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Helping a Stranger Elderly Woman, Rebuilding her Home

From the newspapers online, translated…

As a final graduation project, a student from the architecture major did NOT turn in a well-built model on the papers, nor did he submit millions of pages’ worth of written report, but instead, he’d helped an elderly woman who lived alone, fix up her broken roof, remodeled her old place, to make it brand new, so she could live in it with ease. 

To get this house rebuilt, the student would NOT only need the professional knowledge of architecture, he must have a certain degree of understanding of the sufferings of the people too, to show sympathy and empathy, so the elderly woman would be willing to entrust her place of residence to the hands of a stranger.

The student, Lee, took a total of six month, and he finally convinced the elderly woman who lived in Sanchih alone, to “hand over” her place for him to remodel again.  The elderly woman was hung up on getting her property fix and remodeled because she’s already ninety years old, and that it cost a TON of money.  But Lee was eventually able to convince her to make it over for her.  It took over $200,000N.T. to get the work done, and, the money was raised by Lee, with donations from all he knew, friends, family, and college instructors too.  As for the design of the house, along with the constructions, Lee and his fellow architecture classmates, along with individuals from online took care of. 

After working hard on it all, the house finally had a makeover, it was filled with this “scent” of aged beauty, as for the elderly woman, she had gotten a safer place that better fitted her living needs.  Seeing how her old place looked brand new, she started to cry, but they were tears of joy.  Even though her children had distanced themselves from her, at her old age, there are still people who showed their cares and concerns for her, she felt so warm.  And all the bitterness she’d endured tasted sweet, with the care and concerns of these younger children.  The elderly woman had a better place to live in, and what’s more, she’d gotten a taste of how the world cared about her, through the help of these young men and women.

We do NOT know what grade the student had received, but we can be sure of one thing: that the meaning of this project had surpassed the nitty-gritty’s of the architecture major; hope that other students will do what this young man did, go OUT into the world, and make use of what they learned in school, to touch people’s lives.

A good way to leave that final mark, before you enter into the world, you had the chance of making ONE last difference as a student, and so, you took advantage of the opportunity, helped an old woman, better her living conditions, with NO cost to her, and that allowed her to feel the warmth from the outside world, which she thought (probably!!!) had forgotten about her…

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Houston Man, Preying on Hot, Sexy High School Girls

From the Houston Chronicles, by: Carol Christian, in this case, nothing had happened Y-E-T, thank heavens

A Houston man accused of emailing a sexually explicit photo to an undercover officer he thought was a 14-year-old girl has been charged with online solicitation of a minor.

Raul Edward Garcia, 25, was in the Harris County Jail on Thursday, on $20,000 bond.

According to the arrest warrant, Garcia allegedly sent suggestive messages to an officer with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office on May 20 and May 22.

On May 20, the officer was monitoring the online advertising website Craigslist when he saw a posting that led him to believe an adult was looking for a sexual encounter with a juvenile, the warrant stated.

“I am looking for a sexy high school girl who wants to experience an older guy…,” the message said in part.

The officer replied using his undercover persona of “April,” a 14-year-old girl: “i dont know much i juss had 1 boyfren”.

On May 22, during an online chat, the defendant sent “April” a sexual photo, the warrant stated.

The deputy then obtained a subpoena for the I.P. address used to create the Craigslist ad and learned that the computer belonged to a Houston business.

The deputy met with the company’s human resources manager, who said Garcia had been recently hired, court documents stated.

During an interview with the deputy, the defendant admitted he had placed the ad on Craigslist and that he had been chatting with a 14-year-old female he met through the ad, according to the arrest warrant.

And that, would be how EASILY your young children can and WILL BE solicited, and in this case, NO harm had BEEN done, to those unsuspecting teenage souls, but, that’s just luck this time, what about the next time, and the time after that, you can’t expect to get lucky all the way, can you???

