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He’d Stabbed the Elderly Neighbor, Who Raised Him Twenty-Two Times to Death Because She Refused to Give Him Money, Sentenced to Life in Prison

Stabbing the woman who’d raised him as her own to DEATH, for money, and he still didn’t get the DEATH penalty!  On crime and punishment, and the judge’s considerations, which allowed this individual to escape DEATH, and no, the punishment here still, does NOT fit the crime, nowhere NEAR the vicinity of it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Elderly Woman Took Care of Him, Raised Him for Sixteen Years, He Saw Her Money, and Murdered Her, But Admitted to What He’d Done, the Judge Considered that He was Young, that He’d Not Considered the Consequences of His Actions, Didn’t Give Him the Death Penalty

Last year in October, the man, Lee couldn’t successfully get money from the seventy-eight year-old elderly woman, Jiang who’d raised him for sixteen years, stabbed her twenty-two times, murdering her, took away $11,200,000N.T. in cash the woman had on her, went to the sex massage parlors to spend the amount, then, ran to hid out in Hualien, and then he was caught.  The Hsinbei District Courts charged him on murder and robbery, sentenced him to life, stripped him of the government post for life, this can still be appealed.

As the suspect had been caught, he’d stayed in police custody to date.  The judge found, hat the victim wasn’t related to Lee, but loved him like he was her grandson, that Lee wanted money to spend, and couldn’t get it from her, and took to murder, there’s NO means of sentence reduction for him; but considered how he’d admitted to what he’d done, and how he was only nineteen at the time when he’d murdered the woman, at the age of prefrontal cortex not yet fully developed, based off of the two pacts “not a crime of the most severities”, gave him life sentence.

The verdict stated, that when Lee was born, because his father was at large from committing a crime, his mother had a psychological disorder, his own grandmother couldn’t care for him, when he was only six months of age, he was left in the care of the deceased, who was his family’s neighbor; the deceased felt awful for Lee, took him in, treated him like he was her own, cared for him, raised him until he was sixteen; but Lee started running with the bad crowds back in high school, he was sent back home to live with his uncle.

But Lee would steal from his uncle too often, his uncle couldn’t put up with it, to the point that his uncle and aunt almost got divorced because of him, changing the locks on their doors, to the ultimate, chasing Lee out; Lee became homeless and wandered in the local parks, he’d turned to the deceased for help, her heart went soft for him, and would give him the money he’d asked her for, and last year in September, she’d even had her youngest son to apprentice at the plastic factory he’d owned.

Many times, as Lee had asked the woman for money, she’d agreed, and he’d taken the money out of her own pockets, and he took it to be norm.  On October 20th of last, the factory paid the fees for the construction work, the woman’s youngest son withdrew the $360,000N.T. out, Lee started having the bad thoughts, before work on the following day, he’d gone to the woman’s house to ask for the money, and on the way to the woman’s house, he’d gone and bought a fruit knife too; and because the woman refused to give him the money he’d asked for, he’d stabbed her a total of twenty-two times on her head, her back ferociously.

After Lee murdered the woman who’d raised him so brutally, he’d robbed away the $112,000N.T. in cash, left the murder weapon on the staircase of the first floor of the place where Yang-Jiang lived, went back to his rental place in a cab, changed out of the blood stained clothes, headed to the sex massage parlor to spend the money, then, hired a cab to escape to Hualien, and hid in the friend he’d met online, who had no clue what he’d done.  The police chased the leads of his whereabout, and he was arrested as he’d gone out to get the midnight snacks, and, turned over the $99,300N.T. that he hadn’t the chance to spent up yet that’s stained with the blood from the murder.

And so, how is this not a death penalty case?  I mean, this LOSER murdered the woman who raised him up as her own so brutally, because she’d decided to cut him off, because she didn’t want to give him any more money, and this is the end result of spoiling someone rotten, because this loser got away with asking the elder who’d raised him for whatever he’d wanted as a child, which was why he supposed that it was okay for him to get more money from her, and when she’d refused to “feed” him any longer, he’d snapped, and, murdered her, so, brutally, and yet, he still didn’t get death penalty for what he’d done.

