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Calling the Corruptions of, War

The precedence of, Ukraine, still NOT, taken, seriously enough here, ‘cuz, oh yeah, there’s NO bombs, dropping down, blowing UP this god DAMN island that I’m currently living on, Y-E-T!!!  The Taiwanese “popularly elected government” is still FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) us all, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scandals of corruption came out, the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy fired FOUR assistant directors of government offices, five governors, an assistant district attorney, along with many other in the higher up government, including the assistant manager of his own office, Tymoshenko.

The corruption of Ukraine is already, world-renowned, and, Zelenskyy used the slogans of “fighting corruption” to help him win the elections; and yet, his closest cabinet members are corrupt, right under his, nose.  After the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict began, he’d used the green t-shirt to shape his own heroic image, while the corruptions of his government officials, ongoing outside the camera lenses.  And, this scandal made the rest of the world realized: that the corruptions of war give off of an even, bigger stench!

what they looked like, photo from online, and more are, “coming in”…

As the soldiers of Ukraine give their lives on the frontlines, lying DEAD, the higher up officials are living high, and extravagantly.  Tymoshenko had used the Chevy that were used to extract the locals to safety as his own; the assistant basic equipment manager, in a contract that helps restored water and electric power to the people, took a bribe of $400,000 in the engineering; even the D.o.D. took the kickbacks on the meal costs for the servicemen who are fighting the war on the, frontlines.

The disclosures of all of these, scandals, had, completely, blemished the justifiable reasons of a country’s going to war.  The problem being: is this scene, only unique to, Ukraine, or, is this, the unavoidable, results of, war?

Wu and Hsiao both stated to the foreign presses, matter-of-factly:  Taiwan is ready for war as a whole society.  Recently, there came, the news of the Speaker of the House, McCarthy’s possible visit in the springtime here, it’d only been, no more than six months since the Communist Chinese fighter planes, battleships started, circling Taiwan, and now, the DDP wanted to, defy the People’s Liberation Army of China.  But, doesn’t the DDP have other tricks up its, sleeve, why does it keep on, tooting the horns of, war?

The higher up of Ukrainian government got turned over, every call that’s loud for war, sounded like the war horns of, corruption, sounding, quite, suspicious!

the “head counts” from back in 2019! “Graph” found online

Of course, the U.S. would want us to go to war with China, after all, it’d, already RETREATED all those TMSC engineers out of the country by, “extraction”, leaving this island as, a vacant lot, and, hello, hello, hello, that’s what, 13 BILLION in population across the seas in China, and how many do WE have here???  Yeah, not even close to HALF of that, and so, here’s the “dilemma” (yeah right!): do we go and save the measly millions, offending BILLIONS in China (that would be, SUICIDE in business, you DO realize that, right???) or do we just, let that god DAMN island, that we’d already shipped ALL of our, outdated battle gears to, sink?

You do the “math”…

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On that Weekend Before Mother’s Day, I Met, the DEVIL!

The DEVIL takes, MANY, “forms”…

On that weekend before Mother’s Day, I met, the DEVIL!  He’d, extended those, withered fingers toward me, and I was, way too young, way too naïve, way too, unsuspecting, as the DEVIL “dressed” himself up as, a frail, elderly person.

On that weekend before Mother’s Day, I met, the DEVIL, and, he’d, reached out, and, touched me, because he’d asked me for a hug, and due to my previous experience with another, kinder, elderly man, I thought, that he’s, harmless, but turned out, he was, POISON.

On that weekend before Mother Day, I got MOLESTED, by a stranger, and he’d, attempted to attack me again, only, only that there WAS no, second time ‘round, ‘cuz I’d, wised up, and what was worse what, the DEVIL destroyed my trust, and I could, no longer, interact with the outside world, as I once had, with that, kindness of heart anymore.

I would’ve NEVER have guessed that the hands of the Devil will look like this…

photo from online

THAT, was the EFFECT of, meeting, the DEVIL, and, there are, still too many evil, and good in this god damn world that I’m currently, residing in, and I know that, NOT all people ARE, like that, but I just, kept my, guards, UP a lot of times now.

Guess, that was, a much-needed, wakeup call for me, to TEACH me the lesson of, not be, mistaken by how someone appears, and to NOT show kindness to others, unless, they show kindness toward me, first………

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Using the Article of an Old Friend to Remember Him, Who’d Been, Gone

Ways to keep those whom we loved and lost with us, at all, times…the way this individual commemorate her/his friend who’d passed on, translated…

After a friend passes away, what means would you use, to, remember her/him?

