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Contracting MERS Overseas for Seven Days, Then People are Allowed to Return Back, Who is Going to Keep Guard Over This

The new, seven-plus-zero, with the HOLES in it!  How the rules of the reduced periods of quarantine is going to BACKFIRE, because, apparently, the government thinks that NOT enough had CONTRACTED MERS-CoV here yet, and surely, this is going to, get the numbers back up, to an, all-time high once more, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

So Long as the Citizens Don’t Quick-Scan Themselves, Don’t Tell Anybody, Nobody Would Know, the Rule of Seven Days After Contractions, Then Returning Back Here is, Set Up Uselessly

The gates of this country is reopening on October 13th, the country is allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no strict rules set of quarantine, allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no PCR tests when you enter into the airports here, there’s NO system of guarding the gates, and besides, if you have the symptoms when you were away out of the country, if you don’t do the scans, or intentionally covered up, nobody here can know, and so, the rules of staying out of the country if you are confirmed of contraction for seven days are, pointless.

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

The Head of Transportation, Wang told, that in the past, on the tours, when the members stary showing signs of illness, there were the protocols that the travel agencies followed, “this won’t be a problem”, the tour guides can take the tourists to the hospitals at the country they’re in, and follow the rules of quarantine locally.

And yeah, this is this country’s, being, too eager, to open up the gates, that’s why, the rules are, loosened, and, the results of this would be???  More are going to contract the virus, and more are going to D-I-E, and it’s still because of the government’s, not thinking things through, because everybody here is too @#$T%ING sick of getting locked up for the past TWO years and we can’t, wait to, get out.

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Striking Down that Drone from China, the Taiwanese Government Felt They’re All that, and the People Here are Paying for it

Using our sticks, and torches too, to ward off the “invaders”, while they’re using, high-end, missiles here, whoa!  Are we, too far behind or what!!! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the eve of Servicemen Day, it’d made us all on edge, feeling good about ourselves, that the servicemen stationed in Kinmen had struck down the drones by China, showing that the servicemen still kept at their posts.

The drones sent by China had many a times, harassed the islet of Kinmen, and the national military, limited by the beliefs of “not firing first”, got criticized for being “too soft, not doing their duties” by the people and the legislators, and now, as the orders from Tsai, to take any actions necessary, to push back, and on that very afternoon, the drones from China came over again, and the national army immediately started shooting, the drone fell into the oceans.

this would be, how you would, fight off drone invasion, with missiles and higher end weapons! Photo from online

Recalling back in 1972, the marines aerial battle commanding O-1 drone flew to Xiamen on its regular missions, and on the way home, it was shot down by the army in China, and the sides immediately pushing out the cannons, and showed off their fire powers, like they’re about, to throw the bombs onto each other.

Comparing how the Chinese drones got shot down, the Chinese Taiwanese Affairs stated: attempting to using the drones to cause the tensions to rise, elevating the conflicts of the sides, very comedic to watch.  While the news channels’ displayed repeated played the news; the legislators, the political commentaries on T.V. as well as the net armies all started, applauding.

We’d finally, gotten even with them, damn it felt great!  And now, think on this, if the two sides of the straits started warring with each other, we are living on the battlegrounds, the missiles, the fighter planes that got shot down crashing, with the fallen pieces of weapons, of aircrafts, falling on where we live, injury those who are inside our homes, damaging the house, what do we do?  The two sides, poking at each other’s nerve endings, we the people, are the ones, getting screwed over!  Look at the ruins of war left in Ukraine, they have vast land, where people can escape to and from, to the point of leaving their country to the neighboring countries to seek out refuge, Taiwan being, so tiny, and, are we supposed to just follow the leads of the irresponsible politicians, and start picking up our brooms to defend the country?

