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Twenty Dollars N.T.

How this, twenty-dollars’ worth of kindness became, so much greater than it’d, started out as, translated…

It was around noontime, as I exited the post office, found the skies, covered with dark clouds, and because I didn’t have my  umbrella, I’d, hastened my pace, wanted to make it home before the rain came down.

As I was waiting for the lights to turn green at the intersections, I’d found an elderly man in his sixties, on a wheelchair, with a yellowed towel under his neck from below his mask, with the beads of sweats, popping out from his forehead constantly, that extended to his knees, with a bamboo sift, lined with the green lotus leaves, inside were, two tiny bags of ylang ylang, with a piece of paper that said a bag for $20.  Because of how hot it was, he kept using his right hand with only his thumb and pinky left, to hook the towel up on his neck, to wipe himself down, with his palmless left hand, he’d, clung tightly, onto that wheel on the left.

something small like this…

split, among her neighbors…photo from online

As I bent over to buy some flowers from him, he’d told me that because of the outbreaks, there’s, no business on the streets, that’s why after the noon hours, he still had a lot left.  I’d told him it would be all right, that I want it all, then, he could go home then.  He’d, paused a bit, and told me, courteously, that I only needed one pack, that the season of the bloom was quite short, in two, three days, the flowers will be black, and lose the aromas, that I’d be wasting my money if I bought more.

His “would be a waste” touched me, normally, those who sold the items, only wanted to sell the merchandises, as for what happened afterwards, they couldn’t, care less.

As I got home, I’d, given the flowers to my neighbors, hoping, that every house get to, bathe in the sweet scent, and hope, that through this tiny sort of sharing, I can greet my neighbors, whom I hadn’t seen regularly during this period of outbreak.  Although, I’d only give two flowers to every neighbor, but the neighbors were all very, surprised, they all thanked me, and we’d, wished each other, a safe passage.

I could’ve, never imagined, that the twenty-dollars N.T. I’d spent, made me see the kindness of the man who’d sold it, and also given me the pleasures, of seeing those radiant smiles blooming, from under my neighbors’ masks, and I was happy over this, for a, very long time.

And so, the man who sold the flowers was grateful for you helping him out, and, he didn’t cheat you, because he felt your kindness, and, you’d, passed that kindness you felt from him, to your, neighbors, through these, simple acts, kindness is, rolling around the world.

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A Cycle of Kindness

Because of the kindness, shown by those graduated, older school members to you, making you, more than willing, to give back to your younger schoolmates too now, this is, an amazing, cycle of help, of kindness that keeps, rolling down, translated…

My son stayed in his room a long time, I’d asked him what he was up to?  He’d told me he will be in a webcam meeting in a bit, to train his younger schoolmates on the techniques of interview.  I’d questioned, that it wasn’t him who’s taking the exams, he’d replied, “back then, my older schoolmates had helped me the same way, of course I am going to help my younger schoolmates now too!”  wow, my son is, really, grown up!  This was, very truth, back then, my son wasn’t, too articulate, a geek too, wanted to become noted in the excellent bunches of students from Jien-Guo High School, not an easy thing.  But gladly, his older schoolmates were, more than willing, to coach him, they’d come back to school to rehearse with him every weekend, and finally, it’d helped my son get into his desired major of medicine.

Of them, the most helpful person was the one who’d, connected my son with his older schoolmates, his homeroom instructor, she’d treated her students like they were her own children, and all the students were, more than, grateful toward her, with a call from her, all of her students would drop everything, and came to her aid.

Especially, the year my son graduated, everybody made the higher grades, and, it’s all on how those graduated students’ willingness to put in the time on their weekends, to share with those younger schoolmates the tips of going into the interviews, to how to prepare the information package to bring to the interviews, etc., etc., etc., and on Memorial Day weekend, they’d, trained them from 8:30 in the morn, to five in the afternoon, to allow the younger schoolmates to get the stance they’d needed, when they are in the interviews, and I was, more than, moved by these, older class members’, giving, there were, a total of twelve students who got into the medical department.

