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Nobody is an Outsider When It Comes to Dementia

Because this affects, EVERYBODY, even IF you don’t have someone who’d been diagnosed with it, yet!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As Taiwan marches toward the super elderly society, dementia will be a major issue that the government will have to deal with in the futures.

The W.H.O. estimated that currently, the total population of those who’d been diagnosed with dementia had exceeded fifty-five million, and, it’s estimated that the number will increase to seventy-eight million by 2030, and by 2050, it’ll get up to 1,390 million.  And, every three second now, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the total cost needed is one trillion dollars U.S. annually, and by 2030, the costs are expected to double.

Based off of just Taiwan, one out of thirteen elderly over sixty-five is demented, one out of five who are over eighty is demented, on average, there’s one out of five.  In the twenty years to come, it’s estimated, that there would be one more who will be diagnosed per thirty minutes, with the population of the demented older adults continuing to rise.

“Didn’t you just ask that?”  “Why did you forget again?”, the demented patient would always repeat the same behaviors, asking the same questions, forgetting what was just said to them, and calling their loved ones by the wrong names, with the unstable emotions, getting angry, or cussing  out, changing in daily routines, forgetting where one’s residence is, getting lost when going out, forgetting to turn off the stoves, causing the housefires, getting into traffic accidents when they’re wandering outside, having delusions and hallucinations.  And so, the caretakers, the families had to face the long-term worries, and the pressures from the caretaking; to the point, of how the lesser families, due to lacking of resources provided, the tragedies.

It’s the government’s duty and responsibility to, make sure that the elderly population live their lives with enough quality, with the dignity and health too.

First, the forums should be offered at the school setting, to help increase the awareness of Alzheimer’s in older adults, to take the label off; and, encouraging the local communities, the charitable groups, the shops locally, to devise a friendly space for the demented elderly to olive, to offer the courses for the families and the elderly to get involved in, to offer the breather programs needed for the families, the trainings  of how to care for elderly with dementia, so the elderly patient can live in a familiar environment and get the treatments they are needing, to reduce the burdens of the individual families in taking care of their loved ones.

And, to set up a fuller, more comprehensive program of care, the medical and support system, to diagnose the illness quickly, to treat, to increase the quality of the network of care, to set up more communal care centers, so the families can get the needed information on how to care, how to utilize the resources that are available to them to help care for the aging.

To have more understanding for the demented elderly, more tolerance and respect, to offer help when needed, I’m sure, we can all, take part in this.

Nobody is an outsider when it comes to dementia.  We must, set up a “friendly toward Alzheimer’s” country that’s, patient centered, right now.

Because, there are, more and more elderly getting diagnosed, this becomes, a pressing, matter, and, there’s no way we can, catch up to how quickly Alzheimer’s is, taking over, because we are living longer and longer compared to before, and, the deteriorations of the mind comes with aging, and, the government, the rest of the world, has only begun to realize, how serious this problem is for the society, that’s why, this is a call out for help, from everybody in the community here.

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Will the Doctors Get Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

With the way things are going, maybe, in ‘bout, say???  Twenty to, fifty years-ish???  How the artificial intelligence still can’t quite replace humans in sum, as A.I. lacked the emotions, the empathy, that’s only there in living organisms, translated…

By 2040, everybody will have an app on their cell phone, the A.I. Physician.  On call 24/7, all year, round.

We would only need to slide a bit, then, there would be a “symptom checker”, after we’d clicked the symptoms we will be experiencing, the press “enter”, then, there would be a “bionic doctor” in a white robe, with the black-rimmed glasses who’d appear.

Looking like human, with the ironed white robe, slender hands, a representation of the professionals of the medical field, precises, calm, super-natural………it’s just, that we won’t know, if he would, follow, the, “Hippocratic Oath”

Everybody’s A.I. watch has a “patient’s end”, at all time, sending and receiving all our vital signs, the data from our systems.  There will be no more of doctors and physicians telling us what’s wrong with us, there’s the texts that are going to get sent out by automation: “Mr. X, you have fourth stage colon cancer”.

This is NO illusion, as artificial intelligence grows stronger yet, it’d recently passed the American physicians certification exams.  It’s just, that before it can, start providing quality medical care, it still needed to have “empathy” and, “means to create”, there’s still, long ways, to, go:

It can analyze the patients’ symptoms, but it can’t nod its head, and tell the patients, “life’s hard, isn’t it?”