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A Swim Coach Put Up Cameras in the Showers, Claiming to Be Doing Some “Research”

Yeah right, you MOTHER-F***ING peeping T-O-M, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school swim coach used the excuse of doing a study on sanitations in the swimming pools, climbed up to the ceilings of the shower room, and put eight small cameras in place, a plumber who was there to change the water pumps found it, the students were too frightened to go to swimming lessons, the school’s gender equality investigations group suggested that they FIRE the swim coach immediately.

“Could their nude photos be taken already?”, the parents, after they’d learned about this, brought up the inquiries, the police examined the cameras, and assured them that no videos or photographs had been taken by the cameras yet; and now, everybody who comes in and out of the pool areas must sign their names, and the school had put in an anti-surveillance system, along with infrared light detector, so that whenever someone climbs UP to the level of the ceilings, the alarms would sound off.  And the police booked Lin based off of invasion of privacy, theft of electricity, vandalism, etc., etc., etc. charges to prosecute Lin.
Based off of understanding, the swimming coach, Lin, had been subbing for the school for three years already, regularly, other than giving swim lessons, he is also the computer teacher, and in his spare time, he’d give private swim lessons too, and the way he did things was talked about a lot by the other staffs at the school too.  Lin was on a leave of absence right now, when the police took him in for questioning, he stated how sorry he was, to have done such deeds.

The school stated, that because Lin part-timed at the swim coach, he used the name to doing research, and could stay all day long by the poolside, without anybody getting suspicious of him, not knowing that he had set up hidden cameras.

The school, awhile ago, in order to add another water pump, and change the pipes of the pools had a plumber come by, as the plumber climbed up to the girl’s shower, he’d found that the ceiling was HOT-WIRED with hidden camera wires, after the school was notified, the officials learned about this.

The police used the statements of the plumber, opened up the ceilings, found a digital recorder, discs, along with a wireless server.  The patrol officers said, that the shower room ceiling was set up with thin plastic plates and light steel, and that if Lin had placed those cameras there, he would have to tip-toe on a ten centimeters wide light steel frame, if he wasn’t careful, he’d fell down.

Sounds to me, that police are questioning whether or NOT this swimming coach had indeed, set up the hidden cameras here, I mean, it IS too soon to tell, after all, there are still a TON of evidence to sort through here.  And that just shows you how close those PEDOPHILES are to your kids, and this time, it had happened, with a swim coach at an elementary school, but, he wasn’t able to “complete” his “work”, the cops already found him out!!!  So, the kids are SAFE, for this round, as for the next round?  Who knows, maybe they might NOT be as lucky as those kids here…

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Wanting to Marry a Sixteen-Years-Old Former Student, an Elementary School Instructor Got Fired

This, didn’t end too well, NOT like the case in the United States, translated…

An elementary school male instructor dated a former student who just turned sixteen, he gave her thongs and underwear as presents, and had sex with her.  Later, the student told the university that she’d applied to that she’d been raped by him, the male instructor got FIRED from the school, and was displeased, and, he sued her, but the judge wouldn’t allow for it.

The male instructor pointed out that he was dating her, and they had both reached a consensus, and, what they did is private and off the record; the school should NOT impose upon the instructors the “perfect moralistic standpoint” onto its instructors.  The highest executive courts in Taipei found that as a school instructor, one should uphold a set of strict values, and that the male instructor had crossed the line, and that the school didn’t do anything wrong.

He said, that after this young girl went to middle school and high school, she’d gone back to the elementary school instructor’s office to study, and, they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and had talked of getting married.

The instructor spoke for himself, that although it is morally wrong for an instructor to have feelings for a student, but, when they had sex, she’d been out of elementary school for five years, just turned sixteen, that it wasn’t against the laws, and the D.A. won’t prosecute him based off of this.  And, he had already reached an agreement with the student’s family, why won’t they give him a chance to make up for what he’d done?