A wiser leader can’t come up with a better plan on how to deal with the drones, harassing Kinmen and the islets?  The most beautiful scene here is the people, same for in China too!  Squandering away the taxpayers’ dollars to buy up all those weapons that are too high in costs, fighting over power, and in this final battle, we’re told to stay at home, was it, worth it?  Surely, it felt good, shooting one drone down, it’d made the DDP gained more support of the election votes, and yet, the military dissonance from both sides of the strait will never end.

and yet, this is what those on the islets are doing!

see how far we are, in “national defense” here??? Photo from online

Did the government employ a cost-benefit of the “first shot”?  What our odds of winning are, not that high!  And, as we the people used this to view the wars between us and China, we can already see who wins out at the very end!

Yeah, this is, going up against the BIG whale, and we’re, only, planktons, and that’s too stupid, and yet, the government still prides itself on, wow, look a DEAD body of a @#$%ING drone from China we shot down, (whoopee for us all!), and that, is how this DDP government cared LESS about the people, because, if war is to happen the sections hit the hardest, would be the islets, and, if China threw a nuclear bomb on this island, unless you’re a FISH, chances are, you still can’t escape, and instead of trying to get the peace talks going, this authoritarian government of the DDP, wanted to see us all get hit hard by war!

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Hell on Earth, Ten Days in Burma, the Taiwanese Man Witnessed Someone Getting Tasered, and Put into a Fish Tank Prison

The REALITIES of pursuing after that dream of, “easy money”, by the young, the naïve, not to mention, the STUPID!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-six year-old male, Chen from Tainan was scammed by a love con artist, and went to the KK Park of Burma, forced to work as a phone scammer, with the help from the city councilperson, the police here, he was finally, rescued back not too long ago; he’d told the press yesterday, that although it was only for ten days he got trapped in Burma, it was like living in hell on earth, that he was really glad he is now, back in Taiwan.

Chen told that he’d met a woman, Wang on FB at the start of August, after a few communications, the woman told him that she has a company trip which she could bring someone, and invited him to go.  He’d paid the charges, flew to Thailand first, then, transferred to the KK Parks in Burma, as he saw Wang, he’d found, that she wasn’t like what her photo online looked like, felt that he got cheated, and immediately, he was under the control of the scam artist ring, and they’d forced him to work the lines in the telecommunications scams.

“It was only for a short ten days, but it’d felt like hell eternally, I still feel the shock”, he’d told, that on the day he’d arrived locally, he started “taking the group training courses”, including using a false name, uploading the fake photos on the social media accounts, the second day was the “test”, the managers of the groups told them that the first three weeks of this “training” was the adjustment period, that a month later, he would formally start working.

During the time, he’d witnessed many Taiwanese people getting mistreated, and abused, and tortured because they couldn’t make the demands of the rings, some was even water tortured, told to strip, and put into dirty water for the whole day, not only did the person’s skin start rotting away, the mind was also, nearly, broken down as well.  He’d also heard, that if the ring thought that someone wasn’t useful anymore, the individual will be taken to the port in Cambodia or the public oceans to get their organs harvested out of them alive.

The city councilwoman of Tainan, Lin got the call for help from Chen’s family on August 19th, the families told her that Chen went to Thailand with a female he’d met online, left the country on the thirteenth, and lost contact with them here by the fifteenth, they’d immediately sought help from the head of detective agency the international unit, the head of the police station in Yongkang , Gan to help, in the end, it was through the criminal investigation agency and the airport police station, that they’d made the rescue.  She’d told, that in the process of negotiation, the Taiwanese human trafficking ring demanded the families pay the ransoms, the police told them not to, and finally, Chen was returned back to this country on the 22nd.

Yeah, because you’re enticed by the lies of easy work, high pay, that’s why you’d gone to Burma, thinking you’d struck gold, without knowing or realizing, that HEY, you are the targeted population, because you’re young, naïve, NOT to mention, STUPID too, and because you hadn’t learned the lessons of how you always need to work hard for what you want to have in your lives, and your families had to pay for your rescue, and, there are, going to be, more of these, cases of younger generations who thought they’d struck gold, in getting the offers to work elsewhere, because you can’t find a good enough job here.

