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Adopting Your Flesh-and-Blood

Why on EARTH, would anyone need to do that?  Oh wait, it’s, an ILLEGITIMATE child, isn’t it???  Yup!

Adopting your flesh and blood, legally, because, although s/he was “made” (yeah, and your point being???) from your god DAMN (no, still NOT pissed here!!!) FUCKING (oopsy!!!) T-A-D-P-O-L-E, but because the kid in “question” didn’t get “combined” with your wife’s EGG, isn’t that right?

Adopting your flesh-and-blood, legally, that, is just another LOOPHOLE, to legalizing adultery, after all, you CAN sever the ties with ALL them BITCHES and WHORES you’d ever FUCKED, but, how can you possibly, sever the BLOOD ties, with your own offspring, so, this, IS a legal LOOPHOLE, that gives the THUMBS UP to cheaters, infidelities, and, that, is like saying YES to murder, subconsciously, and, just because the CRIMES you’d committed were NOT perceived, or even, interpreted AS a crime, that still doesn’t mean, that it, is NOT a C-R-I-M-E.

Adopting your flesh-and-blood legally, because, you did NOT want the bondage of a marriage, after all, you can damn well, stay faithful to a woman or a man, without that signed document by the JUDGE, and, it’d saved you the troubles, if and when, in the future, the two of you decided to SPLIT, right???  Uh, yeah!!!


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A Sex Ring of Women From China Used the Excuse of Seeking Out Medical Treatments to Sell Themselves Here in Taiwan

All I can say here, is sex STILL S-E-L-L-S, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The specialist force from the immigrations services in the city of Taipei had busted a large sex ring, with women from China, and they’d arrested the transporters, the hookers, the brokers, along with the dorm manager, a total of twenty-five individuals, of the twenty-five, twelve ladies used the name of getting treatment to come to Taiwan, and they’d gone a several large hospitals, and after they were “weighed and measured, they were taken off by the drivers”.

The Immigrations Department told, that the ring is managed by a man, Wu, and a woman, Peng, and they’d made $500,000N.T. per day, and, their sex ring was set up just last year.  After the immigrations department interrogated the ladies who were here to sell, they’d sent the primary suspect, Wu, along with the mechanic, and thirteen others to the district attorney’s offices; the twelve women from China, are waiting, to be inquired by the D.A., then, they will either be detained, taken in by the immigrations, or to wait for deportation.

The team captain of the squad that made the bust, Hsieh said, that they Immigrations Department had chased the leads for over nine months, and, at the run down dormitory, next to a Buddhist worship center in Sanchong, they’d discovered the ring, and the ladies who worked all looked sexy, with the reputation of “Drive-Thru”, and, they’d get new girls every seven days.

Hsieh said, that the woman, nicknamed “Colorful Butterfly” was only twenty years of age, and is a second year college student at a certain art academy in China, this, was the second time she’d come to Taiwan to sell herself for sex, and claimed to her parents, that she needed to go to Beijing to attend some form of art training camps, and she had come here in June, to sell for sex, and came back in August again.  “Colorful Butterfly”, because she looked different, with a unique flair, with a good looking body, became the most-called-upon of the ring, and, the price she sold at started at $8,000N.T., and it goes UP to $12,000N.T.

Hsieh told the police that another woman, “Snowy”, has pale complexion, with a sweet voice, and her starting price was at $15,000N.T., and in a short two weeks, she’d taken on a hundred and TEN customers; but, the ring had taken seventy-five percent of her total earnings, and the ladies who worked couldn’t get that much from selling their bodies.

In order to block the “false claims of medical treatment, with the intentions of whoring”, the Immigrations Department stated, that starting on September 1 of this year, the medical centers will be screened, even harder, to prevent the ladies from coming from across the strait to sell themselves here.

And so, it is still the basic law of economics: supply and demand, IF there is NO demand for this sort of SHIT, you think that there would still be supply?  Hell no, and this still just shows you, how wayward those ladies’ value had become, and, this, is a HUGE loophole that a TON of bad people are weaseling through right now, but gladly, the government had decided to TIGHTEN up the rules now.




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Making Her Mind UP, to NO Longer Be Needing Assistance

A woman’s decision to TOUGHEN herself up, finally!!!  A Q&A, translated…

Q: The mom of a one-year-and-eight month old child, Ice Cream wrote…

She’d accidentally discovered that her husband was having an affair with his first love in August, he was ashamed of what he’d done, and got mad, and lost control, said that even though he and Ice Cream fell in love ten years ago, but he never really loved her at all, and would cuss his own son out every single day, “I HATE you, go find your mother!”, and would use a LOT more verbal AND physical abuse toward her, to let HER son know, that his parents didn’t love one another.

