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Why is it, that the KMT Was Also, Borderlined, When It’s the DDP that’s, Failed in Its, Policies?

So, which one of you, is, the LESSER of, the “two evils” again?  Oh wait, you’re both, NOT good, and so, why would we the people, vote for either of you guys???  Oh yeah, we still go to the polls because, if we don’t, the party that’s currently, ruined this god damn, @#$%ING, country, commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the contracts of FoxConn and TMSC’s donations of the vaccines from BioNTech were signed, the chairperson of the KMT, Jiang demanded that Tsai’s government based off of the ratios of buying up the vaccines, to allow counties of Nantou and three more others, to buy the vaccines; the government used the excuse of how the policies of vaccines needed to consider the whole picture, that there’s, more than enough for everybody to get, to deny Jiang’s requests.  The mayor of Taipei, Ke wanted to buy the vaccines using the debtor system, as Jiang asked Ke to go find Tsai to discuss the matters with her, Ke coldly replied, “we’ll deal with the game of political spitting after this obstacle is tackled”.  In the measures of defense on the matter of vaccines, the DDP clearly, lost the people’s heart, while, Go received the gratitude from the people, Ke created the volumes of the online communities, while, the KMT risked becoming, borderlined.

The failed policies of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV cause the polls to drop for the DDP, but, the KMT didn’t win out.  Even as the heads of Hsinbei City, Hou, Taichung’s Lu, along with other heads who are of the KMT party were all affirmed on their measures in protecting against the spread of MERS, but, their individual rise in popularity, didn’t, help the KMT one bit.  On the matter of defense against the spread, the assistance, along with the vaccines, although Jiang made fun of how the DDP “gets whipped by the KMT, and moves one step forward”, worrying the citizens of the country, but, the KMT lacked actions effectively too, it’d, made the people, collectively upset over how both parties aren’t, doing enough, and, it’d, added on to how the primary political parties are, incompetent.

Go’s purchasing and donating the vaccines, “bearing with the shames himself”, broke past the obstacles Tsai set for him, and even as he was, publicly, made fun of by Su, the head of legislature, how the DDP’s, libeling against him for leaning toward Communist China, Go still firmly, pushed the proceedings, to the point of giving the ultimatum, demanding to see the president personally, and finally, he’d, broken the barriers set by the government officials, and, successfully, helped Taiwan buy in some of the vaccines that we’d, desperately, needed.  While FoxxCon’s success in buying the vaccines, showed how the Tsai government failed, and broke the lies of her stating, “The local communities can’t get the vaccines”.  No matter how the Tsai government tried to take the credit at the end, Go’s hard work, and every moment he’d put into, making the vaccine purchases successful, we the people are taking in.

Comparatively, the KMT, rather than riding on the tail of Go’s success, to fight for the votes, a lot of the people here, just about, forgot, the meaning of existence of this party that’s, not in power currently.  Jiang is hurried to lead the KMT’s four counties and cities, to “force the government” out, to break through their own bad image of “not doing a thing”, knowing that the Tsai government wouldn’t allow, but, if the KMT doesn’t do anything, people will soon, forget the party’s existence as well.  Besides, Jiang is faced with the challenges of keeping his position as the leader of the party, with Cho’s coming after his position; Cho’s announcement for the leader of the party, clearly stated, how shortened the leadership of the KMT became, that there’s no sign of mobility in the party’s, trying, to take control of the country back again, that it’d, lacked the roles of the party out of power, being, a check and balance system for the party in power.  How much support Cho will receive is yet to be seen, but, it’d, added to Jiang’s, pressures now.

The KMT are in control of fourteen cities and counties in the country, and claimed that they’d, set up, a “defense against MERS-CoV league”, but, on the buying of the vaccines, it can only, get a total of four counties of Nantou, Yunlin, Hualien, Taidong, it’d not received the supports from Hou of Hsinbei, Lu of Taichung, these bigger cities’ mayors’, supports.  While the party in the legislature other than shouting aloud, it’d not had, any, effective tactics, and they’re, ever the more, worried of the DDP’s and the net armies’ “reddening” them.  And even as the DDP failed in its policies in helping us to defend against MERS, the KMT couldn’t even work up the strengths, to fight for something more for the people.  And so, even as the people are, too disappointed over Tsai’s rule, the KMT still, couldn’t, manage to get the people’s, trust either.

What’s even odder is, the former chairperson of the KMT, Wu published a book, disclosed of the “insider details” that all of us knew of already of the 2020 Presidential Election.  And yet, as the outbreaks are hitting us hard, we are all worried over that, while Wu still, counted up the done-me-wrongs, evading responsibilities, placing the blames, pointing the fingers, as for those legislators he’d left in the legislature, don’t know what their functions were, in the war against MERS-CoV?  At this time, who gives a SHIT about how the KMT lost the last presidential election?  The KMT fell to the point where the DDP didn’t even want to take a second look at it, as it fought against their rules, and the internal fight within the party still ongoing, pointing fingers, placing the, blames on each other, how can it, get away from the fates of the party’s, being, borderlined, as the party is, fighting to regain the control of the legislative department?

