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Chen Should NOT Use Emotional Blackmail on the Matters of Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV, Instead He Should Rely on the Scientific

Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, on how the head of defense against MERS-CoV is all talk, and nothing more, translated…

The commander of the CDC, Chen has power in his hands, not only did he hold control over ALL the resources, all the measures of defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, every word out of his mouth, was also, carefully, examined by all.  The most memorable words of late, was how his feeling “defeated” over how the outside world interpreted the government’s means of buying up the vaccines for being nontransparent for all to see and know, along with his “sense of upset”, his intentions of suing the KMT for the accusations of his improper behaviors as the commander.

still huffing, puffing, and the country’s going to, B-L-O-W because of him!

the head of defense against MERS-CoV, still, bullshitting! Photo form online

Chen’s usage of speech, was a seemingly uncle next door, super kind, like a sort of a “connection between people”; there were the empty promises made of “getting ahead of the rest”, or the seemingly, expert jargons which he used, but as the statistics and his claims don’t correspond to one another, he’d not talked of the operational problems, instead, used the “review and returned”.  And every time Chen spoke something, it’d, sparked up the society’s discussions.

But, the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV is a serious matter, and, those words he’d spoken can only be, the jokes of after meal tea time for the public, we can’t stop, focusing on the more important matters here, and, can’t dodge if there are, the executive responsibilities in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and, fighting the spread IS a matter of science, there’s no need for personal opinions on every single related matter, no need for emotional blackmail either, to reply back to the doubts, the questions of the local communities all around, use the evidence, to show, that, is the best measures.  Like how the expert discussion forums of the nation’s own produced vaccines hold no written nor recorded records, the outside world couldn’t understand how the company, Medigenvac’s passing the emergency use requirements, and it can’t, get rid of the doubts that we the people, have of this, vaccine.

The government is to serve the people, and limited in power by a democracy, evaluated by the judiciary branch, under the examinations of the public, all of this, is natural, and only using the facts, the efficiency, not putting on a show, no matter how good the lines are, it can’t, change how we the people, feel about it.

And this is on how the government is all talk, and NO actions, the government had, delayed all of us here, in getting the vaccines we are in dire need of, to defend us against MERS, and now, because it had stakes in the national brand of unproven-as-effective methods of making the vaccines, all of us, people here, will turn into, lab rats, for the government’s, virology, experiment, and that’s, just not right!  Where’s OUR rights, huh???

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Apollo 11

The missions to space, a tiny step for a man, a huge leap, for mankind!  The intrigues of what lies beyond…translated…

Recently, I’d watched a very special documentary, “Apollo 11”.  This film was screened in 2019, but it’s a story that’s been filmed completely, back in 1969: the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.  The film completely collected the precious footage from back then, with the editing, through the remastering by the digital process, the images came in full-color, like it was, yesterday, and you can’t tell, that the original footage was from fifty years ago.  And those who didn’t know it, would think, that this was, a new astronaut film by Hollywood.  The film was a little over an hour and a half long, like the viewers were, walking into, NASA headquarters, sitting at the Houston Space Center, and, are all involved, in this mission to the moon, it’s, such, an amazing film!

After watching the documentary, my space soul seemed to have, been, awakened.  I’m a bit embarrassed to say, that becoming an astronaut, was my childhood dream at age seven, back then, I’d, taken the liberty, to remember all the stars in the Solar System, the galaxies, the harder to remember names, and at my science fair, I’d made a Harley’s Comet model, and, pulled along my younger brothers, to carry that star chart, onto the add-on asbestos rooftop, to find the constellations with me, and we all got, bitten all over our bodies by the mosquitoes.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, the words of, Armstrong, was also, among those who were on Apollo 11th to outer space, also, the very first man who’d, set foot on the moon.  But in the documentary, as I saw him set foot out, and blurted out this memorable classic line, I’d, chuckled……………

these are the brave men of the mission

the Apollo 11 to the moon, from online

“This is way too serious emotion, the voices, way too, matter-of-fact, this isn’t, from improvisations, or thought of at the moment, but from what he’d rehearsed of what he would say when he was not yet up in space!”, I’d, guessed.

