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I Was, Dragged, by Dementia, for OVER Ten Years

The illness, surely IS, LONG-LASTING here, isn’t it???

 I was, dragged by dementia, for over TEN years, and in those over TEN years I’d lost NOT just my mind, but my dignity, and the “right” to my body, and my own life as well.

I was, dragged by dementia, for over TEN years, and, it is still, ongoing, and I pray each and every single night, for this LIFE to end, but, each and every single morn, I’d still wake up, to the rooster crow.

I was, dragged by dementia, for OVER ten years, and, life is just, way too long winding (and I’m wishing, that I lived in a place, where EUTHANASIA is legalized, but it isn’t!!!).  I was dragged, by dementia, for OVER ten years, and, you don’t know how H-A-R-D life gets, I’m NO longer in control of my body OR mind, I’m just still, a heart, still beating, inside this empty shell of a body…

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The “Byproduct” of Carelessness & Dementia

Careful, at the WORST, this, may result in D-E-A-T-H, or putting someone into a permanently VEGETATIVE state…

The “byproduct” of carelessness and dementia, well, the first part CAN be avoided but, it usually wasn’t until it is too little, too late, because, WHO here has the free time, to keep your eyes, GLUED to the elderly at your homes?  Or, to ZOOM in, using that SPYCAM, on your elderly parents’ behaviors, and, even IF you’d seen them doing something B-A-D (still NOT talkin’ ‘bout peeing ALL over their houses though), can you RUSH there in time, to save their lives?  I think N-O-T!!!

And so, more often than not, as careless and dementia “joined together” in UNHOLY “matrimony”, it often results in death, or someone being in a VEGETATIVE state, and, by then, you’ll see the family members, HITTING their chests too hard, crying their E-Y-E-S out, over the demise of their elderly kinfolks………



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An Elderly Man Was Killed, After Swallowing His Medications for Ailments, Along with a Set of Keys

The RULE of watch your “kids” also applies to watch your elderly parents here, from the Front Page Sections, and, you NEED to be especially watchful toward those elderly with D-E-M-E-N-T-I-A, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly man, Jing, with diabetes AND dementia, when taking his medications, accidentally swallowed his keys too, at dinner time, he felt his throat hurt, the son mistook it for his father having a cold, took the father to the doctor, the clinic sent them to the Veteran’s Hospital in Taichung, after the X-rays, they’d discovered the keys inside his esophagus, but the elderly had become unconscious already, and the resuscitation didn’t do anything, to save his life.

“There had been so many days when my husband didn’t have the appetite, even the easy to swallow rice gruels too!”, Jing (80 years old), the elderly man’s wife told, that last Tuesday, when her husband took his meds at home, after some ten minutes, he started slurring his speech, she’d suspected that he’d swallowed some fish bones from dinner.

Jing’s wife said, after she’d given him a drink of water, he’d still claimed to be uncomfortable, she’d immediately told her son to drive the man to the farmer’s hospital that was a part of the farmer’s community; the doctors ordered a blood test, took X-rays of his abdomen, but because he had a low white blood cells count, they’d kept him overnight for observations, the very next morn, they’d transferred him to the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital in Taichung.

The elderly man’s son said, that back then, the doctor did NOT check his father’s throat, and after they’d put him through the X-ray, while scanning his whole body, the doctor was shocked to discover a set of keys, lodged inside the elderly’s airway; as they were doing further examinations, the man lost his consciousness, the hospital did a tracheotomy, the elderly still died.

Jing’s wife thought back, that there was a single key placed, next to the bag of medication, she couldn’t understood how her husband could’ve mistook it, no wonder she couldn’t find the keys to the door.

And so, that, just shows you, that you still need to keep those “dangerous” items (and keys had become ONE of them too!!!) OUT of the reach, of NOT only children, BUT the elderly too, especially for elderly people who could NO longer tell, because of dementia, or the deteriorations of the brain………


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