Why is it, that the DDP lost the points, and the points aren’t, won over by the KMT?  Other than the People’s Party, the biggest problem of the KMT is its, own selfish fights, not taking a stand, not shouldering up the responsibility for the country.  After the party got out of power, the KMT stopped, showing its ability, to lead the country to become, independent, and only learned the old school measures of the party not in power, other than talking trash about the party in power, not known, how to, get into the masses.  Especially, with the chairperson of the party being so, narrow-minded, couldn’t collect the powers of the masses that are now, against DDP’s ruling the country, and its party members together, how can it, innovate?  This sort of a party that’s not in power, is it, that important, who becomes, the leader of the party?

And so, this, is still on how we the people will be selecting for the LESSER of TWO evils the next time election time rolls around, because this party that’s no longer in power, could NOT get its acts together, without the leaders that can, actually, turn the party’s workings around, there’s, NO way that this party will win in the next election, and we the people are still, SCREWED over, because look at how awful the DDP had, ruined us, with its, stupid policies, with its, delays in getting the shipments of the needed number of vaccines into the country, with people who are, dying left and right, and yet, the KMT still also, didn’t, prove to us, that it can, do something better, and so, we the people, are, SCREWED over, no matter WHICH party takes power the next time!

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Power Before the People’s Welfare

Living under this DICTATOR, who’d called her self, a “democratically voted” president, and we the people are, getting, @#$%ED up!!!  Commentary on the Front Page Sections, translated…

Taiwan was a self-claimed “A student” of defense against MERS-CoV, and yet, as the epidemic came, everybody flew into panic mode.

In May, the rise in the number of confirmed diagnoses came fast, and we’d often read those who are “exported” from Taiwan, who had been tested positive of the virus.  On July 3rd, Xiamen reported, that there were an accumulated nineteen who came from Taiwan who’d been confirmed of MERS contraction.  There’s the saying, that the U.S. and Japan set the Ct ratio to over forty, that was what constituted as negative, and the Ct ratio was set at thirty, and the Taiwanese tourists carrying the PCR negative test results and were found as positive in the airports.  Why use this sort of self-deceit?

The locals, in order to maintain the low count of confirmed diagnoses, was that why the general scanning were done away with?  The cost of the test is $7,000N.T. before you travel out; later reduced to $3,000N.T.s.  The T.V. personnel Wu, bought a set of equipment out of his own pokcets, welcomed everybody who wanted to get scanned to get a scan, and charges only a little over $270N.T.s, and, the government immediately reduce the charges of the scans to $300 N.T.s  What I can’t understand, is that a lot of the country’s citizens’ wellness checks are, free of charge, while, the general scans here, was once, a good business?

There are a total of over 700 individuals who’d died of contraction, the rate of close to five-percent; while the global average of death was only, two-percent.  The reasons for the high death rate are due to the lacking in medical provisions, the needed care couldn’t be provided, with the lacking in the oxygen tanks.  But, Taiwan’s all-citizen health insurance, was claimed as one of the most excellent in the world, but how come, the rates of death from MERS-CoV is this high?

There’s a saying: if the confirmed number of death “after amending the statistics” it would be, a little over 30,000, then the rate of death became, average in the world, but this belief is still, unfounded by the government’s confirmations.  Not conducting the large-scale scans, with that good statistical head count, as the death rate hiked up faster and faster once the outbreaks started happening, so what is, the truth of all of this?

The best way, of containing the spread, in the time being, is having everybody vaccinated, but Taiwan had been, lagging behind in the availabilities of vaccines since the beginning of the epidemic in May.  The government’s “getting ahead” is betting on the vaccines of the “Blackwater Company” of the U.S., without even the third stage clinical trials, nor had it, passed international certifications, and yet, the government already, ordered ten million doses.

like this one…

photo from online

The distant water can’t put out a nearby fire, the Japanese gave us their unneeded, unused over three million doses of Astra-Zeneca.  The elderly were the first to be inoculated, and after the vaccination started, the rates of death was shockingly high.  There’s, no proof from the authorities, that the deaths are, directly related to, the vaccinations.

There were so many elders who’d died from the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, and it’s reasonable, that we doubt: the Astra-Zeneca vaccines may be causing the elderly population to die?  The government doesn’t need to play defense for AZ vaccines, saying, “before there are enough evidence to prove this, AZ vaccines are, not guilty!”

The correct method: Japan, America, Israel, Denmark, Lithuania, and other European nations had banned the vaccines from AZ at one time.  Our first shipments of AZ were from Japan, as the vaccines got on the flight, the diplomat stationed locally bowed deep, that photo showed, how belittling we the people in Taiwan truly, are.

And there’s, the statements of, “there are a total of four hundred deaths daily on average, with those over eight taking up eighty-percent.  The elders are fearful as they’d heard this, you mean: we’re, all dying left and right, more than 300 a day, and, it’s not the AZ vaccines’ faults?”  I beckon, that the officials in power, treat the elderly population with kindness and respect, unless you died young, everybody will first age, and then, die.

Taiwan prided itself on being an advanced economic system, money isn’t a problem, the country should take after the countries of France, U.S., England, to buy enough supplies of all available vaccines, that way, we wouldn’t get stuck in the predicament of having to fight for the COVAX vaccines with the third-world countries, and couldn’t get them.  Using the excuses, to delegate the blames on someone else, the government can’t escape how incompetent it truly, is!  Like the researcher, Chen of Central Research Agency stated, “the government is too arrogant, placing people’s lives, after power!”

