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The Nonexistent Fingers

Love is still, used as, a SORRY EXCUSE for hurting their, young children here!  Translated…

In a machinery accident, she’d, lost her middle finger, knowing it would be rude, but I still, can’t take my eyes off of her hand.  My connection with her isn’t just on the surfaces, not only were we related by marriage in the same village of the same ancestral graves, we’d also worked together for more than ten days, as coworkers———we were both the “eight hundred strong” after the Morakot Typhoon from 2009 (with the temp wages of $800 per day), and I was too unrealizing, that all these years, I’d not noted how her hand was, handicapped.

Perhaps, it’s how I’d been, troubled by the deterioration of my joints, that’s what gotten me interested in other people’s, hands?  Or, maybe, due to her missing middle finger, that’s tied to the thrilling nightmares of her, childhood, that tangled itself up like an unmanageable ball of, yarn, getting pulled from the origin, and started, unfolding, making her recall the bloody pasts.

The two boys who lost their fingers, shared the similar life experiences; the ones who’d hurt them were their, fathers, who’d both selected the most hurtful ways to, damage their, children.  Of the hands, the thumb on the right hand was bent out of shape, completely deformed, into a “sixth finger”, bent like a pincher, and gotten laughed about a whole, lot, and he’d always, cried too hard about it, and, his father couldn’t stand his complaints anymore, and took a knife and just, cut the finger, off, while Chuang was a kleptomaniac, and he wouldn’t change nor listen to the words of advice, and his father got angered, and took that knife, cut off that last segment of his left pinky, as a reminder to him, to NEVER to steal again.

And it was told, that after both were sent to the hospitals, they got operated on by the surgeons again, because the bones, the tendons, the blood vessels, the nerves in the severed off fingers needed to get fixed up.  If the surgeons just amputated the fingers off, it may affect the functioning of their, other fingers.  To the point of causing the joints to loosen down, or the tissues to become necrotic.

illustration from

The neighbors who grew up with them, for a very long time, lived under both of their, thrilling, childhood, experiences, because the adults all used the threats of “if you don’t behave, I will tell so-and-so’s father to chop your fingers off too”, to threaten their young into behaving, not knowing, how it’d, damaged the young children’s mind, that they’d begun, lying, to evade getting punished, so the children started, locking up all of their, unimportant feelings, to block out the shock, to the point of, being, suppressed.

It’d been four, to five decades, the already distant memories are now, forcing me, to empathize what the man who’d cut his own young son’s fingers off was feeling at the time.

When I was younger, I’d thought that the father of the “boy with six fingers” loved him, while Chuang’s father had, hated him.

And now, as I’d become a father too, I’d, started, reexamining the past, and it seemed, that I can see, underneath the teeth-gritting, the ferocious looking means of his father, there’s that helplessness from how he can’t, make his son act right!  It’s just, that the parents’ “I’m doing this out of love”, their body languages made the children feel rejected, their children felt hurt, and, started wondering, if they were, adopted or, picked up from the outside garbage dumps.

Like a lot of parenting books had, the children who don’t grow up in trust, as adults, they will have difficulties trusting themselves, and others too, and so, there’s no chance of her/him, forming a secure, attachment, which will severely impact the intimacy.  This sort of a childhood environment, is the forefront of the developments of borderline personality, posttraumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia.

“Sister-in-law, I’d checked out your book!”, the words of my relatives, brought me out of those, memories, I’d nodded flustered, and thanked my relative, swallowed back in my curiosity that rose up to my throat, and, as I left the library, the thoughts still, circled around, those memories of the fingers that were, severed, off.

And so, these are AWFUL cases of how the adults hurt their own young, and, it’s not entirely the adults’ fault, for they’d been, raised using these similar sorts of, violent means, and, the kid who’d gotten his fingers chopped off by punishment, his father was at wit’s end, to turn his son back onto the right path, while the other man who’d chopped the deformity off of his young son’s hand, just wanted to make him normal, either way, these two men didn’t do it right by their own young, even IF the intentions were originally loving, it still don’t make what they both did, right!

