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As I’d Loaned Him What He’d Asked

Fooled me once, that was, enough, I won’t let you fool me, again!  This is why, we should, NEVER, allow anybody to borrow any money (and I don’t mean a quarter, a dollar, etc., etc., etc.) either here!  Translated…

Six months back, a friend whom I’m not really acquainted with lost his job, and texted me, to borrow some money.

I had this rule of letting my friends borrow the money, which was, “borrowing is giving”, I’d set myself up, mentally for that, otherwise, if I can’t get what I’d loaned my friends back, I will have to pursue after them, and we might end up, never be friends anymore.  I don’t want to make that same mistake again, and so, I’d, handed him a few thousand dollars, told him that it was “to help him take care of his aging dog, the medical costs”, and, I’d showed him my willingness to help him out, and, made sure I didn’t, hurt his, pride.  And, in order to discourage him from asking for another loan, I’d, given him, a whole lot less of what he’d, asked me to borrow him too.

I thought, that he got it, knew, that I’d, “given the money for him, instead of letting him borrow the amount”, that there’s not a, next time, and yet, recently, he’d sent another message to me, “Chiu, can you help me one more time?  I am really embarrassed to ask this.”

I’d, introspected that maybe, I was, too, evasive in my means, and gave him the wrong idea, that I’m a “free loan’s agent” for him.  It seemed, that on the more important matters, I should, just, be, blunt about it.  I’d thought for a bit, and, allowed the message to say “read and not respond” for awhile.

Since I’d loaned him the money, he worked in the sales from before, and started, selling things to me; on FB, I saw him and his wife, at the Shoreside Café enjoying their leisure with their pets.  It’s not that I wanted to see someone live badly, nor am I wishing that someone falls to the lowest of low in her/his life, and never come back again; but it seemed, that my friend had, started a brand new career, that he’d not needed to nickel and dime anymore, and under these, circumstances, and he’d, asked me for more loans, and I can’t help but wonder, if he started having the habits of depending on me, and abused the kindness of those around him.

And of course, all of the above were my own, speculations, there’s no way of checking if it was true or false.  Point is, once money is involved in friendship, the relationship, the interaction is bound to turn, negative.  The friends you aren’t that acquainted with, may not care about this, which was why they’d, asked, over, over, and over again; on the opposite, I’d, saved up all I can, donated to the charitable causes to help those who are really in need, I have no desire, of becoming that A.T.M. to him.

In the “part-timing economy” trends, there are, less and less of the full-time worker positions.  Or maybe, I should be, a bit, nosier, guide him to set up a “company of one”, to take in clients, and offering them the individual services that they may need from him.  In other words, to not try for that full-time position at a company anymore, to use his sills and experiences, and make a living off of that.

To the end, what I’d learned from this was, helping another, we must find the right means for the individual, especially when it came to the matters of the money, because once you’d not thought through the matters thoroughly, you may, easily be tricked into “offering the person your goodwill”, which he will use for something that’s, bad.

And so, this individual was, too kind, to loan that friend who’s not really familiar with him the money, had it been me, I would’ve told the person, sorry, I’m a little tight on cash myself (even if I wasn’t), that way, I would NOT feel cheated out of my kindness, nor allowing that certain someone to abuse my kindness.

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The Case of Theft of the Well-to-Do Woman, Her Doctoral “Godson” was, Arrested

Yeah, uh, this still just showed, how you can, NEVER, be too careful, WHO you call your, “relatives” or “friends”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The plastic surgeon in Kaohsiung, Chang’s mansion was, burglarized, the “godson”, thirty-two-year-old Shih was caught on the third, and taken into protective custody, the police arrested the driver of the getaway car, the woman’s “adopted younger brother”, the forty-year-old man, Chang, Chang is a doctoral student in engineering of Chingwha University, he’d admitted to what he’d done, and turned in the loots, claimed, that it was Shih’s getting kicked out of Chang’s mansion, he’d burglarized her place out of revenge, the district attorneys, after interrogating him, set his bail for $100,000N.T.s.