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The Son is a Driver, and Had His Poverty-Stricken Parents Pick Up After His Mess

We have here, a SPOILED ROTTEN B-R-A-T who needs his mama and papa to CLEAN up HIS bad mess, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nineteen-year-old youth, Deng worked as a driver for a scam ring, followed the orders and collected one million dollars totally, from the two victims, after he’d received $3,000N.T. for his work, he was arrested; although Deng was from a poverty-stricken background, his parents kept apologizing to the victims and paid for the damages their son had caused in installments, the Shilin District Courts, after reprimanding Deng, gave him the lightest sentence for the crimes, just one year in jail, hoped that he could really turn over a new leaf.

The judge pointed out, that the last year amended fraud of “over three accomplices” are over one, and under seven years of prison terms, and considered that Deng was still quite young, and was at the bottommost level of the scam ring, and that, was why the judge was willing to reduce his sentence.  Lu and Chen fell prey to the overly used scam of “We have Your Son”, and had paid Deng $200,000N.T. and $800,000 in ransom to Deng, after Deng got his $3,000 in payment for his work, he was caught.

Last year, the woman Lu got a call said that her son signed for someone, but couldn’t make the payments, and had been taken away, she’d quickly made withdraws of $200,000N.T.; five days later, a retired man, Chen got a similar call, he’d placed the $800,000N.T. by the MRT station in Danshui, but the caller stated, “You still need to pay us $500,000N.T. in interests”, he felt that it was odd, immediately called the police, and, the police caught Deng, who was there, to pick up the cash drop.

Deng said, that his friends told him, “just pick up the cash, and you’d earned some money”, that, was why he’d become a driver; Deng said, that a man named, “Stinky” only gave him a cell phone, and that the headquarter of this scam ring is located in China, and had remote controlled him by phone, telling him what to do, he was unclear who was responsible for doing what in the ring.

Their son had helped scammed someone and got into trouble, the parents are heartbroken, continually apologized to the two victims, and promised to pay up the money.  The victims saw how stressed out the parents of Deng was, said, “we’re worried that our son was abducted, that, was why we were scammed, and you worried about your son getting jailed”, all parents are the same, so, they’d taken pity on Deng’s parents and agreed to settle with them.

The courts investigated, that Deng was given a two month sentence for public endangerment for drunk driving, he was also involved in another case of fraud, and was being overseen by the district court of Taipei; awhile ago, when the judge of the Shihlin District Court opened the courts, he’d scolded the teen, “You really don’t have a clue”, Deng replied, “I didn’t know that the laws were this strict!”

And that, is how this young criminal got, BUT that minor SLAP on his wrists, and, because he had yet to learn his lessons the HARD way, he will surely return to his old ways of being bad after he’s released from jail, and, it’s all because the victims took pity on the parents, who spoiled their son rotten!

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How to Get a Ticket for a Good Future?

From a reader, translated…

My older brother’s two kids, one is graduating the elementary years, the other is heading into the fourth grade.  A few years ago, when my sister-in-law still lived with me, when the children were quite young, she’d trained them to wash their packed lunch boxes.

Later, my former sister-in-law moved out, and grandmother felt bad for the kids not having a mom, and she’d started washing their lunch boxes, I’d told my mother several times, that my former sister-in-law’s ways was the correct one, training the kids, but my mother just won’t listen, she’d handled all of her grandkids’ affairs, without realizing, that by loving them too much, she’s actually hurting them.

Last winter, we’d adopted a stray, “little buddy”.  I’d told my two nephews the rules, I will help “little buddy” with his baths, but they must clean up after “little buddy”.  I said, you both are older brothers, “little buddy” doesn’t know any better, that, was why he’d peed and pooped all over the places, you must help him clean up, it’s an “upgrade” on your statuses in the house, and, the responsibilities also upgraded with the status upgrades.

The influence of the education in the families, is accumulated little by little every day, I felt, that the kids now have it made, but, think about it on a level of depth, being well taken care of now, could it be a guarantee for a good life forever?  Taking a look at the kids who were forced to “mature earlier” in the less fortunate families, maybe, they’re having it hard right now, but maybe, they’d have better fortunes for the future!

And, isn’t becoming independent, with the abilities to weather through all the hardships, the ticket in the realm of having a good life?

Of course it is, being able to withstand the trials and tribulations of life that, is “trained”, because nobody’s born, knowing H-O-W to weather through the bad things in life, and the grandmother from the above, she’d kept her grandsons from learning, by “taking care of them” too well, which will, in the future, create MORE problems for the society, because if you have everything taken care of for you, what would you know H-O-W to do?  Exactly, so, STOP hovering over your kids, MAKE them learn to stand UP!!!