Before my friend died from his illness, he’d, already, exhausted all the treatment options, the doctor suggested that he check into the hospice, to help him go through this final passage of his life.  The day before he passed on, he’d texted me while he’s still lucid, “I’m not crying wolf this time, this time it’s for real!”, I’d felt unwilling, and asked, “Are you afraid?”, he’d responded without any hesitations, “no!”, I’m thinking that it was heaven who’d given him that extra a year and a half to prepare himself, so during the time when he was diagnosed to this, final passage, I’d felt, that he’d, accepted his own, fate.

I was like a companion who saw him off on a ride, stood by the platforms with the steam engines running, watching that train about to depart, giving off the steams.  And, just as it’d happened, the conductor finally called aloud using that whistle, told all the travelers, to, get, onboard.  His final message was, “The time is here, do take care, god speed!”, I’d read these words of his right before I got o work, not greeted him like I usually had, “You still alive?”.  And although, I’d gotten used to his not writing me back, it’d still, worried me a little bit.

in memoriam of…

photo from online

Before I head home, a friend told me sorrowfully, that he’d already, gone on that ride.  I got home at night, sat at my desk, sorting through my own, emotions.

He’d submitted the articles regularly, I’d used his pseudonym, found the article’s he’d written online, read the passages of how tried he’d been eight years ago raising his children up, also read up on how his mindset altered as he got diagnosed……and it was like I was holding that conversation again with him then.

Ever since, I’d always looked forward to the half an hour on Friday before I got off work, as I’d started using that thirty minutes, make a cup of coffee for myself, then, head online, to find an article written by him, like he was still in the office, chatting with me, right before we were to, clock out, quietly, I’d, heard him share the goings on of his life, to review over the connection we once shared.

The world does not stop turning as someone we know dies, but, we are able, to use our own ways, to make sure those who cared about who’d passed, are still with us every day of our lives.  And, every week, the half an hour I have with my friend on Friday, always brought the surprises to me, not knowing which article of his I was going to read up on, would I smile, or, sigh.  No matter, this thirty minutes before I clock out from work, is that setting sun, full of the warmth of the radiant colors of sunset.

And so, this is how we can, keep someone whom we cared a whole lot about, after s/he is gone in our lives, by finding ways to remember them, the things that reminded us of those whom we cared about who are, already, gone, to keep those we loved and cared about a whole lot still with us, even after they’re, gone.

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The Riots Against the Orders to Close Down the Cities in China Different than Tiananmen, the Chinese Dreams Got Beaten by Livelihood of the People, Now the People Demand Freedom

The A-4 revolution of the people, caused by the dictatorship of Xi of China, and how the people of China finally, got FED up, being controlled by the, government, with the growing pandemic as the fuel to this fire that’s starting, to burn right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fires in Ürümchi shehiri leading to the national riots all around, not only did it prove Mao’s “a tiny spark can causes a huge forest fire”, it’d also, caused a serious impact on Communist rule of China, this is the largest scale riot in thirty years in modern China.

Some of the commentators compared this to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, this was, improperly stated.  Research showed, as people get trapped in poverty long-term, they are less likely to riot and rise up, but, as the living standards are improved, to a certain degree, there would be the anti-government activities that start to happen all around.  In the nineties, the communist government of U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe quickly got taken over after the reforms happened, the backgrounds of Tiananmen too, is quite similar, it’s just that it got, suppressed by the forces.  In political science, the anger of the people that came into being due to this oppression, is “the relative sense of being deprived.”

This current incident however, is a crumbling of the contract of societal functioning between the person in power and the people.  In Thoreau’s philosophy, he’d believed, that the people are willing to give up certain freedoms if the person or party in power put up an equated quality or ideal, and once the social contract crumbled, then the relations of both became led by tension.  This, applied to China, the Communists are able to gain totalitarian control because after the reforms, the economic is taking off, as the speed of development entered into the plateau stage, then, the government must come up with alternative plans to help the system progress.

