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The Reason Why Lee Has an Active Warrant for His Arrest, He’d Secretly Filmed the Sex Tapes with His Spares

Now, let’s take, a closer look, under, that, MICROSCOPE, at the, private life of the man spread the rumors about the female legislator, Kao had been dating, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “Taiwanese Machine Gun”, Lee’s involvement in swaying the online armies as soon as the case of Kao, the DDP legislator was physically abused by her boyfriend came out, using the display name, “Crazy Winne”, to help Lin clear his name, was sucked into the center of the scandals, yesterday, someone told, that Lee had been charged by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices for secretly taping him and another woman not his spouse having sex, and he was indicted, after he was, taken into custody.

As the events blew out of control, Lee quickly came out, and tried to clear that he’d not, tried to influence the opinions online for Lin’s sake, that “I was lied to myself too!”, but, the cases of his obstruction of reputation had been found valid, and the Tainan D.A.’s Office put out an active arrest warrant on him.  And yesterday, it’d been found, that he had an active arrest warrant, for secretly filming a woman, Lu having sex with him without her consent, that he’d been, charged by the D.A.’s Office, he was called in in June of this year, and, had a simplified verdict on the case by September.

Based off of understanding, Lee is a married man when he’d had an affair with Lu, on the morning at ten o November 11th, 2018, in his Linkou rental resident in Hsinbei, he’d secretly taped the three segments of him having sex with Lu, her nude body, and, stored it in is cell phone for keepsake.

On September 28th of the following year, Lee’s wife found the footage, and SUED Lu for criminal charges of adultery, and because adultery had been listed an not a criminal offense, and, the wife sued her on the civil front, and used the sex tapes as evidence provided to the courts.

As Lu received the affidavit, that was when she’d learned, that Lee had been, secretly filming her, and, angrily confronted Lee on LINE, Lee admitted it, Lu pressed the case of obstruction of secret against him.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office called Lee in, he’d not shown, and had an active arrest warrant on him, and was arrested this June.

And so, this, isn’t a good man, he’d, had priors in cheating, and secretly filming his sexual intercourse with other women, and, it’s his need to keep the records of his “catches” on file, that’s, gotten him, caught, red handed.

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The Need to Prevent the Intimate Photos from Going Viral, We Needed an Amendment to Protect the Involved Set Up Speedily

On how to prevent yourselves, from getting, victimized after the two of you, break up, when those sexual photos had been, shot, during the time when you two are hitting it hot and, heavy!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao beaten by her boyfriend to injury, although the man is already in police custody, but, there’s a chance that the photos of intimacy of the two had gone, viral.  This showed, that the law is lacking, in protecting the rights of the abused, when the abuser holds the photos of intimacy of the victims, are the laws which are set up currently, enough, to protect the rights of the, victims?

Based off of Penal Cod 315, Section 1.2, those who illegally tapes, photographs, or using any other means to secretly film another in private activities, is punishable by a three-year sentence maximum.  And, this stated, that if the two are dating, then, it’s easily interpreted as that there’s the agreeing to getting secretly filmed, taped, and this is going to cause problems.  While, after the breakup, to prevent the images, the footages from leaking out, is there a right to ask the individual to delete all the records, this will become problematic as well.  To prevent the issues of invasions of privacy after the break up, the recordings without the other party’s concerns, are all included in the voyeur clause.

no way to prevent this! Photo from online

As based off of Penal Code 315-2, Section 3, those who spread the contents of the recordings, will be sentenced to no more than five years in prison, this isn’t lenient, and not considered as accusation cases, but, does it need to have the preset of being secretly filmed, if the victim didn’t press charges on being secretly filmed, the individual who’d streamed the footages online, will s/he be charged of this count, then, there would be, discrepancies.  Basing off of a stricter definition, it needed to have the fact that the individuals were, secretly filmed for the preset, otherwise, spreading the footages, will only be charged with Penal Code 235, spreading lewd photos.