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Changing a Child’s Name, the Way We Educate

How will this turn out I wonder???  Translated…

Early in the morn, as I walked into the office, my colleague A told me with excitement, “I changed my name!”, I was shocked and asked him, “Why?”

Turns out, she’d been troubled about her son who’s in his second year of high school, her son broke up with his girlfriend from the same class and had gotten into fist fights, and, it’d gotten to the point that the entire class knew about it, and they’d started looking at him weird and would make fun of him.  And because her son didn’t know how to handle the matter, he’d skipped school, and returned home late, took up smoking too.

A said everything she could, used a TON of methods, to try to get her son back in school, and had even considered transferring him to another school, hoped that he could just finish up his high school education, but he wouldn’t listen, and in the end, she’d dropped him out of school.

In order to help get her son back, A, through the introductions of a friend, found a fortune teller, he’d told her, “Your son is rebellious this year, would often head out, and wouldn’t listen to the parents’ words.”  She felt that the master knew everything and so, she believed everything he’d told her, the man told her she needed to change her son’s name, needed to find a new house, she’d done it all.  For the sake of her son, she’d be willing to do anything, not only did she spend a TON of money, changing his name, she’d also prepared to move them into their new home.

As a mother, I could understand her heart, but, changing one’s own name, changing house, trying to resolve the issues of the son’s life FOR him, this seemed a bit overboard, it’d taught the child, “everything I have my mother to handle for me”, and thus, the son would become MORE irresponsible.

It’s just that when I’d advised her, to try to help her son to FACE his own issues, instead of resolving everything FOR him, she’d become defensive, and I can only sigh.

And here, we still have a BOY, who’s totally SPOILED rotten by HIS mama, because mothers can’t see their baby BOYS sad or whatever, and, that’ll only FEED to their need to SUCK on us, and, because the mothers out there are still overly protective (yeah right!!!) over ALL of their sons, that, is why NONE of them will grow up to be man who CAN and WILL stand on their own.  STOP spoiling your children, mothers!!!

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The Husband Went Off the “Maps” After His Affair Went Bust, He Was Ruled to Pay a Higher Price by the Courts

If you cheat, you WILL get caught!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang had asked for his son’s assistance, to transfer his files from his cell, to the computer, it’d caused his wife to find out about his affair, and he’d also used the opportunity of a business trip, to travel to Japan for a vacation with the spare wheel, Lin; after his return, his wife found out that the pants he took to get altered had listed Lin’s contact information, and that there were love letters inside his car, Wang’s wife sued them both, and asked for $800,000N.T. for emotional damages.

On the first trial, the judge ruled that Wang and Lin must pay Wang’s wife $100,000N.T., Wang left his house out of anger; the highest courts rulings believed, that after Wang had his affair, he didn’t deal with it effective, and had gone into hiding, he’d abandoned his wife for thirty years, and abandoned his own family too, exacerbated his wife’s pain even more, the judge ruled that the husband and his spare wheel MUST pay Wang’s wife $300,000N.T. for certain.

Wang’s wife’s claims in court stated, that she’d been with her husband for over thirty years, they have a son and a daughter together.  Two years ago, in February, she found that her husband had been in close contact with a married woman, Lin; in May of the same year, the son had helped the husband transfer some files from his cell to the computer, and she’d found numerous photographs of her husband and Lin’s intimacies, holding each other close, kissing.  She had a huge argument with her husband, and texted Lin, “Do NOT become the spare wheel that destroy my marriage”, but Lin ignored her, and kept dating her husband.

Wang’s wife said, that two years ago in October, the husband told her that he was on business abroad, when he’d returned home, she’d helped him unpack, and found a pair of brand new pants, with the tag from the alteration with Lin’s information, and she’d found Lin’s love letters to her husband in the trunk of his car, after grilling him, she’d found out, that he’d gone on a trip with Lin on vacation.  She was emotionally distraught, and was diagnosed as severely depressed too.

Lin claimed, that she and Wang had common friends, that they’d head out to dine or to hang out, that it was within the normal socializations; that the tag on the pants had her contact, because she was doing him a favor, helping him to get his pants to be sent to get altered, that she did NOT break any laws.

Wang also claimed that he and Lin were just friends, that the love notes were a one-sided crush she’d had on him.