Armstrong and his companions rode to the moon successfully on Apollo 11th to the moon, and, made America win in the space race with Russia, and so, the conspiracy theory that were disputed on how the Americans had, cheated had, never ceased.  The doubters firmly believed, that all the scenes were the from NASA having Kubric, the director, to film in the studios.  Similar political conspiracy theory in the film, “Wag the Dog” in 1997 was portrayed to perfection, the American president was involved in a sex scandal, the crises management team leader, portrayed by Robert DeNiro found the Hollywood producer portrayed by Dustin Hoffman to help, used the special effects of the movies, made a film on the war in Albania, and successfully, diverted the public’s attention, dissolved the crises, and, allowed the president’s popularity to hike up higher than ever before.

But, the same point of creation, used in the movie, “Interstellar” by Chris Nolan, became how the U.S. government used the Apollo spaceship going to the moon, as an untruth, a conspiracy theory, to destroy the credibility of NASA, to keep people on earth, to fight the matter of world hunger.

Truth in fiction, fiction, in truth, it’s, all in the eyes of, the beholders, of course, and all of this, was, riding off of Apollo 11’s fame.  And, everybody only remembers the very first man who’d, succeeded, as for those that failed, like Apollo first, second to the tenth that kept trying, or those that came after, the 12th, the 14th, to the end, Apollo 17th, they never got, the attention.  (the journey of Apollo 13, was a disaster, that ended up, will little damages, and it’d also been made, into film).

The Apollo missions that won worldwide fame, and cost a lot, finally came to an end by the end of 1972, until this very day, there’s no humans, setting foot onto the moon again.  I’d heard, that NASA announced its brand new plan to send the astronauts to the moon in 2024, while the Asian woman, Kjell Lindgren might be on it, it’s really, exciting!

Oh, and it’s July 20th today, the fifty-second anniversary of the first man, setting foot on the moon!

And so, these are, the space missions, with the purpose of???  Oh yeah, see WHO gets there first, Russians, Chinese, Americans, etc., etc., etc., and, there are, just, too many, fantasies we all have of, outer space, of what’s, out in the, unknowns of other parts of the solar systems that’s still, unexplored yet, that’s why, people are still, mildly, intrigued, just not as much as people had been, back, fifty, sixty, seventy years ago though, but we are still, somewhat, intrigued by, what’s, “out there”, in outer space…

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The Children, Hooked on the High-Tech Gadgets? Using the Opportunities, to Teach Them about Regulating Themselves

Ways of, teaching children, who are, growing up, in the, digital age, because you can’t, BAN them from, contact of the high-tech devices, as it’s just, impossible, especially now, with MERS-CoV, and everything, learning, play, is all, online!  Expert advice, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The summer’s begun, but, there’s no after school care program, no summer camps for the children to go to, and, the only thing that remained, in the lives of children, are the, high-tech, gadgets.  The psychiatrist, Chen recommended that the parents not pushed too hard, instead, they should, help the children gain better understanding of how to use the high-tech devices to their own, advantage, the following was the psychiatrist, Chen’s experiences:

After the outbreaks started, the parents in my clinic, and on FB, are all, overly, anxious, if they needed to work, should they allow their children to use the high-tech devices for an hour like they’d set it up from before?  There are, the desperate measures, during these, desperate, times, and now, the online learning came into, the realms, and, it’s best, that parents, can, utilize the means.

this is, what’s, trending, right, now!

photo from online

Parents, do remember, that “When we’re all well, then, our children would be too!”, it’s very hard, adapting to the distant, out-of-office, working from home, don’t give yourselves too much pressures, and, only keep guard over what you’re children are viewing, the games they’re playing online would be fine.  If the children are older, then, you can make the rules, for instance, for every thirty minutes they’d spent on the high-tech devices, they need ten minutes off of it, and use the screens with the larger sizes, the iPads, the desktops or the laptops.

Digital learning is now, the trend, the parents needed to get with the process, not seeing the high-tech gadgets as something that’s, harmful, you need to pay attention, to what your children are, into.  For instance, get to know the fun resources for learning online, to offer more learning choices digitally to your own children.  For instance, the computer program that allows you to learn to program and play the games at the same time: Roblox, along with the games fitted to younger children, Scratch, etc., etc., etc.

