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The Stray Pit Bulls, Getting Tossed Out by Their Owners, Becoming a Matter of Public Safety

How irresponsible these, owners CAN be, and, they’re the ones to blame for it, not these, animals, plus, the pits are, SOCIALIZED to be mean, they weren’t mean in nature, or, do you not know that, about dogs???  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Too Many Attacks Reported, there is Going to be a Ban in Raising the Pit Bulls, if the Citizens Want to Continue Having Them as Pet, They Will Need to be Registered.  The Animal Protection Groups: Can’t Rely Solely on the Self-Assisted Registrations of the Owners of the Pits, the Government Need to Get More Active on Sending the Entry Level Workers to Investigate

The attacks of the pit bulls are frequently reported now, the Agricultural Committee made its announcements, that starting on March first, there will be a prohibition of raising and importing of pit bulls, and, locally, there came, the wave of, abandoning the pits as pets, the animal protection groups stated, that they’re worried the most of the pit bull puppy mills, they are throwing the dogs away because of the prohibition to have them as pets by the government, that the Central Government can’t rely solely on the owners to register their pits, that it would need to set up the entry level government workers to investigate4, to do a census for the population of the pits, to avoid the pits being, turned out, into strays, causing the problems in public safety.

These past two years, the attacks of the pits came more frequently, the Taidong County’s Agriculture Department found, that the registry of the pits as pets aren’t right, a lot of the people are keeping them as pets without registering, and most of these were kept in the hidden regions of the mountains, currently, they’d estimated, that there are, more than tens of pit bulls that hadn’t been microchipped yet, they’re currently checking the numbers.

A lot of the shelters across the country are taking in the pits that are strays, the Animal Protections Agency of Taoyuan found the mixed pit bulls straying around; after the biting death by the pits in Hsinchu last year, there were more news of the stray pits killing the house cats, etc., etc., etc. which suggested, that the turning the pits out aren’t expected.

The shelter personnel stated, that there are the differences in appearances in the pit bull mixes, and, it would be hard to tell, how, if pit bulls, mixed with another breed constitutes as pits, the Agricultural Committee will set up an AI recognition system, and, photographing the dog, and sending it online, then, the program will tell you if it’s a pit bull or not, but, if this program is precise enough, only time will tell.

The office manager of the animal disease control agency, Peng pointed out, up to January 10th, the shelter took in four pit bulls, two were from Zhudong Township of Jienshih County, two were from Hengshan County and Hukou County, both didn’t have microchips; recently, the large breed strays sightings had been reported, but, it isn’t absolute, that the pits are being turned out onto the streets by their owners.

this is, only, the results

and we still don’t KNOW what led up to this, if the person provoked the animals, or what, we just see, this man, getting CHEWED, and we automatic believe that the animals are bad for attacking him…photo

Peng said, that the pits are outdoor dogs, if someone has one, the neighbors would definitely know it, and, due to how short-staffed the office is, he’d already notified the local county, city, township offices, asking the local personnel to check to see if the locals are having aggressive animals, or pits, then, after the number is confirmed, then, the office will then set up a roster, and have the workers to visit.

Based off of the mandates by the Agricultural Committee, the owners of pit bulls before March 1st, should register their animals before February 28, 2023, to keep them as pets, if exceeding the period, and the owners were reported, then, the owners will be faced with a fine of $50,000 to $250,000N.T., and the pits will be, confiscated from them.

Peng stated, that if the pits are microchipped, and registered as pets, there’s a fine of anywhere from $3,000N.T. to $15,000N.T., if the animals aren’t neutered or spayed, a fine of $50,000N.T. to $200,000N.T.s., if the dogs aren’t vaccinated with rabies, a fine of $30,000N.T. to $150,000N.T.

The C.E.O. of Animal Protections Agency, Lee told, that it’s difficult to estimate the total population of pits across the entire country, the most worrisome is that the puppy mills of pit bulls, due to the bans, will toss them all out, and once they’d become strays, for the sake of finding things to eat, they will, attack humans, strays, or the house pets.  And because of how strong their jaws are, if there are the attacks, this proves to be a serious matter of public safety, the government should keep the registry of the pit bulls on file, and, punish the owners who don’t take the responsibilities more severely.