The mother-in-law is a psychiatrist, and belonged to a well-known women’s group, and she felt that her son had an affair, because Ice Cream had done so many things that made her son angry, for instance: Ice Cream’s stay for one and a half year in America, and she still couldn’t speak English fluently, didn’t dare to drive, and how she’d gotten knocked UP in just THREE months in America, this, was also why the mother-in-law believed to be why her son had had an affair.

Last year, Ice Cream asked for a divorce, her mother-in-law wouldn’t allow for it, and told her, to give her husband some time, to break up from HIS divorce.  Ice Cream did what she was told, but in the end, the husband’s affair got even MORE passionate, she’d found photos of them being intimate together, and they’d even got themselves matching rings too.

And now, the husband won’t return, and Ice Cream’s heart is cold, she wanted to protect her son, and the rest of her own life, to leave THIS high-stress environment she’d been living in.  But the problem is this: she is a full-time mother who took care of her son on her own, and the husband failed his pilot test, and the two of them had lived OFF of her parents-in-law completely, she wanted to know, that the party that’s NOT economically established, is it really impossible for her to get custody of her son?

A My Advice

On the subject of the custody of her son, Ice Cream is NOT entirely the weaker of the two.  Firsts, she must have evidence.  In other words, she MUST collect the incidence, like by tape recordings or voice recordings, along with slips from trips to the E.R., and how her husband would CUSS her son out, and the bad language he’d used, she’d needed the HARD evidence, and NOT just her words.  Based off of the situation described by Ice Cream, it may be difficult, for the marriage to end in a more positive note, in the end, they may finalize the divorce, and, how the husband didn’t like children, or even hit or cussed out the son, can be used in court.

And, this, is a woman, who’s TRAPPED in an abusive marriage, calling OUT to help, but, by this time, she’d already allowed her loser husband to take advantage of her too many times, and, it’s NOT going to be EASY, for her OR her husband to SNAP out of it, which is precisely, why the very FIRST time you’d been HIT, or gotten screamed at and apologized to, you SHOULD put an E-N-D to it right then and there.

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He Doesn’t Deserve This

Damn STRAIGHT he doesn’t!!!  But that, was what he’d gotten, beaten up, to DEATH, for defending his own older sister from the sexual assault.

He doesn’t deserve this, even IF they’d given him the 12 guns (like the salute for the fallen soldiers), and they’d given the family a folded flag too (as IF that mattered???), he still doesn’t deserve this!!!  He doesn’t deserve this, and it’s this sort of ATROCITIES that keep on happening ALL over the god DAMN (yeah so???) world, that had gotten everybody so cold…

He doesn’t deserve this, he was only acting, on behalf of his good Samaritan will, and he’d TRIED to help a man who was HIT, and, the man ended up dead, and now, the family of the deceased IS suing the man who TRIED (but unsuccessfully) to HELP?  So, after this, who D-A-R-E-S lends a helping hand to someone in need?  Uh, that’s still, N-O-B-O-D-Y, that’s W-H-O!!!

He doesn’t deserve this, to be beaten up, to be bruised all over, he doesn’t deserve this, he deserved a better chance at life, but, he wasn’t able to get it…and, there’s NO use, wrecking our brains, figuring out W-H-Y…

He doesn’t deserve this, sure, but W-H-Y did he get it?  Why did he get killed?  Nobody K-N-O-W-S, and now, NOBODY cares, as he’d become a page turned, and once those pages turned, well, there’s NO turning them back again, is there?  Nope.

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“I Have a Curfew”, a Horny Guy Tried Convincing His Female Classmate to Stay Over

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A college student, Chen, after consoling with a female classmate who’d had a fight with her boyfriend, he’d used the excuse of how he had a curfew at home, that his family had already locked up the doors, and excused himself to sleep in her apartment; he’d agreed to sleeping on the floors, but all of a sudden, he’d climbed onto her bed, started kissing her like crazy, with the intent of rape, the girl screamed, “I’m pregnant, if you have sex with me, it’ll kill my child, and, you will be haunted by my child’s spirits”. And that, was when Chen gave up attempting, the Hsinbei District Attorney’s office prosecuted him based off of attempted rape.

The male college student, Chen (age 21) who studied in Yilan, in mid-March, he’d learned that a girl he was into had a fight with her boyfriend and broken up with him, wanted some company, Chen rode his motorcycle up north; they’d gone to the riverside park to chit chat, until midnight, Chen told her, “I have a curfew, the doors at my home is already locked.”

