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A World of, BIGOTS…

This is what we’re, living in right now, a world of, BIGOTS, with their, tiny little, PEA-SIZED brains, and an even smaller-sized tolerance for others who aren’t the same as the “vast majority”……..

A world of, BIGOTS, and we’re, allowing these, ASSHOLES to rule us, to lead us to that hell somewhere, WAY lower than, the “given” six-feet under.  A world of, BIGOTS, because, these politicians are, brainwashing the next generations, erasing histories, telling them that what had actually happened WAS a lie (remember that slavery had never happened?  Or how Lincoln did NOT get ASSASSINATED by J. W. Booth, that he had died, from, choking on a piece of meat, or as I like to believe that he had???  Not to mention, how the kids these days, aren’t reading or writing, AT their, expected level of understanding based off of their, grades (had you CHECKED out those scores of the state-administered standardized exams yet????)

like this??? Political cartoon from online

And, these politicians are going to spin things, however way they want to, knowing, that us idiots who can’t educate ourselves, will, follow them, straight to hell, and we actually do, because we the people are FUCKING (so???) retarded, we the people, LACKED that sound judgment, besides, it’s always easy to not lead, and get BLAMED, if something goes wrong, so yeah, let’s all, get in line for that game of L-I-M-B-O there, and see how L-O-W we can, all, GO!

and we’re all still, following THAT, Conga LINE! Photo from online


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The Statistics, Underreported by the Local Governments, the Local Governments Pressured the Schools, Some of the Schools Chose to Not Report, Not Reporting, Can’t Save the Unknown Numbers of Dropout Students

And, by “covering up” the numbers, it doesn’t do a thing, to help get these dropouts back into the schools, to continue their, education!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of the statistics of the Department of Education, there’s the continual drop in numbers of middle school dropouts, by 2021, it’d, reached to, an all-time low, of the 1,943 who’d dropped out, ninety-percent came back in.  But, there were the underreported numbers from these, stats, the instructors in the classrooms retold, that the local governments, in order to lessen the pressures, they’d, pressured the local schools, to underreport on the numbers, and some schools are also, passive, lost out on the timing to help these students who’d, dropped, out.

“Not reporting, the resources needed can’t come in, there’s nothing we can do”, the counselor of a school sated, that the resources outside the schools, such as the psychotherapists for the students, the social workers, all needed to be reported to start intervening, but the school, in order to dodge the three-day period of students who became truant, they would suggest that the students come to school for one period of class, or that they are required to show up once every two half days, and disregarded the students’ learning processes.

teens, skipping school! Photo from online

The dropouts of the technical high schools also didn’t get the counseling support that they were all in need of, the students, in being treated with the indifferences by the officials, selected to exit the schools.

“The schools are too passive, the families can, but don’t, causing these children to lack the needed resources that they required”, Chu told, that although in the high school years, there’s no enforcing the students to come to school like back in the elementary, middle school years, but if the schools don’t even report on the dropout students at all, and the families aren’t normal, there’s no way for the resources of social services to come in to assist.

The principal, Hsu of Gangshan Middle School told, that in the past, the dropout students had, wandered outside the schools, that there’s the teams of youth squad to help get them back in, but now, a lot of the students who refused to attend school are staying at home, he’d suggested, that other than the police being involved, there’s the need for the psychological counseling, to have a more secure, safety net set up by the schools locally.

And so, despite how the measures are being taken, these dropouts just, can’t get caught, and placed back into school, and, this will become a huge problem, because, most of these dropout students, they’re going to run with the bad crowds, and, bad influences are going to cause them to go down the wrong paths in life, and, once they go down the path, there’s, no turning back for them, and, the pressures from the local governments to get the numbers down low, does not help, at all!


