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In an Elitist Society…

We are many, ruled by one, in an, elitist society, with the government taking control over EVERYTHING we do, and we still don’t “share” anything (see how this SHIT is way worse than Communism???).

In an elitist society, the chosen few gets to decide the fates of everybody else, because they’re selected, they’re chosen, to MAKE the choices regarding our lives FOR us, and we got no say!

In an elitist society, the government ruled over us all, and we’d become, like those, trained doggies, when our owner (the government) says go right, we head right, when the owner says SIT, STAY, and the difference between we the people at those pets is that we still don’t get that “treat”, when we follow the commands of our separate governments.

In an elitist society, but, who the FUCK gave the rights to those who are now, ruling over us?  Who gave them the POWER over us?  And, WHY do they get to decide, what we can, or cannot do with our lives, our bodies, our minds even?

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The Two Dead Bodies Found at a Motel, the Female Had Ligature Marks on the Neck, the Man Sustained a Gunshot Wound

We really don’t know what had happened to cause this man and this woman to die, a lovers’ quarrel that ended in murder, she’d confronted him about her being pregnant, and he got angry, and he has a wife, etc., etc., etc., but the man and the woman both died, leaving the loss to their families to handle…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Man Was Married, and in a Relationship with the Woman, Suspected that They Got into an Argument in the Confrontations, the Man Murdered the Woman then Committed Suicide

There were two bodies found in a motel in local Changwha yesterday.  The police and D.A. were notified and started investigating, the deceased woman, Liao and the married man, Su met up for a confrontation, after the two started arguing, the man murdered the woman, then, committed suicide, the investigators found, that the bullet went in from Su’s head, got stuck in the back of his neck, while for Liao, there were the strangulation markings on her neck, with multiple blood spots on her lower neck, and if her death was caused by anoxia from asphyxiation or artificial suicide, there would need to be an autopsy to determine.

And because there was a sonogram of a three months old fetus in Liao’s purse, the police suspected, that she was pregnant, but the D.A. told, that the families confirmed that Liao was pregnant, but already miscarried, that she wasn’t currently pregnant.

The man from Taichung, Su (age 28) and Liao (age 22) went to a motel in Yuanling four days ago, at noon yesterday, they’d not checked out, the counter clerk called the room, nobody answered, knocked on the door, nobody came, the employee opened the door, found both Liao and Su on the bed, and as the clerk walked closer, he’d found a huge pool of blood by Su’s right side of head, Liao’s face covered in a towel, the worker got out of the room, called the police.

The police were notified, went into the room, found Su and Liao had been dead already, pulled up the tapes, found no last note, Su’s right hand clung on tight to the altered gun, with a gunshot wound on his right temple, there wasn’t any visible injuries on Liao, but there was the ligature marks on her neck, the air conditioning was on full-blast, their bodies had been stiff, and the police can’t tell exactly when they had died.

The clerk at the motel told, that Su and Liao would head to the counters to pay for the day, two days ago, they’d told that they were checking out yesterday, but they’d not shown, the worker called up their room, no answer, and went to knock, no response, and the worker didn’t suspect that they would be dead.

Based off of understanding, Su was the fourth child of his family, already married, with two children, was in a relationship with Liao, they’d not looked off as they checked in, the police suspected that Liao may have confronted Su with the ultrasound of the fetus with Su, they started arguing, and in the end, Su may have murdered her, the families of both individuals were called, they’d rushed to the motel, to perform the rituals, Su’s families were lowkey, and didn’t’ say anything to the press.

At the Changwha City Morgue, the district attorneys autopsied the bodies, Su’s parents, Liao’s mother and aunt were all interviewed, the families of the deceased were all distraught over how they’d selected to commit suicide together.

And so, we have no idea exactly what had happened, whether if the woman was murdered by the man, after she’d confronted him with her pregnancy, and he’d snapped, or that they were in love, and could see no other way that they can be together in this life, so they’d, selected to end their lives, but, this is loss, for both families that’s for sure.

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We are Not Allowed to Love Who We Want to Love

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, because the LAW states, that the institution of a marriage exists only between a man AND a woman.

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, because the world is still, narrow-minded in accepting those who are different than the majority of populations, and those of us who don’t fit this “norm” are forced underground to live, to NEVER come out into the light, to stay inside the closets, LOCKED up.