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The Scholars of D.C. Analyzed the American-Chinese Relations are Beyond Repair, “Taiwan May Become the Sacrificed in the Conflicts of U.S. Versus China”

Look who’s johnny-come-lately here!  And you’re, only, beginning, to figure THAT out?  Wow, you are, S-L-O-W!!!  Observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The speaker of the House, Pelosi visiting Taiwan on the second gained international attention, the scholars in D.C. analyzed, that this may well turn Taiwan into a sacrificed pawn in the conflicts of U.S. and China, that this runs the unnecessary risks, that  the irreparable damages in Chinese-American relations; there were other scholars who’d claimed, that there’s the depths of meaning of Pelosi’s visit, showing support for Taiwan, and stating clearly, to other allied countries, that the U.S. will be willing to put its neck out on the line, to fight the threats of the Chinese government.

The former officials of Asian relations of the State Department, Russell stated on the second, that Pelosi and portions of the Taiwanese population may feel well about this visit she’s making here, but, it’d, created the unwanted risks.  Taiwan does NOT need the symbolic support or sympathies, what the country needs, is the practical supports of fighting off the risks of being attacked, the online attacks, etc., etc., etc., and Taiwan is in desperate need of  U.S.’s carefully handling the relations with China.

and this, is what Taiwan is, made, into!

taken down so, easily…photo from online

The Davidson Academy’s Eastern Asian Political Science professor, Shirley stated on the second that Pelosi’s visiting Taiwan puts China and U.S. at even more of a conflict, even if there’s no direct confrontations militarily, there’s a huge risk of “accidents”, and it would cause the Chinese-American relationship to get beyond repair later.  The professor told, that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan made Beijing believe, that U.S. is changing from a “promise with a clause” to a promise without.

The former office manager of the D.o.D. on Chinese-Mongolian, Chinese-Taiwanese relations, Tang stated, that the tensions of U.S. and China had been in existence for close to a decade, and the risks came from how Beijing was oppressive toward Taiwan, the visit of Pelosi was to show how the U.S. is on Taiwan’s side.  Tang told that the oppressions of Taiwan by Beijing, it’d not changed due to the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts, and other international changes, and the support of Russia by China also showed why Pelosi was visiting Taiwan, “China cared about the rights of itself as a country, but, is totally oblivious to the rights of other countries’ rights, this is, too, ironic.”

And so, Pelosi’s visit here has only one goal, to PISS off China, to show, that wow, U.S. isn’t afraid of China, and Taiwan still has absolutely NO clue of its status as a pawn, getting played, like that, easily sacrificed piece in the game of chess, with the two major powers of U.S. versus China.

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A Whole Bunch of, Kiss-Asses

As the head of the CDC (off with HIS H-E-A-D!) bowed down, “gracefully”, ‘cuz he got that ticket on the DDP to run for the mayor of the city of Taipei he’d, bowed his head down, in front of the press…

And the reporters commended him, on being an EXCELLENT director of the C.D.C. (uh, either that these press reporters had been living ON that parallel plane of reality than we the people had been living in, or that, they had previously, resided in OUTERSPACE, and just come back down to EARTH, for this particular “farewell tea party” hosted in honor of Chen’s departure from the CDC!), and the press reporters stated something to the effects of thank you, sir, for keeping the defense of the country so well (so, the lives of those who’d DIED in the outbreaks, the elders in the nursing homes, the young children, that little one who couldn’t get into the hospital on time, remember him??? Don’t count at all!).

