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Who’s Coming to Lunch

The kindness shown, by this young mother, toward a complete stranger, teaching her own young daughter the lessons of how important it is, to care about the world around them, translated…

After the Great Heat, the temperatures continued to rise, the entire island became, baked, I was so hot in the kitchen, I had to, desert my cookware, to escape the battlefields.  This was so totally different than that freeze frame of the three-generations sitting together, with the younger mom, and young child, dressed up to the nines, the elderly woman, in her, floral printed cloth shirt, with the old flipflops.  “The stingy daughter abusing the mom?”  “Troubles between the mother and daughter-in-law?  Intentionally, given her a lesson?” don’t know why, my mind started, running through all the possibilities then.

As they ate, they’d rarely exchanged any words at all.  Are they, following that rule of: silence is golden?  Or, are they, following the etiquettes of eating, don’t talk with your mouth full?  The mother, watched over that young girl, patted her face, wiped her mouth away, with gentle love and care, but to the elder, there’s, the repeated, “don’t hurry, eat it slowly.”  As the steaks were served, the mother cut it up into smaller bits and pieces, pushed it to the elderly woman, told her, to eat it, slowly, to chew it down completely, and yet, there’s, that coldness of tone of voice, and we can’t feel any of the heart of a daughter that’s, well rounded enough at all.

kindness towards, someone who’s in, need

photo from online

But, the elderly woman seemed not to care, just focused on the food that’s, before her, based off of her age, she had, a huge, appetite, like she’d not been fed for a long, long time, that she’s planning on, filling up the vacancy that’s inside of her stomach all at once, she’d, gulfed down the salad that was a tiny hill of green, and had two bowls of soup already, the eight-ounce steak, totally, cleaned off her plate, the chocolate cake, the Boston Crème Pie for desserts, all gone, ice cream…three scoops in a breath…as I watched her, I’d, started, exclaiming inside, “Wow, eating contest winner, I’d, read you, wrong!”

And, the elderly woman finally, burped, and got up, satisfied, “Thank you, ma’am, for treating me to this meal, mighty kind of you!” she’d continued thanking the woman, then, turned around, left.  The young girl lightly complained to her mother, “she stinks!  So sweaty, smelled too, bad…………”, that young mother told the child, “Grandma had been, picking up the recycling materials in the heat, look how hard she was sweating, then, you know how hard she’d worked, to, make a living for herself.”

So, they’re not, a family then, to the point, of never meeting before, it’s a wonder, they’re, eating their own meals, with no words of, exchange.  It’s just, that this young married woman had, passed by the elderly, and, felt sympathetic toward her, and invited her to the meals, and, the elderly was lucky enough, to meet someone kind, and got a fulfilling meal.

The steak meals of less than four hundred dollars, I can pay for it too, but, inviting an unknown elderly to come along and eat with me, that’s, a thought I’d, never had.  The young mother’s, “not giving to her like she’s a charity case, and made sure the elderly’s pride was cared for”, her act of, kindness, it’d, given her own young, the best, example.

And so, this is the story of kindness in the world, that the writer had, observed, and, this young mother is, amazing that she’d, invited this unknown elderly woman, whom she’d bumped into on the streets, noted that she was having a difficult time in her life, and, invited the elderly woman along for a meal, and you just don’t get that enough these days, because, we’re all, keeping our heads down, watching for our own means, we don’t really, have the mind, nor the time, or even, the energy to care about, someone else’s needs, and this young mother was a good example for her own young daughter.

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Visiting New Places with a Young Child

Some free time on our hands, so, let’s, trek the city together, see what we can, find!  On going out with her young daughter, in a new city, trekking, aimlessly, see what they can, encounter on this, adventure, translated…

If you want to know a city, you must, trek it with your feet; even if you’d only, gotten to that tiny corner of the city, you will, hear its, pulses.

That day, my husband was away on business to Taoyuan, my two year-old, who’s a tag-along, a crybaby, and I, followed him out, became his, extra “baggage”.  As we’d arrived, my husband’s gone off on business, and, at a location without the tourist center, naturally, there’s, no routes to follow specified, but Google is all-knowing, turned the two of us into, those two tiny icons that moved on the maps.