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, the law won’t give us the right to love one another, because we are of the same gender.  We are NOT husband and wife, not spouses, but, partners without the rights over our own way of life.

We are NOT allowed to love who we want to love, because that is how it is, we were born wrong, or so they hinted to us, but, there’s nothing wrong with our sexual orientation, it’s not as if, we can, choose our own sex, or the sex we love, opposite or the same!

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Thankful There’s No Time Machine

How the DDP is able to, BRAINWASH the masses, due to the younger generations of voters being, ignorant, because these younger generations had been, exposed to the wrong values of the DDP since they were younger, and, by the time they are older, those wrong beliefs had already been, too deep in, and even AT the sight of things that proved that the party hadn’t been doing right by the people, they still, chose to be blind about it, so, hands down, to DDP’s ability to BRAINWASHING these ignorant younger generations of voters here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty three years ago, to celebrate the birth of “New China”, the Chinese publisher published the new book, “The Foremost Voices of History”, with the various newspapers’ commentaries, criticisms from 1946 to 1949, with the subtitle of “The Majestic Promise from Fifty Years Ago”.  And yet, as soon as the volume was published, it was evaluated by the government, and put on the ban list, because the criticism of the authoritarianism of the government of China, is opposite of what the people expected of a free nation, and this is still applicable, FIFTY years later!

Communism was once, the ideals of a lot of the youth in China, by the same way, the participants of movements of the party politics here, were also filled with the higher up ideals, and rebelliousness.  For instance, the belief of how democracy needed to be balanced out, the country can’t be used as a private machine by the party in power, and the politics of the councils should NOT be the teams of votes supporting the party, using its large number of seats, and crushing everything else.

What would, those who weren’t in power see, of their own party, as they’d examined the tracks?  After the DDP took complete power of the country, it’d carried that “I’m now ruling” attitude; and, as the party got the majority seats in the legislatures, it’d run over the opinions that aren’t aligned with their own, to keep itself in absolute power; the justice, the examination department, the district attorney’s offices, the investigative units, and all other, independently operating agencies, all became, pocketed by the party, and the DDP had gone all the way, in “party rulership”.  Not only that, comparing how in the earlier eras of the party, with the multiple opinions available to be heard, and now, everything’s one-sided, the voice of the party ranked supreme; when they’re out of power, they’d sung loudly, that the legislature should operate independently, and, criticized the executive department’s meddling in, and now, it’d partook the role which the party hated when it wasn’t in power; nothing is worth their time, save for ensuring the personal benefits were watched out for, or their party supporters got a position higher up.

Thankfully, time machine hadn’t been invented, that we don’t need to face up to our, past selves.  And so, therefore, “The Foremost Voices of History” is definitely banned in China, and the textbooks, must be, rewritten here in Taiwan too, because, controlling the past, and controlling the parents, are always, two sides of, the same, mirror.

And this is, how the DDP ruled over this country, like the DICTATORS of the CKS era, and because they’d brainwashed all of those, younger generations of followers, incited hatred in them, because those younger generations can’t JUDGE for themselves, because they’d been raised, groomed to believe the words of the party that’s currently ruling over this god DAMN country, and those of us who aren’t in line with their beliefs, we don’t feel the need, to vote, because that last issues voting showed, that our voting YES on all the issues, didn’t do SHIT, as the government led by the DDP, found ways to, ignore the voices of the people, after all, they’d, managed to brain wash all the younger generations of followers, because the younger generations had been exposed to what the DDP’s preaching since they were too young to even know it, and, so naturally, they will go along, with whatever the DDP tells them to do.

Now, Fido, go FETCH!

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Monkey POX is Coming!!!

Like how Paul Revere rode and called: THE REDCOATS are coming!???

Monkey POX is coming, and yet, due to the lacking of foresight, this government led by the DDP did NOT order ANY vaccines, because there were only cases, formerly in AFRICAN countries, and that’s, how many kilometers away again?  And besides, there’s, NO chance that the virus can, swim its way across all those bodies of water (i.e. Indian Ocean, etc., etc., etc.) to arrive to this country of ours…so, no worries, people!

