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The Sexually-Illicit Footages Gone Viral, Getting Passed Around, with the “Multiples of Damaging Effects”

How cyberbullying is still NEXT to impossible to stop, in this, high-tech age, and how the law does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Leaks, the Forwarding, the Viewing Online is Enabling, the Legislators Called for an Amendment, to Set up a Specialized Unit to Remove the Images Completely OFFLINE

There’d been an influx of cases of sexual violence footages being found, there’d been an increase of 876 case involving children and adolescents from 2019 to 2021.  The experts stated, every time that these footages get watched or forwarded, it’d a damage, the victims keep on getting “raped repeatedly”.  The legislator,

Wang called out that other than amending the laws, there should also be a unit in the government set up especially to tackle this matter, to ensure that the images, the footages had been, erased completely on and offline.

Based off of understanding, the sexual image violence cases involving the age group of eighteen to seventy-four is continuing on at four-percent, but, there are not that many who came out to ask the law enforcement units for help.  The professor from social policies and sociology, Wang stated, that the sexual assault victims may only get assaulted once in a lifetime, but the effects of the violence is for life, and the damages of those who were caught on tape getting assaulted, multiplies, this is even harder to break from, the post-traumatic stress.

The victims interviewed of the sexual violence footages, because everybody on the streets had seen the videos, they’d not dared disclosed what happened to them to anybody else, worried that the others may blame them, “you were the ones to have consented to get taped”, if the perp is one person, then, the enablers of this assault by footage is infinite, not only the one who’d leaked the footages out, those who’d viewed the footages, those who’d forwarded the footages, are all, enablers.

Wang stated, the filmed are usually enticed, inexperienced, mostly were “tricked”, of the adolescent age group, some perps used the titles of job offerings, companionship charts, getting the victims dressed in next to nothing, then, getting the victims to strip themselves to completely nude.  The victims are primarily females, but, the number of male victims are on the rise too now.

The counselor, Chen stated, that the cases of sexual violence were more prevalent in the less functional families, but with the internet, this form of digital violence had already spread to every single household, and any age can be victimized.  Especially children and teen, they are the group that needs close attention, the victims may find it hard to disclose what happened to them, the families, and schools need to be more sensitive to the signs, to note the behaviors that seemed off for a child.

Wang stated, the laws to prevent digital violence here in Taiwan is not as advanced compared to other countries’, it’d still not yet specified the class behaviors of what constitutes as illegal here.  Until the start of this year, the Executive Department only started listing out the specifics, there are still many details that needed to get written out, a ton of rules that needed amending, hope, that the government doesn’t just set up the rules, but also, find effective ways to enforce the laws, to prevent more victims from being abused, to effectively, STOP the streaming live footages and the footages going viral.

And so, this god DAMN government DARE pride itself for being advanced in the laws to prevent the invasions of privacy, setting up and passing those, anti-stalker laws, yada, yada, yada, and yet, it does, absolutely, N-A-D-A, to prevent the abuse of victims who’d been raped, molested, and captured on tape, and now, the footages of these, sexual violence, with the victims’ faces not blurred out, are going, to spread all over the internet!  Yeah, we’re, advanced all right: advanced, on falling behind HUMAN rights, and the protection of the victims of these, crimes of sexual nature!

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The Wife Illegally Surveilled the Husband’s Cheating, He Was Found Not Guilty & Didn’t Need to Pay

Caught her husband, cheating, with evidence she’d taped down, and yet, because she’d taped him without his consent, she was sued!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Su found her husband Lee was cheating on her, she’d secretly filmed him, with the affair, as she’d collected enough evidence, she’d sued, and asked for $600,000N.T.s; Lee claimed, that the spousal right does NOT involving possession of love, and the video recordings aren’t enough to prove anything; the judge believed that the spousal rights are protected, but Su’s illegally taping her husband’s conversation was a invasion of privacy, that the voice recordings aren’t enough to prove anything, found Su lost, that she will be paying for the $6,500 N.T. in the court proceedings, this can still be appealed.

Su claimed, that she’d married Lee in 2014, in October of 2020, Lee met a woman, Lo, the two of them had gone to spend the nights together, and had sexual intercourses during those times out.  She’d learned of this in May of 2021, filed for divorce on August 23rd of the same year, and sued him for money.

Lee claimed, that Su without his consent, set up the sound recording devices at home and in his car, had long-term surveilled his nonpublic activities, that she’d impacted his right to privacy, that she’d gotten the evidence illegally; and the spouses are individuals, and independent of each other, that there should not be the possessiveness of one belonging, solely to the other person.