More importantly, these experience of having something offered to them, made these kids know how to give back.  It’s said, that children who are intelligent, were all, selfish, but on my son, and his classmates, I’d, found that, cycle of kindness that, repeated itself.  Because they knew, that they couldn’t get into the universities of their choices, had it not been the older school members’ returning on the weekends to help them prepare, so, they’d, followed in their older school members’ footsteps, returned back every year to help their younger schoolmates, and not only of the same school, my son and his college classmates would also, work together, to help the high school students in the Yunling, Chiayi areas to the highest, the topnotch universities in Taiwan too.

Later I’d asked my son, why did he do this much?  He’d said, that the countryside doesn’t have as much resources as in the cities, if because of their helping out, the kids from the countryside can, have the opportunities to get into the more prestigious universities, wouldn’t that be, amazing?  Hearing this, I’d found, that my son has, grown up, knew to trace to the origins, willing to help others, this would make me happier, than his, making the good grades.

This shows, how the cycle of kindness, can also, snowball, with the previous generations of graduates, coming back to the high school to help the graduating students prepare for their, entrance college interviews, giving them tips, helping them get into the majors of their choices, now, these younger school members, are, paying it forward, because they were, shown the kindness, by the previous generations of graduates, that’s why, they’re now, more than willing, to give back too.

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Apollo 11

The missions to space, a tiny step for a man, a huge leap, for mankind!  The intrigues of what lies beyond…translated…

Recently, I’d watched a very special documentary, “Apollo 11”.  This film was screened in 2019, but it’s a story that’s been filmed completely, back in 1969: the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.  The film completely collected the precious footage from back then, with the editing, through the remastering by the digital process, the images came in full-color, like it was, yesterday, and you can’t tell, that the original footage was from fifty years ago.  And those who didn’t know it, would think, that this was, a new astronaut film by Hollywood.  The film was a little over an hour and a half long, like the viewers were, walking into, NASA headquarters, sitting at the Houston Space Center, and, are all involved, in this mission to the moon, it’s, such, an amazing film!

After watching the documentary, my space soul seemed to have, been, awakened.  I’m a bit embarrassed to say, that becoming an astronaut, was my childhood dream at age seven, back then, I’d, taken the liberty, to remember all the stars in the Solar System, the galaxies, the harder to remember names, and at my science fair, I’d made a Harley’s Comet model, and, pulled along my younger brothers, to carry that star chart, onto the add-on asbestos rooftop, to find the constellations with me, and we all got, bitten all over our bodies by the mosquitoes.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, the words of, Armstrong, was also, among those who were on Apollo 11th to outer space, also, the very first man who’d, set foot on the moon.  But in the documentary, as I saw him set foot out, and blurted out this memorable classic line, I’d, chuckled……………

these are the brave men of the mission

the Apollo 11 to the moon, from online

“This is way too serious emotion, the voices, way too, matter-of-fact, this isn’t, from improvisations, or thought of at the moment, but from what he’d rehearsed of what he would say when he was not yet up in space!”, I’d, guessed.

Armstrong and his companions rode to the moon successfully on Apollo 11th to the moon, and, made America win in the space race with Russia, and so, the conspiracy theory that were disputed on how the Americans had, cheated had, never ceased.  The doubters firmly believed, that all the scenes were the from NASA having Kubric, the director, to film in the studios.  Similar political conspiracy theory in the film, “Wag the Dog” in 1997 was portrayed to perfection, the American president was involved in a sex scandal, the crises management team leader, portrayed by Robert DeNiro found the Hollywood producer portrayed by Dustin Hoffman to help, used the special effects of the movies, made a film on the war in Albania, and successfully, diverted the public’s attention, dissolved the crises, and, allowed the president’s popularity to hike up higher than ever before.