Well, guess what, the people in this god damn mother #$%@ING country once again, got a taste of how the LACKING of FORESIGHT of the DDP had ruined us all, as the news stated, “there’s now, a like-monkeypox case that’s entered in from the southern ports”, and, guess what, I’m more than certain, that the developments of this brand new monkeypox virus is gonna be like how MERS-CoV had, taken its course here, first, barely noticeable, then, a TOTAL outbreak, and we ain’t got NO protection, ‘cuz the related family of virus, CHICKEN pox had long been, extinct, and, the chicken pox virus had all gotten, tossed out by what, 60s, 70s or even, as late as the eighties, (around when I was born), and, all of us born after this span of thirty plus years, are all totally, unprotected, because the government hypnotized us, that hey, monkeypox isn’t coming, it’s still, so fucking far off in African from, whenever the first case was…and now, it’s in, Singapore (right???), and that’s, a little bit, closer to this god damn island that we’re currently residing on, but people, no worries, we can dodge this.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere – YouTube change the year to current day, and the redcoats for monkeypox…and yes, the link works!

And that, is just how the government led by the DDP had been, hypnotizing everybody in this country, since the start of the MERS-CoV outbreaks, and now, it’s a brand new disease, with most of us, who are the actual workforce (in our thirties, forties???) population hadn’t been protected, ‘cuz chickenpox’s been extinct since, when was it last “sighted” again?  Exactly.

And, we the people are, gonna get, attacked, and killed by yet another, virus that this government led by the DDP is, too, ill-prepared for and we still won’t, oust these, people who are currently, ruining this god damn country.

Or, look on the bright side: those of who’d SURVIVED the pandemic of MERS-CoV and the oncoming monkeypox, we’re, the strongest, and those who died, well, they’re weak, and they do NOT deserve to pass their genes on.

Yeah, that’s how this @#$%ING (maxed!) government uses natural selection AS the SORRY excuse this time ‘round.

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As Twenty-One More Students & Teachers are Dead Due to Shooting, the Matters of Gun Control in America is Still, Unresolved

Despite how many shootings there’d already been, there’s still NO gun control laws being signed by the U.S., because the citizens believe firmly, their rights to bear arms, is way more important, the how these dangerous weapons are causing the lives to die off left and right, why the gun control laws can’t be passed, in the U.S., despite how many shootings there’d been already, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

May 14th, 2022, an eighteen year old opened fire at a super market in Buffalo, causing ten fatalities, three wounded, and during the process of his assault, he’d streamed it live.

On May 24th, 2022, another eighteen-year-old Texas teen first gunned down his own grandmother, then, took the AR-15 assault rifle to a nearby elementary school and opened fire on the random students, causing the fatalities of two instructors, nineteen students, with eighteen more wounded.

the second amendment right supporters…

photo from online

Based off of the news report on June 2nd of the Washington Post, it’d only been five months into 2022, there’d been more than 250 large scale massacres, with more than four wounded, not counting the shooters.  On average, there’d been no less than four massacres, this showed the severity of the problem.

The problem is not just severe, it’d worsened with time too.  Prior to 2018, the yearly massacre hadn’t exceeded four hundred cases.  In 2019, there’d been 417 cases, 611 cases in 2020, by 2021, there were, a total of seven hundred.  What I observed, is how the political systems of the U.S., is responding to this problem that’s increased by severity by the year.

If you all watched the news lately, the senators from both parties are now, negotiating the laws of gun control, and they would have the means to get the amendment passed from the shooting deaths of the nineteen elementary age students in Texas.  But ten years prior, the Hook Elementary School in Connecticut also had twenty elementary students who’d died in a shooting, back then, the public opinions are also supportive of the passing of a gun control bill, but the bill still, didn’t pass.  The U.S. had been in the vicious cycle of shooting, mourning for the deaths, evaluation of the problem, drafting up the bills for gun control, not passing enough votes, for awhile now.

For many years, gun control had been an issue of debate that separated the politics.  The NRA being one of the strongest forces of supporting the right to bear arms, stated how it is the citizens’ rights to bear arms.  They have the political funding, and supporters, and, in election time, they can easily sway the votes.  And, a lot of the politicians’ political careers are, led by the N.R.A.

