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The Government that Cared about its Own Benefits is More Horrible than Covid 19

And it’s still, WE the people’s, fault, because we allow the government to, keep on, ABUSING us!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Starting in March of this year, the confirmed contractions broke a hundred cases by the day, by April, the number went up to more than 10,000 per day, and, by May, it’d, exceeded to close to 100,000 cases, and the rise of rate of morbidity occurred to, with young children and elderly in the population making up the majority.  In the lacking of resources, medical personnel, the meds, because the government failed to keep the virus from getting into the country, they’d used the excuse of “we’re now changing the means to coexisting with the virus”, and used backed its claims using a ton of, not-yet-mature enough results from the researches internationally, continued to try and persuade the people, that there’s a lower rate of morbidity now, stressing that the government’s goal of tackling MERS-CoV is in coexisting with it, to cover up how the pandemic is, spreading all around Taiwan locally.

And yet, during this time of heightened pandemic watch, we all saw, how delayed the reactions to help the people the central government had been, that it’s all left, to the individual cities.  Especially, the set up of the quick-scan station at the Songshan Airport, it’d, fazed me so.  As I’d passed the airport awhile ago, there was no route separating those who’d contracted the virus, from the rest, and most of these visitors are from the regions of islets, and those places had a lacking in medical resource provisions, and isn’t this, increasing the risks?  And, the workers of the airport were in close contact with everybody who was in and out of the airport, and wouldn’t it be increasing the risks of contraction too?  And, if lives were lost because of these, how would this country shoulder up the responsibilities, for setting up the wrong policies?

“Should We Coexist with the Virus?”, I believe, this is the wrong topic, first, we only have a limited knowledge of the virus with all the data collected built on the different races of people in the world; plus, Taiwan’s pandemic wasn’t out of control from the beginning of the outbreaks like in the U.S. or in Europe, we knew that there are means to delay the onset, but, we’d come to find, that in these past two years, the government lacked the provisions of preparing the nation to coexist with the virus, the testing of the systems of care provisions, to withstand the pressures, it’s like, it’s a trial-by-error basis, like how the government had been forced to keep on coming up with brand new excuses, for its lack of, foresight.

Secondly, the government kept stressing that those who’d died already had the predisposition of illnesses attempted to use the big data to mask up this group of people whose lives are, already, lost.  While the real point here is, even AS the goal of coexisting with the virus is now set, but, did the government do anything, to protect the group of lesser individuals, those with the weakened immunities, those who can’t receive the vaccines, those who work in the medical scene?  Did the government give them weapons to protect themselves against the invasions of the virus, the resources, and help them gain the confidence that they can, defend themselves against the virus?  So, I believe, that what’s scary is NOT the virus itself, but the government that cared about its own benefits.

And so, this article basically showed, what a lot of us, already KNOW about this government of ours here: it only CARED about its own party, delayed in response time of everything, because we were ahead (yay us!!!), from the start of the pandemic, when the virus had yet to, mutate, and this DDP government still got STUCK in that mindset of: yay, we’re NUMBER ONE, and that’s, exactly, WHAT had, screwed us over, and yet, the supporters of the DDP still can’t wake themselves up, because they’re, following the leader to H-E-L-L, and taking the REST of the general population down with it!

And there’s, NOTHING that we the people can do ‘bout it, because we’d been enslaved by the government, and we just don’t feel like rebelling against this dictatorship no (and your point being???) more, ‘cuz what is the use?

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The Parallel Universe the President Lives, in

EARTH to the, PRESIDENT here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

May 20th was the sixth anniversary of the current president of the DDP taking office, the president had gone to the “frontlines the major outbreaks” to make her rounds, to show her concerns.  And yet, she’d not gone to the hit-the-hardest regions of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, but to the DDP mayors’ Taoyuan and Hsinchu.  It’s curious to the people, that the first line of defense against MERS-CoV for the president, is it, only the counties, the cities, with the heads from the DDP?

this is, where this, god DAMN president currently lives!

in a parallel universe! Photo from online

The last time that the president made her “public appearance” related to the outbreaks, was on April 26th, a whole month ago, and her schedule then was, “going to visit the CDC command center”.  And yet, as the virus spread out, other than using her FB account to make some literary claims, she’d not gone personally, to the frontlines of the defense against MERS-CoV again.

And on the time she’d visited the CDC, she was comfortable in her seat, telling the locals to, “follow orders of the CDC, to keep calm, to be careful, but not to fear”; but ever since, things changed completely, and it’d become, “unclear on the rules, the policies going wayward, people living in fear”.  On May 20th, Tsai told in Taoyuan, “this outbreak hit the country quite hard”.  And she’d, come to her senses, too slowly, and now, she’d only begun to realize, the major impacts of this round of, outbreaks?