Spreading of lewd photos is not a chargeable crime, but, the laws gave it two years and less jail term to the offenders, which is considered a slap on the wrists.  And, on the matter of spreading out the photos of intimacy on the counts, and, the sexual intercourse between the man and woman, would constitute as molestations, and wouldn’t that be, damaging the victims repeatedly.

To resolve the matter, there’s need to define the spread of lewd photos into act, at least, raise up the sentence terms to five years and less, and the charges of spreading the sexually-illicit photos, and all of these needed to get adjusted in wordings of the law, to prevent the victims from getting offended repeatedly again.

And, there’s, the matter of statutory period too, how to prevent these photos of sexual intimacies from leaking out is worth considering.  Especially with the current domestic violence prevention, only limited to the physicality of the abused, and the individuals’ personal freedoms, toward the behaviors of spreading the photos, the law only sets a restraining order against such acts, but, the victims may not know the identity of the individuals spreading the photos, let alone, asking the courts for that needed restraining order and in the end, the victims can only rely on the criminal charges to prevent the spread of such photos.

On the matter of handling the matter as criminal offense, confiscating, although this included all the hard drives, but, does it also, include the platforms of which the photos were, uploaded to, or the social media too, there’s, the definition of such needed, in legal terms, to the point of if it’d, obstructed the freedom of speech too.  Even if the confiscations of such materials had been conducted by force, in the internet eras, how to prevent the setting up of an alternative account to spread the is an even harder to tackle problem, and this will be, a hot potato that the legislators need to, look into more.

And so, there are, still, a lot of shortcomings to this, anti-stalking law, to prevent the violence of intimate partners, and, there’s the matter of the sexually illicit photos you took of each other, because you want to share that part of your selves, with the other person, because the two of you are, in love, not realizing, that HEY, if and when we break up, those materials can be used, against me, but hey, you don’t realize that, not when you’re, hot and heavy with each other, in L-O-V-E, which made you easy targets.

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This is, what we all are, by these, high-tech devices, and we’d all been, marked, without our being, aware that we are!  Tracked, and, there’s nothing we can do ‘bout it, because, as we turned off the GPS on our cellphones, it has the message of, “turning off the tracking GPS, you may not be able to track your phone if it gets lost!”, and that made us, timid, think twice (or three, or four, even five times), before going ahead and shutting of that GPS tracker on our phones.

what we’d, become, dogs with, tracking device on the collars…

photo from online

And, every one of our moves is, kept tabs on, by these, programs, when you’re not even aware of it, then, a bit later, you would get that update of the month e-mail from your google mail, that says: that place you visited from DD/MM/YYYY, however many people are giving it kudos!

And, you were SHOCKED, how the HELL did the computer know where I’d been, huh???

This is how, these, high-tech devices, tracks us, watches us, monitors, every single move we make, that’s how government, keeps us, enslaved, and, feel free, to call me a conspiracy theorist, I know I’m not!

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A Cram School Instructor Hired a Hacker to Steal 7.5 Million Personal Data & Sold Them Off

A breach in the systems, using the high-tech criminal means here, and the perp here was, enticed by???  Oh yeah, MONEY!!!off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Student Introduced the Instructor, Hacked into the Systems at School, Four were Arrested, Department of Education: the System of Evaluation of Teachers’ Qualifications Wasn’t Hacked in

A famous math instructor of a famed cram school in Tainan, Tsai, worked with two hackers, suspected of hacking into the department of education in the various cities around the country, the high school, middle and elementary school system, to steal about 7.5 million data files of personal information of parents and students, as well as the grades, then, through a man named Chen, sold each of the data files at anywhere around ten to twenty thousand N.T. to the various cram schools for the purpose of enrollment; the district attorney office’s investigator specializing in high-tech crimes found four suspects, charged them for breaking the laws of privacy of citizens, the courts set the bail for Tsai at $200,000N.T.s, while the other three suspects were taken into custody.

