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The Afternoon Daycare Programs Received the Calls Falsifying as the Kids’ Parents, But They Failed to Check to Make Sure

The carelessness of adults, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Parents Went to the Afterschool Program, But Couldn’t Find Their Son, and They’d Discovered Their Son in the Home of a 25-Year-Old Man, the Man Took Medication to Commit Suicide and Was Brought Back, and the Other Thirty-Two-Year-Old Male Claimed, that He Was a Killer-for-Hire, and Was Paid Half a Million Dollars N.T.

Two days ago after school, a sixth grade boy from the city of Hsinchu failed to show up to his afterschool program, and, in the evenings, he was found, suffocated to death, at the rental home of the 25-year-old Lee, Lee left a final note, and was saved, from committing suicide, the man, Chen who was on scene claimed, that Lee gave him half a million dollars, wanted him to smother the child to death, the D.A. asked for Lee and Chen to be taken into custody late last night.

The medical examiners autopsied the child, and found that there were bleeding on his eyelids, and, the muscles behind his larynx had bled, suspected, that he was fixated to death, but didn’t discover any sign of sexual assault on the child.  The officers reviewed the surveillance, and found, that Chen (age 32) was also there at the scene of the crime, lifted him from Chiayi to the station to interrogate him.

At first, Chen claimed, that night he was staying with Lee at his rental property, as the child and Lee entered into the room, he was in the other room, listening to music, didn’t see anything up with the child and Lee; not short thereafter, Lee called him to help, he’d found, that the child was already unconscious, he and Lee took the child by elevator, to the basement, then, transferred into a suite of another building on the fourth floor, he didn’t know how the child had come to die.  The officers worked hard, to break Chen’s defenses down, and, he’d told them, that he’d killed for the money.

Chen claimed, that awhile back, Lee wanted him to help murder, “the son of the business owner he worked for”, and would pay him half a million dollars, and because he needed the money, he’d told him that he’ll do it.  Two nights ago, he’d waited until the child was too focused, playing his video games, strangled him from behind, until he’d stopped breathing, at which time, Lee stood by, and watched, later on, Lee carried the child, to the suite on the fourth floor.  The police found, that Lee and Chen both had NO priors in criminal behaviors.

The police investigated and found, that the sixth grade boy got off school at around four two days ago, at around six in the evening, Lin’s mother went to the afternoon program to pick her son up, but, the afternoon program claimed that “an official from the school said that Lin had detention after school, that he wouldn’t come to the afterschool programs”, Lin’s mother rushed to the school, and was told, that it was, an impersonating call, and the school had NO idea, where the child went.

Lin’s mother learned, from the school, that her son was with the friend he’d often hung with, Lee, and rushed to Lee’s ninth floor rental home to find her son, couldn’t, and, the mother called the police, and, the police reviewed over the surveillance, and found, that they’d gone to the fourth floor suite in the building next to where Lee lived.

After the police knocked, Lee came to answer, in a daze, after he took some unknown tranquilizers and other substances, as the officers entered into the apartment, they found the child, dead in bed, and, there was pesticides, and a final note at the scene of the crime too.

The officers found out, that Lee had taken out two suites, and, two afternoons ago, he’d taken the child to the ninth floor, then, transferred the child to the fourth floor of the other building, Lee had his suicide note, as well as the photos of him with the boy too.

And so, that just shows, how those afternoon programs, and the schools are NOT smart enough, to ask further questions, and, had the schools not been so careless, this little boy’s life would’ve been spared, but, because the school wasn’t careful enough, that, was why the child’s life was lost…

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The Age of Drug Abuse is Dropping, Now, the Kids in Elementary Schools are Getting Addicted

Drugs are still, infiltrating the campuses, and this time, it’s in the ELEMENTARY schools here, from the Newspapers, translated…

Drug abuse is getting younger and younger.  The members of the Cultural Committee of the Legislative Department yesterday held a conference, to find a solution, with the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, as well as the Sanitary Department AND the Police, to report on the preventions of drugs, the second-in-command of the justice department, Chen pointed out, that the problems with drug abuse is really getting serious, in the juvenile detention halls, most are there, for drugs, and, in the recent five years, the rate is still hiking up, last year, it’d reached 46.3 percent.  The assistant director of the police forces also reported on how they had been able to find over forty-one thousand youths who dealt drugs nationwide.

The legislator, Chen pointed out, that the second-level drug users who were youths had peaked by almost forty-six percent; and the total number of adolescent abusers went from 3,036 to 3,928, an increase of almost thirty-percent.

Because the usages of ketamine, along with other Level three drugs are punished by the administrative ways, and, the abusers were only sent to seminars, and made to pay a fine, and that’s it, and, recent years, there had been a HIKE in the number of young users, in the decade’s time, it’d increased from just thirty-six to six hundred twenty-one, at a rate of 16.25 times; and, the youths had gone from just eighty-four individuals to one thousand one hundred ninety-four, over thirteen times.

