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“I’d finished a novel recently.  The female protagonist, because she hated her ex who was a dentist, she’d sworn that she will NEVER have anything to do with anyone who’s a dentist, for the rest of her life, and even if her tooth ached to the point that she couldn’t swallow food, couldn’t sleep, at most, she’d downed those extra painkillers………”

I believe, that whoever that wrote this novel has never really had a toothache as in ever!

And this, is still plain STUPID, because you’re punishing yourself, for something that’s NOT even your fault, and because you hated your ex who’s a dentist, you’re willing to sacrifice your own health?  Are you STUPID, or, are you just stupid, woman!

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Hard for Me to Believe, Depsite All the Evidence

I don’t know what it’ll take, to convince myself…it’s hard for me to believe, despite all the evidence that’s stacked up against him, he’s my husband, and I support him, more than one-hundred percent, there’s NOT an inkling of doubt about what he told me, I trust me, wholeheartedly.

Hard for me to believe, despite all the evidence, yeah, I know what the evidences point towards, that he’s cheating on me, but I just don’t believe that to be true, because I KNOW, that he is faithful to me (here comes the D-E-N-I-A-L!!!). He’d never cheated on me, and, so, why would I believe the words of someone else?  Plus, he’d tell me if he’s NO longer in love with me anymore that’s for sure.

It’s hard for me to believe, despite ALL the evidence, because I’m blinded by love, and, there’s NO way for me to see the truth, shining through again, until, I get KNOCKED off my feet, and that’s not happenin’, anytime soon, so………

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“I Thought You Were Only Interested in a One-Night-Stand”, the Woman Got Angered, and Sued the Man for Rape

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lai used the cell phone application, “Shake it”, asked a twenty-five year old woman out, and had sex with her, the very next day, the woman texted him to go see the night scenes, he’d “not read the message, and not replied” for six hours, the woman got angered and told him, “You were only looking for a one-night-stand, I’m going to sue you for rape!”  The D.A.’s office in Hsinbei City believed that it was consensual sex, and so, they didn’t prosecute the man.

The thirty-five year old man, Lai at the bottom of January, met a drink store clerk using an application on his cell, the woman agreed to go to Lai’s place in Tucheng, Hsinbei City.

As the woman walked in, Lai’s mother and his younger siblings were all watching television on the first floor, Lai took the woman into his third floor bedroom, they ate, chatted, then, had sex; as the woman got home, she’d texted him, and he’d replied, “Do remember to take the pill.”

The next day at four in the afternoon, the woman texted Lai, “Won’t you take me to watch the night skies?”, at six, “I’m off work now, are you there?  Are you busy?”, which Lai didn’t read.  At nine in the evening, the woman wrote, “You don’t answer my calls, you’re ignoring me!”  “You were only into one-night-stand”, at ten, “I hope you get run over on motorcycle, and walking too!”

The woman saw that Lai had been ignoring her for six whole hours, texted, “I had never intended to sleep with you, but you’d forced me to.”, then, she’d called the police to report it as a rape.

When the D.A. questioned them, Lai claimed that it was consensual, that he never forced her; he said, that he’d been too busy the whole day the next day, didn’t even check his cell, and when he finally got around to it, the woman had already started the process of pressing charges against him.  The D.A. reviewed the conversations records, and took the witnesses from Lai’s house, and discovered, that as the woman left his house, she was properly dressed, and looked comfortable, and that there was NO rape involved.

And so, this woman, because the man she’d given herself to didn’t call her back, she got mad, and SUED him for rape, when it was, consensual sex, are you FUCKING kidding me here?  Just because someone had sex with you and didn’t call you back right away, that still doesn’t give you the right to libel and slander now, does it?  Nope!

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An All-Star High School Male Student’s Nude Photos Was Spread Online Maliciously

Apparently, this young lad is still, TOO inexperienced, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student from an All-Star High School posted forty of his own nude photos online, awhile ago, the photos went viral onto a gay porn site, then, forwarded to the Facebook Fans Page “Hate Jien-Guo All Boys High School CK Hate”, the male student two days ago, came forth to the police with his parents, and the police are zoomed in to the perp.

The male student discovered his own nude photos on a porn site on Mid-Autumn Festival, and was forwarded onto the Facebook Fans Page where his classmates usually go, he told the cops, that during March of this year, he’d forwarded these photographs to a man he met online in the city of Taipei, he had NO idea it was going to go viral.

The male student still showed up to school yesterday, and, he’d gotten upset, as his classmates inquired him, the school stated, that they couldn’t restrict the students’ friendships outside of school, but had already had someone counsel the adolescent.

