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The Slippery Slope Effect is Caused by Ethical, Numbness

On the latest of how the DDP offices had the unreported cases of sexual harassment, sexual assaults, how this had been, a long time, coming, written by a professor emeritus, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Slippery slope effect is defined as a minor a relatively minor action will inevitably lead to major consequences.  Like how the bestselling American author, Simon Sinek warned, the little white lies we tell, will snowball, and become bigger lies.  This is the slippery slope taking place within an organization, and, getting bigger, and started, spreading outward.

some of the, corrupted members of the DDP, from online

Don’t take this effect too lightly, as it’s the cause of a bigger problem, reason being how the higher up of an organization uses the lies to cover up, to hide the truth, which became, habitual.  And, this was named “ethical numbness” by those who do research on the organizational ethics, and the symptoms of the organization becoming, unethical.  What’s scary is, that the lack of ethics in the organizations is, playing, before all of our, eyes, right now.

Recently, the sexual harassment victims are all, coming out of the dark, and disclosed of the unspoken, shameful deeds of the party in power in this country, especially on the matter of how the higher up of the party’s office’s covering up, not reporting, underplaying these cases of complaints of sexual harassment, and all of these, is not just how the heads of department’s becoming, unable, and the severity of this is how the entire organization had, systematically, lost awareness of the fact, and the ethics of the party organization is corrupt, and collapsing in its, structure.

A ton of the practical and researches proved, that the unethical behaviors of individuals and of an entire organization followed these rules:

First, covering up the truth, in the protection of power, nothing gets, uncovered or, discovered, disclosed, of; secondly, there are a ton of members of the organization, involved in the coverups, so, I’m not going to be the only one who’s caught doing it; third, covering up the truth is for the sake of the benefits of the whole; fourth, because I’d covered up the truth for my organization, when everything blows out into the open, my organization will, protect me all the way, nothing will happen to me.

And, analyzing the above, one can find, that the unethical behaviors of a group is not solely due to the individual members’ lowered morality, but due to how the entire organization is more than likely to cover up the bad behaviors.  And now, let’s compare it to the sexual harassment in the headquarters of the DDP, the higher up managers’ passive reaction toward how the victims had, filed complaints, causing the victims to get damaged in dignity, and lost human rights, and it’d, showed all four of the unhealthy belief systems.

A research I’d conducted on the ethics of Taiwanese and Chinese politics proved, that the needed criteria of the “mechanism of ethics”, and “ethical leaderships” is the key to have an ethically responsible organization, both are necessary, it won’t work with one missing.

completely, SHAMELESS, this president of the DDP had been! Photo fro

The party in power, please, DO evaluate closely, first: do I have the mechanisms of ethics?  Even if I do, if the incidents like this current sexual harassment case, those responsible don’t do anything, then, the rules to protect against sexual harassment in the workplace would be, null and, void, and the managers would have to check to see if the mechanisms are working regularly.  Secondly, the leaders of the organization needed to constantly ask oneself, “am I an ethical leader?  Do I, listen close to the suggestions, the needs of the members, in and out of the organization?  Or, do I, prefer to, favor the elections, while, throwing out the moral principles?”

Only an ethical leader, there would be the ethical government organizations.  Do think really hard, voters: do you, want your party organizations, the leaders you vote into office to play party favorites, and only zoom in on the, elections, and not act morally, responsible?  I want to call out: that whether or not this country would be ruled by an ethically-responsible political party, is, entirely up to you, the majority of, voters to, decide on.

And so, based off of this, the DDP showed, absolutely, ZERO ethics, in covering up for these, sex scandals, of how the party only cared about its own, benefits, leaving we the people out to dry (remember how we’d lacked EVERYTHING: the vaccines, the medications, the quick scan kits, back when when the pandemic first got started, or how the DDP forced the passing of the votes of importing in the pork with ractopamine, and there wasn’t even a VOTE for importing the nuclear contaminated produces from Japan???), and the majority of the population are still, planning on voting for this, party that’s, synonymous with, CORRUPTION???  Yeah, we the people, had totally become, brainwashed and, stupid here all right!

