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As I’d Loaned Him What He’d Asked

Fooled me once, that was, enough, I won’t let you fool me, again!  This is why, we should, NEVER, allow anybody to borrow any money (and I don’t mean a quarter, a dollar, etc., etc., etc.) either here!  Translated…

Six months back, a friend whom I’m not really acquainted with lost his job, and texted me, to borrow some money.

I had this rule of letting my friends borrow the money, which was, “borrowing is giving”, I’d set myself up, mentally for that, otherwise, if I can’t get what I’d loaned my friends back, I will have to pursue after them, and we might end up, never be friends anymore.  I don’t want to make that same mistake again, and so, I’d, handed him a few thousand dollars, told him that it was “to help him take care of his aging dog, the medical costs”, and, I’d showed him my willingness to help him out, and, made sure I didn’t, hurt his, pride.  And, in order to discourage him from asking for another loan, I’d, given him, a whole lot less of what he’d, asked me to borrow him too.

I thought, that he got it, knew, that I’d, “given the money for him, instead of letting him borrow the amount”, that there’s not a, next time, and yet, recently, he’d sent another message to me, “Chiu, can you help me one more time?  I am really embarrassed to ask this.”

I’d, introspected that maybe, I was, too, evasive in my means, and gave him the wrong idea, that I’m a “free loan’s agent” for him.  It seemed, that on the more important matters, I should, just, be, blunt about it.  I’d thought for a bit, and, allowed the message to say “read and not respond” for awhile.

Since I’d loaned him the money, he worked in the sales from before, and started, selling things to me; on FB, I saw him and his wife, at the Shoreside Café enjoying their leisure with their pets.  It’s not that I wanted to see someone live badly, nor am I wishing that someone falls to the lowest of low in her/his life, and never come back again; but it seemed, that my friend had, started a brand new career, that he’d not needed to nickel and dime anymore, and under these, circumstances, and he’d, asked me for more loans, and I can’t help but wonder, if he started having the habits of depending on me, and abused the kindness of those around him.

And of course, all of the above were my own, speculations, there’s no way of checking if it was true or false.  Point is, once money is involved in friendship, the relationship, the interaction is bound to turn, negative.  The friends you aren’t that acquainted with, may not care about this, which was why they’d, asked, over, over, and over again; on the opposite, I’d, saved up all I can, donated to the charitable causes to help those who are really in need, I have no desire, of becoming that A.T.M. to him.

In the “part-timing economy” trends, there are, less and less of the full-time worker positions.  Or maybe, I should be, a bit, nosier, guide him to set up a “company of one”, to take in clients, and offering them the individual services that they may need from him.  In other words, to not try for that full-time position at a company anymore, to use his sills and experiences, and make a living off of that.

To the end, what I’d learned from this was, helping another, we must find the right means for the individual, especially when it came to the matters of the money, because once you’d not thought through the matters thoroughly, you may, easily be tricked into “offering the person your goodwill”, which he will use for something that’s, bad.

And so, this individual was, too kind, to loan that friend who’s not really familiar with him the money, had it been me, I would’ve told the person, sorry, I’m a little tight on cash myself (even if I wasn’t), that way, I would NOT feel cheated out of my kindness, nor allowing that certain someone to abuse my kindness.

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Human Being are the Biggest Viruses in the World

What the DDP had done, to abuse its power, how we’d had the opportunities to get ahead of the “game”, that we’re, currently, losing big in, and yet, this is still, all, hindsight, and this government still doesn’t change its means, wow, we are the blind, following, THE blind, aren’t we?  Well, next stop: down that CLIFF there!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’s over eighty days since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflicts, other than the two countries doing inventories on the old grudges, as the Russian army had invaded, more problems came, as the member countries of N.A.T.O. started supporting Ukraine’s cause, including the global food crisis, to the point of start of the third world war!  As to how this war will end, it all relies on the wisdoms of the leaders of Russia, and the U.S.  But unfortunately, these two leaders both held strong to the beliefs of “Making our countries great again!”, one wanted the glories of its historical pasts back, the other, wanted other countries to bow down before it.  And so, the war is more than likely to keep dragging on, and, what’s at stakes, aren’t just the lives of those who live in the warring countries, but, the globe that we currently all, reside on.

