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A World of, BIGOTS…

This is what we’re, living in right now, a world of, BIGOTS, with their, tiny little, PEA-SIZED brains, and an even smaller-sized tolerance for others who aren’t the same as the “vast majority”……..

A world of, BIGOTS, and we’re, allowing these, ASSHOLES to rule us, to lead us to that hell somewhere, WAY lower than, the “given” six-feet under.  A world of, BIGOTS, because, these politicians are, brainwashing the next generations, erasing histories, telling them that what had actually happened WAS a lie (remember that slavery had never happened?  Or how Lincoln did NOT get ASSASSINATED by J. W. Booth, that he had died, from, choking on a piece of meat, or as I like to believe that he had???  Not to mention, how the kids these days, aren’t reading or writing, AT their, expected level of understanding based off of their, grades (had you CHECKED out those scores of the state-administered standardized exams yet????)

like this??? Political cartoon from online

And, these politicians are going to spin things, however way they want to, knowing, that us idiots who can’t educate ourselves, will, follow them, straight to hell, and we actually do, because we the people are FUCKING (so???) retarded, we the people, LACKED that sound judgment, besides, it’s always easy to not lead, and get BLAMED, if something goes wrong, so yeah, let’s all, get in line for that game of L-I-M-B-O there, and see how L-O-W we can, all, GO!

and we’re all still, following THAT, Conga LINE! Photo from online


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The Cambodian Human Trafficking Case, the Female Head of the Human Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Seven-and-a-Half Years

Absolutely, NOTHING, and, there’s still NO victims, only ABUSER AND, ENABLERS here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Each Individual, “Sold” at $100,000, Gotten Nine Victims for the Scam Rings, the Chiayi D.A.’s Office Busted Another Case of Organ-Harvesting in Cambodia, the Two Suspects Sentenced to Six-and-a-Half Years and Six Years

The case that shocked the society from last year, the Cambodian scams, the female head human trafficker, Chang managed to entice nine Taiwanese persons to get sold of for sex, busting open the curtains of Taiwanese trafficking out the Taiwanese, the Changwha District Court found, that Chang had completely destroyed the trust between people, also, damaged the reputation of this country internationally, gave her a heavy sentence of seven years six months yesterday on using money to entice the unsuspecting individuals abroad to sell, the accomplices, Chiu and Lin, were given four years six months and three years six months respectively.

And, the Chiayi D.A.’s Office found that the members of the human trafficking ring, Wang, Lin, using the claims of higher wages to entice the unsuspecting victims to Cambodia, and attempted to harvest their organs, and made the illegal profits of millions of dollars, thankfully, all the victims all escaped, and no organs were, harvested, the courts found the two guilty on attempting to harvest someone else’s organs illegally, to six years six months and six years.

Chang (age 41), used the false identity of “B Kitten”, worked alongside Chiu, Lin, set up the Kaibo Company that had an address in Phnom Penh, the Wanli Company in Thailand, the international criminal organization.  The Wanli Company also set up a subsidiary “Crazy Frog Dee Human Resources Agency” on LINE, and split up into mechanical, backup, personnel branches, the personnel used the formal hiring, the scamming to hire, to recruit the members, the “scamming sect used the message of hiring the speed data entry personnel, and make a ton of money, to trick the people in this country to head to Cambodia and Thailand.

enslaved, and sold…photo from online

Chang was put in charge of “Personnel”, posted the want ads of “Side Business” on FB, and the friendship ads pages online, that the company was looking for workers, and paying them a high wage, if someone took the bait, then she’d commanded Chiu and Lin to pick up and drop off the victims to the specified hotels to stay, and to get them their passports, and, every person they got successfully shipped out, there would be the $100,000N.T. pay out, and Chang and Chiu would then split the profits forty-sixty.

As the victims arrived to Cambodia, their passports, and cell phones were confiscated, and limited in mobility and communications, if they refused to work as scammers, they would get fined or be beaten into submission, and some were even sold to other illegal businesses, and if the victims told that they wanted to go back to Taiwan, then, the families had to pay $400,000N.T. in ransoms, or try to get their friends there, to take their, places.