At the committee meeting of the DDP last week, the scholar, He gave a presentation on her research, “Theories of Immunity Based off of Vaccination Plus Contraction” whether it be that He was sucking up, or that it was her professional opinions, it’d become, debatable.  And yet, Tsai showed total lack of interest, and inquired, if she could “borrow those concepts”, because the concepts are, “too important”.  Could it be that the president “want EVERYBODY in this country to contract the virus, to fight it off, to increase our immunity against it”?  This is, truly, scary!

The president’s reactions to the outbreaks, it’s as if she’s, living in, a parallel universe.  And in that world of her delusions, Taiwan is still the HEAD of the CLASS in the defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, the local governments, grateful toward the central government’s kindness, that contracting the virus can only, make our systems tougher.  So, why did she dodge away for a whole month, and the first time she’d visited the regions, she’d, actively, skipped over Hsinbei and Taipei cities?  And because, she didn’t have the corresponding performances of those who agreed with her, the president finally got that needed, wake up call, she can’t pretend that the outbreaks are, nothing now!

while this, is what she should BE, wearing, on her body

from online

And so, this is how, deluded this president that’s, living on her own plane of reality (it’s actually a plane of our, the people’s, DELUSIONS!), still stuck in that, wow, we’re, number one in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and as the rest of the world started adapting itself to the imminent existence of MERS-CoV, she’d finally started, waking up, but still NOT completely awake yet, because, all who’d died, aren’t related to her personally, they’re NOT members of the DDP, and even IF those who’d died of contraction are members of the DDP, unless they’re her closest cabinet members, she still, won’t realize, that wow, we should, tighten up the defense, we need to catch up, and yet, we’re only begun in that game of catch-up, and we are, way, way, WAY behind already.

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The CDC that Became a PARROT!

Yes, the CDC would want, a CRACKER here!!!

The CDC that became a PARROT

As it only Reports on the Statistics

Not Come up with the Solutions to Keep the Virus Contained

The CDC that became a PARROT

what that, looked, like…

That Only Repeated the EXACT Same Word Phrasings, EVERY Noon (‘cuz that’s when the dude started, play that broke record of himself).

The CDC that Became a PARROT

And NO, Pauley does NOT get that CRACKER

Pauley doesn’t do SHIT

And We’re Still Allowing the CDC, Headed by a God DAMN Dentist

RUN this @#$%ING (maxed out!) Country to SIX FEET UNDER???

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Using Party Politics in the Means of Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV, Who’s Creating the Problems Here?

How the DDP’s favoritism toward the cities ruled by the DDP party members are all, getting everything, while the two major cities, Taipei and Hsinbei that aren’t ruled by the DDP, with the LARGEST number of population, gets, overlooked, and, as the president played that game of party-favorites, we’re all, totally, FUCKED up here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV is as high as ever, spreading out mostly across the city of Hsinbei and Taipei, Tsai made her tour to Hsinbei, and the public criticized her for “passing by the outbreaks”.  Although the office of the president tried helping her case, but she’d gone personally to Taoyuan, Hsinchu, with the heads of the cities favoring the DDP, but had, “let go” of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei, with mayors of other political parties, and it’d made the locals in Hsinbei and Taipei felt, that she was indeed, “playing favorites!”.

Yesterday the president stated, that we are at the most critical time of the outbreaks now, the government will work with the people to get through this, that the central government needs to work with the local governments to get everybody through this time of hardship.  Although her words were, correct, but now, both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities aimed their ammunition toward the central government, it has to do with the central government’s selective means of using the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  On April 6th, the president hosted the meeting to discuss the means of defense against MERS-CoV, she’d invited the mayor of Taoyuan, and was using webcam conference with the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen, but both mayors of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities weren’t invited to the conferences, and at the time, the press questioned the president, for preferential party affiliations in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.

Back then, the office of the president stated, that “only someone who cared too much about politics, the election will mention the party affiliations, the election too often.”  But, at the height of the outbreak yesterday, although Tsai made her appearances to Hsinbei City, she was there, to attend the DDP party position elections, and she’d, slapped herself across the face.  Even if the president called the entry level physicians in the city of Hsinbei, to have them set up the arrangements herself, but, the commander of the city is Hou, she’d hoped to skip him over, who has a higher position in ruling the city than she had, would this not be counterproductive?

and here’s a video from the news station on that, off of YouTube

防疫分顏色?侯酸:地方等嘸回應.總統講話才有用 @寰宇新聞 頻道 – YouTube

and yes, the link works!