The court judge believed, that decriminalizing adultery does NOT mean that the law took away the rights of the spouses, but to ensure the rights of the spouses by the laws, Lee and Lo denied that there was the spousal rights, clearly, they’d misunderstood the protection clause of this law.

this would be, ILLEGAL, without the consent of those being caught!

photo from online

The spouse, in order to prove that her/his rights had been breached, can try to collect, and save the evidences, but, reviewing o’er Su’s taped recording sessions, Su wasn’t one of the party recorded, and, recording someone without the consents IS, against the laws of privacy and communication protections.

Su only provided the recording for two days as evidence to sue her husband, but the recording device, didn’t just record what the defendant was saying, so long as the battery is still working, no matter who said what, it all gets, caught on, tape, the courts found, that she’d, illegally, tape recorded the conversations of others without their knowing, that she’d illegally recording others’ conversations long-term, that she’d impacted the laws of invasions of privacy greatly, that the evidence she’d provided the courts aren’t valid as evidence of her husband’s cheating.

And yeah, so what are we supposed to do, when we suspect that our spouses are cheating on us???  We must HIRE that private investigator, because at least, those DUDES or DUDETTES have the licensures, and even IF they get caught, they won’t get sued for invasion of privacy, and this is just SHIT, how the government protects the party and the party’s WHORE who are doing the wrong things, and punishes the woman who’s been, cheated on, because SHE suspected that her man was unfaithful to her, and this is all in part of how the government had DE-criminalized the charges of ADULTERY.

And we now must, work our best, to collect these evidences that are valid in court, to PROVE that our husbands had been, cheating, sleeping around with their, WHORES!

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Dreams, Kept Safe, in the, Rabbit Hole

Dreams, kept safe, in the, Rabbit Hole, until, until those, landscapers came, to redo Alice’s parents’, gardens, then, all HELL breaks loose!

The Rabbit Hole was supposed to have been all Alice’s own, her secret hiding place for her dreams, fantasies, her fears too, and yet, one day, her parents decided, to redo the landscape of her garden, and, dug everything up, then, everything was gone, when Alice came home from school that day.

desperately trying to follow her childhood fantasy down the rabbit hole! From online

She’d felt betrayed by her parents, how could they, how could they, just, dig up all her dream in the Rabbit Hole without HER permission?  I mean, yeah, fine, the garden, the home, everything on the land belonged to her parents, sure, but, how could they, prod into, her private little, haven?

Dreams, kept safe in the, Rabbit Hole, she thought, she’d found, a secure and, secret place for all her dreams, her fears, and her hopes, but she’d, miscalculated everything.

That was, the very last time, Alice came back to that garden of her childhood, where she’d fallen asleep, and saw that Rabbit running late…………

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Selling Pornography to Get the Extra Profits, Passing the Nude Photos, the Police and Military Personnel Found to be Both Involved

Because sex sells!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A.s Offices and the police were tipped off, that the “Creative Private Quarter” and “Sense of Touch”, the two major porn discussion forums online had been involved in secretly filming the sex tapes, the indecent films and selling them illegally, after the district attorney’s office indicted the man responsible for the operations of the discussion forum, Lin and fourteen others, they’d looked deeper in, found that the officer, Liu from the Ligang Substation of Pingdong County and the serviceman on duty, Kao were both involved in uploading the porn in attempt to make a profit, Liu had even abused his status as a police, and found out the identity of the individuals posing for the pornographic films, the Taipei D.A.’s Office prosecuted Liu, Kao, and Chuang on charges of breaking laws of child protection and exploitation of underage minors.

And, the male officer, Chang of the Airport police station had hinted at the footages of the legislator, Kao’s nude photos, the Hsinchu District Court found him guilty yesterday, and sentenced him to forty days in prison, and the other man who’d passed the footages out online, an engineer named Jeng also got sentenced to two months’ prison term, both can pay the fines and skip out of serving the time.

The D.A.’s Office in Taipei found that the officer, Liu as he was in the academy in 2017, started gaining the trust of people online, and gained access to Hsu, a woman, and her boyfriend having sex together on tape, he’d privately contacted Hsu, told him he was a patrol officer of the Children & Women’s Squad of Taichung, that he could help her get the footages off the internet, and gotten Hsu to send him more sexual photos of herself; he’d used the same means, to get other adolescents to send him their nude photos, as well as the lewd footages as well.

From 2017 to 2018, on the two pornography boards online, Liu sold off the female nude photos and gained the illegal profits in $180,000N.T.s, later one of the discussion boards was busted by the police, the police traced the cashflow, caught Liu, then found that as Liu started working for the police, he’d become worse in his actions, use the police M-Police system and the database of the license plates, to found the personal data of the four female nudes and their real identities.

