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When Evolution BUTTS HEADS with Humanitarianism

There’s, this, baby koala in the zoo here, that’s left without a mother, because the mother was ill due to acute leukemia, and the mother was, put down, but the baby is, being taken care of by the zookeepers, to ensure its wellbeing…

From a humanitarian angle, yeah, it’s, a good thing, sure, but, from the evolutionary perspective, this baby koala is, destine to die, because it’s, without the mother to carry it, to give it food, and that still just showed, how humans are, playing GOD, going AGAINST the nature of things, I mean, if nature intended this animal to survive, then, it will, but, given that its mother died, chances are, it’s not going to, and, because we humans, overinterpreted into the matter, thinking, that oh, it’s, another life, and we can’t just, let it die, so we interfere, with nature, and that usually have, bad results.

humans are playing god still! Photo from online

And yet, there’s, that “debate” of what’s humane here, we can’t just, let this, baby koala die, it didn’t do anything wrong, it’s not its fault, that its mother has leukemia, sure, but, if this occurred in nature, the outback, the WILD, then, this baby is still going to die, and, by intervening with the predestined fates of other living things, we are, playing G-O-D, aren’t we, and that’s, never going to end well!

So, the debate is still, ongoing, do we save a species from extinction, because, that’s what, we are supposed to do, because it’s the morally responsible thing (says W-H-O, huh???) and, wouldn’t saving a species that’s, destined to become, EXTINCT, because it’d, lacked the abilities to adapt and to survive, against nature???

I’ll leave you all with that then…

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The Six Inmates Bullied Their Cellmate, Sentenced to Four to Seven Year’s More

Picking on someone lesser, that, is what we, normally do, and this happened in prison, where people are sent, to get, “corrected”, molestation and abuse of their, fellow, inmate…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yen and five other men were serving in the prison of Kaohsiung, saw that their cellmate, the twenty-seven-year-old was with that feminine feel to him, easily bullied, and, they’d, ganged up on the man for more than a month, until the manager of the prison noted something wasn’t quite right, then, busted them all.  The victim accused the perpetrators for molesting him, that he was stomped on his pubic area, nicknamed, “Missy”, and “bitch” and other names, while Yen told that they were only, joking.  The High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung sentenced the perpetrators anywhere from four years five months to seven years.

The verdict pointed out, that the victim and Yen, and five others shared the same cell, Yen was the “man in charge” of the cell, responsible for keeping the peace in the cell; at five in the afternoon on May 21st, 2017, Yen disregarded the victim’s fighting him of, touched his penis by force, the cellmates, Tseng, Hsu saw, didn’t put a stop to Yen’s behavior, instead, they’d, joined in molesting Yen, pinned the victim down, so he couldn’t use his legs to kick off his attackers, Yen was successful in molesting his cellmate.

The victim appeared, and sounded, more feminine, he’d been long-time bullied by his cellmates, and, as he was molested by the group, nobody saved him, and his cell mates exacerbated, and all participated in his abuse, he’d worried if he’d fought, it would get worse for him, and can only, allow Yen and others to pat his breasts, his pubic area, and, he was stomped on hard in his pubic too, for about a whole month’s time.

But, being bullied long-term, it’d, made the manager of the prison system noted that something wasn’t quite right, and reviewed the surveillance, and found the group’s bad acts; during the testimonies, the victim cried that his fellow cellmate nicknamed him “missy”, “whore”, and would moan and groan like him, and every time one of his cellmates started abusing him, the others would, join in, and so, he couldn’t find help, and could only, put up with the abuse.

Yen and the other inmates claimed they were only, horsing around, but the judge reviewed the surveillance footages in the prison cells, and, charged the men who’d abused their fellow inmates on felonies of molesting using power.

And so, this, is how the underdog lives, he couldn’t fight back, because, it would only get worse for him, and he had, nowhere to run to, he’s, locked in with his abusers, and so, he could, only, keep what happened to himself, until the prison guard found something that seemed off with him, then, this case, busted wide, open, and these men who’d, abused this victim will get punished, even more severely, and, they will, be paying for what they did to this fellow inmate for a long time to come.