It can read and understand the professional medical researches on the medical journals, but can’t tell a bad joke, to help the patients forget about their bodily discomfort temporarily.

It can perform the surgeries with great precision in the operating tables, but it won’t make the rounds to the check on the patients, holding the patients’ hands, and tell them, “don’t worry, everything will be, all right now”.

It can analyze the germ culture taken from the patients’ bodies, but can’t high-five or hooray with the patients, as they battled and won that fight with a hard-to-conquer infection.

It can’t tell a lie to make the patients feel a bit less scared, nor can it hand the patient that blanket when the room gets, too, cold.  When the patients melt down, it can’t hand them that Kleenex tissue, to give them that sense of, “someone understands what I’m going through right now”.

can artificial intelligence do this??? Video found off of YouTube

Sitting with a “fourth stage tumor” patient, it will become even more flustered.  Because “humanity” is the only, healing method, helping the patients, walk on that path that’s paved with the unknowns, and the hardships and what scared the patients.

True, we can’t make ourselves more intelligent that A.I., we can only, make ourselves more “human”, to try our best to delay the onset of human race getting taken over by A.I. eventually.

There’s a new batch of fifth-year medical students coming in, as their mentoring professor, suddenly, I’d felt so heavy on my shoulders: in the age of artificial intelligence, what should the “humanistic education in medicine” look, like?

As the currently medical environment is no longer well enough to train the new, in the means of how work performance ranked as top priorities, “love” and “empathy” became, cast aside as unimportant values, and, the interactions between people reduced to nil, and the trust that we have established with one another, diminishes.

There’s a perfect storm that’s, currently forming.  And, heaven knows, what this A.I. will turn this world into?  Do the medical professionals even have a future to look forward to as artificial intelligence takes, over?

I’d told my students, if you treat medicine like a “life science” subject, then, it may be a bit, difficult.  But thankfully, other than the “scientific”, there are still a ton of things, we will be able to do, for our, patients.

Greeting them gently, using the words that are, genuine, and discover the patient, behind, the disease and illness, giving her/him some advices s/he may find, useful.

Spend time to carry on in conversations, to explain, to encourage.  In the chaos, helping them find, that sense of, diminishing, order.  Help plan that path for them to keep moving onward.  Telling your patients: “You’re not alone in this, I will be with you, every step of the way!”

That, is the most basic skills of the medical professionals who treat patients.  And, you’d not even, administered the medications, yet, and the patients no longer feel threatened by the illnesses, the fears are, slowly, gone, away, with the reduction of levels of stress, that sense of, helplessness, with hope, rebuilding, back up again.

You can’t necessarily find the cures with “science”, but, you can, give your patients that feeling of, “I’m being, well cared for”.  The patient will be quite grateful, that you were there, beside her/him, at the critical moments in her/his life, fighting for her/him.

Face-to-face, the words that were exchanged inside the room.  Listening to what your patients are feeling, and, express your own, truest, emotions too.  This, is the weakest link of artificial intelligence, and also, what’s most precious of, being, human.

So, despite how artificial intelligence may be able to correctly diagnoses and treat someone with whatever illnesses or conditions that the patients may have, and perhaps, curing the person, it still lacked that needed empathy, which is what sets us aside from the machines, and, no matter how artificial intelligence will advance itself, it can only just, perform the tasks we assign it to perform, or maybe, make the simplified decisions, while the higher function thinking abilities, it’s still, only, unique, to real, human beings!

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This is the FATES, of traditional Asian women, despite how the times had, already, advanced into, the modern day, where the emphasis is more on gender equality, but a lot of us women, are still, bound by these, traditional, gender stereotypes of how the female roles should be played out, and we get, trapped by it!  Translated…

After I’d started living on my own, the most annoying thing in my life is, the, leftovers.  This, seemingly nitty-gritty item, but needed to sort through by the meals “business”, often taxed up my mind, although, this is no huge thing like the philosophers are contemplating on, just the traces that remained of my three square meals per day, but it’d, gotten really deep inside, and annoyed, the hell out of, me.  The timelines of life, there must be, close to half of the total time, spending, on how to resolve the matters of, the, leftovers, do we, reheat them up for the meals later, do we, “mask” them up as the lunches of love packed by us to serve to our significant, others?  Or do we, bring them to the office, to SHOW off how we are, cared for?  Or, should we just, toss them away?  Reminding ourselves, to separate the leftovers, to take them out by the curbside on trash collection day, to NOT allow it to start stanching up our, ordinary, days.