In the early mornings of yesterday, with the disciplinary instructor of Chingwha University, the police entered into the research units, and found $50,000N.T. in cash, two diamond rings, a gold nugget piece, and Cartier watch; the forty-eight-year-old well-to-do woman, Chang told, that the total of what she got burglarized was worth $30 million N.T.’s, currently, the police managed to get close to $14 million N.T. in cash, eight gold bullions, the two diamond rings, the name brand watches, and the Rolex, ruby, and emeralds, are still not found yet.

The police and D.A. investigated, the 32-year-old Shih on the 29th of last month, with his luggage, and travel bag, and in five trips to and from, stole the items away from Chang’s mansion, while Chang drove the getaway rental car, took the items to Shih’s residence in Chienzhen District to split up the loots, and on that same day, Chang had, returned back to Hsinchu after he’d returned the rented car that was used as a transportation car for the loots.

The police and D.A.s arrested Shih on the third, confiscated the $12.9 million in cash, and recovered the seven already melted, gold bullions, Shih claimed that he’d made the money, working as a male waiter at a bar, he was taken into custody; early yesterday morn, the police returned back to Hsinchu to arrest Chang, and entered into his lab in Chingwha University to conduct a more thorough search.  And, in Chang’s godmother’s residence in Taoyuan, they’d confiscated another $850,000N.T. in cash.

Chang gave Shih up, told, that last month, he was told, that Chang “liked me less and less, she wanted to kick me out of her home”, that he may have to move, he’d wanted to, “take revenge on her”, he’d gone accordingly, took out a rental car, and, became an “unknowing accomplice”, and got enticed by the wealth, and took some too.

The doctoral student, Chang had been working on his doctorate for a whole NINE years, worked as a teaching assistant, met Chang many years ago in China, and called each other “godbrother” and “god sister”; Chingwha University stated, that they are, working together with the police in the case, that if it was confirmed, that Chang is, indeed a student, and that he’d done something illegal, the school will issue the rulings on his status as a student of the school.

And so, this LOSER was, tempted by how much money this woman had, and it’s, easy cash, and she had all those, jewelry pieces, just, lying around her home, and it would be, SUCH a shame if he didn’t, take some, and the moment came, when she’d, KICKED him out of her mansion, because, apparently, she’d done, putting up with him, and this LOSER got into his head, that he should, take from the woman who’d, given him a place to stay, who’d, given him all the money he’d needed, and, stole from her, and that, is precisely W-H-Y, we do NOT trust, strangers here!

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A Wolf Used the Excuse of “I’m Feeling Depressed and Contemplating Suicide”, He’d “Swallowed” Her “Whole”

Preying on her emotions here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A janitor, at a namely hospital, Chen told his mildly retarded female coworker, “I feel awful, and I want to kill myself, have a drink with me”, he’d gotten her to go back to his residence, managed to get her drunk, and raped her; the woman’s mother couldn’t find her late in the nights, she’d called the police, and the police were able to track her using the GPS on her cell phone, managed, to rescue her, who was, already, DRUNK, and passed out on Chen’s home, and booked Chen based off of rape charges.

“She got drunk, and came on to me!”, as Chen was being arrested, he’d told the officers, but, the police reviewed the surveillance close to his residence, and found that before he’d called up his female coworker, he went to the pharmacy close by, to buy condoms, which showed his premeditation.

The police investigated, that Chen (age 55), had gotten along well with his janitor coworker; through chit chatting with her, he’d learned, that in the evenings, she’d head over to her grandmother’s to look after her, and, would wait for her mother to get off work, then, the two of them would head home together.  A night not too long ago, Chen called his female coworker when she was on her way to her grandmother’s place, said, that he’d been fighting with his family members, and, wanted to take sleeping pills to commit suicide, and cried to her, “Then, come over to my house, to accompany me to drink.”