And so, this, is how the government’s, tackling THIS problem, and, they’re still, doing it all wrong!  First, they should make sure, that the pit bulls are registered, and if the owners turn them out for whatever reasons, then, the owners gets put into jail, or fined severely for it, then next, comes the training, the socialization of the animals, teaching the owners to be responsible, perhaps, offering the obedience training courses for humans, socialization courses for both dogs and humans, and then, after these animals get resocialized, then, they may be less likely to attack.

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Her Love of Photography

Helping her mother find that hobby, to boost her self-confidence, and, she was able to, and now, the parent goes everywhere with her camera, translated…

“Let me tell you, my photos got sold!  Yeah, yeah, my daughter sold them for me online………”, that familiar conversation came from the living room, I’d counted it, my aunts, the next door neighbor, that’s, the FOURTH call today.

Since I’d told my mother this morning, that I’d sold her photograph, my mom didn’t react that much, but, within an hour’s time, she’d, called up FOUR of our relatives and friends, to share this, big news.

After she got off the phones, she couldn’t, hold back that grin, walked next to me told me, “I think the rest of the photos are pretty darn good, won’t you, load them up onto the internet for me too?”

“Oh, okay!”, I’d nodded, and, how she’d, looked like she was, slowly being, lifted up into the air, and she’d, started mumbling on, “I can go to the parks, to take more photos…”

Recalling a few years back, every time I’d gone traveling with mom, we’d always fought over the photos, either that she’d felt I’d spent too much time, to make sure the angle was right, using her as a human tripod, or that I’d, complained that she’d, severed my head, or my feet off, we were both, very heated.

After I’d thought hard, I’d, decided, to teach my mother some skills, the setting up of the photograph, then, I’d added in, a ton of encouragements, then, shortly thereafter, mom found the fun; as she’d become the best photographer amongst all her friends, it ran out of control, I was greeted each and every morn, by her photographed “good mornings”.

from an amateur to a professional…photo from online

Since then when we’d gone traveling, the two of us, no longer argued about shooting the photos, mom would find the sights to take the pictures and, as the photos came out pretty, everybody’s, happy.  Recently, she’d, started, selling the photos she’d shot online, and, a foreigner immediately bought from her, it’d, made her, even more, confident.

“Do you think we should develop this one, and hang it in a frame in the living room?”, she’d wandered back to me again.

“What if, it’s, a frameless picture?”, she’d nodded, and, strutted back to the living room, satisfactorily.

Not long thereafter, came her voice on the phones, “tell you what, my daughter’s making my shots into the frameless paintings!”

And so, this helps the parent gain more self-confidence, and, the elderly woman found something she loves doing, because her daughter gave her the encouragements, and, people found her photos pretty, and want to buy from her.

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A Type-A & a Slowpoke

One will, drive the other, CRAZY that’s for sure, and yet, they are, members of a family!  Isn’t that something???  On how the opposites complimented one another, how they work things out, and stay in love for the long haul, translated…

Awhile ago, pops because of buying a car, got the vouchers to stay at a hotel, he’d planned a three-day trip to Kaohsiung with mom, my older sister who is experienced with these things, helped them plan the trip, made a form for them, so our parents can, see everything.

The night before departure, mom started nagging on, “there’s something wrong with the GPS on your dad’s car, I’d told him to go figure it out, he’d refused, I’d told him to have the systems checked out by the garage, he wouldn’t, that day, your older brother-in-law taught him to use the GPS navigator on his cell phone, and I don’t know if he got it down!”, pops half-jokingly replied, “What’s the hurry, huh?  It’s not like I’m going to, drive you off somewhere, and sell you off, even if I sold you off, you wouldn’t be, worth, that much!”, although, dad was able to use his sense of humor, to dissolve my mother’s displease, but, to prevent them getting into argument on the trip again, my husband and I worked out a plan, I’d used a pop-quiz to test my dad’s knowledge of the GPS system, while my husband went to check my dad’s car, fixing up all the problems that he could find with the GPS install in my father’s car, then, set up all the sights to see into the GPS, so they can select at their will.  After this was finished, my parents thanked us, and my mother seemed, relieved.