The male instructor said, that as a female turned sixteen, then, she is allowed to have sexual freedoms, can get married, and, even IF he did give her thongs, and underwear, it wasn’t used as payments for sex.

He also used the examples of the American president, Clinton, along with numerous executive officials in the government, showing that so long as his personal life doesn’t intervene with his professionalism, then, the school should NOT make a federal case out of it.

The elementary school stated, that after the girl went on to middle and high school, she would return to the elementary school from time to time, to seek out advice from the male instructor, and they were still in a student-teacher relationship.  The male instructor took advantage of the girl, when she was NOT yet mature enough to have sex with her; although the D.A. didn’t prosecute the case, he’d also pointed out how dangerous it was, for the rest of the student population in the school, how it posed as a danger, that he was NO longer fitting as an instructor.

The government in Yilan also fined the instructor $300,000N.T. for his misbehaviors, according to the laws for the children and youth social welfare.

The highest executive courts found, that the instructor had crossed the line, had intercourse with the student; and, the court appointed psychiatrist found that the girl’s self-worth, her future as a nurse, along with her interpersonal relations will all be affected by this event, and that the instructor was fired, for justified reasons.

And, that is still NOT the end of this “circus”, because the instructor would feel “taken”, after all, it WAS consensual, and, the girl is NOT at all as innocent as they (the media) had painted her out to be, because sex usually happens under consensus, and if it didn’t, then, why the HECK did this young girl wait until many years later to point it out?  I mean, if she’s afraid, that, is understandable, but W-H-Y now, did she only come clean?  That, would be the Soup of the Day, served in today’s K-I-T-C-H-E-N…

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The Details of an Essay of Regret for Bullying a Classmate Revealed How She Was Raped


The reason why we bully is because the pain we faced HAS to go somewhere, same for this middle school girl too, translated…

A middle-school girl, after being raped by her mother’s friend three times, took it out on her classmates; the school wanted her to write an essay to show how sorry she was for bullying, and, she wrote out what happened to her at home in fine prints, to disclose what this cab driver who worked as a volunteer at an elementary school had done.  The highest courts sentenced the male to a thirteen year prison term for certain.

The verdict stated that the forty-seven year old male, Kuo, worked alongside the mother of the victim as crossing guards for an elementary school, he’d often visited the household of the victim, and knew the victim well.

On the nights of September 14, 2001 and November 9, 2001, Kuo went to the victim’s place, found that her mother and her brother are both away, he pulled the victim to the bedroom by force, raped her with his hands, got his way.  On December 7, he forced himself onto her.

Every time after he raped, he’d asked the young woman to not tell anybody, especially her mother; the victim was afraid, she hid everything inside her heart.

Seven days later, the victim forced a classmate out of her clothes in school, the counselor asked her to write an essay of regret.  Other than confessing to what she’d done, she wrote in small and not-neat handwriting on the corner about being raped.  The counselor realized that something was not right, called the mother and reported it to the cops.

Kuo denied the accusations, said that he just had a surgery on his vertebrate, he couldn’t have done it; that the mother and he had arguments and he was framed by the girl.  But, the first trial took the girl’s words, along with the reports on her rape kit, found Kuo guilty.

The verdict found that Kuo was extremely evil in his way of raping the girl, causing her to be traumatized on the inside, and for the three rapes, he got nine years, nine years, and ten years separately, and he is to serve in prison for thirteen years totally, on the appeal, the courts stood by this ruling.