In a location of without much management, if you just happened to be pushing a stroller along, it would make the locals notice you.  Sometimes, surprise, “hey, that infant is, smiling AT me!”; sometimes, the pity, “must be hard, carrying all those stuff, and with a baby on her own”, or at least, that’s, what I’d, read into it.  On our way to Tai-Wu New Village, passing through a tiny community, the residences in the alley were too old, with the years quiet, the elderly woman sitting out of her front door suddenly greeted me, “home for a visit”, I’d only, said, “hmmmm!”, as my response, I’m sure, that the elderly couldn’t see me clearly, or, I may, appear like I’m, from here then, then, suddenly, that peace came over my mind.

illustration from

From before when I’d gone out, I’d, trekked on slowly, hang out was, just like this too, you can totally, slow your paces down with a young child, because, the child could care LESS about where you take her/him, and will only, keep on, pulling on your hand to see this, to see that, so basically, the supermarkets could be, a tourist attraction too.

And even if it was the drink shop with the signs, the steams, I’d pointed it out to her, to give a new impression of this world.  For instance, we’d stopped at the native museum, as she’d pointed to the statues of people dancing around in circles and called aloud, “Traditional Taiwanese Stage Show!”, I’d told her, “that’s the dances of the native people!”, then she’d, mumbled to herself, “native dances for the native people, native dances of the, natives!”, she’d always, repeated what we’d told her, and, if she couldn’t find the terms in her tiny mind, she’d asked, “What’s this, tell me!”, so very interesting.

I’d tried my best to find the real “tourist attractions” on the map, and finally, we’d, arrived at the riverside park.  Comparing to all the usual parks, all of these sights, are equally, majestic in my daughter’s young mind, she’d started exclaiming, “Wow!”

Like picking up that kaleidoscope, I’d loved using the angle of my daughter’s views to see the world, hanging out with her, getting along with the cute children, with no destination set, the boring things, can become, cute, and interesting.

And so, this is, what we can find, seeing things, through the eyes of a young child, the child holds that curiosity of life, of everything that surrounds her/him, and has one too many questions to ask us, and, it’s our responsibilities, to satisfy that curiosity of the young children’s, best as we, possibly, can.

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The Crack of My Bedroom Door

How this, grandmother, helped preserved the dreams of her young granddaughter’s childhood memories, by allowing her to stash the items she’d sent through the crack in the door to her room, translated…

After I was done with the chores, I’d shut my bedroom door, so I can, lean against the chair, to read the articles of the writer, Xi, then, the rustling noises had come in, distracted me, turned out, it was, a page of the calendar that’s, made its way in, from the crack in my door, it was, dancing in the wind.  I can’t help but smiled, picked it up, and, set it down where it originally was.

My young granddaughter who’s about to enter into the first grade, is a chatty little thing, chimed all day long, begged the adults to answer her inquiries of “Why”, and she could, always, BREAK the bottom line of our, patience, and, my door shut meant my declarations of, “Do NOT Disturb”, and yet, kids will be, kids, the adults’ rules, they would, always, try to, break them, and, glad that they’d done it.

The young child didn’t have her own space, and the toy bins had been, stuffed too full, and, she’d, set her mind, on using some of my, closet space for storage.  Everything her parents wouldn’t allow her to keep, she’d, shoved them into my space, especially those before-school exam papers, the torn off calendar pages, the ads from McDonald’s……basically anything with the blank page on the back, she’d loved, because, she’d enjoyed doodling, and, as she’d finished drawing on the page, she’d, made them into a volume too.  All these things considered as garbage by us, she’d, cherished them like they were, some, priceless, possessions, and I can only, be more, tolerant of that.

The young child had, tried stashing her cherished items here and there, and, the three-centimeter crack on my door, became, a secret transport portal: the childish doodles and drawings, her favorite snacks, the Barbie with the broken leg, the sticker she received for her doctors’ visits, anything, you can name.  seeing that page of torn off calendar that’s entering into the crack of my door, I can’t help but sighed, that there’s only, a very short period of time when the childhood dreams stayed, intact, because, there’s signs of maturation of her in her eyes, every day now.