The two of them are, completely opposites, my dad preferred to go at it slowly, he is fitted for those, French restaurants that served the meal course by course; while my mother focuses on speed, she is fitted for the regular food shops where you go in and eat, and get out, and so, I’d felt, that they were a slow-poke, and a type-A personality, meshed together; but after close to forty years of marriage, they were still, very much in love, and, we the children came to understand, that these minor disagreements that they have, are ways they show each other I love you!

And so, this showed, how the opposites attracted, the mother was quick, the father, slow, and, they complement one another, perfectly, and, surely, there would be the disagreements from day to day, but, these members of the family knew, that they loved each other, and so, they will, work out their differences, in getting along with one another.

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The Most Beautiful Scenery: Workers, Going the Extra Mile to Offer Assistance to the Customers

Going that extra mile in customer service skills, and this occurs only in the, distant locations, where not that many people comes by to visit, rarely in the bigger cities, because we all get caught up in our own lives in the big cities that we are living in, translated…

This is, the last gas station, before we drive up Taiping Mountain on Taiwan Seventh.  The tourists would normally, fill up their gas tanks here, go to the restrooms, or maybe, bring along, a hot cup of, coffee.  The elevations are going up, the roads, winding more and more, and the temperatures are surely to, drop, sharply.

In that small shop, that is a part of the gas station, the tea stewed eggs called out to me.  “We have tasty eggs made with the teas, you can bring a couple up the mountains, it tastes wonderful even when it’s cold!”  We were, persuaded, “if you liked these, as you pass by here when you come back down from the mountain, you can, bring a few more eggs home, it’s good for a few days.”, the worker’s smile like the sun shining, swept away the small displease of how it was, raining, we’d loved, how the store clerk was, confident about what he was, selling.

Another wok was steaming in the store, the clerk lifted up the lid for us to see.  “We are the only one who sell this item here of all the chain in Taiwan, it’s the specialty food item from Hualien, very delicious, we had many frequent customers.”  Seeing how his eyes lit up as he’d told us about the food, with that genuine feel of an old friend, we were, once more, convinced.

With the two eggs, two specialty food item, two hot cups of coffee, we’d, headed toward Taiping Mountain.  At this time, other than the aromas of the foods, there’s, that kindness, that wonderful feel of the care and concern from the clerk.  With his mentioning to us what we need to watch out for, his blessings, we’d found a perfect beginning to our trip.

And, he’d not, let us down one bit.  There days later after we came back down the mountains, we went into the shop to buy some more things, thanked his suggestions, and like old friends, letting one another know that we’re, okay.  And, even though, the sights were breathtaking, but, every time we’d thought back to this trip that we took, the work ethics, the kindness, of that shop clerk, was the most beautiful scene we’d, encountered on that trip.

And so, this, is on how someone who’s just doing his job, who’d, shown you a little extra care and concern, that’s, made everything better for you, and this also showed how important customer service skills are, you’re NOT just selling the items off the racks, you’re, helping someone with fulfilling her/his needs too.  And, if every worker can carry this sort of an attitude, then, everyone can become, employee of the month.

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Why is MERS-CoV Still, Here???

Here’s, that N-E-W-S-F-L-A-S-H!!!

Reason W-H-Y, MERS-CoV is still, on this, earth is because, we can’t coexist with it, because we all feared death too much, we keep on, trying, to ERADICATE this, virus, instead of, learning, to CO-exist in PEACE (but how, with the contraction rate getting higher, the death rate from MERS-CoV higher by the second here!!!) with it.

Think about it, like how influenza worked, from when it first came on (to the world), the humans DIED, after catching it, so they (humans from way back when!) started developing all those, flu shots, to inoculate themselves, to defend themselves against it, which in turn, caused, the FLU to HIT harder, harder, harder, AND harder each, and every year, and that, is how the MERS-CoV virus is, developing too, because it’s, a HELL of a lot, more intelligent than we humans, and it is, driven by, SURVIVAL!  (unlike how we are driven, by the FEARS of, the inevitable, DEATH!).