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Rather than Giving the Pepper Sprays to the Super Convenience Store Clerks, Give the Masks to the Customers Who aren’t Wearing Them Instead

How many BOATS had this god damn government that’s running this god DAMN country to the ground missed already again???  Too many I’d, lost count!  Yeah, treating the symptoms, but not finding that needed cure, for the, illness!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The recent case of a super convenience shop clerk getting STABBED to death because his asking a customer to mask up, the head of office of internal affairs, Hsu, suggested that all clerks in the super convenience shops be equipped with pepper spray, I think, this will only, put the workers in, even more, danger.

Rather than being passive in defense, why not, show the care and concerns subjectively.  The managers of the super convenience shops can allot more masks to the store clerks, as the asking for the customers to mask up didn’t work, then, the clerks can provide the masks for them to put on.  Although, this may add to the cost of operations for the store owners, but, it shouldn’t be too hard, while, the lives of the workers, are even more, precious than the costs of, a few, measly, masks.

we have this…free for the, “taking”, all you guys working in the, super convenience shops around here…

flying OFF those shelves here right now! Photo from online

During the time of defending against the spread of MERS-CoV, what we are in need of is more care and concerns.  And yet, our government came up with the bogus idea, which is, totally, counterproductive toward increasing the safety in the society that we’re, living in.

Yeah, this just showed, how god damn, BRAINLESS these, government officials are, yeah, equip all store clerks with pepper spray, and imagine, what if, one of those customers got sprayed, and flew into a rage, and pull out a god damn GUN, and start shooting everybody DOWN around her/him, then, who’s gonna pay for these, death?  The government?  But, but, but we’d already done all we can, made sure the store clerks are equipped with, pepper spray, to defend themselves against these, psychos that might attack!


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Since that Time I’d, Met You

李泰祥 告別 – YouTube a song by the man, off of YouTube

yes, the link works!

A magical, song, that helped this individual find the comfort she was desperate in need of, in a foreign place, without anybody else she knows to support her, to get her through the hard times translated…

Back then, I was living in Australia, a step, from being, psychologically, broken, down.

From my front door looking out, you can see that tallest hill where the Tasmanian capital is located, with the snow still not yet completely, melted, like a chubby child with a white hat, staring, back at me.  I’d, missed the mountains of Hualien, even though, it’s always, with that, mysterious look covering over them, but, they’d had, so many, good stories to tell, and every time, a different tale.

I also miss that tabby that fell seriously ill the moment we got off the plane, and, after emergent resuscitations, she got so upset, she ignored the medical staff that saved her life, and, started, ranted incessantly aloud at me, blamed us, for not letting her just die.  I’d, buried her at the public pet cemeteries, and, then questioned, why I’d, come to, Australia, with a few sets of attires, fifteen casings of books, along with my doctoral dissertation I just, started working on.

I’d originally thought, that by leaving Taiwan, starting a new love, can help me leave the annoying Taipei, to get away from the restraints of interpersonal relations, and to, restart my career in the academia, and can wave goodbye, to the worsening of the relationships I’d shared with my parents that’s gone on, for close to, two decades.  But the truth be told, I’d just, fallen out of that first hole, into, another, hole, and, as I started living in the foreign land for the few days, and realized that it’s not quite right, too late then.  The two of us, under the same roof, nothing to say to one another, but, the process of moving internationally, was too difficult, and, to stop the process, it’s, next to, impossible now.

Tasmania is close to the South Pole, the island that’s roughly the same size as Taiwan, is covered by half with national parks in area, beautiful scenery, the summers here, are colder than winters in Taiwan, the sun out short.  Life is simple here, eating out, too expensive, on weekends, almost NO shops are opened.  Other than fixing my three meals per day, I’d worked, endlessly, night and day, on my dissertation, the music history research materials I’d collected for more than a decade became, a huge mess, the more I panicked, the more I was, unable, to come up with something, and it became, next to impossible for me, to get my thoughts straight.