And this is what the DDP is based off of, kiss-asses, sucking up to the MAN, because that, is how the politics of things worked here, because nobody gives a flying FUCK (no need to pardon me!) how many had died in the outbreaks since it began back in???  2012!

as the mother @#$%ER makes his “exit speech”, stepping down from the CDC to run for the mayor of the city of Taipei!

a photo of him, bowing down in apology for those who’d died during the outbreaks from before! From online

Despite how many had died, the elderly in the nursing homes, the children without the vaccines they can use, etc., etc., etc., and now, we the people are only, starting to, wake back up, and it’s, too late, because too many had been dead, we have one of the highest morbidity rates from contraction in the “developed nation” sect, believe it or don’t.

And yeah, guess we should be grateful, that Chen’s off to ruin someone else life because at least, he’d, stepped down from the CDC, and there ain’t NO chance that his fucked up policies of defense against MERS-CoV that he’d implored, will ever be in effect again.

So, thank G-O-D, he’d, bowed down, “gracefully”………


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The Perp Received a Five-Year Sentence for Enticing Four Young Girls to Send Him Lewd Photos of Themselves by Offering the Children Virtual Treasures

That is still considered, too, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) lenient, consider WHAT’s been taken, a young girl’s innocence, her “virginity”, not the physical still!  And see how these younger generation of children are becoming, more and more stupid here???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Weng met four girls under the age of twelve through an online racing game, through giving them the virtual treasures, playing with them, and asking them to date, asked the underage children to sent their lewd photos, footages of them to him, and threatened two of the victims that if they don’t comply, he will leak the photos and footage out online, the families of the victims notified the police; Weng admitted to what he’d done, plead guilty, and sought out ways to make up to his victims to find a way to settle with the families and the young girls, the Taoyuan District Court found him guilty of breaking the laws of sextortion, sentenced him to five years, this can still be appealed.

The police found, that Weng used the online game of a racing game, to get acquainted with four young girls between ages nine and twelve from November of 2020 to March of 2021, through FB, he’d used the claims of “finishing the tasks for the rewards”, playing the games with me”, to ask the children to take shots of themselves nude and send them to him, and film the footages of them masturbating to send to him

The D.A. reviewed over the conversation records, found that Weng tried to entice one of his victims by expressing that he “wanted to date her”, and as the girl agreed, he’d immediately asked, “will you pose for me”, to use this means to get the female minor’s nude photos, and he’d also told another victim that he was “curious”, that if she wouldn’t mind send him her nude shots, and the girl, because of how she felt connected to him in the online games, without a second thought, sent the photos to him.

Weng had a taste, and continued asking his victims for the shots, there were two of his victims who got annoyed, and told him they won’t send the photos to him anymore, and he’d threatened them, that he will send the photos they’d already sent him to everybody they knew, and it’d thrilled these two victims to immediately shut him down, and as the families learned of this, they’d immediately notified the police

As Weng was taken in, he’d admitted to what he did, and reached a settlement agreement with two young girls’ families in half a million dollars N.T. and a hundred thousand dollars N.T.; while the families of the other two victims refused to settle with him, not forgiving him.

The courts considered, that Weng, in order to satisfy his own desires, seeing how his victims are all underage minors, solicited them for their nude shots, and threatened them, that it’d caused the victims damages to their psychological wellbeing, but considered how he’d admitted to wrongdoing, and as he’d been caught, he’d worked hard, to make it up to the families, sentenced him to five years on charges of seducing, threatening minor victims to produce lewd material electronically.

And yeah, that’s still, a SLAP on the wrists, and no amount of money agreed in settlement by this man with the victims and their families, will be enough, to repair the damages done in these young girls’ lives, and, these young girls are either way too, FUCKING (so???) retarded, way too naïve, way too, inexperienced, to know better, and yeah, they are, the enablers of this shit, and they shouldn’t be noted as, victims at all!