Especially for the children in their adolescence, being locked at home, without their cell phone advantage, they may, get into, conflicts with you even more often.

The outbreaks are a mirror of truth of parent-child relationships, do get to know what’s in the world of teenager in the means of high-tech, so long as the contents the child’s scanning through is watched by you, can be controlled by you, but don’t over control your children’s means of surfing online, their usages of internet.

And so, this would be, a not too easy lesson for all you, parents to manage, I mean, how do you know, what’s enough, and what’s, too much, this is still, all, trial-by-error, and each family must find, what works, individually, because this is still not, a one-size-fit-all kind of a thing.

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The Psychiatrists’ View on Anxieties of Vaccines

The observations, of a PSYCHIATRIST here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The patients of my treatment clinic composed of mostly elderly population, at the start of the outbreaks, a lot of the families were too nervous, to not bring their elderly parents back for treatment; finally, the long-awaited vaccines are here, but, the media press embellished on the adverse side effects for the elders who received the vaccinations, which caused my elderly patients to grow even more, anxious.

I’d asked my patients to take out the medicine pouches, explained to them, “all the medications help, but there are those with the side effects, it’s all printed on the bags, and, there would be those who have the allergies because of their systems, but, do we stop taking our medications because of it?  If because of ‘the possibilities of’ and ‘risk factors’ we’d stopped, taking the medicines altogether, then, there would be, no medication available, because there are, NO perfect, medications.”

I said, “everybody loves her/his parents, we all want that perfect vaccine for them, but, there is, NONE!  See from our medical care workers, at first, when they’d been told, that they needed the flu vaccines, from the start, they’d, started, comparing the various kinds, and yet, year after year, they’d started, getting used to, any brand would be fine, and then, they’d gotten their flu shots when they’d become, available, and everybody became, less, selective.”

The members of the families thought a bit, and stated, “yeah, every time the physicians notified me, that mom needs the flu shots, I’d taken her to get her shots, without a second though.”  I’d asked her then, “do you think the COVID-19 shots are only the two this year, or, do you think it will be like the flu vaccines, by the year in occurrences?”

“I get, that everybody wants the best brands, but, it’s like how it is with the flu shots, this is the very first year, and everybody worries about the differences in side effects, the effectiveness of the various vaccines, but, a few years from now, after we all get used to it, it won’t make, any, difference anymore.”  Every medication has a side effect, but, nobody can predict the chances of the side effects that might happen.  We can encourage our elderly parents to get the vaccines, and, keep close tabs on the reactions in their bodies after they received the vaccines, have them rest more, drink more fluids, to not add on to the external factors, that, is the best way.

Because the “side effects” of MERS-CoV vaccines are as serious as DEATH, that, is why all those, elderly in the population, who are up for their vaccines are, backing out, and because of how there are only, one kind of vaccine available, and, because of the magnifying of the side effects of the vaccines by the media press, that’s why, the elders are now, super reluctant, in getting their, MERS-CoV vaccines, but like this physician told, everybody may have a different kind of response, depending on their separate systems, and, you just, can’t predict, what sort of a response might happen to you, before you get the shots, and now, it’s, best, that the elderly population just, line up to get their shots, because, we the younger generations want the shots, but, we are still, waiting our turns, as, there are, NOT enough vaccines going around.

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The Delta Strain…

In the form of, a narrative, I suppose…and, here’s, some of that, NEEDED INSIGHTS for all of you, CDC “professionals”(are you sure you got, enough, professionalism of your own areas of, expertise there???).