For instance, after the shooting in the supermarket in Buffalo, New York, a local senator of the Republican Party, Chris Jacobs supported a stricter gun control law, to ban the sales of massive assault weapons, to lower the number of bullets per casing being sold, and increasing the age of purchase of semi-automatic weapons to twenty-one, etc., etc., etc., which started his own party’s more conservative members on him, this made Jacobs, who would’ve succeeded in winning another term to retire at the age of fifty-five, to not seek out re-election, because he knew what faced him will be the “funding of the interest groups, and the untrue negative messages on him that will attack his credibility.

the supporter of a gun control amendment…

the students protesting on the streets! photo from online

In actuality, the majority of Americans are FOR a stricter gun control laws, especially after the massive death of the random shootings.  I also saw the recent U.S. T.V. reporter, interviewing the host of the gun shows, and they are all for a stricter gun control laws.  But, all of these public opinions, can’t get turned into actual gun control laws in the end.

One reason, is that their passionate cause can’t continue, while it takes time, for the bills to get passed.  And, after at least months of negotiating, the people’s opinions are replaced, by other items on the to do list.  Oni the other hand, the public opinions are a generalized result, but, the election, especially the primaries, are participated, and led by the few political fanatics, which is why there’s this sharp difference, of how they usually don’t reflect the opinions of the public.  And so, the political system of the U.S., can’t find a working solution to this repeated major threat to society.

Not only the U.S., but all the political systems in all countries in the world, may not be able to resolve the long-term issues of the internal affairs of the countries.  The core of the problem rests in how strong the determinations of the people are, how much time, energies, are the locals willing to put in, to show their concerns toward these, varied, issues.  In any systems of politics, most of the people are bystanders, allowing the chosen few to decide on an issue.  We wish that the American will find a way that works best for them, to resolve the problems, and we all need to, be more passionate on the issues regarding the functioning of all of our, separate, countries.

And so, this is why and how the gun control laws, or any other laws have a problem, passing, because of these lobbyists, special interest groups, that are, funding the campaigns of the officials in office, and, surely enough, as those officials who have the right and the abilities to make the changes accepted the moneys, of course they’re all going to do what their sponsors told them to, because that, is how it works.


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How @#$%ED (maxed out!) up the policies of quarantine set forth by the CDC is here, and how this god damn government still can’t make up its own mind of setting up just ONE set of rules that applied to all here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The newly set quarantine of three plus four policy started up, before the very first case of “getting released”, the mayor of Taipei, Ke shouted at Central Government, “the Central Government is making a mess, again!”.  Although, it’s unseen, if the cases will hike back up again, but the messes from the policies, the holes, we can be absolute, that “three plus for does NOT equal seven!”

As the single day’s confirmed cases kept exceeding toward “how can the world catch up to Taiwan”, toward the situations of all the countries around us are opening up their borders, the experts found, that controlling the borders strictly is now, pointless, and naturally, the days of quarantines are reduced.  But, as another mutated strain of MERS-CoV is hitting close, the new policies that are too far from humanity and completely too far-fetched from reality, rather than it’s for the sake of preventing the virus from spreading, it’s more like the preventive shots that the government wants the country to get, to not take responsibilities for what might occur.

The wounds of “three-plus-eleven” of last year still fresh in our minds.  And, as we desperately needed to block off our borders, the CDC had, loosened the means of quarantines for the pilots, causing that opening of the pandemic.  And as we’d complied with the rules of scanning the barcodes, the government enforced the strict punishments of fines, “plus eleven” still can’t keep the behaviors of minority of pilots in check; and now, the government wanted to use the “plus four” mandates to block off the mutated strains, the government’s totally, delusional now!

Although the CDC set up the guidelines of “Getting outside when it’s absolutely necessary, can’t stay out all night”, etc. etc., etc., but, this is a challenge for the management, of human nature.  No limits to the number of times people get to go out, then why would it be “necessary” as a mandate, and this rule set forth by the CDC is bound to get not followed by the people here.  Like the mayor, Ke stated, “You go out every day, you can infect your fellow coworkers from the office, but you can’t bring the virus home and infect your families with it,” totally ironic, and a huge hole punctured by the CDC.

