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A Child, Fatally Shot His Dad, No Charges Were Filed

Did anybody NOT “follow” that keep dangerous ARMS out of reach of children???  And so, this, is yet, another tragedy, and no, it still will NOT be the last of it, trust me on that, from the Houston Chronicles,…

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities aren’t expected to seek charges in the death of an Arizona man who was accidentally shot by his 4-year-old son.

Justin Stanfield Thomas was fatally shot Friday after he and his son traveled from Phoenix to a friend’s home 90 miles away in the northern Arizona community of Prescott Valley for a surprise visit.

Prescott Valley Police Brandon Bonney says the boy found the loaded gun in the home within minutes of arrival, asked a question about it and pulled the trigger.

Thomas later died at a hospital.

Bonney says the gun should have been locked away, but that Thomas’ friend, whose identity hasn’t been released, was caught off guard by the unannounced visit.

No children lived in the house.

The child is now with his mother.

So, in this case, the FOUR-YEAR-old child got a hold of the gun, and WHAM, it fired off, and shot HIS daddy, and, of COURSE that NO “charges” are filed here, after all, we can all conclude, that this is just ONE of the many tragic accidents that’s happened in a household with a G-U-N, where the GUN was safe OR secure, LOCKED UP as it was supposed to be, and you still don’t THINK that we need gun control???

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Her Boyfriend Committed Arson, She Followed Him Off, Her Father Thought She Was Still in the House, Ran Inside to Save Her

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-five year old man, Lu seemed to be displeased at how his 17-year-old girlfriend, Huang’s family stood in their way of being together, yesterday in the early morning, he took a bottle, filled with gasoline to her place in Zhonghe, after he’d committed arson, he’d left with his girlfriend; the father did NOT know that his daughter had made a getaway, still ran into the house that was burning to save her, and he was choked by the smokes, taken to the hospital.

In the ambulance, the father kept hollering, “My daughter is still in there, save her.”, the firefighters saved four people total, including the father, the others are the girl’s grandmother and her uncle and aunt.

The police reviewed the surveillance and found that twelve minutes before the fire was set, Lu had gone into Huang’s house with two plastic bottles, after the fire broke out, the young woman left on her boyfriend’s motorcycle, speeding toward Banciao.  Afterwards, they’d both turned off their cell phones, the police are still chasing leads.

The police found, that Huang, who’d dropped out of technical high school, who is from a single-parent household, was dating Lu, and the family was against it.  Two nights ago, at ten o’clock, Lu went to Huang’s house to talk.  The father who worked in the business of delivery gas cans asked Lu to leave his daughter alone, to NOT fool around with her, to NOT prevent her from her studies, it made Lu unhappy, the two of them got into a huge argument, Lu left at around one in the morn.

At around 3:17 yesterday morning, Lu appeared in front of Huang’s house, took out two bottles, filled with gasoline, entered into her house.  At 3:32, the girl left first, Lu followed her shortly thereafter, then, there was a huge BANG, and the house caught fire.

The man in charge of the borough said that he heard the commotion, he immediately told his son who lived on the fourth floor of Huang’s building to take cover, the neighbors all helped out with the putting out of the fire, gladly, the fire was put out by the fire department, that there were no major damages.

The fire department found that there were two starting points of the fire, the back of the kitchen and on the lanai, close to the storage, they suspected that it was arson, and will now, send the evidence to the forensics to determine.

And so, this still happened, because “Romeo” and “Juliet” were kept apart by HER father, and this time however, our “Romeo” decided to SET fire to “Juliet’s” house, instead of committing suicide, and, look where it will get him?  Behind bars, with “Juliet” never seeing him again, after this, the father is totally NEVER allowing his baby girl to go out with that loser again that’s for sure!!!