More importantly, my partner who’s, not from the same culture as I, it’d made me even more panicky of the differences that we have, and confrontation became a way of our lives, whether it be using English or Chinese to communicate, I feel I was losing my ability to speak.  My body, mind, are both, crashing down fast, the old injuries not yet healed back up, and the new ones came, and, what I have left in me, was only, enough, barely, to maintain that peace on the, surfaces of our lives together.

But the days marched on just the same.  In the small library in the city, I’d started checking out the various kinds of music, to try and soothe my own, unsettlement of mind, to attempt to squeeze out what joys I possibly can, in this, mess of my own life.

One day, I’d received a package from my older sister, opening it up, it was that album that glowed of the golden rays of sunshine.  On Li Tai-Hsiang’s “Since I Last Met You”, the album cover, that field of green Taiwan was what greeted me, I felt shocked, too long since I last saw the bright sunshine.  Although I couldn’t understand why my older sister selected the type of music that I never listened to, nor was I interested in the male tone of voice, but I’d thought, I got, nothing to lose.

The sound of guitar came on, spread out, like the daisies growing on the hillside.  His singing sent me spinning around, I’d suddenly, lost my foothold, and I started, floating in air.  I was shocked, at how someone can sing so coldly with a voice, but so, passionately at the same time, the tone was sharp, yet, calm and collected, heated up, but quite, cooled at the same time.  The multitudes of conflicts all sung aloud, in his voice, fuller in form and sound, and, it’d, ironed flat these, bumps, these holes in my heart.

The song for the very first time I’d heard, no matter what the words were, I couldn’t hear the lyrics.  The sound of violin, loosened up my tightened shoulders.  In that piano, sounding like the lute, came the heart that’s, not been, cared for for too long.  His voice broke that invisible armor down that I put on, I saw how the fatigue, the upsets that’s, been, piling up on my life then, plus, the loneliness, the hardship I’d faced living in a foreign land, how everything made me unsettled, how I’d had to, hold my breaths in, to get through another day, how I was, taxed out, slowly, bit by bit, little by little, by the, days.

That naïve in the music, was so magical to me.  Lee’s voice was full, with that untamed feel to it, passed that passion he had for life to me.  Sitting silently, in front of that stereo, although I’d not known what my next steps are going to be, but, it seemed, that I’d not felt, so lost, so, tangled, so, hopeless anymore.

In the time of that song playing completely from start to finish, my heart that’s become like the desert, there was, that tiny yellow bud, starting, to bloom.

And so, this must be, an amazing artist, because his voice had that ability to help you feel healed up, and that, is what a good song does for people, the voice of the artist, can have that calming effect to us, and the lyrics, we can find the wisdom we are seeking in our lives in them too, not to mention the melodies of the notes that sounded, smooth-flowing, with that needed, calming effect we are, in desperate need of.

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The Snitch

The matter of, secrets, should we keep ‘em, for our young, or should we tell our spouses about them???  Translated…

I’d gone to preschool to pick my three-year-old daughter up, and she saw me, then, started, “daddy, I have a secret, just for you, you can’t tell mommy!”  As I’d heard her told me, I’d thought, finally, it’s, MY turn now.

Growing up in a family with a strict mom, dad’s always been our, best, listener.  And so, growing up, all of our worries, the upsets, the discomforts of puberty, to the major life decisions we are making as adults, we’d both, gone to dad to discuss, and, we’d always begun by stating to our father, “Don’t tell mom!”, but, as I grew older, I’d thought, that something, wasn’t, quite right, because it seemed, that mom always, knew the secrets that dad and I, shared, and, there was, that CRACK, in my father’s, promise to, not tell.  Until one day, as I’d just finished telling dad, “don’t tell mom, okay?” as I received his guarantee that he wouldn’t, I’d, gotten right into what I wanted to tell, while my older brother just, burst out in laughter, “after you’re done telling him, he’ll immediately go and tell mom!”, and, dad just, smiled bitterly, and denied it.

As my daughter told me what was on her mind, I’d, made the affirmations, that she did NOT want me to tell mom.  After battling it out, I’d finally, decided, to keep this, secret for her, to NOT tell my wife.  It’s just, that this didn’t last, because the little girl started, blabbing, soon enough, and, the secret is, no more.  I let out a breath of, relief then, then, I shall, experience, what it’s like, to be a daddy, with the secrets the next time then!