But, the same point of creation, used in the movie, “Interstellar” by Chris Nolan, became how the U.S. government used the Apollo spaceship going to the moon, as an untruth, a conspiracy theory, to destroy the credibility of NASA, to keep people on earth, to fight the matter of world hunger.

Truth in fiction, fiction, in truth, it’s, all in the eyes of, the beholders, of course, and all of this, was, riding off of Apollo 11’s fame.  And, everybody only remembers the very first man who’d, succeeded, as for those that failed, like Apollo first, second to the tenth that kept trying, or those that came after, the 12th, the 14th, to the end, Apollo 17th, they never got, the attention.  (the journey of Apollo 13, was a disaster, that ended up, will little damages, and it’d also been made, into film).

The Apollo missions that won worldwide fame, and cost a lot, finally came to an end by the end of 1972, until this very day, there’s no humans, setting foot onto the moon again.  I’d heard, that NASA announced its brand new plan to send the astronauts to the moon in 2024, while the Asian woman, Kjell Lindgren might be on it, it’s really, exciting!

Oh, and it’s July 20th today, the fifty-second anniversary of the first man, setting foot on the moon!

And so, these are, the space missions, with the purpose of???  Oh yeah, see WHO gets there first, Russians, Chinese, Americans, etc., etc., etc., and, there are, just, too many, fantasies we all have of, outer space, of what’s, out in the, unknowns of other parts of the solar systems that’s still, unexplored yet, that’s why, people are still, mildly, intrigued, just not as much as people had been, back, fifty, sixty, seventy years ago though, but we are still, somewhat, intrigued by, what’s, “out there”, in outer space…

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Elders Whom Everybody Likes Being Close to

How these two elderly women are role models for us all, not just in their abilities to stay health, but on the positive attitude they take, toward growing older, and living, their lives, to the fullest…translated…

With the advancements of medicine, becoming an elderly person, is the future for us all, but, it’s a lesson, to learn how, to be, a cute elderly person.

There were two role models, of what elderly persons should be like.  Grandma Wang, I’d met through the volunteer program at school, at age seventy-six, she’s, graceful, and, dressed in a way, that’s, visually, appeasing.  After her move from her old home in Chiayi to Taipei, she’d gone to the local elementary school, to inquire if there’s a need for volunteer, and she’d started working, as a “story grandma”.

Some of the stories that Grandma Wang told the students are from the illustrated books, children’s books, and, some stories, were from her own travels, that she’d, changed the parts to.  With the lessons, Grandma Wang would bring her own homemade props, for instance, on the story of the Pygmalion, she’d started, playing the role of the female lead, handed the flowers one by one to the children, with the rise and falls of her voice, it’d, captured the children’s, attention.  Every time she’d walked down the streets, the children would greet her eagerly, “Grandma Wang!”

She also volunteers as the morning homework helper, four days a week, she’d, tutored two children who needed the extra help time.  Other than volunteering, she’s also, actively involved in the community choir too, doing yoga at the gym, to train her muscles, she’d managed to keep her body fit.

staying active in the elderly years…

photo from online

Another Grandma Lee, was an elder I’d met when I volunteered to the home visits, Grandma Lee was with a straight back, and you can’t see that she’s, already, ninety.  Her son lives out of country, her daughter lives in Kaohsiung, and often comes up north to visit her.  Grandma Lee had been volunteering at the hospital for thirty years on end, and recently, she’d, stepped down.  She’d gone to the parks early in the morn every day for tai-chi, and had brunches with her fellow martial artists, and, once a week, she’d gone to volunteer at the local borough’s office, and would arrange her time once a year, to go to the hospitals or the nursing homes with the Tai-Chi instructor to teach everybody some simple moves the residents can do to keep up with their physical wellbeing.