The military serviceman on duty, Kao other than trading the secretly filmed sex tapes from the forum, he’d even taken shots of women’s undergarments on the MRT, uploaded the photos to the forums, to illegally make the profits.

And so, this is how this still worked, supply and demand, as there are always going to be demands for SEX, there will always be the supplies, and, the police and military personnel are all involved, because they’re all males, losers, sons-of-bitches (not the literal kind!), who can’t keep their eyes to themselves, nor their hands!

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The Court Judge Who’d Filmed His Coworker without Her Consent Got Stripped of His Status of Court Justice, Fought for an Appeal, His Appeal Was Tossed

The judge knowingly, invaded his coworker’s, privacy, getting too nosy, and, it got his judgeship, stripped!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The criminal court justice of Taoyuan, Tsai suspected that his female coworker who’d shared the same office was having an extramarital affair, captured her computer screen conversations, and the photos of intimacies she had on her computer and reported to the head of the courts, in the end, it was, a, misunderstanding; Tseng pressed charges on Tsai, and Tsai was sentenced to five months on obstruction of secret, and invasion of privacy; the duties courts found, that Tsai had lost his credibility to the public, suspended him, and terminate the hiring of him as a court justice for two whole years, Tsai fought for an appeal, and his appeal, tossed.

The court judge, Tseng’s family, due to the needs of the medical sorts, Tsai introduced the court official, Wu who’s famous in the medical field, to help connect her, Tsai didn’t know both Wu and Tseng had been divorced, during May of 2020, in the office, Tsai saw the dialogue box popping up in Tseng’s computer with Wu calling her, “honey”, and sent her the photos of their getting close to each other.

As Tsai was shocked, he’d misbelieved, that Tseng was having an affair, and took the shots of the computer screen, and told the head of courts.  The man called Tseng into questioning, and, confirmed, that there was NO name in the spouse column of her identification card, and told the findings to Tsai, but Tsai still didn’t believe it, and decided to collect more evidence.

The duties courts found, that Tsai only wanted to prove his own personal doubts, and prodded into Tseng’s privacy that he’d, gone against the righteous characters of a court judge, that he’d done something severe, that he deserves to be punished severely.

Tsai originally did okay in his work as a court justice, after he’d committed the crimes, he’d claimed that his mistakes were of the personal sorts, that he’d offended Tseng in another personal matter, that she was getting him back, that’s why she’d sued him, the duties courts believed, that Tsai couldn’t introspect, and had lost credibility of the public, to work in the justice department, terminated his contract for hire for two years.

And so, this is on the importance of MYOB!  I mean, even IF the woman in your office WAS having an affair, that’s her problem, not yours, and yet, you’d gotten, too nosy, stuck your nose into someone else’s business, invaded her privacy, and you’re a court judge like she is too, and, you knew the laws on privacy and yet, you’d still, broken the law, and, the rulings of the man not being hired in the court systems for only TWO years is still too light a punishment here.

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The Day Following the Victims’ Reporting of the Sexual Harassments, the Victims Were Pressured, there’s a Leak in Personal Data Suspected

Being RE-victimized here, because the information had, leaked out, in an originally, what-would-have-been, confidential call!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, already EIGHT victims who’d come out to accuse the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City government, Yi already, the Taiwan Youth Right & Welfare Advancement League already filed the reports to the local domestic violence prevention center, and notified the Examination Department on the Department of Education’s lagging on supervision of the backgrounds of the youth lecturers.  But the league told, that the day following the reports, there were the victims who were demanded by Yi to drop their accusations against him, and used the groups to pressure the individuals, and the victims were suspected of having their personal data leaked out.

A victim described, that it was during the seminar camps that he’d been invited by Yi to his room to discuss the special case, he’d turned Yi down, but Yi still continually harassed him verbally, and wrapped his arms around his waist, and his shoulders continually in the seminars, that awhile ago, he’d filed a complaint with the city government along with the youth division of the Department of Education in Tainan the following day, and Yi had found him the next day, used his friend’s to try to get him to drop the case against him.

Lin the C.E.O. of the Children & Youth Welfare League told, that the reports of the case had, immediately, leaked out, and Yi started calling up the adolescents and children he knew, and pressured them, “Did you, misinterpret my behaviors?”, “you need to vouch for me in front of the press!”, to the point of knowing who it was that that made the call, and called the individual to ask him to clarify and used the groups that the victim was in to pressure him, causing yet more damages on the victim’s life.

