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The Major Operators of the Scam Artist Group Tricked Her Two Besties to Cambodia, Sentenced Heavily

And, that’s, how it goes, this head human trafficker, still tried excusing herself, and, the punishment still isn’t, severe enough, and as soon as she’s released from prison, she’ll certainly, go back to her old business, of trafficking people to Cambodia and selling them, again!  This still just, never, ends…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-three-year-old woman, Yeh was hired by the human trafficking ring in Cambodia as a head operator of the scam ring, last July, she’d gone to Cambodia to work, and enticed two of her best friends using the bait of the promises of high wages, causing her two best friend to get taken against their will, and as the families paid their ransoms, they were, released.  As Yeh was arrested, she’d cried that she was innocent, and played the victim, and the investigators busted her for it, the Kaohsiung district court found her and the other head operator, Wang both guilty of using scams to get the victims out of the country and trafficking them, gave both the severe sentence of five years four months.

Last year, there’d been many people who were tricked to Cambodia, in August, there’s the post on FB of the identification of Liu from Kaohsiung, with “this is the real trafficker, works as head of human resources in the Bokor Mountain, from Kaohsiung, nicknamed Yu-An, the company was under the names of Wan-Gu, Wan-Yuan, Wan-Li, with over two hundred getting tricked to Cambodia already.”

people getting sold off like livestock! Photo from online

Later, the investigators caught Wang, and found, that the members had “shipped” many Taiwanese citizens to Bokor Mountain, and received as high as a thousand to three thousand dollars U.S. per person.

As Yeh returned to Taiwan last September, the police arrested her, she claimed that she was a victim too, that she’d paid $400,000N.T. to get back here; the investigators found that Yeh was a head personnel of the scam ring by reviewing over the reports by the victims who’d called in the case, that she’d recruited three Taiwanese citizens to Cambodia, two of them were her, best friends, who finally got released, after the families paid the ransoms for them.

During the trial, Yeh continually claimed she’d been, victimized, that she’d not known that she was going over to Cambodia to work for a human trafficking ring, but Wang stated that she was an accomplice, claimed that he’d met Yeh through his girlfriend, and was told, that Yeh was a recruit for the scam artists in Cambodia, that Yeh worked for the human trafficking, scam rings, that she’s, “quite experienced”.

The judge based off of the records of conversations, that Yeh mentioned “promotion” to the friend, that she claimed, “I’m very happy here, well off”, with no negative feelings whatsoever, and thanked Wang, “thank you, brother, for giving me this platform to work, I shall, cherish it”, the judge believed, that had Yeh also been a victim, she couldn’t possibly be “happy at work”, and didn’t believe her, sentenced Yeh and Wang both to five years, four months.  This can still be appealed.

And guess what’s gonna happen, after this woman served her five years or after she got out on good behavior?  She’s going to, return to her old ways of, working as a human trafficker again, because, you just don’t get out of the business that easily, besides, she’d already, gotten a taste of how much she could earn, by enticing the unsuspecting people over to Cambodia and selling them out!

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Not an Inkling of Loss Or Sorrow Inside

A poem by Makoto Ooka, translated to Chinese by someone, then to English, by me, on how innocence can be, and is, lost…

The Heartless Man

Passed through the Sumida River in Winter

Facing the Loveless, the Birdless


The Man without the Least Bits of Courage

Stuffed His Lungs with Tar

In the Sunset Desperation of the Sumida River

Washing the Young Child’s Hair

I’d Gone Through the Long Journey

That Can’t be Calculated Even if I Spent Thirty Years


With Women Who Had, Fallen Left, and, Right

With that Kindness that Belonged to the Conqueror Which I Cannot Believe to be Truth

Nor Believe with the Levels of Deceit

The Maliciousness that Came from Within

Please At Least

Everybody, Don’t Touch

The Untouched, the Clean

That’s Coming into, Being from it all

Because everything else had been, tainted, this, is what you do, to try and preserve, that untainted innocence, and yet, you won’t be able to, as the world is, filled with a ton of badness, how can you, possibly, prevent something that’s newborn, that’s innocent, to not get, contaminated, you simply, can’t.

