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A Brighter, Ordinary, Day, a Poem

What’s, left, behind, translated…

The Wavelength that Passed Through the Collar of the Asteroid Belt of the Aging Dog of the Astronomer

The Blue Whale’s Lowered Whispers with the Trashed Submarine

Gave the Bay a Glow

I Lifted My Head up to the Darkness

Who Was it

That Forgot, to Turn the Lights within Our Bodies, Off

On the Shoulders of the General

That Invisible Kitty, Pounced on the Firing Squad from Before He Was, Still, Living

(The Songs of Sorrows from the Beginning

The Assets Immaterial in the Very End)

These Stanzas of the Poems, Shall Get Beyond What’s Been Destroyed Between You & Me, Sailing, All the Way, into, the, Skies

And so, this is on what’s left, after everything go, BOOM!  What remained, of the love, of the life that’s, gone, what is taken from the examples of these lives, lived………

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The Air, My Friend

The column by Jimmi Liao, on the calming words of reassurance, offered to a young child, translated by me…

The Cloud Rocked Me in its Arms,

Hummed that Lullaby,

Don’t Worry Little Baby, Fret Not Little Baby

The Clouds are Light, the Wind Gentle, Everything Will be, All Right………

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, off of UDN.com圖/幾米

We are all in need, of this sort of a reassurance right now, especially with this whole world currently going crazy, and, the safest place we can find is here, inside our minds, for in our own minds, we are, able to, live on freely, without any worries or fears!

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The Air, My Friend

The column by Jimi Liao, translated…

I Heard His Cries

I Felt His Despair

I’d Touched His Sorrows

I’d, Closed the Book

He’d, Vanished So Suddenly

Then, Immediately, Came to Me Again

And so, this showed, how the pen IS, mightier than the SWORD, the words touched people, even AFTER they’re done, getting spoken out there, and the influences of words will keep on carrying over…

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Child, a Poem

And no, this is still NOT my picture, found it online…


The winter’s sun managed to

Dry up the dampened verses taped on my back

And, all those who are behind me

All looked upon my back curiously

But, there was just, one child who’d just

Learned to read

Who’d started, reciting the verses on my back

This just shows how pure children are, because, as an adult, we’d been taught, not to do things, that it would be impolite, but, sometimes, it takes a child, to point out to us, the oddities of what’s happening, like that kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes, that pointed out that the emperor wasn’t wearing anything. 

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Losing You to the Rain

The rain came, and, it just, took you away, no matter how hard I’d cried for it to stop, it just wouldn’t budge!

The worst part is, losing you to the rain, I kinda knew, that I was going to lose you, but I just didn’t expect, that I’d lose you to the rain, and, during that stormy night, I’d played this hard-to-win game of tug-of-war, with you, as the “rope”, with the rain, and, you KNOW that the rain, is destined, to GET its way with the world, and so, naturally, as you may have expected, I’d, lost…

Losing you to the rain, I won’t have it, I will NOT allow the rain, to wash your memories out, but, the rain, it’d still, attacked my windowpanes, and, each drop that hit against my transparent windows became needles, into my heart, and, it hurt, oh so bad.

Losing you to the rain, it’d be a very long time, or, so it felt that way, since I’d lost you, during that stormy night, and, from time to time, I’d still think about everything relating to you, but, these days, I’d moved on, and so, that rainy night that I’d lost you, seemed to be getting distant, little, by little, each, and every day…

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I’m a Stray, the Perspective of a Dog, Abandoned

Found online, translated…

Just Walkin’ Alone, with Nowhere Particular to Go

Nothing to Hover Over My Head When the Rain Came Down on Me

Looked Here, and There Too, But Found Nothing Edible

Looks Like I Will Be, Feeling the Hungers in My Dreams Tonight

I’d Dreamed About My Owner But He’d Become Too Blurred Out

I Guess, He Wanted Me, to Learn to Fend For Myself

I’m Still Wearing the Shirt You Gave Me as a Present

But, No Matter How I’d Lifted Up My Head I Can’t Recall Those Happier Days

I Still Recalled, the Heat From the Palms of Your Hands

And Recalled that Small Passage We Took, to Get Back Home

It’s Just that, I Fear that You’ll No Longer Recognize Me

What to Do, I’m Hurt It’d Often Reminded Me of You

I Can’t Take Myself to the Vet

McDonald’s, Ketucky’s, They’re My Favorite Fast-Food Restaurants

And, You’d Used to, Sneak Me Inside

I Expect, You’ll be Showing Up, Hug Me, Don’t Look Down on Me

Don’t Let Me Feel that, the Skies Are Really Gray

So, does your hearts ache, after hearing this story, from the perspective of a D-O-G?  You should, after all, you’re talkin’ ‘bout something getting abandoned, and, s/he had once had a good home, but, for whatever reasons there may have been, s/he is not, without that loving caretaker, wonderful owner, and this can also be “applied” to people getting abandoned, NOT just P-E-T-S!!!