This is the realizations of an adult, noting just how, precious childhood is, that once it’s gone, it’ll be, gone for good, and, this young girl has a perfect “secret hiding place” for all the things she cherished and held dear to her heart and her mind, in her, grandmother’s, room, through that, “secret portal”: the tiny crack on the door!

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Parents, Still Living, a Poem

Spending time with one’s own parents, translated…

The Central Mountain Ranges, Distant

Three-Thousand Years-Old, Thirty Thousand Years Old…………

My Parents & I

The Three of Us Combined

Only a Total of Two Hundred Fifty Years

We’d Shared Two Cups of Coffee

A Piece of Light Cheese Cake

My Father is Alive, My Mother is as Well

like this???

gathering together with one’s own parents to spend more time with them…photo from online

I on This Autumn Afternoon

Helped Her Clean Out the Stainless Steel Water Bottle She Used

Like a Small Hill,

I’d, Placed it Back, onto, Her

Dresser Drawer

And so this is on parent-child relations, the child is an adult, and s/he is realizing the importance of spending more time with her/his parents, because, they’re aging fast, and, if s/he doesn’t take the time, then, time will, run out!

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Although He’d Abused His Mother, He Still Got His Share of His Father’s Inheritance

The importance to document everything, otherwise, it would be a he-say-she-say, and it won’t be evidence in cases of fighting over the inheritances, the parents’ right to disinherit a bad offspring who wasn’t kind enough to them, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The civil laws stated, that if the children abused or severely insulted the parents, they will lose their rights to inherit, but awhile ago, the judge found that the youngest son was abusive toward his mother, but still maintained his right to inherit his father’s assets; the legal realms stated, that there’s another key, that’s needed.

Lu passed away last June, originally, his assets should split between his wife, and his four offspring, but his wife, his eldest son, his second son, and his eldest daughter felt, that the youngest son had severely abused the father before he passed, that he should lose the right to inherit; the four claimed to the judge, that the youngest son had had his mind set on getting the assets for long, suspected that while their father was still living he’d given $3.5 million N.T.s, to the eldest son, he’d called and had a serious altercation with his own father about it.

The four also claimed that the youngest suspected that their mother had signed over the fishery the family owned in Pingdong to their eldest brother, forced the parents to go to the land offices to review the papers, while Lu had stated multiple times, that he didn’t want the youngest son to have any of his assets, that if he tried to take it by force, the families should notify the police to resolve it in the legal setting, refused to give him a cent.

The youngest rebutted, that the mother and his older siblings were defaming him, he’d gone to visit his ailing parents, and had a run-in with his two older brothers, and his older brothers threatened that they will beat him to death, that was why he’d, stopped visiting his parents.

The judge investigated and found, that on the inheritance of $3.5 million N.T.s and how the claims that he’d forced his parents to sign over the papers, the four siblings can’t produce the physical evidence for it, as for how Lu had multiple times said he was going to cut his youngest out of his will, although all four of the families all produced the voice recordings, but, they were all by words of mouth, and the courts didn’t take it as valid.

The legal realm told, if people encounter something similar, for instance, the parents had stated multiple times they wanted to cut a child out of their inheritance, the rest of the siblings must keep the evidence, the proofs of the parents’ saying so, voice recording or video recording, or to written it into document, and found a notary public to verify, then, it fitted as the evidence that the courts needed to affirm this.

And so, this is the importance of getting things in WRITING, because, the word of mouth, are inadmissible in court, I mean, anybody can say that so-and-so said something, and if you don’t have the voice, the video, or even, written forms of proof, then, the claims won’t stand up in court, as this case suggested, and, as for whether or not this bad son was bad, we can’t really judge, because, we’re not members of that family, and we weren’t there when the confrontation, the conflicts happened.

