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No Gray Areas

There’s NO black and white, NO light and dark, NO contrasts in between.  No gray areas!!!

No gray areas, that, would make life, a HELL of a LOT easier, wouldn’t it?  Then, you wouldn’t BE tortured, if you’re currently, in-between anymore.

No gray area, either right, OR wrong, left, OR right, no let’s wait and see.  No gray area, because it isn’t allowed in this world, because too much gray areas would only lead to confusion, and, if we’re all confused, then, that does NOBODY any good.

No gray areas, the world would be better, and it would run more smoothly, there’s only RIGHTIST or LEFTIST, with NO way of making peace in the middle.

No gray area, when it comes to right and wrong, there’s NO “seemingly right” or “seemingly wrong”, there’s just RIGHT, OR wring, and, wouldn’t that be easy.  No gray area, there’s NO room for discussion, because I am, always right, because I will always and forever, have reason on my side, even IF my reasons are “off”.

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Journeying Down This Road Called Lonely…

I started out, on this path, not knowing what it’s called…

As I walked, I am all alone, and, a few miles (or was it ten and more???) down the line, I feel this cold chill, down my spine.  Journeying down this road called lonely, I’d found comfort, in everything I’d found, on this road called lonely.  Journeying down this road called lonely, how will I ever find my way again?  Journeying down this road called lonely, but how?  I don’t, want to be alone anymore, it hurt too much!!!

Journeying down this road called lonely, I’d gotten lost, and can’t find my way again, as the world all around grew dark, I’m even more scared, because I will never, find my way, back again.  Journeying down this road called lonely, I only have my own company, but, I want the company of someone else, other than myself, so, I keep looking out, into the darkness, hoping, to find that speck of light, of hope, but, there isn’t any, and so, I keep on, searching………

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All It Takes, is a Lunatic

We don’t need M-O-R-E, just O-N-E, and, the world, will go to H-E-L-L…

All it takes, is a LUNATIC, and we still don’t need any MORE extras on the “set”, and the world, will BE a HUGE mess that’s for sure.  Take for instance, those PSYCHOS you’d heard about in history, the ones that committed genocide, to “purify” the world, and look where it’d gotten them?

All it takes, is a lunatic, and someone to believe, in the claims of this lunatic, and, they’re in “business”, because that, is how stupid humans can be, there’s NO doubt.
All it takes, is a lunatic, someone who’s called crazy, to change the world, after all, there’s that necessity of leadership, even IF the leader isn’t at all, that well-rounded, it’s still, better to follow someone around, than to walk around, lost, in life, forever, isn’t it?  So, that, is still, the basic law of economics…

All it takes, is a lunatic, to break a world apart, into bits and pieces, and, all it takes, is still, a lunatic, to create change, to make this world better, now, the question is merely this: which kind of a L-U-N-A-T-I-C would you want to be, if you had to choose?


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More Prisons, or, More Schools

And NO, getting SHOT is still NOT one of the “options” here!!!

Because of how there are limited number of kids being born (some of us aren’t even considering children as an “option”!!!), there would be, a need, for less, and less, AND less schools, and, with the education going down, there would surely be, a need, for MORE prisons.

And now, this, is the dilemma: do we want MORE prisons, or MORE school in the neighborhood?  And, IF we choose (as it would be a C-H-O-I-C-E!!!) to have more children, how will we guarantee, that they would all be, raised UP well, if the adults are working hard, in those factories, offices, or whatever, making “ends” meet?  Then, we’d be leaving our babies, in the care of strangers, some of whom aren’t even qualified (still NOT talking about that certification either).

And, as this becomes a “trend”, because it would cost, so very much, to have a child, raise her/him up, get them safe and sound, into, their adulthood years, and, need I mention the HIKE in the prices that it cost, to go to college these days?  And that is just more burdens, on us, the parent generations, isn’t it?

It would be, a HELL of a L-O-T easier, to blame someone for something bad that’s happened, on the “system”, but hey, the systems are D-E-A-D (they’re NOT living), it’s the people in those systems, that should be blamed, for the outcomes of those separate societies, isn’t it?  So, why is this scapegoating behavior still happening everywhere I look?  Or maybe, I’m merely, TOO sensitive, as I’d always been then???