So had we, STUPID humans (yeah, that’s what we all, ARE!!!), allow this new “breed” of virus, to TAKE enough lives away (I know, I sound cruel, don’t I???  But HECK, that, is how the truth is!!!), then, it would’ve, dissipated on its own, instead of, snowballing, growing, mutating, too quickly, compared to how those, effective vaccines are, coming out right now.

When are we (as a species!) going to learn, that we CAN’T defeat, DEATH, that if you’re meant to die, you will D-I-E, there’s NO chance in HELL (been there already, by the way!) you will, EVER, dodge, that Horseman of the Apocalypse!

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Thanks for Your Hard Work

Giving thanks, to something, too ordinary, noting that someone else, had been, working so hard, to keep the environment cleanly, so we can have a better place to, live in, an act of, kindness, shown, to a female janitor, translated…

Before I’d gone to the platforms to wait for the trains, I’d made my way into the restrooms, and, I’d often seen a woman in her fifties, arching her back, buried her head down, as she’d, cleaned up, the environment.  I took it as matter-of-face, and never gave her an extra look.

Once, as I was washing my hands outside of the restrooms, on the other side of the ladies’ rooms, a woman came out, and, courteously, told the woman who was mopping up, “thank you for working so hard!”, the woman seemed, a little, unprepared, but she’d responded, in a light voice, “thank you.”

Before I exited I’d, taken an extra look, at the cleaning lady closely, found that there was, that light smile that’s, curled up, from her lips then, that there was, some sort of joys that was inside of her heart then.

the hard work of these, men and women, often, taken, for granted…

photo from online

I’d, contemplated on it although, her job seemed, unimportant, but, as she’d, worked too hard, she’d needed, the encouragements from time to time too.

I’d watched the woman who thanked the janitor leave slowly, felt that her word, “thank you for working so very hard, entered into my heart, as that surge of, warmth too.

That plain warmth, the goings on of day-to-day the people still, coming and going, in, and out, of that, train station.

But, even if, it was, an ordinary day, you’d, bore witness, to a miracle, how that woman who’d cleaned up the restroom’s day got made, brighter, with an ordinary stranger’s commending her on how hard she’d, put in the energy, to keep the environment clean for the guests coming and going, in and out, of the stations, and these are the miniscule matters that we tend to, miss, because we’re all, running to and from, too quickly, that we normally, don’t, slow down, and notice, these, small acts of, kindness that can, have, a huge, effect on another’s life.

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The Frontline Workers Interacting with the Customers Often Treated as the Scapegoats, the Service Industries Really Need to Reconsider the Beliefs of “the Customers are Always Right”

The customers aren’t, ALWAYS right, because, we all had, encountered, MORE than, our shares of, unreasonable, customers, right???  Am I right, (everybody, high-five me!!!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In a local grocery store in Minnesota, recently, there was a man in his sixties, who’d wanted to buy the Campbell imported cheeses.  He was at home, staying out of the outbreaks for too long, and, it was a rare occasion that he’d made it out for a shopping trip, he’d gone around the grocery store, didn’t find it, had the store clerks look for it, which the store clerks didn’t find; and he’d, demanded that the clerk go to the warehouse to see if there are any, and, the store clerk checked for the stock on the computer in the storage, none.  Then, the customer raged out of control, started making a huge scene.  This was, the frequent encounters of the employees of the service industries in the past two years in the U.S., the consumers had become, more and more, difficult to handle by the days.

“I want to see your manager!”…photo from online

The store clerk, Loona told of the experience, that the atmosphere at the grocery shop was anger, confusion, and fear.  She’d believed, that as everybody watched the man go off, people must be thinking, that the outrage the man was acting out on, probably, had, NOTHING to do with the imported cheese.

What’s before us, is, a weird era, with the outbreaks continuing on.  As people are in the shops, on the airplanes, and talking with the customers’ service reps, there were the outbursts of angers from the consumers: “I want to speak with your manager”.