Humans are also, at war with MERS-CoV at the same time, and the situation is still, constantly changing, and, as how it will end, we can only rely on the scientists; and yet, the scientists can’t be like the leaders of U.S. and Russia, attempted to prove how great humans are, but instead, to seek out the balances with nature humbly.  After all, for the earth, humans are, the killers, the biggest viruses that’s, plaguing earth!

Two years ago before MERS-CoV made its way into Taiwan, I’d written that that was “evolution at work”, that every major scale disasters that fell on the heads of man, is to bring some enlightenment, but none of this can prevent the coming of the disasters; because we continue to innovate in science, in medicine, which drove nature or species to mutate quicker still, instead of learning to coexist in peace with nature, and, the end result would be, nature bites back, even harder than before!

One day, man will eventually learn, to coexist in peace with MERS-CoV, but, how high a price are humans willing to pay to finally get there?  And, are their new viruses, coming our ways next?  Currently, we are using the vaccines to fight off MERS-CoV, and maybe, these vaccines had saved lives of tens of millions of lives to date, and yet, the vaccines are no guarantees of not contracting, death!  Seeing how long it took, for the current vaccines to come to form, and, their effects, aren’t as good as predicted, against the mutated strains; if there is the need to develop a brand new vaccine, in the countries with the higher rate of vaccination, how can the experiments be fully rounded without a control group?

It’s a blur, the future of the world against MERS-CoV invasion, and what of Taiwan?  How did we go from first place in defense, to the highest number of contractions?  The changes of this current pandemic wave, occurred just this, past month!  Recalled how last year this time, the quarantine days for the flight crew went from “Five plus nine” to “three plus eleven”, then, the first wave of outbreaks occurred, and whether or not this was a hole, it’s a lesson in its own, which was, “We do not have the means to take it easy”!

As Omicron started hitting the world hard at the end of last year, the government officials were just, gloating how we’d, managed to keep the mutated strains out.  And, in April, there came, the scattered cases, and, it’d caught the units of government off guard, which showed how the system isn’t fully operational, especially lacking the drills of what could happen if the outbreaks hit, and the support systems.  Once someone from a unit gets confirmed of contraction, whether or not the other members of the companies came into contact, they’re all asked to get their PCR at the hospitals; this seemed to be, reasonable, but it put people in danger of heightened chances of contraction, especially, the risk got elevated in the city hospitals, with almost NO air flow, in an, enclosed, space, in the line for a long time!  What’s more confusing is that the government called out to avoid the gatherings, and yet, forced us to stand in those long lines to buy the quick-scan kits, the masks, etc., etc., etc.

And now, the changes are finally made to that as the quick scans turned up positive, the individuals are considered as confirmed contractions.  And yet, all of these, hindsight are, worthless, it can’t change the increased numbers of contractions, the rates of contractions hiking up, the possibilities of moderate to severe symptom patients either, and, is this, what the government spent $800 billion N.T. of our money on, to get ahead?

All of this still summed up?  Oh yeah, just how, INCOMPETENT the DDP is, at dealing with national emergencies, what we’re in need of, we lacked, from before it’s the vaccines, and now, it’s the quick scan kits, and, god knows what this DDP government had wasted the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars on, oh I know, propagandas, feeding the net armies of the DDP, to, sway the country’s people, that, is how we the people, enabled the abuse of our own rights, by the, DDP here!

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The Transformation into a Princess

The lesson this father learned, from his baby daughter, who is in her, Queen Elsa stage of life, translated…

I have a four-year-old daughter who loved nothing but skirts, but, in her preschool, for the kids to stay easily managed, and having the agility to do the class activities, the preschool told the students that they can’t wear skirts or dresses to classes, and so, on the weekends and holidays, she’d, made up for it, putting on the skirts, the dresses, to satisfy her own desires of being dolled up like a princess.