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The Experts: the Hospitals, Too Passive, Allowing the Violence to Happen More Prevalently

The trends, of this, abuser/enabler, interaction style, making this work environment, even that much more, dangerous, for the, professionals who work there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The More Prevalent Forms of Abuse is Verbal, and Everyone Looked the Other Way, with the Occupational Safety Committee, Not Functioning the Way it’s Supposed to

Based off of the researches, sixty-percent of the medical professionals had bore witness or encountered violence at their workplace.  Of the medical violences encountered, most were verbal, and the causes of these verbal abuses included the miscommunications between the medical staff and the patients, the shortcomings in observations of what the medical professionals perceived as needed by the, patients.  The experts believed, that the rises in these incidents, has to do with how the hospital tried “silencing” the victims of these abuses, when the workers were abused, the hospitals hoped that they would just, take it in, to apologize to the patients and families, and, the number of cases that’s been documented, may only be, a tip of the, iceberg.

The C.E.O. of the Medical Reform Commissions, Lin told, that the commissions reviewed over past researches, and found, that the locations where violence are occurring most prevalently are in the E.R., the psych wards, and in the waiting areas, and mostly were from the anxieties of the families, hoping that their loved ones can be checked immediately, causing the loss on emotional control; while in the psych wards, it may be due to the psychiatric illnesses that’s caused the violences.

taking it out on someone who’s trying to help him get the needed treatment measures! Photo from online

The assistant director of Changwha Christian Hospital, Chou stated, that the violence in the E.R. are most prevalently due to drunken disorderly conduct, then, it’s the mentally ill patients, third, as the expectations of the treatments fell short of the patients’ expectations, fourth, waiting too long, losing emotional control due to anxiousness of requiring treatment.

Compared to the medical doctors, the nursing staff are more easily attacked, as the patients mistreated the nursing staff members like they were the maids, and when a demand was made, and the nurses didn’t respond, they get, cussed out.

The C.E.O. of the Taiwan Nursing Physicians Guild, Chen stated, that as the patients go into the hospitals, they’d hoped to be in and out shortly, and the hospitals normally carried the stance of “customers are king”, which spoiled the patients, to believing that they can get physical, and use verbal insults toward the medical staff members when things don’t go their, ways.  And, most hospitals, only wanted these incidents to go away, with no means for the workers in the medical realm to file their complaints.

Chen said, that the various hospitals needed to set up the occupational security committees, but, there were, rarely any that’s been, set up, to the point that when the medical professionals don’t even know if such a committee, actually, exists in the hospitals where they worked, and normally, this would be brought up, when the violence occurred, and got reported on the news, and the hospitals where these incidents occur would run the drills, to settle the society down, and nothing was done afterwards, to prevent the recurrences of these incidents.  The hospitals all swore on their “zero tolerance policy for medical violence”, but nothing had been, implemented, or done, to prevent these acts of violence against the medical, professionals.

trying to help, but getting, ATTACKED! Photo from online

And so, this is a high-intensity, high-tension work environment, where everybody can CRACK, at any time, especially when you’d been waiting in the E.R. forever, and, everybody around is, busying, taking care of others who are also in need of medical care, and you are bound to, lose it, and take your angers out on the medical staff members, when it’s not even, their, faults, they’re, already, very busy, doing EVERYTHING they can, to ensure that we all get the help that we needed!

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Is it Police Brutality, as the Police Beaten the Bodybuilding Strong Man Down as They Tried to Take Him into Custody?  It’s More of Arresting a Perp Who Is Committing a Crime Getting Caught

After the ENTIRE story had been told, this is how a law professor interpreted the events, what the officers did, still was, NOT, “police brutality”, but it’s easy for the viewers of the video to misconstrue the law enforcement officials’ behaviors as, because of how the assailant’s had blood running down his, face, after he was hit in the head by the officers who were there to arrest him…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, in the jurisdiction of the Zhongli Police Substation there was a man that resembled the Hulk who’d gone into the super convenience shop and started vandalizing the shop, two officers were sent to the location to take care of it, and in the end, the large man was beaten to bleeding all over his face, the locals started, filming this, and streamed the footages to the online media.  A portion of the locals believed that the police didn’t do anything wrong, the other sect believed that they were too brutal.  I however, think, that you can just, see the results and make your judgments, but we must, review over the process.