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The Younger Generations in China are Less Depressed, with Their Parents’ Levels of Anxiety Hiking Up

The children’s homework assignments, reduced, and there are a lot of parent-children work together, children are happy, but, the adults, totally, STRESSED out!  On the reforms of education policies in China, shifting education back to the families, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chinese government had implemented the Dual-Reduction Policies (reducing the homework assignments from school, and the cram school sessions) for a year, based off of the surveys by the scholastic communities of China, since the implementing of the policies, the symptoms of depression for teenagers reduced by 78.6-percent, but the anxiety levels of the parents, hiked up about 12.8-percent, showing this, difference in the levels.

Based off of the Economics Daily of China, last July, the surveys were administered.  Based off of the results, it’d shown, that since a year ago the policies had been implemented, it’d effected the education reforms of China greatly, the cram schools outside of the regular schools’ expansion messily got controlled, and it’d relieved the overly burdensome academic schoolwork for the students in school, and more and more parents are paying more focus to their children’s education too.

Not long ago, three scholars from the People’s University of China evaluated the effects of the “Dual-Reduction” policy by analyzing the search engine search terms, the items bought on the shops online.

The study showe4d, in the year of the “Dual-Reduction” policy, the signs of depression in adolescents reduced by 78.6-percent.  The primary reason for this is that a lot of parents are turning to trying to balancing the family and work, and there’s this rise in the services of the families as the “Dual-Reduction” policy had been, implemented.

What made the parents even more anxious is that from before, as the children didn’t perform well enough, they can send them to the cram school out of school, a lot of parents believed, that if they put in the money, they will see the results in the grades of their young.  But, with the dual-reduction policies being implemented, the outside of school cram school selections reduced greatly, and for the parents who are in need of the “makeup classes” for their young, they only have the more expensive options of one-on-one tutoring, this became an enormous pressure to the families’ economics.

Based off of the reports, the root of the parents’ anxieties, one was worrying that their children may not get the highest quality of resources in education; second, the worries of the children being “categorized based off of their academic abilities”, that they can only choose to go to a nonacademic track, which won’t guarantee their children’s socioeconomic statuses in the future.

The report told, that this needs the deeper reforms of the education systems to continue on, to use the resources allocations of the education systems, to ensure that there’s higher quality of education means available to each and every child; using the good career education, steadying the developments of career path, to widen up the tracks, so more children can grow in the directions of their own choosing, to shine in their own fields of interest.  The “Dual-Reduction” isn’t solely a matter of the system of education.

And so, there’s this need for shifts back to the families, because the country realized how important education in the families are, and, that’s why, the government in China is pushing forth this policy, but the effects of how well this policy works or if it doesn’t work won’t be visible overnight, as it takes time, to see the effectiveness of such a policy set up by the government.  And this is not going to be an easy adjustment for the parents to make, because they’d focused solely on making the money, to put into their own children’s education, and now, the government mandated that all the programs these parents can send their young into from before, are no longer available.

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Teaching My Son to Take Responsibilities for What He Did

Socializing his son, teaching him how he should behave, when he’d, done something he shouldn’t have, the experiences of a father, translated…

One day, my two-year-old son Flybo acted out when he was on the balcony, playing with the sink and the water.  I’d allowed him to take the cup out to get some water, the kind that was like the Russian dolls, with one inside of another, that sort of a cup.  And, after a bit of playing, don’t know what got into him, he’d, tossed the cup out, watched that cup fall from our twentieth floor home, all the way, down, into the swimming pool.

“Flybo, you can’t throw things!  You will HIT someone!”, I’d told him in a high-pitched voice.  “I’m sorry!”, he’d said.  When he realized that he did something bad or wrong or shouldn’t, he would, apologize.  “It’s okay, but you have to go to the pool manager to tell him you’re sorry, then, go find your toys back.”  Flybo told me okay, and apologized, once more.

In the afternoon, I’d left him to the pool, and told the super what we were there for.  Flybo apologized, “I’m sorry!”, the super smiled and told him that it was no big deal.  I’d taken Flybo around the pools to try to find the cup, but we can’t.  “Fine then, let’s just, go home!”, I’d told him, “No, find longer!”, Flybo declared.  I don’t remember teaching him to say that.  “let’s just go ask the super if he’d seen it, okay?”  “Okay!  Try and find.”, he’d stated.