Since we received the preowned princess dress from a friend, she’d, found that hidden princess side of her self, even though, she’d not seen any Disney princess films, but through the social networking in her school, she’d become, the master of “Frozen” by Disney, “let it go” became her overly used phrase, and on the weekends, she’d insisted, on becoming Elsa the queen, with that crown on her head, a magic wand in her hand, then, she would allow us to take her out, she’d, put her heart, her soul, her being into this, as a father to her, and a film director, I don’t know how to react to it, and realized, just how, powerful an influence the movie industry has on the people.

I wrecked my mind, do I, allow my daughter to exercise her own free imagination, or to restrict her, to set a right kind of value system for her to follow?

little girls, dressing themselves up as princesses

photo from online

This semester, I’d started teaching a master class, “Writing Scripts for Young Children”, I’d set up the discussion times with my students on the matter of “children” from before.  First, understand the minds of the young children?  How the children’s thought processes worked?  How do they express themselves?  How to get along, communicate, then lastly, what we want to, give to the children?  This order is quite vital, but in the Asian culture, stressing raising outstanding children, we only cared about what we’re, feeding to the children, how to make them absorb what we’re giving to them, to make sure they learned the lessons quickly, and all of the lessons we have to teach all at once?  As for the children’s thoughts, or feelings………we’d ignored, wait until they’re older, then, we tailor to that.

On the weekend, I took my young daughter, dressed up as Queen Elsa to Costco to shop, because of how she’d stood out, the ladies working at the sample tables, and demonstrating the new products all came to say hello.

“Hi, princess”.

“Princess, you are, beautiful!”

“What are you looking to buy today, princess?”

“Are you Princess Elsa?  I saw your movie once!”

All the way, my daughter was very conversational with everybody who’d greeted her, it’s her dad who felt, embarrassed, and boy oh boy, am I glad, that I’d put my mask on.

“Does it bother you, or make you uncomfortable, that you’re getting, everybody’s, attention?”, I’d asked my daughter.

“no.”, she’d responded.

“So, you enjoy all the attention then?” I’d inquired.

“Sure, because they’re giving me compliments, affirming me.”, she’d told me.

Actually, this child of mine, had suppressed her feelings from when she was a young child, refused to express herself, and we’d had to guess what’s on her mind a lot.  It took my wife and I a ton of time, and worked hard with her, for her to finally express her own emotions, to tell her thoughts to us, and now, the results are finally, apparent.

what these, little girls, loved…photo from online

Before we give to the children, and teach them things, we must first, know what they’re thinking, how they’re, feeling; understand, empathize, allowing them to tell us, give the children their own means of expression, to valid what they experience, this is, the core value of writing for children.

Letting the children be themselves, versus training them to be someone else we expect them to become, this is a huge matter for not just the parents, but also, a must-learn lesson for everybody in this world.  I’m too grateful to my princess, teaching her father, the “king”, to learn this, important lesson.

So, the adults learned something from the children here, because there is, a lot to learn from your own kids, but, mostly, you @#$%ING (maxed out!) adults think, that we’re older, therefore, we know more than you do kid, and, we will silence you, because you got nothing important to say, after, we are older, AND wiser, having lived longer.

And yet, there are, a ton of things, that the adults should be learning from their own young, not the other way around, children are, born wise, and then, they grow up, become, stupid adults.

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They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word

A recent column by Frank Bruni brought to my attention something that … for whatever reason … had not occurred to me in this whole education “cultural war” anti-CRT, anti-LGBTQ school curriculum battle.  DAMMIT, Ron DeSantis and others who would deprive our children of an education … WE THE PEOPLE … all of us, even […]

They Are Not Just “Your” Kids! — Filosofa’s Word


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Can I Try it Out Myself?

What the mother learned, of her self, of her child’s growing up, willing to take the risk, and the responsibilities for her own, actions, translated…

“May I try it?”, my fourteen-year-old daughter pleaded with me.

I’d stopped the second wave of attacks, held my tongue, based off of my teaching experiences of twenty years, and the thousands of students I’d observed.  At this time, she is telling me what she actually feels, but, am I hearing her loud and clear, trying to change her mind?