The first trials used the evidence stacked against the husband and his spare, and the judge found them guilty, and that they must pay the wife $100,000N.T.; Wang’s wife went for an appeal, after Wang learned, he’d gotten mad, and ran from home, refused to show up for his court dates, and because Wang’s wife couldn’t find him, she’d reported that her husband was a missing person with the police.

The story of the THREE BLINID M-I-C-E, see how they run?  Except that in THIS case, it’s see how HE ran!!!  Because this loser did wrong, and was made to pay what he thought was unreasonable, so, he went into HIS “burrows” (like those rabbits???) to DODGE his responsibilities, and that, is all too IRRESPONSIBLE still.

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Making Her Mind UP, to NO Longer Be Needing Assistance

A woman’s decision to TOUGHEN herself up, finally!!!  A Q&A, translated…

Q: The mom of a one-year-and-eight month old child, Ice Cream wrote…

She’d accidentally discovered that her husband was having an affair with his first love in August, he was ashamed of what he’d done, and got mad, and lost control, said that even though he and Ice Cream fell in love ten years ago, but he never really loved her at all, and would cuss his own son out every single day, “I HATE you, go find your mother!”, and would use a LOT more verbal AND physical abuse toward her, to let HER son know, that his parents didn’t love one another.

The mother-in-law is a psychiatrist, and belonged to a well-known women’s group, and she felt that her son had an affair, because Ice Cream had done so many things that made her son angry, for instance: Ice Cream’s stay for one and a half year in America, and she still couldn’t speak English fluently, didn’t dare to drive, and how she’d gotten knocked UP in just THREE months in America, this, was also why the mother-in-law believed to be why her son had had an affair.

Last year, Ice Cream asked for a divorce, her mother-in-law wouldn’t allow for it, and told her, to give her husband some time, to break up from HIS divorce.  Ice Cream did what she was told, but in the end, the husband’s affair got even MORE passionate, she’d found photos of them being intimate together, and they’d even got themselves matching rings too.

And now, the husband won’t return, and Ice Cream’s heart is cold, she wanted to protect her son, and the rest of her own life, to leave THIS high-stress environment she’d been living in.  But the problem is this: she is a full-time mother who took care of her son on her own, and the husband failed his pilot test, and the two of them had lived OFF of her parents-in-law completely, she wanted to know, that the party that’s NOT economically established, is it really impossible for her to get custody of her son?

A My Advice

On the subject of the custody of her son, Ice Cream is NOT entirely the weaker of the two.  Firsts, she must have evidence.  In other words, she MUST collect the incidence, like by tape recordings or voice recordings, along with slips from trips to the E.R., and how her husband would CUSS her son out, and the bad language he’d used, she’d needed the HARD evidence, and NOT just her words.  Based off of the situation described by Ice Cream, it may be difficult, for the marriage to end in a more positive note, in the end, they may finalize the divorce, and, how the husband didn’t like children, or even hit or cussed out the son, can be used in court.

And, this, is a woman, who’s TRAPPED in an abusive marriage, calling OUT to help, but, by this time, she’d already allowed her loser husband to take advantage of her too many times, and, it’s NOT going to be EASY, for her OR her husband to SNAP out of it, which is precisely, why the very FIRST time you’d been HIT, or gotten screamed at and apologized to, you SHOULD put an E-N-D to it right then and there.

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A Fifteen-Year-Old Teenage Girl Lead a Group of Her Cohort, to Rob Foreign Hired Assistants

Teens these days, they’re still getting more and more, and even M-O-R-E, violent these days, why is that? Don’t you EVER wonder??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

For two days in a row, in Tangzhi District of Taichung, there were three cases of foreign hired aides getting ROBBED in the broad day light, the police followed the leads, and found that the leader that robbed the foreign hired aides are a fifteen-year-old middle school dropout, a girl named Hsieh, she’d asked her boyfriend, Wu, to buy two watermelon knives for “tools of the trade”, to be used in a robbery, simply because she ran out of allowances.

“Did I teach you to behave so badly? How can you do something so bad?”, the woman, Chen, who raised Hsieh on her own went to the police station, and found that her daughter had been the primary suspect of a robbery, she was very upset; the adolescent girl screamed back, cussing, her face showed a lack of care and concern, like what she’d done really didn’t matter at all.

The person in charge of the subprecinct, Lee stat4ed, that Hsieh, along with her three other companions had robbed only small amounts of money, but the methods they took to robbing, was extremely vicious, the police booked them based off of robbery charges, Wu and Tsai who are already adults were incarcerated, and the underage Hsieh, along with Jeng, are placed in juvenile detention.