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My Daughter, Who No Longer Needed Me to Wait for the Bus with Her

How fast the children grow up, one day, they still need you, and the very next moment, they no longer, needed you, to watch over them anymore!  Translated…

Having to go to school out-of-district, to the big-eyed girl who’d lived, quite simply, was a huge leap out of her comfort zone, a passageway into, an alternative, realm; while her first obstacle was, take the bus.  For this, she’d asked her classmate to accompany her, and, looking at her animated as she returned, sharing her experiences, I’d thought, she should have, no problems then.

“You will, go with me tomorrow, right?”, the night before the summer sessions, I’d received that, helpless inquiry, which alerted me.  The following morn, I’d gone with the big-eyed girl, to the sidewalk with the huge flamegold, and saw a tour bus, parked by, with the LED lights of “XX Student Shuttle”, I’d said hello to the driver, “I shall be driving this route from here on out”, he’d told me.

Then, going to the bus stop, the two of us, mother and daughter, became our, routines.

how we started…photo from online

And one day, my big-eyed girl did NOT go right up the bus, but instead, traded whispers with the driver, I’d questioned it, but didn’t feel proper to inquire her about it then.  As she’d returned home, she’d told me what the driver told her, “he’d said, you live so close, and you still have your mom accompany you, you need to, learn to get to the bus stop on your own!”, as those words came, the air, froze, “So, will you, still, accompany to the bus stop?”, I’d fallen, silent.

On this night, the darkness draped over us, my daughter didn’t get home, I’d called her cell, she’d not, picked up, which made the wait for her to come home even, longer; then, “CLACK!”, cut open that heavyset air of night, the sound of key turning, my daughter dropped her backpack, mumbled, “I’d accidentally, fallen asleep on the bus, and rode it to the terminal station by accident, there was only, me………….” “How did you get home then?”  “The driver gave me a lift, and he’d told me, ‘young lady, don’t fall asleep again on the bus.’” And, I’d heard the steady voice of the driver, “tell mom, that you will be very safe, there’s nothing she needs to worry about.”

We’d gone from the summer into the winter, I’d thought, that we would, keep on, walking like this, but my big-eyed daughter blocked me from exiting the house with her, looking at her tiny frame, going farther, and farther, and farther, away.  “It’s just a few steps out, why are you, worried?”, her words echoed in my mind, seemingly question my faith in her.  Don’t I trust the characters of the driver?  And, will I give her time, space, to discover who she is, how she is to, become, what and who she wants to, become………….

Then, “Pop”, that thought was, interrupted, I lifted my head, it was the flamegold rain tree’s seed, popping out, the seeds, worked so very hard, to break away out of the shells that once, kept them all, safe, looking back, the shells are still, full but they’d now become, emptied on the inside.  I’d come to understand, that the tree used an entire year, to birth out its, own offspring, and as the seeds are matured, they’d, broken out, and away, far off, and yet, the trees can’t just, let go easily.  Isn’t this, the way of nature, just like how my big eyed daughter will, eventually need to, shoulder her own life, to learn the lessons she would need, and if she’s ready, what right have I, to hold her, back?

“Don’t worry, she’ll be, safe”, the driver’s words echoed between the trees, and the, skies.

and it’d become…like this, as they gained, more independence from us, the parents! Photo from online

And so, this is, watching your own daughter grow up, and, you feel a bit, sad, because she no longer needed you, to watch over her, to take care of everything for her, she is, learning to grow up strong, to take care of herself, and you should be glad, that you’d, taught her well, it’s just, that you feel, a bit, sad, that she’s, needing you, less and less each and every day, but that’s just how life goes.  Children will become, independent of their, parents, and the parents must learn to effectively deal with the sense of, empty nest…

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A World of, BIGOTS…

This is what we’re, living in right now, a world of, BIGOTS, with their, tiny little, PEA-SIZED brains, and an even smaller-sized tolerance for others who aren’t the same as the “vast majority”……..