Because the girl was raped by the mother’s boyfriend, and, the anger and pain had NOWHERE to go, so, she took it out on someone lesser, a classmate, and, had the teacher NOT made her write out that statement, then, nobody would know about what she’d gone through, and, she would’ve suffered even longer, but, the counselor had found this, and now, it’s still a LONG ways away to her recoveries…

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The Age of Gamblers Keep on Getting Reduced, as More and More Gamblers Surfaced

This, is really bad for the societies, translated…
“Would my story get printed on the papers?”, this, was the words of a once gambler but now, a volunteer advocate against gambling, Lin had said, the roots of the gambling is set forever, and more people who knew about him, the less likely he’s dared to go into the gambling ring again, every time he’d shared his stories, he’s paving the way to quitting his habits, so he could walk longer.
When he was younger, Lin was a compulsive gambler, it doesn’t matter if he won or lost, he just wanted to hear the pull of the machines, until after he’d owed the loan sharks, he had NOWHERE left to turn, his wife took him to the biggest gambler anonymous center, “One Look Center”, to get him some help.
Lin had thought that the center was going to lend him the money to pay his debt, but, his expectation was shattered, One Look Center taught his family to stay by his side, to NOT abandon him, what’s more importantly, to NEVER lend him their money—to NOT give him the money so he could pay up his gambling debt.
“When I paid back my first debt, it was only a little over one hundred dollars, my heart wrenched until………”, Lin said, in a muffled voice, until then, did he realize how hard it was, for his family to pay back the over 600,000 (roughly $14,000,000N.T.s) Singapore dollars that he owned.
After his debts are all paid up, he became a volunteer with the One Look Center. He observed, that after a casino was set up in Singapore, there had been a crowd of people who rushed in to get help, and the age of those individuals are on the decline, there are parents who dragged their children in to quit cold turkey too.
Other than that, more and more government officials such as police officers, people in the army had asked for assistance, although they have a steady source of income, they’re ALL looking at a quick-to-get-rich scheme and ended up getting drawn into the temptation that gambling has to offer, and couldn’t’ get out.
And, this, is how the trend goes, because we’re ALL looking to get rich quickly, without REALIZING that the faster it comes, the quicker it goes, because that, is simply H-O-W it works, there is NO easy way to getting rich, you must work H-A-R-D, so, stop gambling, because you’d end up with less than you came, and, you’d end up owing a LOT more than you should too.

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Using Mental Retardation as a Defense

Found in the papers, translated…

A man named Lien stalked elementary school level girls, forcibly taken off her sneakers, sucked on her toes, and flashed himself in front of the child; a few days later, Lien tried doing so again, and was caught by the ambush made by the cops, he claimed that he was mentally retarded, but the District Court in Banciao doesn’t buy it, gave him a three-and-a-half year jail sentence.

The verdict pointed out, that in the Luzhou District, in 2010, when Lien saw the eight-year-old girl going home all by herself, he said hi, and followed her home; the next day, he waited for the child at her school, seeing that she’s outside, he forced her behind the transformer station by the back alley by the school, took off her right sneaker than, touched and sucked her toes.

The girl kept fighting back, “don’t touch me”, Lien was afraid of getting discovered, so, he took her between two cars, dropped his own pants, and toyed with his penis in front of the child; the girl screamed, and Lien ran off.

After the girl arrived home, she told her mother as she cried, the family called the cops immediately, the cops took out the surveillance cameras nearby and found Lien, stalking close to the school; Lien hid for two days, and, on December 1, he appeared at the school’s entrance again, the cops and the family knew it was him, arrested him on the spot.

Toward the girl’s accusations, Lien kept saying “I don’t know”, his defense attorney said that in his early twenties, Lien was mildly retarded, lacked the right kind of socializations, and, it’s because the social services organization’s inability to provide “proper care” that he acted on his instincts, begged for a reduced, a less severe sentence.

The judge took Lien to a psyc evaluation, and found that he was lucid and can judge right from wrong; the girl’s mother pointed out, that Lien had been following her daughter for a couple of days, hoping that he gets a longer jail sentence, to prevent him from damaging other children after he’s released.  The judge took the mother’s opinions into consideration, called Lien an animal for molesting the little girl for the sake of his “needs”, that it’s hard to sympathize with him, so, the judge sentenced him to 3½ years.