The adolescent girl claimed, that she’d seen those foreign hired assistants hanging outside of super convenience shops, with high-end cell phones, they seemed to be very rich, that, was why she’d told her boyfriend, to go to the shops, to buy two watermelon knives, to rob them, “that way, we’d make more money.”

The eighteen-year-old man, Wu said, that he’d followed his girlfriend’s words, and she’d asked him to bring along two other to help, and he’d enticed the eighteen-year-old, Tsai, and sixteen-year-old Jeng as his accomplices, the fore of them rode on two motorcycles, and found the seemingly rich female foreign aides who looked rich, on the roads of Tanzhi District.

Hsieh rode the motorcycle, with her boyfriend behind her, and when a chance presented itself, she’d hollered out to him, to go and rob people, and they would use that watermelon knife, and Tsai and Jeng would stand on the side, and make threats, “If you DARE remember the license plates, we will HACK you up!”, and the female foreign hired assistants would get so shocked, to give out their money, along with anything that’s valuable, Hsieh had split up the money they’d gotten, three thousand dollars, and used the three cell phones for themselves, as for the I-Pad, Hsieh said that she’d already destroyed, and tossed it out.

The police got the call from the foreign hired help, and chased the leads by the surveillance, and managed to get the license plate number, and two nights ago, they’d found Hsieh, in Wu’s residences, and found the watermelon knife that was used for the robbery.

And so, what had driven teenage girls who worked as a group to ROB, was M-O-N-E-Y, because they see how much those foreign hired ladies are “packing”, and, they wanted the money, and so, they didn’t even consider the consequences, and acted on their impulses, perhaps, it’s due to how their prefrontal cortexes, NOT being developed enough yet? If that, was the part that’s responsible for impulse control, I wouldn’t know………

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A Man Had a Late Night Spat with His Mother, and Ended Up, Beating His Own Mother to Death with a Baseball Bat

A history of mental illness, plus a heated argument, put the “ingredients” into the “blender”, and, you’d get M-U-R-D-E-R!!! From the Newspaper translated…

A man with a history of mental illness early yesterday morn, got into a verbal altercation with his own mother, back then, his father was out, his older brother was sleeping, he was suspected of using a baseball bat and beaten his mother until her skull was broken, as the older brother woke in the morn, he was shocked to realize that his mother had died, and he’d called the police, Wu admitted to murdering his mother, and was charged with murder.

The police investigations found that Wu (age 31) was diagnosed with mental illness, and lived in with his parents and older brother in an apartment in Wugu, the family rarely socialized with the neighbors; Wu thought himself to be sane, and was displeased at how his family would FORCE him into hospitalizations, and would start fights with the members of his family or throw a temper tantrum, and, to avoid altercations with him, the family had chosen to leave the site of the arguments.

The police said, that early in the morning at one o’clock yesterday, Wu had gotten into an argument with his sixty-three year old mother in the living room, the father who took it to be “normal” left home, the older brother had gone back to the sixth floor to sleep, and, Wu may have lost it, and started beating his mother’s head with a baseball bat that was lying around in the living room.

When Wu’s older brother woke up early in the morning, and went to the living room, that, was when he’d found his mother, beaten to death, called it in immediately; the police went to the scenes, and Wu showed up, and admitted to beating his mother with a baseball bat, and kept repeating, “I’m not sick, it’s my family who’d caused the traumas by forcing me into hospitalizations.”

Wu claimed, that he was displeased at how strict his father was, after he’d beaten his mother down, he’d run up to the seventh floor roof to contemplate suicide by jumping off, but, he’d squatted in the stairways for a long time, lost in thought, then, changed his mind about killing himself.

The psychiatric residential hospital’s manager in Bali, Chang, stated, that from the records, Wu other than being depressed, he’d also shown signs of schizophrenia, psychosis caused by emotional difficulties, started having auditory hallucinations, becoming paranoid, and being forced into treatment had caused him insurmountable pressures, that, was why he’d reacted so strongly.

Chang suggested that if the families or communities found someone with a mental illness, to NOT be ashamed to take them to the psych ward, and that there are community outreach programs to help too, and when there’s an emergency, call the police, or the fire department, to forcefully put someone into a treatment program, but this is only valid for five days, and that there is a lot of paperwork, and the effects are minimized.

