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Peeping, Through, the Ice Caves

Thoughts of the encounters the writer’s had in Antarctica, translated…

“Using a pipe to see the skies”, this ancient phrase is used to describe the shortsightedness of some, or the humbling of the speaker.

Using a tiny bamboo pipe, looking through the tiny hole of that pipe, seeing anything toward the other end, from the ratios of mathematics, it doesn’t, fit correctly.  The objects are way too huge, the hole, too tiny, how can you see the whole picture?  But, think on it using a different angle, the concept of “quality”, you can see the corner of that mountain so green, which is, enough, to lift our, spirits!

photo from

taken by the writer…

Following the eyes of the photographers, the artists, from the hole in the ice caves, to see the views that the exploration ships saw from a hundred odd years ago, it surely was, moving, and, it’s, comparable to seeing the starry nights from million years ago from the lens of the telescope!

And so, this, is how we’re all, linked to our separate, and collective pasts, no matter how hard we tried to deny it, because, we’re, still all here, sharing this, common environment, and maybe, what you see is not, exactly what I see, because we have, different perspectives, different interpretations of things we encounter in the world, but that, is how the experiences are, common, and different, at the, same time.

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Behind the Cameras

Behind the cameras, you took up, your hiding place, thinking, that so long as you keep on, having that machine (the camera???) in front of your faces, then, the world will NOT notice you, but, you are, DEAD wrong!

You’d hid, behind the cameras, never getting yourselves exposed, not even for a photo op, and that made me wonder, WHY?  Do you have something you’re trying to hide, from the world?  From yourselves?

Behind the cameras, it’d become, your way of life, you’d gotten used to being invisible, with people, going on and about their busy lives, and NOT paying an INKLING of an attention to you.  Behind the cameras, you tried to hide yourselves, from getting exposed, because, those photographs, shows you, WHO you really are, that, is why, you never liked your pictures done as you were growing up, and, maybe, it’s partially due to the Inferiority Complex (Adler, anyone???)

Behind the cameras, I’m staying, besides being camera-shy (uh, yeah right!) I know, the end results, of being under that spotlight too long, getting BURNED, anyone???

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Bending Our Backs, Picking Things Up

The words that “accompanied” a photograph with a woman by the beach, bending at her waist, to pick something up from the waters, translated…

We were taught, at a very early age, to climb up higher and higher, to get higher grades, to achieve a higher status too to become the top, and, we will have a happily ever after like in the fairytales. But God is more than fair, He’d spread the happiness, evenly, across the world, it’s abundant now.  When I no longer sought out the glam and the glamour of the hotshot title, and wanting everything that isn’t even mine, I’d lowered my head, and found those who are in need of assistance all around me, with my palms downward, the kind of happiness I picked up is like, a wide open sea.

And so, you’d learned, that climbing the ladders, working hard to get to the top, all that you’d worked so hard to achieve, is absolutely NOTHING, pointless AND useless too, and that, was when you’d changed your behaviors, and, with that, everything around you changes, because you’re seeing the world, in a brand new and different light.







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An All-Star High School Male Student’s Nude Photos Was Spread Online Maliciously

Apparently, this young lad is still, TOO inexperienced, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student from an All-Star High School posted forty of his own nude photos online, awhile ago, the photos went viral onto a gay porn site, then, forwarded to the Facebook Fans Page “Hate Jien-Guo All Boys High School CK Hate”, the male student two days ago, came forth to the police with his parents, and the police are zoomed in to the perp.

The male student discovered his own nude photos on a porn site on Mid-Autumn Festival, and was forwarded onto the Facebook Fans Page where his classmates usually go, he told the cops, that during March of this year, he’d forwarded these photographs to a man he met online in the city of Taipei, he had NO idea it was going to go viral.

The male student still showed up to school yesterday, and, he’d gotten upset, as his classmates inquired him, the school stated, that they couldn’t restrict the students’ friendships outside of school, but had already had someone counsel the adolescent.

The Fans Specialty page of Facebook “CK Hate” on September 7, there was a post, “This lower class member is making himself known to the world”, with the X-rated gay websites attached.  After the male student reported this to the police, the gay website could still link to his Facebook page, but this student’s nude photos had already been deleted.

The police stated, that they’d zoomed in on this specific online “acquaintance”, and, if the man had spread the photos maliciously, he would’ve broken the laws, and could be sentenced to no more than three years in prison and charged with five million dollar fines.

The originally opened to comment website had the online community raging, and had cussed out everything about Chien-Guo High School, the Fans page of “Hate Chien-Guo High School”, had already posted an apology and retraction notice, and the man responsible for the website stated, that he may be faced, with getting shut down.

The online community felt that this male student was taken advantage of, “What did the manager do?  Couldn’t they filtrate the articles first, this, is outrageous, that they’d put things that should’ve been private out there.”