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The Democratic Genes of the Party that Took Power

And the DDP, holds the democratic genes of the country then???  Give ME a break, just take a look at WHAT the DDP took away from we the people, forcing us to swallow down the pork with ractopamine, totally DISREGARDING the votes of the people, to restart nuclear four, to ban the imports of nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, etc., etc., etc., and they call themselves, DEMOCRATIC???  Yeah, right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A few days back the DDP’s chair, Lai openly stated, “the DNA of democracy is NOT in the KMT!”, I’m truly curious, that how Dr. Lai tested the DNA of the political party that’s, been around for a hundred years in history?  Recalled how at the start of the year, the former ambassador, Chang gave a book to me as a present on the coming about of the Chinese political parties, along with the histories of the political parties of Germany as the country became more, democratic, the studies of DNA, it surely, should NOT get, overlooked.

the EMPRESS, Tsai! the dictator, elected by popular votes! Found online

From the external performance of the political party that’s currently ruling, it’s, a necessity, that we tested, the DNA of democracy, as KMT managed to unify the country from close to a hundred years ago, whether it be the organizational laws of the governments, along with the amendments to the constitution, other than the beliefs of one government ruled all, there’s, that pursuit in, human rights, and so, it would be brash, to state, that there’s no democracy in its, DNA.  But, what’s most worth noting was, just like Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who’d turned from a medical professional into politician, his influence of the belief about democracy that it’d needed to get set up systematically first, before it gets, implemented, and those in the scholarly realm of the time, believed, that democracy can be put to practice, by the people being educated about it, and, allowing those who are, still learning, to take the reins, doesn’t make any, sense.  And, what constitutes as, democracy, I’m sure, that the scholarly find it hard to come to a consensus about even to this, very, day.

To the end of the war, although the KMT finally set up the constitution, but, had lost power of control in the internal battling, and surely, they’d become, authoritarian no doubt, it’s just, that since Taiwan was won, the local elections started, which was what was never considered from the Japanese ruling era.

The DDP had never taken a cent less from the national treasury.  In recent years, to protect their wins of the elections, they’d, turned the originally independently operating agencies of the government, into their, subsidiaries, showing how far they’d, shifted from the democratic that was in the party’s, name.

And so, hear the DDP bullshit is what this is all about, since the DDP took over this god DAMN FREE (this was still “free” last I checked!) country, Tsai and the DDP went against we the people’s wills, in passing the importing of the pork with ractopamine, and the importing of the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan, and the government still couldn’t provide we the people with everything we needed to defend ourselves in the pandemic, see the shortages of mask (that’s why the national “team” was set up???), the lacking of the vaccines (we’d relied on the donated bundles that other countries are discarding, because AZ became ineffective in preventing the mutated Delta, Omicron strains!), and, it still, bullshits we the people, and, what’s worse is that, wet the people are, allowing them to do so!

And, the DDP made this country, the OFFICIAL GARBAGE dump to the rest of the global community here, taking in ALL the SHITS that other nations tried getting rid of, and there’s NOTHING that we the people can, do about it, ‘cuz we’d all been, enslaved too long, and forgotten WHAT freedom feels, like now…

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The Major Operators of the Scam Artist Group Tricked Her Two Besties to Cambodia, Sentenced Heavily

And, that’s, how it goes, this head human trafficker, still tried excusing herself, and, the punishment still isn’t, severe enough, and as soon as she’s released from prison, she’ll certainly, go back to her old business, of trafficking people to Cambodia and selling them, again!  This still just, never, ends…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-three-year-old woman, Yeh was hired by the human trafficking ring in Cambodia as a head operator of the scam ring, last July, she’d gone to Cambodia to work, and enticed two of her best friends using the bait of the promises of high wages, causing her two best friend to get taken against their will, and as the families paid their ransoms, they were, released.  As Yeh was arrested, she’d cried that she was innocent, and played the victim, and the investigators busted her for it, the Kaohsiung district court found her and the other head operator, Wang both guilty of using scams to get the victims out of the country and trafficking them, gave both the severe sentence of five years four months.

