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The Assailant Received a Reduced Sentence for Delaying Getting the Man He’d Assaulted into Emergency after Beating Him with the Man Dying from the Injuries

How this assailant got only a slap on the wrist, because his victim failed to take his own injuries seriously enough, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Lai suspected that Yao was doing something bad to his own daughter back in 2016, went to Yao’s home to confront him, and beaten him up, as Yao’s parents tried to prevent their son from being beaten, Yao’s father suspected a head trauma, after the surgeries, he’d become paralyzed, and died eight months later; the first trial found Lai guilty of assault, sentenced him to six years, the second trial gave him two four years six months; the Taichung High Subsidiary Courts retrial believed, that the victim didn’t get treated in time at the recommendation of medical professionals, that he was partially responsible, tossed back the original verdict, sentenced Yao to four years.  This can still be appealed.

The verdict pointed out, that Lai suspected that Yao had done something bad to his own daughter, on the afternoon of February 12th, 2016, he’d gone to Yao’s residence in Changwha to confront him, back then, Yao and both his parents were at home, in a moment of anger, Lai tried to beat Yao, and both the parents saw and tried to block him off.

Lai started taking his anger out on Yao’s parents, injured both, causing both to sustain multiple injuries, Yao’s father started bleeding internally on the right side of his skull, severely injured, on the fifteenth he received a surgery and still ended up a quadriplegic, could take care of himself in daily living.

Yao’s father died on October 16th, 2016, the D.A. believed that Lai had injured him severely, and indicted him; the Changwha District Court found Lai guilty of assault causing severe injuries, sentenced him to six years, the second trial, the Taichung High Subsidiary court sentenced him to four years six months.

The first retrials in the Collectivist Court believed, that on the day of the attack, Yao’s father went to the E.R. to get treated, but didn’t follow the suggestions of the medical professionals to get a CT scan, along with other tests, that three days later, he’d had subdural hematoma, and went to the emergency room for the surgeries, the severity of the results of his injuries were on him, for delaying treatment.

The originally verdict didn’t take this into consideration, which is why the retrial tossed the verdict, and gave a lesser sentence.

And so, this still just showed, that if you were injured in a confrontation, it’s YOUR own responsibilities to either take the advice of the medical professionals to hospitalize or whatever, otherwise, the individual who’d caused you the serious injuries, or even death will only get a slap on the wrist, because you are the ones, failing to pay close attention to your own body.

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The Year-End Bonus from a Customer

The act of kindness, from a customer, who saw how hard hit the restaurant industry had been during this past year of the outbreaks, and gave the workers, a boost of, hope that they’re, in dire need of, it’s her heart that’s touched the restaurant workers, more than the amount she’d packed into the red envelope to give to them I’m sure, translated…

My former employer is considered one of the hardest hit under the epidemic, after May of last, it’d, gone toward the bottom of operations, all the way to the end of year, and finally, as the guests returned, the epidemic started, growing again, those of us who worked in the restaurants aren’t afraid of getting too busy with work, unafraid of hard work, only worried, that our service skills aren’t, put to, good use.

leaving the huge tip…

like this…photo from online

Watching the news, and, I’d started, worrying over my former coworkers, that day, I’d chatted with a head chef, and he’d told me, that currently, the reservations are, bipolarized, in the cities and counties where there’s a higher number of cases of confirmed contractions, there are only, a handful of reservations, and the primary means of making the money turned into takeout or deliveries, or, the frozen dishes sent to the customers’ homes, while for the other regions, the restaurant made sure of the safety protective measures of cleanliness, and take advantage of the time we have to dine out together.

He’d told me, that the previous evening, he’d waited on a returning customer, who’d dined in as usual, and, he’d served the guest, and, as the man paid for the tab, he’d, given the server a red envelope, told him, “I’d heard that you guys won’t get any year-end bonuses, this is my blessing, and something extra for you guys, you must, take it!”

The tiny act of kindness from a frequent customer, sent that surge of warmth throughout the entire restaurant, the restaurant became, not just a place to gather to eat to make good memories in, we’re, very grateful for this beautiful, and wise customer, who’d, given us that warmth of blessings in the cold of winter.

And so, this just showed, how the acts of kindness can touch someone so deeply, and we’re, especially in need of these encounters in our lives, as the epidemic still rolls, and, there’s still no end in sight, and, if we can’t give each other the tiniest sparks of hope, then, we’d all be, living in the darkness of this trying time.