The Fans Specialty page of Facebook “CK Hate” on September 7, there was a post, “This lower class member is making himself known to the world”, with the X-rated gay websites attached.  After the male student reported this to the police, the gay website could still link to his Facebook page, but this student’s nude photos had already been deleted.

The police stated, that they’d zoomed in on this specific online “acquaintance”, and, if the man had spread the photos maliciously, he would’ve broken the laws, and could be sentenced to no more than three years in prison and charged with five million dollar fines.

The originally opened to comment website had the online community raging, and had cussed out everything about Chien-Guo High School, the Fans page of “Hate Chien-Guo High School”, had already posted an apology and retraction notice, and the man responsible for the website stated, that he may be faced, with getting shut down.

The online community felt that this male student was taken advantage of, “What did the manager do?  Couldn’t they filtrate the articles first, this, is outrageous, that they’d put things that should’ve been private out there.”

And that just shows, how everything you’d posted online, is still fair game, and, what the HELL were you thinking, child?  You should’ve had better sense, to know, that everything you’d posted online, can and will get spread (like that infectious disease?), or, did they NOT teach you that in your session on web safety in school there?

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The Metamorphosis of a Prince


Ping Ping wondered to herself: how, is she to play the role of a queen well?  Or, a vicious stepmother.  She’d used her mother’s eyebrow pencils, and darkened her lips, and put her mother’s purple shawl, and draped it from her own head, and because of how petite her size, her mother’s shawl draped from her head down to her toes.  The shawl had round bat prints all over it, looked somewhat gloomy; Ping Ping knew, that bats are a symbol of luck, because of how synonymous the word “bat” is with “happiness”.

Yun, who played the role of Snow White, saw Ping-Ping, in a dark purplish black dress, and how her lips were black, she was so frightened that she’d cried.  Ping-Ping took out an apple, from under her shawl to hand it to Yun.

Ying-Ying ran out from behind the couch, and pulled out a tissue from the tissue box on the tea stand, to help Yun dry her tears.  Ping-Ping called out to her aloud, “Ying-Ying, return to BACK of the couch, it’s not time for the prince to show yet.  Yun, stop crying, just take the apple, and take a bite.” The next scene was the prince, kissing the princess, and waking her up, Ping-Ping directed her friends, “Quick!  My mother will be home in twenty minutes.  Yun, quit blinking already, close your eyes tight.  Now, enters the Prince, go kiss the princess.”

Yun lay on the ground, in a white lacy dress, looking like a doll, and Ying-Ying who acted as the Prince was the tallest of them all, dark skinned, with an oval face, single eyelids, with long black trousers, white shirt, she’d strutted over, looking like a man.  Ping-Ping knew how to assign the characters, as for when nobody wants to play the role of the Evil Queen, she’d taken that up.  Ying-Ying bent down, as her face got close to Yung, Yun spoke in a barely audible voice, “Can you not kiss me on the lips?”  Ying-Ying’s face stopped in midair, atop of Yun, she’d stopped moving.  Yun continued, “Hand me your MP3 player.”  Ying-Ying’s lips pecked Yun’s nose.  And, because of the angle, Ping-Ping couldn’t see where the kiss had happened.

Thirty years later, they’re all close to age forty.  Ping-Ping became a dean at a college, sitting next to her is Yun, who was JUST like herself back in childhood, still very quiet.  Ping-Ping asked what’s been happening in her life, Yun said that a decade ago, her father’s business venture failed, that she’s now, teaching in an elementary school, and her husband in a middle school.  Ping-Ping thought that she must not be feeling well, that, was why she looked so frail and tired.  At this time, a tall, fashionable woman walked in to the café, fashionable, because of her looks, she wore a pair of golden hoop earrings, her three inch golden heels, and her white dress, showing almost all of her thighs, she swayed as she walked to their table.  Oh my god!  It’s Ying-Ying!  All the classmates sitting there hollered out loud!  Wow!  Ying-Ying told them that she’d just gotten back last week from California, her husband is in real estate, an American.  Ping-Ping thought, that the Americans have a different standard of what beauty is, and so naturally, in their views, Ying-Ying MUST be a beauty.  And, because she was perceived as such, she must dress up.  Seeing how Ying-Ying had a light purple eye shadow, with a bright red lipsticks on.

A year later, Yun called Ping-Ping up, asked her to meet out at a café.  Ping-Ping saw how Yun was even thinner than the year before, became even more anxious, NOT knowing what happened.

Yun told her, “I’d lost my three million dollars worth of saving, all because of Ying-Ying!”