The woman didn’t detect anything, without telling her family, and, went to Chen’s place on her own; she had never drunk, and, after he’d downed two cans of beer into her system, she’d passed out, and after that, Chen stripped her clothes off, and was able to rape her.  The woman’s mother thought that she’d gone missing, and notified the police, the police used GPS and tracked down her cell phone, and, they went to Chen’s place, and found him to be involved in raping the woman.  Back then, Chen was not consistent in his statements, first, he’d told the officers, that when he’d gotten home, he’d found his female coworker, not dressed up properly, then, changed to, “I drank too much, I can’t recall.”

The police suggested, that in these situation, you can use stalling techniques, or, maybe, have someone else, to go to the place, and, that you must notify the police immediately.  And if the members of the public had noticed that their loved ones are behaving out of the ordinary, they need to pay more attention, show more concern to them, or, call the suicide prevention hotlines.

And, this man was able to successfully PREY on this woman’s kindness, and that, is what usually happens, because we are so soft, and so, we are prone, to have the tendency, to take care of those in need, and, this, is when those LOSERS can take advantage of us, and this woman was too unsuspecting, which was why, she was, raped…and, this could’ve been prevented, but, it still wasn’t!

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Helping Out His Homeless Friend

Once that can of worm gets opened up, you ain’t NEVER gonna see the end of it that’s for sure…

Helping out his homeless friends, he thought he was actually doing them favors, but, is he?  His so-called friends who’d become homeless became homeless for a reason, and yet, whenever they’d cried to him on how FUCKED up they’d had it, he’d let his empathy take over, and start to sympathize with their situations, and, his homeless friends, with OR without knowing that they’re doing that, are actually taking advantage of his kindness, and, they will KEEP on, SUCKING HIM dry like leeches, and, it’s because of good Samaritans like him, that, is why there are SOOOOOOOOO many problems in this world right now, because there will always and forever BE those BAD people in the world, who are OUT, to SCREW around, and, they’d use you for your kindness, because you let them, because they KNEW they could take advantage of your kind and gentle nature, and all the while you’re being used, you’re still glad, that hey, I’m helping this “homeless friend” of mine out?  Are you FUCKING (pardon the “French”!!!) retarded?  Do you NEED a brain scan to see IF everything’s functioning well or something?  Well, why don’t you go GET one then (brain scan, I mean)???

Helping out his homeless friend, instead of giving him those fifty or a hundred dollars at a time whenever the friend came calling, you should get the friend (if you really ARE her/his friend) to go to a job training center, so, the person CAN get a viable skill, and STOP sucking the system dry, because when someone SUCKS on the system like that, we, the TAXPAYERS (hello, hello, hello???) ARE the ones to pay, you DO realize it, don’t you???  Yeah, uh-huh, and, feel free to call ME heartless, I really don’t care!!!

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“I Have a Curfew”, a Horny Guy Tried Convincing His Female Classmate to Stay Over

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A college student, Chen, after consoling with a female classmate who’d had a fight with her boyfriend, he’d used the excuse of how he had a curfew at home, that his family had already locked up the doors, and excused himself to sleep in her apartment; he’d agreed to sleeping on the floors, but all of a sudden, he’d climbed onto her bed, started kissing her like crazy, with the intent of rape, the girl screamed, “I’m pregnant, if you have sex with me, it’ll kill my child, and, you will be haunted by my child’s spirits”. And that, was when Chen gave up attempting, the Hsinbei District Attorney’s office prosecuted him based off of attempted rape.

The male college student, Chen (age 21) who studied in Yilan, in mid-March, he’d learned that a girl he was into had a fight with her boyfriend and broken up with him, wanted some company, Chen rode his motorcycle up north; they’d gone to the riverside park to chit chat, until midnight, Chen told her, “I have a curfew, the doors at my home is already locked.”

In order to gain her trust, Chen first drove her to where he’d lived in Sanchong, Hsinbei City, gone upstairs, pretended he couldn’t open the door, the girl felt bad about causing him not to be able to sleep at home, and told him that he could crash at her place for the night, that he would have to sleep on the floors, Chen agreed right away.