And, these maliciousness made the owners of the business rethink the prime principle of “the customers are always right!” in the service industries.  If those working in the service industries have to play the role of calming therapists to the customers, then, their superiors, managers, became the bodyguards who must, keep the safety and wellbeing of their, workers.  And, every single time, as these “bodyguards” showed up, they should not tell the workers, “you’re fired”, instead, to the customers, “you are on the blacklist, don’t come here again!”

what the modern day consumers got, spoiled into

and no, this is still, NOT, C-U-T-E!!! Photo from online

But yeah, that’s never going to happen, because, we all want our businesses to be flourishing, don’t we?  And so, even IF the consumers are acting up and out, for unjustified reasons, we can’t do anything about it, we can only, blame those cashers, store clerks, for not calming their customers down, after all, this is an industry where, we are, solely, reliant on our customers happiness, their satisfactions at our shops, to make a living, as for the rights, the wellbeing of those workers hired by our companies, yeah, let them deal with it on their own.

And so, this, is still, how messed up, the values are, and it’s all because, of how the businesses are, spoiling the consumers, rotten, telling them, that they’re, ALWAYS, right, when they’re, not!

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Less is More

The words we should all, live by, especially in this, materialistic, modern day, world we are currently, living in, translated…

That Kymco Scooter had been with me for twenty years is already, too ill that it should be, declared DEAD.

A few days ago, as I rode it home from my pottery class, as I tried to ride it, it’d, stopped, just as I’d, accelerated, the heart just, stopped running several times on my way home, the engine suddenly, went, dead, I’d, turned the gas handles, nothing!  “Oh my god, it’s, leaving me!”, I’d cried inside, as I’d, pretended to calm myself, back down.  After all, it’d carried me across half of Taiwan since I was in my twenties, whether it be the rides from Tainan to Hualien in college many times, or as I’d started finding work in the various cities, and now, it took me back, to the residence I’d stayed at in my college years, became my feet, and it’s, just about time, that it gets to that, final place of, rest.

“If I recalled correctly, I bought that scooter for you back in the year when the major earthquakes occurred on September 21, back in 1999.” Dad told me, as he’d ridden it, to check the areas hit by the earthquake around where we lived, and everything was still, fresh in his mind.  Back then I was still a student in high school, not known how to ride a scooter, nor did I have a license to operate yet, and, I can only, look upon it with, admiration, it was, brand new; while, my father who’d cherished everything he owned had told me, “the lifespan of the items is reliant on the users’ ways of using them.”, and, being rough and tumble, I still, couldn’t quite, acquire my own father’s gentleness, or, patience.  After I left home for college, the scooter was signed over to me, and it’d become, my major, “livelihood”, my only means of, getting around, and, I’d, ridden it, through thousands of kilometers, on my youthful years then.

Guess I should, start, finding me a replacement for it then, living in the southern cities, there are too many alleys and streets to weave in and out of, with those, overpriced parking spaces, and I’d, become, reliant on the scooter as a means of getting me around town.  I’d, looked online for the costs, and learned, that everything had, skyrocketed, the electric scooters are what’s in, in the era of alternative energies, the trends also reflected on the designs of things, and, the countless deals of trade-in were all, too confusing, and, it all came up toward me, and reminded me of how the online shopping deals of 1111, logging on, it was as if, the world is, applauding you, enticing you to, spend your cash, I became annoyed by these offers, that tried to, tap into my wallet, and I’d, stopped surfing online, to reduce the temptations, as I’d worried, that I may go on a shopping spree, bought a whole lot of things that I didn’t actually need, instead of what was, necessary, and end up, losing, tons of my, saved up, cash.

In the past, working for the environmentalist groups it’d, helped me become immune, and I’d started, being really careful with my money when I spend, don’t buy those items with too much plastic contents, items that can only be used once, things that may be overbought, too much wrapping, nope, the items with a higher market of carbon foot tracks, no, items that are cheap, and takes away the cost-benefit of the environment, nope………….as I’d set too many principles, it seemed, that I was, doing away, with all the temptations too, to stay faithful to my principles of buying, as the “necessities” are my, priorities, I’d much rather, save the money I would’ve spent on these items that I don’t really need, and put the money into self-enrichment classes for myself, for instance, the courses for advance potters, or to make the donations, to support my causes, and, these sorts of extensions, intangible values, are way more, satisfying than the gourmet dining experiences, the high-end couture.