I’m the delta strain, and, I’m slowly, becoming, the MAIN form of MERS-CoV, and, I’m, stronger, tougher to kill off, compared to my, alpha, beta “compadres”, and, I’m bound to, mutate, again, and come back even stronger, as you, god damn FUCKING (‘cuz I’m the virus, and I can swear, all I want to here!) humans, try to, take me out…

And, now that, I’d, mutated, a third time, I’d acquired, the antibodies that my former “forefathers”: alpha and beta strains”, don’t got, because, the vaccines that’d been developed now, can take them both out.

what “I” look like…photo from online

And so, yeah, looks like, I’ll be, ruling this world, for a bit, ‘cuz you FUCKING, little STUPID human beings, still don’t got single C-L-U-E there, had you allowed me to, run my course with the global population, as Mother Nature mandated (yeah, ‘cuz the virus in its original form had been proven to be, naturally-occurring, hello, hello, hello???), then, I wouldn’t have to, mutate like CRAZY, as you, stupid little humans try to, kill me off, besides, I’m only, recycling people, to help Mother Nature heal here!

So, don’t shoot me, I’m only, that lesson that you all need to learn, but still hadn’t, quite, “managed” Y-E-T is all………

my alpha “former self”…

in 3D, from online…

Now that, I’m, out of that, “outfit”, let me reiterate (why am I repeating myself here again???): reason why the virus is mutating quicker, quicker, and quicker, reason why the new strains of MERS is harder and harder to kill off is, because we’re trying to ERADICATE it, wipe it off the surface of this planet, and, that’s why the mutations are happening all over the world now, ‘cuz they’re, trying to, SURVIVE, like we, “higher orders” (are we really???) of living organisms are doing.

Hello, hello, hello, why do I feel like I’m the only one who’s seeing this, “trend”???  Oh, must be my high-up status inside this ivory tower of my FREAKIN’ mind, that’s, gained me, a panoramic, perspective…………

And, with each and every strain mutation, I’ll get, stronger yet, so, eventually, you god damn, stupid human had made me INVINCIBLE, and by then, the race of humans shall be, completely, S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!! 


what “I” look like, in “my” mutated form, from South Africa…

photo from online

And no, I still don’t “own” a degree in the medical sciences, or microbiology, or even, virology here, I still just had a bachelors of ARTS, in psych…

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The Habits of Making the Lowly Mistakes Unchanged, Taiwan Shall be Closed, Indefinitely

It’s still, the god DAMN, @#$%ING policies of this god damn government that’s, SCREWING us all over here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As people started to believe, that the epidemic is, slowing down, with the lowering of the third level of alert, we’d only gotten ecstatic for just two days, the confirmed diagnoses rose back up to three-digits, with total number of deaths, exceeding 600.  Thankfully, the Command Center didn’t announce the lowering of the alert levels so carelessly, otherwise, the consequences would be, too dire.  What’s worth noting more, is how in just one day, Kaohsiung had nine new cases added on, with the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen’s blaming Taipei and Hsinbei Cities for their lacking in control of citizen who’d contracted the virus, and the false reports.  What’s worth more of our attention is, the originally safe and secure southern regions now had the new clusters of epidemic, in just one day, nine cases in Kaohsiung spiked up.  There were, five confirmed cases of contraction in Pingdong as well, and, the source was the individual who’d returned from Peru, and, we’re all, waiting anxiously to find out, if it’s, the first case of the Peruvian Lambda mutated virus.

It’s clear to see, why it is hard to split up the levels of alerts in the various regions here in Taiwan.  First, there’s only a seven-percent of inoculation of vaccines, not nearly enough, for the immunity of population to happen; secondly, the lives were interrelated, a lot of those who work up north live in the central, or southern regions, and, it would be, too difficult, to implement the policies of by-district rules of disease prevention; third, whenever any place loosens up the restrictions, there would be the large masses, pouring in; fourth, because the government does NOT allow for the general scans, those who are only with the less severe symptoms are going around, spreading the virus out, really hard to control.

The nine confirmed new cases in Kaohsiung, two cases of the clusters of contractions are both involved with the residents going from south to north; the seven cases in Jen-Wu, traced back to the hospitalized patient in the En-Chu-Kong Hospital, as the individual returned to Kaohsiung to live, the individual passed the virus to two families, with a total of seven members contracting the virus.  Chen accused that the Hsinbei City failed to keep track of the patient, and, failed on listing these man who’d entered and exited out of the En-Chun-Kong Hospital three times as a patient to trace, in the end, it was the government officials in Kaohsiung who’d gone online, and tracked the leads.