And, these two beautiful elderly women had a couple of things in common: first, they’re very physically healthy, with the regular routines for their workouts.  Secondly, both are involved in volunteer work, the embodiments of happy in helping others.  Thirdly, they’re, actively, interactive with their external social environments, not fallen off the connections with society.  I want to take after them, to become, a warm, an elder whom everybody wants to be close to.

And so, these two elderly women are, amazing role models indeed, they are very active, they kept up with their health, exercised regularly, and, found the time, to give back to the community, which is what probably helped them stay youthful, and they’re, role models for all of us indeed!

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Insects of My Childhood

The mealworms, that helped you, rediscovered, that inner child that you’d, forgot that existed, returned you, back to, that wonder of your, childhood, years again, translated…

“Do you want some yellow meal worms to raise?”, one autumn morn, my coworker asked me with great enthusiasm.

I was curious, and did what he’d told me to, set up the environment and the following day, he’d brought me a plastic box, with two white chubby maggots in it.

I’d looked at them for long, found that they were cute, and interesting, I’d, carefully, taken them home, it’d made my wife and child started hollering loud, at the sight of them, but they’d still, watched the maggots with me, how they’d, eaten through the dirt, and dug the holes.  It’s said, that children are mirrors of our own pasts.  I couldn’t help, but recalled, how it was when I was, raising, those silkworms for my science class back in the days, it was, exactly, like this, I suppose.

Every day after work, I’d watched the maggots with my son.  The most exciting, of course, was the monthly, soil change.  To help those, meal worms, to see the light of day again.  We were able to, see the changes in them, more closely.  Once, the worms’ colors became darker, they’re about to cocoon.  Seeing how they’d, dug up that cocoon space on the side of the box, and, every day watching these insects, was something all new.  It’d, left me in awe, at how multifaceted life truly, is.

the life cycles of meal worms…

from online

My wife laughed, and said how much of a kid I’d, become too, and I don’t, deny that.  Because the world of child with a ton of things that interests me, is forever, intact in my mind, waiting, for that something new for me to, discover.

And so, you were, able, to find back that lost childhood of yours, through the mealworms, because they reminded you, of how simple life can be, how you can, easily, get excited, over, the little things in life, and hopefully, you’ll, hold on to this, as you age…

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In the Crease of a Book, a Poem

It’s NEVER good, being, THIS, passive in a relationship here, because you leave your selves, at, someone else’s mercies…translated…

The Thinned Back-Ridge of the Book was Stopped, Your Sight

Came in from the Pages……with that Moisture

——————Passing through the Preface, the Table of Contents

Disregarded My Copyright

As Well as the Recommendations of the Experts

Like an Inchworm

With Light Fingertips, Flipping Through

Measured Those Fresh Green Words

Broken Holes in the Pages with Your Repeated Criticisms

Shocked, I saw the Rotted Away, Autograph that Resembled a Masterpiece

and the TINY folded upward corner is all you get!!!

all you’re allowed, is this, tiny little, corner, opposed to, the rest of, this volume of, book here…photo from online

You’d Covered Up the Pages Lightly, Used Your Breaths, to Turn the Pages

With the Majesty of Sniffing the Richness of Life

Knowing that the Warmth of Your Palm was Once on the Pages

Surely, the Eyes that Stayed Turning, and Longing

Couldn’t Contain Your Self in Front of Some Words of Love

The Butterfly Wings Trembled at the Folded Crease of a Book

The Roses Don’t Need to Bloom Fully, There were the Holes Then

Yet the Skies Disallowed You to Cocoon Yourself in

How Do You Explain to that Sharpened Beak———

The Page Numbers that’d Fallen Down, How You’d, Cherished

Those Lies that Tangled You, Up

Nobody Know How Far the Skies Extends

How Far Down, is Your, Bottomline?