After the girl showered, she lay in bed, and all of a sudden, Chen jumped on her, to attempt to rape her, the girl screamed and fought, slapped him across the face, Chen punched her stomach, the girl screamed, “I’m pregnant, and having sex will kill my baby.” Chen was stunned for a short while, the girl said, “If you rape me, the spirit of my dead child will haunt you!” Chen was doubtful, and in the end, he’d rubbed his penis against her abdomen until he ejaculated.

The girl called the cops and pressed charges, Chen claimed that he’d never touched her, and accused her of blackmailing him for $50,000N.T.; and claimed that the girl has a roommate, and had she screamed, her roommate would’ve found out. The D.A. called in Chen’s parents, and proved that Chen had NO curfews, and that even IF the doors are locked, he could easily climb the windows and make his way in; the clerk screamed in the girl’s bedroom, and, from the outside, nobody heard anything, plus, there was DNA evidence from Chen on the girl, and the girl passed a polygraph, and that, is how the D.A. believed, that the college male student was indeed, involved in attempted rape.

And here, we still have??? Oh yeah, ANOTHER L-O-S-E-R who can’t keep his DICK in check, and, apparently, HIS mama still didn’t TEACH him to RESPECT women, and he’s still caught, red-handed, but, he’ll probably get away with community service hours, and mandated court appointed therapy, but that’s it, and, chance of him raping someone again is still very high!!!




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The Woman Whose Throat Was Slit in Her Own Home, the Perpetrator Was Her Husband’s Nephew, Over a Matter of Settlement Money

So, once again, money is still the ROOT of this E-V-I-L, the “follow-up” from yesterday, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

Hong, the woman who was found dead, having her throat slit two days ago, the police suspected, that it was done, by someone she was close to, the case was solved yesterday, and it turned out, that it was someone she knew who’d killed her, it was her husband’s nephew, Yang; it was suspected, that because Yang’s aunt turned him down when he’d asked her to loan some money, that he became embarrassed and angered, then, murdered her.

Yang is also involved in the case from last year where another woman, Jiang, had pushed a woman, Kuan, to jump off of a bridge, Jiang went after the debts owed to her by Kuan, threatened her, that if she didn’t pay her back, then, men will gang-rape her, Kuan didn’t want to be raped, and so, she’d leapt off of a cliff, and killed herself.  Yesterday, Yang didn’t only JUST admit to murdering his own aunt, and admitted to the rape of Kuan from last year.  Today is the one-year death anniversary of Kuan, and Yang was caught on a day before, the police commented on how coincidental it was.  The D.A. asked the judge to take Yang in, and the judge agreed.

Hong was murdered, and her mother-in-law couldn’t stop crying, said that she’d been nothing but a fitting and kind daughter-in-law.  Yesterday, she’d learned, that it was her own grandson who’d done it, she’d cried, in front of the morgue hard.  The suspect, Yang’s father said, “Because my mother spoiled my son rotten, that, was why he’d become the way he was.”

The police investigated, that in the case when Yang had forced Kuan to leap off of a cliff, because there was a lack of evidence, he was free, but he needed to pay the settlement money in installments, Hong’s mother-in-law took out $150,000N.T. from a friend, to help her grandson pay the settlement, but later, the mother-in-law couldn’t pay back the loan, and so, Hong had took it upon her shoulders, to help pay the debt.

Two mornings ago, because Yang couldn’t pay up the settlement, he’d asked to borrow $50,000N.T. from his aunt, the aunt said, that he had YET to pay her back from the last time, that she wasn’t willing to let him borrow more.  Yang claimed, that he’d gotten down on his knees, hoping the aunt could loan him another $50,000N.T., but she’d scolded him, “You don’t have a mother anymore, and you’re still misbehaving, so useless.”

Yang was angered, took out the sashimi knife from the drawers, threatened her, they started pulling on each other, the aunt screamed, “Don’t make another mistake again!”; but Yang chased her from the first floor to the second, covered up Hong’s mouth, then, stabbed her on the neck, one of his stabs managed to sever her right carotid.