And, this, just showed, how kids need that confidant in an adult, and, it’s up to us, adults, to weigh and measure, if we should or should not, tell our spouses (1 @ a time!), of the secrets that our young children poured into our ears, because, betraying their trust, well, that’s, going to have, an adverse, effect on their lives that’s for sure!

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Home of the Broken Dolls

Call it, shelter, or, dumpster!

There’s this home, of the broken dolls, where, all those dolls that got torn apart (made of cloth), shattered (made of porcelain), go to, die.

Home of the broken dolls, that, is where you belong, you’d been, broken, and I do NOT want you around me, not, go on, GET!  Home of the broken dolls, how cruel those young children are, just, cast us all away, tossed us all away, like we don’t matter, but we had, we were, once, important, significant others in their young lives, it’s just, that they’d, outgrown all of us, and we became, unwanted, TRASH!

where ALL those broken toys go and, D-I-E!

photo from online

Home of the broken dolls, that, is where you’ll be, you got broken by my childhood, and it still, wasn’t my fault, that I couldn’t, save you, I was, too little, too scared myself, I had to, duck for cover, when the storms came, and, you got struck by thunder AND lightning, ‘cuz I forgot, to take you with me into hiding…

I’m sorry, doll, I really am, but now you’re, broken, I have, NO need for you, and you still can’t blame me, for tossing you out, you want someone to blame?  BLAME yourself, for being, MADE from, such, fragile, material…………

In this home of broken dolls, all dolls lay waiting, to D-I-E, they’re all, unwanted, disowned, by their, children.

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This is, what we all are, by these, high-tech devices, and we’d all been, marked, without our being, aware that we are!  Tracked, and, there’s nothing we can do ‘bout it, because, as we turned off the GPS on our cellphones, it has the message of, “turning off the tracking GPS, you may not be able to track your phone if it gets lost!”, and that made us, timid, think twice (or three, or four, even five times), before going ahead and shutting of that GPS tracker on our phones.

what we’d, become, dogs with, tracking device on the collars…

photo from online

And, every one of our moves is, kept tabs on, by these, programs, when you’re not even aware of it, then, a bit later, you would get that update of the month e-mail from your google mail, that says: that place you visited from DD/MM/YYYY, however many people are giving it kudos!

And, you were SHOCKED, how the HELL did the computer know where I’d been, huh???

This is how, these, high-tech devices, tracks us, watches us, monitors, every single move we make, that’s how government, keeps us, enslaved, and, feel free, to call me a conspiracy theorist, I know I’m not!

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For Seventy-Four Days, the Case Went Unprosecuted, the District Attorney Indicted

The D.A. was thrown UNDER the BUS here, and, they’re not, exactly, “victims” either, they’d NOT done their jobs properly, that’s why, the office had been, thrown, UNDER the B-U-S here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 25-year-old African American male, Arbery went out jogging, was chased down by three white men driving pickups, gunned down, the three defendants are all charged with murder on the twenty-fourth.  The Washington Post analyzed, that this case was shocking enough for the local residents in the state, but the district attorneys, for seventy-four days after the brutal murder, hadn’t charged the suspects yet, which puts the D.A.s office under the microscope too, the D.A.s office was indicted by the grand jury, which was, extremely, rare.

Washington Post pointed out, that the powers, the roles of the district attorney’s offices played in these cases, how they should weigh and measure, maintain balance, already struck up the debates.

As the activist groups, the congresspersons, along with attorneys, working together, to push forth the reforms of the district attorney’s department in Georgia, the jurors of the Arbery case began agreeing; and yet, a district attorney ruled the firing of the gun as legal from before.

On February 23rd of last year, Arbery went out jogging locally, and was pursued by Gregory McMichael, and Travis McMichael on their truck, and gunned down; later the neighbor of McMichael, Bryan also joined in the pursue, and captured the footages fo the father son, shooting down Arbery.