A world of, BIGOTS, and we’re, allowing these, ASSHOLES to rule us, to lead us to that hell somewhere, WAY lower than, the “given” six-feet under.  A world of, BIGOTS, because, these politicians are, brainwashing the next generations, erasing histories, telling them that what had actually happened WAS a lie (remember that slavery had never happened?  Or how Lincoln did NOT get ASSASSINATED by J. W. Booth, that he had died, from, choking on a piece of meat, or as I like to believe that he had???  Not to mention, how the kids these days, aren’t reading or writing, AT their, expected level of understanding based off of their, grades (had you CHECKED out those scores of the state-administered standardized exams yet????)

like this??? Political cartoon from online

And, these politicians are going to spin things, however way they want to, knowing, that us idiots who can’t educate ourselves, will, follow them, straight to hell, and we actually do, because we the people are FUCKING (so???) retarded, we the people, LACKED that sound judgment, besides, it’s always easy to not lead, and get BLAMED, if something goes wrong, so yeah, let’s all, get in line for that game of L-I-M-B-O there, and see how L-O-W we can, all, GO!

and we’re all still, following THAT, Conga LINE! Photo from online


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The Grand Justices Who’d Become, BFFs to the DDP

The GREENS (instead of the Redcoats???) are taking over!!!  This is how, the island becomes, under the DICTATORSHIPS of the DDP and Tsai, and now, as they’d, pocketed, that final member of the Grand Courts here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The four nominees of the Grand Justices by Tsai, they’re all, DDP supporters.  Including the wife of DDP higher up official, the attorney of the Sunflower Movement, the scholars who tried to vote out Kuan as the president of N.T.U., the wife of the classmate of the president.  Adding these four new nominees, in the futures, all fifteen of the Grand Justices, had been nominated on to the bench by Tsai, the DDP took over the justice systems, and, naturally, as you can predict, all the interpretations of the constitution will turn toward the DDP’s favor.

On the surfaces, these candidates had been nominated by a wide variety of spectrum, but, as the DDP filters of the president go through each, all the more justified individuals in society all got, scanned, out, with the remaining being, the DDP party favorites.  Toward this, the DDP legislator, fired off that first shot: the nominated attorney of the Sunflower Movement, Yo, had had the witnesses to commit perjury in the case regarding the incinerator in Yunlin; and the various parts of society started, talking about this being bad.  This sort of a character, isn’t even fit enough to work as a court justice, and had been, nominated to the position of Grand Justice.  Is the skies here in Taiwan, getting, painted, green now for good?

just like how Trump did it! Nominating ALL conservatives and those who’d leaned toward the Republican Party, and some of the nominees from the Democratic Party are also, conservatives too…from online

In actuality, Tsai only had less than a year’s term as president, and, the four justices about to depart from their position, their terms aren’t up until September, while the newly voted president will come into office next January.  And, if Tsai had any sense of spirits of the constitution, she should leave the nomination to the next president elect, to not turn the entire Highest Court into, her subsidiary.  But, based off of her political measure, setting up the power play is what’s most important to her, she does NOT care if her behaviors are considered, unconstitutional at all.

As the Supreme Court Justice, Scalia passed, president Obama nominated Garland, but, the Republican dominated House and Senate used the excuse of how Obama had less than a year in office, and the nomination got stuck for over a year.  In the end, Gorski, who’s a conservative, nominated by Trump was selected.  This experience tells us, that we should NOT allow a power-thirsty, abusive party keep on, ruling over us, in a totalitarian, manner.