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A Grandmother Did Everything She Could, Including Keeping Surveillance on Her Grandson, to Prevent Him from Marrying Again

From the Front Page Sections, translated…
An eighty-year old woman, Wang, because she was an illegitimate child, was bullied by others, she worried that if her divorced grandson remarries, the two great grandsons might have a hard time, in order to prevent her grandson from falling in love, she would guard his door by the day, watching to see if he’d taken anyone home, and the grandmother-grandson pair got into arguments and the elderly woman tripped and fell, hurt herself, the grandson asked for a restraining order and was granted one.
“I can’t understand, what is so wrong with dating after divorce?”, the elderly woman, Wang’s grandson claimed, he said, that he’s already divorced with his ex-wife, and is now single, needs someone to keep him company, and couldn’t understand why other people’s grandmother gave NOTHING but blessings when grandchildren are married, but NOT his own.
Grandma Wang lived with her son and grandson, the grandson is in real estate, at age thirty, he has two elementary school age children. A year ago, the grandson took a woman from work home to discuss the work, the grandmother mistook the grandson for having an affair, she’d told his wife, causing them to get into a huge fight, and they ended up divorced.
The grandson complained, afterwards, his grandmother would NOT let him bring female friends home, and would have a chair outside his doors, and would check the closets to see if there are shoes that don’t belong? Whether or not he has an extra helmet on his motorcycle or not? She would even come to his bedroom doors, to hear if there are women’s voices, it gave him a difficult time.
After he’d divorced, when he took his first girlfriend home, the grandmother found out, called him “shameful”, along with other things; the second girlfriend got rice thrown by the grandmother in her face, signifying an exorcism, they ended up breaking up; and now, he’s with his third girlfriend, he was careful, in not letting his grandmother know about it.
“You must stay faithful in a marriage, how can you screw around?”, the grandmother said, after you’d married, had kids, you must take good care of them, how can you divorce? If you remarried after the divorce, the hard times will come to the children.
The elderly woman, Wang said, that because her own mother is a spare wheel, she’d been carrying a bad rap, when the children from his father’s real wife told her to do something and she didn’t, she’d get beaten, yelled at; and so, she couldn’t accept the fact that her grandson was with another after he was married; after he divorced, she worried that if he remarries again, her two great grandkids will get picked on.
Wang’s son and daughter-in-law stated, that they’d hoped that their son can have a complete family, had communicated with the mother multiple times, but she won’t listen, they were troubled too; the reason why their son kept this third girlfriend “covered up” was to their suggestion.
The grandson said, that he did NOT push his grandmother down, didn’t know how she fell and hurt, but she insisted that he did. The judge believed that the grandmother showed love in a different way, when the grandson disagrees, he should gently communicate with her about it, that if another incidence of violence happens, then, there will BE a restraining order in place.
Because of this elderly woman’s own experiences, and how she got picked on by the rest of the world, called bad names, she tried to save her grandson from weathering through the same things, her heart WAS in a good place, but she had a LOUSY way of showing it, and that just shows you that there would be generation differences, in even the closest people with you.

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Helping a Stranger Elderly Woman, Rebuilding her Home

From the newspapers online, translated…

As a final graduation project, a student from the architecture major did NOT turn in a well-built model on the papers, nor did he submit millions of pages’ worth of written report, but instead, he’d helped an elderly woman who lived alone, fix up her broken roof, remodeled her old place, to make it brand new, so she could live in it with ease. 

To get this house rebuilt, the student would NOT only need the professional knowledge of architecture, he must have a certain degree of understanding of the sufferings of the people too, to show sympathy and empathy, so the elderly woman would be willing to entrust her place of residence to the hands of a stranger.

The student, Lee, took a total of six month, and he finally convinced the elderly woman who lived in Sanchih alone, to “hand over” her place for him to remodel again.  The elderly woman was hung up on getting her property fix and remodeled because she’s already ninety years old, and that it cost a TON of money.  But Lee was eventually able to convince her to make it over for her.  It took over $200,000N.T. to get the work done, and, the money was raised by Lee, with donations from all he knew, friends, family, and college instructors too.  As for the design of the house, along with the constructions, Lee and his fellow architecture classmates, along with individuals from online took care of. 