In history, those in power often get too proud, too authoritarian in ruling, and the citizens all followed their leads, and, take whatever came to them; this is also, a form of habit of history too.

And so, this, mind of being enslaved it’s still, an abuser/enabler, because we the people (as a whole???) are too compliant to the government’s rules, and, we bow down to our government like G-O-D (read backward is???  Exactly!) and we fail to see, that the government’s policies are, killing us all, that there’s, NOTHING that we the people, CAN do, as the impeachment process would need two-thirds of the legislators voting over it, and we are all, ordinary people, and the legislators are, primarily, from the DDP, which meant, that they’d be, STUPID to vote down their own, party’s, president, so, we the people are, still, all, totally, SCREWED here!!!


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The Local Communities’ Putting in the Powers, AND the Money Too, and the Government Not Only Tried Hard to Stop, and Now, it’s Trying, to Get the Credits for the Vaccines that were Finally, Bought

This, is the BULLSHIT of this god damn, “popularly-elected” government of ours!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

What sort of a belief systems exist in the vanities of the DDP, that, is what a lot of us want to know.  From the twists and turns of the local organizations trying to buy the vaccines, we the people can see one thing clearly.  The troubles that TMSC and Yonling Foundation went through, with how both finally signed the contracts for five million doses of German-manufactured BioNTech vaccines, through Fosun in China, hoping, to relieve the shortages of vaccines in Taiwan, we the people are, ever the more, grateful.  But, the government under Tsai had been barring, blocking the buying of the vaccines, making the signing of the contracts harder than it should’ve been, with the net army making the icons, claiming that the DDP had helped out in the processes of vaccines acquisition, how the government forced Communist China to BACK off, protecting the rights of Taiwan, etc., etc., etc.  All we can say, that this was, shocking, and it’d, made us out here, awe.

The credit of buying BioNTech vaccines successfully, was solely off of the privately owned enterprises, putting up the money, and the energies, continually discussing the terms of contracts, and finally, it’d, managed to do what the Tsai government couldn’t, that the government started up last year.  In the process, Terry Go of Foxxcon was called a communist, and given a very hard time, while the CEO of TMSC, Liu who was pulled by the government, also, felt defeated; and yet, they’d carried their hopes for the society, in the bureaucracy’s beating them down, finally, made the contracts on buying the vaccines signed.  Reason being, they knew, that with a lacking of vaccine availability, it would make the public get anxious, and, as the heads of the enterprises, they feel responsible, to do what they can for the public, they’d used their practical means of negotiating, and finally, completed, this, difficult task.

And, if the privately owned enterprises have this sense of social responsibility toward the people, showed care and concerns for the people’s lives, comparing, why can’t we see the same sort of amount of empathy, and hard work in our, government officials?  The president and her government not only didn’t feel sorry for the mistakes they’d made in the policies regarding the vaccines, they’d, made it even harder for the privately owned enterprises to buy the vaccines, it’s like, they’re, very displeased at how these privately owned companies were able to buy and import in the BioNTech vaccines, to provide it for the people here in Taiwan.  President Tsai although put on the show to show her support, but once the paper works are to the level of the legislative, the executive, it’d become, stagnant, once more.  This continued, to last week, when the contracts of sales are finally, signed, which dragged the signing of the final contract out, for another, few more, extra, days.

Think about it, had it not been the Department of Sanitation and Welfare’s pulling the plug on the buying of thirty million doses of BioNTech vaccines with the Eastern Ocean countries, would Taiwan be in the predicament of becoming “beggars for vaccines” today?  What’s even confusing, is how the local communities are willing to put up the money for the vaccines, and the government at first, cast the organizations aside, blocking out the means all it can.  And the reason can be deducted to how the government didn’t want to, lose face, to cover up for its, incompetence, and it’s, mistakes.

Last year, the president thought she could bypass Fosun Pharma as the Chinese region agent to buy BioNTech vaccines, and couldn’t, she’d, blamed it on Communist China for blocking.  And now, the locally owned foundations came up, gone through the processes, followed the rules of buying using Fosun Pharma’s means, and were, successfully, in buying in the vaccines; to which, Chen stated, “We respect the business model”.  Circling around, still back to Fosun Pharmaceutical, and, didn’t it prove, that last time the government failed, was because of political manipulations, that she’d, not respected the rule of how business is done internationally, that made the deal go bust?

A government who weighs its face more heavily than people’s lives, how could it have any show of care and concerns for its people?  Last year, to fight China, the government would risk not having enough vaccines for the people; and this year, as the outbreaks are worsening, Tsai blocked FoxConn and TMSC, asking the vaccines be from the original manufacture in Germany, the labels of BioNTech, demanded the vaccines be shipped out of the manufacturing plant in Germany too.  In reality, so long as the vaccines are made by the original manufacturers, then it’s, basically, safe.  With the add-on of the demands of labels, shipped out of the original manufacturing plants, the president is delaying the time of which we will be able to receive the vaccines.  By so doing, the government satisfied its own “sclerosis” of “against China”, but, stepped on the “vaccines to save the lives of citizens”.

