dignity as a human being, because I’m totally, incapable of performing the MOST basic of all functions in life, like I’d needed someone ELSE, to WIPE my ass for me, someone, to bathe me too!

Dragged on, by this ailing body of mine, why must I be?  I’m just, too tired of, relying on EVERYBODY to take care of me, I don’t want to live like this anymore, and yet, I can’t, be euthanized yet, because, save for this problem of immobility and loss of speech, caused by my stroke awhile ago, every OTHER part of me, is still, quite healthy still………


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The Company Didn’t Do Anything to Check Out the Claims of Sexual Harassment by the Workers, It Was Fined

The PRICE you pay, for IGNORING!!!  From the Newspapers, translated, and, feel free to file this one under, IGNORANCES if you want to, translated…

A certain high-tech company awhile ago sent its female employee abroad to the U.S. and she was harassed by the local branch’s workers, and, although the company had initiated the investigations, but they’d kicked the issue around, the Department of Labor believed, that the person in charge of the company didn’t do enough to take care of its employees, mandated that the company pay a $150,000N.T. fine.

The Department of Labor pointed out, that the former sale’s department manager, “Huei”, was sent to the branch company in the U.S. to work for six months, and, she was harassed by sexual connotations of the senior engineer of the subsidiary company, and because he’d talked about her face, her figure, and asked if she were willing “to carry his child”?, and had even took her underwear too, it’d troubled her son.

But Huei considered, that the man was a senior engineer, so she didn’t file a complaint about him, and after she’d quitted the job, she’d still gotten harassed by him endlessly, she finally couldn’t take it, and reported it to the primary company about it, without knowing, that although the company had initiated the investigation processes, but because the one who’d sexually harassed her was from a subsidiary company abroad, they’d suggested that, “she should file a complaint with the company abroad about it”, and ruled the case as a “low-profile sexual harassment”, decided to not pursue the case further, that, was why the woman decided to file a complaint toward the city government.

The Hsinbei employment discrimination committee believed, that although the employer did set up rules against sexual harassment, but they’d failed to take up the responsibilities, get to the bottom of the truth, nor did they consider Huei’s feeling, show her care and concern, or even, mentioned a way of resolving the issues, that the company had violated the laws against gender equality in the workforce, and the hi-tech company is a corporation that’s on the stock markets, with over two hundred employees, and, so, the company was mandated to pay a heavy fine of $150,000N.T.

And this ought to be a WARNING for all of you, in charge of a company, because there WILL be cases like this, and, if you don’t take your employees’ claims seriously, you WILL get SUED, and, in this case, the company didn’t do enough, and, the companies gave the woman a run-around, which was what angered her to SUE them!

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A Man Used His Cell Phone, to Shoot Footages of a Woman’s Panties, Was Chased Down by the Woman

The evils you’d done, still managed to catch UP to you, didn’t it, you M***ER F***ING horned dog!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, was suspected of using his cell phone, to record down the panties of women who were wearing skirts or dresses, at the East side of Taipei, Ximenting, along with other locations, he’d used the steps of the escalator to help him, yesterday, he’d chosen a woman in a long dress as his next victim, the very first time, he’d attempted it in Jiangdzitsuei MRT station, he’d accidentally touched the woman’s ankle, and it alarmed her, he was caught, in the act.

The police investigated, that Lin (age 26) was a college graduate, with NO priors, looked like a gentleman, had worked as the editor for some television station, but suspected that because of the stresses from work, he’d started taping under women’s dresses, starting in June of 2012, and there were at least SEVENTEEN women who fell victim to this.

The police pointed out, that the woman who caught him two nights ago, said goodbye at the MRT stations, as she was riding the escalator, she felt someone touching her ankles, she’d turned around, saw Lin, half-squatted behind her, then, ran off quickly after he’d been spotted by her, she instinctively thought that she was being taped, went after him.

As Lin saw how the woman won’t stop pursuing him, he’d ran faster still, and it’d gotten the attention of the patrol officer from Vincent Subprecinct, the officer helped the woman catch Lin, and checked his cell phone, but the footage had already been deleted.

The officers used a recovery program of the memory cards, and found the footage, and reviewed the surveillance tapes, and confirmed that Lin was indeed, filming the woman underneath her skirt, and they’d done a search of his home, and discovered that in his flash drive, and computer, there were over ten photos of underneath women’s skirts.

Lin admitted to what he’d done, and told the police that he’d NOT filmed the women without their knowledge for these couple of years, and that since he was out of a job this June, he could find nothing to do, and that, was what drove him to start peeping again.  The police booked him based off of obstruction of secrecy, and they’re zooming in, to see if there were more victims.

Yeah, because you were out of a job, and had too much time on your hands, that, was why you’d started taping women’s underwear, underneath their skirts, is that it?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  What of those ladies who were taped, without knowledge?  Their rights are the ones being violated here, isn’t it???