And the means of defense against the spread of the outbreaks, are not in synch on the levels of local and federal governments, it seemed, that the heads of both Hsinbei and Taipei often “cussed” the Central government out, but that’s because the local government heads were worried about not having enough resources to help the people defend themselves, the lacking in medical provisions.  And, all of these problems, shouldn’t the central government be in charge of, showing total support for the local governments’ needs for the people’s sake?  How can the central government still be calling the heads of local governments out, if it’s been doing its job correctly?

The virus don’t have preferences of party, and, yet, Tsai’s means of helping the people defend against the spread of MERS-CoV had been based off of party affiliations since the very start.  As we had not met up with the height of the outbreaks, seeing how Tsai stressed, “There’s NO difference in parties, the local governments and the central government need to work together on all of this!”, please, can you, please STOP showing favoritism to the cities based off of the party affiliations of the mayors?

This still showed, how hypocritical the government, as well as the president is, the DDP only takes care of ITS own party’s cities, and let go of the two larges cities in the country, Taipei and Hsinbei, because these areas aren’t ruled by the members of the DDP party, and under this dictator who played favoritism toward her own party so overtly, those of us who don’t live in the “green” areas, we’re all, totally, SCREWED for sure!

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Has Tsai Become a President of Statistics, Reporting Only the Good News, & Not the Bad?

So, this is where the head of the CDC learn that from, its (instead of HIS!), “master” then???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before May 20th, the President, Tsai had, commended how Taiwan ranked high on the defense against MERS-CoV, but just yesterday, the cases had, surpassed 90,000 from only one day’s time, and today, it will get up over to a million, this is, the biggest, wakeup call of May twentieth; with the public getting more and more upset, the songs of the amazing work of the government that the president’s office sung on, only the members of the DDP are intoxicated about, “The Tsai government is so amazing”.

In 2016, as the party leader of the DDP, Tsai put herself up for the presidential race, as the then president, Ma posted his declarations on New Year’s Day, it’d made her remind herself, to NOT be a president who’d reported just the statistics, that the stats were only references of the country’s leader, not the pursuit of her political career, that if the government only sees the statistics, and not seen the people’s needs, “Then, it would be a disappointment government to the people”.  It’s now, six years later, I wonder, how the chairwoman of the DDP from then, Tsai, would view her self, as president currently?

“The highest of economic growth n eleven years, the rate of pay increased to an all-time high in fifteen years, air-conditioning unit for every class, every student given an iPad……………”, all of these, seemed to have become, Su’s, most overly used phrases as the head of executive department.  As Tsai about to celebrate her sixth anniversary in office, Su started, counting out the good things she did for this country, but, as the rate of growth in economic is perceived, the raised up rate of pay, does he mention of how the cost of everything is still, going up, the food shops, are charging people at an all-time high rate, along with the many months of egg shortages?

and, here’s that “Visual” for what this, looked, like

photo from online

The government only reported on the good news, and not the bad in the past, not mentioned a single word of the hardship that’s to hit us all in the near future, the hikes in the costs of everything we need to live off, the energy policies, the loss of population, the cost of housing going high out of control, the challenges between Taiwan and China, or even, the hardships in our near futures, the government neglected to tell us about.

In the past two years, Taiwan called itself, a “model student” of defense against the pandemic.  On the eve of May 20th, Tsai’s “New Taiwan Mode”, put the country at the top spot of another sort of a list, “the highest confirmed contraction per day in the world”; and, surely, after May 20th, the number of confirmed contraction is bound to get higher up still, and, behind all of these digits, is a family tragedy, does the government led by Tsai really feel satisfied of her own, performances?

If “the government is truly doing something”, then, the people wouldn’t be shy in applauding it.  But, from the shortages of the vaccines, then the quick scan kits, and the messy insurance policies, it’d shown us, how the Tsai government’s “getting ahead”, is actually, putting us all way, way, way behind;  Su’s feeling good about how we’d, “kept the pandemic controlled the best, and we are affirmed of this by the rest of the world around us”, lived in that, parallel universe to the rest of we the people.  It’s another year, Su and Tsai should not be “face-to-face” in their discussing how wonderful they’d ruled the country, to keep themselves and each other warm; but instead, they should both get into the communities all around, in this country, face the people, and solve all our, problems.