I’d looked at the footages posted closely, four total, and, the police’s way of handling was this: as the police arrived, the two officers restrained the large man’s arms, but, the man suddenly started attacking the two officers, and the officers were hit five, six times on their head, or back, and clearly, the officers couldn’t, dominate him, and so, they ran off, and, took out the pepper spray and sprayed the assailant, Hulk walked out of the store, headed out of the store.  It may be the pepper spray’s taking effect, as the man exited the shop, he’d, fallen onto the floor outside, but still slurred in speech, “I will, kill you all!”, at this time, the footage showed an officer with an iron police baton, beating on the Hulk’s head, twice on his head, ten times on the body, hollered at him, “hands behind your back, hands behind your back”, the Hulk put his hands behind his back, another officer went up to cuff him, and, as he was cuffed, the police did NOT continue to hit the man.  And at the end, what we saw was, the large man was cuffed, stumbling and falling outside the shop, blood coming from his face, quite thrilling, with the officers, wiping the blood off his face with a tissue to stop him from, bleeding.

and here’s a video of the events, off of YouTube, this video “blames” the officers for hitting the large man twelve times after he was already, sitting on the outside of the shop!

But for those who’d zoomed in at the last segment of how the largely built man was bleeding, and the police hitting him, will believe: the police used brutal force in enforcing the law; and the attorneys might note, the police hitting the strong man wasn’t justifiable cause for defending themselves.  But I’d noted, that as the police was chased by the largely-built man, getting attacked by him, and how they’d, cuffed him, after they’d, hit him, because this is, what’s normal during an arrest of a suspect.  Reason being, that as police are called, there would be those perps who don’t believe they’d  done anything wrong, or refused to behave, and at this time, out of necessity, the police selected to use force to enforce the law.  And, those who came late would operate on hindsight, told, that the police should be more patient in telling the perp, and wait until backup arrives, then make the, arrests, if this had happened, then, the locals may interpret the officers as, not doing their jobs, that they’re, “slacking off”.

Some believed, that after Hulk was subdued, the police could stop beating him.  Problem being, how can you tell, that Hulk had been, subdued?  I believe it’s when he finally got cuffed at the hands.  Letting the suspect go after the suspect was cuffed, the police will get sued to not doing their duties as officers correctly, and as the suspect breaks away from police control after getting cuffed, the police also gets sued for allowing the suspect to escape arrest, and so, it’s easiest to tell, if the man had been, subdued as the cuffs are placed on the wrists.  What I saw in the video that’s streamed online was, the police had, stopped hitting the man, but, did the officers go overboard in law enforcement?  And, if you believe that the man’s stop resisting arrest is his, “being subdued by the police”, that’s because you did NOT see how much forces the man was using to attack the officers, and, it’s hard for the officers on site, to not worry that the man might, suddenly, attack them, again.

I believe, that in the process, the police’s hitting the man twelve times, is the process of them, taking him into custody, the process of arrest, it isn’t, police using brute force, nor is it their, “using their duties to hurt the criminal”.

So, based off of what’s said, from the video, it’s easy for the viewers of come to the mistaken conclusions that the police were using brutality in arresting this large man, but, based off of the before, the during, and the after, the police did exactly what they were paid to do, to keep the shop safe, to protect the citizens in the local areas, to prevent further damages to the store being done by this, huge man who’d, suddenly, lost, control.

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The Major Operators of the Scam Artist Group Tricked Her Two Besties to Cambodia, Sentenced Heavily

And, that’s, how it goes, this head human trafficker, still tried excusing herself, and, the punishment still isn’t, severe enough, and as soon as she’s released from prison, she’ll certainly, go back to her old business, of trafficking people to Cambodia and selling them, again!  This still just, never, ends…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-three-year-old woman, Yeh was hired by the human trafficking ring in Cambodia as a head operator of the scam ring, last July, she’d gone to Cambodia to work, and enticed two of her best friends using the bait of the promises of high wages, causing her two best friend to get taken against their will, and as the families paid their ransoms, they were, released.  As Yeh was arrested, she’d cried that she was innocent, and played the victim, and the investigators busted her for it, the Kaohsiung district court found her and the other head operator, Wang both guilty of using scams to get the victims out of the country and trafficking them, gave both the severe sentence of five years four months.