From the western cultures, the reforms in economics brings about the reforms of the governing systems, Korea and Taiwan are examples of this.  In 2001, in WTO approving China as its members, without the country’s being up to standards in international trades, is due to this ideal of the western world’s
“the evolution of peace”, hoping, that through the involvements, it can cause China to participate in the multivariate politics.  And yet, it’d not worked out, although the Chinese economics is steadily on the rise, and the political environment turned to more open in Hu and Wen’s terms as leaders of the country, but, in 2012, since Xi took power, it’d, shifted back into authoritarianism.

 Before Wen stepped down, he’d stated, with a heavy heart: if we don’t push for the reforms, we may eventually, lose the results of the economical reforms as well.  But unfortunately, Xi didn’t heed Wen’s advice, instead, he’d convinced the people, using another means to make sure the people followed and obeyed his rule: the Chinese dreams.  Simply put, tapping into people’s patriotism, to replace the needs, the demands of the reform toward a more democratic government.  This emotional appeal, normally, can be enforced by reaching out to the law enforcement authorities, to keep the people in check, however, this means of control stop working, as soon as the people can’t even fulfill their most basic needs for staying alive, and losing their personal, freedoms.

What Communist China is currently faced with, is exactly as described, and, comparing to the goals of reform of more politically-oriented from the Tiananmen riots, what the people are demanding, is their living needs be, fulfilled, and if the Communist government doesn’t consider it, then, the riots will get out of control soon.

As the most basic needs of food, shelter, what we need to live our daily lives became, unfulfilled, we are, driven to revolt, because these are the most basic needs of us as humans, to live, to survive on the planet, and as China stayed TOUGH on its plan to clear ALL the cases of MERS-CoV, life gets harder for the people in the country, they’re, running out of their basic living needs, foods, water, etc., etc., etc., and naturally they are, going to, revolt, and, it will in turn, lead to the changes of the formations of the government, because people are now, banding together, to fight against the dictatorship, the authoritarianism of the man who’d called the shots way too long in the country.

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What the Elderly Woman, Wanted

She only wanted some money, and so, the police suggested, that the writer and his father, settled, which the writer had, but he’d not, felt good about it one bit!  Translated…

On my way home, I’d had a fender bender, called my father.

Since he’d retired from his teaching position from the middle school, he had a ton of leisure times, and the meanings of his life was, staying at home, and because of his teaching career, it’d not allowed him to pursue his interests of coffee, movies, Chinese musical instruments.  Being steady and stable, he’d not become, more talkative with his retirement, instead he’d shown how he’d felt in his, actions———the most apparent was driving the family members around.  Like it was a first job for him in since, forever, he’d, insisted on, driving us, even if it was a ten-minute way; to save up the time of commute for us, he also, got the opportunity to travel alongside us.  Being very careful, there were a lot he’d left, unspoken, but, as a son, I’d always, thought even more, so, when I wasn’t pressed by time, I’d always, selected to take the rental bikes, and, rode my way home in the traffic slowly.

Five minutes later, my father arrived at the sight of the accident. 

Getting home from my study hall period, I’d ridden my bicycle across the marketplaces, with the crowds, the cars from all around.  Then, suddenly, an elderly woman on a scooter coming towards me, made a turn, and, cut into my lane.  I couldn’t brake in time, and, on that street of my hometown I’d lived for more than twenty years, using my bicycle, rammed over her scooter—the loud noises of the metal impacting, resonated, echoed to all over, and everybody who’s close by, started, looking at us.  I came back from the shock, and, confirmed with the elderly, that we’d only, sustained, minor, abrasions, I’d used my cell phone, to call the police, to tell them of the location where my accident had, occurred, and, I’d, started, arguing with the elderly woman, in my Taiwanese that lacked fluency, who was it that didn’t watch the coming traffic.

How did a college student get in this big a mess?  The elderly before me, rubbed her knees, and told the officer of her long-term physical ailments, and no matter how it goes, it doesn’t look good, from someone who’s young and agile as, me.  A young officer, as he was collecting the evidence, pulled me aside, whispered to me, “the elderly seemed only wanted to have the money”, and suggested that I give her a number, so long as we both agreed on the amount, and we’d made a settlement agreement, then, everything will be okay.  Everybody can rush home to their suppers then.  But I’d felt unfair, and, refused.

Before I got my statement taken by the police, my father kept reiterating: don’t state that you “rammed into the woman”, and use, “we had a fender-bender”; don’t’ say that you couldn’t “slam on the brakes in time”, but, that you’d “paid attention to the surrounding environments”………and such.  I’d nodded, like I was, a test taker for the very first time, that after this, I will have, only ME, to rely on, on this, road to my own, life.