Yeah uh, that’s not going to happen, because this president is nothing but huffle and puff, with the head of state just as full of SHIT too!  Look at what’s happened so far: at the start of the pandemic from???  Two years ago was it, we were ahead of the rest, and the government got too pompous about itself how we’re number one, and “Taiwan can help”, to running out of vaccines, to accepting the vaccines that aren’t effective anymore as “donated goods” to us, like we’re beggars, asking for that handout, and the government still boasted on how, wow, the rest of the world cares about us, blah-blah-blah, to how the local pandemic finally started, and, ran from south to north, north to south, with the separate heads of the cities, trying to do all that they can, but without the papers getting signed by the federal government, these local mayors can’t do a thing, and Tsai played favorites over the cities with the DDP party mayors, and, neglected to allot the needed resources in the northern cities of Taipei and Hsinbei (because these mayors aren’t from the DDP party!), and, due to the delayed response time toward MERS-CoV, we are now, number one, in contraction, mortality rate of the entire world, wow, that’s, something, isn’t it?  How the corruptions of the government can, take us from number one, to last place here!

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Human Being are the Biggest Viruses in the World

What the DDP had done, to abuse its power, how we’d had the opportunities to get ahead of the “game”, that we’re, currently, losing big in, and yet, this is still, all, hindsight, and this government still doesn’t change its means, wow, we are the blind, following, THE blind, aren’t we?  Well, next stop: down that CLIFF there!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s over eighty days since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflicts, other than the two countries doing inventories on the old grudges, as the Russian army had invaded, more problems came, as the member countries of N.A.T.O. started supporting Ukraine’s cause, including the global food crisis, to the point of start of the third world war!  As to how this war will end, it all relies on the wisdoms of the leaders of Russia, and the U.S.  But unfortunately, these two leaders both held strong to the beliefs of “Making our countries great again!”, one wanted the glories of its historical pasts back, the other, wanted other countries to bow down before it.  And so, the war is more than likely to keep dragging on, and, what’s at stakes, aren’t just the lives of those who live in the warring countries, but, the globe that we currently all, reside on.

Humans are also, at war with MERS-CoV at the same time, and the situation is still, constantly changing, and, as how it will end, we can only rely on the scientists; and yet, the scientists can’t be like the leaders of U.S. and Russia, attempted to prove how great humans are, but instead, to seek out the balances with nature humbly.  After all, for the earth, humans are, the killers, the biggest viruses that’s, plaguing earth!

Two years ago before MERS-CoV made its way into Taiwan, I’d written that that was “evolution at work”, that every major scale disasters that fell on the heads of man, is to bring some enlightenment, but none of this can prevent the coming of the disasters; because we continue to innovate in science, in medicine, which drove nature or species to mutate quicker still, instead of learning to coexist in peace with nature, and, the end result would be, nature bites back, even harder than before!

One day, man will eventually learn, to coexist in peace with MERS-CoV, but, how high a price are humans willing to pay to finally get there?  And, are their new viruses, coming our ways next?  Currently, we are using the vaccines to fight off MERS-CoV, and maybe, these vaccines had saved lives of tens of millions of lives to date, and yet, the vaccines are no guarantees of not contracting, death!  Seeing how long it took, for the current vaccines to come to form, and, their effects, aren’t as good as predicted, against the mutated strains; if there is the need to develop a brand new vaccine, in the countries with the higher rate of vaccination, how can the experiments be fully rounded without a control group?

It’s a blur, the future of the world against MERS-CoV invasion, and what of Taiwan?  How did we go from first place in defense, to the highest number of contractions?  The changes of this current pandemic wave, occurred just this, past month!  Recalled how last year this time, the quarantine days for the flight crew went from “Five plus nine” to “three plus eleven”, then, the first wave of outbreaks occurred, and whether or not this was a hole, it’s a lesson in its own, which was, “We do not have the means to take it easy”!

As Omicron started hitting the world hard at the end of last year, the government officials were just, gloating how we’d, managed to keep the mutated strains out.  And, in April, there came, the scattered cases, and, it’d caught the units of government off guard, which showed how the system isn’t fully operational, especially lacking the drills of what could happen if the outbreaks hit, and the support systems.  Once someone from a unit gets confirmed of contraction, whether or not the other members of the companies came into contact, they’re all asked to get their PCR at the hospitals; this seemed to be, reasonable, but it put people in danger of heightened chances of contraction, especially, the risk got elevated in the city hospitals, with almost NO air flow, in an, enclosed, space, in the line for a long time!  What’s more confusing is that the government called out to avoid the gatherings, and yet, forced us to stand in those long lines to buy the quick-scan kits, the masks, etc., etc., etc.

And now, the changes are finally made to that as the quick scans turned up positive, the individuals are considered as confirmed contractions.  And yet, all of these, hindsight are, worthless, it can’t change the increased numbers of contractions, the rates of contractions hiking up, the possibilities of moderate to severe symptom patients either, and, is this, what the government spent $800 billion N.T. of our money on, to get ahead?

