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Paying a Price for Helping Out…

The Amendments on Gun Usage for the Police isn’t a “Fix-All”

How the government is still just treating the “symptoms” instead of the root causes here, how there’s nothing done for the sake of helping the police officers who are putting their lives out on the line to keep us, the people, safe from harm every single day, another one of the, many unfulfilled false promises that this DDP government makes to we the people, and it can’t even protect their own officials from getting STABBED by escaped convicts to DEATH, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of two officers getting gunned down in the line of duty in Tainan was the perp grabbed the gun and shot them, the debate of loosening the rules of the timing of police gun usage started back up, but, the police gun use isn’t a fix-all, the government officials can no longer call aloud: use the guns as you needed, but ignored the lacking of the first line of defense officers’ safety usage of the firearms, a knife that’s stabbed two officers to death, it’d made the people wanted more training, more rehearsals, more drills on the means so the police can be adept in these situations, instead of how the government is still performing in that circus show.

The case had zoomed in on the escaped convict, Chen, that was the first mistake, had the officers gone out baldly, and used the gun like the head of internal affairs, Hsu stated, the suspect, Chen getting gunned down, and who will pay for that, as he wasn’t the man?

The Tainan police finally zoomed in on the right escaped convict, Lin, and in the process of clarifying, someone had, intentionally leaked the photos of Chen and other escaped convict to the press, and it’d put the city police department of Tainan on a difficult spot, and they can only work really hard to try and catch the escaped convict, and not said another word.

But the higher up officials of police policies came to take turns to “sit in” on Tainan, the head of Internal Affairs, Hsu made the trip down south especially to hold his press conferences, and stated that after the coroners conducted the autopsies, they’d found NO bullet holes in the officers who’d died, while they both had knife wounds, more than a dozen on their bodies, each cut was deep, and hit the important arteries, which showed how much force the escaped convict took to murder the police officers, and it’d made the entry level police officers wondered: are the officials there to help with arresting the escaped convict who’d murdered their own, or are they there, to make the investigation process ever the more, difficult?

As for the amendment that was started up of the armed weapons used to protect the police from attacks had lain in the legislature or over two whole years to date, and compared to the multiple cases of police deaths in pursuits of convicts, nothing’s been done, “What is justice?”, other than using the mottos, the government does, absolutely NOTHING.  The politicians should do more, and talk less, that is the only way that will keep Taiwan safe.

So, this still just showed, of how the DDP is still, full of huffle and puff, they talked about the amendments to protect the police, since the last time an officer was killed in the line of duty, and that was what???  Two years back, and, the drafts of that police protection bill hadn’t seen the light of day, it stayed inside those, boxes of forgotten documents, deep in the basement of the legislative department of this DDP government!

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The Case of Theft of the Well-to-Do Woman, Her Doctoral “Godson” was, Arrested

Yeah, uh, this still just showed, how you can, NEVER, be too careful, WHO you call your, “relatives” or “friends”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The plastic surgeon in Kaohsiung, Chang’s mansion was, burglarized, the “godson”, thirty-two-year-old Shih was caught on the third, and taken into protective custody, the police arrested the driver of the getaway car, the woman’s “adopted younger brother”, the forty-year-old man, Chang, Chang is a doctoral student in engineering of Chingwha University, he’d admitted to what he’d done, and turned in the loots, claimed, that it was Shih’s getting kicked out of Chang’s mansion, he’d burglarized her place out of revenge, the district attorneys, after interrogating him, set his bail for $100,000N.T.s.

In the early mornings of yesterday, with the disciplinary instructor of Chingwha University, the police entered into the research units, and found $50,000N.T. in cash, two diamond rings, a gold nugget piece, and Cartier watch; the forty-eight-year-old well-to-do woman, Chang told, that the total of what she got burglarized was worth $30 million N.T.’s, currently, the police managed to get close to $14 million N.T. in cash, eight gold bullions, the two diamond rings, the name brand watches, and the Rolex, ruby, and emeralds, are still not found yet.

The police and D.A. investigated, the 32-year-old Shih on the 29th of last month, with his luggage, and travel bag, and in five trips to and from, stole the items away from Chang’s mansion, while Chang drove the getaway rental car, took the items to Shih’s residence in Chienzhen District to split up the loots, and on that same day, Chang had, returned back to Hsinchu after he’d returned the rented car that was used as a transportation car for the loots.