We Looked Toward Each Other—in the, Farthest, Distance

About to Miss Out, Like How the Axle Tilted

Avoiding that Returned Light, a Enormous Question

Was about to Get, Solved, Resolved, by You…………

So, this, is on waiting for someone, to love, to notice you, you’re now, the objective, because you’d, allowed the other individual to take control of the initiatives to reach out to you, and that’s not good, because, you will be at the person’s mercy, hanging on her/his every last word, and when s/he loses interests, you’ll be, left alone, with, nothing, not even, your self!

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A Social Design for Miscarriages

This forum, is tailoring to the needs of both men AND women, not just the women, because, having children, is still NOT just, OUR, “business”, you men are also, involved in this process too!  A really, innovative thought, especially in the, eastern cultures here…translated…

During these past two years, I’d, focused my researches on the matter of the natural miscarriage process in Taiwan (based off of statistical measures, there are, about fifteen-to-twenty-percent natural miscarriages calculated by the process of natural selection), not only on the medical data that’s been, collected, also the cultural, the societal too, I’d also included the interviews with the families who had suffered the miscarriages, but, how do we, open up the covered up discussion topics of miscarriage by natural causes that’s been, tabooed?  Are there ways, to come up with the new ideas, for the families who’d suffered such a loss, it’s what I want to, focus more on, to help give to the policies of births set up by the law.

Luckily, the sociology professor from N.T.U. Sociology Department who’s excellent on the subject of “Social Designs”, gave us an exchange forum on “Reimagining, the Process of Miscarriages by Natural Causes: the Social Designs Exchange”, the exchange was, on the makeup of the participants in the discussion forums, with the sponsor’s inviting the Revolutionary Birthing Movement’s asking for the students, the OBGYNs, the nurses, and others who had miscarriage by natural causes, a total of, forty individuals, to share their experiences.

The subject of discussion is also important, in the structuring of the questions, we need to consider, that those who’d had miscarriages, how it’d, affected those other members of their, families, how the families coped with the process of the women, miscarrying?  Lastly, to up the sensitivity of the medical, to prevent yet another, impact onto these women.

All of these subjects, were from my past experiences with the interviewing, and although, we can, only hold the conference online, due to the outbreaks, the participants weren’t able to hold the face-to-face interaction discussion forums, but, Yu-Hwa designed the group interactions online, and everybody entered into a game of sorts, in the leading of the story of miscarriage, we’d all, quickly, gotten into the situations, and, the process is, brain-wrecking, and very fast-paced, everybody started, brainstorming all the ideas, and we’d, come up, with a ton of amazing ideas.

For instance, someone suggested that we should have this “P.O. Box” like the T.V. personnel started up, encouraging those who had gone through the miscarriages personally, or are with those around them who’d had the miscarriages, to share their thoughts and feelings.  And, all of these letters can be collected, to host an exhibition with, as a memorial for a stage of life in one’s life.

And, there’s, also, another brand new concept that’s, quite, innovative, the “miscarriage vacations”!  There are the honeymoon vacations, family trips, trips of friends, and we can also, call on the hotel chains, the tourist agencies, to give the discounts to couples who’d had miscarriages, so they don’t need to spend too much money, and can, get away, from their current states of minds and beings temporarily, to go out.  This isn’t to celebrate anything, but to give the mind, the heart, time to breathe, through the travels, to saturate oneself, to offer one another the needed supports.

Someone came up with the “diary exchange of families”, for the couple to write, to improve their communication, to express what they don’t feel able to express to one another, verbally in written form.

Some mentioned how we can, restructure the “fetus”, designing a way, for the elders to understand, and to, accept to reinstate the beliefs, the knowledge of natural miscarriages, so others around the families can have more understanding, more knowledge on the matter of miscarriages by natural causes.

In the past, the male voice is often, overlook in this matter, but, on this exchange forum, we hoped, to have the alternative perspectives from the men.  Some suggested using the technologies of A.I., to develop a sort of a Siri software, to help the men, accompany their partners in the process of their, miscarriages, to provide the males with more resources, more support, in a, more friendly manner.

