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The Cases of Sextortion from Online, the Youngest Victim Only Nine

They’re still, getting younger by the years here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There is an influx of the sextortion cases of young children for the first half of the year in Hsinbei City, it’s at the peak compared to three years, clearly, these cases are, on the rise, and there were male AND female victims, of the youngest, found in the city of Hsinbei, was only nine, the youngest found in the city of Taipei, eleven.  The summer had begun, the social services department of both Taipei and Hsinbei alerted the parents to tune in to their children’s cell phone usage, their online activities, so they don’t turn into, victims.

The outbreaks kept the children at home, plus, a lot of the children in this country all had cell phones, which was what caused this rise in the number of victims.  The head of the Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Hsinbei City, Hsu called out to the parents, to follow the “Three Don’ts and One Do” rule, “don’t photograph or film”, “Don’t keep the files”, “Don’t Share” those private photos, and to “keep the footages” on file to use as evidence.

Since the implementing of the “Children & Adolescent Sextortion Prevention Laws” were amended in 2017, there’d been a hike in the reports of the sextortion cases online, but the age of the victims, started to decline, and mostly, the video sound files were, leaked out, and to the severe, rapes.

The Department of Sanitation & Welfare and the Hsinbei Domestic Violence Prevention Center estimated, that there were 415 reported case nationwide, forty-eight were from Hsinbei; the 351 reported case in 2018, thirty-nine were from Hsinbei, with most of the cases in the age group of fifteen to eighteen, taking up seventy-four-percent; of the 677 cases nationally last year, there were 139 cases from Hsinbei, with the ages of the victim, dropped to between twelve and fifteen, taking up forty-six percent.  To this May, there were, eighty-seven reported cases in Hsinbei City, of these, two-percent were children under twelves two years ago, and this year, it’d, hiked up to eleven-percent.

There were sixty-one cases two years ago, seventy-five last year, and, just the first half of the year this year, the number reached up to fifty-one cases to date, the youngest victim was only eleven, eighty-percent were females, and the victims were mostly, fourteen-year-olds.  The Social Services pointed out, that with the hike in the cases, the parents and the police are all on high alert, and believed, that it was because of the outbreaks, the kids were kept at home, they’d, gotten more involved with the activities online.

Hsu stated, that the methods of enticing the victims back in 2018 were mostly the online gaming credits, or the “Korean pop music group selections”, and last year, the methods switched to voyeurism, sex-cam, and forced the children and teens to get more shots nude to send to the perpetrators.

Like how two days ago, the model maker, Liu from Taichung used the huge sums of money, had the adolescent female filmed herself masturbating or shoot the photos of herself nude, and he’d, kept the footages, and, threatened the young woman to expose her, forced her to take more nude photos, or make more sex tapes, like the Taiwanese version of “Room N” from Korea awhile ago.

Because all of these teenagers and tweenagers got NOTHING else better to do, they can’t play outside, so, they’d, started, roaming online, and because of how young, how NAÏVE they all are, they’re, all SCREWED, because they were educated enough, of the DANGERS, lurking in the “woods” online!

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The Company Didn’t Do Anything to Check Out the Claims of Sexual Harassment by the Workers, It Was Fined

The PRICE you pay, for IGNORING!!!  From the Newspapers, translated, and, feel free to file this one under, IGNORANCES if you want to, translated…

A certain high-tech company awhile ago sent its female employee abroad to the U.S. and she was harassed by the local branch’s workers, and, although the company had initiated the investigations, but they’d kicked the issue around, the Department of Labor believed, that the person in charge of the company didn’t do enough to take care of its employees, mandated that the company pay a $150,000N.T. fine.

The Department of Labor pointed out, that the former sale’s department manager, “Huei”, was sent to the branch company in the U.S. to work for six months, and, she was harassed by sexual connotations of the senior engineer of the subsidiary company, and because he’d talked about her face, her figure, and asked if she were willing “to carry his child”?, and had even took her underwear too, it’d troubled her son.

