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Calling the Corruptions of, War

The precedence of, Ukraine, still NOT, taken, seriously enough here, ‘cuz, oh yeah, there’s NO bombs, dropping down, blowing UP this god DAMN island that I’m currently living on, Y-E-T!!!  The Taiwanese “popularly elected government” is still FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) us all, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scandals of corruption came out, the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy fired FOUR assistant directors of government offices, five governors, an assistant district attorney, along with many other in the higher up government, including the assistant manager of his own office, Tymoshenko.

The corruption of Ukraine is already, world-renowned, and, Zelenskyy used the slogans of “fighting corruption” to help him win the elections; and yet, his closest cabinet members are corrupt, right under his, nose.  After the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict began, he’d used the green t-shirt to shape his own heroic image, while the corruptions of his government officials, ongoing outside the camera lenses.  And, this scandal made the rest of the world realized: that the corruptions of war give off of an even, bigger stench!

what they looked like, photo from online, and more are, “coming in”…

As the soldiers of Ukraine give their lives on the frontlines, lying DEAD, the higher up officials are living high, and extravagantly.  Tymoshenko had used the Chevy that were used to extract the locals to safety as his own; the assistant basic equipment manager, in a contract that helps restored water and electric power to the people, took a bribe of $400,000 in the engineering; even the D.o.D. took the kickbacks on the meal costs for the servicemen who are fighting the war on the, frontlines.

The disclosures of all of these, scandals, had, completely, blemished the justifiable reasons of a country’s going to war.  The problem being: is this scene, only unique to, Ukraine, or, is this, the unavoidable, results of, war?

Wu and Hsiao both stated to the foreign presses, matter-of-factly:  Taiwan is ready for war as a whole society.  Recently, there came, the news of the Speaker of the House, McCarthy’s possible visit in the springtime here, it’d only been, no more than six months since the Communist Chinese fighter planes, battleships started, circling Taiwan, and now, the DDP wanted to, defy the People’s Liberation Army of China.  But, doesn’t the DDP have other tricks up its, sleeve, why does it keep on, tooting the horns of, war?

The higher up of Ukrainian government got turned over, every call that’s loud for war, sounded like the war horns of, corruption, sounding, quite, suspicious!

the “head counts” from back in 2019! “Graph” found online

Of course, the U.S. would want us to go to war with China, after all, it’d, already RETREATED all those TMSC engineers out of the country by, “extraction”, leaving this island as, a vacant lot, and, hello, hello, hello, that’s what, 13 BILLION in population across the seas in China, and how many do WE have here???  Yeah, not even close to HALF of that, and so, here’s the “dilemma” (yeah right!): do we go and save the measly millions, offending BILLIONS in China (that would be, SUICIDE in business, you DO realize that, right???) or do we just, let that god DAMN island, that we’d already shipped ALL of our, outdated battle gears to, sink?

You do the “math”…

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Ten Death in “Small Taipei”, the 72-Year-Old Suspect of California Shooting Used the Gun on Himself

Whatever the cause of this man’s going on a shooting rampage wasn’t important, this still showed how desperate the U.S. is in need of that next-to-impossible-to-pass GUN CONTROL law!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The L.A. County Police confirmed on the 22nd, that, in Monterrey Park where back in the eighties, there were the immigrants from Taiwan, the place was known as “Little Taipei” on the evening of the 21st, there was a mass shooting, and the suspect on the twenty-second, used a gun on himself to commit suicide in a white van in Torrance, California.  The deputy of the county sheriff’s office pointed out, that the seventy-two-year-old suspect, Huu Can Tran was of Asian descent, the motives of his shooting, unknown.  Based off of the locals and those who are familiar with the dance studio, “Dancing Star” where the shooting occurred, the shooting may have been due to jealousy.  This had shocked the president of the U.S. Biden, who was on vacation with his own wife, Jill, he’d ordered all federal government offices to raise the flags halfway up the staffs on the 26th to offer condolences.

the video of the news, off of YouTube

The officials told, there are no suspects on the run in this case, there were ten fatalities, ten wounded, and the motives of the shooting is still pending investigation.  The locals told, the owner of the Dancing Star, Ma came from China, he’d owned and operated the dance studio locally in Monterrey Park for more than two decades, and offered the courses in ballroom dancing, hosted many dancing competitions, the customers to the place are over fifty, mostly.

