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In the Case of the Fifth Grader Adding the Substances to His Classmate’s Water, the School Denied that They Were Passive in Handling the Matter

Of course, that’s what the “official statements” would say, because if the school admitted that oh, we weren’t, careful enough, then, the school gets, SUED by the victims and their, parents, a great way of, dodging responsibilities here, when this SHIT happened under your watch, and then again, it’s the individual’s actions that’s, given this school, a bad rep!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A fifth grader in an elementary school in Taichung had upsets with a classmate, and he’d coconspired with three other of his classmates, added the juices of devil’s ivy to the classmate’s water bottle, the victim drank from the water bottle and fell ill, the parents called the cops, and complained how the school was passive in handling the matter “refusing to provide us with the sound files, the video files of the conferences with the students and parents”.  The school yesterday apologized on this matter, stated that as soon as they were notified of the incident, they’d, immediately contacted the security professional of the school, other than counseling the individuals who were involved, they’d also called up the emergency meetings in the school to start up the investigations.

The school pointed out, because the student is under twelve, to protect the students’ privacies, they will provide the counseling, and educate them on what constitutes as proper, to prevent them from getting hurt again, and begged the society to give these students, a chance, to turn their lives around.

And, the parents of the victim filed for the bullying, the school told, that it’s reviewing the evidences based off of the bullying prevention standards that’s set up in the school, and will hasten the investigation, continue to reinforce the means of stop bullying in the meetings in school.

Members of the public posted online, that the higher grade level students A and R in a certain elementary school had the upsets with one another, although they’d resolved the matter under the mediations held by the teachers, but, A started researching for the related information on poisonous plants, and coconspired with three other students in the class, in the end, decided to use the devil’s ivy, and waited until R wasn’t looking, added the sweetened sap of the plant into his water bottle, after R drank the fluids, he’d started feeling nauseous, and started having a stomach ache.

The Taichung Department of Education stated that the school already started counseling the students who were involved, and both of the parents of the students had also, filed the bullying and discrimination cases with the schools, the case is currently under investigation.

And so, this, is on how the parents of the victim are upset, over how the school handled the matter, and, this is outrageous, how the school can, allow the elementary age student, to do such an awful thing to one another, in school!  This happened in school, and, it didn’t matter whose fault it was, it’s the students!  And the school is now, dodging responsibilities, yeah, they are all, “minors”, but hey, it’d happened, UNDER what should’ve been, YOUR WATCH, and yet, the school refused to, MAN UP???

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A Sixth-Grade Girl Was Suspected of Being Bullied in School, the Parents Accused that the Instructor Coerced the Other Students to Lie on the Stand

What was worse, is that the teacher had, taken the LEAD, in the bullying of this, victim, and the victim’s, written and crumpled, thrown out note got found, by the parents, that’s how this whole thing got, busted, WIDE, open!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Young Girl in Taichung Feared Going to School, Became Suicidal, Lu the Mayor Demanded that the Department of Education to Quickly Check for the Facts the Humanistic Foundation Wanted the School Instructor to Get Out of the Instructors’ Rosters

A sixth-grade girl was suspected of being bullied by her classmates, and turned into by her instructors; the parents of the victim accused that the homeroom instructor, Liang not only “didn’t do a thing” to stop the bullying from their child’s peers, she’d also told the students to lie about what happened, to make it that the female student had hugged other male students, along with “engaging in abnormal behaviors”, to report this case as a matter of gender equality, causing the female student to have too much pressures, to her having suicidal tendencies.

the Humanistic Foundation demanded with the parents’ at the press conferences, that the Department of Education in Taichung should quickly terminate the contract for hire, and get the students in the instructor’s classes to the other classes, and offer counseling to the students who’d been directly or indirectly affected, but not by the counseling office of the school, that the Department of Education should carry the responsibilities for counseling of the students.

The mayor, Lu told, that the city will do everything by the book, demanded that the department of education to supervise the school in the gender equality board evaluations, so justice will and can be, served soon.

like this…photo from online

The Department of Education pointed out, that last year in December, the sixth grade girl had a spat with  a student, as the school intervened, she’d written a five-hundred letter of apology, and the parents of the bully victim had accepted the student who’d bullied their own daughter, but were upset of how the homeroom instructor handled the matter, how the school did NOT report the incident, and that’s why, they’re, pursuing.  Later on, the homeroom instructor found, that two male students had pushed another male student, who’d, bumped into the young female student, and used the reasons of “improper bodily contact”, and listed her as the victim, and reported the matter to the gender equality evaluation committee.