Ping-Ping exclaimed, “What?  Did Ying-Ying ask to borrow money from you, and not returned the loans?” Yun became unlike herself, started talking nonstop, perhaps, it’s how she didn’t have a person she could talk to that she’d kept everything in all this time, “No, not a loan.  Do you remember our last reunion?  Three days later, Ying-Ying asked me and three other female classmates to the café at a grand hotel.  She’d talked of how her ex had an investment opportunity, buying up land in California, that it was a company owned by her husband and his friend.  She’d shown her on the I-Pad to, entered into the website of the company, and showed us the pictures of that huge chunk of land, and, they saw how off in the distance, was a high-end community, she said, that a year after they’d bought it, they should sell it, and that will allow them a profit of forty percent.  She’d even shown us her land buying license from California too.  After three meetings, the four of us each bought a chunk of land from her, and we’d even received the deeds to the land.  But, a week ago, she’d called, that that real estate company had filed for bankruptcy.  Then, it’d come to my senses, that the three million dollars I’d invested are all gone now.  After that call, I couldn’t get back in touch with her again.  That, was the money I’d saved up, from my twenty years of teaching!”

Ping-Ping thought to herself about how bad human nature is, that Yun had taken advantage of those who trusted her the most; and how blind we all are, to trust the images we’d had of one another from before.

Because people DO change, and so, you CANNOT expect those good friends you’d had from your high school days to be exactly the same as you all were, and, people WILL take advantage of you because you let them.







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Stood by the Infidelities of a Man

Is that, S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y???  Well, come right on in, I saved a special seat for ya!!! Stood by the infidelities of a man, but W-H-Y?  Because he looked so remorseful for his FUCKING his whore?  And, that, was only number O-N-E, because right after she’d forgiven him, he’d started huntin’ for his third, fourth, and so on.

Stood by the infidelities of a man, because she watched her mama did it, and, her mama just SUCKED it up, took everything on herself, and, she thought that that, was the right kind of values she too, should exert.

Stood by the infidelities of a man, but W-H-Y?  Does she need his monetary support?  Heck no, she brings in a BIGGER piece of the bread AND bacon too than he, in fact, he’s the one, living OFF of her, and so, why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) is she standing, by the infidelities of a man?  Oh, must’ve been her mama’s fault, because her mama put up with her daddy’s cheatin’ too, and so, she’d watched from her eyes as a child, and learned by modeling, as that, is how children learn, by W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G their bad adults behave…

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A Place Called Denial

There’s that place, beyond the rainbow (and no, you still won’t find that Pot of Gold!!!), a place called denial, where you can find that much-needed, BUT way too temporary relief from your pains.

A place called denial, I’d seen people headed in, and, they’d never come back out, and so, here I am, standing in the doorways of D-E-N-I-A-L, hesitating on IF I should go inside.

A place called denial?  Nah, been there, done that, and now, I’m OUT of the wooded regions, and, you KNOW what they (don’t ask who!!!) say about those wooded regions, don’t you?  That Big Bad Wolves (and yes, there ARE more than O-N-E!!!) are lurking there, ready, to POUNCE on their P-R-E-Y-S, and, if you want to go in, and become a prey, or rather, wolf doo-doo, then, go RIGHT ahead, but, count ME out!!!







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Stuck on the Right Side of the Track

This, is when making mistakes IS illegal!!! It’s like, my feet, they’re SUPER-GLUED, and I just CAN’T even make ONE small error, I mean, what’s a life without making any errors, right?  It’s, uh, B-O-R-I-N-G, isn’t it??? Stuck on the right side of the tracks, and, there’s NOTHING I can do ‘bout that.  Stuck on the right side of the tracks, oh, how I wish I am allowed one teeny, weeny error every now and then, so I don’t have to carry this “perfection cloak” that’s weighing me down so very much.

Stuck on the right side of the tracks, I don’t want to be, but, I’d been doing what I’d been told to do, with absolutely NO talking BACK to my adult counterparts, and, if I start rebelling against them, what will they say of me?  What’s happened to that sweet child who’d always followed her mama’s and daddy’s words down to the “t”, and so, I MUST let myself down, because I can’t afford to let my parents down, because, what IF they don’t love me, if and when I’d made one teeny, weeny error?  How will I live then?