My daughter wanted to add two more activities of piano accompaniment in her church youth group activities aside from the regular scheduled I’d set up for her for the cram school sessions and the extra talent classes.  But she’d not played for many years, and she may need the extra time to get to her original level of playing skills, while in her academic, she’s the kind that needed to study step-by-step to see the results of her hard work, she couldn’t even have enough sleep regularly, and, thinking about her health, as her mom, blocking this voluntary activity for her, I’m just in it, besides, I’m sure, that more opportunities like this one will present themselves to her in the future.

“Let me just try it, okay?”, yeah, why can’t I, just allow her to?  Why am I worried that she might not be able to, handle it?  Do I trust her enough?  Didn’t we encourage our own young, “you need to try it first”, she’d not yet begun, and so, how can I possibly, set up the outcomes FOR her then?

Did I respect her decision?  If she was willing to take full responsibility for her own actions, then, what right have I, to ban her from it?  Didn’t I raise an independently thinking, responsible for herself child?  She’s so brave already, in after assessing her situations, she was still willing to take on the challenges, why can’t I support her?  Am I afraid, that other than her being too tired, she might not manage?  And, didn’t we tell, that “defeats are what makes you a little closer to success the next time”?  Why must I, strip her of her chances of trying it, to deprive her of getting what she may need to success?

In the parenting expert’ book, “Is Letting Children be Harder than Having to Discipline Them?”, the reasoning is quite easy to understand, and yet, this wasn’t from the textbooks, but the accumulation of wisdom that came with the years.  Every lesson in parenthood is quite easy to understand, but if we don’t think on it, and introspect ourselves, then, we’d gone, in the, exact opposite directions.

My child was willing to try it, that’s a show of her courage and self-confidence.  Willing to share her thoughts with me, showed that she’d trusted me in our interactions.  Wanted my consent, because she respected my opinions on the matters, so naturally, I’d needed to, support her decisions, to be her, strong backup support system.  Giving her praises for her willing to put in the time, for her sense of responsibility, and, wish that she’d gained something positive from the experiences.

As for me, I should feel grateful for her expressing herself to me, to help me know my own shortcomings as her mother, to mature, as parents, we really, have a, lot to learn still.

And so, this is how this kid teaches her mother, about letting go, it’s the child’s life, she should be allowed to choose what she wanted to do, and, if she thinks she’s up for the challenges, then, why shouldn’t the parents support her on it?

But, most parents here, are with the academic-track mind, zooming in on the grades, the percentile scores of the exams, that they forgot, that they’re not the ones, who will be taking responsibilities for living their own children’s, lives.

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Me, Twenty Years from Now

This is a much-needed wakeup call that the adults are in need of, and you got one, from your students!  Translated…

We had an essay assignment for the winter breaks, “Me, Twenty Years from Now”, the kids wrote out their innocent dreams, it’d moved me so, and I was in awe with them: Ting isn’t well in the academia, but is an excellent artist, he’d found his true happiness in doodling, so, his dream is to become an artist; Xi’s calligraphy isn’t with the good penmanship, but the class put him up for the calligraphy competitions, he’d used his spare time to practice hard, as he’d won first-place, it’d boosted his confident a whole lot, he now has the goal of becoming a calligraphy instructor; Wei enjoyed making the models, and wanted to become an owner of a garage, that way, he get to play with all the cars he wanted, and also, make a living doing what he enjoyed…………from their childish words, I’d felt the powers of self-confidence, and, this motivation from within them, can turn them into something wonderful, they will be able to build their own dreams from the ground up, based off of the separate interests they have, I give them the best of all wishes.

Twenty years later, they’re all in the primes of their lies, with their lives, colored and pretty and bright.  Yet, I would be well into my elderly years, and, what kind of a dream is available for me to catch at this time in life?  I’d made me lost in thought.

Recalled how as I just begun, I’m like the singer, Chang’s, “My Future is NOT a Dream”: “live every minute to my best, my heart is moving along with hope.”  Kept working hard, to fulfill my dreams of striking it rich, believed, that money will give me a good life.  As I’d, had my share of good foods, as I’d gotten all the extravagant of life handed to me on that silver platter, it was like the group Nine-One-One’s, “Fools in Dreams”: “My life is like a song, but I can’t get to the repeats, passed through an assortments of ups and down, the multiple facets of life, but I seemed to have, missed out on it all.”  I’d found, that the pointless pursuits I had, made me miss out on too many things of which I should’ve placed more emphasis on.