The D.A. chased the leads, found that Chang managed to recruit nine others, of them, four were shipped abroad, three had paid the ransoms, then were released back to Taiwan, the other five, were stopped from flying out at the airport by the police.  Chang was originally a clerk at a telecommunications store, had applied for hundreds of prepaid phone cards, to use as the phone scams, and she’d become, a female human trafficker later.

Yeah, I mean, this looks, like a, lucrative “business”, selling HUMANS, doesn’t it?  And, there are still, NO victims here, only ENABLERS, if you were enticed by the false claims of high wages, little to NO experiences required (I mean, use your BRAINS: is there something that great, ‘cuz if there is, sign ME up too!), and yet, this inexperienced (I mean, there’d been, how many god damn cases already again???) group of “children”, still didn’t have a clue and they got SCAMMED, and now, the government, their parents, loved ones, relatives, whatever needed to pay the huge amounts to get them back, so whose fault is it?  And no, this is still not me, “blaming the victims” here either.

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Everyone Who Resides on This Island Should Learn How to Use an AK47, Destined for DEATH

How the U.S. plan to MANIPULATE the people in this country, the DDP government (oh wait, that’s already been done, we are, the U.S.’s BITCH already, remember???) and this island will end up, just like HIROSHIMA, after the NUCLEAR bombs dropped after…what was it???  World War I or II?  Can’t remember, but feel free to check it up online, people!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

To protect the peace of Taiwanese Strait, to avoid Communist Chinese invasion, this is, a most important task for Taiwan and the U.S.  And yet, O’Brien’s many suggestions to the Department of Defense, are like getting the prescriptions from the dead: even if the avoiding of war, the peaceful methods not being considered, the U.S. only wanted us to add the oils to an already starting to burn flame.

The People’s Liberation Army at the end of last century, already used its own developed 87, 95 rifles to replace the AK47s, and now, the brand new improved O3 is also, added in in the ammo.  Their exteriors, interiors, the bullet size, are all very different to the AK series.

If the Communist forces invaded Taiwan, no matter how amazing our national army is, we won’t get our hands on an AK rifle, to kill off the invaders.  The bad joke of “everybody learns how to use an AK47”, it’s the delusions of how the aerial defense here is using the F-104 fighter planes; or how the police awhile back, mistook the model guns as arms getting out into the public.

what the Taiwanese government EXPECTS we the people, citizens of Taiwan to do! Photo from online

Not discussing the type of weaponry, “everybody learns to fire a gun” isn’t a new idea.  Not too long ago, those students in the high school level, they’d had to go to the shooting practices in the military mandatory courses in their schools.  To this very day, even though the effects of the four-month long military training classes had been underfire, at least, it’d helped the males in this country to have the ability to pick up a rifle and shoot.  And, if O’Brien called out to the Taiwanese government, to quickly start up the training sessions of the military courses, or mandate that women are to enroll into the armed services training, not every citizen here would agree to that.  And yet, his suggestions toward the defense of Taiwan against Chinese invasion, it’s based off of his whims, using the subjective to try to sway the beliefs of the people here, he’d not done HIS, homework at all.

Furthermore, the talks of putting the missiles in storage at the local substations, and when necessary, the destruction of TMSC, to everybody in the country learning how to use the assault rifles, it’s all signing the death warrant of this country.  And, the expectancies of Taiwan’s will in the “Calling of defying China”, don’t we need the U.S. as a tougher backup to us, to give us, the clearcut, precises promise of they will come to our, aid?

O’Brien was the only national security advisor that’s not gotten Trump upset, in his term of office, the relations of D.C. is at an all-time high tension with Beijing, but he’d not renounced the giving up of the belief of one China policy, expressed the U.S.’s desires to set up diplomatic relations with Taiwan, to sign a military agreement with the country.  And the U.S. can’t even make the promises verbally, how do you expect those who are on the frontlines, to fight, without anything holding them, back?

Yeah, the U.S. finally, showed its, ugliness, it wants us to get sacrificed, we are, the PAWN of the WAR between China AND the U.S., as if that’s not already known, and yet, this god damn FUCKING government still, can’t think on behalf of what’s best for we the people, (and we are still THE people!), as it keeps on making us, U.S.’s, BITCH, and who do you think will come to our aid, as that boy still cried, W-O-L-F here?  NOBODY, that’s W-H-O!