After Arbery was murdered, the residents of Georgia demanded the state government set up an investigation committee, to find if the district attorney’s offices had done their jobs; the attorney association of Georgia is supportive of amending the law, to allow the supervisors to revoke the license to practice law of the district attorneys who don’t follow the moral standards, to not just give them slaps on the wrists.

Jackie Jackson, the Georgia district attorney assigned to the case had been indicted this October.

Cunningham, the professor of law at Georgia State pointed out, that the shocking details of how Arbery was murdered heightened the sense of awareness of the public, and it’d made them think, that if there’s an immoral district attorney, what would, happen.

Cunningham stated, that unless there’s a fuller evaluation system for the D.A.’s office, otherwise, the people’s faith in the district attorney’s offices are already, in crisis.

The reports mentioned, that the district attorney of the Arbery case coming under the bus is quite rare; because district attorneys around the nation rarely gets reprimanded, and, can easily get voted again as the incumbents.

And so this case brought out public awareness, how we the people can affect changes in the systems, because this particular district attorney didn’t do her/his job completely, that’s why the suspects weren’t arrested right away, and that made the public angry, and, to soothe the general public, the state government FIRED the district attorneys of the case, but this is still just, scapegoating, because, you’re only, treating the symptoms here, NOT the illnesses still.

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The Students’ Refusal to Wear Skirts, the Schools Demanded Show of Proof of Gender Identity Diagnostics from a Professional

Dress codes, hair codes, the students are, crying aloud now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, there was the chairman of Chuangjing Technical High School in the weekly gathering of students, calling the students, “Sluts, fools, beggars”, the Department of Education had promised that the school will give a debriefing on the matter within two months.  But the Taiwan Youth Democracy Association received the complaints from the students again, said, that a male student’s bangs grew to under his eyebrows, and the homeroom instructor took a pair of scissors, and, clipped off his bangs in front of the whole class, if the ladies in the school refused to put the uniform skirts on, they were told to produce the gender identity formal diagnoses from a psychiatrist.

For this, the school claimed, that the students’ accusations are partially false; the Hsinbei Department of Education stated, that it will keep on monitoring the matter, and give a limit of time for the school to change its ways, and the school will be on the watchlist for recipient of allocated fundings from the government too; the Department of Education stated, that they’re setting up the specialist task squads, to make sure that the school is acting in accordance with the gender equality laws.

In 2005, the Department of Education had done away with the hair length requirements as early as 2005, at the start of this year, it’d sent the notices out to the schools, that the students are allowed to dress as they wished to, based off of their personal experiences of heat or cold, wearing the long-sleeve, or short-sleeve uniforms, and this law also applied to the private schools.

But, the Youth Foundation received the students from Chuang-Jing Technical High School, complained that the school had set many illegal rules for them, including, “the bangs of male students should NOT exceed brow lengths”, “as the weather didn’t turn cold, the students shall wear short-sleeve uniforms”, “the female students who don’t wear the skirts of their uniforms, the school demanded that they have a written psychiatric diagnosis of gender-identity disorder”, etc., and there were the male students whose bangs grew to lower than their eyebrows, that the homeroom instructor took the scissors, and clipped it off in front of everyone in class.  Even though the students had filed multiple complaints to the Department of Education, but the Department of Education never even investigated the matters, just too the school’s words over theirs.

what’s proper, and what’s, not

found online

The technical high school responded, that there’s a dress code of the uniform, that they are allowed to switch their ways of wearing summertime or wintertime uniforms as they see fitting to them, that they’d not specified the seasons of change of uniforms, the students, if they have questions on the matter, can mention it to the dress code committee of the school for discussion; and toward all the students who’d broken the rules, the school had, gone by the means of Department of Education, and offered them the counsels, that the students accusations aren’t completely in line with what’s factual.

The Hsinbei Department of Education stated, that they’d found that the dress codes of the school did not fit to the rules, that it will continued looking in on the matter, and demanded the school make changes in the rules before the end of this semester.