As Terry Go posted that he’d signed the contract with BioNTech formally, he’d written, “I can finally sleep easily at night”.  He’d donated the amount of $4.9 billion N.T.s, and, dealt with the government for TWO whole months, Go only stated, that he’d felt, relieved that it’s, finally, going, through.  Now, look at Tsai, and her government, with her net armies, making the boasting icons of how the government had won, “out of the original manufacturers, with the original labels, shipped, straight to Taiwan”, how glowing those principles are.  On the billboard of her press conference, it’d not mentioned of FoxxCon and TMSC one bit, with the words, that all ten million doses “are at the government’s disclosures to use”.  What I want to know is: what has, this “central government” done for this matter?

Absolutely, nothing, the government had been, blocking the process of the sales of the vaccines, and had not it been the government’s being stupid, then, we would’ve, received our needed vaccines, instead of having so many people who are now, DEAD, because they couldn’t get vaccinated, and yet, this government still wears that Emperor’s “new clothes”, boasting on how we are the ones you should thank!  We are the ones, who made the buying of the vaccines so smoothly, blah, blah, blah!  But the fact showed, that the government had been nothing, but this, huge OBSTACLE that the country couldn’t cross, on the matter of, having enough vaccines for everybody here.

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A Social Design for Miscarriages

This forum, is tailoring to the needs of both men AND women, not just the women, because, having children, is still NOT just, OUR, “business”, you men are also, involved in this process too!  A really, innovative thought, especially in the, eastern cultures here…translated…

During these past two years, I’d, focused my researches on the matter of the natural miscarriage process in Taiwan (based off of statistical measures, there are, about fifteen-to-twenty-percent natural miscarriages calculated by the process of natural selection), not only on the medical data that’s been, collected, also the cultural, the societal too, I’d also included the interviews with the families who had suffered the miscarriages, but, how do we, open up the covered up discussion topics of miscarriage by natural causes that’s been, tabooed?  Are there ways, to come up with the new ideas, for the families who’d suffered such a loss, it’s what I want to, focus more on, to help give to the policies of births set up by the law.

Luckily, the sociology professor from N.T.U. Sociology Department who’s excellent on the subject of “Social Designs”, gave us an exchange forum on “Reimagining, the Process of Miscarriages by Natural Causes: the Social Designs Exchange”, the exchange was, on the makeup of the participants in the discussion forums, with the sponsor’s inviting the Revolutionary Birthing Movement’s asking for the students, the OBGYNs, the nurses, and others who had miscarriage by natural causes, a total of, forty individuals, to share their experiences.

The subject of discussion is also important, in the structuring of the questions, we need to consider, that those who’d had miscarriages, how it’d, affected those other members of their, families, how the families coped with the process of the women, miscarrying?  Lastly, to up the sensitivity of the medical, to prevent yet another, impact onto these women.

All of these subjects, were from my past experiences with the interviewing, and although, we can, only hold the conference online, due to the outbreaks, the participants weren’t able to hold the face-to-face interaction discussion forums, but, Yu-Hwa designed the group interactions online, and everybody entered into a game of sorts, in the leading of the story of miscarriage, we’d all, quickly, gotten into the situations, and, the process is, brain-wrecking, and very fast-paced, everybody started, brainstorming all the ideas, and we’d, come up, with a ton of amazing ideas.

For instance, someone suggested that we should have this “P.O. Box” like the T.V. personnel started up, encouraging those who had gone through the miscarriages personally, or are with those around them who’d had the miscarriages, to share their thoughts and feelings.  And, all of these letters can be collected, to host an exhibition with, as a memorial for a stage of life in one’s life.

And, there’s, also, another brand new concept that’s, quite, innovative, the “miscarriage vacations”!  There are the honeymoon vacations, family trips, trips of friends, and we can also, call on the hotel chains, the tourist agencies, to give the discounts to couples who’d had miscarriages, so they don’t need to spend too much money, and can, get away, from their current states of minds and beings temporarily, to go out.  This isn’t to celebrate anything, but to give the mind, the heart, time to breathe, through the travels, to saturate oneself, to offer one another the needed supports.

Someone came up with the “diary exchange of families”, for the couple to write, to improve their communication, to express what they don’t feel able to express to one another, verbally in written form.

Some mentioned how we can, restructure the “fetus”, designing a way, for the elders to understand, and to, accept to reinstate the beliefs, the knowledge of natural miscarriages, so others around the families can have more understanding, more knowledge on the matter of miscarriages by natural causes.

In the past, the male voice is often, overlook in this matter, but, on this exchange forum, we hoped, to have the alternative perspectives from the men.  Some suggested using the technologies of A.I., to develop a sort of a Siri software, to help the men, accompany their partners in the process of their, miscarriages, to provide the males with more resources, more support, in a, more friendly manner.

I’m really hoping, that the outbreaks can end, so this sort of a forum can take place physically, so more people will be enlightened by this, social design, to find new and innovative responses, come up with more possibilities, for those who’d, gone through, the miscarriages.

And so, this is, a seemingly only women-related subject, but, this forum also, considered the men, which is, probably, something that’s new, because in the past, we all believe, that carrying children is a woman’s business, that the males only needed to donate a sperm, and he’s, done, but this forum considered that men are also, going through loss, when their wives miscarriages, it’s just, that we don’t, experience these losses, in the exact, same way!