Chen’s anger, mostly, was from how his sustaining the “plus zero” diagnoses getting destroyed, naturally, he’d, needed to, blow off some steam.  And yet, the war against the outbreaks, is this, never-ending, tug-of-war with the virus, without bounds, can he blame how Hsinbei had, “intentionally” released the virus into Kaohsiung?  Of course not!  If he could, then, both Taipei and Hsinbei could, openly, accuse Chen, the commander for not keeping the country protected enough, to allow the virus, to take over Taiwan, to stress everybody on this, island?

If evaluations are necessary, what’s worth noting more is, in just two months, the confirmed cases increased to more than 14,000, with more than six hundred people dead, but, the central and local governments are still, making those, lowly mistakes repeatedly, with no intentions of, amending their, methods.  If the policies are what made the outbreaks happen again, no matter how we keep our selves in check, there’s, NO way we can, escape, the attacks from the virus.  For instance, how Chen blamed the city government of Hsinbei for not keeping tapes on the disease-control of En-Chu-Kong Hospital, allowing the patient to bring the virus to Kaohsiung, causing seven people to get confirmed of contractions; while the hospital responded, that the methods of precautions they took, was exactly as the Department of Sanitations Welfares demanded.  In actuality, in the heights of the outbreaks of May, the patients who’d contracted the virus couldn’t even, get into the hospitals to get treated, how can the command center have the mind, to think of the evaluation of its, proceedings?

What’s more debatable is, as the outbreaks locally grow more and more serious by the days, the Command Centers is still, Johnny-come-lately, in the scanning of those who flew from abroad.  How careless the government’s overlooking the borders of the country, it’s hard to understand the government’s mindset.  From the newly discovered five cases of contraction in Pingdong, the sources are the grandparent-grandchild pair who’d returned from Peru on June 6th, although they had the negative test results on record with them, they’d still, infected those whom they live with, then, other family members, as well as a cab driver.  The virus so carelessly, spread into the local communities, and it would be, next to impossible, to trace those who’d contracted the virus secondhand, thirdhand.  The truth is, there were, only, a few hundred of individuals who’d entered from out of country, and in this condition, why didn’t Chen order the general scans earlier?

Take for example, this grandparent-grandchild pair who’d returned from Peru, although they have the negative test reports, but, before their quarantine terms were up, they’d been confirmed of diagnoses.  Reasonably, if the at-home quarantine regulations were followed to the t, they shouldn’t be able to pass the virus along to other relatives, nor the neighbors; it must be how they weren’t, thorough enough in their at-home quarantines, that’s why the virus got out.  Especially, the Lambda strain from Peru is even tougher in its resistance to the medications, and spread out even quicker, once it’s out, the originally available vaccines we have here, will NO longer be enough, to block it, seeing how we’re, already, lacking the amounts of vaccines available to us.  The Command Center doesn’t do the general scans for those who come into the country’s gates, lacking the strict rules of the special areas’ quarantine populations, how many time do they need to make this, rudimentary mistake, to finally learn the lessons?

And look, all of the availabilities of our vaccines, the machines to save the lives, are solely, reliant on donations from the local organizations and other countries, while our politicians are, doing their best, to, blame someone else for the incompetence, the sixteen-year-old nursing school student got accidentally shot with the vaccines she shouldn’t be shot with.  People are struggling here, while the policy makers are still, pointing fingers, placing the blames, how will Taiwan be, able to, unlock the gates?

And this, is still, the problems on both sides, the individuals’ and the government as a collective, the government is at fault, for not making the vaccines available for the majority of the population, so we can, at least, have a set level of, immunity, and on the local levels, because the governments have no way of, keeping tabs on those who had contracted the virus, from running around all over the country, and on the individual level, as this MORONS still refused, to just, SIT still, in their, quarantines, and, with all three levels of trying to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, busting out, WrIDE open, of course there are going to be, more contraction than ever, besides, it’s, currently, at the HEIGHT, of the virus’s activity levels, as this virus won’t get killed, until the temperatures rise up to 50-degrees Celsius (I think it was, but don’t quote me!), and, by the time the temperature actually, rises up to fifty, are we going to survive that heat?  HECK no, it’s only about, 37, 38 right now, and, a lot of the houses here are, already, cranking up their, air-conditioning, units!