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A Father Like Me, a Short Prose


Early in the morn, I got into the shower, the jasmine-scented soap caressed my body, I was, a bit shy, told it, that I can manage.  The bubbles started striking up conversations on pointless matters, mostly relating to the topics of cleaning up the dirtiness of human life.  I was very focused, scrubbed myself down, then, I’d turned on the showerhead, with the sprinkling down of the fresh, clean water, I feel refreshed on the inside.  I’d walked in front of the mirrors, nude, holy!  I had, become, transparent now, “How could this be?”, I couldn’t even see myself, “Did I, wash myself away a little while ago?”, I was so shocked to beyond speech.  Outside of the bathroom, my wife hollered at me to eat breakfast, I’d anxiously replied, “Okay, wait a minute.”, I’d rubbed my eyes, and, glared into the mirror, still, don’t see my own reflections, in the mirror, all I saw, was a ray of light, still no signs of myself though…… “What do I do?  I’m lost!”, what would my wife and child, if they’d found, that her husband and his father gone?  “I can’t stay in the bathrooms, I must, work up the courage, march outside, to tell my family what, exactly happened to me!” I’d slowly, pushed the doors open, inhaled in deeply, walked toward my wife and children who are chit-chatting and eating, I’d worked up the courage, spoken loudly, “I’m eating now!”, they’d looked my way for a bit, then, continued to eat and chit-chat, “Don’t they think it strange, that I’m now, transparent?”  I sat down, looked down at my invisible hands, cutting up the corn and bacon omelet, “Didn’t they discover that I’m missing?”  “Do they not care at all?”  “Am I, not even, the LEAST bit important in this family?”  Throughout the entire morning, endless questions, circled inside of my transparent mind.

So, this father had become invisible, finally, as he’d probably just, focused on working, to PROVIDE for his family, without realizing, that ACCOMPANYING his wife and children would be the MOST important thing in his life, and now that he’d become transparent, he’d lost his purpose, his meaning, and, all those long hours he’d pulled in those late nights at the office were for naught, and, had he paid a bit MORE attention to his kids and wife regularly, maybe, they would be able to see him, who knows, it doesn’t matter, as he’d already, turned, transparent now!!!

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Sending my well-wishes to you, translated…

Flap Those Wings

Passing Through the Tunnels of Time

That, is how postcards work, they’d become this medium, that you can transfer your thoughts to one another, without the envelopes or the extra “weight”, just a small, 4X6 card would do the “trick”!

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The Dreams, CRASHED, on the Freeway of Reality

Told YOU to NOT tailgate that car up front, but, did you listen???  Uh, NO!!!

The dreams, CRASHED, on the freeway of reality, and, what’s worse, was that there’s ice on the roads, and so, the dreams, they skidded, turned over, over, over, until they’re all jumbled up and, the “car” still won’t stop, because it hadn’t “bumped into” anything that’s stronger yet (as Newton’s Law of Motion suggests???)…

The dreams, crashed, on the freeway of reality, because those dreams, they are unreal, I mean, let’s face it, how many of you CAN and WILL become the president of a country?  Exactly, and, how many of you actually became a circus worker?  The dreams, crashed, on the freeway of reality, that, was out of their expectations, for it never expected that they would get shattered, so hard…

The dreams, crashed, on the freeway of reality, and, they’d called the traffic, to be completely jammed up, and, people are heading places, and, now they couldn’t, and, they’d started getting agitated, and, had their separate “episodes” of ROAD RAGE.  The dreams, crashed, on the freeway of reality, and, they’d all, died, and all that’s left of them, was that blood stain………and, their dead bodies still weren’t given a proper burial.

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Somewhere in the Long, Dark Night

Somewhere in the long, dark night, you’d heard, a loud screech, you were awakened by the sound…

Somewhere in the long, dark night, there’s someone, who’s kept awake by something troubling his mind, just like me, and, I’m looking forward, to the day, that I finally meet up, with this man, who’s JUST like me, and then, maybe, maybe we’ll start something, who knows???

Somewhere in the long, dark night, I’d closed by eyes tight, held on, tightly, to Teddy, for he was, had been, my long-term, constant companion, a willing listener to my troubles, and lately, I’m just too afraid, because mama and daddy’d been fightin’ a whole lot…

Somewhere in the long, dark night, you’d started dreaming, up of a fantasy world, where you were actually, loved by your parents, and, when the day breaks, you tried to block out the light, because you know, that the moment you’d opened up those sleepy eyes, those fantasies, they faded out, to gray, and, you are still, living in the MINDSET of a child who was once, abused and neglected by his own parents, someone whom nobody EVER loved!

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