The parents pointed out, at the start of last December, their daughter’s photo was made into a funny shot by the students in the class, then, she was isolated, and then, bullied, the student asked the homeroom instructor, Liang to help her with it, but, the instructor said she “wasn’t into handling it”, and the instructor had even posted the names of the other students who’d confirmed that the bullying was occurring in class on the parents’ group of the class, the instructor had attempted to sway the parents’ views, causing the parents to have the misunderstandings, and started the rumors in the classrooms, to isolate the student, the parents of the victim went to school to ask, and Liang the instructor told them, “it was all an misunderstanding”.

In January this year, the instructor, Liang had the students falsely testified, that the girl had had “improper behaviors” such as hugging with other male students, and reported the incident as a case of gender equality, and not notified the parents, to make the young girl face the attorney on her own, to withstand too much, pressures.

The parents told, their daughter now feared going to school, that one day, she’d, wondered by the railings outside of her fourth floor classroom, leaving the note that she wanted to take her own life behind; they’d asked the school to investigate the instructor, the school gave them “we won’t be looking into it” on paper, without giving the parents any reasons, nor had an conference of discussing if the female student needed to get placed out of her original class, and made the child get bounced around from one classroom to the next and the next, and she couldn’t get help anywhere, and had had her mother stay in the classes she was learning in every day.

A parent who’s child had lied about the bullying by the teacher came forth, told, that her son or daughter was “told by the instructor how to write a statement of what had happened”, and later, wanted to tell the truth, to clarify things, but became a subject of the rest of the classmates’ bullying too, and became, depressed every day when s/he is to go to school.

Yeah, this is how bad it gets, not just because of how this bully victim’s continually getting picked on by the classmate, but how the teacher not only didn’t do a thing to stop the students from bullying this victim, she’d taken the lead in the bullying too, and this sort of an improper instructor should get her/his teaching license, revoked, and labeled AS “improper instructor”, so no more schools would EVER, hire her/him again!

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The Cases of Bullying in School, Difficult to Make it to Court, the Head of Department of Education Allowed for the Evaluation of the Processes of Reporting, and Dealing with the Cases

The political party is still, “johnny-come-lately”, in EVERYTHING, not just in how it responded to MERS-CoV, the problems brought on by the aging community, and now, this, bullying in school too, still too zoomed in on the “treatment”, instead of the prevention of the problems here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the case of bullying in school is still pending investigation in a high school in Taichung, the legislators who aren’t from the DDP found, that in recent years, there’d been a high prevalence of reports on cases of in-school bullying, but not very many cases made it to court, they’d deducted, that it’s due to how these cases did NOT fit to the “continual” bullying definitions, “continuing” but there’s no hard evidence, with the various counties and cities going by their own rules of definitions, the cases are being underreported, and not paid enough attention to.  The head of Department of Education, Pan stated, that the first step to stop bullying is encouraging the victims to report, but it’s still case specific, that he’d promised, to reevaluate the procedurals, and the definitions of what constitute as bullying in school.

The legislator, Wan told, that the third rule of school bullying prevention mentioned that bullying must be a continual behavior, and those once incidents were only seen as bad conduct of the students, but, one single bullying event, may damage a student for life; the legislator, Cheng also told, that in the past, Japan also wrote “continual behavior” into the anti-bullying laws for interpretations, but the legislature had removed it since; the American definitions of bullying also did NOT have the “continuing of the behaviors” set in, that the Department of Education should, reevaluate the definition of bullying.

Pan stated, encouraging the victims to report is the first step to bullying prevention, that he promises to set a more precise definition after he’d discussed the matter with the department of education, to set up a fuller system of reporting.

And so, this is how the DDP still, treated the problem, after the problem came out, and that’s how they keep on, delaying everything, first, it’s the vaccines we need for MERS-CoV, then, the quick scan kits, and then, it’s this, the systems just aren’t, set up completely, and that, is the problem that needed to get, FIXED up, for everything to run more, smoothly, but, those god DAMN higher up officials of the DDP, they do NOT care!