Leftover, the remains of our, lives, but it’d, deeply, affected the aesthetic of our lives.

When I was young, I’d not needed to worry about this problem.  Served onto the tables, were all the items that gave us that incredible appetite, the heated up food.  There were, too many choices, given to our chopsticks, raising up in midair, and, in time, we are, still, considering what we wanted to eat, the difficulties on our tongues, that was, patented to our, childhood, years.

During the time, I’d not remember the exact time when my mother served us our, meals, for the kids who’d, stolen out after they were fed to play, they’d not even, considered what the leftovers, looked, like?  Could the “leftovers” became a pronoun for our, mothers?  My oldest cousin said he’d hated the stir-fried cabbages, too simple; my youngest female cousin hated the seaweed soup, that it was too tasteless.  And so, what was favored by all, the more popular dishes, the pork, the chicken, the shrimps, the steamed eggs, were cleaned off the plates in a jiffy, as for those unfavored steamed, less flavored items, had become, frozen, into, a sort of, an animosity, while my mother became the sin bearer of these, and as everybody goes off, she’d, sat, under the dimmed lights, and, started, eating, those, leftovers.

illustration from

I’d gotten a call from my mother at night, toward the adult children, there are, always, the silence that got lost in time in these calls, on the other end of the world, came the asking of how the weather was, and I’d always, slurred to answer her.  After a while, I’d remembered, finally, that my aging mother, toward the cold sounds of the echoes of my responses, must be like, how she used to, eat those, leftovers that we didn’t, finish in our, younger, years too?

On the other end of the world, she’d reminded me, “just toss out the leftover, and don’t eat it, it’s not good to eat them reheated up over, over, and over again.”

But, how much left do we, thrown out?  And, it’d become, hard for me, to weigh and measure this.

Perhaps, half a bowl, that already, mixed to, nothing but chaos inside that served bowl of, rice?  Or, the too savory, too spicy sauce that still had, a-third portion remaining, with the leftover chopped up stems leafy greens; or, must we, finish the plates up, only left the traces of the, pork flosses?  These three meals a day, before we pour them out, as we’re about to, push them into the refrigerators, I’d always, thought again, and gain, and, my mind goes back and forth, back and forth, trapped in tossing them away, or saving them, don’t know how much that’s leftover, that’s, worthy for the world to, keep?  And, how much of what’s remained, should get tossed out, matter-of-factly?  I’d had to, consider this, many times a day, and, felt confused for my mother, who’d been, trapped inside the, vicious cycle, how did she, get along, well with all the leftovers we’d given to her?  In the long road of life, with nothing but the leftovers, taking up her life, the time for recycling the foods, the reheating up the dishes, constantly, back and forth, thinking about, time, and life rushed by her, side as moments like these came and, went.

Leftover became a sort of a fate, teaching the older generations of women, to wait on, endlessly.  When she was younger, she’d lived for her parents; after she was married, she’d lived for her children.  As she aged to elderly, that richness of her life already, gotten, taken out of hers, she’d become, nothing more, than the leftover of who she had been, that’s, remained, as she’d become, the leftovers of fate, in between heating and throwing out, she’d already, forgotten, her original, flavors already.

and unfortunately, they’re not the least, “neatly plated” like, these…photo from online

And this is actually not about the leftovers the family had for their meals, but the fate of traditional Asian women, and although, the traditions are slowly, less and less imposing on the younger generations but, there are still, the gender expectations that imposes themselves onto us, women, how we should give up everything we want, for the sake of our, families, this is still, the primary values that’s rooted too deep in the Asian cultures, which is why, women in these parts of the world, are fated to take on the, leftovers of everybody else’s, life.