Yeah, but we the people, are way too, mother FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) retarded or civilize, to stand up and fight for our own rights, and because we’d gotten used to living under the authoritarian rulership of Tsai and the DDP, we’d forgotten, how to, rise UP, or that, we’d been, enslaved by the DDP too long, we’d, forgotten WHAT freedom is composed, of…either way, even IF the DDP doesn’t win the presidency (and I’m praying that it doesn’t!), the bench is, completely, GREEN, and GREEN is not a good color for this, “free country”…

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The Reality of the Politicians in Office from Winning the Popular Votes: the DDP Apologizes for the Sexual Harassment Cases in the Women’s Division of Its Party Headquarters

So, we got these, misogynistic members who can’t even respect women, leading the country?  Wow, are we the people, FUCKING retarded or what?  ‘cuz we’re the ones, who’d, voted these, FUCKERS (don’t pardon me!) into office here!  And this SHIT happened, in the, WOMEN’s D-E-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T too, if you can believe it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The post of a woman who originally worked for the Women’s Department of the DDP posted last night on FB, “it may bee too late, but, this letter of call for help should be taken seriously” quoted the play “Chosen by the People-the Wave Makers”, “We should not just let it slide, okay?  A lot of things, we simply, can’t, let them, all, slide”, the woman told of the similar experiences she’d endured as the character in the play, of how she got sexually harassed, and had told the manager of the unit she worked under, “I feel sorry, that the manager of the Women’s Department, Hsu chosen to leave her post, as she should’ve been my firmest, back up when I needed her to stand up for me!”

Hsu is currently the assistant secretary of the DDP.  And, this caught the attention of the main officials of the DDP, last night, the party issued a statement, on how the former employee of the Women’s Department of the party, was sexually harassed by the company that’s hired to work within the party’s offices, the DDP is severe in catching and punishing any cases of power rape, and offered up its deepest condolences, toward all who’d been, taken advantage of in this.

The statement said, that the party feels nothing but regret over how the manager of the Women’s Department at the time, not taking the claims seriously enough, and handling the matter as emergent, that it’d caused the emotional upsets toward the victims; as the secretary of the party’s central office learned of this, this was taken seriously, and the party already pulled the plug on all business with the specified business, and pulled the higher up of the office, and started the gender evaluation committee, the chair of the committee, the manager of the offices, to investigate the matter.

The DDP stated, that the committees set up to investigate this matter already called up the victim, to personally understand what had, happened.  Other than offering the needed assistance to those who were harassed, the party promises, that it will keep on investigating the matter, and enforce the punishment needed to the individuals responsible.

Toward the case, the woman stated, “it’d been many months, I thought I can let myself slide, as I watched the elected officials, I’d, started, breaking down again.”

what the political party did, but now it can’t do this anymore!!! Photo from online

“I’m only, beginning to find my courage to, sort through all that I’d been put through, to tell it out in the open.  That was a case that was assigned to me, on the way back with the filming team, the director, while everybody else was getting on that van, sexually harassed me as I was, drowsy and falling, asleep.  He’d placed my head on his shoulder, allowing me to lean on him to sleep, I was thrilled, not known how to interpret what had happened in that moment, was he doing it out of care, seeing how tired I am?  He knows that I’m only a student, did it offer his shoulder out of care for me, like an elder would?  I’d, subconsciously, rationalized it as such, to settle myself down; no, that wasn’t it, it must be me, dreaming what had, happened.”

I shall become the character, Weng in the play, as the Women’s Rights Advocates waved that banner of women’s rights were supposed to have become the character, Weng for, me!”

And so, just like the Republican Party, all the nuts and bolts, screws too are coming loose in this party, and, this is the political party that’s, “preached” on women’s rights, it’d passed the anti-stalking laws, to prevent us women from being, harassed by those who tried to, hurt us, and yet, in a, subunit, a subsidiary of the party the WOMEN’s Department, this case was, blown, wide open!

Wow, how’s that for, H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y???

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We Do NOT Want Things as Is Now, We Must Agree on Terms of Peace with China Eternally

The best would be that we don’t, fight with, one another, but with the DDP at the helm, yeah, uh, peace is, IMPOSSIBLE here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, the founder of Foxconn Technology Group, Go handed the “Declaration of Peace” he’d written and spoken on in mid-May to the vice president, Lai for him to read, asked him to study it, to firmly stand on the issues of “One Republic of China” policy, to start the negotiations with China.