But Huei considered, that the man was a senior engineer, so she didn’t file a complaint about him, and after she’d quitted the job, she’d still gotten harassed by him endlessly, she finally couldn’t take it, and reported it to the primary company about it, without knowing, that although the company had initiated the investigation processes, but because the one who’d sexually harassed her was from a subsidiary company abroad, they’d suggested that, “she should file a complaint with the company abroad about it”, and ruled the case as a “low-profile sexual harassment”, decided to not pursue the case further, that, was why the woman decided to file a complaint toward the city government.

The Hsinbei employment discrimination committee believed, that although the employer did set up rules against sexual harassment, but they’d failed to take up the responsibilities, get to the bottom of the truth, nor did they consider Huei’s feeling, show her care and concern, or even, mentioned a way of resolving the issues, that the company had violated the laws against gender equality in the workforce, and the hi-tech company is a corporation that’s on the stock markets, with over two hundred employees, and, so, the company was mandated to pay a heavy fine of $150,000N.T.

And this ought to be a WARNING for all of you, in charge of a company, because there WILL be cases like this, and, if you don’t take your employees’ claims seriously, you WILL get SUED, and, in this case, the company didn’t do enough, and, the companies gave the woman a run-around, which was what angered her to SUE them!

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The Guide for Their Graduation Trip Turned Out to be the Wolf Who Was Filming Them without Their Consent

A VERY bad example here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A tour guide, Yang utilized the chance that he was leading a group of students who graduated, set up cameras in the hotel showers and bathrooms on the trains, to secretly film the footages of the teachers and students without their knowledge or consent, afterwards, when he was found, he’d deleted the files on his computer, but the D.A. still managed to get the files of eighty-seven shots back, there were at least five hundred kids and teachers who were victims, from at least twenty-four schools, and the victims include kids in the elementary years as well.

The Hsinbei District Court gave him one crime one punishment, and found him guilty for obstructions of secret, gave him five years six months jail sentence, that he could pay a fine and not serve any hard time, but if he paid the fines, he would have to pay over two million dollars worth of it.

The courts investigated, that Yang (age 33) the tour guide, was a freelance, had been selected by multiple travel agencies, to lead the student groups.  Last year on July seventh, Yang took a certain business technical high school’s salon department to Taichung, Kaohsiung, and the beaches in Kenting for their graduation trip, a female student, while she was taking a shower in the hotel in Kaohsiung, shockingly discovered that there was a needle cam, with memory card, she’d immediately told her instructor.

The school immediately checked into the matter, and found that there was another room, with the needle cam installed too, so they’d contacted Yang, but Yang refused to meet up with them.  After reviewing the surveillance footage of the hotel, the school realized, that Yang took the time when the students went out to dine, and went into their suites, and the school started suspecting, that Yang was the one who’d installed the cameras, and called the police, Yang also admitted, that he was taping them without their consents.

The detectives took Yang’s USB and laptop into custody, but they’d not discovered any footages, and believed, that Yang must’ve deleted the files after he was discovered.

After taking the laptop into the computer department of the police stations, they were able to get the deleted files back again, and found that Yang took a total of eighty-seven segments of the teachers and students using the restrooms, showering, and changing.

The detectives also found, that since 2011, when Yang took the graduation groups to the mid-southern parts or in Hualien, Pingdong regions, he’d often used the excuse of keeping an eye on the keys of the students’ and instructors’, to use the time that they’re out dining, to get into their bathrooms, to install the spy cams, and he’d even install the cameras in the restrooms on the trains, to tape down footages of them, using the bathrooms.

Yeah, this, is how bad it got, and, this time, the wolf was one of the “professionals”, he’d only POSED as a tour guide, and, he was able to take advantage of so many people without their ever knowing that he was secretly filming them too, that still just shows, that wolves are all around you, and, sometimes, because they’d masked themselves up so well, you can’t even tell it’s them.

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Their Daughter Fell in Love with the Disciplinary Officer at School, the Parents Found Out by Invading Her Privacy, Were Sued

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventeen year old adolescent girl dated the disciplinary officer at her school, and was pregnant, the parents secretly got a hold of the youth’s cell phone, that the school official let their daughter borrowed, the parents went to the press, caused the official to get transferred, and the adolescent ran away; after the school official was found not guilty, and the charges dropped against him, he’d sued the parents for obstruction of secret, and the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices found that the messages were printed by the papers, and that Chen’s parents were indicted.