All of this still summed up?  Oh yeah, just how, INCOMPETENT the DDP is, at dealing with national emergencies, what we’re in need of, we lacked, from before it’s the vaccines, and now, it’s the quick scan kits, and, god knows what this DDP government had wasted the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars on, oh I know, propagandas, feeding the net armies of the DDP, to, sway the country’s people, that, is how we the people, enabled the abuse of our own rights, by the, DDP here!

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60,000 Confirmed Contractions a Day is NOT the Height, Stop Abusing the System of Recounts

How we will, end up, getting, ruined by the huge E-G-O (yes, we’re talking ‘bout PRIDE here!) of the head of C.D.C., as he saw the number of cases, dropping down right now!  Reading off of the statistics, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the twelfth to the seventeenth, for six continuous days, the confirmed contraction cases in this country are over 60,000 per day, a lot lower, than the estimates from all around, the professionals.  And it would be, premature to say, that this, was the climax of this current wave of outbreaks; and naturally, by yesterday, there’s a huge leap of total number of contractions, all the way to over 85,000 cases found.  The second in command of the CDC, Lo had told, that the climax would come between May 20th to May 30th, that there may be as high as 100,000 confirmed of contraction per day then; and looking at the trends, this might also, be an under estimation too.  No matter, we can’t, overlook the hikes in number of the middle and southern strips, the CDC needs to tighten up the means, to keep the localities in the middle and southern parts of the island under close watch, to NOT allow what happened in Hsinbei City and Taipei, how people had, died, from before.

The factors that contributed to how the number of confirmed diagnosis weaving in and out of 60,000 may be due to the following: first, we still don’t have enough power in testing, and no matter how many had contracted the virus, the testing facilities can only handle a certain number of tests; this is the worst case scenario, the cases posted, not reflecting the actual.  Secondly, due to the people’s becoming more alerted of the situations, it’d, temporarily, slowed down the speed to which the virus is spreading, this was clear in the traffic flow, the meal gatherings, lowering in both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities.  Third, someone is intentionally, “covering up”, the government, the people: the CDC covering, to NOT make Tsai’s six year anniversary of ruling the country to seem too bad; on the people’s parts, the people knows how complex the procedures of reporting their own contractions are, they’d, “covered up”, and not reported their own confirmed contractions, to NOT get bothered.

The wave of outbreak from last May, the CDC’s continually retracting the numbers, and after-the-fact, it’d, reported to the people, on the accurate statistics, we still remembered that.  This is to make the numbers “look prettier”, to cover up for the inability of the government’s ensuring the pandemic from getting out of control, and the CDC’s “retracted statistics” became synonymous with “painting it over”.  And, if the CDC tried this old trick again, perhaps, we won’t fall for it as much.  Reason being, that the underreported cases of contraction, will only show a sharp rise in the number of contracted as the digits were, posted, and it would appear, even more, awful, and in the end, the entire ledger still needed to get, balanced, like the budgets.

still making his, daily “appearances” at noon-sharp!

started,every day from TWO years ago, and still ongoing! Photo from online

In reality, in the more than 60,000 confirmed contractions plateau period, we’d all noted, the changes of trends in the pandemic from the south to the north.  The originally heated up cities of Taipei and Hsinbei, in recent days the numbers are, dropping; and instead, the originally flat number in the middle and southern parts are now, on the, rise.  Take, for the city of Hsinbei, by the twelfth, it’d reached to 23,700 people, and after that, the number declined by 1,200 each and every day, to the seventeen, the total dropped to 18,400 cases.  For the city of Taipei, on the fifteenth, it’d reached to the high of 11,700 contracted, then, for the days that followed, the number dropped to below 10,000.  What’s unfortunate was, the two cities arrived to the all-time highs yesterday again.  Comparing, the central, the southern regions are rising up, for instance, back on the twelfth, Taichung only had a little over 3,800 cases, yesterday, it’d risen up to 6,700; around the same period, Kaohsiung went from 3,200 to 6,800 cases, grew by the multiples; in Tainan, it went from 2,300 to 4,100.

The continued increase of cases had persistently continued for close to a whole week, and, the CDC must not concentrating on bickering with the mayors of both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, and neglected the rest of the regions.  The cities of Taipei and Hsinbei are the cities richest in resources of the entire country, and yet, due to the delayed response actions of the central government, it’d caused the residents of these areas to not know what they should do.  And once, the intersections of the outbreaks happened with the north and the south, the vast regions of the central, and southern parts of Taiwan will be faced with the lacking of medical resources provisions, and if the Department of Welfare & Sanitations doesn’t prepare enough resources, and become more strategic, then, what are the citizens in these areas going to be surviving on, it would be, impossible to imagine it.