The Department of Education stated, that the case is currently investigated by the district attorney’s office, and will keep on following up, the Taiwanese Teacher’s University’s Psychological Testing Center responsible for overseeing the workings of the middle school educational exams wasn’t hacked in, and will be sending out the notices for the local department of education to watch out for the data files to be encrypted, so the files don’t get stolen by hackers again, and will be assisting the local governments to set up training sessions on elevating the awareness of information security.

Based off of understanding, the hacker, Chai worked as the internet system management of a school, knows the systems, the facilities, the set up of the webpage designs of the schools well, good at writing the computer programs that attacked the holes in the systems; Chang started researching into the hacker programs in his elementary school years on his own, was prosecuted for hacking into someone else’s sites and was sued, very agile in breaking the firewalls of the webpages.

Chai in his high school years, when Chang was in the elementary years, they’d met on the Hacker Annual Conferences, the student of the cram school instructor Tsai knew Chang, and told him that Chang is very skillful in stealing personal data, asked if the cram school has the need for such services, they’d connected, and, Chang invited Chai onboard too.

how these hackers, do, “business”, behind this huge screen called the WWW! Photo from online

The Tainan D.A.’s Office received the calls that the cram schools are using the personal data of the students, and selling them off as dummy accounts, and selling the personal data of students out.  The local offices of the Investigation Bureau in Tainan started chasing the I.P. addresses, and found the thirty-two year-old man, Chen who was responsible for selling out the personal data, arrested him back in September, the D.A. asked the courts to keep him in custody, and followed the leads, and chased upstream.

The D.A. found, that the biggest seller of the cram school industry is the forty-seven-year-old math instructor, Tsai who works in a cram school, they’d found, that since 2015, he’d worked with Chai (age 36), Chang (age 27), the two hackers, infiltrated into the local departments of education, the high school, middle and elementary school websites, to get the personal data of the grades of the students, the personal information of the parents, a total of over 7.5 million individual data.

The two hackers, in order to escape detection from the school’s anti-hacker programs, they were patient to download the students’ profiles separately, then, handed it over to Tsai, who gave the data to Chen to sell, and ninety-percent of the profits were split amongst the two hackers, the D.A. estimated that they’d earned over millions of dollars illegally.  As the second bust for the searches came last month, the D.A. took Tsai into custody, but the courts gave the bail of Tsai at $100,000N.T.s; on the eleventh of this month, the police arrested the two hackers, and, asked the courts to keep them in custody, which the courts signed off on.

The three separate busts confiscated a total of seventeen cell phones, ten laptops, a web storage server, many hard drives, the tools they used to commit the crimes, along with watches, name brand goods, the amount of $300,000 N.T. in cash, and, in Tsai’s flash drives, they’d found more than 7.5 million sets of data.

And so, this, is how high tech crimes are, happening, the data you try to keep private, is, that easily, hacked, and sold off for “scraps”, and the motive is still, money, and, because this man works in the realms of education, he had easy access to these information, and, with money tempting him, he’d, sold the information off, and got caught!


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The Rough Drafts of the Legislatures Out: Switching the Faces in the Sex Videos Uploaded Online, Get Seven Years in Prison in the Most Severe Cases

A stricter punishment for, for the wrongful uses of someone’s face in a photograph, mixed with the nude bodies here, to protect the rights of the people’s privacy, and hopefully, deterring those, sexual predators, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famed Youtuber, “Yu” used Deepfake to make the adult films, the female legislators, the female T.V. personnel, the actresses are all, victims, and, the communities, the public are heating up about having an amendment to prevent this behavior, the Justice Department added an amendment in the Obstruction of Secrets, and written the rule that stated that perpetrators can get from the highest the fake videos, the falsified footages is seven year term in prison, and the rough draft of this new amendment to protect citizens’ privacy is sent to review in the executive department.

Last month, the Criminal Investigations found “Yu” the YouTuber, Chu had falsified the adult footages, and, used the current criminal punishment, of only TWO years, the perp, Chu was out on bail, this caused debates in the society, the justice department believed that a tougher punishment needed to be enforced, to keep the predators from breaking the laws repeatedly, and promised that an amendment of the currently existing law will be out within the month.