Before the desks at the police station, I sat with an officer, and, used the rehearsed words my father just taught to me, and, set the words up, and, drew the route I took in my memories down on a sheet of paper.  As I’d, handed over that heavy set memory out, the police called out the surveillance footage captured, and compared it with my statements.

And, all the proofs only showed, how I’d not thought, far enough.  The camera was, way too far from the site of the fender bender, and the elderly woman’s scooter and my bike, no matter how the computer maximized, became, nothing but those, digitized dots, even if the footages were maximized to the, extremes, there’s no clarifying what exactly, had, happened.  And all got into, that deadlock, again.  My father couldn’t withstand it anymore, pulled out two thousand dollars, readied to settle.  The officer smiled, so did the elderly woman.  As we left the police station, my father handed me a helmet, told me, “let’s go home now”.

“This time, you were, lucky, there were, only minor abrasions; what if the next time, you were, so lucky, what if, something actually, happened, what will, you do?”, at night, my father who’d usually been very careful and steady, blurted out what was on his mind on the scooter, as we rode home, against the wind.

Sitting on the back, wrapping my arms around his waist, thought, that we had yet to have supper, and so, I’d not, said a, single, thing.

And so, this just showed, how money solved everything, this time, and the next time, maybe this person won’t be, so lucky, but thankfully, his father, who’s, more experienced with the world, taught him this lesson, and hopefully, this man will, operate his vehicle, more carefully from here on out, and NOT crash again.

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Affinity & Connections

The extra gains of values of wisdom from this, arts and crafts course you’d taken, translated…

For a time, I’d gotten into collecting the seeds, and started stringing them together, and so, I’d started up the idea of making the bracelets, at the time, my older schoolmate led me into the knotting class offered at the Taipei Arts Museum, I’d started learning the skills under Ms. Shih.  As I was only a beginner, I’d not known the difference between the various types of knots, let alone, known how to follow the steps on the diagrams.  And, as I’d gone to the classes during the daytime, it took me up into the wee hours of the nights, and still couldn’t finish the project of that day, I’d felt, really upset over it.  Thankfully, the instructor taught me step by step and didn’t lose patience with me, and, there was a group of fellow students who are just as interested in this form of art as I as my companions, and then, things started, falling into, their, rightful, places, and I can, now make the Chinese knot projects.

the projects, from the art form…photo from online

With the skills getting better, the classmates became more and more acquainted too, we’d shared the goings on in our lives with one another, the two-hour per week classes, we’d all, cherished the time we had, there were rarely any, absents.  Ms. Shih would become a personality dissector, took up our knots, and stated humorously, “this person must be anal, look how tight the knots are, with the need to scrub down the pots and pans, the floors, redo the dishes.”  She’d used that as a reminder to us: not all knots needed to get pulled too tight, sometimes, leaving some spare, there would be the room to move around, and the knots will become very fluid then.

Our instructor, Ms. Bao-Rong often told, “Relax, don’t hurry!  Trust yourselves, and everything will be fine.  Everything is beautiful, you look at someone else’s work, and think, how beautiful, but know, that your work is also, well done, that, is the values of life through the knots!”  And, the classes, became a best way I have, of, de-stressing.

And now, I’d, forgotten the purpose of why I took the courses, to make the project with the seeds, and in the process of learning to knot, I’d found, the aesthetic and the wisdoms of life.

And so, this is how the gains are, unexpected, how we’d, often had our goals in mind, going into something, and yet, when we come back out, we’d gained, more than what we’d hoped to achieve.

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Mission: Saving a Tiny Sparrow

A lesson of respect for life learned in school, outside of the class, not a part of the curriculum, translated…

The school’s dormitories are old, with the mice frequently visiting, they’d started, chewing through everything, breaking the items we have at school.  To get rid of these vermin, the school set up a ton of sticky boards, and yet, these sticky boards caught what they weren’t targeting, other tiny little, critters.