Last year, there’d been many people who were tricked to Cambodia, in August, there’s the post on FB of the identification of Liu from Kaohsiung, with “this is the real trafficker, works as head of human resources in the Bokor Mountain, from Kaohsiung, nicknamed Yu-An, the company was under the names of Wan-Gu, Wan-Yuan, Wan-Li, with over two hundred getting tricked to Cambodia already.”

people getting sold off like livestock! Photo from online

Later, the investigators caught Wang, and found, that the members had “shipped” many Taiwanese citizens to Bokor Mountain, and received as high as a thousand to three thousand dollars U.S. per person.

As Yeh returned to Taiwan last September, the police arrested her, she claimed that she was a victim too, that she’d paid $400,000N.T. to get back here; the investigators found that Yeh was a head personnel of the scam ring by reviewing over the reports by the victims who’d called in the case, that she’d recruited three Taiwanese citizens to Cambodia, two of them were her, best friends, who finally got released, after the families paid the ransoms for them.

During the trial, Yeh continually claimed she’d been, victimized, that she’d not known that she was going over to Cambodia to work for a human trafficking ring, but Wang stated that she was an accomplice, claimed that he’d met Yeh through his girlfriend, and was told, that Yeh was a recruit for the scam artists in Cambodia, that Yeh worked for the human trafficking, scam rings, that she’s, “quite experienced”.

The judge based off of the records of conversations, that Yeh mentioned “promotion” to the friend, that she claimed, “I’m very happy here, well off”, with no negative feelings whatsoever, and thanked Wang, “thank you, brother, for giving me this platform to work, I shall, cherish it”, the judge believed, that had Yeh also been a victim, she couldn’t possibly be “happy at work”, and didn’t believe her, sentenced Yeh and Wang both to five years, four months.  This can still be appealed.

And guess what’s gonna happen, after this woman served her five years or after she got out on good behavior?  She’s going to, return to her old ways of, working as a human trafficker again, because, you just don’t get out of the business that easily, besides, she’d already, gotten a taste of how much she could earn, by enticing the unsuspecting people over to Cambodia and selling them out!

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The Collapse in Moral Education, as Bullying Became, an Ordinary, Day-to-Day Thing

And yet, people can’t even, do this, and so, the morality is still, going down that, slippery, slope, the morals are, too, messed up here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The econ student of N.T.U., as s/he went for the election of the head of student council, posed the wayward campaign calls, that’s filled with a ton of sexist beliefs, along with, the wayward claims too, this caused the criticisms from all around.  Or maybe, the student was just, amusing himself, a careless act on his part, but, this, “sense of humor”, had hurt a lot of people, and it’s, not at all, funny!  And for this, N.T.U. publicized the apologize to the society.

There’d already been, countless incidents of how students turned something that’s outrageous to believing it was humorous.  As early as the N.T.U. student council’s free speech month had a racist slur about the natives, on how they were given the free percentage scores added to their entrance exam grades automatically, with the P.S. of “the specialty rights of the natives is the government’s tyranny to the rest of us”, this clearly, sparked up debate, and it has nothing to do with freedom of speech, and it’s worrisome, that this might start up the chain reactions of racism responses.

There are many more of these incidents, including the unnamed high school in Taichung, setting up the carnival booth, using a derogatory remark against the native populations as the booth’s name, the unofficial fans pages of several high schools had the Swastika made of the symbols, it’s also, alarming.