And this country shall be, SACRIFICED, on the, ALTAR, and there’s nothing I (because this shit is still all mine dissection of the issues!) will do, about it.

My hands are T-I-E-D, and I can’t help you!

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The Original Sins of the, Dumplings

Because the DDP sees the mayor of Hsinbei as a BIGGEST threat, that’s why, the side wings are, going after him right now, and, isn’t it EVERYBODY’s option to have whatever the HELL it is that they want to eat in the meals?  Apparently, N-O-T, according to the side wings of the DDP, the MINIONS of Tsai, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For those who are more intuitive, from a plate of dumplings, the people can tell what each other is thinking about, guessing your intentions, correctly.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou posted the photo of the New Year’s meal he was having at home, a plate of dumplings, stated that the fillings inside the dumplings are the bliss he’d shared with his, loved ones.  The fans of the side wings of the DDP immediately started calling him out, stated that he was having the “Chinese Norther Province local’s” food for the New Year’s, that it was to show his loyalty toward the Retired Veteran’s from the National Army of the R.O.C., that he aimed at getting the votes of those who are from northern China who are eligible to vote here.

Under Tsai’s rule, the side wings of the DDP went all out, wit its sharpened tongues, going after all who spoke ill of the party and its leaders.  And now, they can, find the nonexistence of meaning in a plate of dumpling, giving it such an awful name, so truly, shocking!  Dumpling had been added to the people’s diets here for what, sixty, seventy years in counting, and someone actually found that it was not right, that the Hous had this item for his New Year’s Eve meal, and libeled that he did it for the purpose of getting the votes.  This sort of a side wings, truly, tragic!

the photo of Hou, mayor of Hsinbei City sharing what he had on New Year’s Eve on his social media…off of Yahoo! Tw

Actually, looking closer at the mayor’s New Year’s Eve meal, it’s almost all, vegetarian.  Other than the dumplings, the radish cakes, there were, the vegetables, soy bean byproducts, there were only, no more than three dishes of meats.  If a nutritionist sees his table, s/he would probably commend Hou and his families for healthy eating.  But, in those politically turned people’s minds, a plate of dumpling was, tabooed, believing, that Hou was too into keeping the seats, and feigning toward the true KMTs, that’s why, they were, after him.

But, immediately, someone from online asked, that Tsai’s New Year’s Eve meal was French cuisine, with the “buns of the black gold”, whose votes was it that she’s trying to win?  Plainly stated, the varieties of food items served on the New Year’s Eve meals meant that the tastes of the Taiwanese is becoming, worldly, that the diets are, evolving to healthier, merging the old with the news, and who says, that every New Years we must, keep guards to the traditions?

Do forgive the original sins of the, dumplings!

And so, the mayor of the Hsinbei City is only guilty, of, “flashing” his New Year’s Eve meal, of dumplings, and, the side wings of the DDP went after him, and this is still just, bullshit!

What we want for our meals, it’s entirely UP to US to decide, isn’t it?  and, when the @#$%ING government has something to SAY about what we can, and cannot enjoy for our meals, where’s the “Free” in that?

And so, we continue to, live under, the REIGN of TERROR of the DDP and Tsai…

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Nine Suspects Indicted in the Case of Offering High Wages to Get the Unsuspecting Abroad to Have Their Organs Harvested

There are still NO vics here, only ENABLERS!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The owner of a cell phone game company, Chen and others were suspected of enticing a man and a woman to work in Thailand, sent them to the KK Industrial Parks, getting their organs harvested; the female victim through the Burmese-Taipei Economic Diplomatic Offices to contact her mother to get her to pay the one million Thai Baht, was released; another victim was smart enough to make his escape back to Taiwan, the detectives chased the leads, arrested Chen and eight other suspects, the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office charged them on human trafficking laws, and illegally attempting to harvests the organs of the living.

The police chased the leads, found that the nine who were caught were between ages twenty and twenty-two, Chen is the C.E.O. of a cell phone game company, with his middle school classmate, Hu, his friend, Yuan, and a few others, found the lucrative business in enticing the unsuspecting to fly abroad to get their organs harvested to make the large sums of money; between June and August of last, they’d used the means of high wages to get a man and a woman to part-time in Thailand, also helped them get their passports, a total physical, and shipped them both out.

what those human traffickers see, when they see those, “piggies”…”diagram” found online

and the whole body adds up to??? yeah, I’m NOT doing the “math” here, okay???