The authors, Yang and others of “The Uncrushed Roses”, in January of 1949, used the title of “Taiwan Central Cultural Group”, on the “Dagong Papers” of Shanghai, published the documents called, “the Peace Declarations”, called out to building up of the countries peacefully.

The two documents that shared the same names, that were separated by seventy-four years’, are all anti-war.  The difference is that the former got written after two years’ worth of warring between the Nationals and the Communist Party, with those who are against the war, completely, helpless to change the facts.  The latter was on the worries of the changes in relations of China and Taiwan and the rest of the world in relation to the changes between Taiwan and China, is based off of the communications, negotiations of both sides, to work out a means of interrelating with each other, that both sides can, live, with; and, if this hard work can be put into practice, then, it can become what we can all agree on, and, gain the support of society with the right leaders, then, it would not just benefit us or China, but also, the rest of the, world as well.

The Taiwanese Sun Yatsen, Chiang, in the “Civilian’s News” in 1952, declared, “Five Selves in the Year”.  He’d stated, “World peace is the blessing to all mankind, and the biggest wish of humans; there is the Japanese based friendly toward Chinese to help push forth the Asian allies to work together, to get world peace, and this is going to be the biggest blessings of all mankind”.  And now, switch the “Chinese” with the “Asian”, and “American” for the “Japanese”, the duties of the Taiwanese people, is to bring U.S. and China closer, so they can, work together.

And, it would be, quite difficult to make this goal, and, being amicable toward one another is a necessity, lacking this, China and U.S. can’t get along well.  And, we have what it takes to make this happen, we can be, more active in this, the first step is to understand what the former vice president, Lu’s beliefs, she said, “keeping things as is is like ‘broiling that frog in the warm water’, self-deceiving…everybody needs to bravely deal with what’s happened currently, how things are changing, getting ahead, that ‘keeping things as they were’, is irresponsible, dodging from the, issues.”

as Taiwan is still, STUCK, in that, “awkward” position between China AND the U.S., from online

the “guns” are pointed toward us, from both China and the U.S., and this country still ends up, DEAD (getting SHOT!) illustration from online

The surveys from before on the interactions between China and Taiwan, more than fifty-percent of polled voted on “maintaining things as is”, it’s not changed much.  But, if keeping things as is can’t satisfy the people (for instance, we can’t even be admitted to the W.H.O. as the observing members, let alone, getting into the U.N.), and, the “broiling the frog in warm water” had the means of causing war, or making it easy for China to invade Taiwan, then, the relations as is won’t be maintained forever, so, the polls should have the choice of away from “uniting with China or becoming independent”, then, it shows, real public opinion.

And so, this is how the DDP traps this country in the inevitability of war with China, with its claims of “We are independent from China”, like we hadn’t been, and the only reason why China is reactive in SHUTTING us up, is because the DDP claims “We want independence”, and it’s still due to the DDP’s calling out “we want independence” that’s compelled China to, attempt to, SHUT this country up, and, all China needed to do, is to prohibit the import of one solitary produce, then, this island is surely, to, SINK!  There’s not even the need for the missiles to start firing off, the cannons, the landmines, all China needed to do, is just ban one solitary import, and we will, S-I-N-K!  But, the DDP still thinks, we can win, with Uncle Sam on our side…but, Uncle Sam is (nor had it ever been), on our side, it’d already, made sure that the TMSC set up shop in Arizona, and stated that it will, BOMB the headquarters to prevent China from getting the technologies that TMSC makes, if war is to happen, and, where does that leave us, we the people, on this, god damn, island???  Yeah, unless we can all grow gills and survive without A-I-R, diving to the lowest parts of the ocean floors to hide from the wars, yeah, this island is, going to, S-I-N-K!  And we the people, can only, sink with this hellhole!