In 2016, a high school in Hsinchu held a costume parade, some of the students dressed themselves up like Nazis, and it’d caused upset from the Israeli Diplomatic Office here.  All of these bad behaviors, had all, gone overboard; they’d all, discriminated against a subculture, a people, and they all sparked up the hatred for the certain groups in question.

what the DDP government “scored” on instilling the right morale, and, there’s still, NO, “makeup” exams for this one, the “grade” is, final here! Photo from online

The high levels of discrimination will cause hate, what the Nazis did to the Jews, were the violence acted out from discrimination.  As educators, we needed to remind our students, teach them, that the global community is made up of many different races of people, that they should avoid any forms of stereotypes and, discriminations too.  In Taiwan, freedom of speech is what’s been given, but, these speech can’t discriminate against others, nor should it, spark up hatred.  The values of the students aren’t yet stabilized or formed completely yet, the school teachers, the parents, the friends, and the classmates, all have the responsibilities to remind them to note, that freedom by definition, is not to discriminate against anyone else, nor can their speech, actions spark up anger, and it doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, discrimination is, unallowed and unacceptable.

But, these incidents, are only, occasional, we can’t generate this to every school in the country, nor can we, round all the younger generations up, and label all of them as, discriminatory.

Back in 2005, Prince Harry wore the military attire with the Nazi Swastika to a party, and it’d, caused something huge; but if we say that the education in England had, failed, then, it may be, too, overboard.  Back then, the age of Prince Harry is around the same age as the econ students in N.T.U., clearly, he too, hadn’t, considered everything, just like this group of students hadn’t either.

Respecting others is the most basic of virtues of citizenship, nobody can use any forms of discriminations toward anyone else.  Making fun, and joking around, should not have anything racist, even if it is a discussion of public policy, for instance, the policies to give the extra points to the natives on the entrance exams.

And so this, is just how dumb these, COLLEGE students are these days, or maybe, the prefrontal cortexes are, delayed in developments for some reasons, I mean, at LEAST, you should have the senses, to know, that hey, what I’m about to post to say, to write, constitutes as, “racist” or “sexist” remarks, I mean, you can’t point to a BLACK (I mean, “African-American) person, and call her/him a “nigger”, just like you should NOT making those noises that sounded like metals clinking when you encounter, one of us, Asian people, because that is not what Chinese sound like either!

But, hey, these college level ADULTS are still, getting, DUMBER by the generations, thanks to the education in the schools, in all around, the world!


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China Placing a Ban on the Usage of Private Chat Apps

The EXCUSE of protecting our young, in actuality, it’s the government’s means of, CONTROLLING access!  How the Chinese government still used SCARE TACTICS, to MAKE the citizens, “behave themselves”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Accomplices in Blocking Criminal Activities, the Chinese Government is Now Demanding Parents Check Telegram, Twitter, and Other Social Media Platforms that Their Children are Using, Suspected of Controlling Free Speech

In many of the local provinces of China, the police had requested the parents in China, to check the children’s cell phones, to see if they’d installed the Telegram, Bat, Secret Chat Cat, etc., etc., etc., the encrypted IM apps, if they are, then, the parents needed to delete the apps immediately.  Some of the “blacklisted” included WhatsApp and Twitter, etc., etc., etc. too.

social media banned by China…and this is only, a small “portion” of that, “list”…photo from online

Based off of a news agency, the public safety department of China claimed that these software are being used by criminals to destroy the evidences of their, crimes.  For instance, the public security department of Nanking’s official WeChat posted that there’d been the findings of how the secret chatrooms are encrypted, especially the ones with “burned immediately after reading” (as the messages are read, the contents of the conversations vanish immediately), this is used by the criminals to swiftly get the convenience of destroying evidence, which turns these encrypted chat apps into “gray area” of the law.

And yeah, this is clearly, the Chinese government’s FEAR tactics, to scare the people, telling them that, their privacies are, invaded by these apps, and, if the people followed the “orders” of the government, then, they’d, turned in their right to free speech, and, maybe, being under Communist rule can, turn people stupid, because, after we’d been enslaved by our governments long enough, we do what we’d been, told, and we don’t even, fight back!