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When an Unarmed Black Man Gets Shot by a White Cop

And no, this, is still N-O-T the last time this will EVER happen!!!

When an unarmed black man gets shot by a white cop, wait a minute, did I get shipped back somewhere in time again, because it’s feeling a whole lot like déjà vu!!!

When an unarmed black man gets shot by a white cop, this happens, as we’d learned in social psych (think it was!!!), that people are MORE likely to associate a colored person (in this case, a BLACK man) who’s holding something NOT dangerous (like a pen???) to someone who’s holding a dangerous weapon, and why do you think that is?  Oh yeah, because we are all pre-wired to JUDGE people by the way they’re “presented” (by their skin colors???).

And, this had happened, so many times in the past too, like that high school grad who got SHOT after his graduation somewhere UP in the mid-western strip of the U.S., and, there are a TON of other cases like this, so, when will this SHIT stop?  Oh yeah, I know, when one day, the planet is completely RULED by D-O-G-S!!!  Then, they (the dogs) would decide whether you’re a friend or an enemy, by SNIFFING you!






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The High School Girl Was Sexually Molested by Two Men on the Trains

From the Front Page Sections, and NO, I still didn’t JUST make this one up either, okay???  And you still believe that we can REFORM a SEXUAL predator???  Translated…

The engineer Yeou, had, several times, on the boxcars of the Taiwan Railways, sexually harassed the same high school girl over and over again, and, once, he’d even touched the hands of another sexual predator, Liang too, Liang later got a delayed sentence; a year later, Yeou started touching another teenager, and the girl cried for the other passengers to help her out, and the police caught him, right in the act.

The D.A. believed, that Yeou was able to sexually molest the young woman with his fingers, and so, they’d prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts, and asked for five and a half years, on the first and second trials, the judges both believed, that the young woman was dressed in her high school P.E. uniform, that it is clearly stated, she was underage, and Yeou’s repeatedly touching her inappropriately had caused her to become damaged physically and mentally, and he was charged and sentenced, based off of three forced sexual molestations and one forced sexual intercourse, and given a heavy sentence of seven years two months, which he could still appeal.

The verdict stated, that the forty-two year old Yeou worked as an engineer for a decade, and, would take the commute trains from Yingge to Taipei Main Station, then, transfer to the MRT toward Sun-Yatsen Memorial Hall to work.  The adolescent who lives in Taoyuan had taken the same commute, to go to school in Taipei.

On a November morning in 2010, Yeou took advantage of how crowded the trains were, and got close to the adolescent, touched her inappropriately outside of her P.E. shorts.  And because this, was the very first time this young woman had ever encountered a “wolf” she didn’t dare holler, she’d stepped on Yeou hard, and pushed him away from her, and when she got to school, she’d called her family to ask them for help; and because the girl didn’t know the man’s identity, the family could only tell her to take more precautions.

On the same month, on the morning of the 23rd, Yeou inserted his finger into the girl’s pubic area, the girl cried, and looked toward the woman next to her, but the woman didn’t do anything to help her; the day after school, she didn’t dare take the trains, after the family consoled with her, she had someone pick her up.

Fifteen days later, Yeou once again, started touching her, and he’d touched the hands of another “wolf”, Liang.  This time, the adolescent was molested and touched inappropriately by both men, she’d melted down when she got home; her family got furious and called the police, and asked for the surveillance tapes, and the very next day, the family took the trains with the girl, and caught Liang, and sent him to the police.

Liang was worried that his wife might get mad, begged the young woman profusely for forgiveness.  And both parties reached the agreement of $80,000N.T. to settle the matter, the courts gave Liang a year in prison, which would be delay-served for four years, and Yeou disappeared off the “radar” for a year.

On the morning of November 22, 2011, Yeou offended again.  The girl texted her family immediately, “I’d found the very FIRST PSYCHO, he’s touching me again!”, and turned toward the woman next to her, and verbalized quietly, “He touched me”, the other female passenger called out, “There’s a SEXUAL predator here!”, and the cops arrested Yeou.

Yeou denied the offenses, and had refused to settle it with the victim.  But the man, Liang, and the other female passengers were witnesses, and the girl has the habit of keeping a diary, and the judge read the words, “I’d cried like hell after I met a psycho!”, along with the testimonies of the witnesses, and believed that Yeou had offended the girl FOUR times.

And, had this young woman screamed that very FIRST time, she wouldn’t have been put through it THREE more times, and, in the very end, “justice” was still “served” if you can call it that, but, this “serving” of justice still came too late for this young woman, because now, she must recover from the DAMAGES of getting sexually molested by some unknown strangers, and, she’s bound to develop some sort of an anxiety disorder whenever she thinks about getting on the trains again, but at least, this L-O-S-E-R IS behind bars!

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