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Treating the Diplomatic Relations as If They Were, Eggs

Nope, they still, ain’t run out of them, excuses, not just YET, not by, a long shot, because, every single official of the DDP, is still, bullshitting, and, shit’s coming out of their mouths here, and there’s still nothing that we the people can do, because, we’re too, civilized, to OVERTHROW them in a, revolution here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Honduras had broken off diplomatic ties with us now, and since Tsai took office, we’d lost, nine countries in diplomatic relations, seven of them is on the hands of Wu, head of foreign affairs.  As early as last week, Wu made the statement, “it’s JUST, for the government officials to, take the, responsibilities”; on the day that we’d lost Honduras, he’d stated, “we won’t avoid any political responsibilities”.  Sound familiar?  Not too long ago, the head of Agriculture, Chen stated almost the EXACT identical phrases on the egg shortage.

but, it’s not these, “cutesy” sort of SHITS that’s come out of the DDP officials’ mouths like it is here!

photo from online

Chen and Wu, one is “the chair of egg shortage”, the other, “head of severing diplomatic ties”.  The two swore that they will take responsibilities, but to this very day, they’re still, safe and sound, sitting in their, seats; the responsibilities floated over their heads like the clouds, they were, steady, sitting as the mountains.  Same with the head of economics, Wang.  The two major power outages, Wang had sent in her resignations both times, and in the end, it was the C.E.O. of Taipower Company who got, ousted.  Under the government led by Tsai, the word, “responsibilities” became only, a “decorative word”.

Toward losing the diplomatic relations and the shortages of eggs, Tsai’s government used similar excuses to give the people the run-around.  When there’s the shortages of eggs, she’d told, that eggs are in shortage everywhere else in the world, that it was the avian flu which was to blame, but never evaluated the policies.  When we’d lost the diplomatic ties, she’d blamed it on Communist Chinese pressure, that all our allies only wanted the funding from us, but not evaluated that it was her and the DDP’s policies, that’s caused these relations to break up.

In the means of egg shortage, the city councilmembers and the side wings of the DDP continued lying, to blurting out, that “eggs aren’t healthy for us”, to “we could use duck eggs instead of chicken eggs”.  Same for the severing of the diplomatic ties, as the number of diplomatic countries with Taiwan reduced, the DDP claimed, “we only want those who interact with us,”, “it saves the money if the countries started severing off the ties”.  It seemed, that the DDP, really treats the diplomatic relations with other countries AS eggs, won’t wake up, until, the country’s run completely, O-U-T.

look how this DICTATOR, still poses for her, photo op! Photo from online

And, of course, the countries with whom we shared the diplomatic ties with, aren’t eggs, but, seeing how the Tsai’s government, from the means of diplomacy to the needs of our lives, bending the words, twisting, and turning the reasonings, she’d, finally, shown her true self.  And, the point is, keeping the DDP in office, forget about solving the problems political responsibilities that the DDP claimed.

And, that, is how it goes, the DDP is still, bullshitting we the people, and, although some of us are slowly, waking up (but still NOT fast enough here!), most of their followers are still, ZOMBIES, and, there’s nothing we can do, until the DDP completely, runs, this god damn country to, SIX-FEET, under!

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The Chastity Belt…

This is still, a SEXIST thing that men created, to keep us women, in “line”, with the aim of ULTIMATE control over us!

The chastity belt, worn by the women during the olden days, similar to the practices of Asians getting their women to bind their feet, because they want to see their females walk in small steps, so they can’t run away when the men chased after them.

And, if we’re on the “subject” of, gender EQUALITY, then, how come all you all sons-of-bitches (still not the four-legged “varieties”) have such a hard time, controlling your DICKS, because when you see one of us, with our large TITS, strutting our stuff (what stuff???), and you started to, undressing us women with your eyes.

like this???

looks, kinda like, a THONG, doesn’t it??? Photo from online

The chastity belts, aimed at, keeping women into their, submissive states, so you all can, have control over us, and, these days, these things of ancient times, is still being put to practices, in other “forms”, like those child brides, or how those, honor killings in the “less developed” and “third world” countries, where we women aren’t FREE to love whoever the @#$% we want to!

And it all goes to show, just how FAR we’d progressed, and we still hadn’t come far out of those, cavemen days, when all you sons-of-bitch (go FETCH, Fido!!!) go out hunting with them, oversized CLUBS, leaving us, womenfolk inside the caves, tending to our young, and, at this time, WOW, a SABERTOOTH tiger want to get invited, so, what do we women do???  Panic, or, we pick up whatever the HECK it is around, and THROW it at the beast, to “shoo” that “kitty”, away?

All these “ancient practices”, all these, modern day taboos, are all men’s way of, keeping us women, under CONTROL, and that’s not gender equality in the world!

And you call us out for not being fitting as your wives because we refused to give you your BLOWJOBS, like YO mamas had always done???