And so, this, is how a history of mental illness had exacerbated what had happened, the man had been emotionally troubled, and he feels that he’s normal and was forced into treatment, and that, was why he’d held a grudge, and when his mother got into a spat with him, that, was what’d made him crack.

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He Finally Became the “Man of the House”

A story on marriage, translated…

On a banquet, I’d sat next to Chien, who I hadn’t seen since forever.  Even though, I didn’t have enough spare time to have conversations with her regularly, but I’d often gotten secondhand news on her family.  The two of us started chit-chatting away, there was NO stopping us.

In the conversations, Chien’s eyes lit up, said that her husband had changed very much, from a headachy, spoiled rotten big baby, into someone who can finally stand up on his own, a MAN of the house.  Hearing Chien spoke of this so abruptly, I was stunned, didn’t know how to reply.

Chien’s husband is the only son in his household, even though he has three younger sisters, but he had ALL of his parents’ attention and love.  Shortly right after he’d graduated high school, with the support of his family, he’d started his own business, but, he suffered losses, and in the end, his company finally bankrupted.  Later, he’d worked in the electronics for one, two years, and, set up his own shop to sell the items, and because he couldn’t manage the store well enough.  And then, he’d gone to China, but, nobody knows how, he’d ended up, accumulating a TON of credit card debts, but thankfully, his mother was there, as his backup plan, and would always clean UP after the messes he’d made.

And, this vicious cycle kept rolling, his mother had finally had it, was NO longer willing to bail him out again, and so, the mother and son became estranged.  All the friends and families saw this development, and when they’d gotten something to let the family know, they’d tell it to Chien, who’s MORE dependable in their opinions.

Awhile ago, Chien’s mother-in-law made nice with her son on her own, but, very shortly thereafter, she’d fallen very ill and died.  In the strong pains and sorrows of his loss, Chien’s husband started changing, and, at the same time, Chien, in her growth classes learned, to “give the responsibilities of his own life BACK to her husband”, and so, when the friends and families had a message, she no longer became the relay for him.  And, by letting go, her husband actually became the man of the house, and, the weight that Chien had carried, was lessened, and so, she’d become more relaxed and happier too.

Seeing Chien’s look of happiness, I’m truly happy for her, and at the same time, Chien felt sorry for her mother-in-law, because had she NOT spoiled her son, and kept filling UP the holes he’d dug, maybe, the family wouldn’t have had to travel too many unnecessary detours in life, to the point that the mother and son were at war.

And so, behind EVERY spoiled LOSER, there is still???  His mama, with a “wet one”, wiping UP his A-S-S, and, gladly, this MAN finally became a M-A-N, and, death still played a VITAL role in the boy, becoming a M-A-N.

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A Middle-Aged “Leech” Wouldn’t Find a Job, Choked His Own Mother to Get Money from Her

And, the fault is still with the ENABLER, the parent, from the Newspapers, translated…

A thirty-five year old man, was raised by his mother who’d worked odds and ends, he was spoiled, and didn’t work, awhile ago, he’d choked his mother’s neck, asking her for more money to spend, and screamed: “You are my mother!  How could you call the police on me!”  The District Attorney’s Offices in Hsinbei City took him into custody, and, prosecuted him based off of hurting his next-of-kin.

On the hearing held by the D.A., the mother started crying, sighed that her son didn’t show any gratitude, but also begged, “Can you please not put him into jail?”, hoping that there is an institution that will teach her son, to NOT take anything in life for granted.

The D.A. investigations found, that Chang was spoiled, and would often get spending cash from his mother, last year in February, his older sister couldn’t stand it any longer, scolded him, Chang used a knife, to threaten her to shut up, she was so scared, that she’d moved out.

On the bottom half of January this year, Chang bought cigarettes for her son after work, then, when she’d returned home, he’d hollered to her to give him money, she’d marched angrily back into her own bedroom, but her son took her by the neck, she’d started screaming, ran out of the house, then, went to the police.

Two patrol officers came to Chang’s residence, Chang was emotionally distraught, and started screaming like crazy, and beaten his own mother with his fists; the D.A. thought that Chang showed NO sign of remorse, and prosecuted him based off assault on family member, obstruction of justice, and other charges.

And so, this, is still the RESULT of spoiling, and, this “leech” still SUCKED on his mama, because he knew that he could get his way with her, and the mother still didn’t see, that SHE, is the one, fueling to HIS bad behaviors?  How BLIND can you, STUPID parents BE???







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