The forty-five year old man, Chen in Hsinbei City found hickies on his adolescent daughter’s neck last year in June, and had come home late several nights, and he couldn’t get an answer from her, and so, he’d sorted through his daughter’s things, and found the cell phone from the thirty-something disciplinary official at her school, and found out that his child was dating him.

Chen took the cell, he couldn’t open the lock code, he’d selected, “forget password”, then used his daughter’s computer, and by trial and error, he was able to see the intimate conversation that his daughter and the school official shared on LINE.

Chen the teenager wrote, “I don’t want to have an abortion”, the school official replied, “are you sure you want to keep it, do you want to mention that you want to marry me to your parents?…”, the couple found a tabloid paper, and complained about it, publicized the messages, the disciplinary officer was transferred away, but this also made the teenager unhappy, she’d refused to talk to her family again.

Last year, on Chen’s 18th birthday, she ran away from home, and only showed her face at the hearing at the gender equality session at school, to speak on behalf of the disciplinary officer; Chen’s father attempted to take her home, but, each and every time, she’d found ways to evade him, Chen’s father couldn’t find her, last year, he’d sued the school official for seduction of his child, hoping that he’d turn her over to him.

The man claimed that he didn’t know where Chen was, Chen didn’t show her, but called the D.A., to tell them, that she left home on her own, and had broken up with the man.  Chen said, that she’d given birth to her child, and will live on her own, had nothing to say to her father.

The D.A. believed that Chen left home on her own free will, and after they’d dropped the charges against the disciplinary official from her school, Lo sued the parents for leaking his private conversations with their daughter to the press, that they’d broken the laws on secrets, the prosecutors are now, indicting the parents.

And so, this, was how that ended, and, you have to know, that teenagers are going through changes in their lives, and, it’s best that you parents just LEAVE your child alone, do NOT flip through your teenagers’ diaries to see what’s going on with them, do NOT snoop around on them, after all, if it’s something major, I’m sure, if you’d established good relationships from before, they will totally tell you.

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Using the Virginity Test to Establish Morality

This is really SEXIST, from the New York Times that came with today’s Chinese newspapers, written by: J. Cochrane…

JARKARTA, Indonesia—Colonel Sri Rumiati made her career in the Indonesian National Police, but the day she was tested for it, in 1984, is one she would rather forget.

During a mandatory physical examination, a doctor administered a so-called virginity test, inserting two fingers to determine whether her hymen was intact.

“I was not comfortable with the test,” said Colonel Rumiati, who is now a police psychologist.  “The test can be stressful on women and embarrassing.”

It mattered little that the doctor who tested her was a woman.  It felt like a violation, she said, one that does not determine virginity, that has no comparable equivalent for male police recruits and that does not achieve its ostensible goal: evaluating a recruit’s morality.

“You learn about the morality of a candidate from prosocial behavior testing,” or evaluating a person’s actions, she said.  “It’s not about virginity.”

Women who apply to be police officers in Indonesia have been subjected to virginity testing since at least 1965.

But the issue has set off heated debate here since Human-Rights Watch released a report and a video last month with evidence that the police was still in force.

The organization said it had interviewed eight current and former female police officers and applicants in six cities, including two who said they had undergone virginity tests this year.  Married women are not eligible to become police officers.

The National Police chief said last month that female recruits did not undergo virginity tests.  But hours later, two high-ranking National Police officials in Jakarta were quoted by the local news media confirming that the police force conducts the tests.

While failing the virginity does not disqualify a police applicant, she “may get fewer points if her hymen is not intact,” Brigadier General Arthur Tampi told The Jakarta Post.

Local women’s and human rights groups have demanded an end to the practice.  Last year, the head of a local education office in South Sumatra Province suggested conducting virginity tests on high school girls to discourage promiscuity and thwart teenage prostitution.  Thousands of Indonesians took to social media sites to criticize the idea, which was quickly dismissed by national government officials.