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Suspicions of the Student Who Committed Suicide was Bullied by the Instructors, the Educators: Speculating What Happened isn’t Objective, the High School Student’s Father: the School’s Investigations are Coming Along Too Slowly

The aftermath of the suicide of a high school student, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male high school student from Taichung committed suicide this February, the families came out, and accused the school for inappropriate discipline, that it was how the school managed the matter that’s caused the son to withstand way too much pressures, that eventually led to his, suicide, it’d been over a month to date, and the school still took a passive approach to handling this matter, it’d angered the community.  The high school student’s father told the central chapter of the Humanistic Education Foundation, that since the events, the school attributed his son’s death to personal matter and family causes, delayed the investigations of what actually caused the student to suicide, it wasn’t until the Department of Education finally intervened, did the school started taking the matters, seriously, and the investigators, are still too slow to act, everything is now, hindsight, but finally, someone’s, doing, something now.

The school matter meeting occurring in April, will have the high school student’s father to come.  The father stated, that he had, completely trusted and complied with the means of discipline and trainings of his son, and yet, the school’s means caused his son to commit suicide, “I don’t think I can trust the school’s own investigations now, he’d hoped, that a representative of the foundation will accompany him to the meeting, so the truth can come out soon.  The school had no response toward this.

Before the high school student committed suicide, he was suspected of being body searched, having his backpack searched, with NO justifiable cause by the school instructors, and the teachers blankly accused him for stealing money, when there’s NO physical proof or evidence that he had done so, and he couldn’t withstand the pressures any longer, at the bottom half of February, he’d committed suicide at home, and a lot of the members of the online community left the messages, and stated that they feel bad for the student, and that was when the parents found, that their son had been bullied repeatedly, and harshly by the school’s instructors.  But the school was quite passive in handling the matter, until the Department of Education intervened into this matter, then, it’d started up the investigations of what had, happened.

Wang, the professor of counseling major of Changwha Teacher’s University stated, that the case seemed to be how there was a lacking of counseling provided to the student, that the school didn’t take into considerations how the student would feel being a thief, that’s caused the student experience the severe negative emotions, this showed that there’s the problems in the operations of the entire systems of education, that it’s best, to get the expert outside of the school, to get involved with the investigation, to try to find out the part of the structures that were set up right.

Wang told, that as the students started exerting the wayward behaviors, and odd emotions, then, the risks of self-mutilating, should be implored, the means included, identifying the behaviors, showing care and concerns for the students, referring the individuals to professionals, first, identify the individual with the negative emotional responses, accompanying her/him, and set up counseling, if needed, refer the person to a fitting professional facility, to prevent the dangerous feelings from growing bigger.

Those who work in education stated, that the society does NOT know what happened in the case, and started judging right and wrong from the speculations, which caused the opinions to tilt, the entire matter is already sent into the investigation processes now, other than investigating what happened, the Department of Education, and the schools should also, help the students gain more abilities to resolve their emotional difficulties, to prevent the happening of, the next tragedy.

And so, based off of this, it’s the school that’s, lacking in action, toward how this kid was being bullied by the instructors, and this is a huge problem, because of course the school will NEVER admit that they’re wrong, because that’s like slapping themselves across their own faces, but a high school student had committed suicide, and, maybe it was cowardly of the student, but at least, the school should dig into W-H-Y, this kid committed, suicide, instead of keeping on, passing the balls, and not manning up to take the responsibilities of their involvement in what caused this student to kill himself.

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The Middle-School Age Female Student Was Called “Ugly”, Had Her Friends Ganged Up on the Person, Forced Her to Get Down on Her Knees and Apologize by Knocking Her Head to the Ground Repeatedly

Bullying in the teenage years here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A female middle school student from Tucheng, Hsinbei City, got upset of how another female student criticized how she appeared physically, had the classmates ganged up on her, forced her to kneel, and knocked her head to her to apologize, and even filmed the whole thing, then streamed it online.  The families of the victim already demanded that the footages get taken off the internet yesterday, and went to the police to report the case.  The school stated that they are going to set up a bully prevention team, to offer counseling to the victim as well as the perpetrators too.

The footages showed, the adolescent girl called on all her friends, and blocked the victim off into a dead-end ally, and demanded that she get down on her knees to apologize, the victim kneeled and knocked her head against the concrete said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those bad things about you”, the bully called her out, “why did you say those bad things about me?”, “what made you so much better than I?”, the victim knocked her head against the concrete and continued, “I shouldn’t have called you ugly”, the abuser and her friends captured all of this on their cellphone, and the footages showed the victim’s head covered in egg yolk and egg white, suspected that the group had smashed the eggs against her head.

and this is what bullying without that SMACKDOWN looked, like…

photo from online

The victim’s parents heard their daughter’s friends told, that was when they learned that she was bullied, but they couldn’t get their daughter to tell them what happened, it wasn’t until the parents saw the footages themselves, yesterday, the parents of the bullied victim went to the school, demanded the perps to delete the footage, the friends and families told, that although the other girl’s parents went to school, but they’d not apologized, and the family already notified the police, they’re waiting on the investigation results.

the school told, that they will host an emergency anti-bullying prevention forum by next Monday, and counsel all students involved in the incident, and offer whatever the parents requested the school.