The super circled around the poolside twice, and still couldn’t find that cup.  I’d told Flybo, “Fine, let’s go home, it’s gone.  Don’t throw your toys out next time, you understand?”, ‘Yes!”, he’d stated.  As we were walking back, I’d taken one more look into the pools, and found there was a light blue object afloat there, focused my eyes, it’s the cup!  “over there!”, I’d carried Flybo up to see, he was excited.

The super stood by the steps next to the pool, used the net, but, it was always, a bit, short to get to the cup.  I’d told the man, “I’ll shake the ropes a bit, to let it float toward us some.”  Pulled on the rope, and swung it hard, Flybo was close by, with his eyes opened up wide, watching, he seemed to find that amusing.

This kid, he did, all of this!

The super netted the cup.  Picked it up, handed it to Flybo.  “What do you say?”, id’ asked him.  “I’m sorry!”, “No, it’s thank you!”  “Thank you”, stated Flybo.  “You’re welcome” said the super, smiling.  “Don’t throw your toys again, you understand?”, I’d patted Flybo’s head, thanked the super again, led my son away, and his hand clenched tightly to that cup of his, we went upstairs, got home.

Maybe, Flybo learned something, or not.  But, this is the model behaviors I’d given to him, as his, dad.

So, in this incident, the kid learned that he should NOT throw his toys down over the balcony, and he’d learned that he should say thank you to someone who’d helped him get his toy back, and that he shouldn’t throw his toys over the balcony again, and, this father didn’t get angry, or loud, and still managed to get his point across to his own young son.

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Using a Nonviolent Way to Resolve a Fight

An incident of your son getting beaten by a classmate, and you’d found out why, and you and your son had selected to forgive the other child, translated…

“Mom, my head hurts, I think there’s a bump!”, as I bathed my child, my son patted his head, told me, in a sorrowful manner, and I’d immediately felt alerted, and asked him what had happened.

“Was it from a fall during the time between classes?”, my son stuttered, as he’d responded, “No, it was in P.E., when we were lined up, I’d accidentally, bumped into a classmate, the person got angered and pushed me down, then, sat on top of me, to beat me up, and I got this bump on my head”, I was shocked and hurt, and immediately called up my son’s homeroom instructor to understand exactly what had happened.

In the assistance of his homeroom instructor, and I’d communicated with the parents of the other boy, and the boy who’d hit my son apologized to him, and my son and we chose to forgive.  After all it was due to our son’s lack of attention, and bumped into his classmate, and even as he’d apologized to the classmate, the other child couldn’t understand, and lost it, that was why the push and the shove occurred.  The homeroom instructor later explained to us, that the child who’d hit my son was with emotional troubles, but due to the matters of his families, he didn’t get any help from a professional facility, btu the school had assigned the counselors to continue to counsel the child.

And we’d used this as an opportunity to educate our own son, that if in the futures, things similar to this occurred, how he could protect himself, and get away unharmed, to use the right means to resolve his problems, and to avoid the problems that will keep on coming with one solitary incident of violence.

The information is transmitted too speedily nowadays, the children can gain awareness from all over the places, if the parents didn’t give their young the correct values and teach them right from wrong, then, the child can easily be misled into believing, that using violence to resolve the problems is okay; as for the adults’ behaviors and words, the children will always, model after.  And so, as parents, we need to set a better example, and use the things that happen in the daily lives, to instill the right kinds of values into our young’s minds, to reduce the onset, the prevalence of in-school violence.

When these incidents do happen, whether it be the school instructors or the parents, they all must face this actively, and not try to smooth things over, and believed, that “the kids are just, playing”; any behavior that can cause someone else physical or psychological harms, are rarely the results of playing for joy, instead, they’re mostly caused by the negative emotions accumulating, causing the person to lose control.

Children are independent, not only do the adults have feelings, the children’s thoughts and feelings should also be listened to and empathized, I hope, that every face that smiled on, will be able to grow up happy and safe in an environment that’s not made with fear.