Yang didn’t care that his aunt was losing a LOT of blood by the bed, bleeding to death, ran to the closets, to find more cash.  After that, he’d gone to a friend’s house to take a shower, to wash the blood stain on the clothes off, then, returned to his grandmother’s house, to try to get more money, but, no one was there at home, so, he’d given up.  In the afternoon, he’d gone to the D.A.’s office, to testify on behalf of Kuan, went to the net cafés in the evening, as if nothing had happened.

The police asked around the neighborhood, suspected that Yang was involved, and they’d managed to track Yang down from the father’s statements.  Yang denied having murdered, but the police found multiple scratch wounds on his forearm, suspected that he’d received them from the struggles with the victim, and that, was when Yang admitted to killing his own aunt.

The police said, that Yang’s parents were divorced, he’d been spoiled rotten by his grandmother, last year, after the case with Kuan, he still didn’t learn his lessons, and would LIE to his family about working every day, instead, he’d spent ALL his money at net cafés, and would often ask for handouts from his family.

And so, this woman got murdered because of M-O-N-E-Y, and, the one who’s at fault is still this nephew, along with the family members who SPOILED him rotten, and, this guy has MULTIPLE priors in violence, and now, murder charges are added, on top of his already lengthy RAP SHEET!!!




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“I’m Your Daughter”, a Demented Elderly Gave $4,000N.T.s to a Complete Stranger

Problems of aging, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, from Hsinbei City, Tien, awhile ago, rode her motorcycle, with her daughter and her grandson to Gueishan, Taoyaun, and suspected of soliciting money from a seemingly demented elderly, Huang, claimed, “I’m your daughter”, and needed money to buy things for children and grandchild, and had gotten four thousand one hundred dollars from the man; the police went through the surveillance, and found, that Tien was involved, and she’d claimed that she’d only asked for a “loan”, and was sent to the district attorney’s offices to prosecute, based off of fraud.

The police pointed out, the fifty-two year old Tien, took along her twenty-seven year old daughter, her four year old grandson on the tenth of this month, passed through Chung-Shing Road of Gueishan region, saw Huang (age 87) standing by the side of the road, she’d gone up to him, tapped on his shoulder, said, “I’m your daughter, remember?”, the elderly looked at her, and said, “Oh, oh”, then, the woman told him that she needed money to buy daily necessities, foods, for her own children, but she didn’t bring any money with her, and that she needed the elderly man to help out.

And, the police suspected that the woman was questioned by the demented elderly person, that he was an easy target, and so, she’d scammed him some more, told him that it wasn’t enough, wanted the elderly to go home and get more money; and so, the elderly man went home, to get three thousand dollars more.  When the two of them were chatting, the elderly man’s son came out, and, as the woman saw, that someone was there, she’d left in a hurry.

Huang’s son learned that his father had been scammed, he’d called the police immediately, and the police used the surveillance camera, and found Tien on her motorcycle, and called her in.

Tien yesterday showed up at the police station, told the officers, that her daughter, awhile ago, got into a car wreck, and could no longer work, her other daughter died in a car accident, leaving her four-year-old grandson, and the father was unknown, she’d been feeling a TON of stress, on the tenth, she was originally buying things to offer to her deceased daughter, but she’d only had spare change, saw that Huang was standing at the side of the road, she didn’t think things through, and asked him to let her borrow some money, that she didn’t scam him.

The police said, that the woman, even though, had returned the $4,100N.T. she’d scammed from the elderly man, but the police questioned her statements, and will look further into things, to see if there are MORE victims.

And so, we have here, someone who used someone else’s mental conditions to S-C-A-M, and that just shows you how important it is, to keep watch over your elderly parents, because as they aged, they may be slower to react, and, which makes them easy targets for scam artists like this.

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A Mother with a Handicap Manual, the Son Drives a Tax-Free Mercedes

And yes, there are still those who are like that, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

The justice department’s statistical measures found, that there are more name-brand cars with the tags; the name-brands, the larger cars are totaling over ten thousand, that the public is taking advantage of the government’s kindness.