The police and D.A.s arrested Shih on the third, confiscated the $12.9 million in cash, and recovered the seven already melted, gold bullions, Shih claimed that he’d made the money, working as a male waiter at a bar, he was taken into custody; early yesterday morn, the police returned back to Hsinchu to arrest Chang, and entered into his lab in Chingwha University to conduct a more thorough search.  And, in Chang’s godmother’s residence in Taoyuan, they’d confiscated another $850,000N.T. in cash.

Chang gave Shih up, told, that last month, he was told, that Chang “liked me less and less, she wanted to kick me out of her home”, that he may have to move, he’d wanted to, “take revenge on her”, he’d gone accordingly, took out a rental car, and, became an “unknowing accomplice”, and got enticed by the wealth, and took some too.

The doctoral student, Chang had been working on his doctorate for a whole NINE years, worked as a teaching assistant, met Chang many years ago in China, and called each other “godbrother” and “god sister”; Chingwha University stated, that they are, working together with the police in the case, that if it was confirmed, that Chang is, indeed a student, and that he’d done something illegal, the school will issue the rulings on his status as a student of the school.

And so, this LOSER was, tempted by how much money this woman had, and it’s, easy cash, and she had all those, jewelry pieces, just, lying around her home, and it would be, SUCH a shame if he didn’t, take some, and the moment came, when she’d, KICKED him out of her mansion, because, apparently, she’d done, putting up with him, and this LOSER got into his head, that he should, take from the woman who’d, given him a place to stay, who’d, given him all the money he’d needed, and, stole from her, and that, is precisely W-H-Y, we do NOT trust, strangers here!

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MERS-CoV was Found on U.S.S. Roosevelt, the Captain Sought Help, Got Stripped of His Leadership Post

Just looking for someone, to, HANG, for this, could-be, DEADLY error!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The current captain of the ship, U.S.S. Roosevelt, parked at Guam, awhile ago, because his crew members had been found of contracting MERS-CoV, he wrote a four-page memo, asking his superiors for help.  The press told, that the assistant director of the American Navy pulled the captain off of his duties, reason being how he’d, not used a proper methods to communicate to the department on the matter of how he’d, handled the cases of MERS-CoV discovered on the ship he was commanding.

The assistant director, Modly stated, that the captain shouldn’t sent copies of his emotional-filled memo, describing how close to 5,000 Navy servicemen and women are threatened by the outbreaks in print to so many people, causing the information to leak out to the press before the Department of Defense had a hold of it.

CNN reported that the captain handed the memo out to twenty to thirty people.  Modly clarified for the captain’s sake, that he didn’t get reprimanded because he’d, leaked the information out, but how he’d not gone through the chain of command like he was supposed to on the matter.

Modly stated, that there are, 114 members of his crew with the confirmed contraction of MERS-CoV, but the outbreaks are not really serious yet, that Crozier had didn’t follow the protocols of reporting the matter up the chain of command, that he’d, increased the risk of the news getting out to the press before the Department of Defense knew about it.

Modly told, that the way Crozier handled the memo, showed that he’d lacked the judgment needed in times of crises.  He said, “this letter falsely showed how it was on the U.S.S. Roosevelt, causing the unneeded minor panics.”  He said, that he wasn’t pulling Crozier because of how Crozier made the government, or the Navy looked, incompetent.

Modly told, that he wasn’t, pressured by his own superiors, because he’d not discussed pulling Crozier off his post with the White House, but after he’d made the decision, he had, told the Secretary of Defense, Esper, and Esper said, he’ll, back him up on whatever he decided.

As Crozier got pulled from his post on the USS Roosevelt, the Military Committee member of the House of Representative stated, that although Crozier was careless, but, switching him out during the key period of fighting the outbreak, may put the servicemen and women in greater risks, affecting the preparedness for battle, that pulling him off the post was, an emotional move.

The press told, that the U.S. Navy’s pulling Crozier off his post may cause the chilling effect for all who are currently serving who saw a problem and wanted to report on it, and that the U.S. Department of Defense’s refusing to disclose more about the outbreak, fearing that it may affect the way the servicemen and women viewed the possible crises, and how prepared they actually are.