Colonel Dede Rahayu, who runs the Police Women’s School in Jakarta, said she had never heard of any of her students or staff members having to undergo the tests.

The policewomen “who said they had that tests didn’t understand what a virginity test is,” she said nothing that all applicants undergo a rectal exam and they may have confused the two.  “Or maybe the want people think they were still virgins when they joined,” she said half in jest.  “A single woman not being a virgin is taboo in Indonesia”.

So, if there’s a need for a woman to undergo such examinations, to solidify HER status, what about men?  Don’t they need to also go through a virginity test too?  Oh wait, you LOSERS don’t have HYMENS like we women do, that can clearly SHOW if you’d had SEX or not, and, this idea of how unwed, single women are eligible to become cops is still way too STUPID, and this had happened, in the modern day world, believe it or don’t!  And, hello, hello, hello, virginity is NO determinant of morality, I mean, you DO realize, that someone CAN be a virgin, and act immorally, right???

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A Bad Break –Up, Turning His Ex-Girlfriend’s Nude Photos into Porn…Handing Them Out to Strangers

This is PRECISELY WHY you should NOT allow men to take intimate photos of you, even IF you two are sweet together now, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The daughter of the councilman of a certain Japanese county came to Taiwan to learn Chinese, she fell for a married man, Pan, she wanted to break up with him, and Pan posted nude photos of her on Facebook, and made them into a photo album so everybody else can view it, the District Attorney’s Office in Taipei yesterday prosecuted Pan for obstruction of privacy, along with other charges.

Pan was unhappy that the woman wanted to break up with him, he was suspected of setting up an account using the woman’s name spelled in English, and took after the Japanese porn, to make a cover page, with the red, bold letters of “Unclean, Immoral, the Councilman’s Daughter, the Councilman’s Daughter is a Liar completely”, making the visitors to the page believe, that she was actually, a porn star.  When the couple went to stay at a hotel last July, Pan took pictures of the woman nude from the front and the back, without her consent.  This April, the woman broke up with him, Pan spelled out the woman’s name in English, and set up a Facebook account, then, took after the Japanese pornography and made multiple cover pages, placed the photos onto her front page, and added her friends, to spread out the sexually illicit photos so all her friends could access them.

So, this, is how a man gets back at a woman for breaking up with him, and that still just shows you that you need to be more careful, when the two of you are together, you are in love, and, everything WILL be used against you, after the break up.


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A Man Used His Cell Phone, to Shoot Footages of a Woman’s Panties, Was Chased Down by the Woman

The evils you’d done, still managed to catch UP to you, didn’t it, you M***ER F***ING horned dog!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, was suspected of using his cell phone, to record down the panties of women who were wearing skirts or dresses, at the East side of Taipei, Ximenting, along with other locations, he’d used the steps of the escalator to help him, yesterday, he’d chosen a woman in a long dress as his next victim, the very first time, he’d attempted it in Jiangdzitsuei MRT station, he’d accidentally touched the woman’s ankle, and it alarmed her, he was caught, in the act.

The police investigated, that Lin (age 26) was a college graduate, with NO priors, looked like a gentleman, had worked as the editor for some television station, but suspected that because of the stresses from work, he’d started taping under women’s dresses, starting in June of 2012, and there were at least SEVENTEEN women who fell victim to this.

The police pointed out, that the woman who caught him two nights ago, said goodbye at the MRT stations, as she was riding the escalator, she felt someone touching her ankles, she’d turned around, saw Lin, half-squatted behind her, then, ran off quickly after he’d been spotted by her, she instinctively thought that she was being taped, went after him.

As Lin saw how the woman won’t stop pursuing him, he’d ran faster still, and it’d gotten the attention of the patrol officer from Vincent Subprecinct, the officer helped the woman catch Lin, and checked his cell phone, but the footage had already been deleted.

The officers used a recovery program of the memory cards, and found the footage, and reviewed the surveillance tapes, and confirmed that Lin was indeed, filming the woman underneath her skirt, and they’d done a search of his home, and discovered that in his flash drive, and computer, there were over ten photos of underneath women’s skirts.