The Chinese Association in Los Angeles’s chairwoman, Chuang told, he’d known Ma many years, that this wasn’t the first time that something happened at the Dancing Star, normally, the disputes were related to how couples are upset with one another for going to the dancing studios.  Based off of what he’d known, the shooter was Asian, but because the shooter’s wife was invited to the New Year’s Eve activities, and he wasn’t, he flew into a jealous rage.  But based off of understanding, Tran may also be the Vietnamese spelling of the last name of Chen.

Chuang also told, the news of the shooting shocked all the local Asian communities, they’d worried that this may be a hate crime targeting the race, but he’d believed, that this was only a case of “domestic violence”, and due to the availability of arms everywhere, that’s what’s caused the innocents to get killed too.  Based off of the United Press, this is the FIFTH large-scale shooting since the start of January this year.

And so, this still just showed how dangerous it is, for the U.S. citizens to live in a nation where there is, NO gun control, and this man went on a shooting rampage, and killed himself, and so, we do NOT know what exactly made him went on the shooting rampage, but, because of how easily it is to own a gun in the U.S. with NO gun control law having the chances of ever being passed, these sorts of things will only keep on recurring, recurring, because the N.R.A. is what funds the Congress!

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Nine Suspects Indicted in the Case of Offering High Wages to Get the Unsuspecting Abroad to Have Their Organs Harvested

There are still NO vics here, only ENABLERS!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The owner of a cell phone game company, Chen and others were suspected of enticing a man and a woman to work in Thailand, sent them to the KK Industrial Parks, getting their organs harvested; the female victim through the Burmese-Taipei Economic Diplomatic Offices to contact her mother to get her to pay the one million Thai Baht, was released; another victim was smart enough to make his escape back to Taiwan, the detectives chased the leads, arrested Chen and eight other suspects, the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office charged them on human trafficking laws, and illegally attempting to harvests the organs of the living.

The police chased the leads, found that the nine who were caught were between ages twenty and twenty-two, Chen is the C.E.O. of a cell phone game company, with his middle school classmate, Hu, his friend, Yuan, and a few others, found the lucrative business in enticing the unsuspecting to fly abroad to get their organs harvested to make the large sums of money; between June and August of last, they’d used the means of high wages to get a man and a woman to part-time in Thailand, also helped them get their passports, a total physical, and shipped them both out.

what those human traffickers see, when they see those, “piggies”…”diagram” found online

and the whole body adds up to??? yeah, I’m NOT doing the “math” here, okay???

The indictment pointed out, that the head of the human trafficking ring, Chen lied to the woman who’s fluent in English, that she was hired as a personal secretary to Thailand with a very high wage, but instead, he’d handed her off to another accomplice, to contact the organ harvesters from abroad, planned to make the illegal profits of $1.7 million, and transferred the woman to the KK Parks close to the Burmese border.

Until the woman shocking realized what had happened, and begged Chen to spare her, Chen finally agreed to allow her to call her families for the ransom amount, she’d contacted the Burmese Taiwanese Economic Cultural Office locally, which helped her sent her S.O.S. to her mother, and, as her mother paid one million dollars N.T. exchanged to Thai Baht, did she come back safe and sound.

As Chen and his accomplices kidnapped and extorted the woman, they’d set up another man to go abroad to have his organ harvested, and this time, using the claims that they wanted him to pick up the gambling fees of a boxing match in Thailand, that as he returned, he would be rewarded with a bonus amount, and on the payroll of the company.  As the victim arrived in Thailand, he’d found that the driver drove all the way north, which was opposite to the direction of the hotel, realized that something wasn’t right, and got away on his own.

The police and district attorneys based off of the data of exiting the country and entering, the surveillance, the conversations on the phone records, zoomed in on Chen, a primary suspect and other members of the human trafficking ring, arrested a total of nine, then, it was confirmed that they each took up a different role in the human trafficking ring.  The D.A., due to the nature of the case, asked the courts to sentence all who were involved heavily.

And, this still just showed???  That people are, STUPID!  I mean, this is still NOT an isolated case, it’d happened again, again, again, again, and again (you get the point???), and yet, these younger generations are still, falling for that same old bag of tricks, what are you, stupid?  This time (and this is the ONLY time!), these individuals came home safe, with nothing in their bodies, missing, but what OF the next time some unsuspecting younger generation members fall for it?  I mean, I came here, for the money they promised me, and I ended up getting a KIDNEY of one side of my lungs cut out!