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The Adult Male Enticed a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl to Send Him Her Nude Photos, Gotten Her Out to Have Sex with Him, Sentenced to Six Years

How’s that close to enough, I mean, there’s a very high chance, that this SOLICITOR/SEX OFFENDER is more than likely to, do it again!  On Crimes and Punishment, and no, still does NOT “fit”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The adult male, Hsu started dating the thirteen-year-old minor, within ten days, he’d, enticed her with a new cell phone as “bait”, asked her to use the cell phone he’d given her to take nude shots of herself and send them to him, and he’d passed out the nude photos of the teen online, and two weeks later, he’d taken her away on a trip, and had sex with her twice; the Taoyuan District Court charged Hsu on sextortion prevention of children and adolescents, obstructions of sexual freedoms and other charges, sentenced him to six months of prison term, this can still be appealed.

The police investigators found, that last year on May 10th, Hsu met the then thirteen-year-old female victim, the two started dating; between the fifteenth and the twentieth of the same month, Hsu messaged the adolescent using FB, used buying her brand new cell phone as bait, demanded that she sent nudes and private parts of her body to him, he’d gained the photo of the adolescent’s showing her breasts, and also, sent the photo to others he knew too.

Later, Hsu asked the adolescent out at four in the afternoon on May 24th of the same year, they’d had sexual intercourse in a hotel in Yilan; at two to four in the afternoon of the following day, they’d gone to the shopping malls, and had sex in the handicap stalls in the restroom areas consensually.  After the father of the teen learned this, he’d notified the police and pressed charges.

As Hsu came into the station, he’d admitted to the sex with the young adolescent girl, the district attorneys prosecuted him in court.  At the trial, Hsu’s attorney claimed that Hsu’s relationship with the teen was of that of a dating couple, they’d given each other the gifts, texted the photos to one another, then, had sex, stated, that the seducing of the teen’s sending her nude photos to him and obstruction of sexual freedom should be only one charge; and seeing how the dates of them having sex were close together around the same time, the charges of the obstructions of sexual freedom should be combined with sex with a minor.

sold, so, easily! Photo from online

The Taoyuan District Court found, that there’s the differences of interpretation of children and adolescent sextortion prevention laws and the criminal codes for protection of the rights of children and adolescents, that they’re, separate, and there’s the time frame of close to twenty-four hours of the two times they had sexual intercourses, and the locations were different, which showed, that Hsu had the intentions of having sex with her twice, the courts tossed out the defense’s claims.

And so, you are, too fucking (so???) retarded thinking that you can, “hook” a teenager, without her parents knowing, well, guess what, Mr. Peeping Tom, SEXAUL predator?  You got caught, and six years is still not enough for your crimes against that teenager who has, absolutely NO clue of how she’d, lost her, virginity!

Yeah, that, is how easily virginities still, get, lost these days here…

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The Predatory Gold-Medal Coach Forced the Female Competitors to Repent Using Their Bodies

What the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), another #MeToo, and it’s still, happening, out in the open these days, instead, getting covered up by the curtains, because the survivors are now, coming out!  The RAPE of her coach, and she’d not realized that something was, wrong, and, there’s still, NO victim in this…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A gymnastic coach in Hsinchu, Ni had trained many Olympic medal-winning gymnasts, was with good reputation in the field, the locals called him, “Gold Medalist Coach”.  But he’d been found to have, assaulted the underage adolescent girls he’d trained, a female student, “Ting” (a false name) started getting sexually assaulted by Ni since she was in her last year of middle school, and when she’d not done well enough in the competitions, her coach made her “repent” using her body too, it wasn’t until her sophomore year in university, she’d had enough, and finally, pressed charges; the Hsinchu District Court found, that as a coach, Ni had gone against the ethics of his responsibilities toward his pupils, that the degree of maliciousness was quite severe, sentenced him to two years three months for opportune rape of underage minors and breaking the laws of children & adolescent welfare, and he can’t get probation for the term.

The verdict pointed out, that in 2010, “Ting” competed in the Taidong “All-Gymnastic Meet”, because she’d not made high enough marks, it’d, upset Ni, Ting went to the coach’s office to apologize, claimed, “to not make him so angry anymore, I’d, had sex with him.”