Chen had once estimated, that there would be 200,000 new cases of contractions per day in Taiwan, and, as the number circled between 60,000 to 80,000 right now, don’t know if Chen feels ecstatic or anxious?  The number of expected confirmed cases being lower than predicted, if it’s due to the lacking of the testing means, the not enough quick scan kits, then, Chen surely has reasons to be, worried.  Reason being, this lowered statistics, isn’t reflective of reality, it just delays the facts from floating up to the surfaces is all, to drag out the curves of the pandemic out even longer, and then, no amount of “retracted statistics” will be able, to save the bigger picture.  But from the observed turning downward curve in both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the people’s keeping themselves in check—including heading out less to the gatherings, avoiding using the public transportation means, etc. etc., etc., it had, slowed down the speed of the spread of MERS-CoV, and, slowed the maximum capacity burdens of the local area, hospitals.

The virus does not play party favorites, instead, it’d preyed on our loosening up.  If Chen continued to feel happy over the continual 60,000 confirmed cases per day, he may, easily, neglect that the pandemic is slowly, heating up in the central and southern regions, and missed out on the plans to stop the spread before they happen.

And, based off of past experiences, as “history” showed: the DDP, being as EGOTISTICAL as it is, it will, surely, gloat about how the numbers up north is, dropping, and, not worked hard, to ensure that the same happens in the middle and southern parts and then, down south, there will be, the outbreaks that ran wild and free, like it had, started with the hotel clusters in Taoyuan from awhile back, because the DDP only operated off of HINDSIGHT, and it CAN’T learn, like my dogs could!

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The Three Shortcomings Caused the Outbreaks to Lose Control

There are only, THREE???  This must be, only, “inventories” on the major things then, on how the government finally realized, that we’re, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y behind in adapting to MERS-CoV, and that game of catchup is, finally on, and yet, this country is already, way, way, WAY behind from before day one, and there’s NO chance that it’ll, ever, catch up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the past few days, the confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV had spiked up past 60,000 per day, and so, there’s the need to readjust the means of government’s orders to defense against the spread, “using the quick-scan means to replace the quarantine”, is a working mean of preventing the sudden rise in total people in the at-home quarantine systems.  But the forefront of this, is that we must have enough supplies of the quick-scan kits.  Toward the waves of the hard-hitting pandemic, the government should prepare enough quick-scan kits, vaccines, and medications for the people.

“The symptoms of MERS-CoV had become flu-like”, this does NOT mean the reduction of the rates of death.  Therefore, it’s very vital, that people get vaccinated, as means to control the number of contracted, and the treatment means of after contraction must also be set.  The data from other countries showed, that Omicron not only caused the rate of death to spike up, causing the resources of medical treatment to run short, the CDC should take heed of the other counties which were hit too hard from before, and learn.

At the moment, there’s the need to strengthen the “prevention, the testing, the treatment”, three combined into one, as well as the effective testing, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading out too fast, but, the country’s supplies of quick-scan kits are still solely reliant off of international exports, too costly, this is why the people in the country are calling out to the government, to make these quick-scan kits available to us for free.  The government should purchase enough of the supplies of the quick-scan kits that we may need, to cope with this current wave of pandemic, also, to encourage the local pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the kits too, to prevent being controlled by the shortage of supplies from overseas.

The vaccinations are still the key to this, other than setting up the hoard immunity, this can also, reduce the total number of contracted individuals, lower the rate of death too.  And so, the government needed to have the supplies of vaccines, enough for all, and to consider how the virus will become flu-like in the future, to have the needed supplies of vaccines for all.  Recently there were the infants and toddlers who’d died from the contractions, and so, this makes purchasing of the children’s vaccines vital, and the vaccination should be decided by the parents of young children.

The medications to treat MERS-CoV is already purchased by our government, but, the shipments still came up short of what people are in need of, nor do we have enough supplies to cope with the major-scale outbreaks of South Korea and Hong Kong, the government needs to be held accountable for purchasing enough supplies of the medications that people need, to reduce the moderate to severe conditions, and the rate of morbidity.

Countries in Europe and the U.S. had already, pulled a halt on the restrictions of people’s lives, and as the number of countries had finally found, that MERS-CoV can’t be eradicated like chickenpox, and decided to do away with the means of “clearing up the cases”, there’s the high possibility that MERS-CoV is here to stay.  The government should up its purchasing power to get enough vaccines, to offer the cheaper costs of the quick-scan kits available to we the people, and buying up enough medications used to treat those who’d unfortunately, contracted the virus, and NOT letting MERS-CoV spin out of control, due to the lacking of any of these three.