My children’s essays awakened me, the dream chaser who’d been lost.  Don’t want to follow the footstep of the narrator of the song by Chen, “You’d Told that You’d Tasted All the Bitterness of Life, Finally Found the One You Can Trust.  You Told of How Upset You’d Felt, to the Point of Doubting Your Own Lives…………”, I’d selected to follow the singer, Jen’s “Dream that Dream, Again”, to find that passion back in my life again, to keep track of what made me feel moved, to care for myself the best I possibly can, on this way to my brand new life, to help the me, twenty years from now, to still have the fresh flowers to smell, to have the radiant sunshine shine down on me, to live happily.

So, this is how the teacher became, the student here, the students’ dreams are untainted, because they hadn’t gotten into the world yet, that’s why their dreams are so simple, and it takes very little for them to feel happy, which what we adults had forgotten, in the pursuit of fame, fortune, etc., etc., etc., and the writer’s students merely gave her a wakeup call that she desperately needed.

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The Young Alien & Mr. Sun

How this young child is, learning about the world, through the inquiries he had for him mommy, on the inquisitive nature so a young child, translated…

Not long ago, my son became a “freshman” of the preschool class of children.  The preschool was in the midst of a field, with the tiny train station, the electric cable cars.

In three months, my son is turning three.  At this age, the children are stubborn, and started exercising their own autonomy, giving the adults, huge, headaches.  Being as young as he, he was, an alien from a different planet, accidentally “landed” into this world of ours, and, everything here, the rules, the orders of how things happen, surely, is totally, unfamiliar, to him, and, toward this, weird and unknown planet he’d, landed on, it must be, unsettling for him, I suppose?  Up to here, I guess, I can, settle myself down, to cope with his, tantrums again, who’d, sometimes smiled, sometimes, acted upset, totally, unreasonable.

how parents can feed to the curiosities of children, starting at a very young age…photo from online

He’d, relied on my words, to get to know this world.  For instance, we park our cars in the parking lot, our car parks in the basement level one of the garage; if we’re to go out on the scooters, he knew, to press the B1 button on the elevator when we get in.  For instance, early in the morn, is when everybody goes out to work, and in the evenings, it’s time for everybody to come home from school and from work too.  Like in the evenings, he’d still wanted to play longer out, then I’d told him, that the skies are getting dark soon, that mommy would get nervous, to ride her scooter home in the darkness.  I’d lifted him, high up, to show him that red sun that’s, half-set not the western skies in the distant mountains, told him: “that’s Mr. Sun, he’s about to get off from work and when he does, the skies will, turn dark!”

And today, I rode out on my bicycle to pick him up.  As I strapped him in, he saw that sun setting by the edge of that distant mountain, he’d pointed to it, stated, “mom look, the sun is about to fall down!”

“Yep, Mr. Sun is about to get off work!  He’s headed home for his supper!”, I’d told him.

He thought a bit, stated, “going to B1?”

I can’t help but smiled.


“Does he live in B1?”, my young son pressed.

“Mommy wouldn’t know, does he, live in, B1?”

I pedaled hard, got my bicycle, through the fields, passing through the buildings that grew taller, taller, and taller before us, rode into the darkness, with the neon signs, waking up in the nights.  The night breezes, blew our conversation, far, far, far off into, the distances.

And this is, an ordinary day of after work, of picking your young son to get home, and, in these few short moments from picking him up to arriving home, you two shared the wonderful moments of connecting to one another, and, your son will, keep these memories of his younger years intact, and, he will be, intrigued by the outside world because, you allowed him to inquire, to ask questions he may have regarding his surrounding environment, getting that love of learning about things he never encountered before going inside of him.

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Days I Became a Tag-Along, a Treasure Map of Memories

The meaning of hard work, the legacy of love, is what this father had left behind, for his own children, as his children watched him, working hard away, to provide for the family that he loves so much, translated…

As My Father Was Still Living, He’d Worked in the Small-Time Businesses, as I Grew Older, I’d Started, Tagging Along……….