My apologies for the “visuals”…

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Tsai’s Manipulating the Elections by Connecting the DDP’s Winning or Losing to International Relations, the KMT Criticized Her for Behaving Like a Horrid Lover

How this president attempted to, blackmail us all, and she’d signed that law of protecting the individuals from the horrid lovers already too?  Such a hypocrite!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The chairwoman of the DDP, the president, Tsai awhile ago, at “Social Networking Night” told, that if the results of the elections fell out, then, it would be the DDP that’s not done its best in the campaigning, and, the international countries may begin to wonder, did the Taiwanese people, change their, minds?  The KMT criticized, the recent speeches made by Tsai attempted to manipulate the people to connect the results of the end of year elections to the faith of other countries in the world have for Taiwan, that she’d behaved like an emotionally blackmailing person in a relationship, with the anti-democratic means, “the chairwoman of her party as her real job, and she’d part-timed as the president”, clearly it’d shown, that ALL Tsai was protecting, were the candidates of her own party.

And, that, is how the president, tried to instill fear into the voters minds, to manipulating us to vote for her, because, the other option is way worse (is it now???), and, so, it comes down to we the people deciding, which one’s worse: China possibly taking over Taiwan, or we allow the dictatorship of Tsai and the DDP ruin this country continually?

I dunno, it seems like, a lose-lose from where I’m currently sitting…

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The Effects of, WAR

Unpredicted, un-expected, but hey, look on the BRIGHT side, at least, it’d, stimulated the ECONOMY, got us, out of that, RECESSIONS we’d gotten stuck in since???  Oh, dunno, ‘bout, five to, TEN whole years, -ish???  That sound’s ‘bout, right.

The effects of, WAR, never immediate, I mean, you can see, those, DEAD bodies, piling UP the fields all around where you live, in the, WARZONES, and yet, the effects of it, still, hadn’t, quite HIT yet, after all, all that shit’s, going on, outside of, your fences, right???

in a photograph…that’s, a THOUSAND, words! From online

The effects of, WAR, never to be, underestimated, and, history showed, that every time a country goes into recession (hitting that downward slope into DEPRESSION!), all you need, is a god damn, tiny little, WAR, then, ala shazam!  Economy started looking up, the production of tanks inside them factories, steel mills, give more job opportunities to the locals, etc., etc.

But, before we all, go off and start high fiving one another, for the end of the recession of the economy, that’s, our boys overseas, fighting, and we don’t know if they’ll make it, home to us, safe, and sound…

The effects of, WAR, it’s never, just for the time being, it lasts, eternally, you think those Germans, Japanese, Italians (those were the AXIS, right???) forgot, about the effects of both WWI, and WWII, or, how ‘bout, the Iraqis, huh?  You think they’d done forgetting about the U.S., taking them over?  Yeah, think again!

and how it’d, affected those in the areas…photo from online

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The Two Major Shows of the DDP Importing the Pork with Ractopamine from the U.S., the Broken Down False Promises of the Vaccines

How despite the countries in European Union had put that ban on ractopamine, this country still imported the pork with it, to please the U.S., disregarding the health of the people living in this god DAMN country, the DDP’s abuse of we the people continues for, another, “chapter” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On August 28th, 2020, the more than 160 countries of the EU had prohibited the use of ractopamine, and even the three major pork providers in the U.S., to not lose the markets in Europe, had also, done away with using the drug, to suck up to Trump in his reelection, Tsai went against the people’s wills, took the means of taking over the legislature with the masses for five days four nights, to prohibit the imported poisoned American pork in 2012, how the heads of the party stated that they required the ZERO content ractopamine in pork, and suddenly, things got flopped, the DDP swiftly announced the import of pork with ractopamine from the U.S.

After the announcements, the head of state, Su, the head of department of health welfare & sanitations, Chen, became the spokespersons for the imports.  The of State, Su claimed, “you need to ingest thirty-two pieces of the American imported pork with ractopamine nonstop for a whole decade, then, you will be harmed.”; Chen also stated, that he was willing to eat the pork with ractopamine for three whole months straight.  And they had, sacrificed the safety and welfare of health of the people to suck up to the U.S., this was never before seen.  But the sacrifices of Taiwan didn’t bring any physical benefits.  The country had originally believed, that it could get Taiwan into the TIFA agreement talks, but for two years on end, nothing, and we’d only gotten the webcam conferences of TIFA last year between this country and the U.S., the BTA is, still too far off.