And yet, this government gave up on trying to clear the cases a bit, too late, and now, the government is playing that game of, “catching up”, and it never will, because this government by the DDP had been slow to react since before day one, from before the virus blew out of proportion, the government didn’t take advantage of that and we the people living in this, god DAMN country is still, getting SCREWED, by this government, with only ITS own agenda in mind.

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The Favoritism, the Corruption, the Abuse of Power, the Department of Sanitation & Welfare Had Done it All

The corruption of the DDP, continued, for yet, another, “round”, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the pandemic began in April to date, there’d been 74,000 in the population here confirmed of contraction, 240 deaths.  During this time, the government can’t make its mind up on the policies of the pandemic, the people are in dire need of the quick scan kits, the kits ran short, the necessities of the medications for treating MERS-CoV, we don’t have access to, and there were the children, the elderly who’d died one by one on the way to the hospital.  At this time, the C.E.O. of the Medical Welfare Foundation of the Department of Sanitation Welfare, Wang started using the excuses, said that comparing to Kaohsiung and Taoyuan, Taipei and Hsinbei Cities’ defenses can’t get the local area hospitals, the teaching hospitals onboard, that there’s only the United Hospital Systems that are working hard.  As soon as his words came out, it’d not only angered both mayors of Hsinbei and Taipei, the locals started getting furious too.

For over two years now, the Tsai government’s ordering of the locals on tactics to defend against MERS-CoV had always been with her and the rest of the government officials high up on that pedestal, to the point of treating the cities and localities differently based off of if the elected officials belonged to the DDP or not.  For instance, the allocation of the quick-scan kits, Taipei and Hsinbei cities had been hit the hardest during this currently pandemic flow, and needed the materials, and yet, it was Kaohsiung that’s received, double the needed supplies.  This wave, caused both Taipei and Hsinbei cities to become, tried by the manpower and resource shortages, and, both cities had come up with the loosening of the purchasing of the test kits, along with the at-home care procedures, and yet, Chen, the head of the CDC kept shutting them down.  Taiwan’s outbreaks are on the verge of breaking down, and, how the central government’s casting away both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, is completely related to how both cities in the northern part are now, taxed out completely, causing the entire northern region of Taiwan to be taken over by the pandemic.

Wang’s making fun of the local hospitals, the teaching hospitals in Taipei and Hsinbei Cities as “can’t tell them what to do”, showed how care less he is, and there’s, that scent of “I want to see what happens next”, it’s upsetting to see.  In reality, from the angle of how the executive orders are handed down, this clearly showed, how the Department of Sanitation & Welfare had not done ITS job correctly.  First, the setting up of the larger scale scan stations at the larger teaching hospitals, that was, originally, the duties of the Central Government; yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations delayed until over a month after the large scale infections came, then, started it up, surely, that’s not, doing ITS duties.  Secondly, it is enough, that the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not assisted the local governments, it’d gotten sarcastic too, could it be, that the government of Tsai, doesn’t include the territories of Hsinbei and Taipei Cities?  Thirdly, as the means the government employed worked, the government boasted itself on “getting ahead of the rest”; and when the pandemic hit too hard, then, the government blamed it on how the local government lacked ability to keep the defenses up.

People hadn’t forgotten, that last year, Wang’s scandal of having a daughter from an affair came out, back then, he had the head of CDC backing him up, that was how he was able to stay at his post in the government without any troubles, continued commanding the means of defense against the pandemic.  This time, he’d used the opportunities to blame both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities for not keeping up with the tightened measures of defense against MERS-CoV, and it’d, angered us all, the members of the public.  Not only that, the scandals of head of the National Health Insurance Institute, was found, holding hands with his god daughter, and because Chen covered him up, the incidence was, done away with.  The coverages of the higher up officials of the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations, carried a different set of standard compared to the rest of the society; but in the people’s eyes, we surely felt, how awful the government officials are covering for themselves, as well as their party members too.

Recently, Ke, had an odd argument with the departments of Health Insurances on allocating the medicines for the members of the public who’d tested positive in the quick scan means.  Ke said, that if the government mandated that you must receive a positive PCR reading in order to receive the medications, then, a lot more people will die in Taiwan; he’d screamed, “the medical systems of Taiwan is now controlled by the Department of Health Insurance”.  But the Department of Health Insurance rebutted, that Ke was scapegoating, that they’re not the facility responsible for such, that the oral medications are the “jurisdictions” of the Center of Disease Control.  Toward this, Ke stated bluntly, “I could CARE less which department you are, it’s all the fault of the central government!”  seeing how the Department of Welfare Sanitation has a history of evading its responsibilities, pushing the responsibilities within the various units of the agency, because nobody wants to solve these, problems!