In order to gain her trust, Chen first drove her to where he’d lived in Sanchong, Hsinbei City, gone upstairs, pretended he couldn’t open the door, the girl felt bad about causing him not to be able to sleep at home, and told him that he could crash at her place for the night, that he would have to sleep on the floors, Chen agreed right away.

After the girl showered, she lay in bed, and all of a sudden, Chen jumped on her, to attempt to rape her, the girl screamed and fought, slapped him across the face, Chen punched her stomach, the girl screamed, “I’m pregnant, and having sex will kill my baby.” Chen was stunned for a short while, the girl said, “If you rape me, the spirit of my dead child will haunt you!” Chen was doubtful, and in the end, he’d rubbed his penis against her abdomen until he ejaculated.

The girl called the cops and pressed charges, Chen claimed that he’d never touched her, and accused her of blackmailing him for $50,000N.T.; and claimed that the girl has a roommate, and had she screamed, her roommate would’ve found out. The D.A. called in Chen’s parents, and proved that Chen had NO curfews, and that even IF the doors are locked, he could easily climb the windows and make his way in; the clerk screamed in the girl’s bedroom, and, from the outside, nobody heard anything, plus, there was DNA evidence from Chen on the girl, and the girl passed a polygraph, and that, is how the D.A. believed, that the college male student was indeed, involved in attempted rape.

And here, we still have??? Oh yeah, ANOTHER L-O-S-E-R who can’t keep his DICK in check, and, apparently, HIS mama still didn’t TEACH him to RESPECT women, and he’s still caught, red-handed, but, he’ll probably get away with community service hours, and mandated court appointed therapy, but that’s it, and, chance of him raping someone again is still very high!!!




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On Her Field Trip, She’d Pointed to the Distance, “That’s the Home of a Wolf”

And, can you IMAGINE, for how LONG this child must’ve endured this??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“This, is the porn uncle’s house”, the elementary school child’s childish words had alarmed the school teacher, and had helped catch the pedophile that was sexually molesting young children in the neighborhood, Chiu, yesterday, the highest court found Chiu guilty of forced sexual acts, and sentenced him to a confirmed five years in prison.

Chiu works as a caterer, was nicknamed Chiu Meats, and had once acted as the man, in charge of his neighborhood too, he’d had two priors in sexually molesting children and adolescents already.

The verdict pointed out, that from September, 2010 to February, 2011, he’d enticed young girls with money and candies, and had multiple times, sexually molested five children younger than nine, the youngest was only a little over six years of age.

Chiu had asked the victims to touch his penis, or after he’d touched their pubic areas, he’d given them money from $100 N.T. to $1,000N.T., or candy, and, some of the kids complied, and afterwards, they’d given the money to their mothers, while others didn’t want to, and Chiu still forced himself on them.

One of the victims, on a fieldtrip, on the way back to the schools, they’d passed Chiu’s place, and the child told the teacher, “That, is the horny uncle’s house”, after the instructor pressed on, the child said, “He’d touched us where we peed”, the instructor immediately called the authorities.

After Chiu was caught, he’d already reached settlements with five of his victims, and used the excuse of how his ex-wife had an affair and he couldn’t withstand the blows, that he had an impaired judgment, along with a handful of other reasons, hoping that he’d get a lighter sentence.

The judge couldn’t tell if Chiu is, indeed, a pedophile, and that when he’d committed the crimes, he was well aware of it, that it didn’t fit the criteria of a reduction of sentence; the judge took into considerations that Chiu had seriously damaged the psyche and the bodies of the young children, and that there are countless victims, found him guilty, on five counts of molestation; and the sentences for the crimes ranged anywhere from a year to three years, four months, that he would be mandated to serve a five year sentence.

But, if you ask me (hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), five years is still WAY too lenient, and even IF this LOSER go into forced therapy, as mandated by the courts, how will you know that he’d be “cured”, from his pedophile tendencies, and, because he’d raped before, he will surely, RAPE again, as past behaviors are clear indicators of predictions of FUTURE actions, you DO understand that, don’t you???



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Two Police Officers Took Advantage of Teenagers Who Were Found, Attempting Suicide

Knowing the law, and still breaking it here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The patrol officer, Chien from Wenshan Second Subprecinct knew, that a seventeen year old girl in the area is the girlfriend of his work colleague, and still, he took advantage of the adolescent’s bad mood, took her into a motel, and raped her; the D.A.’s office in Taipei yesterday persecuted the office based off of forced sexual acts, and had asked the judge to add the punishments for obstruction of child welfare laws as well.

Based off of understanding, the young woman didn’t tell her school counselor until almost six months later, and the school reported it to the social services department, and asked the police to look into the matter immediately. The adolescent told them, that the plaintiff was a police officer, that because she felt that the police will all ban together, and it would be of NO help, that, was why she failed to report it.