Ting testified in court, that in her last year of middle school, he’d been called into Ni’s office multiple times to have sex with him, “the most frequent, he’d called me in, two, three times a week, at least once per month.”, to the point, that when she was at the lunch hour breaks, she’d still gotten called in by him, to “talk”, and “I knew what he’d wanted”, Ni would lock the door to the lounge, and, had sex with her on the L-shaped couch in the breakroom.

Ting pointed out, that in the process, she’d not refused to have sex with him, that reason why she’d continued to have sex with him was because he was her coach, and hoped that she could, do better, in her reasoning, so long as she’d not defied her coach, she could get a less severe physical punishment, and wouldn’t have a hard time, using the equipment to train either, and, since she started having sex with him, Ni became, easier on her.  The teammates testified, that they’d seen Ni, hugging Ting in the breakroom, that in the middle school competitions, they’d seen Ting stay a long time in the coach’s, room too.

Ting stated, from her last year of middle school, all the way, into her sophomore year of university, she’d continued having sex with Ni, first, it was because she’d feared him, and not dared to defy him, but, as she entered into high school, she wasn’t, so scared anymore, “because I believe, I was, dating him”.  Ting told that she liked Ni, but also, because her coach promised her, that maintaining this sort of a relationship with him, he could help her have better developments in gymnastics, that she’d worried, that if she’d told him no, he could find ways, to put an end to her career as a gymnast.

As the incidents busted last year, Ni’s coaching career ended by the National Training Institution, and the school also decided to fire him, to NEVER allow him to work in the schools, again.

Yeah, this is still, POWER RAPE!  The coach used his status as the young lady’s coach, and used her career as a gymnast to threaten her, and, this young woman was fearful, and allowed him to get away with raping her, and she actually thought that she was, doing herself a favor, by allowing the coach, to have sex with her, and there is still, NO victim here, only abuser AND enabler, and these predatory men are still, preying on, those innocent, naïve, fearful, young girls, and there’s nothing anybody could’ve done, to PREVENT this sort of SHIT from recurring, again, again, and again!

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That Drawer of, Lost, Memories…

That drawer of, lost, memories, stashed somewhere in time…

With its contents, forgotten, by its, previous, owners!  That drawer of, lost, memories, will it be, opened up again?  Or, will it, stay, shut forever?  Nobody can, tell.

That drawer of, lost, memories, it’d, stayed, inside our minds, with all of the contents, kept neatly tucked in, with all the monsters of our separate childhood, locked, inside the box.

in a darkened place in your, minds…illustration from online

That drawer of, lost, memories, don’t you ever, wonder, wonder ‘bout what’s in it, that you’d, forgotten already?  Don’t you wanna, open it back up, to examine, every piece of evidence of what you’d been, put through?  Why not?

That drawer of, lost, memories, it’d, stayed, inside your mind, in that, unlit corner (b/c you refused to put that spotlight on it, to bring it, to your, attention!), and there it will, forever stay, and it may become, brittle, ‘cuz you’ll, start to, forget, when you’re, old.

And then, that drawer of lost, memories, shall, NEVER be, discovered again, and you wouldn’t even have a single clue WHAT you’d lost, because you weren’t, aware of ever, having had what you’d, already, lost, and it SUCKS to be, Y-O-U!


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What’s Real is the BEST

The lessons of disappointment, learned, at a, very, young age, too difficult for a child to manage, and yet, we’d still, all, grown up because of these, broken promises that our adult counterparts failed to, keep…translated…

It was 1971, back when the pencil sharpeners were, an extravagance to the families, we’d normally used the small blades to keep our pencils sharpened enough, and, the better from that was that tiny rectangular box with the shaving blades installed, we’d stuffed our pencils into the hole, then turn the pencils to sharpen them.  In my sixth grade year, our instructor brought a large pencil sharpeners the color of the bluest lake I’d ever seen to class, claimed that she was going to sharpen everybody’s pencils during break, all of us became too excited, and, for that period of class, we’d stayed, especially quiet and focused on what she was teaching us.

what the students, used…photo from online

It was break time, I watched my pencil box, with all the pencils already, sharpened to pointy, thought, why would I want to stand in line, I’d much rather quietly, read the “Chinese Children Daily” on the newspaper racks on the back of class, but, a classmate who’d used the large pencil sharpener waved a box full of perfectly sharpened pencils to show me, then, the words on the newspapers, started, going all over the places, and I couldn’t read the contents anymore.