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Two Men Had Raped a Woman They Met Online, One Settled with Her, and Got Probation Instead of a Harsher Sentence

What this suggests, is that you can pay off a woman that you raped!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman from Hsinbei City two years ago, got invited to a motel by two men, Pan and Hsu whom she’d met online, and was raped by both, as the district attorneys indicted both, during the trials, Hsu managed to settle with the victim, and the courts considered that, and reduced his sentence, gave him two years in prison, and five years probation; although Pan had agreed on settling with $300,000N.T.s with the woman, but he’d not paid her anything before the announcing of the final verdict, he was sentenced to three years four months in prison.

On the practical meals of the court rulings, there are rare instances of rapist receiving probation, this case is considered very rare.  The director, Niu was accused of sexually assaulting the female crew member, and in the time of his trial, he’d settled with $2 million N.T.s, and still sentenced to four years in prison, he is currently serving his time in Hualien Penitentiary, the two cases turned out completely different.

The legal realms pointed out, that the obstructions of sexual freedom charges switched from the act being prosecuted to the defendant being prosecuted, the point of the law was to get the country more willing to pursue the perpetrators, hoping that the victims don’t settle outside of court with the perps, and if the restitutions after-the-fact can be exchanged for a lighter sentence like probation, then that would mean that if someone has the money, then s/he can rape anyone s/he wants to.  And this case if the enforced charges of forced sexual behaviors.

But some believed, that other than sentencing the rapists severely, the probationary terms can be a lead of sorts, to get the perp to apologize to the victim, to give the victims enough restitutions, this would be a sort of an amending means of the justice served.

The men, Pan and Hsu in 2020, invited the female acquaintance they met online to a motel to sing karaoke, they saw that the woman was sexy, and, gang raped her.

And so, if your apologies for raping someone can get you that slap on the wrist, instead of the HARD time that you deserved (sending into prison for, however many years you may get???), then, what happens if you get released, and start raping another victim again, what, would the justice system say then, huh?

This should’ve never been allowed in the first place, allowing a perpetrator, to pay his way out of serving the hard time he deserved, for victimizing a woman, because he can.

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The Lines on Your Face Grew, Softer…

Why are you, not as mean to him as you were to me???

I watched the lines on your face grew, softer, as you, interact with my son, and he loves you, and I guess, that I feared you more than I loved you, because you’d, always made those, too harsh, too high for me to achieve expectations.  But why is it, that when you see my son the lines on your face grew, softer, huh???

Oh, maybe, it’s, how you’re now, a grandparent, and, grandparents’ only job is to, spoil and love their own grandchildren, right?  But, why can’t YOU, love me like, you love my son too from before, huh???

Was it because, back when we were younger, you had to work, to provide for us, and the heavy burdens of the household economics, crushed you down, grounded you, minced you up (like those ground beef, ground pork that got, “passed” out of those, meat grinders???)

Or, maybe, you’re, just overcompensating, for what you’d missed out on when I was growing up, not spent the time, not kissed me goodnight, not read me those, illustrated books, that you’re now, making it up, with my son, was that it?

The lines on your face may have grown, softer, but, guess what, daddy dearest, my heart had long been, hardened like that STEEL, and, nothing’s gonna, EVER, break this, once-fragile, porcelain again.

And, don’t think, that for one second, I will, EVER, allow you, anywhere, N-E-A-R, my son (yeah uh, as if  had one already???  Oh wait, my DEAD Emily should be THIRTEEN already and yet, where is this, nonexistent, “son” of mine again???), ever, because you don’t deserve to be a grandpa, and besides, just like me, my “son”, never has a father, unless, you want to go meet him, and he would be………what’s that dude’s face again???  Oh yeah, it’s, DONOR X!

And that’s, one more session with the circus full of, FREAKS, with ME the QUEEN “herself”(so, I’m still referring to me in the third-person, call me crazy, why don’t ya!!!) as the RING LEADER…………

Show’s over, you know what you need to pay my secretaries (no, I’m no longer, reintroducing them again, ‘k???).