After working hard on it all, the house finally had a makeover, it was filled with this “scent” of aged beauty, as for the elderly woman, she had gotten a safer place that better fitted her living needs.  Seeing how her old place looked brand new, she started to cry, but they were tears of joy.  Even though her children had distanced themselves from her, at her old age, there are still people who showed their cares and concerns for her, she felt so warm.  And all the bitterness she’d endured tasted sweet, with the care and concerns of these younger children.  The elderly woman had a better place to live in, and what’s more, she’d gotten a taste of how the world cared about her, through the help of these young men and women.

We do NOT know what grade the student had received, but we can be sure of one thing: that the meaning of this project had surpassed the nitty-gritty’s of the architecture major; hope that other students will do what this young man did, go OUT into the world, and make use of what they learned in school, to touch people’s lives.

A good way to leave that final mark, before you enter into the world, you had the chance of making ONE last difference as a student, and so, you took advantage of the opportunity, helped an old woman, better her living conditions, with NO cost to her, and that allowed her to feel the warmth from the outside world, which she thought (probably!!!) had forgotten about her…

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Houston Man, Preying on Hot, Sexy High School Girls

From the Houston Chronicles, by: Carol Christian, in this case, nothing had happened Y-E-T, thank heavens

A Houston man accused of emailing a sexually explicit photo to an undercover officer he thought was a 14-year-old girl has been charged with online solicitation of a minor.

Raul Edward Garcia, 25, was in the Harris County Jail on Thursday, on $20,000 bond.

According to the arrest warrant, Garcia allegedly sent suggestive messages to an officer with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office on May 20 and May 22.

On May 20, the officer was monitoring the online advertising website Craigslist when he saw a posting that led him to believe an adult was looking for a sexual encounter with a juvenile, the warrant stated.

“I am looking for a sexy high school girl who wants to experience an older guy…,” the message said in part.

The officer replied using his undercover persona of “April,” a 14-year-old girl: “i dont know much i juss had 1 boyfren”.

On May 22, during an online chat, the defendant sent “April” a sexual photo, the warrant stated.

The deputy then obtained a subpoena for the I.P. address used to create the Craigslist ad and learned that the computer belonged to a Houston business.

The deputy met with the company’s human resources manager, who said Garcia had been recently hired, court documents stated.

During an interview with the deputy, the defendant admitted he had placed the ad on Craigslist and that he had been chatting with a 14-year-old female he met through the ad, according to the arrest warrant.

And that, would be how EASILY your young children can and WILL BE solicited, and in this case, NO harm had BEEN done, to those unsuspecting teenage souls, but, that’s just luck this time, what about the next time, and the time after that, you can’t expect to get lucky all the way, can you???

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A Swim Coach Put Up Cameras in the Showers, Claiming to Be Doing Some “Research”

Yeah right, you MOTHER-F***ING peeping T-O-M, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school swim coach used the excuse of doing a study on sanitations in the swimming pools, climbed up to the ceilings of the shower room, and put eight small cameras in place, a plumber who was there to change the water pumps found it, the students were too frightened to go to swimming lessons, the school’s gender equality investigations group suggested that they FIRE the swim coach immediately.

“Could their nude photos be taken already?”, the parents, after they’d learned about this, brought up the inquiries, the police examined the cameras, and assured them that no videos or photographs had been taken by the cameras yet; and now, everybody who comes in and out of the pool areas must sign their names, and the school had put in an anti-surveillance system, along with infrared light detector, so that whenever someone climbs UP to the level of the ceilings, the alarms would sound off.  And the police booked Lin based off of invasion of privacy, theft of electricity, vandalism, etc., etc., etc. charges to prosecute Lin.
Based off of understanding, the swimming coach, Lin, had been subbing for the school for three years already, regularly, other than giving swim lessons, he is also the computer teacher, and in his spare time, he’d give private swim lessons too, and the way he did things was talked about a lot by the other staffs at the school too.  Lin was on a leave of absence right now, when the police took him in for questioning, he stated how sorry he was, to have done such deeds.

The school stated, that because Lin part-timed at the swim coach, he used the name to doing research, and could stay all day long by the poolside, without anybody getting suspicious of him, not knowing that he had set up hidden cameras.