I’m really hoping, that the outbreaks can end, so this sort of a forum can take place physically, so more people will be enlightened by this, social design, to find new and innovative responses, come up with more possibilities, for those who’d, gone through, the miscarriages.

And so, this is, a seemingly only women-related subject, but, this forum also, considered the men, which is, probably, something that’s new, because in the past, we all believe, that carrying children is a woman’s business, that the males only needed to donate a sperm, and he’s, done, but this forum considered that men are also, going through loss, when their wives miscarriages, it’s just, that we don’t, experience these losses, in the exact, same way!

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The Children, Hooked on the High-Tech Gadgets? Using the Opportunities, to Teach Them about Regulating Themselves

Ways of, teaching children, who are, growing up, in the, digital age, because you can’t, BAN them from, contact of the high-tech devices, as it’s just, impossible, especially now, with MERS-CoV, and everything, learning, play, is all, online!  Expert advice, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The summer’s begun, but, there’s no after school care program, no summer camps for the children to go to, and, the only thing that remained, in the lives of children, are the, high-tech, gadgets.  The psychiatrist, Chen recommended that the parents not pushed too hard, instead, they should, help the children gain better understanding of how to use the high-tech devices to their own, advantage, the following was the psychiatrist, Chen’s experiences:

After the outbreaks started, the parents in my clinic, and on FB, are all, overly, anxious, if they needed to work, should they allow their children to use the high-tech devices for an hour like they’d set it up from before?  There are, the desperate measures, during these, desperate, times, and now, the online learning came into, the realms, and, it’s best, that parents, can, utilize the means.

this is, what’s, trending, right, now!

photo from online

Parents, do remember, that “When we’re all well, then, our children would be too!”, it’s very hard, adapting to the distant, out-of-office, working from home, don’t give yourselves too much pressures, and, only keep guard over what you’re children are viewing, the games they’re playing online would be fine.  If the children are older, then, you can make the rules, for instance, for every thirty minutes they’d spent on the high-tech devices, they need ten minutes off of it, and use the screens with the larger sizes, the iPads, the desktops or the laptops.

Digital learning is now, the trend, the parents needed to get with the process, not seeing the high-tech gadgets as something that’s, harmful, you need to pay attention, to what your children are, into.  For instance, get to know the fun resources for learning online, to offer more learning choices digitally to your own children.  For instance, the computer program that allows you to learn to program and play the games at the same time: Roblox, along with the games fitted to younger children, Scratch, etc., etc., etc.

Especially for the children in their adolescence, being locked at home, without their cell phone advantage, they may, get into, conflicts with you even more often.

The outbreaks are a mirror of truth of parent-child relationships, do get to know what’s in the world of teenager in the means of high-tech, so long as the contents the child’s scanning through is watched by you, can be controlled by you, but don’t over control your children’s means of surfing online, their usages of internet.

And so, this would be, a not too easy lesson for all you, parents to manage, I mean, how do you know, what’s enough, and what’s, too much, this is still, all, trial-by-error, and each family must find, what works, individually, because this is still not, a one-size-fit-all kind of a thing.

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A Congress that Domesticated Itself

How the DDP is, giving too much power to Chen, the man controlling the policies of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and we the people, still get, @#$%ED up!!!  Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the DDP took power, they’d used the name of democracy, did a ton of undemocratic things, and, they’d, destroyed the system of independence in Taiwan, of these, the mostly impacted is the right to set up the legislations.

The right to set up the legislature, and the right to execute the laws, this relationship of power, based off of the democratic rules, should be split evenly, and yet, the party in power had often, used its power status, to enforce the passing of the laws, making the legislature into a “domesticated congress”.