The Hsinbei Department of Education told, after investigation, this was a misunderstanding among the peers that’s caused the confrontations outside of school, the school already reported the matter, and are now, taking the footages offline, the parents also arrived to school to the counseling of the students involved.

And so, this is still an abuser/enabler interaction, and no, I’m still on the side of the bullies, but, had you not talked TRASH about someone, then, would that person feel compelled to GANG up on you with her friends?  Of course not, and BOTH sides are at fault in this matter!

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The Resolves She’d Helped Me Find in Life

Being bullied is never easy, especially in our, teenage, years, but, someone came along, and showed us the light, and we held on to that light for life!  Translated…

My last year in middle school, I’d started living the life of seven to nine, early to school, studied late into the nights, then turned home, and, even after the graduation, I’d still kept at, this, schedule.

Three weeks until the major exams, the futures belonged to, the future, and, every single tomorrow had, pressed hard down on me.  During the lunch breaks, the heated up classroom became an oven, with only, four buzzing fans high on the ceilings, I’d become, so drained, no matter how much I’d napped, I’d gone without, much, energies, sweated like crazy, and, as we put our heads down onto the desks, as we woke, we still had to watch for the drools we’d left on our desks, otherwise, those bored-out-of-their-bones would, make fun.  And, even as the major exams are coming on, we are stuck in the, awkward years of, puberty.

At the time, I ws best friends with a girl, we’d become, a clique.  The enormous pressures, the tough instructor, those childish boys, the laughter of our friendships, along with that future that’s, driving us on, became, the blueprints of our, teenage, years.

But on that day, after our nap hour, the classmate sitting behind me quietly inquired, “What’s happened between you and your group of, friends?  They’d be spreading the words of you being a ‘bitch’?”, my heart raced very, fast, it’d become, almost, unacceptable, to me.  Are we not the same group?  Didn’t our interactions go very well daily?  I could barely hold down my surprise, ran toward the restrooms, as I’d entered into the stalls, I’d, cried hard, a physiological response that came at me way too hard, I couldn’t stop myself from it, and I couldn’t, head back into the classrooms, again.

it was like, this…getting singled out by that clique you used to, hang out, with…photo from online

My classmate collected my things for me, I’d insisted on riding my bicycle home on my own, but on the way home, I’d had to, pull over to the sides of the road, and started, gagging, with the gall bladder juices rushing up into my mouth.  The following day, I’d decided, to stay at home, and study by myself until the major exams, in the evenings, my instructor called me up, told me to return back to school to study, I’d sat in the living room, without any lights, heard my own, weakened, stubbornness, and the darkness of the future, that awaited, me then.

Then one day, I’d received a card from A, I’d only casually interacted with her from time to time, but in the card, she’d written about how she was worried about me not being in school, and told me to IGNORE what they say to and about me, at the end, she’d given me a motto: you take it all in now, you will feel stable and steady, take a step back, and you will see the world open wide up for you.

“The World Opened Wide Up” was in bold to me, it took up an, entire, page.  I’d read it, and read it, over, and over again, carefully, tucked that card, into my desk drawer, and, my body that was originally filled up with the anger, the resentment, gone then, she’d empathized, and understood my being bullied.

Later I’d, actually gone to that faraway place I wanted to go, but unfortunately, we’re no longer, one another’s, companions.  After I made my way into the adulthood years, out of, puberty, whenever the pains that hit me harder than being called a “bitch” came, as my scabbed up wounds inside started hurting again, I’d, taken out that vast openness inside my heart, that entire, whole, page of it, that’s, still, a guiding light, twinkling, showing me the way in the darkness I was, stuck in.

And so, this is how it got for you, being bullied by your friends, and it’d hurt, but, someone else noticed your pains, and empathized with you, and, you were more than grateful for that individual’s presence in your life, and you’d, taken her words of advice, and, started living by it, and her words became, that bright and shiny beacon, in your moments of darkness, when you needed some, guidance.