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A Congress that Domesticated Itself

How the DDP is, giving too much power to Chen, the man controlling the policies of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and we the people, still get, @#$%ED up!!!  Commentaries, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the DDP took power, they’d used the name of democracy, did a ton of undemocratic things, and, they’d, destroyed the system of independence in Taiwan, of these, the mostly impacted is the right to set up the legislations.

The right to set up the legislature, and the right to execute the laws, this relationship of power, based off of the democratic rules, should be split evenly, and yet, the party in power had often, used its power status, to enforce the passing of the laws, making the legislature into a “domesticated congress”.

Take for instance, the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  The fact that proved that the legislature had been domesticated, is that it’d, signed the laws of relief for the outbreaks, with NO attachments, and, the blank allowing the head of CDC to enforce the measures into the law, is more powerful than the president’s executive orders.  And, although the emergency executive orders of the president is already, to the point of uncontrolled, but, it is still under the limitations of the legislature’s “meeting decisions”, the “legislature’s statute of limitation”, along with the “emergent period”, but the head of the CDC, after the legislature gave it the power, became, uncontrolled, unlimited.  In other words, Chen’s “necessary to act upon” orders, weighed, more heavily than Tsai’s “emergency orders”, and it’d not been, limited by the legislatures’ limitations.  In the past year and so, everything regarding the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, whether it be directly relating to the people’s life, and basic rights, or if it’d, affected the country’s relationship with China, Chen says and it goes.

With more power given, the checks and balances should be working even harder, this is, the basic knowledge of the system of government.  But in the past year or so, the legislators of the DDP allowed Chen to do and say what he wanted to, whatever he’d done, it’s the right thing.  And, those who’d spoken up against Chen’s rules, who are not from the same party, are all, shut down, and silenced.  For instance, the KMT asked to reveal the records of the meeting of the 3+11 records, demanded more buying powers of the vaccines, demanding the country’s own vaccines go through the three stages of trials, the government officials’ roster for receiving the vaccines, evaluation of the buying of the country’s own vaccines, the pricing, and all of these demands go towards the defense of MERS-CoV, and none of these asking was interfering the Command Center’s work of fighting off the spread, and, all are, reasonable asking, of the government, and yet, the DDP had, killed off these laws.  Accused the members of the party not in power for “wanting to destroy the hard work of the government’s defense against the spread of MERS-CoV”, that they have, “alternative motives”; not examining the powers of the commandeer, but, silencing the opinions, the asking of the party that’s not in power, if this is not self-domesticating, then, what is?

how the system of checks and balances, when it worked, properly…

from online

Besides, MERS-CoV is like the plague, worse than war, as the legislative house received the right to make the laws, if they’d set up a committee especially, to watch the workings of the system, it’s, just for the asking, but, as the party that’s not in power that’s, finally been allowed to have a board of discussion on the matter of vaccine review, they’d not held one solitary meeting to date, and the committee member’s questioning, the DDP also, pointed toward the party out of power, and worked their hardest, to protect Chen’s status; they’d, given up their rights of checks and balances, if this is not self-domestication, then, what is?

The “generosity” that the president, Tsai with the members of her party showed toward Chen in the naming of the board of the committee members, it actually, damaged the right to review, and the right to make the laws.  On the matter of writing a rule into law, the DDP won almost every single time, because of the number of the members in the legislature, and, it’d, defeated the opposing party, and the result being, the self-mutilation of the right to make the laws.  The DDP’s congressional members treated every battle against the party as a war between the parties, but they’d forgotten, that the minority party is also, an important part of the legislature too, that on the matter of fighting for the right to make the laws, the members of the legislature of the DDP either had been domesticated or self-domesticated, and the end results was, that they’d hurt the party that’s not in power, allowed the executive branch to have too much power, and in the end, it’d, damaged the right to set up the legislations.  And, there’s a lacking of the collectiveness of the legislature as a whole, but too much of the party’s power, this is, the biggest crisis in the democracy of the legislative meetings, and it’s also, the biggest mistakes that the legislators of the DDP made these few years.

It’s still, a long way until we fight off the outbreaks completely, if the legislators of the DDP actually viewed the right to life as very important, than, it should, reclaim its right to write the laws, and, start shouldering up the complete examining right that it’d promised that it was going to have, at least, don’t put Taiwan into the situation of “the people are free, but the people are not really free”, the authoritarian measures of fighting off the spread of MERS-CoV.

the imbalance of power that’s, occurred here…

comic from online

And so, this still just showed, of how this commander of the defense against MERS-CoV department is getting too much power, and now that he’d tasted that sense of power, he’s, naturally, not going to, want to let go of it, and, because the man is a member of the DDP, that’s why, all the legislators, still, supported his rules, allowed him to done what he wants to, indefinitely, and so, there are, TWO dictators here, one, the man in charge of the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, Chen the other, Tsai, the DICTATOR who won the votes for president, popularly, and we the people, still got, SCREWED over!!!

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The Commander, a Blind, Swordsman

And unfortunately, we the people are still, allowing this, IDIOT who’s BLIND, leading us, the masses who are, also, blind, it’s kinda like the THREE BLIND mice, isn’t it???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, Taiwan finally got a taste of what it’d, felt like, to be, lagging behind.  Based off of the Bloomberg reports, Taiwan had fallen to FORTY-FOURTH on the list; the Economist’s “Normal Life” indicator, also, put Taiwan, into, the abyss, ranking us second to last.  As the presses inquired about the ranking, the commander Chen stated, that he’d not read the magazines, nor was he made aware of the reports.