My Father’s Brashly Telling the Families that He Was Switching Careers

Awhile back, due to the side effects of the vaccines, I’d started falling drowsily asleep, and I’d dreamed about my father who’d been gone for all of, forty plus years, and, as I woke, I started missing him a lot.

My father and I are of the same zodiac sign, he’s thirty-six years older than I am, passed at the age of fifty, which meant, he was only by my side, for fourteen short years.  When my father was alive, for the sake of household economics, he’d done the odds and ends businesses, and as I grew older, I’d started becoming his, “tag-along”.  And now, all the memories of him I have, are of those days I’d gone to work with him.

At around five, or six, my father started selling the pickled, the salted vegetables.  He’d gotten himself a cart, placed the assortments of salted vegetables in the cabinets of that tricycle of his, and as the skies turned light, he’d gone out, pushing his cart along, and sold off of the cart on the streets.  I wasn’t in preschool then, and I’d gone to work with him from time to time, the streets of early morning is quiet, and there was, only, the two of us, father and daughter.

Once, he’d returned home early, and, his cart had been, emptied, the families wondered how he’d sold everything off so soon?  He’d jokingly said, that “there was a rich guy, who bought it all from me.”  In truth, it was a day of the typhoons, and the wind flipped the cart over, and, everything shattered, and my father wasn’t able to salvage anything, this showed, how trying the lives of the small-time vendors are.

Not long after I got into elementary years, he’d announced that he was switching to selling the fish paste fried foods.  My father said, he had a friend in the business, that he believed, that the key to selling it well, is to have the good soup, with the items in the soups.  But, my father told of his trials too, that this friend refused to tell the secrets of what he’d put into the soups to him, as well as the recipe for the dipping sauce.

And, because the soup and the sauce were the keys to the success of fail of the food item, my father would go from time to time, to his friend’s stand to dine, and, bugged this friend of his, to tell him his secret.  My father took me there a few times too, and as I was, working on the foods, savoring the soups, he’d gotten busy, trying to get his trade secrets from him, and, secretly jotted down the ingredients for the dipping sauce too.

illustration from

After my father got home, he’d experimented continually, and after multiple busts, he’d finally, developed a flavor that he loved, and finally, his business was, up and, running then.

My Father Who’d Set Up the Stands at the Local Market Places, Started Developing His Faithful Clientele

Back then, my parents woke at three, four in the morn, to cook the daikon soup base, using the pork bones, then, with the dried fish pack to add in more flavors, then, made all the dipping sauces on their own, and selected all the ingredients for the soup with care, and finally, made into the best served, tempura.

My father who’d set up shop at the local markets started gaining a set clientele, then, he’d started selling the cold tapioca snacks, which he’d made by himself, and slowly, he’d gotten into making the other foods for his business venture.

During the time, every weekend, I’d gone to help as his cashier, cleaned the dishes, in the evening, as we set out for home, I would always, fall asleep from the fatigues of working on his tricycle, my father kept pedaling hard away, and kept turning my head to see if I was asleep, worrying that I may, fall off, and called out to me all the way home: “young one, don’t fall asleep, we’re, almost home”.

My father’s food business was almost all-year-round, especially during the New Year’s, as some of the stands would take time off, my father’s business would be better than ever before, and he’d needed all hands on deck, all of us to help.

During those days, his hand that clamped up the fish sauce pieces never stopped moving, all of us girls, would serve out the foods, to prepare for the takeout for our customers, taking the money for the customers’ ordered foods, doing the dishes, and we were all, busy at work, and we normally were able to, close down shop by early afternoon.  To us, a family who relied on the small businesses, being able to sell all the foods we made, earning the money for a good New Year’s, it was more pleasing, than anything else.

And maybe it was because of how he’d worked himself too hard, shortly after I got into middle school my father fell ill, and, he’d stayed ill for two years, then, passed away.  Although the family still continued operating the food stands, but, without my father as the pillar of it all, we’d eventually, close down the businesses.