The youth division of the Department of Education stressed, that the case is sensitive, to protect the related individuals, everything is to remain, confidential.

Yeah uh, this still just showed, how easily information leaked out, too quick too, and this LOSER definitely had ties with the agencies where these reports were filed, otherwise, how the HELL could he possible know the identity of the youths who’d tattled on him?  So yeah, the youths’ privacy got invaded, and they got, molested too.  With the law, doing, DIDDILY SQUAT to protect them!

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The Parents’ Cell Phones Became the Electric Fence, the Child is in at-Home Quarantine, the Parents are in Quarantine with the Offspring

How these parents of underage children, get, “rounded up” too, due to their kids’ being in close contact with someone who’d contracted MERS-CoV, this is not just, inconvenient, but an invasion of people’s privacy here, and there’s nothing we can do about it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taichung Department of Education had the schools surveyed the cell phone of students older than middle school, if the students don’t own a cell phone, then, the parents’ numbers must be listed, and, as the students were confirmed of contraction the cell phone number they’d put down became that electric fence of sorts, meaning, that the parents will be, in quarantine with their own teenage children; the Department of Education stated, that it’d not requested that if the students didn’t have a cell phone number on file, then, their parents’ numbers will be required, that it’s the schools’ misunderstanding of what the local Department of Education had said.

The city councilman of Taichung received a ton of objections from the parents of late, he’d told, that to put the electric fences into effect, the Department of Education last month had the students write down their cell phone numbers on file, if they refused, the students will only be allowed to stay in the quarantine hotels if they contracted the virus, and can’t stay at home; he’d received a ton of complaints from the parents locally, that it wasn’t up to the school, but, the schools must, follow the orders of the city government.

The Department of Education told, that because of the Office of Sanitations kept reflecting, that the schools’ had given the data to the local offices of sanitations to make the rosters, but, the data passed from the schools are often, with the errors, causing the local offices of sanitations to hit the dead ends when they called, that was why the Department of Education requested that the schools had the students’ whose parents are in quarantine put their cell phone number in.

The single parent from Xitun stated, that his daughter is at the at-home quarantine, and didn’t have a cell phone, and she’d put down his number, and he’d become, a target, of this, electric fence system that’s in place, and couldn’t go to work himself, and can only take the leaves of absences.  The parent of a first-year middle school student told, that her/his child is at home in quarantine, didn’t have a phone, and the parent was called by the school, that if s/he doesn’t give her/hi daughter/son a cell phone, then, s/he must put down her/his own number, but then, both her/his child’s activities will be, restricted.

And so, this, is what these parents are, faced with, when the kid’s at home, in quarantine, and, these kids, don’t got the cell phones, to be tracked by their, local governments, and so, the government turned to the parents, to control their, whereabouts, and that’s still, an invasion of people’s, privacy that the government is doing.

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Playing “We the People” for STUPID…

One, two, three, testing, testing, okay, the mic is on!

Hello all, I am, your god damn, government, and I shall, RULE over all you guys, like you are, little MAGGOTS with NO other options, because in this DICTATORSHIP of mine (‘cuz you were, @#$%ING retarded to vote ME into office!), whatever the @#$% I say goes.

Playing “We the people” for STUPID, this is what this government is doing, by using the outbreak, as its, homing advantage, to control us all, now they’d put on this, god damn, social-distancing APP (similar to how the LINE program of scanning the barcodes upon our entries into the shops!) only, that this time, it goes, a step further (don’t know how, but I’m thinking, that the government will, use our, GPS on our separate cell phones, like in remote-controlling something???), to keep tabs of our, whereabouts.

“Chen “encourages” the people to download the app”, as the “caption” of the photo translates…

photo from online

And they’re still, using the pandemic as a VALID excuse here, and it isn’t enough, that this god damn @#$%ING government is poisoning us with all the shits from abroad (pork with ractopamine from U.S., nuclear contaminated fruits and vegetables from Japan, etc., etc., etc.).  It now, wants to, GPS track us too by telling us, that it’s, “advised” that you ALL download the safe social-distancing app too?

This is, just one more excuse the government uses, to bully us, preying on our fears, using the pandemic, because we don’t want to catch MERS-CoV, we don’t want to D-I-E (oh wait, nobody died, as the symptoms became, less-severe now!), and no, I will NOT be downloading this god damn, social-distancing APP that the government’s pushing out by…next month, maybe, how the hell should I know, instead, I’d be, going back to using, pen and paper, signing in, dating the times, at the shops I will be, entering into, and there’s nothing that the government CAN do, to MAKE me download this, god damn, social-distancing, APP!