like this…found online

Observing the lacking in life, actually, I really, don’t have that much that I’d, lacked.  Then, a joke from a partner who’d gone to the Black Tides beach cleaning activities came to mind, “modern day people who cried that they are poor, aren’t really so, it wasn’t from not being able to afford an apple, but from not being able to buy the Apple products”, and his words, made my lips curled, upward.  In the basis of the fundamental needs being fulfilled, if we pursued the materials, it’s like falling into that blackhole, it won’t ever get filled up, and as we’d tried to fill the blackhole up, it’d left us, emptier, than, ever.  Could it be possible, that we actually, don’t need to have, everything?

So I’d, turned off that website that led me to finding a new scooter, thought of how a park I live next to has the Ubikes, while, the bus stops are right outside of my apartment.  I just, got too used to, having access of the vehicles I needed to get around with, that not only did it turn costly when I needed to get it maintained, I’d lacked that sense of how convenient the city government had, made our lives, with the Ubikes, the buses.  This was, quite different, than when I’d traveled to a foreign place, and for the sake of not getting lost, I’d had to, memorize every means of transportation available to me, and even as I’d taken a wrong turn, spent the extra time, I’d, also, bumped into the unexpected sights, and, gotten the opportunity, to examine the details of the cities I’d come to visit, making the destinations, that much more, unforgettable to me—and maybe, as we’d, switched to another state of mind, allowing us to not have that much, we may gain even more, satisfaction of life itself.

And so, we are all too, driven by the materialisms, and it’d become, an addiction of sorts to all of us, we all want more of, whatever it is we already owned, cars, we wanted brand new ones, not because the ones we got are old, but because, there’s a new model out, new cell phones, not because the ones we’re using started malfunctioning, because we’d been using it, for the past, couple of years, but because, there’s this, brand new iPhone out, and, through our, endless pursuits of these, materials, we will, lost sight of what we already have, and that’s not good at all.

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The Zhongshan Police Lieutenant was Called in to Questioning for Overlooking, Letting the Sex Massage Parlors Slide

When the police lieutenant, takes the lead, in breaking the law, setting, that BAD, example for his subordinates, and the rest of us too!  Officers of the law, breaking the law, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Zhongshan District’s “Pleasure Village” sex massage parlor was found by the investigative bureau for indecency, and the investigators also found, that there were the officers from the local stations who are covering, the district attorneys called in the five operators of the massage parlor, of them, the major shareholder, Liang had his cell phone confiscated in the case of another man being searched, the district attorneys reviewed over the surveillance, found that Liang went through a less experienced gangster, Lu, to bribe the lieutenant of the investigative teams in Zhongshan Substation, yesterday they’d collected the evidence, called Chen, the former operator of the massage parlor, Lin to the station, to clarify if bribes were given and received, late last night, the case was sent to the Taipei D.A.’s Office for processing.

The massage parlor is hidden in the alleys of Jingzhou Street of the city of Taipei, and in its many years of operations, it’d switched the shareholders, and the names, Lu who was taken into custody last night, was one of the shareholders, he also works as a manager of a bar, responsible for chauffeuring the ladies to the shops to give the sex massages, then, he’d gotten percentages from the money made, the D.A. suspected that he was the middleman of this case.

The investigators pointed out, that the Hsinbei City Detectives while examining the case of the gang’s involvement in shooting of the Gym Owner, the members of the Bamboo Union, Liang had been in close relations with another chapter’s sponsor, Shao, and they were both listed as persons of interest of the case, and later, it was found that they were involved in the case of the shooting of the Gym Owner, but their cellphones were confiscated and examined.

After Liang was taken into custody on operating a sex massage parlor, the Northern Airport Station asked for the confiscated cell phone to see if there are evidences of the two relating to each other, and they’d accidentally discovered that between 2014 and 2017, Liang texted, “the money’s collected for this month”, and “Come pick it up”, to Lu, as Lu received the amount paid to him, he’d handed part of what he got to the lieutenant, Chen.