So yeah, it’s still the government’s policies that’s, screwed us A-L-L here!!!

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What Does, the DELAYS in Vaccine Availability Means to the People of This Nation???

Ooh-ooh-ooh, can I take a WHACK at this one???  The “Teacher” looks around the room, then, calls on that eager “kid” to answer this question!

What does, the DELAYS in vaccine availability means to the people of this nation???  Well, that’s super easy, because the government discontinued the importations of the known-to-work vaccines that had been developed externally, making the majority of us into, LABRATS for the vaccine trials developed in this FUCKING great nation of ours (yeah, still being sarcastic!), now, can you blame the government, for wanting to make some extra “cash” in this crisis?  Of course N-O-T!  As money, is EVERYTHING to people, and the government is set on staying AGAINST China, because the government somehow is, in the delusions of how if we take the vaccines manufactured by BioNTech (with the factories set in China???), we would become, China’s BITCH!

And, what it worlds down to, is that the government does NOT believe, that ENOUGH had died here, because of contraction, and besides, it’s not like there are only, a handful of us, Taiwanese left on this FUCKING (so???) planet here, I mean, there are, still, a whole lot of who are of, this, “subculture” of Asians, so, no big deal, if a whole lot more of us D-I-E…

So, we’re all, looking at, contracting MERS, and DROPPING dead, left, and right, until, “then there’s, N-O-N-E, of us, left to, KILL off.

‘K, the Queen (still ME!) is done, “venting” for this particular “round”, stay tune, for whatever the HECK it is I might come up with, and how the hell should I know what that might be, huh?  I’m still on this particular one here.

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To a DEADBEAT, on Father’s Day…

Seeing how it’s, Father’s Day in the U.S. of A. today, here goes…

To a DEADBEAT, on Father’s Day:

You were NEVER there when I was growing up, and now you expect what, a Father’s Day card each and every year?  You have GOT to be, shitting me here!  Why the @#$%(maxed out) should I give a SHIT about you, huh?  Just because you “kindly donated” that mother @#$%ING (holding back on swearing here!) TADPOLE, to “make” me, that made you, my father, is that it?

To a DEADBEAT, on Father’s Day, do NOT expect a thank-you card, a huge cake from your children to, celebrate you, you MOTHER #$%@ER (so???), ‘cuz there wouldn’t be none (and your point being???).

the man who’d CHEATED on his own wife, walked out on his own children, does NOT deserve the “title” of a “father” here! Photo from online

Now that we’re, all grown up, we got NO need for you to hang around, as you’d never given a FLYING FUCK (yeah, so, I’m swearing again here!) about your own children, so what right have you, to ask us, created from your fucking tadpoles, to give a flying @#$% about you, huh?

So here’s to you, my DEADBEAT father on Father’s Day, and you still can’t blame me, for being, an INGRATE that I became, and it’s all because of you, that I’d become, a total, INGRATE, so yeah, thanks for that, you MOTHER @#$%ER (maxed out here???)…

And then, all fall silent, you can hear those, tear drops, hit the hard concrete…………

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They’d Broken Up, & Drunk from the Drug Coffee Pouches, the Woman Died

The drugs still abused, despite how everything else is, halted, by MERS-CoV!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks of MERS-CoV reached its height, the addicts didn’t care about the possibility of contraction, and still gone to the hotel rooms, to abuse the illegal substances together.  A woman, Chang, and a man, Song from Taoyuan met up at a motel to drink the drug filled drip coffee pouches, Chang fell into a coma, died, the police confiscated ten packs of drug coffee and arrested Song; the man, Hsieh and his girlfriend, Hsu in Hsinchu went to the motel to abuse ketamine, found by the police, they’d claimed, that they’d not used the drugs during the outbreaks, that they were having a relapse from the abuse, and desperately needed it, so they’d, gone to the motels to “fix” the problems on their own.