Last year, there’d been many people who were tricked to Cambodia, in August, there’s the post on FB of the identification of Liu from Kaohsiung, with “this is the real trafficker, works as head of human resources in the Bokor Mountain, from Kaohsiung, nicknamed Yu-An, the company was under the names of Wan-Gu, Wan-Yuan, Wan-Li, with over two hundred getting tricked to Cambodia already.”

people getting sold off like livestock! Photo from online

Later, the investigators caught Wang, and found, that the members had “shipped” many Taiwanese citizens to Bokor Mountain, and received as high as a thousand to three thousand dollars U.S. per person.

As Yeh returned to Taiwan last September, the police arrested her, she claimed that she was a victim too, that she’d paid $400,000N.T. to get back here; the investigators found that Yeh was a head personnel of the scam ring by reviewing over the reports by the victims who’d called in the case, that she’d recruited three Taiwanese citizens to Cambodia, two of them were her, best friends, who finally got released, after the families paid the ransoms for them.

During the trial, Yeh continually claimed she’d been, victimized, that she’d not known that she was going over to Cambodia to work for a human trafficking ring, but Wang stated that she was an accomplice, claimed that he’d met Yeh through his girlfriend, and was told, that Yeh was a recruit for the scam artists in Cambodia, that Yeh worked for the human trafficking, scam rings, that she’s, “quite experienced”.

The judge based off of the records of conversations, that Yeh mentioned “promotion” to the friend, that she claimed, “I’m very happy here, well off”, with no negative feelings whatsoever, and thanked Wang, “thank you, brother, for giving me this platform to work, I shall, cherish it”, the judge believed, that had Yeh also been a victim, she couldn’t possibly be “happy at work”, and didn’t believe her, sentenced Yeh and Wang both to five years, four months.  This can still be appealed.

And guess what’s gonna happen, after this woman served her five years or after she got out on good behavior?  She’s going to, return to her old ways of, working as a human trafficker again, because, you just don’t get out of the business that easily, besides, she’d already, gotten a taste of how much she could earn, by enticing the unsuspecting people over to Cambodia and selling them out!

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China Placing a Ban on the Usage of Private Chat Apps

The EXCUSE of protecting our young, in actuality, it’s the government’s means of, CONTROLLING access!  How the Chinese government still used SCARE TACTICS, to MAKE the citizens, “behave themselves”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Accomplices in Blocking Criminal Activities, the Chinese Government is Now Demanding Parents Check Telegram, Twitter, and Other Social Media Platforms that Their Children are Using, Suspected of Controlling Free Speech

In many of the local provinces of China, the police had requested the parents in China, to check the children’s cell phones, to see if they’d installed the Telegram, Bat, Secret Chat Cat, etc., etc., etc., the encrypted IM apps, if they are, then, the parents needed to delete the apps immediately.  Some of the “blacklisted” included WhatsApp and Twitter, etc., etc., etc. too.

social media banned by China…and this is only, a small “portion” of that, “list”…photo from online

Based off of a news agency, the public safety department of China claimed that these software are being used by criminals to destroy the evidences of their, crimes.  For instance, the public security department of Nanking’s official WeChat posted that there’d been the findings of how the secret chatrooms are encrypted, especially the ones with “burned immediately after reading” (as the messages are read, the contents of the conversations vanish immediately), this is used by the criminals to swiftly get the convenience of destroying evidence, which turns these encrypted chat apps into “gray area” of the law.

And yeah, this is clearly, the Chinese government’s FEAR tactics, to scare the people, telling them that, their privacies are, invaded by these apps, and, if the people followed the “orders” of the government, then, they’d, turned in their right to free speech, and, maybe, being under Communist rule can, turn people stupid, because, after we’d been enslaved by our governments long enough, we do what we’d been, told, and we don’t even, fight back!