And now, the claims of Taiwanese-American 21st Century Trade Agreement can’t replace BTA, especially when the government by last June announced that Taiwan is not a zone of foot-and-mouth disease, but the government didn’t ask U.S. to import the pork from Taiwan, made it that the pork here can’t be exported to the U.S. but the pork with ractopamine from the U.S can get in, a lose-lose for us.  Chen stated, that allowing for imports of ractopamine pork is something that can get us higher up in status internationally, and not known that these policies had damaged the people here.

After the messes in the vaccine purchases, going against the scientific, the ethics in medicine, ignoring the advices of the expert professionals, under the leadership of Tsai, giving up on the professionalism and conscience, pushed through the vaccines of Medigenvac.  The Department of Sanitation Health & Welfare had gone all the way in on its own, signed the five million dose purchasing order from Medigenvac, and people should doubt the motives.

Based off of the FDA of the U.S., the vaccines that were allowed to pass the emergency usage orders, needed to pass through the stage three clinical trials, and stated that the immunobridging methods are still debatable, that there’s no way scientifically to find a replacement for the stage three trials.  And, the W.H.O. approved vaccines all had thirty to forty people as samples for the drug trial studies, and the Novavax vaccines that’s been noted as most effective had a total of 29,960 people in the trial studies, the clinical trials of Medigenvac are about only a tenth of the stage three trials of the internationally approved vaccines.  The Department of Health Welfare &Sanitations had NO conscience, no professionalism, approved the not-yet matured Medigenvac vaccines for the people to use, and, the government’s murdering the people doesn’t stop there.

As the country is ruled by authoritarian leaders, everything goes wayward, while Tsai wanted to build up the techniques to provide for the buildup of the country’s capabilities, also went bust due to how Medigenvac couldn’t get the approvals internationally, so tragic.

And so, this still just showed, how the DDP government puts the people’s lives in danger, by allowing for the imports of unsafe food items, passing the EU for the untested vaccines to be used on the people here, the government is murdering the people, and we the people are still, allowing the DDP to murder us all, are you just, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) retarded, or are we just, plain, STUPID!

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Using Party Politics in the Means of Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV, Who’s Creating the Problems Here?

How the DDP’s favoritism toward the cities ruled by the DDP party members are all, getting everything, while the two major cities, Taipei and Hsinbei that aren’t ruled by the DDP, with the LARGEST number of population, gets, overlooked, and, as the president played that game of party-favorites, we’re all, totally, FUCKED up here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV is as high as ever, spreading out mostly across the city of Hsinbei and Taipei, Tsai made her tour to Hsinbei, and the public criticized her for “passing by the outbreaks”.  Although the office of the president tried helping her case, but she’d gone personally to Taoyuan, Hsinchu, with the heads of the cities favoring the DDP, but had, “let go” of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei, with mayors of other political parties, and it’d made the locals in Hsinbei and Taipei felt, that she was indeed, “playing favorites!”.

Yesterday the president stated, that we are at the most critical time of the outbreaks now, the government will work with the people to get through this, that the central government needs to work with the local governments to get everybody through this time of hardship.  Although her words were, correct, but now, both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities aimed their ammunition toward the central government, it has to do with the central government’s selective means of using the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  On April 6th, the president hosted the meeting to discuss the means of defense against MERS-CoV, she’d invited the mayor of Taoyuan, and was using webcam conference with the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen, but both mayors of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities weren’t invited to the conferences, and at the time, the press questioned the president, for preferential party affiliations in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.

Back then, the office of the president stated, that “only someone who cared too much about politics, the election will mention the party affiliations, the election too often.”  But, at the height of the outbreak yesterday, although Tsai made her appearances to Hsinbei City, she was there, to attend the DDP party position elections, and she’d, slapped herself across the face.  Even if the president called the entry level physicians in the city of Hsinbei, to have them set up the arrangements herself, but, the commander of the city is Hou, she’d hoped to skip him over, who has a higher position in ruling the city than she had, would this not be counterproductive?

and here’s a video from the news station on that, off of YouTube

防疫分顏色?侯酸:地方等嘸回應.總統講話才有用 @寰宇新聞 頻道 – YouTube

and yes, the link works!