Lin admitted to what he’d done, and told the police that he’d NOT filmed the women without their knowledge for these couple of years, and that since he was out of a job this June, he could find nothing to do, and that, was what drove him to start peeping again.  The police booked him based off of obstruction of secrecy, and they’re zooming in, to see if there were more victims.

Yeah, because you were out of a job, and had too much time on your hands, that, was why you’d started taping women’s underwear, underneath their skirts, is that it?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  What of those ladies who were taped, without knowledge?  Their rights are the ones being violated here, isn’t it???

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Accidentally Disclosed Her Location by Facebook

So, other than it becoming a way of connecting with your friends, these “newly developed” devices are also used in SPYING on someone, huh???  Translated…

My good friend Li-Feng dated a man named Jack for a while, she felt that they were too different personality wise, and decided to break up with him.  But Jack didn’t understand why, kept calling her up, begging her to get back with him, sometimes, he’d flash called her several times a day, making her troubled.

Awhile ago, we’d asked Li-Feng and a few of our good friends out to dine, May May used her cell phone, to “check in” on Facebook, with the tag of everybody who came.  Within the hour, Jack appeared in front of the restaurant, begged, to speak with Li-Feng in private, it’d shocked her.  We quickly stepped up and tried to get through to Jack, and then, finally, we’d gotten him to leave her alone, for now.  Li-Feng was so shocked, as she wondered, “How would Jack know that I’m here?”

Ting-Ting, who’s very good at using Facebook, quickly discovered the problem—there was NO privacy setting on Li-Feng’s Facebook pages.  Ting-Ting explained to her, “There is a function, for when you scanned in on Facebook, ‘could friends use the landmarks to register me’, if you didn’t check the cancel box, then, when you head out with friends, even though you did not scan the barcodes on Facebook, but your friends had checked you in, and, your whereabouts became known.”

“It must be how when Mei-Mei was checking in, that she’d registered you too, and, Jack saw it on Facebook.”  After Mei-Mei heard, she’d started apologizing to Li-Feng, it was just an act of fun, without knowing, that it would get her into this much trouble.

Ting-Ting then taught Li-Feng, “If you want to prevent your friends from disclosing your whereabouts, then, you must select ‘Set Up’, then, choose the box for ‘Who can see you in your posts’, and, select the option of ‘myself’, then, from here on out, even AS your friends checked themselves in on Facebook, your Face friends still couldn’t see your whereabouts.”

Ting-Ting went a step further, to remind us all, that even though, Facebook is convenient to use, but, it’s actually a half-opened social networking site, and the users may disclose things they didn’t mean to, causing themselves to be in dangerous situations.  And, based off of the news reports, some of the employers would check if the employees are posting bad things about the company.

And so, when we used Facebook, we must set up our privacy statements, and be careful in saying the words we want to say, that way, we wouldn’t put ourselves in bad situations.

This, would be one of the MANY downsides for using Facebook, you WILL get TRACKED down, even IF you don’t want to be, because you scan that barcode thing by the door, then, that, is how others will know what you’re up to, and this, is especially dangerous, when you have a stalking EX!

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An Elderly Version of Tsong-Rui Lee, Raped and Had the Footage of Him Raping on Tape, Eight Women Fell Victim

And you still don’t think that men should get C-A-S-T-R-A-T-E-D???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The owner of the designing company, Lin took his female employees to “visit clients”, and he’d spiced up the drinks, and, as he raped them, he recorded the footage, the female assistant Yu (a false name) called the police.  The police followed the leads, and found that there were several files of how Lin’s plans of drugging and raping the women, and there were up to eight victims total; and one of them, a college student was his daughter’s classmate who slept over because they had a project to do together, and the victim had NO clue of what had happened to her.  Lin claimed that it was all consensual, that he was worried that he might get scammed, that was why he’d kept the videos as evidence, but as the police came to his place with a warrant, he’d attempted to destroy physical evidence.  The Shihlin District Attorney’s Office believed that Lin’s behaviors was exactly like that of Tsong-Rui Lee’s, and the man was without remorse, and so, they’d prosecuted him based off of forced sexual assault and asked the judge to show NO leniency.