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Hillary Clinton: the Ambitions of Beijing Invading Taiwan, Dampened by the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

Just shooting OFF HER mouth too here, like it’s, anybody ELSE’s business IF and WHEN China DOES, decide to, invade Taiwan, and yet, the U.S. still had that biggest STAKE (the chip technologies from TMSC that’s, based here!), that’s why, the U.S. is, “hovering” over Taiwan, but, when the time comes for W-A-R, the U.S. will go with that, HANDS-OFF approach, don’t believe me, take a look at Ukraine!  Observations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate at the interview by the British Financial Times on the 20th stated, that the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict had “deterred” the Chinese government in Beijing from invading Taiwan.

Clinton warned, that if the former American president, Trump gets elected next year, it meant the “end of American democracy and the end of Ukraine”.

like this…from online

As for Putin, Hillary described him as “complicated, self-believed savior, narcissistic dictator”, had Trump been elected in 2020, then, the U.S. would’ve made its exit out of, N.A.T.O.

Hillary believed, that as Trump lost the presidential race, Putin believed he needed to take actions against Ukraine, and, he’d, made the miscalculations.  And because of how Putin couldn’t quickly take over Ukraine, this made chairman Xi rethink, reassess the tactics he wanted to use in taking over Taiwan.

Hillary told, she’d originally thought, that after Xi took over power as the chair of the communist party he would’ve ordered the invasion of Taiwan in three, to four years, but, “I believe that what had happened with Ukraine and Russia made him rethink his means of invading Taiwan”, which meant, that the Russo-Ukrainian developments had caused major influences in the higher up of the Communist Party in China.

She also stated, that she doesn’t believe that Trump will win the election next year, but if he does, then, it would be the end of democracy in the U.S., as well as the end to, Ukraine.  She said, that Trump is an “obsessed authoritarian”, he is powerless in tactics against Beijing, and on the matter of N.A.T.O., he will certainly do what Putin told him to do.

Hillary stated, that the voters in the U.S. are taking into considerations of how Biden is already eighty years old.  But he’d quoted Biden, “don’t compare me with God, but compare me with other men!”

and this would be, the “output” of that! Still HOT, right out of the, A-S-S too! Photo from online

And so, this is how other people are, shooting OFF their mouths, with a total disregard of how the people living in the countries feel, and, these opinions are still, uncalled for.  I mean, how the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), can you possibly know, what it feels like, to be the Ukrainians, under the fires of war with Russia?  Are you a Ukrainian?  HECK no, you’re, sitting comfy in your, soft couch, just, shooting off your mouths, and, in this case, the outsider still doesn’t “own” a clearer view of things, as the U.S. is, completely, totally, opportunistic, based off of what history had, shown, already…

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The Department of Education Should NOT Act as the Executioner

How, by taking these, distant-region schools off the “registries”, will only cause the gap grow, wider, and soon you will have the following: the students in the distant regions, becoming ILLITERATES, lacking a viable skill, causing the gaps between the rich and the poor to grow, wider, yet!  This just showed, how the government IS watching out for those who are, really, in need…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the coming on of reduction in birth rate, the enrollment of the private schools are, undergoing, a whole lot of, pressures, the notable technical high school, Gong-Dong Technical High School also got, listed, which caused great debates; the department of education had, disregarded the needs of the distant regions, only offered the stick, but not the, carrot, the way the Department of Education CUT off the support of the school, it way too, brutal.

Due to the impacts of reduced birth rate, to protect the rights of private school teachers and students, the legislature passed the amendment for the private schools to make their exits back in April of 2022.  All school that showed the cleared means of financial troubles, the qualifications of instructors not up to standards, owing the wages, a total of six thins, after the discussions, the confirmations are made, the school will be labeled, as “under counseling”; and if by two years, things hadn’t improved, the school will get, pulled, and everything will be, sold.