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The Invalid “If”

“If” had totally, become, INVALID here!!!

The invalid “if”, but how, did “if” become ever so invalid?  I mean, isn’t it obvious, that IF had become, totally, invalid?  The invalid “if”, that’s existed, plagued, BOTH our lives completely, and, there’s NO way we’ll EVER be able to effectively, dodge, the consequences of it.

The invalid “if”, if became invalid, as it’d lost ITS status in the world, but, because “if” is used by almost us all, every single day (more than once too!!!), the status of “if” had turned, valid.  “If” is an invalid, and, there’s NO way, of it, to regain ITS status back again, there ain’t NO how, there ain’t NO way, and, there’s still NO room, for “debate”…………

The invalid “if”, if will now, forevermore, for always, and for eternity, BE invalid, and once that “status” set in, it will NEVER ever, stand, to be altered again.


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The Impact of War on Their Young Lives

Whether or not their parents like to admit it, the war did have an impact, on their young lives, even though they’d still run up and down that winding country pass, to and from school, as if there’s nothing happening out there (don’t ask where)…

The impact of war on their young lives, they’re NOT directly involved in fighting in the wars, but, they all got families who had gone, to fight, for the cause, who had been injured, in the cause, or who had died, and even those who’d been brought back, and are suffering their separate shares of PTSD.

So, even though, they did NOT get immediately affect by the war themselves, they’d still feel the effects of this harsh war that’s happened, all around.  The impact o war on their young lives is immeasurable, after all, you can’t detect those invisible wounds, can you?  Nope.

The impact of war on their young lives, can you even, detect, the emotional distress that they are weathering right now?  Of course N-O-T, because they’re so young, they don’t know H-O-W, to tell you, verbally, the emotional stresses that they feel, from the adult wars, and so, ALL the little children, still D-I-E-D, and, by morning, there would be, a TON of dead bodies to pick up.

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Piecing Together the Broken Parts of You

A lesson, in sewing, and stitching, perhaps???

Piecing together the broken parts of you, that shouldn’t be that hard at all, after all, all that’s needed to get the “job” done are a needle, and some threads, isn’t that right?

Piecing together the broken parts of you, first, you need to find all those parts that “flaked” off, you know, the pieces that got peeled off like on those washed out walls, like in the lower end of town?  Piecing together the broken parts of you, but H-O-W, when you can’t even gather yourselves up together, to FIX things up on your own?

Piecing together the broken parts of you, how will you be able to, IF you don’t, first, admit, that you had been, broken, shattered, into too many parts to count?  After all, denial does NO good, for this “patchwork” that needed to be completed here, you know???

Piecing together the broken parts of you, first, we start, on the inside, in the souls and the minds, then, we work our way “up”, to the physical stuff, the heart, and, after everything’s been turned outward, we get to stitch every single part of you back together, to make you back, into a whole “doll”, and there may be casualties, after all, NOT ALL dolls can BE fixed, like those easily shattered, way too fragile, porcelains, even after you’d managed to get ALL the pieces back again, it still won’t appear, if you put it all back together, without cracks, in ITS original, MINT condition, isn’t that right???

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Writing about History

What do you hope to accomplish, by writing about history?  That people can take from the precedence, and prevent the same things from happening, over, over, and over again?  Or, do you hope, to accomplish something else?

Writing about history, why bother?  I mean, it’s all dead in the past, and so, why must we dig up ALL that dirt again?  Writing about history, there’s basically, NO need to, after all, history, had written itself in our lives, it’d left traces of the past, in us all, and that’s something that we simply can’t “shake off” that easily, don’t you know…

Writing about history, is it, really, necessary?  I mean, our stories are like those old clichés out there, that everybody’s heard of before, and so, why must we, bring it up again, if it’s an overly heard story, I mean, won’t people become super, DUPER bored, and eventually, lose interests?


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Before the Destruction of the Planet, There’s NO Way of Implementing the Reform in Education

Houston, we HAVE another DEADLOCK!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the universities started their sessions, thanks to the legislatures, signed by the great leader, everybody has a school to go to now.  And, more and more young people believed, that in order to get a better job, they must go through four years of university, and, even IF you’d gone through four years’ worth of higher education, you’re still NOT guaranteed, to have a good job.