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The Bullying in the Schools, Leaving the Instructors Feeling Quite, Helpless

The vicious cycle, which bullying keeps on, recurring, because the problem wasn’t, identified, started back at, the roots here!  And, if the roots are uncovered, no measures you take, will be, effective, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of the papers, there’s, another gang bullying case in the middle schools, and it was only from hearing that his first year middle school girlfriend claiming that she had a conflict with the victim male student back in the elementary years.

The bullying incidents, showed the severe bad behaviors and values that had been, learned by these, young adolescents, the young perpetrator showed in the footage, called on the gangs, to beat the victim down, it was quite shocking for me to watch.

As the incidents happened, following the standard-operating procedures: step one, Instagram/FB posts; two, forwarding to the enterprises of gangsters; third, public trial by the online communities; fourth, spreading the footages around; fifth, police investigations; sixth, reporting the incidents to school, and the security guards of the schools; seventh, finding out exactly who were, involved; eighth: notifying the parents, and the related individuals to come to school, nineth: delegating the responsibilities to the involved parties; tenth: sue for threats; eleventh: determine if the students should be sent to the police, or to sent them home to be watched by the parents………………

Then what?  Those who had no intentions of changing their behaviors, continued to bully with their gangs, and get involved with the mobsters, and get groomed into, the serious, gangsters.

What changes a person, it’s not the threats, nor the control of her/his bad behaviors, not negating her/him, but to help her/him find her/himself, to help the individual realize that there’s a better version of oneself that one can, become, and all of these need the interventions of, professionals, and the “time” too.  There really is, only limited things that a school CAN do, and, the schools simply, can’t possibly, handle those, undetonated bombs, and can only, pay more attention, to enforce the awareness to counsel!

The more effective way is for the government to spend the dollars where they would count the most, to set up the budgets for “special task forces”, to actively follow up with the activities of these students, to counsel them, to see the bullying as a huge problem, and to, resolve these, problems.

But, it still doesn’t get done right, because everything will, get lost in the many standardized operating procedures of, reporting the incidents within the schools (if the victims are, brave enough!), then, the schools call up the parents, and the parents ground the students, and, if the act of bullying in the schools worsened, then, the school needed to call up the law enforcement, and the student gets taken to juvenile detention, and picks up more bad behaviors, because s/he has to survive in there, and then, the student comes back out, and gets worse in the bullying means, because they’d picked up on the ways, in juvenile detention, because that’s how they are, to survive!

The vicious cycle will never end, because, the root of the problem hadn’t been, identified here…

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PART 1 Mass was mandatory for students at Body of Christ Elementary. Three days a week during school hours. Like a regular class. The wooden pews had no padding. My ass cheeks would sweat and itch in my polyester uniform pants, then go completely numb halfway through the service. We weren’t allowed to move around. […]


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The Warmth of that Glow

How you went from being the bully of an outcast of the class, to siding with her, becoming her best friend, translated…

Before Christmas, my good friend, Yu-Jeng sent a surprise to me, it was her own handmade mistletoe wreath.  With the card in the box that it came in, with the words, “Hope the warmth of the symbols from this keep illuminating both our hearts.”  As I read how delicate her handwriting, which hadn’t changed for years, I’d found, that this woman seemed to have forgotten, that twenty years earlier, she’d already, shone that light on my life already.

I met Yu-Jeng when I was only twelve.  Back then, my behaviors were, foolish, and I’d, had, many enemies in my classes in middle school, and, a group of girls, sent her to undercover to act as my friend, to get the intel on me, so they can, take advantage of me, and, just as they’d expected, being outcast by the class, I’d, quickly become, besties with Yu-Jeng; it’s just, that the “enemies” not long after we were friends, sent out the message of how she was, an “undercover spy”, to attempt to get Yu-Jeng to become loyal to the group again, and gain my trust in them.

As I’d, heard these rumors, I’d not prodded Yu-Jeng for the truth, perhaps, it’s how I’d turned, after being victimized by bullies too long, I’d, gone soft, we became friends, and, if the affinity is there, then, we shall stay friends, and if not, then, no big deal.  And, a few days later, Yu-Jeng pulled me into the girls’ bathroom, and, told me everything, and, the summation of what she said was this: “Compared to you, I think, they’re, the weird bunch!”

