A Two-Year-Old Died, They Suspected that it Was the Nanny, Doing CPR Improperly, That Killed the Young Child

Apparently, they did NOT stress HOW to perform CPR when you got your nanny license here, there IS a difference between CPR in adults and children, after all, children have smaller frames, more delicate bodies, do you NOT know that???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A two year old baby girl two afternoons ago, died for no apparently reasons at her nanny’s house, the medical examiners believed that the three suspicious wounds on her head wasn’t enough to kill her, and they’re NOT ruling out subdural hematoma, or the nanny doing CPR too hard that caused her to die, after the district attorney questioned the woman, they placed the woman on a one hundred thousand dollar bail for negligence.

The examiners found that there were finger-shaped bruises on the child’s cheeks, and that there were bruises on both palms too, and there are three very suspicious wounds that seemed like something had hit her, but the coroners believed that the wounds are not enough to cause the child to die, believed that there was a bigger chance she’d died of subdural hematoma.

Based off of investigations, the nanny, Tseng has a valid certification, and had been taking care of children for multiple years, is responsible for two other children, and, other than the little girl that died, she had also taken on a 10-month old baby boy.  The nanny told the police, that two days ago in the afternoon, she found the little girl limp, and showed difficulties breathing, she’d performed CPR on her immediately, and as the ambulance took her to the hospital, she was still breathing, that she had died on the transfer away from the original hospital; she said that the wounds on top of the child’s head, along with on the rest of her body was caused by playing in the parks, she’d denied having abused the child.

Tseng, the nanny’s husband told the police, that two afternoons ago around two after he’d returned home from taking out the garbage, his wife told him that the child seemed “weird”, had difficulties breathing.  His wife performed CPR right away, and he had rode them both to the city hospital nearby.  The hospital claimed that the child was still breathing, with a pulse, suggested that they move her to a bigger hospital, but after they’d taken her to another hospital, she was pronounced dead at four in the afternoon.

The district attorney, the police will examine the child’s chest cavity, to hopefully figure out what had killed her, to understand if the nanny had pushed down too hard when she performed CPR, but the nanny claimed that she didn’t remember the details of her, performing CPR for the little girl; the police will look into the matter, to see if negligence had occurred, in the process of trying to resuscitate her.

And so, apparently, this would be another case of negligence, because there ARE different ways to performing CPR on adults versus on children.  For children’s bodies are more delicate, and so, instead of using the whole hand to do the compressions, you are only supposed to use two fingers to massage the region GENTLY, and I’m betting that that, was what happened, that the nanny panicked and just PUSHED too hard.

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