Stuck on the right side of the tracks, you should come over to the WRONG side, every once in a while, after all, you can’t force yourselves to live in the façade of your adult counterparts’ perfect view of W-H-O you are, that’s just, too tiring, and, you will eventually feel the strains, and, if you don’t deal with the strains while they’re still manageable, they’re going to become KNOTS, and, we’d ALL seen how hard those K-N-O-T-S are, to get untangled now, don’t we???  So, yeah, make a mistake, every now and then, nobody needs to be perfect all the time…

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A Brand New “Diagnosis” for Alice

This, IS how the modern day world IS viewing Alice…

With the “advancements” in diagnoses of mental disorders, and your FUCKING adult needs to “label” your children, along with a TON of OTHER “stuff” that’s currently ongoing, Alice’s lack of focus, and her daydreaming had become, a “crime”…

And, after Alice just couldn’t focus in her lessons, her sister and her instructor for her lessons started worrying about her, and, they’d taken her to the hospitals, to try to find out WHAT’s wrong with her, and, with the medical advances of modern day, the doctor examined her, first, they thought that it was only attention-deficit, but, they quickly ruled it out, because NOT focusing is NOT her only problem at home.  Alice drifts into daydream mode too much, and, the parents told the doctors, and, the doctors flipped through those OVER-SIZED, medical journals, and, saw, at the end of the last page of the journal for childhood disorder diagnosis (it’s NOT a real “journal”!!!), that there’s a newly “found” “item” of sluggish cognitive tempo, and, they read on further, and WHAM, the medical descriptions are perfectly matched up to Alice’s problem.

And so, this time, the docs took her off Ritalin (for treating HER attention-deficit), and put her on a brand new class of drugs, but, because this disorder is quite new, it’d only been discovered a few months ago, -ish???  There’s TOO many unknowns, and, treatment is still NOT available, because, there’s NOT enough information, NOT enough “literature”, on this brand new disorder…woe is A-L-I-C-E!!!








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He Wanted Your Money, and Not You

So, why won’t you just WAKE up already, woman???  A Q&A, translated…

Q Ms. A Wrote…

About a year ago, she’d caught her boyfriend in bed with another at his place, turns out, that the “spare” was her boyfriend’s boss, she’s eighteen years older than he.  The boyfriend took out $30,000N.T. from his bank accounts to keep her, acted as her chauffeur and fuck buddy, the two of them would go everywhere together, and the woman had promised to give him two million dollars too.

A worked real hard, to get her boyfriend back, but the boyfriend stated it all too clear, that he would rather have the money than the love, that he couldn’t live without the money the other woman gave him, so, he chose to break up with A.  A felt taken, decided to destroy both, so, she’d told her boyfriend’s other partner, and, the other woman, after realizing this, kicked her boyfriend to the curb, and ended the relationship.

After the boyfriend had been “fired”, he’d come back to A again, and A, who was unwilling to let go of the love they’d shared for three years, took him back, and moved in to his place with him, and she’d also shouldered up the responsibilities to providing for his family, his parents, AND him too.  The boyfriend’s family is registered as one of the low income households that lived off of government assistance, the family of three, none of them had jobs, the parents are easy-going in daily living, and when they have extra cash, they’d blow it off on lottery tickets, or donated it the church; and A, in order to help provide for the boyfriend and his family, she’d nickeled and dimed, saved up every penny she could, really lived, like a low income person too.

A had thought about, so long as she’d moved back home, she wouldn’t need to worry about her boyfriend and his family anymore, but she didn’t want to break up with him because of this.  She didn’t know what she should do?
A My Opinion

Let’s return back to the moment, the scenario when A caught her boyfriend in bed with another: he’d told her clearly, that he wanted the money, and NOT the love.  He’d chosen the spare with the money, and NOT want someone who gets a regular paycheck from a regular nine to five like A, that, was his true self.  And the reason why the boyfriend came back, was because the other woman dropped him, and so, he’d settled for lesser, just wanted to use his original motive, of scamming and living off of her!

A is merely a “substitute”, until he is able to find another richer “supplier”, he would dump A, without a second thought!  He’s a truly useless man, with NO ties to emotions, A did everything she could, to keep him and his family fed, not only the boyfriend, but his parents, they showed NO gratitude toward her, and, A risked getting dumped, when there’s a richer girl.

This, is not yet considering how his mother would waste the use of the utilities and the toilet paper too, do WAKE UP soon!

And, this woman still get TRAPPED, why is that?  Oh yeah, because she IS involved in all of this, so, she couldn’t see it clearly.  It will take something ELSE (oh wait, he’d cheated, and stole, and lived OFF of her too!!!), even W-O-R-S-E, like she nearly dying, and he still don’t pay ANY attention, for her to finally turn cold, I suppose, and, she’s currently S-T-U-C-K!!!

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