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The hostile “takeover” of D.C., and now, that’s, “spread” to, Brazil, and it’s taking over the planet here, there’s, uprising, EVERYWHERE, and if you think the countries you’re living in is at “peace”, just you wait!

Uprising, EVERYWHERE, as people became, completely, WEARY of their, populist DICTATORS, and, it’s too late, to oust them all, as they’d, control all parts of the government, the three branches (if the countries are built on the three-branch systems of checks and, “unbalances”…).

march on DC over the police brutality of Floyd, photo from online

Uprising, EVERYWHERE, and, someone who can read those charts, would’ve, predicted this situation, this unrest in the world, and yet, we’re all like, the waves, just, rolling, rolling, rolling along, getting PUSHED to the front of the oceans from the waves on our, backs, and we will continue to get, pushed, because that, is how it goes!

Uprising, EVERYWHERE, as we the people finally realized, that we will NOT stay, oppressed anymore, that all them, popularly ELECTED DICTATORS got greedy, and started, hogging the power, and we the people refuse to be enslaved again, as being enslaved, it ain’t, nothing, good……….

So that’s, what’s, causing this chaos in the world right now, ‘cuz we the people had had, ENOUGH, of these, popularly, ELECTED, D-I-C-T-A-T-O-R-S!!!

and here’s the latest in, Brazil…photo from online

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Committing Treason, NOT for the Sake of Money, But for How Much She HATED What U.S. Was Doing in the Latin American Countries

So, this is a female spy, with the, MORALITY standards here, and she’d, sold her country out, for a, higher purpose!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

BBC reported, Ana Montes who’d been named as the “most damaging spy” by the U.S. after serving twenty years, she was finally, released.  Reason why she was so famous, was because she’d sold her country out, not for money, but because she was displeased at how thee U.S. was doing bad things in Latin American countries.

During the time Montes worked as an analyst for the FBI, she was in charge of working the intel of Cuba, and nicknamed “the Queen of Cuba”, but she’d, worked as a spy for the country for close to twenty years.  After she was arrested in 2001, the officials stated, that she’d spilled the work of spies from the U.S. in Cuba out completely.

In 2012, the person in charge of intelligence testified in Congress, “Montes had exposed everything about us to Cuba, so the Cubans knew what we have on them, and can use these intel to do what benefitted the country.”

After she was arrested she was sentenced to twenty-five years,, the justice told her that what she did had, jeopardized the entire country.

What she did which was different from the spies of the Cold War era was that she didn’t do this for personal gains, but from the ideologies she believed in.  She’d agreed to spy on the U.S. for Cuba, because she was against President Reagan’s doings in Latin America partially.

Based off of the reports by the D.o.D., the U.S. supported the extreme rights of the Nicaraguan guerilla which had committed many war crimes.

In her universities years back in 1984 in John Hopkins, she’d already voiced her displease of the U.S.’s actions, and was absorbed by the Cuban intelligence office.  Later she’d gotten into the D.o.D., started sending the secret messages to the spies of Cuba in the various restaurants of Washington D.C. every couple of weeks, and accepted the missions via short-wave radio.

For the next five years, Muntes will be watched closely by the U.A., prohibited to work in the government, and banned from contacting agents from other countries.

And so, what made this woman turned against the U.S. was how she saw the damages the U.S. was doing in the other central American countries, and that was when she’d decided to “go over to the other side”, and, in that, she’d shown great morale, and she got punished for it.

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The Headless Horseman of the House

PUSH, PUSH, just, ONE more, PUSH, “honey”, and “we’re” (what do you mean “WE”, as I’m the one, doing ALL the work here!!!), almost, there…

And yet, NOTHING “popped out” of the “birthing process” of the SPEAKER of the HOUSE of the U.S.  So, the House is now, “ruled” by, the HEADLESS, horseman (from Sleepy Hollow???).  And, as the HEADLESS horseman takes that “throne”, you can imagine, how the brainless (‘cuz there’s NO head, so how can there be, a BRAIN???) policies that will be passed by the House from here on out.

what the Congressional meetings will look like, from here on, out, or until, a Speaker of the House “pops” out…photo from online

The Headless Horseman of the House, well, it’s like those, ANARCHIE, only, that the people who live under NO rules of the government  will start by, pillaging, robbing each other, and then, they will eventually (don’t ask me how long that’ll take, ‘cuz, I still, wouldn’t, know here!) realize, HEY, I need to keep MY hands to my self, otherwise, I end up, screwing  MY self over, and that’s, not good, and then, they eventually BEHAVES, but this is a political machine we’re talkin’ ‘bout here, and, it won’t work that way, because, there’s, he complexities of the various SECTS of the party, those noises that are, hidden underneath, that grows, louder, louder, louder AND louder yet, and, the government system of the U.S. is still, #$@%ED (yeah, I know, I know, I, “maxed out” already!) up.