One day at noon, a tiny sparrow accidentally made its way into the class, and, mis-stepped onto the sticky board.  It’d started struggling hard to get itself free, not only did its legs, even its abdomen, as well as wings all got, stuck, it can no longer move.  It’d let out that shrilling cry, got the students’ attention, and everybody started discussing how we’re to, rescue it, but, nothing seemed to be working, and, there was the student who’d stated, “rather than watching it die in agony, let’s, put it down!”, and, Teacher Tsai-Hsi just happened to walk by the class, and, immediately, she’d, taken up the responsibilities of this, rescue, mission.

like this!

photo from online

She’d taken the bird into the office, googled for ways to get rid of the sticky tapes, and, Teacher Mei-Ching was by her side, assisting, went to the shop in a hurry to buy that case of cooking oil, rushed back in.  Teacher Tsai-Hsi carefully poured the oil onto the mouse board, where it’d clung to the tiny sparrow’s feet, carefully, rubbing around the regions, because the oils can wrap up the sticky, the sticky tape slowly lost its, adhesive, and finally, the bird was freed from the mousetrap, and out of danger.

As the tiny sparrow was too frightened by the experience, it’d started trembling hard, and it took it a while, to finally settle down.  The two instructors placed the sparrow into a tiny box with the shredded tissue, called up animal control.  Ms. Tsai-Hsi and Ms. Mei-Ching did the best demonstration for the kids: using the right means, to save a life, never giving up that easily.

And so, this is an alternative sort of education that the group of students received on this particular day, they’d learned to respect every living thing, noted how every life matters, no matter how big or small it is, and that the teachers’ working hard to save that tiny sparrow, freeing it from the mouse board, was admirable.

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The Fourteen-Year-Old “Snow”, Humiliated Repeated by Her Classmates After She Got Released Out of Juvenile Detention, and Ended Up Dropping Out of School

Yeah, whatever happened to the juvie records being, sealed by the courts???  Oh wait, that did not happen, not here, which makes it even harder, for these young teenagers to turn over a new leaf in their own lives, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“You are a SCREW UP all the same”, the Disciplinary Official from My School Called Me to Talk…in the End, He’d Made up the Lies of Me Having a Mental Disorder, and, Kicked Me out of School

The fourteen-year-old “Snow” dropped out at age fourteen, and started wandering the streets, and, unknowingly, she’d taken a ketamine cigarette from her friend, and was sentenced to juvenile detention for six months, and, after her release, she’d returned back to school, and the school official insulted her, and expelled her, she’d felt loss for two whole years.  The following is her own words on the experience”

That autumn, after my release from juvenile detention, I’d never broken the laws again, entered into a private technical high school to study.  The head disciplinary official asked me why I was two months late in, I’d told him the truth, told them that I’d once, broken the law.

in need of a second chance, but the world doesn’t give them that! Photo from online

And, my honesty got me discriminated by the school!  Every day the officials in school forced me to give the urine samples, and because I was cleaned, they couldn’t test anything out from it.  But, every urine test for me was humiliation, and, the disciplinary official would always look at me questioningly, like I’d “cheated” in giving my urine samples, that’s why my tests showed negative for illegal substances.

The school official even used the dyes into the toilet waters, to prevent me from scooping up the water in the toilet to turn in as my sample.  Can’t believe they’d thought up of that, but I really, didn’t use any substances!

“You’d been taken into custody, you’re a bad seed, who will believe you!”, the disciplinary official always picked on me, and had, insulted me like so often.  In the end, the school lied that I had a mental condition, and forced me out.

I’d worked so hard, to get back into the technical high schools, and this was what I got in return.  Paid my tuitions, told the truth, but nobody was tolerant, nobody accepted me with my bad past.  I was defeated, and started getting drunk at the karaoke with my friends everyday now.

Later, as my mother encouraged me, I’d signed up for another technical high school.  And this time, I’d learned better, never told the school the truths of my past, instead I’d kept my priors hidden, and so, they’d not given me a hard time, and I was able to get back into school again, and my life is, back on, track.

If I can return back to six years ago, I wouldn’t have broken the law, nor dropped out of school, instead, I’d followed my original smoother path, and study hard, and maybe, I would have had the chance of getting into a better high school, and university, and maybe, I wouldn’t have bump into, so many hardships of my life, maybe, maybe, there would be no need for detours in my adolescence, maybe………

What these kids need, are a brand new fresh start, a second chance at their lives, and yet, because of their priors on record, despite how they were still minors, and those juvie records should’ve been sealed by the courts, their pasts became out in the open, and the school officials discriminated them, labeled them as bad seeds, and they don’t get a chance to start their lives anew, and, this young lady was one of the luckier ones, because at LEAST she’d found herself back on the right tracks of life, and learned the lessons her pasts had taught her, and, there are many more teens like her, not as lucky as she.