Take for instance, the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  The fact that proved that the legislature had been domesticated, is that it’d, signed the laws of relief for the outbreaks, with NO attachments, and, the blank allowing the head of CDC to enforce the measures into the law, is more powerful than the president’s executive orders.  And, although the emergency executive orders of the president is already, to the point of uncontrolled, but, it is still under the limitations of the legislature’s “meeting decisions”, the “legislature’s statute of limitation”, along with the “emergent period”, but the head of the CDC, after the legislature gave it the power, became, uncontrolled, unlimited.  In other words, Chen’s “necessary to act upon” orders, weighed, more heavily than Tsai’s “emergency orders”, and it’d not been, limited by the legislatures’ limitations.  In the past year and so, everything regarding the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, whether it be directly relating to the people’s life, and basic rights, or if it’d, affected the country’s relationship with China, Chen says and it goes.

With more power given, the checks and balances should be working even harder, this is, the basic knowledge of the system of government.  But in the past year or so, the legislators of the DDP allowed Chen to do and say what he wanted to, whatever he’d done, it’s the right thing.  And, those who’d spoken up against Chen’s rules, who are not from the same party, are all, shut down, and silenced.  For instance, the KMT asked to reveal the records of the meeting of the 3+11 records, demanded more buying powers of the vaccines, demanding the country’s own vaccines go through the three stages of trials, the government officials’ roster for receiving the vaccines, evaluation of the buying of the country’s own vaccines, the pricing, and all of these demands go towards the defense of MERS-CoV, and none of these asking was interfering the Command Center’s work of fighting off the spread, and, all are, reasonable asking, of the government, and yet, the DDP had, killed off these laws.  Accused the members of the party not in power for “wanting to destroy the hard work of the government’s defense against the spread of MERS-CoV”, that they have, “alternative motives”; not examining the powers of the commandeer, but, silencing the opinions, the asking of the party that’s not in power, if this is not self-domesticating, then, what is?

how the system of checks and balances, when it worked, properly…

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Besides, MERS-CoV is like the plague, worse than war, as the legislative house received the right to make the laws, if they’d set up a committee especially, to watch the workings of the system, it’s, just for the asking, but, as the party that’s not in power that’s, finally been allowed to have a board of discussion on the matter of vaccine review, they’d not held one solitary meeting to date, and the committee member’s questioning, the DDP also, pointed toward the party out of power, and worked their hardest, to protect Chen’s status; they’d, given up their rights of checks and balances, if this is not self-domestication, then, what is?

The “generosity” that the president, Tsai with the members of her party showed toward Chen in the naming of the board of the committee members, it actually, damaged the right to review, and the right to make the laws.  On the matter of writing a rule into law, the DDP won almost every single time, because of the number of the members in the legislature, and, it’d, defeated the opposing party, and the result being, the self-mutilation of the right to make the laws.  The DDP’s congressional members treated every battle against the party as a war between the parties, but they’d forgotten, that the minority party is also, an important part of the legislature too, that on the matter of fighting for the right to make the laws, the members of the legislature of the DDP either had been domesticated or self-domesticated, and the end results was, that they’d hurt the party that’s not in power, allowed the executive branch to have too much power, and in the end, it’d, damaged the right to set up the legislations.  And, there’s a lacking of the collectiveness of the legislature as a whole, but too much of the party’s power, this is, the biggest crisis in the democracy of the legislative meetings, and it’s also, the biggest mistakes that the legislators of the DDP made these few years.

It’s still, a long way until we fight off the outbreaks completely, if the legislators of the DDP actually viewed the right to life as very important, than, it should, reclaim its right to write the laws, and, start shouldering up the complete examining right that it’d promised that it was going to have, at least, don’t put Taiwan into the situation of “the people are free, but the people are not really free”, the authoritarian measures of fighting off the spread of MERS-CoV.

the imbalance of power that’s, occurred here…

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And so, this still just showed, of how this commander of the defense against MERS-CoV department is getting too much power, and now that he’d tasted that sense of power, he’s, naturally, not going to, want to let go of it, and, because the man is a member of the DDP, that’s why, all the legislators, still, supported his rules, allowed him to done what he wants to, indefinitely, and so, there are, TWO dictators here, one, the man in charge of the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, Chen the other, Tsai, the DICTATOR who won the votes for president, popularly, and we the people, still got, SCREWED over!!!