The “Normal Life Indicator” is a quantifying measure of how close a country is to its original way of life compared to before the outbreaks started.  And, Taiwan ranked, not even HALF of Hong Kong which is, way up ahead, in the fifty countries that had been polled, we’re, the LAST!

and, unlike this one, the REAL, blind swords man, who CAN, fight…Chen can’t!!!

movie poster from online

Chen is in command, and made a ton of life-changing decisions, and yet, he’d, shut his own ears, not listened to the advices from outside of him.  This included the implementations of the rule of three-plus-eleven, he’d retracted his own statements repeatedly, and it’s, confusing to us all, people.  And now, the well-known international magazine gave us a very low ranking, the commander spoke on camera, telling the masses that he’d never heard of the magazine before.

If Chen felt ashamed, that would be well.  But, this message, was posted out in various media presses, and yet, our commander chose to, ignore.  And that’s when, everybody started noting, that this commander who’s once boasted, “how can the rest of the world catch up to Taiwan!”, in his eyes, there were only, the printed American and Japanese flags on the masks.

Chen is in power, who can get the vaccines, who can’t, which way to turn, east or west, with the defense against MERS-CoV, whatever he said, goes.  But, this leader is like the blind swordsman, without any sense in principle in making up the laws, the policies, started hacking blindly, while all our lives, are in, his hands.

he should be wearing that MASK, over HIS, EYES!!! Photo from online

And this, is what it’d, looked like, for us here, in this, FUCKING “country” now, we’re living without the vaccines we’re in dire need of, and, everybody’s fighting hard, for the limited resources of getting vaccinated, and, as soon as the registry opens, within  a matter of nanoseconds, there are, no more slots people can, sign up for, and, this IDIOT still thinks he’s done, a wonderful job, keeping all of us, citizen of this “great” country, safe?  Yeah, and yet, what CAN we the people do???  NADA!!!

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Shang-Chun Chang Brushed Off the Seven Hundred Lives Lost, So Easily

How the government officials, still, paint over that coat of, LIES here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s, a morbidity rate of 4.68-percent from MERS-CoV, twice more than the global average, a total of 706 who’d died from MERS-CoV.  Toward the questioning of how the medical provisions weren’t u to speed, the recruit of the specialist task force of the CDC, Chang stated, that those who’d died all had preexisting conditions, that the average age of death is seventy-three, and of these, a lot of the cases, the families signed the DNR, which was why there’s this, high morbidity rate.  Chang’s explanation, can’t cover up for the incompetence of the government, nor can it, make the general public feel, better.

Undeniably, those who have the preexisting conditions, may have a worse system of defense after contraction, with a higher, rate of mortality.  But, blaming the cause of death onto these preexisting conditions, it’s, way too, untrue, and it’d shown how the government officials, are, trying to, evade responsibilities.  The height of the outbreaks came from mid-May to the end of June, there are, dozens to more than thirty deaths from MERS-CoV per day, some died in their homes, other, in the quarantine hotels, or even, on the streets, a lot of those were only confirmed of having MERS-CoV after death.  In other words, many of them didn’t even have the chances of getting treatment, most don’t even know they’d contracted the virus, that, is why we have, such a high mortality rate.  Take yesterday for example, there are, twenty-seven new confirmed cases, but, seventeen deaths, how is this rate normal?

From all of this, people can see, three huge holes in the legislation, this is, what Tsai’s government, along with the CDC can’t, dodge from.  First, a lot of the people with their lives hanging on the lines, unaware that they’d, contracted MERS, the fault is on the command center’s not expand the scans for the virus, causing those with less severe symptoms, to enter into the local communities, to spread the virus out, causing those who didn’t know to contract the virus, and end up, dying.  As the hospital described this condition as “happy hypoxia”, how can they be sure, that all who’d died, before death, they are, happy?

Secondly, the government got caught up in how “ahead of the rest” it’d bene, but, wasn’t practical enough, in reassigning the needed resources to the needed locations, causing those who’d contracted the virus, couldn’t get into the hospital for the treatments, those who are having the more severe symptoms, not resuscitated on time.  For instance, the hotspot of the outbreaks is located around Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the command center couldn’t, help the cities get enough of the needed wards set up, with all the equipment required for treatment, delaying those who contracted the virus, that they’d become, too severely impacted by the contraction, some didn’t even have the wards to go to to get treated.  And, the single-strain treatments can effective prevent the progressions of the virus to severe in elderly, but we’d, only begun to discuss buying up the medications in June, and the drugs are finally in by mid-June, this clearly showed, of how lacking the command center had been, of the provisions of care.  The T.V. personnel, Jia’s calling on the donations of the machines, to respond to the needs of the medical staff, why didn’t the command center hear the cries in the frontlines?

Thirdly, blaming the high mortality rate on the elderly and the progressive conditions that they have, it’s, completely, bullshit, it’s a huge insult, to the healthcare system in Taiwan.

Tsai’s buying the vaccines was, calculated politically, the command center’s allotting the resources of the vaccines, politically, selfish, not caring for the health and welfare of the people, and, they’d all, misused, abused the system of healthcare we have already, established, that was, originally, working wonders.