And so, is this, a matter of displease of the students over dress codes, hair length limits, or, is it, a matter of, basic human rights?  These are underage minors, which means, that they legally, have, NO rights, and yet, the students complained, and the city government started getting hard on the schools, and that’s, just not right, I mean, would you allow a student with a tattoo on her/his arms, to sit in your class, from K through 12?  Yeah, I wouldn’t think so, there are, just some rules that are, unreasonable, and, these dress codes are set, for a reason here.

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Posing Nude for Photos in Front of the Police Station, Not Received Even a Warning, Causing the Debates in the Legal Realms

It’s A-R-T, I tell ya!!!  Let’s see HOW, the double-standards, worked, shall we???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A.’s Office: it’s Like the Female Stars, Getting Their Clothes Off for the Photo Albums, Doesn’t Count as Lewd Behaviors, Those Who are Against This Find it Hard to Accept, that it May Cause a Wayward Trend

The twenty-eight-year-old woman, Tsuei in June, asked her boyfriend Lin who’s a police officer, to go to the Sanming One Substation of Kaohsiung Police on Harping Street to have her photos taken nude, then, used the blurring over her “parts”, with the labels, “flashing at the Kaohsiung Police Station”, “Showing at Kaohsiung”, caused great debates, she was taken into custody by the police.  The D.A.’s offices in Kaohsiung believed that Tseui’s nude shots were like female singers or movie stars posing in little to no clothing on, that it doesn’t count as “lewd”, and the two only wanted more hits, that was why they’d shot the photos, that, it would not be persuasive, slapping the charges of public humiliating a government agency either, the D.A. dropped the indictments.

flaunting her self for a shot! Photo from online

This caused great debates in the legal realm, there were the district attorneys who believed differently, believed, that the substation is a public location, that there are members of the public going in and out, that the act of posing nude there constitutes as public lewdness and sexually illicit behaviors in public; in IKEA in Taichung last July, there were the nude models, the cameraman, the female model was indicted by the Taichung D.A.’s Office on lewd behaviors in public, that this case was not that much different compared to the current.

In the Twitter profile, Tsuei introduced herself as the “discipline queen”, on the evening of June 26th this year, the patrol office, Lin went southbound, met Tsuei, checked into a hotel together, at around two in the morn the following, Tsuei put on a windcoat, and, walked to the substation on Harping Street, unzipped the coat, for Lin to take her shots nude.

As they returned back to hotel, they’d, used black stars, to cover up the parts, uploaded the photo to Twitter; the police found the police vehicles, and substation in the shot, called the two in, Tsuei claimed that she was wasted when she came up with the idea to do it, Lin told that he didn’t think Tsuei would upload the photos online, they were both charged with public humiliation of a public office, public indecency charges.

The district attorney of the case believed, that Tsuei stood to the side of the substation, that if a woman stands, right in front of the substation, then, the charges of public indecency was given, it would not be a good thing, for a society that’s, seeking out equality for all.  The D.A. then used the example of an actress posing nude for publicity stunt, “both cases showed skins, but not the private parts”, we don’t think, that the volume of nude photos of the actress as lewd, then, the photos that Tsuei uploaded online shouldn’t be interpreted as the same either.  And because there is NO victim in this case, the case is dropped.

The district attorney who has a different opinion stated, that the indictment papers are too generalized, that a lot of the locations where the female stars posed nude at were private locations, not on the streets, or right in front of the police stations, and they’re still charged with public indecency; currently, the society does NOT agree with such behaviors, dropping the indictment may be encouraging to those who wanted to get their photos taken nude, it would cause disgust in the society.

The police department staid, the district attorney’s office have their reasons to drop the indictment charges, but the police will still catch these cases and send them in, if there are nude models showing up in front of the police stations in the futures, the individuals will still get arrested.

Yeah, this, is how wayward the values are these days, there are, the double standards of what constitutes as lewd behaviors, if you flash your “stuff” in front of the general public, in an artsy way, it’s art, but if you flash someone then it’s, against the law.  This is double-standards, and it gives way for those flashers to find the excuses, to flash themselves, and, we don’t want to see anybody naked here, do we now?  Yeah uh, no we do NOT!

So, put your clothes back on already!!!


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