My child will graduate university in just one more semester, but he didn’t want to return for more graduate school, naturally, it’s because of the academic pressures.

But, as graduation approaches, he must have an exhibition show, and, without it, he will NOT be able to graduate, and, for the show, it would cost $20,000N.T. per person, to have the space for the exhibitions, and that’s not including the contents of their separate projects here.

There was a group who’d completed the exhibition in her class, it’d caused the group a total of over $300,000N.T. to just set up the models, and, naturally, the cost is split, between the members of the group.

In the business industries, before the models are set up, there’s a LOT of designing, a LOT of care, and to make sure, that it fits the needs of the economical realm, the supply and demand, in order for it to keep going; and, the students don’t get to model the designs until after their graduation, but, after the graduations, those models they’d made become scrap metal junks, and, the money they’d spent, evaporated, in an instant.

You’d hear them hollering, “WE want changes in education!”, but, there’s just too many problems with the education in Taiwan.  Using the mindset of the representatives and the government officials, even IF they believed, that the end of days is quickly coming, the reforms in education will NOT BE reformed at all.

And so this person had lost faith in the institution of education completely, after all, just like he’d told, all those time poured into the graduation exhibitions had been for naught, and those students had spent endless semesters, preparing for their exhibition, for no more than that three minutes of “glory”, then, everything still went D-A-R-K, and, once they’re out, they’re NO longer OUR problems!!!

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Both Sides are Right, Interactions Between the Mother and the Daughter-in-Law

The “war” is on, between a mother and a daughter-in-law, translated…

I’d often heard my married colleagues told of the problems that they’d had, getting along with their mothers-in-law, and I’d felt that both sides had valid points, that they’d only have the differences of opinions, causing both sides to feel at a disadvantage.

My coworker, A, lived away from home since she’d started working, normally, she’s not too active in the house, with the chores, but she believed that there’s order in her mess, that she knew where everything is, but, unfortunately, she’d married into the house where the mother-in-law is a neat freak.  Gladly though, the mother-in-law never imposed her ideals on her, and would help her tidy up, but A didn’t feel grateful, instead, she’d felt that her privacy had been invaded, and she didn’t know where everything had been stored in, it’d troubled her very much.  She’d once asked her mother-in-law to not pick up after her, but the neat-freak personality that her mother-in-law had would not change, especially after A’s child was born, she’d asked things to be even neater, and, this problem had caused A to get furious, even after many years of marriage.

My coworker, B, was originally a name-brand worshipper, after she’d married and had children, she’d gotten worse on her spending habits, everything that the child uses, must be bought from the department stores, unfortunately though, her mother-in-law believed that this, was a waste of money, that they should save up on more money, like how quickly the children would grow, so, it should be fitting, that her kids take the relatives’ children’s hand-me-downs.  But B couldn’t accept her mother-in-law’s view points, and, their interactions froze up.

My colleague, C, is a girl who’s strict on sanitations, she didn’t have much troubles, getting along with her in-laws, there is only thing that she’d kept piped down, that every time they’d eaten together, her mother-in-law would use her own chopsticks, to take the foods out of the serving dishes to give to C.  And since C was younger, she’d been raised, that there’s an extra pair of chopsticks, for the use of everybody, even though she knew that her mother-in-law’s heart was in the right place, however, she’d felt offended because of sanitary issues, she’d felt troubled, and, she could only reduce the number of times she’d eaten out with her in-laws, to reduce the frictions.

Actually, a lot of ladies would find that their habits are quite different from their in-laws’, but, the older generations had already kept their habits for a long time, it would be unlikely, for the in-laws, to act, according to the daughters-in-law’s wishes; and all one can do, is to adjust one’s own mind, and, if the minor differences had caused great discords in the family, then, it would be so not worth it.

These, are the minor differences we have, like how someone would drop their socks next to their shoes as they’d gotten home, and someone else would quickly put those worn socks inside the laundry baskets, and, they may get into argument over something so minute, and, it’s still NOT a matter of right, it’s just a matter of differences in habits, and, by marrying, you MUST learn to adapt, and adjust your own mindsets.

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