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The “Experts of National Defense” are All Over the Places

Words that got, blurted, out loud, before running through the brains’ wires first, this DDP legislator is still, way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded, and yet, she’s, still allowed, to speak (W-O-O-F!  Good boy, Fido…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The armed service terms is going to be changed back to a year, and the complaints came online: “how come the women don’t need to, serve?”, the legislator, Fang rebutted, the problem is NOT in the women, but the laws of service that wouldn’t allow women to QUALIFY to serve.  And so she will be drafting up an amendment to allow for women to serve in the armed services, and she would be willing to serve herself.

and, the legistlator of the DDP sitll thinks, that it’s all for show, like how Tsai played her “military” persona, in that, “dress-up”…

photo from online

And these rumors online, are basically, BULLSHIT, but, the legislator, Fang’s responses are, making us fall out of our, chairs too.  Not saying, that the other DDP legislators would be onboard her bill or not, based off her age of fifty-four, she’d, long gone PAST the age of service discharge, unless, the D.O.D. allowed her to start up her armed services position as a “general”.

An even older female news anchor, on reporting the news of the D.o.D.’s testing the female servicewomen enlistment told, that she is the first in line to sign up.  Problem being, the system is that the backup troops only allows for those who’d gone to serve, who’d been, discharged, to be listed.  The female news anchor just wants a piece of what’s going on, and, falsely believed, that the enlistment is only a bootcamp.

The most talked about news on the military is related to the teams, the Black Bear group that had been mentioned in high prevalence in the Central Commissions Committee meetings.  Another host of a politics talk show went up to sign on, and immediately, posted her shot of carrying a rifle, aiming at something; but, her left hand wasn’t even holding the wooden piece steadily, he’d only, “placed” that rifle on the left palm that’s opened up.  And thankfully, she only had a model gun, otherwise, had she, pulled the trigger, she would’ve gotten her black eye for sure.  And, the school of national defense, no matter how highly reputable, I’m certain, that the people would start, questioning the quality of the lessons that the school provides.

The tensing up of the relationship with China, the continued breaching across our aerial border by the Communist Aircrafts, had gotten the news of military and arms to hit an all-time high.  Recently, we talk about national defense on the streets, like how the South American countries discussed the World Cup, there are, all those, “experts” on the matter, trying to get noted.  But in comparing, the world cup is NOT the same as going to war: besides, the commentators of the World Cup Series of South America, they actually know, that you have to KICK the ball into the opponent’s, nets!

Yeah, and this is just how, @#$%ING unprepared this country will be, and how @#$%ING stupid the people are, they think that going to war is a game, because they never actually see the faces of war, and, they’re, too, ill-prepared, and besides, on the means of physiques, how can we women, measure up to the men, unless, we all become, bodybuilding, competitors, with the muscles, flexing our bodies…and we’re still, N-O-T, so…

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Due to TikTok, Su’s able to Keep His Position of Head of State

How the head of state, Su, became TikTok’s BITCH, and sold the country out, for SCRAPS, and, the rest of the DDP is just, standing on the sidelines, watching the “emperor” streak himself…(ahhhhhhhhhhhh, my E-Y-E-S!)  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Su had gone ALL out, to ensure that he stays in office as the head of State, tossing aside his broom, started his songs in TikTok.  The editors of the Executive Department made the short video of song to sing the praises of Su, other than using and reusing the motto of “this MAN, too BRASH!” to the fullest extent, even the pronunciation of the short video is using the Pekinese accent too.  The DDP listed TikTok as one of the primary reasons of what caused them to lose the elections, the Executive Department then ordered the public offices to not use the app, and yet, the head of state, Su tried to defy the law.  The legislator of the DDP, Kao stated: there must be the spies for the Executive Department that’s working undercover in China.