And so, they’re, spinning it, because it’s an election year, and, this commander of the ship is only, a SCAPEGOAT, because someone needs to hang, and it doesn’t MATTER if they caught the right person responsible, so long as, someone gets, H-A-N-G-E-D, it’ll make the general public feel, more secure, and this is still, B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

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The Former Judge Who’d Hired a Call Girl, Still Didn’t Change His Nature, During His Hospitalization, He’d, Grabbed a Nurse’s Behind

Apparently, you just, can’t CHANGE the NATURE of a L-O-S-E-R, NO matter WHAT his profession is! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former high court judge, Kao, was relieved of his duties as a judge, due to many improper behaviors including soliciting, he was accused of grabbing a female nurse’s buttocks while he was being treated in the hospitals; Yang claimed he was immobilized, that he and the nurse interacted as any patient and nurse had, the D.A.’s office in Taipei reviewed over the surveillance footages, and believed he’d, touched the woman intentionally, and charged him with breaking the laws against sexual harassment.

The sixty-six year-old Yang, received his judgeship as a member of the sixteenth justice program, while he worked as a judge of the highest court, he was caught, for having rented a property to use it as a personal accommodation center, set up the workshops, and started selling the antiques on the side, and while during his workhour, he’d even, gone out of his office, to hire hookers, he was relieved of his duties as a judge by the committee.

The D.A. investigated, during July this year, Yang was accused of having cervical spinal surgery up north, during his time of observation after his surgical procedure, he’d grabbed a nurse in the hallway of the hospital ward, and ran his hand from her buttocks to her thighs, the female nurse was so thrilled, she’d, wheeled him back into his hospital room immediately. Yang even requested the woman to take off her surgical mask so he could see how pretty she looked, stated, “You have such a pretty face, it’s such a shame, that you let your surgical mask block it.”

like this???查看來源圖片photo found online…

The nurse was angered, and reported to the hospital, then filed a complaint against him, during the interrogations, Yang denied the sexual harassment charges, claimed because he couldn’t bend over, he’d needed to tell her his back ached, that was why he’d, reached his hands out, and touched to show where he was hurting; the woman was wearing trousers, and he wasn’t able, to touch any of her skin.

As for his asking her to remove her surgical mask, Yang claimed it was because he wanted to know what she looked like, so he could say “hi” back to her when he sees her again; the D.A. reviewed over the surveillance footages, found that they are no more than a meter apart, Yang could bend down, and touch her buttocks.

The D.A. believed that Yang was trying to get out of being punished for sexual misconduct, and that he’d worked as a judge, he couldn’t have not known, what constitutes as sexual harassment, he was charged, of sexual misconducts as he should be.

And so, this still just showed, how you MOTHER FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) LOSERS still can’t KEEP your FUCKING HANDS to YOURSELVES, because she is a female nurse in her uniform skirt, she deserved to get GRABBED in the ass, is that it? And surely enough, this LOSER got charged, and hopefully, he’ll be, serving a LONG sentence for his sexual misconduct, and he should be punished, MORE severely, compare to if a layperson being charged with the same crimes, because he’s a JUDGE himself!

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Taking a Man in a Wheelchair to Cross the Tracks, the Station Operator Was Reprimanded

Here is where the HELPING BACKFIRED, and, after this “incident”, W-H-O, in her/his right state of mind would WANT to offer assistance???  Uh, that’d be N-O-B-O-D-Y!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was the handicapped passenger getting hurt by the trains at Bai-Fu station in Keelung two nights ago, the Taiwan Rail Stations investigated what had happened exactly, believed that the station operator, Chou was negligent, she’d gotten a reprimand; the Keelung City Government also had mechanics fix up the escalators.

The station manager at Chi-Du, Hsu said, that as the station operator, Chou took the father-daughter pair to cross the handicapped passageways, she should’ve used the intercom to make sure that there was NO train passing through.  Even though Chou had the walkie talkie with her, she didn’t use it, causing the Dzi-Chang Train to not see them until it was too close, causing the passenger, Chang, to get SUCKED underneath the trains.

The daughter of the passenger, Chang said, that two days ago was the second time they’d crossed the older handicapped passageways, that last month, the elevator had broken too, and they were led by a station operator, and back then, the operator DID use the walkie talkie to make sure that there was NO trains coming through.  Even though Chou had her walkie talkie, but she didn’t use it, until the Dzi-Chang Train came too close, causing the passenger, Chang, to get pulled under the wheels.

The daughter stated, she’d gone on the trains often, and she’d found that the elevators at Bai-Fu station are often under maintenance, which makes it hard for the handicapped passengers to exit, that, was why they’d risk crossing the tracks, hoping that the stations can get that improved.