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The Increase in Cases of Child & Adolescent Sexual Assault Cases, the Human Rights Foundation Started the Research of Visiting the Cases

In hopes, that somehow, this can, help reduce the number of cases!  This DDP government is still, WAY too ideal, but nowhere NEAR real, in this matter too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’d been many cases of child sexual assault cases, the National Human Rights Committee announced the systematic data collection of the systems of reporting these things nationally, Chen who’s the head of the Examination Department, and a chairperson of this committee stated, that the prevalence of child and teen assault cases recurring again, that this is the first time the Human Rights Agency started up the national’s reporting systems, hoping to lower the number of these cases.  The member of the committee, Chang told, that the preventative interviews would be of five hundred individuals, and the results of this research will come out by July of next year.

Chen stated, that based off of the reported cases of 7,787 rape in 2021, there were 4,520 underage minors who were victims, about fifty-eight-percent, more than half; the reports on the children’s rights found, that in the sexual assault cases in schools back in 2020, those from elementary school to high school age got up to 233 cases.

Chen said, the Human Rights Committee needed to try and figure out why these severe cases of child, adolescent sexual assaults are happening repeatedly, hoping to borrow the Australian government’s investigative means, to do the researches into the placement facilities of minors, and the sexual assaults occurring in the schools.

She’d told, that setting up the cases individually won’t get the whole picture of the problem with the systems, that the committee would focus on listening to the experiences of the victims, to find out the structural problems of what’s causing these sexual assaults, rapes in the minors, and work together with the government units to prevent the recurrences of these tragedies.

The member of the examination committee, Tien called the victims of child sexual assaults as “survivors”, she’d stated, that it would be nothing easy, for these victims to come out, that Australia had set up the funding of seven hundred million N.T.s and seven hundred employees to help achieve this, that Taiwan does NOT have this sort of resources, everything is hard at the beginning, but this must get started.

Chang pointed out, that the interview will start on the school level, the rape victims of the placement facilities first, the victims of the sex trade, even if the individuals are over eighteen, so long as they were assaulted as minors, they are all going to get interviewed, that the program will recruit the interviewees, and is planning on interviewing a hundred survivors face-to-face.

Yeah, this is a plan, that will, totally, NOT work, because who the FUCK that’s been raped, molested, abused sexually would be willing to, tell her/his stories to the public, to get SHAMED again, to RELIVE those traumas?  Yeah, nobody, that’s who, besides, this sort of things are personal to those who’d weathered through it, and, for most of us, we just want to, put it all behind us, soon as we are through, dealing with the events of these, traumas of our, younger years, so yeah, this is still, too ideal, so, good luck, on getting enough “sample” for the “pool” there, DDP!

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Who DARES, Claiming Themselves, as SECOND, in the World

SHAMELESS, is what this FUCKING (so???) DDP government had always been, and still is, and will keep on, being…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC used the icons to show off its grade sheet for defense against MERS-CoV, and, needless to say, “how can the world catch up to Taiwan”!  But, the card stressed that the country is “ranked first in the vaccination of children from five to eleven!”, and, within three hours of this post, we got made, the data showed, that Singapore was, the number one in vaccination of children in the world, making the CDC, number one in lying through their teeth!  The government led by Tsai is number one all right: number one in bullshitting, and spreading of the false news, so, “how CAN, the world, catch up to, Taiwan!”

There is already a total death of more than 6,6000 by MERS-CoV here, exceeding the total number of death of total death in China, a population of a couple of billion.  This, to the government led by Tsai, is, a shameful comparison in numbers!  While Chen’s loosening the lines, causing the death rate from contraction to rise up higher and higher, the exceeding numbers of morbidity like the blackholes, the heart wrenching rates of death in young children, all these statistics entangling, it’d become, that noose of Chen’s running off from his post as head of CDC, to enter into the mayoral race of Taipei.

Actually, all these numbers, are important references for the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, but, Chen’s escaping his post, and he couldn’t, carry the heavy burdens of what these statistics meant.  Gladly, the numbers were, never a problem for the CDC.  From the retracted numbers, to the underreported cases of contractions, the confirmed number of contractions, aren’t the total number of people who had contracted MERS-CoV.  Plus zero isn’t, plus zero either; the CDC is unprofessional in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, but really professional in the political manipulations, the magic in the numbers, even more so.  From the manipulations of the numbers, the CDC made the country into the world’s top in many things, very easy for the CDC to do!