The Justice Department added, with the intent to spread out, using computer or other photoshop programs, to falsify the video, the photos, or sound recordings of another, is punishable by a five year sentence and under, the perp taken into police custody, or, the fines of under half a million dollars N.T.; spreading, playing, and/or transmitting of such materials for others to watch illegally, are also, punishable by this law too.

If a profit was made, the individual can get the prison term of no more than seven years, fined in the amount no more than $700,000N.T.; as the punishment become added, the district attorneys in catching the perps, can use the rights to arrest.

The justice department on the second called the judiciary discussion group to discuss, first, setting up the types of crimes, increasing the punishments, then considering the case of the “N Room” of Korea, and set up the punishment terms; based off of the sexual violence laws of Korea, the perps can get a seven-year-prison term max.

And so, this amendment is drafted, out of, necessity, as a lot of the sex crimes are now, online, you can switch out someone’s face, with someone else’s nude body easily, with a photoshop program, and spread it, and, it damages the individual’s, reputation, and, before this law was signed into motion, there’s nothing that the victim can do about it, besides, you can’t prevent these footages, photos, from spreading like a wildfire, across the internet, and this law, that’s newly drafted up, hopefully, it’ll, deter those, predators, from acting out.

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The Case of the Judge Secretly Filming His Female Coworker’s Computer Conversations, May Cost Him His Judgeship

The crimes of invasion of privacy, committed, by a, court judge, on his, fellow, female, coworker here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Criminal Court judge, Tsai of Taoyuan District Court systems was found secretly filming the private conversation on the female coworker, Tseng’s and her photos, caused the news media to take note; Tseng pressed charges on him, the Taoyuan District Court found Tsai guilty of obstruction of secret, sentenced him to five months in prison, Tsai and the D.A. prosecuting the case both filed for appeals, the Highest Court of Taiwan tossed both appeals back, case settled.

The justice system had suspended Tsai since this May in written order.  The case was reviewed by the evaluation board committee members, and they’d decided to send the case to the duties courts, and recommended that Tsai be taken off his post, this was the new judge laws of July 17th last year, the very first case of impeachment that didn’t go through the Examination Department, and sent straight to the duties courts to try.

The Regulation of Judgeship Article 42 states “the judges who had been found guilty of a jail sentence, who’d damaged the reputation of judgeship” can be relieved of duty.  The legal realm believed, that Tsai was sentenced, and unless his behavior of secretly filming the female judge “didn’t make the position of judge undignified”, otherwise, he would’ve lost his job as a court judge.

Tseng, the female judge’s families has medical needs, Tsai introduced her to a legal adviser of a hospital, Wu, not known that both Tseng and Wu were both single, on May 25th of last, he was sitting alone in the office, and saw Wu’s message to Tseng, popping up from LINE, referring to her as “honey”, and there were the photos of intimacy of both, mistakenly thought the two were having an extramarital affair, and, took the shot of the screen, and, reported it to the Taoyuan District Court’s court manager.

As Tseng was called in, she’d found that Tsai took the screen shot of her computer, that he’d set up the micro webcam, and shot her talking in private with Tsai.  Taoyuan District Court found Tsai guilty of two counts of obstruction of secret, gave him five months, and he can pay a fee and not serve the time.

As the High Courts was in session, Tseng cried, and told that she wishes she could kill the “self that forgot to turn off her computer”, then none of this would’ve, happened.  The High Courts believed, that the victim started having symptoms of anxiety, insomnia; on the surfaces, Tsai had admitted to what he’d done, but, not told of what happened in sum, that it was hard to confirm, that he’d, learned his lessons from the events.

And this would be, another, INVASION of privacy, committed by a court judge, and, as he’d found that the woman was having the intimate conversation with the man he’d introduced her to, he probably felt proud of himself, for catching her cheating, not known, that she’s single and so was the man he’d introduced her to, and, it got him in trouble.