And so, another C-A-S-E of how helping out BITES, the station operator WAS kind to take the father-daughter pair to cross, and, the operator was negligent in that s/he forgot to use the walkie talkie to make sure that there was NO trains coming, but, the station is at the most fault, for NOT fixing up the elevators.

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It PAYS to be Kind

Does it, really??? Of course it D-O-E-S, because these days, you’d get CHARGED, in the COURT of law, for helping someone out, now, with that said, by a show of hands (yeah right!!!), how many of you are still willing, to help someone out? Anybody? Anybody? Yeah, didn’t think so.

It PAYS to be kind, because you do NOT know that the person you took in, from the side of the road, was actually, a PSYCHO killer, or, how ’bout that case where that lifeguard was FIRED, for stepping OUT of his zone, to cater to someone who WAS drowning in the area over (the areas that he was NOT responsible for), and yeah, so what IF that guy got re-hired again?

And, there are a TON of cases like these out there, and, this, is how the world looks (still quite GRIM!!!), from THE Information Desk, and I still RUN everything here, and that, is T-H-A-T, and whatever the HECK I say still G-O-E-S, and, IF you want to agree, or disagree, feel FREE to say so, I’m still just, merely, VOICING MY opinion here, so, feel free, to CRUCIFY me, or not!!!





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An Attorney Who Asked Someone to Move His Car Because It Was Blocking People’s Paths Got Beaten and KICKED Down

Altruism, well, it still B-I-T-E-S, doesn’t it???  Of course it D-O-E-S, and this man only TRIED to get someone to MOVE his car, because it was blocking everybody else too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An attorney, Hsieh, yesterday morning when he’d gone out to get breakfast, because there was a car blocking the street, causing a traffic jam, he went up to the driver, and told him to move, instead, he was beaten onto the ground TWICE by the driver.  And, the footage was captured by an onlooker, and was posted online, it had gotten the online community raging too.

The footage of Hsieh, the attorney, getting beaten down had gotten everybody angered, someone called him “Mr. Justice”, and others said that it was the character of the lawyer, and nicked named him “Brother Justice”.  Hsieh, the lawyer said, that he was “shocked!”, that he normally defended others in court, unknowing, that yesterday, he’d become a plaintiff.  He’d also felt bad for his wife who worried about him, and that he’d told the press that the next time he saw an injustice happen, he will think twice before he acted.

The attorney stated, that yesterday at around ten in the morn, he’d gone to a namely breakfast shop in his neighborhood to buy breakfast, and he saw how a black sedan managed to block the street entrance, and that there were a LOT of the passersby who got trapped by the car, there were two other handicapped individuals on their four-wheel motorcycles having trouble passing the street, and, a passerby, a middle-aged man also tapped on the car window, to ask the driver to move.

Hsieh pointed out, that the driver, Kao, didn’t move his car right away, instead, he’d came outside, with a sour look on his face, got into an argument with the man who tapped on his window, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and told the man, “You’re the one who’s blocking EVERYBODY else, and you don’t move, instead, you create trouble for the rest of us?”, five minutes later, Kao, the driver had someone with him, and hit the lawyer’s head, and kicked him onto the ground, the lawyer lost his glasses.

After Hsieh had fallen to the ground, he was kicked several more times by the men, and bystanders started screaming, “RUN!”; after Kao and the other man was pulled off of Hsieh, Hsieh called the police.

Hsieh claimed that seeing him dial the police, the man turned back around, and KICKED him down to the ground again, said, “You want to call the cops?  I’ll BEAT you to death!”, later, they were pulled apart by bystanders.  Immediately afterwards, Hsieh went to the hospital, and had a damage assessment report done on himself, and pressed charges, the doctor diagnosed him as having head trauma, scalp bleeding, along with contusions on his limbs.

The police investigated, that Kao and Yang in their twenties, yesterday was displeased at how Hsieh, the attorney tried to set him straight, after they’d moved the car, they’d gone to the breakfast shop, and started beating him, early evening yesterday, they were called into the police station to get their statements, Kao claimed that Hsieh was the one who started the fight first, and stated that he will press charges.  The police, after the interrogations, booked Kao, and Yang.