The school, awhile ago, in order to add another water pump, and change the pipes of the pools had a plumber come by, as the plumber climbed up to the girl’s shower, he’d found that the ceiling was HOT-WIRED with hidden camera wires, after the school was notified, the officials learned about this.

The police used the statements of the plumber, opened up the ceilings, found a digital recorder, discs, along with a wireless server.  The patrol officers said, that the shower room ceiling was set up with thin plastic plates and light steel, and that if Lin had placed those cameras there, he would have to tip-toe on a ten centimeters wide light steel frame, if he wasn’t careful, he’d fell down.

Sounds to me, that police are questioning whether or NOT this swimming coach had indeed, set up the hidden cameras here, I mean, it IS too soon to tell, after all, there are still a TON of evidence to sort through here.  And that just shows you how close those PEDOPHILES are to your kids, and this time, it had happened, with a swim coach at an elementary school, but, he wasn’t able to “complete” his “work”, the cops already found him out!!!  So, the kids are SAFE, for this round, as for the next round?  Who knows, maybe they might NOT be as lucky as those kids here…

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Wanting to Marry a Sixteen-Years-Old Former Student, an Elementary School Instructor Got Fired

This, didn’t end too well, NOT like the case in the United States, translated…

An elementary school male instructor dated a former student who just turned sixteen, he gave her thongs and underwear as presents, and had sex with her.  Later, the student told the university that she’d applied to that she’d been raped by him, the male instructor got FIRED from the school, and was displeased, and, he sued her, but the judge wouldn’t allow for it.

The male instructor pointed out that he was dating her, and they had both reached a consensus, and, what they did is private and off the record; the school should NOT impose upon the instructors the “perfect moralistic standpoint” onto its instructors.  The highest executive courts in Taipei found that as a school instructor, one should uphold a set of strict values, and that the male instructor had crossed the line, and that the school didn’t do anything wrong.

He said, that after this young girl went to middle school and high school, she’d gone back to the elementary school instructor’s office to study, and, they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and had talked of getting married.

The instructor spoke for himself, that although it is morally wrong for an instructor to have feelings for a student, but, when they had sex, she’d been out of elementary school for five years, just turned sixteen, that it wasn’t against the laws, and the D.A. won’t prosecute him based off of this.  And, he had already reached an agreement with the student’s family, why won’t they give him a chance to make up for what he’d done?

The male instructor said, that as a female turned sixteen, then, she is allowed to have sexual freedoms, can get married, and, even IF he did give her thongs, and underwear, it wasn’t used as payments for sex.

He also used the examples of the American president, Clinton, along with numerous executive officials in the government, showing that so long as his personal life doesn’t intervene with his professionalism, then, the school should NOT make a federal case out of it.

The elementary school stated, that after the girl went on to middle and high school, she would return to the elementary school from time to time, to seek out advice from the male instructor, and they were still in a student-teacher relationship.  The male instructor took advantage of the girl, when she was NOT yet mature enough to have sex with her; although the D.A. didn’t prosecute the case, he’d also pointed out how dangerous it was, for the rest of the student population in the school, how it posed as a danger, that he was NO longer fitting as an instructor.

The government in Yilan also fined the instructor $300,000N.T. for his misbehaviors, according to the laws for the children and youth social welfare.

The highest executive courts found, that the instructor had crossed the line, had intercourse with the student; and, the court appointed psychiatrist found that the girl’s self-worth, her future as a nurse, along with her interpersonal relations will all be affected by this event, and that the instructor was fired, for justified reasons.

And, that is still NOT the end of this “circus”, because the instructor would feel “taken”, after all, it WAS consensual, and, the girl is NOT at all as innocent as they (the media) had painted her out to be, because sex usually happens under consensus, and if it didn’t, then, why the HECK did this young girl wait until many years later to point it out?  I mean, if she’s afraid, that, is understandable, but W-H-Y now, did she only come clean?  That, would be the Soup of the Day, served in today’s K-I-T-C-H-E-N…

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