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Come Back Home Soon, Dad Invincible

As the handyman of your house, is on leave for work, and you can’t wait for him to come back, and fix up the things that are, malfunctioning in your homes, and until then, you can only, manage to fix these items on your own, ladies!  Translated…

My husband was the one called on, constantly in my home, by me, and our two daughters, but this year in May, he’d gone abroad for a trip, and, leaving us three ladies on our own, to, fend for, our, selves, and this would be, a major exam for us all.

The first month he went away, we’re faced with the halting of the in-class sessions, as a mom, I’d had to “shape-shift” into a delivery person, taking the packed lunches to my children at school, and during my lunch hour, I’d traveled to and from home and office, and had to head over to the afterschool care program on Fridays to get the lesson plans for the week that followed, and every Monday, turn in the work to the instructor at the afterschool care program to be graded………this life of, one against two, truly had made me into, a busybody.

Dad, the handyman!

the fixer-upper of our homes! Illustration from online

Then, the phone went out of whack too, we’d first, tried to reset it, and couldn’t resolve the problems, and so, my daughters and I became, electricians, moved the furniture away in our living room and the tables in the bedroom, to make sure that the jack wasn’t loosened, but nothing was up, later, we’d, unplugged the power switch, then, plugged it back in, voila!  It worked!  Then, my youngest’s ancient wii started its strike too, dad was on webcam conference, teaching my youngest to use an assortment of measures to try and resolve the issues, unfortunately, we can’t find what’s wrong with it, so, for the time being, she couldn’t, play her, favorite games.

The handyman was only out of the country for no more than a month thus far, we’d come across the problems that we had to solve on our own, and, it’s five more months until dad is home again, and we can only, take whatever comes our way, and try to resolve them as they come towards us.

So, this is when the man of the house is the handyman, and, now he’s on leave, and you are all, clueless of how to fix this and fix that, but, you will learn, to manage, because you have to, and your husband being away, will teach you all the lesson of not being too reliant on him, to become, more independent, and learn to problem-solve on your own.

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That Cycle of Kindness

How it’s still the adults, who should set the examples of kindness, for their young to follow, translated…

After reading “I’m a Textbook Case” by the writer, Jiang, I’d felt emotional, had the parent in the article was with the respect and the heart of cherishing, that empathy that’s lacked, then, the child would’ve, taken the lesson to heart for sure.  “Such heat in the weather, a lot of people are pulling their weights, sweating it away, so we can have it easier in life, so, we all need to nod toward those workers in acknowledgements, to show our gratitude toward their hard work!”, this isn’t hypocritical, but a sort of humbleness!

Actually, in the textbooks, there’d been many examples.  The writer, Chen, in his article, “Prop Open Your Umbrella”, defined what greatness is.  Is it the generals, chasing the enemies off?  The scientists, making some life-changing discoveries?  Or, the street sweepers, cleaning off the trash?  On the scale of values, working hard, and giving is equivalent, there’s no system of being lower and higher than each other, and, managing something well, it’s, something major.  The writer, Lin through “Facing Up to the Wind”, described how if you work hard in your areas of expertise, then, you will shine through, no matter if you’re an eagle, soaring high above the skies, or the fishes in the creeks, swimming free, the lions that roamed the Serengeti, or that lotus, sitting quiet in the pond, you will be, the best version of, your, self.

The machines that run well, couldn’t be made of all motor, there would be the necessities of the nuts and bolts too, the screws to keep the pieces in place, to the point of that easily amiss lubricant, to give the machine its, best performance capabilities.  In the societies, the groups, not everybody need to be the doctors, or the hotshot bosses, and it’s because of those minor characters, of ordinary people, who are, the most basic level of societal units.

Using your positive energies to influence others, to make everything around you more peaceful, working better, and that, is success.  Dear parents, do allow our children to have the opportunities to give thanks, to have the abilities to be gracious, because this, is the cycle of kindness that the societies are, in need of.

And so, this is on the importance of teaching your children to give thanks, teaching them to give thanks to everything in life that they are experiencing, to be grateful, that we are still safe and sound, and breathing, with our, strong pulses, and, give to the world, if and when we’re, able to, to help this cycle of kindness to keep on, rolling along.

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