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Tracked Down, by the GPS of My Own, Cell Phone…

We all became like that pet, whose owners are too afraid that we go “missing”, you know, wandered off, and never come back home again, that we got that GPS scanner code on us all now.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own, cell phone, but, I didn’t, activate, NOR set this “function”, and yet, once every month, the almighty, GOOGLE would send me this, “notice” of sorts, “covering” where I’d been for the month…

leaving that, electronic, footprint wherever we go right now in this country, with this…

we’re supposed to use the CDC LINE account to scan this, everywhere we go now...image from online

And that makes me wonder, if I’m tracked down that easily, without even SETTING up the cell phone trackers, how easy can it be, for the government, to TRACK my, whereabout?  Especially when we’re, required, to use LINE to scan the barcode outside the shopfronts, as a measure of, getting our “foot tracks” known by the government, for the sake of MER-CoV tracker.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own cell phone, how the HELL did that happen?  I mean, so, if I spent, a little too long inside the public bathrooms, does that mean, that by the time I’m done, doing MY business, there would be, a huge gathering of crowd, outside, wanting to know exactly, just what happened in there (the toilet), and why did it take that long for me to go???

What the @#$%…it’s official now, we’re, TRACKED by our, government, in this age of, absolute NO PRIVACY here!!!

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Anytime, Any Place, the Hard-to-Prevent Cyberbullying

The means, of how the hurt can happen, at any time of day, and anywhere!  On the facets of, cyberbullying, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The school therapist, of the guidance counselor’s office of a school analyzed the differences in cyberbullying and physical bullying in the past, and reason why cyberbullying should be examined, more closely:

From before, the place where bullying happens is in school, and now, with a cell phone to a child, the bullying became at anytime, any place.  For instance, a middle school student, Hwa felt that someone stole her boyfriend, then, she’d called on her cohort of friends, started sending the private messages to the person, posting the words publicly, or go to the IG to start cussing the guy out, and even, setting up a “trash-talk” Line Group of the guy, and the victims may not even be aware, that a group talking trash about her/him/them exists.

like this…

illustration from online

The use of sexual violence for revenge online is getting serious too.  There was a sixth grade who’d received a message that said, “I have nude photos of you, if you send me another, then I won’t post this one”, the kid almost believed, but thankfully, the adults stopped it upon finding out.

The digital footprints will never be erased.  Like the recordings the videos of the photos, the things that makes you targets of bullies, once it gets online, so long as the onlookers started passing it along, even if the bully was caught and reprimanded, the files are forever staying online, and, the victims may be, revictimized again.

What’s worth noting more of cyberbullying is that the bullied already got singled out by her/his friends, and, when it goes online, the endless cusses, the criticisms, will make the victims feel, “So, all those people hate me, despised me, rejects me”.  And if the bystanders, the teachers, the adult counterparts didn’t catch the S.O.S. from the child, with “just deal with it, they’re, just, making fun”, to a child, s/he will die on the inside, because if those s/he trusts won’t even help, it would, hurt her/him, even more.

So, this, is on the adverse effect of being, cyberbullied, because once it’s online, you can’t, EVER, erase, that digital footprint that you’d, left, and, because these children have NO awareness of the foresight of the consequences of their own actions (b/c the prefrontal cortexes aren’t properly developed yet!), the effects are, eternal.

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A Restriction Need to be Placed on the Bullying Means of the Command Centers

Using the “justified excuse” of “containing the spread of MERS, to keep people on a tight leash, this, is what this government is, currently, doing, and there’s, NOTHING that “we the people” can do about it!  How the government used the justified “cause” to violate our privacies here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As MERS-CoV hit the global community hard, and the methods of prevention couldn’t work effectively enough, the extreme measures were taken, and of these rules, some are against the basic human living rights, turning the countries into, dictatorships, if the government overlooked the fact that it’s offending the human rights, the public scholars of law, the justice department, the legislative department don’t need to paint over the democratic governments, to set up a “regulation systems” of the commanding centers, to fight off the spread, this will work even better.