The man in charge of the Department of Education, Wu stated, that the schools’ rate of reporting on drug abuse of the students went from 1,559 to 2,432 in two years, but, after 2012, the number dropped, and, in 2014, the number was reduced to just 1,700.  He’d stated, that in 2010, the school had set up a detection program, which made the student users easily found out, and, the people who were reported was on a steady decline too; but, when he’d later answered the press, he’d told, that the ages of cases of reported abuses are on the decline, there were, about ten children in the elementary years who were found, abusing drugs.

Wu also pointed out, that in the student drug abuses, mostly were ketamine users, most incidences happened outside of school, about ninety-two percent, and, the providers of these illegal substances are from outside the school, ninety-eight percent of the times, and, it is, very important now, that they catch, the providers first.

Because of how easily children can get their hands on these stuff, that, is how drug abuse is spreading, very quickly, in the lower years of school, and, the only way to put an end to this, is by raising awareness, of the effects of drug abuse, and, WATCH your young closely.

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A First-Year Middle School Girl Crossed the Streets & Got Hit, the Mother Was Prosecuted

The carelessness of the adults, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Parents should NOT allow children under fourteen to cross the streets on their own”, the car was parked opposite of the school, as the daughter crossed the streets alone, she was hit by a motorist, both were injured, and, the motorist was found not guilty.

When the parents drop their children off to school, when there’s an accident as the kids crossed the streets, the parents may be faced with the charges; there were cases like this in Yilan and Taidong, ht mothers who’d allowed their young to cross the streets along and the children were injured or had died, the mothers were all prosecuted based off of causing injuries and death.

The woman who was charged with causing injuries, Chen lived in Yilan, in December of two years ago, she’d taken her thirteen-year-old first year middle school daughter to school, she’d parked the car opposite from her daughter’s school, allowing her daughter to get off and cross the streets, as the daughter jaycrossed the streets, the motorist, Wu, couldn’t avoid her, and hit her, the daughter fell to the ground, with a bruise on her buttocks, and the motorist, Wu, also got injured.

Chen used the fact that her daughter was hit, to sue Wu for damages, but the Yilan District Courts believed that the girl got to the hospitals six days later, that it was hard, to tell if her injuries were related to the car accident, at the start of last month, the courts found Wu not guilty, and tossed back the mother’s civil suit, along with her demands for payments.

During the time when the courts was investigating, both parties had asked for the surveillance, along with the records of the accident, and the reports showed that Chen was careless, in letting her fourteen-year-old daughter cross the streets on her own, and the cause of the accident was because she didn’t use the crosswalk being the main cause of the accident, the secondary cause being Wu did not reduce his speed, and so, Wu sued the woman for negligence and damages.

The Yilan District Attorney’s Office had once again, asked for the review of the accident, and the results still showed that because the girl, while crossing the streets, didn’t look, as the primary cause of the accident, and the mother too, was responsible.

The D.A. pointed out, that the roads safety laws number 139 stated that the parents “should not allow children under fourteen to cross the streets on their own”, back then, Chen could’ve turned her car and parked right in front of the school, so her daughter could get off right in front of the school, had Chen driven a bit farther, or accompanied her daughter across, then, the accident could well have been avoided, and so, the D.A. indicted her.

There awas a woman who took along a one-year-old young boy to visit friends, and wasn’t paying attention to her young son, and he got killed by traffic, the district court found the driver and the mother guilty of negligence homicide, and gave them both five month in prison.

The District Courts in Taidong believed, that the cause of the accident was because the mother wasn’t watching her son, that it was clearly, negligence, and the traffic accident reports also stated that it was the mother’s carelessness that caused this accident.

The Mother Felt Helpless, “the Motorcycle Passed Across the School, without Reducing Speed”

“I feel so helpless!”, Chen said, that her daughter getting rn over was caused by the motorist, not reducing his speed, but she and her daughter are end up, with the blames.

She said, back then, there were so many cars at the front of the school, there were also, tour busses, she feared that if she’d driven to the school’s entrance, the traffic would be even harder to manage, that, was why she’d let her daughter out from across the streets, and watched her as she passed.  But, the motorist, Wu ran through a yellow light at high speed, and, still didn’t reduce his speed, and hit her daughter.

Chen said, the place her daughter was cross had a crossing mark, but, because the roads were being redone, that, was why it wasn’t there, and after the crash, the motorist filed charges first, asked for $800,000N.T. in payment, that, was why they’d sued him too; and to date, her daughter is still traumatized, and needed her classmates to hold her hands in order to cross the streets.

Wow, are you FUCKING kidding me?  You were the one who allowed your minor child to cross the streets unsupervised, and now, you’re blaming the man who ran over her?  Are you freakin’ kidding me? What KIND of a parent ARE you?

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Tear Gas & Smashed Glass

It still don’t matter, who threw that very first “punch”!!!  There is a riot, because the public felt that injustice had happened, and, because there’s nothing that was done, to right this wrong, the public went psycho!