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Church accused of adding to trauma of survivor by trying to thwart case involving paedophile priest

Excuses of the Catholic Church When Someone Accuse the Officials for Sexual Abuse…

Stigmatis News

Catholic church’s claim he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised Anglican proved to be incorrect but delayed case for a year, in a legal move being heavily criticised

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being utilised by the Catholic church in Australia for abuse cases. Photograph: Roman Milert/Alamy

Christopher Knaus

The Catholic church has been accused of causing added trauma to a survivor after it tried to thwart his case involving a notorious jailed paedophile priest by claiming he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised in the Anglican church, a move that delayed the case for a year.

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being employed by the church in abuse cases, including its repeated attempts to permanently halt cases where paedophile clergy have died, a practice first revealed…

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The Rich Businessman Bribed the Judge, and the Money Didn’t Get to the Judge, the Attorney Suspected of Fraud, Out on Bail

Underhanded dealings in the law “department” here, and you still got, caught!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The wealthy businessman, Cheng awhile ago, turned himself in to the Investigative Bureau, stated that during the 2019 case of Taiwan Golden Bridge Electronics Company, he’d bribed the former high court justice, the attorney, Kao, using the amount of a million dollars N.T. plus a gem stone worth a million dollars to bribe the judge of the case, Lin, and he’d, still, lost out.  The Taipei D.A.’s Office started investigating, searched and interrogated Kao, and called the attorney who no longer practiced law but had been on the case, Lin, and two others to testify, and after the interrogations, Kao was charged with fraud, and the bail of $100,000N.T.s set.

More than a decade ago, Cheng asked the Golden Bridge Electronics Company to purchase the workstations with the FCC of the U.S. certified plasma screens and CPU, and sold it to Thailand, and yet, there were, more than 7,000 workstations, and more than 60,000 CPUs that simultaneously combusted, causing Cheng to pay over hundreds of millions of dollars to the consumers of Thailand.

Cheng started suspecting that the screens and CPU that Golden Bridge sold him wasn’t certified by the F.C.C., that it’s flawed, and so, he’d sued four, including the C.E.O. of the Golden Bridge, for fraud and falsification of certification, and filed a civil claims of over a hundred million dollars.  And, Cheng had filed for the certification of the former Secretary of State, Clinton’s official documentations, proving that the product did NOT pass the security checks of the F.C.C., but, as the case had been tried, the courts didn’t find the document to be valid, and he’d lost, all the way.

court officials, paid, under the tables!

photo from online

For this, in 2019, Kao in the second retrial of the Intelligence Property Courts, claimed to Cheng that he was the former judge, Lin’s assistance, that he can help him sort through the matters.  And so, Cheng provided millions of dollars N.T., plus the precious gems to Kao, hoping that Lin doesn’t get swayed, or bribed; of the cash, it was the before payment to Lin, while the precious gems are for Kao’s helping to sort through things to make things go smoothly for him.  But Cheng had lost the case, and, felt that the verdict wasn’t in his favor, and turned himself in to the D.A.’s office.

Based off of understanding, Kao was suspected of not fulfilling his end, to bribe Lin, and took the million dollars N.T. in bribe and the precious gems for himself, and was charged with fraud.

See, this is what’s wrong with business, you think that if you got the money, you can, sway the systems, and because there are, the corrupt government officials in the judiciary systems, that’s why, this SHIT had occurred, but you’d gotten caught, and those court officials who’d received and accepted the bribes, all fall down, and this is only that first domino which will go down, as more corruptions comes out to the, surfaces I’m sure!

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Long Swim at Ludao

The experiences that made you appreciate the beauties of nature more, which hopefully, will drive you to protect it more!  Translated…

It was 2018, I’d, given my virginity of the first long swim in the oceans to, Ludao, it was also the very first time, I went swimming with, a thousand of my, fellow swimmers, to enjoy the beauties of, the, oceans.