I’d thought, fine, broken my pencil down, lined up, and waited to get baptized by the sharpening of pencils.  And yet, the bell rang, the teacher announced, “I shall sharpen your pencils another time”.

For the entire class period that followed, I’d felt regrettable, and slowly, used the small knife pencil sharpener, to make the perfect curve on my pencils, until the end of our elementary school years, our instructor never remembered his promise to the class, and with time, everybody forgot about it too.  And yet, I’d gained the understanding since, what’s not mine, no matter how beautiful, how wonderful, it’s nothing but mirages, what’s in our hands, no matter how ordinary, how plain, that’s, what’s, real.

And so, this is how it’d felt, getting let down at a very young age, and, the writer learned, to NEVER hold any expectation of anyone else again, and that’s, such a difficult lesson for children to learn, and yet, the writer had, grown up, matured, through this experience of the teacher’s not fulfilling her/his promises to the class.

here’s what the instructor brought to show the class! Photo from online

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Children of, War…

As the sounds of the alert sirens start blaring, we’d gone, underground!

Children of, war, never to see the warm sunshine shining through their windows, not getting waken up by the sounds of birds that called…

Children of, war, they will, NEVER grow up, they are only kept, alive, with the, most minimum needs fulfilled.  And the rations are growing, shorter by the day, with NO place they get go, to get their daily needs of foods, waters, they don’t even leave their “homes”, in fear of, getting bombed once they’d stepped, outside.

everybody rushing into that designated shelter in their closest vicinity! Photo from online

Children of, war, it’s not a war of the children’s makings, it’s the adults’, and yet, the adults are, making these innocent children, TAKE the consequences that aren’t even theirs to begin with…

It’s not their faults, these children of, war, but they are now, shouldering the consequences, carrying the historical, debts of their, ancestors.

Children of, war, they deserved to be able to walk outside into the light, but in shadows they hide, too ashamed of what their older generations did, and this shame gets passed down the line, until, the line actually, ends, and trust me, that long line ain’t nowhere near, ending, any time, soon…

or this??? Photo from online

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Becoming the Wolf’s, Prey…

That was, what Little Red feared the most, ever since her mother warned her of the existence of the Big Bad Wolf that’s, lurking in the dark woods, and she’d, done her best, to avoid going into the woods, without “adult supervision”…

Until, until one weekend, her mother had to go to work, and her Granny Red was, ill, and she became, caught in the dilemma, do I go to grandma’s, or do I not?  What are, the pros and, cons?  Being at her young age (the invincibility fable???), she lacked that, foresight, and, even though she knew of what sorts of dangers are, lurking in the, woods (the Big Bad Wolf, and, the local villagers sighted that TROLL under that bridge too!)………

And, in the end, she’d, decided, to waive ALL her worries, because it was still light out, so long as you don’t go into the forests at night, you’ll be fine, that’s what the adults in the villages told all the little children!

So she set out…………

how the “innocent child” was seduced…illustration from online

And, seeing how the skies are still light, and being at an easily distracted age as she, she’d, looked around as she walked (kinda like my dogs had, when I took them out!), then, came this, tall, dark, scary-looking gent, and she’d not realized, that it was the Big Bad Wolf, as he’d, put on that gentleman’s tuxedo, with the top hat and everything!

As soon as the Big Bad Wolf sighted Little Red, in her, form of not yet adult, no longer a child (tender, juicy, not too old…………), he’d already thought up of a million ways to devour Little Red, but to make the thrills of the catch more fun for him, he’d decided, to toy with Little Red like that cat would its catch, the DEAD (or dying!) mouse………………

Becoming the wolf’s prey, and yeah, she had only HER own innocence to blame, and her trustfulness in strangers, and she lacked the common sense of what the adults taught their young: don’t talk to strangers!  (but, but what if that stranger looked hurt???  Do we just, walk away and leave her/him to DIE?)

Becoming the wolf’s prey, ever since the wolf set eyes on Little, he’d, longed to, devour her, but, he’d decided to play that game of cat and mouse, to set up the traps, and in the end, Little Red still got, RAPED by the Big Bad Wolf, and, there was, not even a grandma, Little Red forgot, that her Granny Red DIED about fifty years ago, when there was, a serious pandemic, at the scale of, the BUBONIC, plague!