The problems of the private schools’ making the exits came from the prevalence of high schools and universities getting set up to operate, the government should shoulder the responsibilities thereof, but, had no plans to assist these school whatsoever; only the means of reprimands, no means of rewarding the excellence of the various schools, and once, the schools get listed, it’s a death penalty, and this was, a never-seen-before, brutality by the Department of Education.

Take Public East Technical High School for example, it was the fourth largest school in Taidong, with the apprenticeship means of training, and, trained countless competitors in carpentry, set up that standard for what technical education should be; let me mention, the makeup of the school’s students, fifty percent of native, twenty of lower economics statuses, the school carried the means of education in the distant regions, but due to the reduction of birthrate, the finances of the school started, not making it, and was listed. 

And so, this article, dissected the reasons W-H-Y, these, private schools are, having, such a, hard time, making it, the declines in birthrate, I mean, come on, who WANTS to pop their babies out, into this, way too, dangerous, and unfitting for children to live in, world?  Exactly, and, the government’s, threatening to SHUT these schools, which are, mostly located in the, distant regions, because they can’t, make the enrollment quota, is only, taking away the RIGHT of students of getting equal standards in education away, and, it still was NOT their faults that they were born, into, the distant regions, to those, families on the, lower end of the, socioeconomic, statuses, and the government is, punishing these students for it, I mean, how’s that, right???

It still, isn’t!  The only way to get this resolved, in by providing more chances of higher quality education to the students in the distant regions, as they are, the “needy”, and in, desperate need, of some government assistance, to give them, that needed “lift”, and the only way we can, overcome our circumstances is through, getting an education, and now, the government is, pulling the plugs, how’s that right???  It isn’t, but hey, that’s what the government here, is doing!  And there’s NOTHING the “voters” can do about it, because, these are the, far, far, FAR away districts, out of the government’s, “backyard”.

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The Turns of His Fifth Death Penalty Verdict, the Murderer of the Dual-Body Case Confirmed to Serve a Life-Term

Because there’s no, “premeditation” that’s why, this MURDERER, escaped the DEATH PENALTY, and besides, this added to Tsai’s “take death penalty off the tables”, this case because a tool in politics, nothing more!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Suspect, Murdered Two People in Ten Minutes, the Highest Courts Believed He Hadn’t Premeditated on the Murders, and Made the Calls, the Criticisms from the Families of the Murdered Victims Came

The parolee, Chen, eight years ago, at the parking lot in Ximenting, in only ten minutes’ time, murdered Tsai and Tsai, he’d gone through five trials, which all ordered the death penalty for him, the Highest Court believed, that Chen, before he’d shot Tsai, had waved to him to tell him to leave, but because Tsai turned around to look at the murdered victim, that was why he’d, gunned Tsai down too, that it wasn’t, premeditated, that his actions weren’t of serious enough criminal behaviors, tossed back the original verdict yesterday, and gave Chen the life term.

As Tsai’s mother learned of the verdict, she was shocked and inquired, “did the murderer, get away?” criticized the Tsai government for doing what it pleased, only wanted to take the government where she wanted the government to go, that many of the cases of murders, the victims can’t get justice; the verdicts from the Highest Courts, offered no, justice whatsoever.

She’d made a statement again last night, that the Highest Court’s considering how the murderer didn’t premeditate the murder, “is the Highest Court hard-of-seeing clearly, or is the Highest Court, blind”?, stated that the verdict was “toilet paper like”, served the means of opening the doorway of doing away with the death penalty, that karma will eventually come to the officials of the government.

the supporters of keeping death penalty in place,”no reasons for murder, the only punishment is the death penalty“…photo from online

The Highest Court pointed out, on the means of Chen, murdering Tsai, the courts employed the civil liberties, and political rights of the international laws, the U.N.’s human rights sixth interpretations, believed, that Chen gunning Tsai down was a “most severe of crimes”, but, the interpretation of the sixth already got replaced by the public opinion 36 back in 2018, that the considerations of the situations under which crimes were committed must be taken in, to NOT decide on the death penalty based, solely off of the severity of crimes.