And, all of these abuse, in the evaluations of the recent import of quick scan kits had come out apparent.  The three thousand doses of saliva quick scan kits, the Department of Sanitation & Welfare gave this “gift” to the subsidiary of Medigenvac.  As for the approval of the other brands of fast scan tests import, the list is even more, outrageous, there’s the Golden Global Biomed, which was a former, small eatery, the INSREA, which used to be a video game manufacturer, the animal pharmaceutical company, Homerun Biotech, with the location of the office being a farm in Pingdong.  Of many, the companies are only with capitals of a few million dollars, and yet, they were able to get the billion dollars’ contracts; and once they got busted, the order slips are, ripped up.

And, seeing how spotty the Department of Welfare & Sanitation is, evading responsibilities is what we can all expect from it; ignoring the morale of the heads of the departments, covering for each other best as they can.  As the people’s lives are, on the line, the government allowed the DDP party favorites to get all the bids, and turning around, it’d used the bureaucratic words toward the local governments that are in dire need of help.  How much stink can the Department of Welfare & Sanitations give off here!

This just showed, how corrupt this government that runs this island to the GROUND (more like SIX feet under that!) got, because the heads covered the asses of the subordinates, the lower departments, and, giving the money to those agencies that are in support of their abuse of we the people, that’s why we can’t get what we are in dire need of, the quick scan kits, whereas from a little while ago, it’s the vaccines that ran short, and there’s nothing that we the people CAN do about it, we’d become, enslaved by the government of the DDP here.

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Whose Lives, are the Government, Joking With?

How our (ordinary citizens’) lives are, nothing, compared to the government officials’ lives, because we’d voted them into office, and they are, ruling over us, like we’re all, second-class, MAGGOTS!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the pandemic continued climaxing, we are at an all-time high for the number of contractions, the moderate-to-severe symptoms, the rate of morbidity.  Hundreds of cabdrivers got to the CDC to protest, that they’d not gained access to the quick-scan kits, that their customers can’t feel secure, that when they feel ill, they couldn’t get the PCR tests, that the government lets us live and die on our own, “the government’s joking with our lives here!”

The mess of the quick-scan kits, the mess with the at-home-quarantines, the mess with the students in quarantine of sitting around someone who was confirmed of contraction, the mess with the insurance claims of the pandemic too, it all went wrong, with President Tsai’s “Getting Ahead” a total, joke now!  Tsai hosted the conference of discussing defense against MERS-CoV in person, mentioned how there would be the larger scale scan stations set up, simplifying the clinic treatment sessions with the physicians, the medications, and increasing purchase of the needed resources of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, these three major areas.  But, all of these practices should’ve already been, set up; the government waited until the virus was hitting hard, forcing us to cohabit with the virus, then, implementing these rules, isn’t this, joking with, our, lives here?

As the pandemic hit, people can only, expect that they will be told, if they’d contracted the virus on time, and once they were confirmed of contraction, they can only, wait for the medication, the treatment procedures they are in need of.  But the head of the CDC, Chen not only not responded to the inquiries of “of the forty-one who’d died, only five were on the medications for MERS-CoV”, instead, he’d turned the blames toward the separate mayors of Taipei and Hsinbei, for their viewing the positive readings of the quick scans as confirmed contractions, and allotting the medications needed to the individuals as “getting flustered with the virus, and treating everything cough as contraction”.  And yet, how can the slowpokes, deal with this, fast-hitting virus?

Actually, not everybody in the population had to wait in lone line outside of the hospital for their PCR, there were the talk show hosts of the DDP who’d, had the physicians gone to their homes for the house calls for the PCRs, the DDP legislators also had a speedy PCR result too.  The slowpokes turned their backs, then, the “green aisle of humanitarianism” was built up.  Like how in the heightened stages of alerts, as the construction workers took off their masks at the construction sites to take a drink of water, and got fined heavily, with the higher up officials of the DDP in their vacation villages, gathering for their grand meals, and not gotten fined.

The lives are separated by the caste systems, the government led by Tsai, isn’t joking with every citizen’s life; as the lives of some, the government led by Tsai, doesn’t, joke about, at all.

And so, this just showed, how this dictatorship of Tsai and the DDP still, overlooked the lives of us, ordinary citizens, not giving us what we needed when we needed them, no vaccines when that’s what we needed, making the people stand in long lines outside the pharmacies for those masks (from before), now it’s the quick scan kits, while all the higher up of DDP still, wines and dines, without a single care or worry in the world, and we the people, are still, allowing this sort of SHIT, ruling over us all!

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