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The Emotional Support Offered to One Another Even Though We’re Separated by the Distances

How this man offered the emotionally support his own wife needed, being far apart from her physically, by being there, letting her know, that he’s, with her, not physically, of course, the importance of emotionally supporting one another in the marriage here, translated…

On May 19th, the entire country of Taiwan had been under level three alert, with all the intercities, intercounties interactions, almost completely, halted, not talking about international relations, the south and north of Taiwan are, separated from each other, and, a lot of the families, the husbands and wives became, separated, and, you see these articles complaining about the matters.

Recalling how last year in January, it was the turning point of the outbreaks in Southeast Asia, and, the door to the country shut down, this wasn’t, in the expectations of how my husband and I managed our relationships from Taiwan to Japan.  At first, we’d thought, that we will get to see one another in three months, and that hope kept, getting busted, and the disappointments came, repeatedly.  With the trends of the world, shutting down, we both realized, that this wasn’t, just for the time being, that it’s, going to last, for a whole, year.

I’d found, that under these circumstances, I’d had to, drop that feeling of unease first, first, to trust, that “my partner will take good care of himself.”

At this time last year, Taiwan is still, highly guarded, and we’re, still in prime conditions, yet, we are still all, on heightened, alert; looking at Japan, the numbers rose fast, but, the tenseness in the air where my husband is isn’t as heightened.  Other than feeling panic on my end here, there’s, nothing I can do, other than imagining something may have happened with him there, getting myself crazy.

Back then, we’d, spent some time, discussing how we are to, defend ourselves against the outbreaks daily; in the exchanges, he was clearly, more, rational than I was, more thorough and careful too.  Yeah!  I’d forgotten, that he was, careful in nature, that rather than worrying my own head off, I’d selected to, trust him completely, and just, given him the reminders to watch himself every now and then.

just being here for her, not trying to SNAP her out of it! Photo from online

“Believing that our significant other will look after her/himself well”, it’s a sense of trust.  Setting up this trust, then, we’ll be able to, find back that loss sense of security we’d lost in this, mutated, reality.

After this whole year, I’d gained an interesting, understanding: originally I’d thought, that the distance between us will keep us apart, but in actuality, “feeling together”, it’s more powerful, than we both had, imagined.

One day, I’d, suffered a minor defeat from work, I’d sent him the message, hoping he could stay with me the entire evening.  I’d called him, and started crying, but couldn’t, voice out what made me upset, just kept repeating to him, “I’m really upset”.  Had it been him in the past, as he couldn’t know what was going on with me, he would’ve, lost his, temper already.  But on that evening, he’d told me, “okay, I’ll, stay with you.”, then, started, quietly, going about his own business on his end.

I’d cried a while, and still couldn’t say a word out, picked up a novel to read; a few pages in, I’d started, crying again, repeated, “I’m, upset!”.  And every time I’d stated it, he’d repeated, “okay, I’m here for you!”  and like that, we’d gone on and off, on and off, the entire, night, I’d, turned the final page of my novel, and finally, I’d, felt, a bit, better, then, I’d, started telling me, what made me upset.

That was, one comforting, evening.

It didn’t matter now, what was upsetting me then, what’s important was, on that very evening, I’d noted, how in this brand new state of living separately with him, we’d learned of the ability to “embrace” one another.

This embrace, it wasn’t the bodily contact, and yet, with the long-distance between us, it was still, quite, powerful just the same.

And so, this, is on the emotional support in a marriage for one another, and, there are these, circumstances beyond our controls, that are, keeping us apart physically, but, if we’re there for one another emotionally, willing to lend an ear to each other’s troubles, then, we will, always be, intimately connected to and with each other.

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