Toward the doubts, the head of State, Su stated, as the Central Government, and the people all working together to block off the mutated strains, then we can be successful in this war with MERS-CoV.  But, the central government’s ambiguous policies, without means to ensure the enforcement of the policies, they’d written the equation of “three plus four equals three”, but had the locals and people write down the equations of “three plus four equals seven”.  And thus, the key to working together successfully, lies in how when everything goes right, it’s on me, but when things go wrong, it’s, on you!

And, this still just showed how irresponsible this government truly had been, since the very start of the pandemic, and this government still does NOT give a flying FUCK about the welfare of we the people, but hey, what can we do?  We’d been, enslaved by the DDP too god damn long here, we can’t even fight it in us to fight anymore, so yeah, people of this “free” country gets, FUCKED (no need to pardon me!) here completely.

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Biden’s Worse than Tsai

On how authoritarianism works well, in keeping our gas costs down, while a free country like the U.S. is experiencing the highest costs in gasoline right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s an eighty-eight percent of rate of inflation in the U.S. right now, the cost of gas skyrocketed, and people are screaming out in pain now.  Biden had asked the gasoline industry manufacturers to produce more, to increase the supply, to lower the costs, and he got the replies of, “We can’t!”, and the industry called Biden out that it was his own, “mistakes in the policies” that’s caused this hike in price, the shortages in supplies.

U.S. produces its own gasoline, and is too far from the warzones of Ukraine and Russia, and kept demanding that all the other countries to isolate Russia; and yet, the U.S. had been tried by the hiking up of oil costs, with Biden not known how to resolve this.  This is confusing to us, the Taiwanese.  We have to import ninety-eight-percent of energies we needed, with the continued hike in cost of international gas prices, and yet, Taiwan isn’t, pressured by the costs of gas.  What’s odder is, China Gasoline had lost up to eighty billion dollars to date, and it’d continued for the eighth week, announcing the lowering by ten cents, fifty cents in prices, is that too weird, or what!

Biden seemingly was able to get the rest of the world to do what he wanted them to, and yet, he couldn’t, get the gasoline providers in the U.S. to lower the prices; and on this, he’d paled by comparison to Tsai.  Tsai, the president, only need to glare, then, the department of economics dips its hands into the oil prices, to stop the drop of prices, to turn it to rise back up.  What’s magical, is that the gasoline in the U.S. is owned privately, and only goes with the flows of the market values; while our petroleum is owned and operated by the government, whatever the government says, goes.  As for why the privately owned, Formosa Petrochemical followed the government’s means, perhaps, the company knew, that the blackmail of the politics is simply too hard to, defy!

The American gas company operators earns a ton of money, but they’d still wanted more, and stated, that Biden’s reducing carbon emissions, and increasing the production of gasoline is ambiguous.  While, China Petro is hanging on a thread, and, it would rather die, than to hike up the costs, how amazing it followed our government’s orders!  On this point, Biden should invite Tsai to the White House, and ask her, how she was able to, silence the mouths of the large monster of inflation, and that giant crocodile of gasoline costs.

And so, this, is on how odd it is, how American, being, a major oil production country, and its gas costs are hiking up higher right now by the minutes, while in Taiwan, we aren’t, and yet, our gas prices are, low, it’s really weird, isn’t it?

Not really, if you examined how the details of how these things functioned, then, you can, trace the roots to how and why, the gas costs are stabilized here in this country, because DDP and Tsai had, dipped their, filthy little fingers into everything, to KEEP the costs of operations at an all-time low here.

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The “Lain-Flat Policies” of Defense Against MERS-CoV, People are Gambling Their Lucks

On the “nature” of MERS-CoV and its, many, mutations, written by a researcher, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the Omicron strain of MERS-CoV started up, because of the rate of morbidity isn’t as high as the past strands, a lot of the areas decided to just wait and see how this particular strain develops, not actively set up the policies to keep the crowd under control.  This also caused the seemingly lightly symptomatic Omicron to get past its former precedents too soon.

This means of carelessness, is exactly like how we’d neglected to note the effects of carbon emissions on global warming.

Currently, most of the countries chose the lain-flat methods of passive trying to keep the spread under control, opened up the gates actively, and yet, there’s, that slowly rising rate of morbidity in every country in the world.