And so, it’s still, the politics that’s, SCREWED us all!  The government is so set on defying China, making the people turn against everything that’s, from China, and, it’s propagandas paid off all right, but the cost is, the lives that are, already, lost, and will keep on, increasing in numbers, by the contractions of, MERS-CoV!

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You GET, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T You, PAY for…

This would be, the MOST important lesson you will EVER learn, in your lives, and, nothing comes, CHEAP these days!

You get, EXACTLY, W-H-A-Y you, PAY for, because, when you slash the costs, you’re also, slashing the services (or, are you still deluded there???).  You get, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T you, PAY for, as the costs of something heads up, so would the services you get (or so you would, like to believe!), and generally, this is, true, however, there are, cases that are, totally, against this belief, so, don’t take this, as a “sure thing”…

You GET, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T you, PAY for, nothing comes cheap these days, there’s, always, that FINEPRINT on whatever it is you’re, signing, and because those “prints” are, so fine, you’re more than prone to, overlook what’s on there, and that’s, how you get, SCREWED over!

But, just hold on, to this thought…every cent, for every amount of, services you want to get, there’s NO such thing as, high-quality things that comes, at low costs, maybe save for, these “children” I’m currently, “reproducing” on here.

Oh and by the way, I’m now charging, each and every one of my readers, FOUR “shinny pennies”, instead of the TWO previously, okay?  Yeah, ‘cuz the prices of everything’s hiking up, so are these, “children” that I’m, currently, “giving BIRTHS” to here.

So, pay up, your FOUR C-E-N-T-S for this one, just “deposit” your shiny pennies, in the “collection plate” two on your ways in, two on your ways out, or you can, pay for the FOUR cents up front, or when you, “exit”………………

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The Delta Strain…

In the form of, a narrative, I suppose…and, here’s, some of that, NEEDED INSIGHTS for all of you, CDC “professionals”(are you sure you got, enough, professionalism of your own areas of, expertise there???).

I’m the delta strain, and, I’m slowly, becoming, the MAIN form of MERS-CoV, and, I’m, stronger, tougher to kill off, compared to my, alpha, beta “compadres”, and, I’m bound to, mutate, again, and come back even stronger, as you, god damn FUCKING (‘cuz I’m the virus, and I can swear, all I want to here!) humans, try to, take me out…

And, now that, I’d, mutated, a third time, I’d acquired, the antibodies that my former “forefathers”: alpha and beta strains”, don’t got, because, the vaccines that’d been developed now, can take them both out.

what “I” look like…photo from online

And so, yeah, looks like, I’ll be, ruling this world, for a bit, ‘cuz you FUCKING, little STUPID human beings, still don’t got single C-L-U-E there, had you allowed me to, run my course with the global population, as Mother Nature mandated (yeah, ‘cuz the virus in its original form had been proven to be, naturally-occurring, hello, hello, hello???), then, I wouldn’t have to, mutate like CRAZY, as you, stupid little humans try to, kill me off, besides, I’m only, recycling people, to help Mother Nature heal here!

So, don’t shoot me, I’m only, that lesson that you all need to learn, but still hadn’t, quite, “managed” Y-E-T is all………

my alpha “former self”…

in 3D, from online…

Now that, I’m, out of that, “outfit”, let me reiterate (why am I repeating myself here again???): reason why the virus is mutating quicker, quicker, and quicker, reason why the new strains of MERS is harder and harder to kill off is, because we’re trying to ERADICATE it, wipe it off the surface of this planet, and, that’s why the mutations are happening all over the world now, ‘cuz they’re, trying to, SURVIVE, like we, “higher orders” (are we really???) of living organisms are doing.

Hello, hello, hello, why do I feel like I’m the only one who’s seeing this, “trend”???  Oh, must be my high-up status inside this ivory tower of my FREAKIN’ mind, that’s, gained me, a panoramic, perspective…………

And, with each and every strain mutation, I’ll get, stronger yet, so, eventually, you god damn, stupid human had made me INVINCIBLE, and by then, the race of humans shall be, completely, S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!! 


what “I” look like, in “my” mutated form, from South Africa…

photo from online

And no, I still don’t “own” a degree in the medical sciences, or microbiology, or even, virology here, I still just had a bachelors of ARTS, in psych…

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The Government Prided Itself on Being Ahead of the Defenses Against the Spread of MERS-CoV, and Now, We’re, Reliant on the Handouts of Vaccines

We the people, are still, SCREWED over by the government’s, BIG E-G-O (and yes, this I mean, egotistical!), with the president’s, lacking the FORESIGHT, and it took down the entire ISLAND with her, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three American senators arrived to Taiwan for a short visit yesterday, they’d exchanged words with the president at the airport, announced that the U.S. will be giving Taiwan 750,000 vaccines, then, rushed out.  Through the vaccines sent by COVAX, given to us by the U.S., they’d instantly had the senator announced it, it’s a sort of a needed help for the government led by Tsai who’s troubled by how quickly MERS is spreading across the island.  But, with the AZ vaccines given to us by Japan, to the unknown manufacturer of the vaccines given to this country by the U.S., this clearly showed, how we’d become, solely, reliant on other countries on the vaccines.  While the Tsai government kept claiming that our own vaccines is “the key tactic of the country”, such a lie!