So many years passed and finally I’d, dreamed about my father, he was already with hair all white, but was still, selling the fish sauce snacks.  Before I’d asked him if he was tired out, I’d, waken up.  I wanted to tell him, “I missed my time as his ‘tag-along’, and I hope that in a future life, you won’t and don’t, have to work as hard anymore.”

And so, this, is how this man, provided for his families, by using his hands, by working hard, by showing them, that so long as they’re willing to put in the time, the hard work, be honest in dealing with others, then, they will be able to succeed in whatever they do, even if it wasn’t in business, because, business should be based off of honesty, and yet, nowadays, business only cared about making the money.

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The American Government, Behind the Invasions of Russia on Ukraine?

The observations of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and how it would be a “mirror-image” of what’s more than likely to happen, if China declared war on Taiwan, off of the Front Page Sections, on the opportunistic nature of the U.S., as a country, translated…

The Russian invasions of Ukraine angered the gods, as well as man too, the U.N. passed the decision that Russia was to blame, with only five members of the council voting against.  As a historian, and the final ambassador from U.S to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, stated, just a week prior to Russian invasion on Ukraine, “maybe I’m wrong, but, I can’t help but feel, that we’re, currently, watching this, carefully planned out performance of how U.S. media is to, embellish this right now.”

The day following Russian invasion of Ukraine, the American Prospect interviewed Anatol Lieven, he said, this war is “way worse than what’s, criminal”, that it’d, hurt Ukraine completely, if Russia keeps going as it wished, it may repeat what had happened in the Vietnam War that U.S. had, suffered.  Lieven believed, that the Russian-Ukraine conflicts are too close in border and historical cultural, as well as related to religion, if Ukraine is forced to become a part of Russia, or gets included into EU, it will, cause a split in Ukraine, and this time, the war happened, there’s, the irresponsible roles that the west played, as although Germany, France had been opposing Ukraine’s becoming a member country of N.A.T.O., U.S. continued to “pretend to allow Ukraine to become a member country of N.A.T.O.”, too immoral.

And the outside may not understand, Russia, with its strong armed forces, even if Ukraine gets a membership from N.A.T.O., how will it dare, invade into Russia, besides, Ukraine isn’t a member yet, if Russia were to hit, shouldn’t it be hitting the U.S. instead?  Russia may say, that U.S. is at a geographic advantage, too far away, with the backyards, all around the world, that it’d, upped its budget on defense, with no enemies, if Russia invade Ukraine because it could, and angered all the member countries of N.A.T.O., then it’s only a small price to pay.

Russia had been trying to prevent the powers of N.A.T.O. from expanding a long time ago.  Gorbachev, the president of U.S.S.R., before it dissolved, called out from thirty-two years back that for the sake of Europe, N.A.T.O. and the Warsaw Pact should both be done away with.  And yet, the Warsaw Pact is gone, yet, N.A.T.O. still, stands, and, five years later, he’d reminded again, and back then, the American Secretary of State and the P.M. of Germany both promised, that “N.A.T.O. would not expand eastward anymore”, but the developments of what followed, was, totally, the opposite.  In January, the UDN Papers reported, that the tensions rising in Ukraine is caused by U.S. going back on its words.  And, on the day of Russian invasion, DW claimed, “last century in the nineties, the American representatives had promised Russia…that there’s the discussions of the policies in against N.A.T.O. from expanding into Eastern Europe.”

Seeing how the Ukrainians are being treated, the Arab and Middle Eastern Press Association felt the same, because from Palestine to Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, to Yemen, to Iraq and the Kurds, for many years on end they’re still, suffering from the damages of war from years ago, the loss of life, the loss of friendships, as well as, brotherhood.  Just last month, they’d called out to the media presses from the world, to also, show more substantial assistance to their suffering.  In 2003, the New York Times, the Washington Post made a huge mistake, embellished that Iraq had the weapons of massive destruction, allowing the U.S., Great Britain, without the consent from the U.N., to self-righteously, invade into Iraq, causing massive numbers of casualties locally.