The indictment pointed out, that the head of the human trafficking ring, Chen lied to the woman who’s fluent in English, that she was hired as a personal secretary to Thailand with a very high wage, but instead, he’d handed her off to another accomplice, to contact the organ harvesters from abroad, planned to make the illegal profits of $1.7 million, and transferred the woman to the KK Parks close to the Burmese border.

Until the woman shocking realized what had happened, and begged Chen to spare her, Chen finally agreed to allow her to call her families for the ransom amount, she’d contacted the Burmese Taiwanese Economic Cultural Office locally, which helped her sent her S.O.S. to her mother, and, as her mother paid one million dollars N.T. exchanged to Thai Baht, did she come back safe and sound.

As Chen and his accomplices kidnapped and extorted the woman, they’d set up another man to go abroad to have his organ harvested, and this time, using the claims that they wanted him to pick up the gambling fees of a boxing match in Thailand, that as he returned, he would be rewarded with a bonus amount, and on the payroll of the company.  As the victim arrived in Thailand, he’d found that the driver drove all the way north, which was opposite to the direction of the hotel, realized that something wasn’t right, and got away on his own.

The police and district attorneys based off of the data of exiting the country and entering, the surveillance, the conversations on the phone records, zoomed in on Chen, a primary suspect and other members of the human trafficking ring, arrested a total of nine, then, it was confirmed that they each took up a different role in the human trafficking ring.  The D.A., due to the nature of the case, asked the courts to sentence all who were involved heavily.

And, this still just showed???  That people are, STUPID!  I mean, this is still NOT an isolated case, it’d happened again, again, again, again, and again (you get the point???), and yet, these younger generations are still, falling for that same old bag of tricks, what are you, stupid?  This time (and this is the ONLY time!), these individuals came home safe, with nothing in their bodies, missing, but what OF the next time some unsuspecting younger generation members fall for it?  I mean, I came here, for the money they promised me, and I ended up getting a KIDNEY of one side of my lungs cut out!

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The “Experts of National Defense” are All Over the Places

Words that got, blurted, out loud, before running through the brains’ wires first, this DDP legislator is still, way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded, and yet, she’s, still allowed, to speak (W-O-O-F!  Good boy, Fido…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The armed service terms is going to be changed back to a year, and the complaints came online: “how come the women don’t need to, serve?”, the legislator, Fang rebutted, the problem is NOT in the women, but the laws of service that wouldn’t allow women to QUALIFY to serve.  And so she will be drafting up an amendment to allow for women to serve in the armed services, and she would be willing to serve herself.

and, the legistlator of the DDP sitll thinks, that it’s all for show, like how Tsai played her “military” persona, in that, “dress-up”…

photo from online

And these rumors online, are basically, BULLSHIT, but, the legislator, Fang’s responses are, making us fall out of our, chairs too.  Not saying, that the other DDP legislators would be onboard her bill or not, based off her age of fifty-four, she’d, long gone PAST the age of service discharge, unless, the D.O.D. allowed her to start up her armed services position as a “general”.

An even older female news anchor, on reporting the news of the D.o.D.’s testing the female servicewomen enlistment told, that she is the first in line to sign up.  Problem being, the system is that the backup troops only allows for those who’d gone to serve, who’d been, discharged, to be listed.  The female news anchor just wants a piece of what’s going on, and, falsely believed, that the enlistment is only a bootcamp.

The most talked about news on the military is related to the teams, the Black Bear group that had been mentioned in high prevalence in the Central Commissions Committee meetings.  Another host of a politics talk show went up to sign on, and immediately, posted her shot of carrying a rifle, aiming at something; but, her left hand wasn’t even holding the wooden piece steadily, he’d only, “placed” that rifle on the left palm that’s opened up.  And thankfully, she only had a model gun, otherwise, had she, pulled the trigger, she would’ve gotten her black eye for sure.  And, the school of national defense, no matter how highly reputable, I’m certain, that the people would start, questioning the quality of the lessons that the school provides.