And so, I’d, turned the undercover.  And, for the days that followed, Yu-Jeng stood up, fearlessly, against the pressures of our peers, and, stood by my side, we’d, turned in our, group work reports, run the laps together for P.E., solved the equations in math together, eating all our lunches for the three years of middle school together.  She’d not even 150 centimeters in height, and, as the wind blew too hard on the days of the typhoons, the wind was, carrying her off, and yet, in that, tiny frame of hers, there’s, enormous, courage to stand up for me against her peers, no matter how thick the smoke, how hard the cannons, the gun fires came towards me, she’d always, stood, shoulder-to-shoulder with me.  Those days of, being an outcast, being singled out, it was her, who’d, illuminated, my memories.

After the generalized exams of our third year, I’d, tested into the academic track, she, into the community college high school programs.  During those years without the communication apps, every day before our birthdays we’d, texted to one another to meet up, then, I’d, entered into university from high school, married after graduation, become a full-time housewife, she’d tested into the university from her community college track, started working at a firm, then, switched tracks, then, entered into marriage.  The reality may have, baptized us of that wildness of our youths, but, these sorts of deep connections, became ever the more precious as the years pass by.  These couple of years, because how busy I had been, I’d lost track with a lot of my old friends, and, even if as I was too busy, too stressed, Yu-Jeng would still remember me for me, when I felt too tired to carry on, she’d, sent me a text of encouragement, or a gift.

Up to here, I’d, picked up that wreath she’d sent to me——the light scent of cinnamon, lowkey, but, awakening, just like the small-framed woman, seemingly cold and aloof, after getting along long enough, there’s that flow of warmth from her.  Even as twenty years had flown by us, she’d still, stubbornly, looked after my heart, like that source of stable light, pulled me back as I was about to fall.  I’m too blessed, to have a friend who knows when I’m weakened by my own trials of life, who’s willing to, give me a hand to help pull me up.

And so, this, is how the depth of connection from your school years lasted until you are both adults, and, because yoiu broke out of the “norm” of your clique, and started, standing by the outcast who’d become, your close friend and confidant, and because of those earlier years of comradery, that’s why the two of you are still, connecting with one another to this very day.

Friends for L-I-F-E here is what you’d made!

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The Six Inmates Bullied Their Cellmate, Sentenced to Four to Seven Year’s More

Picking on someone lesser, that, is what we, normally do, and this happened in prison, where people are sent, to get, “corrected”, molestation and abuse of their, fellow, inmate…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yen and five other men were serving in the prison of Kaohsiung, saw that their cellmate, the twenty-seven-year-old was with that feminine feel to him, easily bullied, and, they’d, ganged up on the man for more than a month, until the manager of the prison noted something wasn’t quite right, then, busted them all.  The victim accused the perpetrators for molesting him, that he was stomped on his pubic area, nicknamed, “Missy”, and “bitch” and other names, while Yen told that they were only, joking.  The High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung sentenced the perpetrators anywhere from four years five months to seven years.

The verdict pointed out, that the victim and Yen, and five others shared the same cell, Yen was the “man in charge” of the cell, responsible for keeping the peace in the cell; at five in the afternoon on May 21st, 2017, Yen disregarded the victim’s fighting him of, touched his penis by force, the cellmates, Tseng, Hsu saw, didn’t put a stop to Yen’s behavior, instead, they’d, joined in molesting Yen, pinned the victim down, so he couldn’t use his legs to kick off his attackers, Yen was successful in molesting his cellmate.

The victim appeared, and sounded, more feminine, he’d been long-time bullied by his cellmates, and, as he was molested by the group, nobody saved him, and his cell mates exacerbated, and all participated in his abuse, he’d worried if he’d fought, it would get worse for him, and can only, allow Yen and others to pat his breasts, his pubic area, and, he was stomped on hard in his pubic too, for about a whole month’s time.

But, being bullied long-term, it’d, made the manager of the prison system noted that something wasn’t quite right, and reviewed the surveillance, and found the group’s bad acts; during the testimonies, the victim cried that his fellow cellmate nicknamed him “missy”, “whore”, and would moan and groan like him, and every time one of his cellmates started abusing him, the others would, join in, and so, he couldn’t find help, and could only, put up with the abuse.

Yen and the other inmates claimed they were only, horsing around, but the judge reviewed the surveillance footages in the prison cells, and, charged the men who’d abused their fellow inmates on felonies of molesting using power.

And so, this, is how the underdog lives, he couldn’t fight back, because, it would only get worse for him, and he had, nowhere to run to, he’s, locked in with his abusers, and so, he could, only, keep what happened to himself, until the prison guard found something that seemed off with him, then, this case, busted wide, open, and these men who’d, abused this victim will get punished, even more severely, and, they will, be paying for what they did to this fellow inmate for a long time to come.

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