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Hillary Clinton: the Ambitions of Beijing Invading Taiwan, Dampened by the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

Just shooting OFF HER mouth too here, like it’s, anybody ELSE’s business IF and WHEN China DOES, decide to, invade Taiwan, and yet, the U.S. still had that biggest STAKE (the chip technologies from TMSC that’s, based here!), that’s why, the U.S. is, “hovering” over Taiwan, but, when the time comes for W-A-R, the U.S. will go with that, HANDS-OFF approach, don’t believe me, take a look at Ukraine!  Observations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate at the interview by the British Financial Times on the 20th stated, that the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict had “deterred” the Chinese government in Beijing from invading Taiwan.

Clinton warned, that if the former American president, Trump gets elected next year, it meant the “end of American democracy and the end of Ukraine”.

like this…from online

As for Putin, Hillary described him as “complicated, self-believed savior, narcissistic dictator”, had Trump been elected in 2020, then, the U.S. would’ve made its exit out of, N.A.T.O.

Hillary believed, that as Trump lost the presidential race, Putin believed he needed to take actions against Ukraine, and, he’d, made the miscalculations.  And because of how Putin couldn’t quickly take over Ukraine, this made chairman Xi rethink, reassess the tactics he wanted to use in taking over Taiwan.

Hillary told, she’d originally thought, that after Xi took over power as the chair of the communist party he would’ve ordered the invasion of Taiwan in three, to four years, but, “I believe that what had happened with Ukraine and Russia made him rethink his means of invading Taiwan”, which meant, that the Russo-Ukrainian developments had caused major influences in the higher up of the Communist Party in China.

She also stated, that she doesn’t believe that Trump will win the election next year, but if he does, then, it would be the end of democracy in the U.S., as well as the end to, Ukraine.  She said, that Trump is an “obsessed authoritarian”, he is powerless in tactics against Beijing, and on the matter of N.A.T.O., he will certainly do what Putin told him to do.

Hillary stated, that the voters in the U.S. are taking into considerations of how Biden is already eighty years old.  But he’d quoted Biden, “don’t compare me with God, but compare me with other men!”

and this would be, the “output” of that! Still HOT, right out of the, A-S-S too! Photo from online

And so, this is how other people are, shooting OFF their mouths, with a total disregard of how the people living in the countries feel, and, these opinions are still, uncalled for.  I mean, how the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), can you possibly know, what it feels like, to be the Ukrainians, under the fires of war with Russia?  Are you a Ukrainian?  HECK no, you’re, sitting comfy in your, soft couch, just, shooting off your mouths, and, in this case, the outsider still doesn’t “own” a clearer view of things, as the U.S. is, completely, totally, opportunistic, based off of what history had, shown, already…

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Had Your Lives Improved, Since Tsai Took Office, Seven Years, Ago???

How had the people’s lives, improved better, since the DDP took office???  It hadn’t, and if you think that it had, then, you’re, totally, DELUSIONAL (and, GET H-E-L-P!!!)!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tsai government had been in office for seven whole years to date, asking all around me, that sacred vote that you had, cast in the ballots, did it, make your life, better?  For the sake of the ideologies of democracy, more than eight million people voted for the officials of the DDP, and, let me ask all of you, seriously now, what changes had you guys had these few years?

How long exactly, is, seven years?  It’s long enough, for a middle school student to enter into high school, finish high school, and to, graduate out of, university, becoming the greenhorns of the workforces soon now.  The campaign promises of making housing affordable, to maintain the peace between Taiwan and China, all went, BUST!  Putting aside the wages, lowering the average incomes of the people, the younger generations are now, feeling that it’s, a fairytale, to purchase their own, homes, can you imagine, how scary it is, how a government, can kill off the dreams and the futures of the younger generations, in just, seven, years!  The armed services terms, about to get, lengthened, post graduation is on the docket, with China and Taiwan, in zero, contact, how scary is that!

Recently, the second in command of the department of Labor posed, that if the cost of housing is way too high in Taipei, then, the younger generations should purchase their homes in Chiayi, this is, the words of, a government too, incompetent.  And the end results of the higher up government officials caring less about the people’s lives, is that the gap between the rich and the poor will only get, wider, those without the money tried their hardest to, survive, and those with the riches, trying to, live, better.