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As the Comedian Faces Up to the War

And, so, the people of that, “Free country” still only have, themselves, to BLAME, for voting someone, so inexperienced in politics, into office, and now, as the western countries take that hands-off means of handling this particular crisis, the Ukrainians can only, pray…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Russian president, Putin disregarded how U.N. made the demands on him to withdraw Russian troops, started attacking Ukraine, used the rocket launchers to attack more than a dozen military base in Ukraine, destroying the aerial defense systems.  Toward how quickly the situation is worsening the western countries can only watch, and warned Russia against further attacks.  What’s worse was the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, couldn’t come up with a plan to effectively defend his own country against Russian invasions, other than declaring ending the diplomatic ties between the country and Russia, he seemed to have a hard time, coming up with a plan to fight back, to defend his own country.

Zelensky’s original career was a comedian, three years ago, he’d own the election by receiving seventy-three-percent of the votes, and, in the atmosphere of, “is this for real?”, the Ukrainians welcomed in the new president to his post.  But, translating his skills on T.V. to running the country is nothing easy, as he became, the object of, what everybody else was, making fun of, the glow of populist support wore off, quickly enough.  running a country is not like performing onstage, war is not child’s play; until this current crisis, everybody finally noted, just, how impotent, this, agile performer on screen truly is.

and, here’s, that political cartoon for you! Found from online

Based off of how fierce, how cunning Putin can be, fooling the countries in the west; while Zelensky had been, too naïve, foolishly believed, that he had the support from Western countries as the allies, refused to enter into N.A.T.O., for the peace treaties to finally get signed.  As Putin announced moving the troops into eastern Ukraine to “maintain the peace”, Zelensky continued to complain that Putin refused to take his call, he’d not realized, just how late, his, wake up call had, come.  Because, not long afterwards, the Russians fired off into Ukrainian territory.

You can call Putin a polar bear, or a fox, but, he already knew, that he is, faced with, two tigers made of, paper.  On the one side, there were the European, American countries who’d verbally blamed him for his actions, but not done anything physical to stop him from calling on the invasions of Ukraine, another is, Zelensky, who failed to realize, that his country is, already, sinking under, but still in pretending, that everything is fine. And so, as the members of the Ukraine public start, running off scared, this comedian is still, thinking about, the next performance he should be, putting on.

And, this can be, reflective, of how, if China were to attack this SHIT hole (b/c that’s what this place became???), and the president, the DDP government is still all happy and glad, that wow, major world nations like Japan, U.S., Canada, etc., etc., etc., etc., will come to help us defend against Chinese invasion (if it is to happen in the future, which we still can’t tell yet!).

This is what you get, when you, vote, someone, who’s NEVER had any political backgrounds (like a degree in poli-sci, at least???), into the office as president, and, the world is now, on a, hands-off standpoint, just watching how this “show” will, play itself out, similar to how the rest of the world watched, as U.S. entered into war with Iraq from back in……2000, was it again???  Can’t seem to, remember now……………

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The Suspect of the Dismemberment Case in Hwashan Escaped the Death Penalty, the Father of the Victim: the Government Treats Lives that Were Lost as Nothing at All

How can this man who’d, brutally murdered this woman, then, DISMEMBERED her be considered as “reformable”???  Uh, dunno, the psychiatric evaluation department is all made up of, PSYCHOS, maybe???  Punishment doesn’t seem just, NOT for the families of the victim here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first, second, and retrial of the first try of the archery coach, Chen, murdering his female student by strangulation, dismembered her, then, dispose of her body in the unpopulated place, sentenced him to life in prison, from the death penalty sentence of the first trial, the Highest Courts tossed back the appeal yesterday from the D.A.’s office, sentenced Chen to life; the father of the victim criticized the government for doing away with the death penalty, that they’re already, siding with the devil, that the justice systems treats lives as nothing, and played with the families of the victims.

Kao’s father pointed out, he felt angry over the verdict, disappointed, that no matter how many a murderer killed, no matter how cruel the measures used, the perpetrator will not get sentenced to death, the government doesn’t say it bluntly, but, the attitude the government carried, was that it is, doing away with the death penalty, and, how come the suspects get paroled on the life-terms?

He said, the first retrial found, that Chen can still be reformed, that death penalty doesn’t need to be imposed, and for the decades of time, the government used the belief of “can be reformed” as a shield, that this was, an outrageous manipulation of the justice system, the second trial, the retrial from the first trial, found an excuse, to not sentence Chen to execution, he’d criticized that the justice systems treated human lives as, nothing at all, “playing with the families of the victims.”