So, this just showed, how children still modeled after the adults, if you treat your children with violence, then, they’re more than likely to resolve their problems with the violence too, this still showed how children always model after their adult counterparts, and so, as parents, YOU (and nope, still NOT one of you out there!)need to make sure that your emotions are in check, that you are calm and collected when you interact with your own young, and if you lose control, that’s okay too, but be sure to explain to your kids, why it was that you exploded, and that it wasn’t their faults, that it may be something that they’d done that angered you, but it’s not directed toward them as person, but their behaviors.

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Cleared Up, a Poem

The moments before sunrise, when you’re, slowly, waking up, translated…

The Face is an Awakened, Orange


The Rainbow in the Pothole

The Tar Road that’s Mushy

The Shadows of the Cats & the Dogs

Trimmed to Uneven

The Awkwardness of the Faces

The Moldy Oranges, the Silver-Colored Fungi, the Brass-Colored Fungi

The Beards, the Sideburns, All Spotted & Gray

The Tattoos on the Arms

The Fish with the Flowers, with the Birds

Halfway in April, Half-Drunk Bottle of Wine

and this, is what the, family, became…pieces, with the, jagged edges on them, photo from online

Half the Tears

Half of the Brothers Karamazov

The People in the Rusted Photo Frames

With the Smoke Rings,

The Black Eyes………with the Times Running Loose & Around

My Father Sat Opposite from Me

My Mother Wiping the Windows, the Branches were Twisting Around

The Nest of the Warbling White-Eye, the Queen of the Night Slowly Withered Away

Without a Single Word

As the Skies Turned Light

And so, another night’s ended, and, you and your families had, sat in silence, and all that transpired between you and your family members is, the tick-tocking away of that clock on the wall, no words of exchange, and everybody going about her/his own life, like, strangers…

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The Mulberry Trees

The interaction shared by this man and his two kids, on an outing, where they encountered a mulberry tree, translated…

Everything means different to everybody.  “Your world”, is what you feel, what you are aware of, what you’d known, what you’d come into contact with, the sum of these.  So, everybody has a unique world that belonged, solely to, oneself.

Like how my kids and I stood under this, common paper mulberry that’s two, three people’s heights, with the shades here and there, giving us some relief from the scorching heat of the summer sun.  Those who were on their bicycles, rode to and from, continually chased after the horizon that’s up ahead; and this tree to them, is, way too ordinary to, take note of, like how those strange faces you’d come across, walking down the streets…………

But to my children, this is the “dessert shop” with the sweetest treats, the most beautiful!

My two kids started, looking greedily around underneath that mulberry tree, and pointed to the fruits on the trees, and, gave me the directions continuously, “Dad, there are still two more you’d missed over there!  Help me get it, don’t crush them!”, “Dad, watch out for us, the fruits with the ladybugs, the caterpillars, with the ants all over them, we don’t want them!”

the tree, with the fruits all over it, making children’s mouth water! Photo from online

I’d weaved underneath that mulberry tree, carefully sought out the complete orange-red colored fruits (these were actually, the pistils of the mulberry trees, with the round shapes, the aggregate fruits, a treatment for the eyes, and the kidneys based off of Chinese medicines).  The kids had stuffed their mouths all red, as I’d picked the fruits down, I’d, started, giving them a lesson, “Do you guys know, that the mulberry trees are, multipurpose?  The leaves are used as the feeds for the swine, the oxen, the goats, the rabbits, and deer, gaining it the name, ‘deer’s tree’; the bark can be made into paper, or into clothing, it’s the needed material to make the papers.  And, it can absorb all the toxins around us, the carcinogens too, which is why the mulberries are used as the trees to clean up the environment in the mining towns, and the places where there are, factories.  And what’s magical about these, is that in the recent years, a professor from N.T.U., proved that this is a species, with this special quality of pollination, proving that it’s factual…………”

Before I was done, my daughter started calling aloud, “dad, do you want some?  Stop talking already!  Younger brother said you should stuff a few in your own mouth, so you won’t, talk as much!”

And so, this is what the kids want, versus what the adults want, like that “stereotype” about Chinese on how if we asked our parents to answer a simple math question, it get turned into a two-hour lecture on things, and this father became too eager to pass on the knowledge about the indigenous species of mulberry tree to his own young, that he forgot that they only wanted to EAT, and not be lectured at!

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