The tensing up of the relationship with China, the continued breaching across our aerial border by the Communist Aircrafts, had gotten the news of military and arms to hit an all-time high.  Recently, we talk about national defense on the streets, like how the South American countries discussed the World Cup, there are, all those, “experts” on the matter, trying to get noted.  But in comparing, the world cup is NOT the same as going to war: besides, the commentators of the World Cup Series of South America, they actually know, that you have to KICK the ball into the opponent’s, nets!

Yeah, and this is just how, @#$%ING unprepared this country will be, and how @#$%ING stupid the people are, they think that going to war is a game, because they never actually see the faces of war, and, they’re, too, ill-prepared, and besides, on the means of physiques, how can we women, measure up to the men, unless, we all become, bodybuilding, competitors, with the muscles, flexing our bodies…and we’re still, N-O-T, so…

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Under a Government Who Cried, “Wolf”…

We the people are, unfortunately, ALL, gonna D-I-E!  No wait, not just die (like, lying in our deathbeds, from old age and whatever!), but we’re all, gonna get, SLAUGHTERED!

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, they had us, standing in line, bowing our heads, some even got down on their knees to crawl, to thank them for, ABUSE, for not doing enough, to save those who’d, already, died from the plague…

with SHIT coming out of their, mouths…

cartoon found online

Under a government who cried, “Wolf!”, where’s that huntsman when you need him, huh???  Oh yeah, that loser’s, busying, RAPING Little Red, so, let’s not, “disturb” him, in what he’s, doing.

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, we still believed in their, empty promises, of how they only had OUR best interests in mind, how they only wanted what’s good for us all (but, don’t WE got a say, of WHAT’s, good for us all???)…

Under a government who cried, “Wolf”, yeah, you already know how THAT story went, don’t ya?  And, we’re still, the innocent (more like too stupid, too blind!) flock of god damn SHEEP, waiting for that “field trip” to, SLAUGHTERHOUSE TEN (‘cuz Slaughterhouse NINE’s “under renovation”, and it won’t be reopened until, March, I think…right, it’s set for its, GRAND REOPENING in M-A-R-C-H!!!)

with we the people, eating all of that SHIT, up too! and the “poop” is, REAL, NOT ice cream! Photo from online

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As Now, We the Voters Lacked, BRAINS

We the voters are now, brainwashed here!

As election nears, the campaign ads are, going off, left, AND right, like them, fireworks, so colorful, so bright (and yet, all that glitter still ain’t, NO G-O-L-D!!!).

As now, we the voters, lacked the brains to decide what’s good for us, we allow these decision rights to go to the elites (those dudes, in them, higher up offices, with the tall, tall, hats, the Armani’s, the ties, etc., etc., etc.)

As now, we the voters, lacked the brains, and are, too, uneducated on the issues (i.e. abortion, pollution, right to vote, yada, yada, yada), we would be easily led, down that cliff (remember Jonestown anyone???).

following that dude in red, ‘cuz the rest of us, are in WHITE…image from online

As now, we the voters, lacked the brains, the meaning of democraZy goes to the, looneybend.

As now, we the voters, lacked the brains, you DO realize, how any of the elected officials are, going to be BRAIN-DEAD, in the way, that they selected to, rule, over us all, and, you DO realize, that no matter which party wins, it’s, ALL, the S-A-M-E, right???

And that shall be, how EVERY time we vote, goes, as we the voters now, lacked, the BRAINS, to analyze the issues here.

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Contracting MERS Overseas for Seven Days, Then People are Allowed to Return Back, Who is Going to Keep Guard Over This

The new, seven-plus-zero, with the HOLES in it!  How the rules of the reduced periods of quarantine is going to BACKFIRE, because, apparently, the government thinks that NOT enough had CONTRACTED MERS-CoV here yet, and surely, this is going to, get the numbers back up, to an, all-time high once more, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

So Long as the Citizens Don’t Quick-Scan Themselves, Don’t Tell Anybody, Nobody Would Know, the Rule of Seven Days After Contractions, Then Returning Back Here is, Set Up Uselessly

The gates of this country is reopening on October 13th, the country is allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no strict rules set of quarantine, allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no PCR tests when you enter into the airports here, there’s NO system of guarding the gates, and besides, if you have the symptoms when you were away out of the country, if you don’t do the scans, or intentionally covered up, nobody here can know, and so, the rules of staying out of the country if you are confirmed of contraction for seven days are, pointless.