And so, this is on how as the justice department wanted to do away with passing down the death sentence, how it’d, impacted the victims’ families, and it’s still, NOT just enough, not from the families of the victims’ angles, because their loved ones were, murdered, and, the harshest punishment that the murderers can receive, is life in prison, with chances of paroling out if they behaved themselves well enough, so, what if, these paroled murderers, murder again?  Then, will the government rewrite the justice systems, to include the death penalty again?  And, how many people needs to get brutally murdered (or not brutally murdered), will the government start giving justice back, to the families?

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The Debate on Borscht

Imagine this, two IDIOTS (b/c this is what this situation is!), arguing about, who “found” it first…

This is currently going on, due to the war that’s, slowly, brewing between Ukraine and Russia.  It said here on the newspaper, that this “debate” started happening, THREE years ago too.

Who made it first?  Was it us, or was it, them?  Of course, we’re, fighting over this matter of, little to NO importance (‘cuz that’s, what this shit is!), like two children who’d, started hitting each other (mommy!  He hit me first!!!).


photo from online

The debates on borscht, it’d only offered a microcosm of the situations between Russia and Ukraine (was it???), with these two countries, fighting over something so miniscule, who found this soup that’s turned into, a part of, our daily diets (WHO C-A-R-E-S!!!), and, this can be viewed on a wider spectrum, I mean, if these two countries can’t even agree on something AS simple as the origins of a soup, then, how the @#$%, can we possible, expect these two nations, to find the resolves on bigger matters, like, oh, dunno, are we going to war with them, do we need to, tighten up our borders, in case of an enemy nation invasion, etc., etc., etc., etc.?

The point of all of this (DING-DING-DING!!!) is this: it’s just S-O-U-P, get over it, people, and, focus on something more important here, like, uh, how do we not invade into each other’s, borders, how do we stay peaceful, within our own countries, boundaries, that would be, more important, don’t you think?  Yeah, unless you want another case of Iraq back in the 1990s, or the Taliban in the 2000s again.

became the cause of…

this…photo from online

And the again, wars are known, to stimulate the economy, so…note: this is still NOT me, ADVOCATING war, nor am I, a pacifist either, okay???

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and how does THAT make you feel?

Session’s over, pay your “fees” (I don’t’ have to tell you how much again, do I, and here’s that HINT, I’d, doubled what I “charged” since……the start of, this year, or was it the latter of last) on your way out, to my secretaries (no, not reintroducing all three of them again!)

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The Dress Codes Being Lifted Doesn’t Serve its Purpose, Adding More Headaches to the Teachers & the Students

On the government’s reforming the school operations of hours, and the dress codes, and all the higher up officials still just, used their mouths, with the rest of the individual schools, not known what to comply by, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of the Department of Education, Pan announced last week, that in September, the high school students won’t have to get up too early to go to school, this is the same as doing away wi3ht the early morning study periods, and yesterday, he’d also announced, that the morning meetings of high schools is to get reduced to only once per week, and the rest of the four days, the students can do what they want to during the early morning periods before classes start.  But, if the students don’t even show up for the morning gatherings, what can the schools do?  The Department of Education wanted to do away with these morning routines completely, and yet, it came up with this, extra, unneeded precedence, it may cause the schools’ operations to fall into a chaotic state, making it harder for both the students, as well as their parents to, adapt to.

In the past, the high school students were mandated to arrive to school before 7:30, and the students from out-of-districts would have to head out before light, and if they were late, they’d, receive a warning, or, a volunteer service.  The Department of Education although, opened up two days out of five for the students to use their early morning periods at their own will, that the students not heading to class won’t be signed in as absent, there were a lot of the schools that still assigned for the quizzes during the early morning study periods every single day, the students don’t report them, and, the schools are, trekking in the gray areas of the mandates too.

what the Department of Education is doing away with…

students no longer need to dress like this when they go to school anymore in the public schools

And now, to fulfill the “Pact for Children’s Rights”, the government planned to loosen up the rules of students’ schedules in school, yesterday it’d formally, signed the four-days-to-be-used-by-students-individually into motion.  But if the students don’t go to the early morning study period in school, or the eighth period, the school can’t write them up as absent or truant, and can only, use the positive counseling methods to advise them, the students may not comply with the rules, so why doesn’t the Department of Education just, do away with the early morning study period for all days of the school week, to trouble all the school officials, as well as the students too.