Su sang TikTok, and made a song of prisoner of war out of TikTok in losing the elections, it’s SLAPPING the DDP across its own face, and busted the claims of “Information Security IS National Security” made by Tsai.  Su is chasing the trends, and was willing to chime in with the songs that China plays, unafraid, that data regarding matters of security is getting sent, STRAIGHT to China.  Like the American dad warned, “TikTok is digital drugs”, that’s cast aside by him; certainly, this proved the statement, “soon as TikTok sounds off, the parents words, fall on deaf ears!”

like this…one is Su, the other, is China, and they’d, reached an, “agreement” alraeady….political cartoon found online

The elites of the DDP found that using the claims of defying China had lost the elections for them, and, they’d practically, started up the motto of, “Taiwanese for peace:, Tsai switched gears to chime in, while that huge banner of “Defying China to protect Taiwan” is tossed aside, in the burn pile of historical TRASH.  Seeing how the tides had, turned, it’s just as expected, that Su would, turn with the winds of trends.  The online community soured him: next time the DDP loses, are they going to take out the Taiwanese Independence Party first, or, are they going to call out for Unification with China?

To keep himself in office, Su sung high on TikTok, but, the government of Tsai still blocked the people from trading with China for their livelihoods.  Severed off the ships, reduced the number of flights between Taiwan and China, restricted the tourists from China to come on tourist visas, and the Department of Sanitation Welfares had even delayed the registration of food products with China from the companies here.  The president said that the country is willing to help China fight MERS-CoV, and yet, the people can’t even MAIL the fever-reduction meds out.  Under that tall wall of national security, the kindness, the goodwill between China and Taiwan buried too deep down, and yet, the doggy doors of how the DDP using the excuse of defying China are all over the places.

Thanks to Su, whose song on TikTok tore the wall of national security down.  If he continues as the head of state, it proved, that the Chinese app is set to work here; and, we can kiss the infiltrations of national security, cultural warfare, goodbye for good.

So, the DDP is still singing that song of, “Stand Against China, Fight for Taiwanese Independence”, when the Head of the State of this god DAMN country already rolled OVER to PLAY dead for China, wow, what does that make us?  Oh, China’s BITCH too, I mean, the rest of the world, the U.S., the other countries of this global planet are already, in China’s pockets (I mean, do you know HOW much money thirteen billion people can generate???  And, who’s, RETARDED enough, to fight that huge a population, I mean, you DO realize, that as soon as China BANS someone from doing business, no trade, the country will, SINK!!!), it’s a wonder, that Su had now, changed, HIS “tunes”, and yet, his a Communist supporter (wolf), in Taiwanese independence (DDP)’s skin!

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Caring for the Elderly Who Live Alone, Mei Had Been Delivering the Meals for Five Years to Date

Here’s some, good news, to lighten everything UP, in spite, of how everything ELSE had gone to H-E-L-L here!  The kindness, the heart of this woman who’d delivered the meals as she hoped to bring some light into others’ lives, truly amazing!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Mei who retired from the office of UBus heard that the Chiayi Christian Hospital is recruiting crewmembers to make the meal deliveries, and she’d entered in; in five years she’d been making the meal deliveries, she’d also, recruited her loved ones to join in too.  She told, the meals we deliver not just gives the elderly persons a meal, but also, the warmth of our greetings to them.

At age sixty-five, Mei told, that as she’d gone to make the deliveries of the meals to the elderly who were in their homes, and some were bedridden, and with the hardships in their household economics, that’s what drove her to want help.

At first, she’d only made the supper deliveries on Wednesday evenings with a senior volunteer with her, then, she took on the entire chain, the lunches and suppers from Monday through Saturday, fifteen packed lunches, and eighteen suppers.  Mei told, some of the elders lives alone, with no children around them, and they don’t live in an environment that’s convenient enough, they truly needed the assistance from the outside world.

the woman, delivering the meal to an elderly woman, photo courtesy of

Mei also pulled her friends onboard the volunteer meal deliver crews, to date, she’d gotten five more partners onboard.

she said, a lot of the elders don’t go out, they don’t have many friends either, and they’d looked forward to seeing the volunteers, because the volunteers not just made the meal deliveries, the volunteers would greet them, to chit chat.  And there are the elders who are guarded toward outsiders.  She’d used her time, her patience, her kindness, to deliver the meals to them, and now, they’re all friends.  She said, even though, she’s a nobody, she still hoped to bring some warmth, using her means, giving the world some positive, energies.