The young woman goes to a private high school, was diagnosed with severe depression, and attempted suicide multiple times; as the officer got the reports, he was sent, to show her care and concerns, and they fell in love, and started dating.

Chien the officer (age 30) had taken care of the adolescent’s suicide calls, he’d learned that she was dating other officers, and still, he’d pursued her.

Last year in May, the adolescent girl’s boyfriend was reprimanded by his superior, and asked to break up with her, the adolescent became depressed, and poured her heart out to Chien, and Chien took her out drinking.

The investigations found, that the officer took the youth to a certain motel to get drunk, they’d spent the night there, and that Chien had gone against the adolescent’s wishes, and raped her; the young woman told this to her boyfriend who’s a patrol officer.

When interrogated by the D.A., Chien, the officer, had first denied having gone to the motel, and after the D.A. showed records from the motels, he’d changed his statements, said that they were there, to get drunk, that there was NO sexual intercourse; but the D.A. took the words of the youth, along with the records kept by her school counselor, and believed that Chien had raped her.

The Wenshan Second Subprecinct said, that after this was known, they’d sent the officer to the courts, and transferred him to an inactive squad, and labeled him as someone they needed to keep an eye on.

The police stated that they will hold a meeting, to see if Chien did break the laws, and, in the future, as the verdict came, Chien may well face getting fired.

And so, this, is the result of the officer, raping an adolescent girl, and, this LOSER took advantage of a bad situation, I mean, the young woman was already suicidal, and, he’d still taken advantage of her.

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The Scandalous Incest Was Brought Out as the Grandparent and Grandchild Watched and Discussed the Scenes from a Soap Opera

Things that get BLURTED out, from a careless “encounter”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of young kindergarten age sisters were raped by their eldest aunt’s husband, they’d kept it in for a very long time, one time, they were accompanying their grandmother as she was watching a soap opera, the grandmother reminded them, “Study hard, and don’t be like that leading lady that got sold into whoredom”, that, was when the two young girls disclosed how they were taken advantage of; the District Court in Hsinchu gave the horny husband of their aunt a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

The parents of this pair of siblings are divorced, they’d lived in with their father and grandmother.  The older girl is seventeen this year, the younger, just twelve; the eldest uncle is sixty, and runs a physical therapy place.

Two years ago in April, the siblings were watching a Taiwanese soap with their grandmother, the grandmother shared with them what was going on in the show, wanted the two to “study hard in school, to NOT become like the female lead who was sold into being a hooker”, the two of them disclosed how “they were taken advantage of by their eldest uncle.”

The grandmother was shocked and angered, she regretted not paying attention to her eldest granddaughter when she’d told her in kindergarten, that the uncle was a horny guy, back then, she thought that the girl was talking childish words, and disregarded that, and she blamed herself to allowing the abuse to go on, she’d asked the police to allow her to take the two young girls to the hospital to get examined, and asked the schools to help call it in.

The older sister said in court, that since her last year in kindergarten, the uncle had attacked her breasts, and he had raped her using his hands, and told her, “Do NOT tell grandma about it”, she’d mentioned, with a muffled voice, that he was an elder, believing, “So long as he left my younger sister alone, then, I will put up with it”, without knowing, that her younger sister became a victim too.

The younger sister of the victim told, that back when she was in the second, and the fourth grades, she was raped in her sleep twice by him, and afterwards, he’d told her, “Do NOT tell anybody, or, I will beat you up.”  She said, that the uncle would often touch her pubic region, almost once every month, she’d written about how he’s a “horny man”, etc.. etc., etc., to get her angers out into the open.

The uncle when brought to the courts, only admitted to touching their breasts and molesting them, denied having raped them, and, he’d “swore in front of god”, but, when they put him through a polygraph, the polygraph showed that he was lying, and so, the judge didn’t believe him, and believed that he had wronged his next of kin, and with absolutely NO sense of remorse, and so, the judge gave him a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

And, you THINK that fifteen years is enough?  Are you sure about that?  How long do you think it will take these two young girls, to get OUT of that nightmare of being sexually molested?  And, you believe that money would BE enough?  Yeah right, think again, these two young women are SCARRED for life, simply because NOBODY was paying close attention to them, and this sort of SHIT will keep on happening, NOT just in this part of the world, but, everywhere………

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A Divorced Couple Forced Women to Sell Found Guilty of Solicitations

From the subsection of the newspapers, translated…

The manager of a pub in Taipei, Liao and his ex-wife, was accused of threatening the ladies who worked at the pub for solicitations, pimping, and whoring them out, and had been found to Taser the ladies who wouldn’t comply, or slap them across the face, or making them crawl like dogs as punishment, the Taipei District Courts found the two of them guilty, for using the weakness of human nature to force them to sell for sex, the courts sentenced Liao to eight years eight months of jail sentences, and his wife, a seven year six months in prison.