The police found, the twenty-three-year-old woman, Chang and the twenty-nine-year-old man, Song broke up, but still gone out on a drug date, late in the night on the second, they’d checked into a motel in Taoyuan; the following morning at around eight, Song found Chang in a coma, asked the motel staff to call emergency, Chang was in the hospitals, being resuscitated for five whole hours, and still, died.

drug abuse doesn’t take a “holiday” because of MERS-CoV outbreaks here! Photo from online

That morning, as the police were notified by the hospital, they’d rushed to the motel, saw Song, and found two balloons with laughing gas for abuse, they’d had sexual intercourse, as the police told Chang’s body tested positive for amphetamine and ecstasy, that was when he’d admitted to abusing the drug coffee pouches, and turned the ten packs he had in his car to the police, claimed that Chang brought it wither from home.  The police rushed to Chang’s residence, and, confiscated one pack of drug coffee from her bedroom, and, charged Song on possession and drug abuse charges.

And, during the midnight hours of the seventh, the patrol officers were doing the rounds, passing a motel in Zhudong Township, found the thirty-two-year-old mal, Chang and the thirty-year-old woman, Hsu leaving, the police pulled them over, but found they’d looked, off, and demanded that they get out of the car to get scanned, and, the police found 1.5 grams of ketamine, and the plate used to cut the drugs.

The two claimed, that the karaoke, the bars, and other places they could go all got closed down, but the hotels, the motels were still open, they’d paid six hundred dollars N.T. to stay, and spent three hours abusing ketamine, they were both booked for drug possession charges.

And so, when you need it, you need it, and, because of the outbreaks, this will make it even harder, for someone who’s, in need of a quick fix, and that is what happened here, because these individuals needed a fix, and, all the other places are shut due to MERS-CoV, so they’d gone to the motels to abuse the drugs, and they still got caught!

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Taking the Risk with the Flight, the Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Fought Hard to Survive

Due to the lack of availabilities of vaccines here in this “free” country where I’m currently living, this is what’s, currently, happening, everybody tries, to GET out of the country, to get the medical help (i.e. vaccines, and other sorts of treatment measure provisions!) they’re in need of, because the government here, “malfunctioned”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The media press reported, how the Taoyuan International Airport is, jam packed with those heading over to the U.S., a lot had come to Taiwan, to escape the outbreaks, and now, people are, heading back to the States, to get the vaccines, and of them, the cancer patients, fighting for, their, lives too, this is, what my families are, faced with, the struggles.

The oncologist told, that the cancer network of U.S. set up its newest recommendations in March this year, strongly recommending cancer patients should be prioritized in receiving the MERS-CoV vaccines.  Because once the cancer patient contracted the virus, all the cancer treatment measures will be halted, and at the same time, the patients would be in quarantine; and if the infections turned into pneumonia, not only would there be needs to administer the cancer treatment drugs, but also, the drugs for pneumonia too, making the level of difficulty in treatment increasing, and this also increase the rates of, fatality.

But, the cancer patients aren’t a group of priority injection recipients.  In mid-April, a younger family member was, diagnosed with cancer, he has elderly parents, and children in the elementary school years, the burdens on him, he couldn’t, let go of.  He’d gone to N.T.U. to treat his cancer actively, taking the target medications, about to get radiation, to shrink the cancer cells, using that optimism, to fight, but, the outbreak occurred, and, messed up all of his, plans.

Life and death is already, set, we all know that.  But, if the government stalled us, nobody, I believe, can accept it.  People have the rights to life, no matter the ways, government, PLEASE, give the cancer patients, a chance, to live!

And, this is just, how bad it’s, currently, getting, in this country, where once, medical care provisions are, looked upon as, one of the BEST in the world, and yet, this round (not with Jose Cuervo, I’m afraid!) with MERS-CoV, it’d, totally, busted the medical systems, and this still just showed, how ill-prepared this country truly is, and we (collectively speaking, that is!), pride ourselves (see the previous parenthesis) on having the BEST forms of free medical healthcare program in the world?  Yeah, see how this “tiny bug” called, MERS-CoV is, kicking this country, as well as the systems’ A-S-S here!


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