My friend’s mother has a handicap manual, he used his mother’s name, and has a Mercedes Benz, without the tax.  Actually, with his own economical wellbeing, he doesn’t need to take advantage of his mother’s “status”.  A few years back, my friend’s mother was placed into a nursing home, and the doctors’ visits to the hospitals, the nursing home took over, she’d also spent her holidays there, the car was rarely used, and yet, he’s still having the advantage of NOT paying for HIS license plates.

When the tax-free cars no longer took care of the “aging mothers”,  but instead, bring about conveniences to the offspring, this, is definitely a mockery, toward the government’s kindness to the citizens.

If the status of a farmer is based off of the earnings on the crops, then, shouldn’t the discount on the tax-free license plate be as such too?  The writer has many friends with epilepsy, and, they are immobilized, driving a remodeled car, and enjoying the tax-free discounts, it’s the rightful way, and they still sleep well at night.

And, this just shows, how the people ARE taking advantage of the kindness of the government, the implementing of the handicapped discount, is SET for those who are handicapped, and those direct next-of-kin, like the primary caretakers?  And yet, after this rule is set, there were a TON of those, who don’t live ANYWHERE N-E-A-R those who have a handicapped manual, but are related to them, benefitting, and this, will be a hole, that those who are looking for the holes to weasel into, keep weaseling in.

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The Driver Used the “Sob” Card About How His Eldest Sister Had Cancer, and His Second Oldest Sister Donated Bone Marrow, His Lies Went Bust Yesterday

The things they will say, to TRY to WEASEL their ways out of trouble, and NO, this time, it didn’t work out, NOT for this man here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-year-old man, Hou yesterday was arrested for being a scam ring’s driver, he said, that the reason why he was doing what he did was to get money for his older sister who had leukemia, and begged the police to NOT notify his families, because his second oldest sister was in the process of donating her marrow to his eldest sister; the police checked to see if he was lying, he wasn’t, and they’d sighed on how he’d made the money the wrong way, and still booked him based off of fraud.

The man, Chiu from Taipei two days ago, in the morning, got a call, claiming that he was the special detective squad’s manager, Lin, that his bank account was used by a kidnapping scam ring, and that they must monitor his bank accounts, or, he will be going to prison; he thought it was real, and paid the driver two million dollars.

“Dad, you got cheated!”, Chiu’s daughter told him, as she saw him with a false form in his hand, and managed to stop her father from paying the price, asked her father to notify the authorities immediately.

Chiu played along like the police told him to, yesterday morning, he’d met up with Hou, to hand over the money, and, the police was able to subdue Hou who came, and took in the false court papers, along with his two cell phones in as evidence.

After Hou was caught, he’d told the police, that he was from a single-parent family, had been studying at a certain technical college’s mechanical engineering major, but after his sophomore year, he could NO longer afford the tuitions, he’d worked at a welding factory, and after he was injured in a car wreck, he couldn’t’ find a good job.  Recently, his friend told him introduced him, to get him involved into the scam artist ring, told him that he would be able to make $10,000N.T. each round that he’d managed to scam someone.

“Do you want to call up your families?”, the suspect was stunned, when the police asked him.  He said, that his eldest sister had an acute form of leukemia, and that his second oldest sister was just preparing to donate her marrow to her, hoping that the police didn’t trouble his family, and the police respected his wishes.

The police investigated, that the first driver who’d taken money from Chiu wasn’t Hou, and that Hou’s sister is actually, currently staying at a hospital in Taichung, but because of the privacy of the patients, the hospital didn’t disclose all the details, and wouldn’t tell the police if she did have leukemia.

And so, the circumstances is still at blame here, it’d driven this man, to scam, and, just because you have a bad circumstance in life, still doesn’t give you the RIGHT to commit the crimes, and so, even IF the cops are sympathetic to this man’s situation, they’d still have to ARREST him, and, how heavy his sentence will be, will still be dependent on how the man’s story managed to touch the judge’s heart, or not.

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