Other than the expectancies of the slowing down of the pandemic, the sightings of the much more dangerous BA.4 and BA.5 signaled, that they may be a brand new mutated strain of MERS-CoV, maybe, the government units needed to start getting the active means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV back up, to NOT allow the citizens to, gamble on their lucks.  Even if the functioning of the society is maintained on the surfaces, there were a ton of industries that’d been impacted greatly, that’s not received the needed government assistance, and can only fend for themselves.

It’s okay, that the government HATES the communists, but, other than using that sour grape mindset to view how China is shutting down the gates of the cities toward outside, the democratic countries should contemplate on this, how many precious lives would come to be lost, for the sake of short-term economic growths, and dignities, and the unchecked total social costs of long-term Covid 19.

We can take from Singapore’s examples of effectively using science to protect against the spread of MERS-CoV, and can also learn from Vietnam, the Philippines, that as they’d been hit at the start of this year too hard, these two countries became, the countries with almost no confirmed contractions, instead of allowing the heavens to take the lives of tens of thousands of citizens lives in only half a year.

And so, this is how the countries are now, fatigued, from keeping the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV up anymore, and, apparently, the HUMAN species still ain’t learned, that MERS-CoV is opportunistic, that every time we’d slacked off, loosened our guards, it would get, heat back up again, hello, hello, hello, that is, the TREND of this virus, or, is it because you all can’t see, ‘cuz you all got your heads, STUCK too far up your, separate FUCKING (so???) asses to see that, huh?

This is, an opportunistic virus, that takes advantages of humans’ slacking off, and the moment we lose our guards, it will, start back up again, like how the Delta and the Omicron strains occurred, and each and every time, the virus contents would be lowered, causing a declining number of fatalities, but at the same time, each mutated strain will be quicker, and quicker to spread, or had you all NOT noted, how this is the evolution, of this, particular, virus here, huh?

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The Court Judge Who’d Filmed His Coworker without Her Consent Got Stripped of His Status of Court Justice, Fought for an Appeal, His Appeal Was Tossed

The judge knowingly, invaded his coworker’s, privacy, getting too nosy, and, it got his judgeship, stripped!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The criminal court justice of Taoyuan, Tsai suspected that his female coworker who’d shared the same office was having an extramarital affair, captured her computer screen conversations, and the photos of intimacies she had on her computer and reported to the head of the courts, in the end, it was, a, misunderstanding; Tseng pressed charges on Tsai, and Tsai was sentenced to five months on obstruction of secret, and invasion of privacy; the duties courts found, that Tsai had lost his credibility to the public, suspended him, and terminate the hiring of him as a court justice for two whole years, Tsai fought for an appeal, and his appeal, tossed.

The court judge, Tseng’s family, due to the needs of the medical sorts, Tsai introduced the court official, Wu who’s famous in the medical field, to help connect her, Tsai didn’t know both Wu and Tseng had been divorced, during May of 2020, in the office, Tsai saw the dialogue box popping up in Tseng’s computer with Wu calling her, “honey”, and sent her the photos of their getting close to each other.

As Tsai was shocked, he’d misbelieved, that Tseng was having an affair, and took the shots of the computer screen, and told the head of courts.  The man called Tseng into questioning, and, confirmed, that there was NO name in the spouse column of her identification card, and told the findings to Tsai, but Tsai still didn’t believe it, and decided to collect more evidence.

The duties courts found, that Tsai only wanted to prove his own personal doubts, and prodded into Tseng’s privacy that he’d, gone against the righteous characters of a court judge, that he’d done something severe, that he deserves to be punished severely.

Tsai originally did okay in his work as a court justice, after he’d committed the crimes, he’d claimed that his mistakes were of the personal sorts, that he’d offended Tseng in another personal matter, that she was getting him back, that’s why she’d sued him, the duties courts believed, that Tsai couldn’t introspect, and had lost credibility of the public, to work in the justice department, terminated his contract for hire for two years.

And so, this is on the importance of MYOB!  I mean, even IF the woman in your office WAS having an affair, that’s her problem, not yours, and yet, you’d gotten, too nosy, stuck your nose into someone else’s business, invaded her privacy, and you’re a court judge like she is too, and, you knew the laws on privacy and yet, you’d still, broken the law, and, the rulings of the man not being hired in the court systems for only TWO years is still too light a punishment here.

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