The Highest Courts found, that Chen disregarded the lives of others, used the ferocious means to murder, that he’d impacted the safety of the society greatly, but, considering how Chen had, sent Tsai away first, the after he’d murdered Tsai, he planned to leave, walked toward the elevator of the parking lot, saw Tsai approaching, he’d waved to him to get away, but as Tsai turned his head, he discovered Tsai’s body, he worried that his murdering the man will get told, that was why he’d, killed Tsai as well, that it’s a spur of the moment thing, that it wasn’t, calculated.

And, Chen had fired his gun at Tsai from a distance, it wasn’t execution style, that it didn’t qualify as a most severe, and he got the life-term; on the murder of Tsai, the third retrial found no fault of the verdicts that came before, thus, maintaining the life sentence.

On January 13, 2015, the shooting at the parking lot at Ximenting, the drug cartel members, Tsai and Tsai’s bodies were found, stacked one over the other, inside a car, the police later arrested the chapter member of the Thento Union, Chen, the courts believed there was no chance of reforming him, the first trial, the second, the first retrial, the second retrial, and the third retrial, five times, sentenced Chen to the death penalty.

And so, this, is how this country tried to “match up” to the “clause” of cruel and unusual punishment, with absolutely NO considerations of how these victims were gunned down, only cared about the perp, and that’s just, SHIT, as justice still did NOT get, served, but hey, look on the bright side, this murderer will now be tortured, for the rest of his life, behind bars, with the families of the victims, feeling, that justice still, was NOT, served, at all!

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Steve Hinnefeld: Indiana Librarians Defeat Effort to Make Them Criminals — Diane Ravitch’s blog

Steve Hinnefeld writes about a threat in Indiana to ban books and to criminalize librarians who allow anyone to check out a banned book. Hat’s off to Indiana’s librarians. They turned out in force last week when legislators considered making it easier to ban books and prosecute people who provide material that’s “harmful to minors.” […]

Steve Hinnefeld: Indiana Librarians Defeat Effort to Make Them Criminals — Diane Ravitch’s blog

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The Man Who’d Caused the NCC to Become Completely Corrupt, Chen, the Legal Scholar, Had the People Under His, Thumb

How the DDP needed all the agencies that were supposed to be neutral, and ruling on the facts, to go with what the party directed them to do, turning all the originally, impartial, agencies of the government, into, their hired, guns!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The NCC had abused its power, and fined the T.V. stations, and, they’d gone after the CTI Television Inc. which the DDP believed to be the needle in their eyes.  The station felt unfair that they were, pulled, and started up the executive sit, and N.C.C. had already lost NINE times continually, in the appeals, and the original cases.  But, the outside realms, may not feel that justice was, finally, served, because N.C.C.’s cases and the legal consulting fee budgets had increased eight fold in only just, five years’ time, there’s already an over $13 million N.T. budget that’s put into the N.C.C. just this year; while N.C.C. still planned to smash more of the taxpayers’ money to fight against the rulings that it had, abused its power.

The abuse of power of the N.C.C., is most apparent in the most recent win of C.T.I.  Back in 2019, the news channel reported that “Odd sign?  The phoenix shaped clouds showed up in the skies as the three cities mayors stood together for photo”, the station got fined $400,000N.T. by the N.C.C. then.  Actually, N.C.C. had sent the news story to the external broadcasting department to be aired as a commercial to see if it was valid, and only four of the committee members out of sixteen believed that the news channel should be punished for false reporting, with the rest believing that the news channel should be left alone, or that a letter should be sent to the station, to advise the change in their reporting means.  But the N.C.C. committee members, in their discussions, disregarded the decisions of the consultations, without any just cause, found that CTI was, unlawful.  The High Executive Court had, stated that the “NCC only took partially of what’s been stated, and the opinions of the minority of the members who’d taken the vote, ignored what the majority wanted to rule the case for, believing that the news channel hadn’t, done anything illegal.”, that there’s the mistake of NCC’s ruling the matter, and thus found the news station having win the case.