Surely, the one to blame, primarily, in the invasions into Ukraine is, Russia, but, if the suspicions of Matlock, Lieven, and all who shared their similar views are valid and correct, didn’t U.S., mislead Ukraine into believing, that they can become a member of N.A.T.O., that they are protected under the treaties set by N.A.T.O., to give Russia, the excuse to invade into Ukraine?

And based off of this, the U.S., and other member countries of N.A.T.O. are the real players of this war that’s occurred in Ukraine, with both Ukraine, and Russia as pawns (or puppets, if you want to see it like that), and this extends to the relationship of China and Taiwan too, and, yet, the government here, is still, playing like, we are, U.S.’s bitch?  Yeah, who do you think U.S. would choose, us or them?  With what???  THIRTEEN billion (and growing still!) population in China, and how many are in our, population again???  Let’s see, with the reductions of, birth rates, higher costs of living, etc., etc., etc. and who do you think, will be, harvesting from this, “war” if we ever get into it, huh?  China is NOT going to lose, and we eventually, gets, swallowed by the bigger country (China), like how Russia is, taking over, Ukraine right now.  And now, I’m, finally seeing, that parallel of how the Russian-Ukraine conflicts may be Taiwan’s future, like I’d disagreed from before, yep, that’s, a turnaround in my perception all right!

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The Dress Codes Being Lifted Doesn’t Serve its Purpose, Adding More Headaches to the Teachers & the Students

On the government’s reforming the school operations of hours, and the dress codes, and all the higher up officials still just, used their mouths, with the rest of the individual schools, not known what to comply by, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of the Department of Education, Pan announced last week, that in September, the high school students won’t have to get up too early to go to school, this is the same as doing away wi3ht the early morning study periods, and yesterday, he’d also announced, that the morning meetings of high schools is to get reduced to only once per week, and the rest of the four days, the students can do what they want to during the early morning periods before classes start.  But, if the students don’t even show up for the morning gatherings, what can the schools do?  The Department of Education wanted to do away with these morning routines completely, and yet, it came up with this, extra, unneeded precedence, it may cause the schools’ operations to fall into a chaotic state, making it harder for both the students, as well as their parents to, adapt to.

In the past, the high school students were mandated to arrive to school before 7:30, and the students from out-of-districts would have to head out before light, and if they were late, they’d, receive a warning, or, a volunteer service.  The Department of Education although, opened up two days out of five for the students to use their early morning periods at their own will, that the students not heading to class won’t be signed in as absent, there were a lot of the schools that still assigned for the quizzes during the early morning study periods every single day, the students don’t report them, and, the schools are, trekking in the gray areas of the mandates too.

what the Department of Education is doing away with…

students no longer need to dress like this when they go to school anymore in the public schools

And now, to fulfill the “Pact for Children’s Rights”, the government planned to loosen up the rules of students’ schedules in school, yesterday it’d formally, signed the four-days-to-be-used-by-students-individually into motion.  But if the students don’t go to the early morning study period in school, or the eighth period, the school can’t write them up as absent or truant, and can only, use the positive counseling methods to advise them, the students may not comply with the rules, so why doesn’t the Department of Education just, do away with the early morning study period for all days of the school week, to trouble all the school officials, as well as the students too.

And, this is still, NOT the only seemingly “kind” act set up by the Department of Education, on the matter of uniforms, it’d already listed the “When the weather’s cold, the schools should allow the students to put on an extra coat for warmth outside of their uniforms”, and last year, it’d claimed, that ninety-percent of the schools had been onboard with this rule, and yet there were the schools that made the demands to students to NOT put on the coats that aren’t a part of their school uniforms, to have the students to take off their hats, to stuff them into the uniforms so they don’t show.  The Department of Education is calling aloud in the central government, with the local individual schools, ignoring the rules, and in the future, if the new early morning study periods mandate started getting enforced, there may be a need for more supervision, and rules of requirements that the Department of Education need to watch over.

And so, this still just showed, how the top (government departments) are still, blah-blah-blahing, about bullshitting policies, while we the lower order (individual schools) are still, doing whatever the @#$% we want to, individually, and there’s NO way that the Department of Education can possibly make sure, that these rules that are now set, the schools are, complying by.  So basically, these new rules set forth, are still, bullshit!

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