Based off of understanding, the massage parlor is by membership only, if you’re not a frequent customer, you can’t get in, the lieutenant, Chen was suspected of having the check times passed to Liu and then, to the massage parlor, the police checked the place two hundred times, and found, nothing; the Northern Airport Police Station asked the ladies who worked in the sex massage parlors to testify, the ladies stated, that they offer a half set sex massage, but the owner is very connected, and they’d never gotten, caught.

The D.A. before Mid-Autumn used the claims of public indecency, to start off the investigations, and found, that there are the testimonies of the officers claiming that the shops would pay off the police in $200,000N.T. a month, the shareholders, the brothers Liang, Wu, Shu, and Lu were taken into custody one by one.

And so, I’m thinking, that the pay-off is, greater than what you officers made monthly, that’s why you’d, gone to the dark side, covering for these, sex traffickers, breaking the laws, that you were sworn to, protect, and that’s, just bad, seeing how easily money can make people who are supposed to help enforce the laws, break it.

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Do We Protect the Self, or Do We, Fulfill Our, Families

And no, it’s NOT selfish, if we go for the self-preservation side, because we must first all, take good care of our, separate, selves, otherwise, how the HECK can we, care for, anyone else???  Taking from the tragedies of the society here, translated…

In the life of families, we are often trapped between the wills of our selves, or the benefits of the families, and started engaging in that, tug-of-war nonstop.

There was the news of how an elderly woman raised up her own two grandson, one of the children showed aggression, and symptoms of A.D.H.D., and, the elderly woman had been under too much stress in caretaking, and, lost it, and strangled the grandchild to death.  Another, how a couple was married, and, in less than two months of their marriage, the husband was, paralyzed, and was in a vegetative state, and the wife filed for divorce, and the courts allowed it.  These two seemingly unrelated events, shared one characteristic of concern: the matter of caretaking of one’s own families.

The two women in both cases, made totally different decisions, on caring for one’s own next-of-kin.  The wife decided to divorce, and, although, she’d gained the reputations of being selfish, of not being moral enough, but her decision, ended the fact that her marriage is bound to, slide down that slippery slope.  While the elderly woman’s persistence to the end, it’d, fulfilled the expectations of the traditional role of women, her sense of responsibilities, and her conscience too, but in reality, and the psychological aspects, the elderly woman, clearly, could NOT stand this kind of burden, and in the end, she’d, self-destruct, and the story ended, tragically.

And it made me wonder, as a part of the family, must we, give everything we have, for our, families, to sacrifice our own, happiness?  Is this, the necessity, the forefront, of setting up a, perfect, and happy family?  If at the end, there’s only, the suffocating burdens, that sense of, responsibilities that remained in it, enough to drown, cover up everything else, and, at this time, how can we still, keep the connections of the family intact?

In the families, when do we choose to preserve ourselves, when do we, sacrifice ourselves, and fulfill the needs of our, separate, families, from my past experience as a family courts judge, this, is from my observations: do take good care of your selves first, then, treat your loved ones the way you treat yourselves, kind too, then, as you feel, that you’d done, everything you possibly can, and still it’d not worked out, at this time, do be bolder, selfishly, embrace yourselves then, then, love your families, the way you love your selves.  I believe, that there would be the regrets that came with this, but so long as you’re willing, this regret can still, be made up for, I hope that we are all, living happily.

And so, these are, tragic stories of how giving to the family, caused the caretaker, to fall apart, like for the grandmother, she didn’t have a choice, or at least she couldn’t see the other options, and eventually, the caretaking became, too burdensome, and she’d ended up, murdering her own grandchild, while the other woman, she may seem selfish, because, it seemed as though she was, abandoning her husband who became, paralyzed, but she didn’t want to become his caretaker for life, and so, she’d selected divorce, and surely, it got her the bad reputation of ill-fitting as a wife, but heck, at least, she’d made a decision, to save herself actively, instead of being driving to murder her own handicapped husband after she grew tired and weary of taking care of him long-term, like the elderly woman who felt that she didn’t have any other, choice!  So, it’s NOT selfish, to look out for number one, and, W-H-O, is number one?  Oh yeah, we, individually, ARE, number ONE in our lives, and if we don’t take good care of ourselves first, how the @#$% (maxed out!) can we, take care of, anybody else???

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