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The Interesting Thing with Meeting People Online


Just like usual, I’d connected to the PTT, and, while I was getting bored, just surfing through the webpages.  Ding-Dong, a message popped up.

“Can I get acquainted with you?  I’m a regular office worker.”

In the past, I’d met some acquaintances online, and I’d gotten to know, that they were just, “throwing” messages all over the web, and for this, to see if the other person is just beating on the doors blind, there’s a way to test this. “Where did you get me from?”

And, the other person paused for a short bit.

“Can we talk?”

I’m now, certain, that this other person is just, fishing now.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t meet any friends online.”

Don’t know why, but there are those who don’t even know you personally, and had never read anything you’d written think that they can make you a target, and toss a message that they wanted to get to know you.  And because I’d encountered several instances where this had happened, I couldn’t help but start wondering, can I, meet someone who’s a match for me online?  In order to hear the thoughts of others, I’d posted a complaining article on the chat boards of PTT, “Making Friends Online Can Only Get You Connected with a Bunch of Weirdos”, then, I’d heard, something that was not corresponding to my beliefs.

“Go search for PTT marriage, you will find a ton of cases of successes too.”

“You can totally meet someone who’s a match for you online, I’d met a TON of these, and had met the team members representing China!  I’d met him for over a decade now, from when he first got into university, to going abroad to study, to coming to Taiwan, and stationed here!”

I’d finally understood, that the internet IS an exchange forum, the varied people are reading and writing, posting, some are just, striking up pointless conversations, others are exchanging information, what kind of person you are, IS what kinds of people you will meet.

Taking away those who are just shooting blindly, actually, we’d all meet up with people who shared the same interests as ourselves, and, some had gotten really connected, and, met a ton of others with shared interests.

I think, perhaps it’s because of my limited interests, that I’d only met those whom I shared conversations with on chat boards.  Actually, the internet had provided us with a high-speed way of connection, decreased the distance between us and others, and I shouldn’t overlook the good qualities about the internet, just because I’d met some weirdos who were just fishing, learned a valuable lesson here!

It IS annoying, to have someone, intrude into your world online, especially with the IMs, the chat programs, etc., etc., etc., and, I’d met up with a TON of people who were merely, phishing for trouble, that, is why I don’t DO chatrooms, and, this is still very subjective.

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A Man Was Charged for Sexually Molesting a Fifteen Year-Old Online

One more reason W-H-Y one should NEVER agree to meet up with someone s/he had met ONLINE, because, you don’t know WHO you’re dealing with when you’d only had shared conversations, from the newspapers, translated…

A man, Liu, met a fifteen year old girl through a website, last year on November 23, when they had first met up, he took her to where he lived, and, over the next three months, he had raped her ten times, took photos of her naked, and, threatened her not to tell.  The father of the young woman knew she was going out with him, but didn’t know exactly what happened until the girl had a melt down on February 4th, and he called the cops.  And, Liu is now faced with a five-year-one-month jail term for sexual molestation.

That just shows you how UNSAFE it would be, to meet up with someone you’d only had a few “casual conversations” with online, and this time, the young woman was still “taken”, by the BIG BAD wolf, and it’s already too late, because the girl had already been “damaged”, and, there’s NO turning that around, is there?  That just shows you that you should always question the people you “meet” online, because even IF they sounded nice or okay, they may be under disguise, and, if you were DUMB enough to meet up with the person, then, it would be too late for you as well.  So, WISE UP already, how many cases like this would you need?  Until you are the VICTIM, or your daughters had become victims too?

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