The key characteristic of democracy is majority rule, and, every citizen of the country will be shouldering the choices of, the, majority, with the 2024 election coming right up, let’s stopped getting blackmailed by “the next Hong Kong”, “the next Ukraine”, we are, Taiwan, the keep on fighting, Formosa!

Yeah, this is a vital article, that everybody needs to, study (and I don’t mean just, skim through!), because, this stated  the problems that the DDP caused, in its, authoritarianism over the island, and, life still isn’t better, compared to when Tsai first took her first term as, president, in fact, the moment she declared herself for winning the presidential election, the country started, going down south, and we’re still, not yet hitting, that, rock bottom anytime soon here!

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The Wills of the Taiwanese People, Let Us Respond for Ourselves

The “dissection” of what Taiwan is, in the “war of the world”, with the world powers U.S., and China, ready to, duke it, out!  From the wider perspectives, the BIG picture, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The May 20th this year, other than the anniversary of the president being in office, as the candidates are lined up for the next presidential elections.  But, because Taiwan is stuck on the frontlines of the power struggles between U.S. and China, it’d made the air, odder.

What can be predicted, is that the relations of Taiwan and China would play a vital role in the upcoming presidential elections.  At this same time, the U.S. Congress gave Biden the go to set aside the funding from the presidential office to provide the weapons to Taiwan; with the committee of the House passing the Taipei Amendment, reiterating, that the U.N.’s decision 2758 excludes Taiwan, and are against any who tried to change the status of this country, without the consent of the Taiwanese, people.  This series of kind gestures, came from the heavens, but, the overall conditions are, quite, worrying.

In reality, the problem regarding Taiwan had long entered into the discussion of the U.N. since post World War II.  At the time, the American government saw, that Communist China was close to gain victory, and thus, the claims of returning Taiwan to China became, shaken, and the discussions of whether or not U.S. was going to insert a new political leader, to support Taiwanese independence, all of these had been, discussed, and in the end, the U.S. selected to pose the beliefs, of the futures of Taiwan should be in accordance with what U.N.’s peace treaties mandated.  And yet, the proposal due to how Communist China entered into the Korean War, the U.S. decided to work with the Chiang Kai-Shek government again, and within six months, the discussion got placed on the backburner, indefinitely, in the U.N.

Recalling this segment of history, scholars pointed out, that although the U.S. State Department was using the claims of “the wills of the Taiwanese people should be respected” as a proclamation, but from the mentioning of the actions to putting the forum on the backburner, the people of Taiwan didn’t have a say, this is, truly, ironic.  Certainly, not allowing Taiwan to fall to the enemies arms, that is the beliefs of the U.S. post World War II, with the differences being how the tactics to achieve this shifts, with the changes in the world.

From this, the former security consultant of the White House, O’Brien posed that the members of the Taiwanese public arm ourselves with AK47s to defend ourselves from the Chinese armed forces invasions, or to use the means of the British, bombing down the French military ships to prevent them from falling into Nazi control, called that if China and Taiwan go to war, TMSC will be, bombed, all of these seemed outrageous, but, considering the tactics that the U.S. is employing, it’s, only based off of considerations of what benefits the U.S. the most, what is meant by “the will of the Taiwanese people”, is only, a synonym for, benefitting the large countries.

Comparing to the people’s not having a voice, back in 1996, when the legislature passed that people can directly vote for the president, we the people had the proper means, to express who we want to rule over us.  It’s just that in the past thirty years, the party in power had been stuck in the irrational beliefs of what the reality is, this had been proven, factual.

And, this is how, we became (fully certified) as the SACRIFICIAL goat of the war of the “worlds” (well, it’s not the entire world, but the boxing match of U.S. vs. China!), and the government of the DDP still can’t see beyond the fact, that we are, merely, sacrificeable pawn in this, bad business, that we are at a, lose-lose standpoint?  Wow, the DDP government really IS, in desperate need of that, EYES EXAM, isn’t it?

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