with the “shoe” being the DDP, and that tiny man, the news channels, the papers that don’t print the news to the DDP’s liking…illustration from online

And, surely, the bad news of the clouds that the CTI reported, wasn’t checked, but, up to seventy-five percent of the consulting members on the case believed, that it’d not gotten up to the realms of its reporting the matter being, illegal, that a tag to the station to change the reporting, to improve itself would be enough.  And yet, the N.C.C. took the minority opinions to fine, clearly, it’d become, an operator of the, political party, fining because of the sake of the agency feeling like it, with NO justifiable, causes.  But, if the case of CTI is how the government uses the independent agency as an assassin, a classic case of suppressing the freedom of expression, freedom of news media, then, the case of Mirror Television station would be how the independently operating agencies, became a subsidiary of the government, working for the political party as its, “hitman”, to create an ALL DDP-favored news media press.

Based off of the voice files of the whistleblowers, the reviewing of Mirror T.V.’s license is based off of “what the president asked”, as the higher up of government, the president’s own requests, the directions of the former N.C.C. officials, along with the NCC committee members’ covering, the station was set up to operate on T.V.  And yet, shortly after Mirror T.V. gained the certifications to air, there’s the financial problems of the T.V. station that’s come out, and in just one months, there were, the “rotations” of four different C.E.O.s too!  And the head chair of the N.C.C., Chen was listed as a defendant of how there’s evidence of the Mirror News Station embezzling.  And, despite how the society had, doubted and questioned, Chen still didn’t, excuse himself off the board, being a chairman of the station; and recently, there’s the internal whistleblower of the N.C.C. that disclosed, that Chen had forcibly made sure that Mirror T.V. got its, certification to air between April and May.  And surely, if this is so, then, just like how the legislators stated, N.C.C. had, kicked itself, and Chen became, the “biggest sinner of the corruption of the N.C.C.”

Reviewing over the cases of CTI and Mirror Media, we can see, how the N.C.C. had kicked itself, and how Chen became, the man who’d, corrupted the N.C.C.: first, Chen would rather be the executioner of freedom of speech, freedom of the media; secondly, as the independent agencies became, the hitmen of the political party, and willingly and ably, became its, tool; third, the external consulting meetings were used to cover up for the abuse of power, and even if there’s no agreements on the issues, it can be manipulated to that fitting to the government’s liking; fourth, Chen was listed as a defendant in the case of embezzlement, and still not excused himself, and did everything he could, to protect the channel; fifth, the cases against the country had yet to ask the public officials of the government to take the needed responsibilities, and used the taxpayers dollars to fight the court cases; sixth, the Examination Department of the government became totally, dysfunctional, and the government led by Tsai choose to, overlook the facts.

Based off of the leaked documents from the president’s office, although Chen “couldn’t quite manage things that well”, but after he got called in by the higher up officials, he’d followed the orders perfectly.  And so, the government had wanted Chen, to take care of the shady things that’s being going on, for example, the case of unshelving CTI, and placing Mirror T.V. in its spot.  Chen will not be fired, not only because, there are, many more questionable officials in Tsai’s government, but moreover, because the government led by Tsai is now, in need of these, immoral, political party affiliated, officials who only followed the, orders.

The news media was innocent to get fined, with its reputations defamed, the loss of earnings from getting pulled its employees out of work, you can’t get that back fully; while the government’s taking the freedom of the press, of speech away from the people, it’d added to the chilling effect.  But ,the N.C.C.’s defending its abuse of power, the costs of the court cases, hiring the attorneys to fight the cases in court, we, the taxpayers are now, shouldering; to the point of how Chen may become a defendant, listed for embezzlement, it may even be the taxpayers’ taxes that will help him pay for his court fees.  And so, NCC and Chen now have all of the citizens in Taiwan, in their, pockets here!