And, this is how powerful ONE is!  This is only a woman, who’d started in the meal delivery crews, and in her delivering the meals, she’d noted the needs of the elderly who required this service, and she’d reached out to them, pulled her families, friends, relatives onboard the program, spreading the kindness to others in her life, touching not just those whom she’d delivered the meals to, but also, helped those who volunteered alongside her, to know the importance, of giving to others as well.

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She Sold the Bank Accounts to the Scam Rings, and Worked as a Driver Too…Found NOT Guilty, the D.A. Office Criticized that This Was Outrageous

A judge who’s a DINOSAUR, or, did a DINOSAUR become, a judge???  This is SHIT is what this is!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Could He Not Offend Again?  The Legal Realms: This is Against ALL of Our Basic Knowledge of the Law

The woman, Lin had sold the accounts to the scam rings to use, received only probation, and was caught on suspicions of working as a pickup driver, withdrawing the illegally gained cash in the amount of $850,000N.T., the first trial gave her ten months; the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung believed that she’d been sentenced for fraud, that it was unreasonable she would work as a pickup driver too, changed the verdict to not-guilty.  The verdict sparked up the debates in the legal realm, there were the entry level district attorneys who’d criticized that the decision was “bullshit”, believed that there’s debate of the matter.

The legal realm believes, that practically, the judge may think, that the person being tried may not know what s/he was doing, so the verdict of “not guilty” is handed down, but, the woman in the case, Lin had repeatedly offended, she’d also, exacerbated in her criminal actions, the first trial gave her a sentence, while in the second, the judge found that she may have been forced into doing what she did, and claimed that she won’t do it again, this was against the common sense of law, that the decision may not be acceptable for the public to take in.

Based off of understanding, in August of 2017, Lin mailed the deposit books, the ATM cards to the scam rings, and changed the passcodes like the scam rings told her to, assisted the ring to scam $10,000N.T.s, she was caught, and pleaded guilty, and paid the $10,000N.T.s.  The district court of Chiaotou believed that she’d assisted the scam artists as an accomplice, gave her two months in prison, two months probation, and she had to take the legal classes too.

what the judge, is…from online

In September of 2020, Lin was once accused again, for providing the accounts to the scam artist rings, withdrew $850,000N.T. from the victims’ accounts, and gave it to upstream.  The district court of Chiaotou sentenced her on the three counts of offense last year, gave her another, ten months.

Lin changed her statement as the case is being tried in the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung, she’d claimed that she was looking for a job online, not known that the job was a pick up driver for the scam artist rings, and the verdict used the concepts of “done the crimes once, wouldn’t do it again”, pointed out, that Lin was charged and found guilty on fraud from before, and this time, she’d not only provided the accounts, she’d wired the money she picked up into her own account, and not even covered it up, “this is different than the mind of those who intended to commit a crime”.

The Collectivist Courts found, that Lin had confessed once, but, the statements she gave was mislead by the judge of her first trial, and there was an alternate judge who resided over the case, and the court was via webcam, due to MERS-CoV, “subjectively believing, that the defendant, in front of the court, felt pressured to admit to what she’d done”.

The verdict was criticized by the entry level district attorneys, said, that if a criminal dared goes out into the open to commit a crime, and that’s not intentional?

The attorney, Ge believed, that in the earlier cases, the district attorneys only asked for probation for those unknowing participants, but in recent years, there’d been too many job scans, multiple ways of checking, the news reports, there were more cases which were, dropped, but, if the judge believed, that the jobseekers didn’t know what their accounts are being used for, as it was the first time they are finding work, there were the judges who’d given out the not-guilty verdicts.

And so, this is basically, the “luck of the draw” what you get, for your sentence if you work as a driver, or give up your accounts for the scam rings to use, and this case is bullshit, and the judge IS, that, dinosaur, because that first time this woman got caught, she wasn’t, severely punished, which led her to her second time in the criminal behavior, and the judge still gave her a free pass.  Guess what’s going to happen?  The woman’s going to do it, a third, a fourth, a fifth time, and each and every time, she would get higher u on her criminal behaviors, until maybe, she escalates to, murder or, embezzling money???

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