Besides, the head of state, Su already proclaimed, “We’re number one in the world in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV”, other than the blindness of the foreign news media presses, how many DARED say we’re, “number two in the world” in the CDC!

As Tsai ran for president that first time, she’d mocked her predecessor, Ma, that she would NEVER become a numbers’  president; but the government led by Tsai not only looked at the numbers, the government had looked at the number, through, filtered lenses too; and, if we’re still not number one in the world, then, we shall, adapt, and, make up the digits, ourselves!

This is how, fucking (so???) DELUSIONAL this DDP government became, stuck in the mindset of, we’re number one, yeah, maybe from before we were, before the mutated strains started coming up, and yet, this god DAMN government still stuck itself in that former mindset of “we’re number one!” (yay us!!!), and all it cared about is the end of year elections, and guess how many are going to keep on dying, until the election???  Uh, that’s, around, ten, twenty thousands PER day, and, you multiply that to how many days until the end of year again?  Exactly, and, at the RATE of this, this DDP government won’t have ANY people to rule over, by the end of year, when election finally rolled around, because we’d be, all, DEAD!

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Outrageous!  It’s the THIRD Time that the Taoyuan District Court Had Drawn a Demented Elderly Person as a Member of the Jury

Anybody CAN be selected as a juror, now that all of us, over eighteen are all, in the systems here, problems of jury selection in the brand new system of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The trial by jury system is set to begin next year, but there had been, multiple instances that are, off, a one hundred one year old elderly severely demented woman, Chang who lives in a nursing home had been selected three times to sit as a juror, her daughter was upset, and wrote, called the district courts of Taoyuan, but no response, claimed, “this is, outrageous!”  The justice department responded yesterday, that in this particular case, the evaluation committee of the Taoyuan District Court system had failed in its functions, that they’re sorry it’d caused the inconveniences to the members of the public, the court system will reevaluate the juror selection process.

The jury system is the most important item of Tsai’s reforming the justice department.  The judiciary branch had smashed down a ton of money to set up the mock practices, and had the director, Wu film the promo, etc., etc., etc., and now, a one-hundred year-old demented elderly woman had been picked, more than once, it’d caused great debates.

The Justice Department told, that the jury system mandates that the selected must be “twenty-three-years-old age at least, and needed to reside in the jurisdiction for more than four months, a citizen of the country to qualify.”  But it’d not set up the roof of the age limit, unless one is “under the custody of another”, otherwise, the hundred year old elderly can still be selected as a juror.

The daughter of the woman in Taoyuan, Chang, who had been selected as a juror stated, that last August, they’d received the very first notice of their mother’s being selected, but because the mother had become severely demented, and couldn’t speak, is immobilized, and had started living in assisted living three years ago, she’d had to use certified mail to respond to the justice division her mother’s conditions, stated that she wouldn’t be fitting to serve as a juror.

And in February of this year, Chang once got her name put down for the list of the second round of selection for the jurors, as her daughter received the second notice from the courts, she’d called up the courts herself, and the individual she talked with stated, “the man in charge of the department is busy to take your call”, the call ended.  Two days ago, Chang’s daughter received a third notice for her to appear in court as a juror, demanded that her mother present herself at nine in the morn on August 16th, she’d exclaimed, “this is outrageous!”

The justice department told, the roster for the eligible jurors were set up by the local governments, that if the selected jurors had an illness or isn’t fit to serve, the district court’s evaluation teams would make a note (to delete those who are with a severe disability), believed that it was the members of the evaluation group that’s problematic.

Last night, the Justice Department issued a press release, formally apologizing to the families and the individual who’d been troubled by this, stated that before the actual implementing of this process, they will set up the needed regulations, discuss if as the selected jurors refused to participate in the trial systems by legal means, then they will be eliminated early in the juror selection process.