And, guess what, is going to happen after this SEXUAL predator gets “released”, he’s going to do IT again, because there’s NO help for these kind of people, and, that mental retardation plea didn’t work, because, you’d have to K-N-O-W when you dropped your pants, unless you’re still in your POTTY-TRAINING age, and then, you’d just be considered “still growing up”…


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Leaving a Property for the Eldest Daughter, the Other Four Daughters SUED the Father for Playing Favorites

Is the father REALLY unfair?  Well, let’s see, shall we???  Translated…

A man named Chen, in order to let his eldest daughter inherit his properly at a very good section of the roads, he not only written up his will beforehand, had also falsified the documents of the sales of the house to his eldest daughter; the other daughters got angry, they SUED the father for falsifying legal documents; the D.A. of Taipei found the elderly to be guilty, and sentenced him to three months in prison, then, reduced it to one and a half months, and, he will start serving his jail sentence, two years from now.

The elderly man, Chen (age 90) bought this property in the city of Taipei back in 1965, after the housing market rose, the price is now, at more than ten million dollars.  The elderly man had five daughters, and, he believed that the eldest daughter he’d been living with had been very kind to him, taking care of his living and all, he wanted the property to be left to the eldest daughter after he passed away.

Back in 2006, Chen had made his will, stated that the property goes to the eldest daughter alone; but later, he considered how his other daughters might find legal methods to get their share of the house, and so, he made false papers to show that the house had been bought and sold by him to his eldest.

When the other four daughters found out, they were unhappy that their father played favorites, and, they’d asked an attorney to represent them, to bring this case to court.

Wow, so, ALL of that is for a property?  The elderly man probably had his own worries that his eldest might not have as big a “cut” as he wanted her to have, after all, he’d only lived with his eldest daughter, and, he should’ve just told his other children, and let THEM duke it out themselves, but, instead, he FALSIFIED documents, made a false sale, so his eldest can have the house all to herself.  His might have good intentions, but, he went about it WRONG, he should’ve just told ALL of his children what he did, then, let THEM duke it out on their own…

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Take Away the Right to Learn

This, is what A-L-L of you, parents are doing, if you “help” your kids put on their socks in the morning, because they are still asleep, and school’s about to start, and it is 7:55 already, and, you only have FIVE minutes, before you’re ALL late again.

Take away the right to learn, because I do it faster, more efficiently

compared to my child, and, so, I took away her/his right to learn, thus, helping her/him developed her/his CODEPENDENT personality.

Take away the right to learn, and, you WILL end up with a T-O-N of adult children, “arriving” in their 30s, STI LL SUCKING you, their 50~60-year-old parents D-R-Y, and you wonder H-O-W your kid turned out the way that they’d done?

Take away the right to learn, this, is what you WILL be doing, by NOT letting go of them, if they don’t choke on that first gulp of water they took in upon entering the pool, how do you SUPPOSE they will learn to NOT fear water, or even to S-W-I-M?  Uh, EXACTLY, once again, I AM still R-I-G-H-T here!!!

Take away the right to learn, you might as well be the ones, holding that PICK-AX, and WHACKING off the heads of your offspring then, after all, you left them with ABSOLUTELY ZERO viable skills, which means that they can’t fend themselves against the wild animals out there in the wilderness…

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Finding a Market

This, may be REALLY H-A-R-D, because with your limited resources, there’s NO way you can possibly conduct your market researches like those Fortune 500 Companies had, to find out what the people liked…

Finding a “market”, this, is really hard, especially when you had “majored” in what was called the “hot” field, because everybody’s into it, and so, this makes the competition harder, you MUST stand O-U-T, otherwise, you get KICKED O-U-T.  Finding a “market” for my “services”, this shouldn’t be that hard, but, if I own a shop, then, I’d have to pay rent, and utilities and every other kinds of bills, and, before I’d even start making THE money, I’d have to spend a L-O-T.

It is hard, finding a “market”, but, so long as you stay true to yourselves, your “works” will get discovered, and, you will have FAME and FORTUNE on your “sides”.

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