The attorney, Hsieh, was from a family of attorneys, his wife works as an attorney too, her uncle, Chang, was a D.A., ten years ago, he’d resided over a case of drug dealing, and, had once been shot by the drug dealers for twelve times, and got wounded, yesterday, her husband was beaten, it’d made her fear.  Even though, she was pound of him, getting dubbed with the title, “Mr. Justice”, she’d still reminded him, to watch out for his own safety.

And so, altruism is what got this man beaten up, and he was only telling those SCUMS that they should NOT be blocking the streets too, and was beaten up, and now, those two loser who beaten him up will get S-U-E-D!!!  Altruism…………still B-I-T-E-S, and this time, it gained the man several STITCHES to boot too.






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Good Samaritans, Paying for Rescues Gone Wrong

By Ed Flanagan, Producer,…

BEIJING – Two teenage boys who attempted to rescue their friends from drowning in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan have each agreed to pay 50,000 yuan ($8,150) for failing to pull them from the lake.

Although police did not charge them with a crime, Wu Bo and Liu Hai, both 18, agreed to pay the family of one of the victims in a settlement that is not uncommon in China, where there are no national “Good Samaritan” laws protecting people from criminal liability if they help someone in danger.

Li Qing and Chen Min, both 17, were holding hands and walking along the edge of Lotus Lake in Dazhou City on Sunday when one of the girls stumbled and slipped into the deep waters, pulling her friend in with her, Chinese media reported.

Wu, who was in the water when he heard the splash, immediately swam over and grabbed one of the girls’ hands but she slipped from his grasp and quickly sank under the surface.

Liu, who was in the bathroom, ran out to help when he heard a scream. He dove into the lake but couldn’t find the girls in the murky water.

Devastated over the drowning of their friends and facing societal pressure to pay some form of compensation, the teens agreed to the settlement just hours after the incident, the Chengdu Business Daily newspaper reported.

The case underscores continuing societal concerns in China over assisting people in medical emergencies or accidents. Without legal protections in place, many are reluctant to rush to the rescue for fear of being pressured into paying a settlement to the victim or the victim’s family.

In recent years there has been a string of high profile incidents in which bystanders openly ignored victims of accidents. In one gruesome case in 2011, a two-year-old baby in Foshan, Guangdong Province, was run over by a car and then left to die as passersby ignored the crushed toddler.

Since then there have been calls for a national “Good Samaritan” law to be passed in China, but so far only a few cities on the mainland have pushed ahead with such legislation.

Police are still investigating the incident at the lake in Dazhou, and a lawyer who assisted the two teens told NBC News that the compensation has not yet been paid.

NBC News’ Dalin Liu contributed to this report.

This, is the PRICE you pay, for TRYING to save someone’s life, when the person’s life wasn’t saved, you’d get BLAMED, I mean, so, why NOT just let THEM all drown in the first place?  I mean, that way, at LEAST you would NOT be charged, this, is just ONE MORE of the cases of H-O-W the public IS preventing altruistic behaviors, because the rescuers are being PUNISHED, because they COULD NOT save the person in the end…and, this makes it even MORE difficult, for someone to WANT to save someone ELSE, in a case of emergency, because IF you failed to save the person, then, you would be CHARGED with the victims’ “wrongful DEATH” too, so, why would anybody, under these circumstances, even TRY to save someone else?  Exactly!!!

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The Price For Saving Someone’s Life: $2,600U.S.D.

This, was what the courts said the lifeguard at the beach had to pay, for leaving HIS specified area, to rescue a 17-year-old who was drowning.

The $2,600 comes from the ambulance ride for the 17-year-old to the hospital, his hospitalization, the 15-mile ride on the ambulance for both the lifeguard and the 17-year-old comes to $1,907, the fees that the emergency room charged cost $449, the doctor’s bill was $227, which totaled to $2,600.

And, this man, out of HIS own good heart, saving the 17-year-old from dying in the tides, and this, was he was CHARGED, where the HECK is the justice in that?  He should get a medal of honor or something for saving the guy’s life, but, instead, he was blamed for leaving HIS section, and was charged ALL the fees for the youth’s hospitalizations, but, thankfully, he didn’t have to pay for it himself, there were still good Samaritans who helped raised the money for him, so, there is still a small SPECK of hope in this BAD world that we live in.

And now, this would be an example, for those of you who wanted to help out, because you not only probably won’t get a thank you, or a raise even, you’d get SUED and FINED, and that, is how cold the world’s gotten these days, despite it’s still the S-U-M-M-E-R season.

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