The verdict pointed out that Liao (age 29) and Liao (age 24), referred to themselves as “papa” and “mama”, between the years of 2009 and 2011, they’d taken in girls who fell prey to the lies of how they’re willing to help them pay off their debts, and forced the ladies to go to the sex bars, to strip and accompany men, to be sexually molested by the customers, to have intercourse, and they’d even taken the ladies to a hooker station “Bean Curd House” to sell.

Liao’s sister and brother (already deceased) are also responsible for controlling the movements of the ladies, and, the ladies were forced to take medications that stopped their menstrual cycle so they could continue working, and the money the ladies earned were all taken by the pimps.

And because the victims’ accusations all checked out, the judge believed that Liao and his accomplices DID indeed, force women into selling their bodies, along with restricting their whereabouts.  The manager of the lounge bar, Huang also got a one year ten months sentence, and Liao’s sister got six months, she could pay her way out of serving hard time, and the verdict can still appealed.

And so, you still have people who USED the weakness of human nature, they’d forced the ladies to sell for sex, exposing them to violent ways, and, even though the police were able to CRACK this sex scam ring, heaven KNOWS how many more like it there are here!!!






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The “Accidental Death” of Chong-Chiu Hong, the District Court Found, that it Was “Accidental”, the Eighteen People Involved Got a Light Slap on the Wrist

This, is the long awaited INJUSTICE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case that caused dramatic changes in the military, the tortured death of a soldier, Chong-Chiu Hong got the verdict from the first trial yesterday, the Collective Courts in Taoyuan found, that Hong had died due to an accident, and of the eighteen plaintiffs, the most serious sentence was just eighteen months in jail, and, of them all, five were found not guilty; after sitting in on the trial, the mother of Hong cried and told, “It’s too light, I can’t accept this”, the white-shirted soldiers cried out, “the courts are NOWHERE near the level of court marshal”.

“We are displeased too!”, the former officer of the platoon stated, and, through his lawyers, he’d claimed, “I’m facing this head on, and I maintain my innocence”, He, Hsu, Fang, and Chen, the ones who were involved in the tortured death of the man all claimed, “Nobody wanted to hurt him, we should all be found NOT guilty, and so, we will surely go for an appeal.”

The district court in Taoyuan said that it’d respected the sentiments of both sides, that it had NO comment.  The D.A.’s office in Taoyuan stated, that they will decide whether or not to appeal after they’d received the verdict in print.

The District Court’s determinant of it was an accidental death was reliant on the coroner’s testimonies, of how the damages from the heat won’t accumulate, and that after taking a break for two hours, the man will be okay, the officers started drilling Hong at seven in the morn, and, fifty minutes later, he was returned to his regular activities, and, the drills didn’t come again until three in the afternoon, and that it was ANOTHER army officer who’d watched the men do their drills, and Hong didn’t get his heatstroke until five in the afternoon.

Shih’s testimonies cut off the cause and effect between Chen and the abuse to death, and, it’d lessened his sentence from life in prison to just SIX months, which he could pay his way out of serving hard time.

Yesterday, when the verdict was read, the group of public dressed in white shirt all stood outside the courts, supporting the family of the victim, and of the defendants, only Shen, and Liu were there, and the family of the deceased soldier were all there.

After hearing the verdict, the family sighed that they’re “disappointed”, Shen and Liu were very calm, after getting out of the courthouse, Hong’s mother had tears in her eyes, and refused to speak, the father and the older sister stated that “the law did NOT match up to the expectations of the public”, they’re thinking of appealing the case.

The one who’d gotten the harshest sentence in the case was the platoon leader, Hsu, with eight months, Shen, He, Liu, Chen, Feng, along with others involved only got six months, and they can’t pay their way out of serving hard time.  The collective courts found that they all knew that there’s NO punishment for taking a phone to the drills, and they’d still signed the papers, to send Hong into the chambers, and prosecuted them all based off of laws against using military resources privately.

And so, this, is still a SLAP on the wrist, seeing how the man D-I-E-D, so horribly, he was drilled too hard, because the superiors didn’t like the way he’d done things, and that, would be a problem in the M-I-L-I-T-A-R-Y, because you couldn’t show your individuality, you must go with the flow of the group, because if you stand OUT too much, then, you’d end up just like this guy, tortured to D-E-A-T-H!!!

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