Lin (age 47) is heavyset and jolly looking, ran an electric company in Taipei.  Yu accused, that last year in August, Lin wanted her to accompany him, he’d drank the chocolate milk handed to her by him, then, felt drowsy.

After Yu came to, she’d questioned Lin, “Why are we in a motel?”  Lin couldn’t tell her why exactly, she suspected that she was drugged and lost her virginity, she’d notified the police for assistance.

The police found sleeping pills, tranquilizers in Lin’s home.  Lin’s wife told them, that Lin picked those up from the doctors, but barely took any pills, as the police came to their residence to search, she’d even asked them, “What’s happened?”

There were so many secret footages Lin shot in his computer, and they were separated based off of the scenarios, “Drugged in the Rooms”, “Falling into Deep Slumber”, “Penetration After the Drugs Kicked In”.  The police found, that other than Yu who was filmed, there were two other female employees, four bar girls from a Japanese-style drinking house, and, the other young woman who was sexually molested by him was his daughter’s classmate.

The bargirl, “Kiki” didn’t even KNOW that she was raped and taped, she angrily told the police, that she started feeling doubtful after she felt drowsy after she’d down the alcohol Lin had provided for her, and once, she’d looked closely, and found that the colors of the drinks are different, then, she’d taken the warnings.

Her daughter’s classmate felt scared and sad.  The young woman told, because she was finishing up her reports, that, was why she’d stayed over in Lin’s residence, and she and his daughter bunked on the floor, and after she was shown the footage, she’d learned of what had happened, that when she was fast asleep, her classmate’s father attacked her breast, “I just want to put it all behind me quickly!”, she’d stated.

And, that still just shows, that you still CAN’T keep a man from raping, just like how you can’t keep a dog from eating ITS shit!  And, this man is already OLD, and yet, his TESTOSTERONE is still raging?  Are you FUCKING kidding me here?


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An All-Star High School Male Student’s Nude Photos Was Spread Online Maliciously

Apparently, this young lad is still, TOO inexperienced, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student from an All-Star High School posted forty of his own nude photos online, awhile ago, the photos went viral onto a gay porn site, then, forwarded to the Facebook Fans Page “Hate Jien-Guo All Boys High School CK Hate”, the male student two days ago, came forth to the police with his parents, and the police are zoomed in to the perp.

The male student discovered his own nude photos on a porn site on Mid-Autumn Festival, and was forwarded onto the Facebook Fans Page where his classmates usually go, he told the cops, that during March of this year, he’d forwarded these photographs to a man he met online in the city of Taipei, he had NO idea it was going to go viral.

The male student still showed up to school yesterday, and, he’d gotten upset, as his classmates inquired him, the school stated, that they couldn’t restrict the students’ friendships outside of school, but had already had someone counsel the adolescent.

The Fans Specialty page of Facebook “CK Hate” on September 7, there was a post, “This lower class member is making himself known to the world”, with the X-rated gay websites attached.  After the male student reported this to the police, the gay website could still link to his Facebook page, but this student’s nude photos had already been deleted.

The police stated, that they’d zoomed in on this specific online “acquaintance”, and, if the man had spread the photos maliciously, he would’ve broken the laws, and could be sentenced to no more than three years in prison and charged with five million dollar fines.

The originally opened to comment website had the online community raging, and had cussed out everything about Chien-Guo High School, the Fans page of “Hate Chien-Guo High School”, had already posted an apology and retraction notice, and the man responsible for the website stated, that he may be faced, with getting shut down.

The online community felt that this male student was taken advantage of, “What did the manager do?  Couldn’t they filtrate the articles first, this, is outrageous, that they’d put things that should’ve been private out there.”

And that just shows, how everything you’d posted online, is still fair game, and, what the HELL were you thinking, child?  You should’ve had better sense, to know, that everything you’d posted online, can and will get spread (like that infectious disease?), or, did they NOT teach you that in your session on web safety in school there?

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