And that, is T-H-A-T.

And, SUE me, for being, NONCOMPLIANT, why don’t ya!

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Only Sent the Nude Photos to One Other Person, Lin Got His Charges Dropped for Another Case

Yeah, so it’s punishable by “quantity”, instead of, “quality” then?  That makes it, a whole lot better, that he’d, only, passed the nude photo of his own ex-girlfriend, the legislator, Kao to one other person…are you, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) shitting me???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lin, due to the case of abuse of the legislator, Kao was indicted on eight counts, the case is currently pending trial at the Hsinbei District Court, Kao also sued him for public indecency for passing the photo of one of his ex-girlfriends online, the Hsinbei District Court believed, that Lin only sent the photo to one other friend, that there was no intention of passing the photos out online, dropped the charges.

Kao, the legislator told her representing attorney, Lee, that the district attorney’s office was unreasonable in the case, that if based off of the fact, that the photos were sent to only one other person, it doesn’t constitute as spreading the sexually-illicit materials around, then, all the cases of the nude photos gone viral will not make the charges of “spreading of sexually-illicit photographs”, “this does NOT match to the morale of this country’s laws.”

Because of Lin’s physical violence toward Kao, he was charged with forgery, obstruction of secret, unlawful custody, forced act, defamation, obstruction of computer uses, assault, threats, a total of, eight charges.  The Hsinbei D.A.’s Office found him suspicious of all eight, that there’s proof that he may collaborate his statements, that he will repeatedly offend, on the twenty-first, kept him in police custody for two more months.

Kao found then, that other than her own sexually-illicit photos, Lin also had the sexually-illicit photos of his exes, that Lin used the communication apps to pass the photos to others he knew, she’d reported to the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office, that Lin was in suspicion of spreading and possession of lewd photos and footages.

Lin claimed this was slanderous, that the photos he received were from the women themselves, that back then, his friend, Lee mentioned how he shared private things of his wife, that was why he’d sent the lewd photos to Lee, that he’d not sent them to anybody else.

And, the district attorneys confirmed that the photos were sent to only Lee by Lin, that there were, no other recipients, that it’d not constitute as “spreading the lewd materials”, that there’s no reasonable doubt, that Lin had committed this crime, dropped the charges.

The attorney, Liu found, that the D.A. viewed this case from a practical and traditional means, and, the penal codes of this particular law was to protect the good in society, not on the invasions of privacy.  The attorney Lin interpreted, even if it’s just one on one, sending the lewd materials to three or more, it constitutes as public indecency.

Lee believed, that whether or not there’s an intention, only the individuals know, that legally, there are, only, the objective review of evidence, Lin admitted having the sexually illicit footages, and admitting to sending it to one other person, “doesn’t that constitutes as intentionally spreading and possession” then?

So, this, is on how the various attorneys interpreted the matter of this loser’s (b/c that is what he is!) behaviors of sharing the sexually illicit photos with his pals, and it don’t matter how many other persons you shared these photos of intimacies with, even if it’s just to brag to your best friend on hey, I had this one, it’s still against the law, but, the laws are defined, too, loosely here, with NO specification of the exact words of what constitutes as legal or not, that’s why, there are still these holes, that the defense will drill into, to help the individuals who hired them to get off easy.

And the law here, still doesn’t do SHIT for the invasions of privacy, to protect those individuals who shot their own nudes to send to the people they’re in love with, and these people are, just, way too, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!), stupid to boot too.

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A Brand New Way, for the Government to Spy on, Keep Tabs on, We the People…

The CDC announced, that it’ll be, doing away with the barcode scanning systems, and, in its place, there’s, a brand new, more precise system, that gets the information out faster, and all of that translates to?

The government’s found a brand new way, to keep tabs on the people, as we the people are already, fatigued, being on guard all the time, with the spread of MERS-CoV starting back up again, and, the government came up with, a brand new way, to keep tabs on we the people (‘cuz not all of us scan those barcodes, because we are afraid, about our information, leaking out?  Some of us still use these, handwritten forms provided by the shops here!), and, this brand new system, that the CDC is switching to, uses, an ever more precise mean, to keep tabs on its people, and there’s nothing WE the people CAN do because we are, enslaved (like I’d already mentioned that, god knows how many times already???) by the government, and now, the government’s gotten its taste of absolute power, do you think it’s going to, let it go???  HECK no!

what we the people become, under the rule of DDP! photo from online

And no, this still, ain’t NO conspiracy theory that I’m currently, “operating under” right now………

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