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

The Head of Transportation, Wang told, that in the past, on the tours, when the members stary showing signs of illness, there were the protocols that the travel agencies followed, “this won’t be a problem”, the tour guides can take the tourists to the hospitals at the country they’re in, and follow the rules of quarantine locally.

And yeah, this is this country’s, being, too eager, to open up the gates, that’s why, the rules are, loosened, and, the results of this would be???  More are going to contract the virus, and more are going to D-I-E, and it’s still because of the government’s, not thinking things through, because everybody here is too @#$T%ING sick of getting locked up for the past TWO years and we can’t, wait to, get out.

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Striking Down that Drone from China, the Taiwanese Government Felt They’re All that, and the People Here are Paying for it

Using our sticks, and torches too, to ward off the “invaders”, while they’re using, high-end, missiles here, whoa!  Are we, too far behind or what!!! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the eve of Servicemen Day, it’d made us all on edge, feeling good about ourselves, that the servicemen stationed in Kinmen had struck down the drones by China, showing that the servicemen still kept at their posts.

The drones sent by China had many a times, harassed the islet of Kinmen, and the national military, limited by the beliefs of “not firing first”, got criticized for being “too soft, not doing their duties” by the people and the legislators, and now, as the orders from Tsai, to take any actions necessary, to push back, and on that very afternoon, the drones from China came over again, and the national army immediately started shooting, the drone fell into the oceans.

this would be, how you would, fight off drone invasion, with missiles and higher end weapons! Photo from online

Recalling back in 1972, the marines aerial battle commanding O-1 drone flew to Xiamen on its regular missions, and on the way home, it was shot down by the army in China, and the sides immediately pushing out the cannons, and showed off their fire powers, like they’re about, to throw the bombs onto each other.

Comparing how the Chinese drones got shot down, the Chinese Taiwanese Affairs stated: attempting to using the drones to cause the tensions to rise, elevating the conflicts of the sides, very comedic to watch.  While the news channels’ displayed repeated played the news; the legislators, the political commentaries on T.V. as well as the net armies all started, applauding.

We’d finally, gotten even with them, damn it felt great!  And now, think on this, if the two sides of the straits started warring with each other, we are living on the battlegrounds, the missiles, the fighter planes that got shot down crashing, with the fallen pieces of weapons, of aircrafts, falling on where we live, injury those who are inside our homes, damaging the house, what do we do?  The two sides, poking at each other’s nerve endings, we the people, are the ones, getting screwed over!  Look at the ruins of war left in Ukraine, they have vast land, where people can escape to and from, to the point of leaving their country to the neighboring countries to seek out refuge, Taiwan being, so tiny, and, are we supposed to just follow the leads of the irresponsible politicians, and start picking up our brooms to defend the country?

A wiser leader can’t come up with a better plan on how to deal with the drones, harassing Kinmen and the islets?  The most beautiful scene here is the people, same for in China too!  Squandering away the taxpayers’ dollars to buy up all those weapons that are too high in costs, fighting over power, and in this final battle, we’re told to stay at home, was it, worth it?  Surely, it felt good, shooting one drone down, it’d made the DDP gained more support of the election votes, and yet, the military dissonance from both sides of the strait will never end.

and yet, this is what those on the islets are doing!

see how far we are, in “national defense” here??? Photo from online

Did the government employ a cost-benefit of the “first shot”?  What our odds of winning are, not that high!  And, as we the people used this to view the wars between us and China, we can already see who wins out at the very end!

Yeah, this is, going up against the BIG whale, and we’re, only, planktons, and that’s too stupid, and yet, the government still prides itself on, wow, look a DEAD body of a @#$%ING drone from China we shot down, (whoopee for us all!), and that, is how this DDP government cared LESS about the people, because, if war is to happen the sections hit the hardest, would be the islets, and, if China threw a nuclear bomb on this island, unless you’re a FISH, chances are, you still can’t escape, and instead of trying to get the peace talks going, this authoritarian government of the DDP, wanted to see us all get hit hard by war!

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