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The House of Her, Nightmared Past…

How many nightmares, can a house, “hold”???  She kept wondering, as she got out of that house she grew up in…

The house of her, nightmared past, she’d tried so hard to, escape from, to get away, but, no matter how far she’d, drifted from that nightmared house where she grew up, her mind always, dragged her ass back!

things that continued to hurt her that she can’t, get away, from…photo from online

The house of her, nightmared past, where she’d been, tortured, raped (it wasn’t “physical”, or so she’d, recalled…), and left for dead, but she’d, not died, because, she’s still, right here (don’t ask where!)…

The house of her, nightmared past, she couldn’t, outrun, it’d, become, a part of her, long, long, long ago, before she, grew up!  That house of her, nightmared past, it’ll, always be right there, in her mind, NO matter how hard she’d tried to erase that part of her childhood, it won’t, “go away”, that, easily…………….

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The Sexually-Illicit Footages Gone Viral, Getting Passed Around, with the “Multiples of Damaging Effects”

How cyberbullying is still NEXT to impossible to stop, in this, high-tech age, and how the law does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Leaks, the Forwarding, the Viewing Online is Enabling, the Legislators Called for an Amendment, to Set up a Specialized Unit to Remove the Images Completely OFFLINE

There’d been an influx of cases of sexual violence footages being found, there’d been an increase of 876 case involving children and adolescents from 2019 to 2021.  The experts stated, every time that these footages get watched or forwarded, it’d a damage, the victims keep on getting “raped repeatedly”.  The legislator,

Wang called out that other than amending the laws, there should also be a unit in the government set up especially to tackle this matter, to ensure that the images, the footages had been, erased completely on and offline.

Based off of understanding, the sexual image violence cases involving the age group of eighteen to seventy-four is continuing on at four-percent, but, there are not that many who came out to ask the law enforcement units for help.  The professor from social policies and sociology, Wang stated, that the sexual assault victims may only get assaulted once in a lifetime, but the effects of the violence is for life, and the damages of those who were caught on tape getting assaulted, multiplies, this is even harder to break from, the post-traumatic stress.

The victims interviewed of the sexual violence footages, because everybody on the streets had seen the videos, they’d not dared disclosed what happened to them to anybody else, worried that the others may blame them, “you were the ones to have consented to get taped”, if the perp is one person, then, the enablers of this assault by footage is infinite, not only the one who’d leaked the footages out, those who’d viewed the footages, those who’d forwarded the footages, are all, enablers.

Wang stated, the filmed are usually enticed, inexperienced, mostly were “tricked”, of the adolescent age group, some perps used the titles of job offerings, companionship charts, getting the victims dressed in next to nothing, then, getting the victims to strip themselves to completely nude.  The victims are primarily females, but, the number of male victims are on the rise too now.

The counselor, Chen stated, that the cases of sexual violence were more prevalent in the less functional families, but with the internet, this form of digital violence had already spread to every single household, and any age can be victimized.  Especially children and teen, they are the group that needs close attention, the victims may find it hard to disclose what happened to them, the families, and schools need to be more sensitive to the signs, to note the behaviors that seemed off for a child.

Wang stated, the laws to prevent digital violence here in Taiwan is not as advanced compared to other countries’, it’d still not yet specified the class behaviors of what constitutes as illegal here.  Until the start of this year, the Executive Department only started listing out the specifics, there are still many details that needed to get written out, a ton of rules that needed amending, hope, that the government doesn’t just set up the rules, but also, find effective ways to enforce the laws, to prevent more victims from being abused, to effectively, STOP the streaming live footages and the footages going viral.

And so, this god DAMN government DARE pride itself for being advanced in the laws to prevent the invasions of privacy, setting up and passing those, anti-stalker laws, yada, yada, yada, and yet, it does, absolutely, N-A-D-A, to prevent the abuse of victims who’d been raped, molested, and captured on tape, and now, the footages of these, sexual violence, with the victims’ faces not blurred out, are going, to spread all over the internet!  Yeah, we’re, advanced all right: advanced, on falling behind HUMAN rights, and the protection of the victims of these, crimes of sexual nature!

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