And so, this is how corrupt this government became, and these higher up officials still does the wrong things, taking away the freedom of news media, freedom of speech, turning this originally “free” (yeah, as if this had been a free country to begin with???) country, into a totalitarian, dictatorship, and there’s nothing that WE the people, can do, about it, we’re all, ENSLAVED by this god damn, government here!

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The Predatory Gold-Medal Coach Forced the Female Competitors to Repent Using Their Bodies

What the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), another #MeToo, and it’s still, happening, out in the open these days, instead, getting covered up by the curtains, because the survivors are now, coming out!  The RAPE of her coach, and she’d not realized that something was, wrong, and, there’s still, NO victim in this…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A gymnastic coach in Hsinchu, Ni had trained many Olympic medal-winning gymnasts, was with good reputation in the field, the locals called him, “Gold Medalist Coach”.  But he’d been found to have, assaulted the underage adolescent girls he’d trained, a female student, “Ting” (a false name) started getting sexually assaulted by Ni since she was in her last year of middle school, and when she’d not done well enough in the competitions, her coach made her “repent” using her body too, it wasn’t until her sophomore year in university, she’d had enough, and finally, pressed charges; the Hsinchu District Court found, that as a coach, Ni had gone against the ethics of his responsibilities toward his pupils, that the degree of maliciousness was quite severe, sentenced him to two years three months for opportune rape of underage minors and breaking the laws of children & adolescent welfare, and he can’t get probation for the term.

The verdict pointed out, that in 2010, “Ting” competed in the Taidong “All-Gymnastic Meet”, because she’d not made high enough marks, it’d, upset Ni, Ting went to the coach’s office to apologize, claimed, “to not make him so angry anymore, I’d, had sex with him.”

Ting testified in court, that in her last year of middle school, he’d been called into Ni’s office multiple times to have sex with him, “the most frequent, he’d called me in, two, three times a week, at least once per month.”, to the point, that when she was at the lunch hour breaks, she’d still gotten called in by him, to “talk”, and “I knew what he’d wanted”, Ni would lock the door to the lounge, and, had sex with her on the L-shaped couch in the breakroom.

Ting pointed out, that in the process, she’d not refused to have sex with him, that reason why she’d continued to have sex with him was because he was her coach, and hoped that she could, do better, in her reasoning, so long as she’d not defied her coach, she could get a less severe physical punishment, and wouldn’t have a hard time, using the equipment to train either, and, since she started having sex with him, Ni became, easier on her.  The teammates testified, that they’d seen Ni, hugging Ting in the breakroom, that in the middle school competitions, they’d seen Ting stay a long time in the coach’s, room too.

Ting stated, from her last year of middle school, all the way, into her sophomore year of university, she’d continued having sex with Ni, first, it was because she’d feared him, and not dared to defy him, but, as she entered into high school, she wasn’t, so scared anymore, “because I believe, I was, dating him”.  Ting told that she liked Ni, but also, because her coach promised her, that maintaining this sort of a relationship with him, he could help her have better developments in gymnastics, that she’d worried, that if she’d told him no, he could find ways, to put an end to her career as a gymnast.

As the incidents busted last year, Ni’s coaching career ended by the National Training Institution, and the school also decided to fire him, to NEVER allow him to work in the schools, again.

Yeah, this is still, POWER RAPE!  The coach used his status as the young lady’s coach, and used her career as a gymnast to threaten her, and, this young woman was fearful, and allowed him to get away with raping her, and she actually thought that she was, doing herself a favor, by allowing the coach, to have sex with her, and there is still, NO victim here, only abuser AND enabler, and these predatory men are still, preying on, those innocent, naïve, fearful, young girls, and there’s nothing anybody could’ve done, to PREVENT this sort of SHIT from recurring, again, again, and again!

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