And, before you know it, you see it on the news, cops are on one side, the mobbing riots on the other, and, someone took something, and bashed it against the police’s protection shield, and it was, made of glass.

The police retaliated, and started disposing tear gas, making everybody on the other side of that “fence” sick.  Tear gas and smashed glass, it is, the way it is, and, there is nothing to be done, it’s already happened.

And so, we have, one more day here, watching, from the sidelines, the First Amendment getting F***ED up.  Tear gas and smashed glass, expect MORE of it, in your separate neighborhoods, and, nobody’s gonna figure out just exactly what, had happened in the world around them………

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The Ferguson Effect

Call it a phase, or a trend, if you will…

The Ferguson Effect (and yes, I’d made THAT up!!!), is what’s happening in the major cities of the U.S., especially after the officer who shot Brown didn’t even get a SLAP on his wrists, the population everywhere, across the major cities in America is raging, because it IS, unjust!

And, just like that wildfire that started in the forests, somewhere in California awhile ago, this “fire” that started in Ferguson will spread to closely cities, as well as into faraway, distant regions of the U.S., because the citizens feel that justice was NOT served, because if it were a white kid would got shot by the cops, the officer would surely be found guilty, and besides, Michael Brown wasn’t even ARMED like that kid that was playing with a toy gun that much resembled real weapon, so, the crowd becomes a riot…and this riot will go through the towns, until the public forgets about the events, but it won’t be easy…

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A Man Poisoned a Woman Three Times for Getting into a Verbal Altercation at the Swimming Pool

How easily they still CRACKED!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

After a man, Chiu and a woman, Wang had a verbal altercation, he’d noticed how she’d always have a water bottle, he’d bought the category four poison “Zolpidem”, grinded them into powders, then added the powders into her water bottle; after Wang drank from her water bottle, several times, she’d felt dizzy, and started vomiting, was taken to the ER, where she learned she was being poisoned.

Wang worked alongside the manager of the pools by “fishing” for the person who did this, placed the water bottle underneath the surveillance cameras in the pool area, and, they managed to catch the man, and they immediately called the police; the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office charged Chiu based off of “Secretly poisoning someone”.

In mid-January this year, the man, Chiu (in his fifties) was using the facilities in a swimming pool in Chunghe District, he’d gotten into a verbal altercation with Wang, Chiu wouldn’t let it go, and started memorizing the times she’d shown up, the frequency of her showing up, and, took his time, plotting his revenge.

Chiu found, that Wang would have a water bottle, starting in March this year, he’d started grinding the level four poison, Zopidem, and added it into her water bottle; the first two times after Wang drank from the bottle, she’d started throwing up, feeling dizzy, her heart raced, and the third time, it got to the extent that she needed hospitalization.

Even though, Wang was okay after being treated at the hospital, but she’d discovered, that every time she’d gone swimming, she would show the symptoms; on March 25 when she’d gone swimming again, she’d not taken any water from her bottle intentionally, and after she’d left, she’d checked the bottle herself, and found unknown white substances, and sent the water in for testing, and discovered that “Zopidem” was added into it.

On the 31st when Wang went to the pools again, she’d asked the lifeguard and placed her water bottle right in the surveillance area, and afterwards, she’d watched the footage with the employees at the pools; not long thereafter, Chiu showed up again, opened up her water bottle, dumped white substances into it, and Wang immediately called the police.

Chiu claimed that after his altercation with Wang, he wanted revenge, and started dumping unknown substances he bought at the night markets into her water, back then, the vendor told him, that whoever drank it will get ecstatic, he didn’t know that it was an illegal substance; that it’s his first offense, and he got caught, and from before, he wasn’t responsible.  The D.A. used the evidences provided by Wang, and tested the water, they were positive for a drug reaction, and they believed, that Chiu had tried to poison her twice.

People ARE getting SICK these days, and, what the HELL happened to USE your WORDS?  Or, are you just all going to solve your altercations with others by POISONING them instead!!!

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When Sex Crimes Become an Epidemic

When sex crimes became an epidemic, and there’s NO chance it’ll stop, until it’d managed to contaminate ALL the world’s neighborhoods, what do we do?

When sex crimes became an epidemic, it’s so uncontained, raging out of control, and, we can insert those bullets quickly enough, to SHOOT up all the perps, because for every one of them we managed to gun down, three MORE “pops” up!

When sex crimes became an epidemic, don’t laugh, this, IS happening, because of the lack of respect toward life (and we’re NO longer talking about gender-specific issues here anymore either!).  When sex crimes became an epidemic, is there a one-dose cure that’ll help contain the “bug”?  Of course N-O-T, because there will always and forever BE more rapists, more molesters, more people who think they have the right to VIOLATE others, simply because they were violated when they couldn’t fight back!

When sex crimes became an epidemic, we can only keep our fingers crossed, and pray and hope, that they don’t come to our neighborhoods, but, it’s only a matter of time, until this side of the white picket fence gets contaminated too………

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