And the means of defense against the spread of the outbreaks, are not in synch on the levels of local and federal governments, it seemed, that the heads of both Hsinbei and Taipei often “cussed” the Central government out, but that’s because the local government heads were worried about not having enough resources to help the people defend themselves, the lacking in medical provisions.  And, all of these problems, shouldn’t the central government be in charge of, showing total support for the local governments’ needs for the people’s sake?  How can the central government still be calling the heads of local governments out, if it’s been doing its job correctly?

The virus don’t have preferences of party, and, yet, Tsai’s means of helping the people defend against the spread of MERS-CoV had been based off of party affiliations since the very start.  As we had not met up with the height of the outbreaks, seeing how Tsai stressed, “There’s NO difference in parties, the local governments and the central government need to work together on all of this!”, please, can you, please STOP showing favoritism to the cities based off of the party affiliations of the mayors?

This still showed, how hypocritical the government, as well as the president is, the DDP only takes care of ITS own party’s cities, and let go of the two larges cities in the country, Taipei and Hsinbei, because these areas aren’t ruled by the members of the DDP party, and under this dictator who played favoritism toward her own party so overtly, those of us who don’t live in the “green” areas, we’re all, totally, SCREWED for sure!

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The Three Shortcomings Caused the Outbreaks to Lose Control

There are only, THREE???  This must be, only, “inventories” on the major things then, on how the government finally realized, that we’re, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y behind in adapting to MERS-CoV, and that game of catchup is, finally on, and yet, this country is already, way, way, WAY behind from before day one, and there’s NO chance that it’ll, ever, catch up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the past few days, the confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV had spiked up past 60,000 per day, and so, there’s the need to readjust the means of government’s orders to defense against the spread, “using the quick-scan means to replace the quarantine”, is a working mean of preventing the sudden rise in total people in the at-home quarantine systems.  But the forefront of this, is that we must have enough supplies of the quick-scan kits.  Toward the waves of the hard-hitting pandemic, the government should prepare enough quick-scan kits, vaccines, and medications for the people.

“The symptoms of MERS-CoV had become flu-like”, this does NOT mean the reduction of the rates of death.  Therefore, it’s very vital, that people get vaccinated, as means to control the number of contracted, and the treatment means of after contraction must also be set.  The data from other countries showed, that Omicron not only caused the rate of death to spike up, causing the resources of medical treatment to run short, the CDC should take heed of the other counties which were hit too hard from before, and learn.

At the moment, there’s the need to strengthen the “prevention, the testing, the treatment”, three combined into one, as well as the effective testing, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading out too fast, but, the country’s supplies of quick-scan kits are still solely reliant off of international exports, too costly, this is why the people in the country are calling out to the government, to make these quick-scan kits available to us for free.  The government should purchase enough of the supplies of the quick-scan kits that we may need, to cope with this current wave of pandemic, also, to encourage the local pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the kits too, to prevent being controlled by the shortage of supplies from overseas.

The vaccinations are still the key to this, other than setting up the hoard immunity, this can also, reduce the total number of contracted individuals, lower the rate of death too.  And so, the government needed to have the supplies of vaccines, enough for all, and to consider how the virus will become flu-like in the future, to have the needed supplies of vaccines for all.  Recently there were the infants and toddlers who’d died from the contractions, and so, this makes purchasing of the children’s vaccines vital, and the vaccination should be decided by the parents of young children.

The medications to treat MERS-CoV is already purchased by our government, but, the shipments still came up short of what people are in need of, nor do we have enough supplies to cope with the major-scale outbreaks of South Korea and Hong Kong, the government needs to be held accountable for purchasing enough supplies of the medications that people need, to reduce the moderate to severe conditions, and the rate of morbidity.

Countries in Europe and the U.S. had already, pulled a halt on the restrictions of people’s lives, and as the number of countries had finally found, that MERS-CoV can’t be eradicated like chickenpox, and decided to do away with the means of “clearing up the cases”, there’s the high possibility that MERS-CoV is here to stay.  The government should up its purchasing power to get enough vaccines, to offer the cheaper costs of the quick-scan kits available to we the people, and buying up enough medications used to treat those who’d unfortunately, contracted the virus, and NOT letting MERS-CoV spin out of control, due to the lacking of any of these three.

And yet, this government gave up on trying to clear the cases a bit, too late, and now, the government is playing that game of, “catching up”, and it never will, because this government by the DDP had been slow to react since before day one, from before the virus blew out of proportion, the government didn’t take advantage of that and we the people living in this, god DAMN country is still, getting SCREWED, by this government, with only ITS own agenda in mind.

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