Taiwan prided itself on being a democratic country, and the CDC used the seventh regulation to use the cell phone towers, to create an invisible electric fence, with no basis of the law, having the police to take down the individuals who’d not followed the rules of quarantine, and used the cell towers in Wanhwa to do the big data analyses, to mark the National Health Insurance Cards of the people in the region as “possible cases of contraction”, causing the discriminations of the individuals when being treated at the hospitals.

The command center’s bullying law replaced the judges, the district attorneys, the enforcing police officers, to receive direct orders from the head of the CDC, to ram into the funeral processions, without any warrant or just causes, barge in to private citizens’ homes to conduct illegal searches, to reprimand and ticket individuals who aren’t wearing a mask while walking the streets.

The judges criticized how the Criminal Investigations Unit’s asking for the warrants, using the texts of the suspects, to pinpoint the locations of the suspects, questioned the claims of how the CDC in its claims of using the data for the sole purpose of “controlling the spread”, that it’s all means, to disregard the basic human rights of the citizen here.

And so, this is how a government can abuse its powers, in claiming that it’s doing what it’s doing, pulling people off the streets for checks, having us show our identification cards, etc., etc., etc., to CONTROL us, and, this is not a democracy anymore, and yeah, these are extreme times (with the outbreaks hitting us ever harder by the day), but the government still shouldn’t, offend our own, basic human rights, but it does, because we the people are too stupid, we the people, allow the systems to ABUSE us!

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The Head of Child Protective Officer Disclosed the Identity of the Sexual Assault Suspect, Indicted on Obstruction of Secret

Going, OVERBOARD, in trying to protect the potential victims here, and she knew the laws too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

She’d Not Just Disclosed the Details of the Cases, She’d Also Given Out the Personal Data of the Offenders

The former office manager, Lin of a juvenile facility in Taidong, was suspected of raping the juveniles placed in the group home.  The office manager of the Taidong District Court, Hong was a close friend to him, she was suspected of disclosing the specific case details to him, and, offered up the female child and youth protective officer, Chu’s personal information to him.  Yesterday, Hong was charged with breaking the laws of personal data, invasion of privacy yesterday.

The D.A. found, that the thirty-six-year-old man, Lin is a social worker, published books, gone on T.V. appearances.  The fifty-three-year-old Hong-Xing was in charge of protecting the adolescents, counseling, and needed to keep everything in secret, but she’d, LINED the cases of sexual molestation involving the adolescent victims to Lin.

The D.A. investigated, that Lin was suspected of raping an adolescent male in the facilities, the victim was a case that the female child and adolescent welfare protection officer, Chu’s case, as Chu learned of it, she’d reported him; the D.A. confiscated Lin’s phone, found the LINE message from Hong-Xing to Lin, including the visits, the counseling records, along with the documents from her office work, and the D.A. told the southern district’s morale unit to chase the case.

The district attorneys accidentally discovered, that starting from August to November of last year, Hong-Xing LINED Chu’s personal data of Lin, and that Lin in order to take revenge, falsified himself as a justice department volunteer, called up the adolescents that Chu was looking after, to see if Chu actually went to the visits as she said she had, and installed the surveillance outside Chu’s residence to keep track to see if the records of her visiting the cords of her visiting the youths are exact.

On February 22nd, the D.A.’s morale unit with the officials of the Taidong District Courts went to check in Hong’s office, and confiscated related evidence, took Hong-Xing, Chu and others into custody.  Hong-Xing originally denied the accusations, but the district attorneys showed her of the LINE conversation records, she’d, fallen, silent then.

Chu told, that she and Lin and Hong-Xing weren’t on each other’s bad sides, that she was targeted, because of what she’d exposed, that she’d felt, the claims against her were, unjust.

The Taidong District Court stated, that the executive investigations results showed, that Hong-Xing had done wrong, that he is transferred from the managerial post, and they will see what reprimands to give to him as the investigations comes to an end.

And so, this is how an officer of the law, breaks the law, and maybe, the individual thought that he was doing a favor for the community, leaking out the personal information, data on the sex offenders and the child molesters, but, in so doing, the individual broke the law regarding privacy.

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