And that just shows, how everything you’d posted online, is still fair game, and, what the HELL were you thinking, child?  You should’ve had better sense, to know, that everything you’d posted online, can and will get spread (like that infectious disease?), or, did they NOT teach you that in your session on web safety in school there?

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Capturing Your Childhood Memories

The best way to do this, is with those cameras, but hey, don’t those photographs eventually turn yellow and won’t they fade out in time???  So, I’d come UP with a better way, to capture the memories of your childhood…

Capturing memories of your childhood, that, is what I’m supposed to do, and so, I’d followed you around, with my notepad, jot down the things you saw, you touched, along with everything ELSE you’d experienced with your child senses, and, we’d gone to the ends of the world, AND back, just the two of us!!!

Capturing memories of your childhood, how will I be able to effectively do that, to make sure, that you will always BE able to have your childhood handy, that it won’t be gone from you?  All I can do, is to make sure, that you grow up safe and sound, NOT like I did, in pain.

Capturing memories of your childhood, this, is my way, of making your every day count child, and, maybe, someday in the future (maybe N-O-T!!!) I’ll put everything I’d written, into a scrapbook, for you to take with you, so you’ll have me, or rather, my wisdom with you, for the rest of your life…




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The Freeze Frame at the Train Station

This, is a photograph of a native, waiting at the train station, translated…

Without you, how will I be

Able to Carry the Heaviness of the Years

And so, this is someone, waiting at the station, a child, or a spouse, perhaps, to return?  But, will the person really come back?  Nobody knows, and, the person can only hope and wait, without knowing whether or not her/his wait at the end will be worth it or not.

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Pictures, Missing from the Photo Album

Pictures, missing from the photo album, whose is it again?  Not of ME, of course…

Pictures, missing from the photo album, and that photo album I’d kept, for a VERY, VERY, V-E-R-Y long time ago.  Pictures, missing from that photo album, you will NEVER find it, because they were never there originally, so, how can you find something that wasn’t there before now?

Pictures, missing from that photo album, of me, of you, of US, on vacation, and, everything is still L-O-S-T, in that fire that started, very shortly AFTER we got back from our “break”, and now, it’s all been lost.  Pictures, missing from that photo album, we kept trying, trying to fill it up, but, there’s NOTHING we can, fill it up with, and so, we B-R-O-K-E, and there’s NO doubt…

Pictures, missing from that photo album, whose was it?  Not of me, of course, as I got NO pictures, of my past, I’d burned them all, so, you can’t find traces of me in the past, because I did NOT exist back then, but I do, exist N-O-W, and there’s NO denying that!!!

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No Pictures of Her Childhood

No pictures of her childhood had been discovered, there was just NO trace of her as a child, it’s like she was born, as an adult, I know, I know, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, but that, is how she’d felt…

No pictures of her childhood, will ever be found, because she had been, and is without a proper childhood.  No pictures of her childhood, will ever be found, because her past had been wiped C-L-E-A-N, there’s just NO way, of finding BACK what she never H-A-D in the first place.

No pictures of her childhood, but, how can this be?  Unless, unless she was picked up in the T-R-A-S-H, because in ALL families, you’d see the photographs of children on mantle, but, NOT in her house, and, she grew up, without wondering W-H-Y, she just took it as normal…

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Photographs without the Faces

Strictly from my over-sized, BIG B-O-B-B-L-E H-E-A-D still…

I’d stumbled upon a dozen photo albums, with photographs, and they had you in it, but, in the pictures, your face don’t show up clearly, and, over the years, I’d realized, that you didn’t like being in photographs, and, even IF someone DID capture you without your knowledge, you’d told the people to DELETE the pictures.

And these, are the photographs without the faces, because I’d used that Sharpie, and blacked it all out, NOT because I only wanted to know what those picture-perfect people are WEARING, so I can learn to DRESS like them, but because I really just don’t need ANY reminders of the past.

Photographs without the faces, they’d haunted me still, as each of those faces WAS once, someone’s daughter, someone’s child, BEFORE those bad people came and took them away, of course………

This, is what I will hang UP on my walls now, photographs without the faces, because I INTENTIONALLY took my shots, without ANY people, and even IF my shots had people in them, they’re in the background, NOT the front, and that (uh-huh, uh-huh), is how I LIKE it (uh-huh, uh-huh)!!!

Photographs without the faces, they’re all, STARING BACK at me, and they’re really making ME quite uncomfortable, but I can’t find an escape from their glaring gazes, and I just want to quickly, DIG a FREAKIN’ hole in the ground, and HIDE inside…



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Putting on the Makeup

This came with a picture of an older woman, from a minority group in China, leaning against the rocks, sitting and laughing, translated…

When the memories had filtered out the darkened impurities

At which time, the years, are the most beautiful kind of makeup.

So, you don’t need to put on your face, nor do you need to TRY to hide those deepening laugh lines, or wrinkles or whatever else (sun spots, etc., etc., etc.), you just need to appear as you AT your age, and you’d be in the best shape of your life, so, STOP fighting aging.

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