And, this is still, NOT the only seemingly “kind” act set up by the Department of Education, on the matter of uniforms, it’d already listed the “When the weather’s cold, the schools should allow the students to put on an extra coat for warmth outside of their uniforms”, and last year, it’d claimed, that ninety-percent of the schools had been onboard with this rule, and yet there were the schools that made the demands to students to NOT put on the coats that aren’t a part of their school uniforms, to have the students to take off their hats, to stuff them into the uniforms so they don’t show.  The Department of Education is calling aloud in the central government, with the local individual schools, ignoring the rules, and in the future, if the new early morning study periods mandate started getting enforced, there may be a need for more supervision, and rules of requirements that the Department of Education need to watch over.

And so, this still just showed, how the top (government departments) are still, blah-blah-blahing, about bullshitting policies, while we the lower order (individual schools) are still, doing whatever the @#$% we want to, individually, and there’s NO way that the Department of Education can possibly make sure, that these rules that are now set, the schools are, complying by.  So basically, these new rules set forth, are still, bullshit!

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The Air, My Friend

On keeping that light inside, even as, it turns, dark, all, around us, the column by Jimmi Liao, translated, by me…

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, from

how the light gets, in…

After that Earthquake,

The Light Finally

Started, Illuminating that Room that’s, Originally, Covered in, Darkness

This showed, that no matter how bad the situations get, we still need to, hold on to that light inside of us, because, hope is, never too far away…

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The Heart Aching Measures of Utilizing the Learning Process Profiles

On how the reforms of education is, ruining the competitive edges, the education of the next generations of, children, written by an honorary professor, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The major event in education, I suppose, is on the learning process profiles.  As I’d read through the documents from the Department of Education on it, it’d, ached my heart.  There are, as many as eighteen criteria for high school graduates to submit for their college entrance packets, of them, were the mini-thesis, the levels certifications of English ability exams, the math exams, the reading plans, and what nots.

What was upsetting to me was, I knew a lot of the students hadn’t gotten the level of understanding of education in high school, and, how can these students manage the mini-theses?  And, a lot of children who are from lower end of economics, can’t afford to take the certification exams in English and math, for the children in the distant-regions, learning process profiles aren’t, anything worth, looking into.  I know, that for a lot of these children who are raised in worse off economic backgrounds, they can only, ignore these things like the learning process profiles.

To stand out in the learning process profiles, a lot of parents had spent a whole lot of money, placing their own young into the cram schools, so they can understand how to write the programming formulas that are good enough.  And like so, for this group of children, they naturally, have an, outstanding learning process profile.  But, for children out of the worse off home fronts, they can’t, afford, to do these things.

To enter into university, the exams are, necessary, and the test results showed the students’ abilities, so why are we requiring them to write about what they’d, learned?  If a student isn’t fluent enough in English, does his written report prove meaningful?  The learning process profiles required the math skills exams verifications, this is, an addition, for the sake of those, gifted and talented students.

It’s nothing easy, to write good programs in the high school age, because, there are, the fundamental courses of physical science, math, English subjects, that takes up much of the students’ learning time.  If a student spent too much time of learning to write the programs, they couldn’t possibly have the needed time to study for the basic subjects of science, math, English, etc., etc., etc.  But what this country really needs, is still the group of youth that had their, fundamentals down pat.  Although I know how to write the programming, but I still believed, that if someone who can only write these written reports, but is bad at math, then, chances will be, that the person won’t be able to produce good enough programming.  For instance, a lot of the communication apps are all related to math closely.

The implementing of the learning process profiles, it’s equivalent to punishing the students who are not from well-enough economic backgrounds, because their parents simply can’t afford them to have that bright and shiny learning process profiles made.  For the gifted and talented students, the learning process profiles will only make them even more stressed, as they can’t possibly know, that if their fellow classmates could produce a better mini-thesis because of their parents’ help.  For the whole of the country, these learning process profiles, definitely, failed to raise the competitive edges of the students here.  What made my heart ached the most, is that for the children from less-economically capable backgrounds, the learning process profiles may be, one of their, biggest, downfalls.

And so, this, is how awful these reforms of education became, it’s basing the capabilities of the students on how active they are in their daily goings on, and for those children from lesser families, they simply can’t afford to go to all those, extra, camps, extracurricular activities, because their parents can’t afford it, and, the learning process profiles, it’d, made them lagged behind the rest of the more economically capable families’ children, and that defeats the whole purpose of the reforms of education, because the reforms of education should center around on how we can make the next generation ready for their lives, by putting them through the institution of higher education, and the learning process profiles does, exactly the opposite, because it basically runs on M-O-N-E-Y!!!

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