The Taoyuan District Court stated, that there are improvements in this case particularly, that they will advise the justice division to set up the related regulations, that as the evaluation teams the first time or the second time give the notices, to eliminate citizens who are over seventy, or those who have severe illnesses, and stated that they are unable to serve as jurors, that they will tailor to the practical needs of the citizens, but insisted that the court didn’t do anything wrong.

Yeah, because this is only the beginning stages of the trial-by-jury system that’s begun here, there are a ton of things that the justice department overlooked, and, that’s just inconvenient for us, the citizens.  Besides, the jury system isn’t always justified, because, there would be biases in everybody, and who knows, the members o the jurors may already set up in their minds, that the defendant is guilty or not, and the cases would be deadlocked, as there’s a need for an unanimous verdict of guilty or not guilty that’s required.

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Opening up the Mix-Age Classes of Children Over Two Years of Age, the Holistic Education Foundation is Strictly Against This

In the kindergarten years, maybe, if individual attention is given to the students personally, but, not in the toddler years!  And yet, this amendment of the education of early childhood got written down, this is totally NOT considering the cognitive developments of the early childhood years!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Education recently proposed the second rule of the amendments of early childcare program and early childhood education, it’d planned to place the two-year-olds into the mixed age classes of three, and four year olds, but the Holistic Education Foundation questioned, that the Department of Education announced this before the long holidays, that they were, calculating something, and called out for the Department of Education to SLAM on the brake on this policy, in order, to protect the rights of two-year-old toddlers’.

and no, this is still NOT what you’re gonna get!

unfortunately…photo from online

Based off of the rough drafts of this act, the Department of Education considered the right of children in the early childhood years to receive an education, the needed care, as well as considering the need of the parents to place their young in the nurseries to mandate the early childhood facilities that if the facilities didn’t have the toddler classes of two to not yet three year olds (the specialty classes for two year-olds), or that there’s no extra slots for the two-only classes, and there are still room available for the three to four classes, that the school is allowed to place the toddlers under age three in the three-to-four-year-old classes.

The committee member of the Holistic Education Foundation of early childhood education, Yang told, that the levels of understanding is what is used to assign the needed resources, and the setting of the policies of education, that it’s a basis for measuring the developments of young children, that the two-year-olds have different developmental milestones and needs compared to the three-year-olds, that the preview of this act was due to there’s not enough resources in the two-year-old classes, that the Department of Education was only finding a resolve for their own incompetence of policies in early childhood care.

The Department of Education stated, that at the start of May, they’d already invited the local government, the instructors, the early childhood education professionals, as well as parent groups to ask for their advice, that it will continue to listen to the various opinions, and take the opinions as a reference for the amendment.

this…photo from online

mixed with a little of this…

except not in those seats, but running around like PSYCHOS in the classrooms! Photo from online

Yeah uh, this is still, totally, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up, I mean, the twos are, potty training, meaning, that they may NOT have that down pat yet, and now, imagine this, the teachers are, chasing those three-year-olds around (industry vs. inferiority stage anybody???), with the group of twos, going potty, everywhere in the classroom setting, and, you’d end up with, a whole lot of messes that you, STUPID adults can’t handle, and this is still all due to how the government wanted to appease to the parents’ needs to place their young in daycare, because they all gotta work, and in the end, guess W-H-O gets, screwed???  The children, because they are NOT receiving the needed care in accordance to their, cognitive development, because the government wants to MIX it up, oh, and don’t forget about lunch hour, that’s gonna be, a total MESS too, and, how many teacher’s assistance would you need in this sort of a mix-age class, because, there’s a DIFFERENT ratio of students per instructor in these, various age groups, hello, hello, hello???  This IS, a NO-BRAINER, you do realize that, don’t you???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-hum, and, how does THAT make you feel again?

‘K, I’m OUT!

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