For many year, the fellow companion swimmers would ask me to take the long swim in the oceans, and I’d always found an assortment of reasons to turn them down, “Going swimming in Waimu Mountain?  Nah, too many, jellyfishes!”, “Swimming in Wushi Harbor?  The waves are too huge, I can’t manage!”, “over the seas in Kinmen?  But it’s, too, unromantic, how black the sands on the beaches there are”.  “In Penghu, the currents are too strong, I don’t know if I can………”

the events at Ludao, photo from online

“Ludao long swim………”, toward this, location of many beautiful things to see, what excuses can I, have?  I’d gone with close to a thousand of ocean loving fellow swimmers, followed the beautiful female coach to warm up, then, entered into the just right temperature water, gotten rid of the buoy that’s holding me back, swam, toward the, oceans.

This was, a colorful, gathering of friends who loved swimming, there were the colorful swimmers in their swimsuits over the oceans, with the visitors who’d put on the snorkeling gears for show, the parents-children teams as well.  Other than those whom I knew around me, and those whom I don’t, there are, the schools of fishes that are, keeping things active, the coral reefs, while the professional divers kept waving at me, to make sure I was, okay.

This was, a gathering of friends in joy, that you wouldn’t want to get too far off into the oceans on your own of, a grand gathering that keeps you locked up in beauty, that you forget how tired your legs and arms are from kicking and paddling, a lesson of nature, that teaches us to cherish it even more, once you’d, experienced it all.

And so, this is a way, to get closer to what we’re, protecting, to see the beauties that the oceans have to give to us, which will in turn, drive us to protect it more, to reduce the pollutions, because we want what we’d encountered in this swim to be here, for as long as it’s able to, last.

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The Statistics, Underreported by the Local Governments, the Local Governments Pressured the Schools, Some of the Schools Chose to Not Report, Not Reporting, Can’t Save the Unknown Numbers of Dropout Students

And, by “covering up” the numbers, it doesn’t do a thing, to help get these dropouts back into the schools, to continue their, education!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of the statistics of the Department of Education, there’s the continual drop in numbers of middle school dropouts, by 2021, it’d, reached to, an all-time low, of the 1,943 who’d dropped out, ninety-percent came back in.  But, there were the underreported numbers from these, stats, the instructors in the classrooms retold, that the local governments, in order to lessen the pressures, they’d, pressured the local schools, to underreport on the numbers, and some schools are also, passive, lost out on the timing to help these students who’d, dropped, out.

“Not reporting, the resources needed can’t come in, there’s nothing we can do”, the counselor of a school sated, that the resources outside the schools, such as the psychotherapists for the students, the social workers, all needed to be reported to start intervening, but the school, in order to dodge the three-day period of students who became truant, they would suggest that the students come to school for one period of class, or that they are required to show up once every two half days, and disregarded the students’ learning processes.

teens, skipping school! Photo from online

The dropouts of the technical high schools also didn’t get the counseling support that they were all in need of, the students, in being treated with the indifferences by the officials, selected to exit the schools.

“The schools are too passive, the families can, but don’t, causing these children to lack the needed resources that they required”, Chu told, that although in the high school years, there’s no enforcing the students to come to school like back in the elementary, middle school years, but if the schools don’t even report on the dropout students at all, and the families aren’t normal, there’s no way for the resources of social services to come in to assist.

The principal, Hsu of Gangshan Middle School told, that in the past, the dropout students had, wandered outside the schools, that there’s the teams of youth squad to help get them back in, but now, a lot of the students who refused to attend school are staying at home, he’d suggested, that other than the police being involved, there’s the need for the psychological counseling, to have a more secure, safety net set up by the schools locally.

And so, despite how the measures are being taken, these dropouts just, can’t get caught, and placed back into school, and, this will become a huge problem, because, most of these dropout students, they’re going to run with the bad crowds, and, bad influences are going to cause them to go down the wrong paths in life, and, once they go down the path, there’s, no turning back for them, and, the pressures from the local governments to get the numbers down low, does not help, at all!


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