We are, more than grateful for the show of helping hand from the three senators from the U.S.  Their trip to Asia primary was for the sake of discussing with Korea on its manufactured goods being no longer produced by China, along with getting Korea to manufacture the American brands of vaccines; and they’d “made it out of their ways” to see Taiwan for a short while, the government should take this gratitude to mind.  Last month the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, the country’s getting away from being reliant on Chinese and South Korean industries, and the matter of American vaccines being sold to South Korea; the U.S. only, came over to Taiwan at a “spur of the moment” thing, that the Tsai government should be, ever the more, grateful;  after last month the Korean President, Moon met up with Biden in the U.S., and received the contracts to manufacture the vaccines of Moderna and Novavax, which will be carried out by Samsung and SK Groups.  Comparing, Tsai kept claiming how we’re on good terms with the U.S., but we were only, allotted 75,000 vaccines from COVAX, not knowing with the unspecified manufacturer.  This sort of a loss, isn’t, shouldn’t, and couldn’t be, made up for by the short visit of the American Senator.

Due to the bad policies of vaccines by the government, and because of how local enterprises, and the local governments started wanting to buy their own vaccines, the situation is, ever more, the dire.  There are three levels of the chain of provisions of vaccines: first, while the outbreaks didn’t get too overboard, the government didn’t active buy from the external manufacturers, and only set a budget of $11.5 billion for the vaccines, lacking the ambitions.  Comparing, the population of Singapore is only a quarter of Taiwan’s, and, it’d, set aside twice the budget of what Taiwan had set for the vaccines.  Secondly, the government is too indecisive between “manufactured in Taiwan”, “Buying externally”, and vaccines made from, other countries, the government should’ve taken advantage of all three, but, in its indecisiveness, it’d, lost the opportunities to get ahead, in the end, the country’s lost, all three.  Thirdly, the locally owned foundations are eager to donate the vaccines, but the Tsai government set up the obstacles; but, without the third-stage clinical trials of the vaccines manufactured here, it would be hard to get the stamp of approval internationally, which will turn us, citizens, into, the lab rats for the vaccines.

this is what this country is currently, faced with…

more diagnosed every single day…photo from online

What’s ironic, was as the government pushed for the “nation-made brand” of vaccines, to prevent the local communities to buy their own, the vaccine manufacturer that the government vouched for, dropped in stock prices for five consecutive, days.  This showed, that the bubbles of nationally produced vaccines, are already, burst by the government.  The key of this, is that during the time when the outbreak still had yet to happen, the government can hypnotize its people; but now, with the rates of diagnosed exceeding the ten-thousands, there were, the tens of people dying from the outbreaks, more of the people who are in quarantine, and flew into that state of panic, because they can’t get the treatment they are in need of.  The president blindly believed, that she could use the predictions of a working vaccine manufactured in Taiwan, to calm people down.  But, with our lives being, threatened, how many are willing to believe, that there’s a “vaccine in the future” for us all?

And so, as Tsai called out to the masses, that having a locally produced vaccine is a priority of the “Country’s tactic in fighting off the spread”; people would naturally ask: then, why didn’t the government start developing the vaccines last year?  As Tsai told: if we didn’t have enough provisions to make our own vaccines, we will be at the mercies of other countries; people wondered: then, why didn’t the government start buying the vaccines soon as they became available internationally, and turned down the thirty million vaccines by BNT from Japan and Korea, and given Terry Go and the Buddhist foundation a hard time when they try to donate the vaccines to the people to use?

Think on it, if the government was successful in buying in the thirty million vaccines from BNT from Asia East, and all of the people in Taiwan would have at least, one vaccine in; if two shots were administered, then, more than sixty-percent of the public would’ve reached immunity.  Then, as the locally started outbreak that happened this past month in May came, we could’ve, reduced the losses, the damages to a bare, minimum.  But, the problem lies, that Tsai is completely against China, refused to get the vaccines bought by the Chinese company, Fosun International, and in the end, we’d, not gotten ANY vaccines, allowing the virus to take over the island.  And now, Taiwan became, solely reliant on the “kind” donations from the countries here, and there, how does THIS play toward “putting the country first”? in her strategies of stopping the spread of MERS-CoV?  And, how many years would it take, to have enough citizens vaccinated, until we can be, “immune” as a collective group?

and, unfortunately, this is what we need but, don’t have enough of!

no, we still, can’t have any of this! Photo from online

On the surfaces, the good news of the three Senators delivering over the vaccines; in actuality, it showed how Taiwan is, totally, out of luck, out of means, in the vaccines.  No reasons, other than the government took its time, boasting its abilities, and not being practical on its measures; too arrogant toward the people, relying too much on the U.S., and Japan, these major world nations, resulting in only getting the leftovers from other countries, to the people here.

And so, this, is what we get, as our government LACKED the foresight, the government should’ve gotten ahead in buying the vaccines from last year, when the outbreaks aren’t that hard-hitting, but like I said the president got HER head UP her own ass, in her own GLORY of how, wow, we’re now, the HEAD providers of masks to the rest of the world, and it’s the government, and the president’s BIG E-G-O (not egocentric that I’m talkin’ ‘bout here!), that’s, SCREWED “we, the people” here!

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