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Little tricks people use, to deceive themselves, knowingly, OR not…

Dreaming in Your, Delusions…

This is, what you’re doing TO, your, selves, dreaming in your, delusions that you had a perfect family, a good mommy and daddy, who loved you, unconditionally, yada, yada, yada!

Dreaming in your, delusions, your mind became, the only VICE you had, of, surviving through the hardships of your own, childhood abuse and neglect, and even as an adult, you’d still, believed in those delusional LIES that your minds told (you have got to be SHITTING me on this!)

when what you SEE, isn’t, WHAT you, are!

photo from online…

Dreaming in your, delusions, you fall asleep, with those nightmares, painted over brightly, to fool yourselves, and, you still, don’t wake UP!  Dreaming in your, delusions, you still refuse, to take those, BEER GOGGLES off, to see things for WHAT they really are, and I’d stopped, trying to MAKE you see…

Keep on being, blind, why don’t ya???

Note: this is still N-O-T, directed toward ANYBODY who CAN read out there, ‘k???  Yeah, uh-huh, uh-hmmmmm……….

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Is the Wind Really, Starting Up?  Or is it, Just, the Parties, the Candidates, Tweeting Their Own, Horns?

As the card of DEFY China to protect the island from getting taken over by the Communists lost its, magic, the government can’t pretty on our, fears anymore!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP had prided itself on being a party that knew how to campaign, but the nine-in-one this year, they’re faced with “the society’s better off, but the local positions, are deadlocked”, and there’s the reduced demands of the party’s winning; until last weekend, did the president, Tsai, push forth that “defying China to protect Taiwan” hand of hers, called out to the masses, “let’s stand up for Taiwan on November 26th”, came about too, returned DDP to its, battle-ready mode once more.  But, this card of “defying China”, is it really, enough, to set the sails of the campaigns for the DDP candidates smoothly from here on out?

The difference of tempo which the DDP took to campaigning was due to how since 2020, Taiwan weathered through the voting big and small, from the presidential elections, the many votes to impeach the officials, and the makeup elections, to the four major issues votes, the supporters of the DDP had already been spread too thin, to becoming, strained, not only did the local battles start slacking off, they’d become, slower, to appeal to the younger generations of their, supporters.

what the DDP’s doing, as it feel threatened that it may NOT win the elections…photo from online

and, we’re, still allowing this, SELF-DECEPTIVE party RUN our lives, to the, GROUND!!! Photo from online

For the offices this year, the party had nominated those who had made a name for themselves, giving the party a delayed start on campaigning.  But the reality is, the central working of the DDP hadn’t, widen the gap, the KMT won at the starting lines already, this was proven, at the multiple regions of the elections, with the candidates still battling, but, the winners and losers are already, coming, out.  This showed: many of the cities and counties started expressing their displease, their upset toward the DDP.

The DDP had been excellent in campaigning in the past, in the moment of determinant, they’d, pulled out the “rebel against China” play, which became that needed booster for their support of the voter.

It’s just, that this “rebel against China” card, although it’d won Tsai many of her battles in 2020, but the trends of the world is, shifting now.  The original opposing sides of China and the U.S., after the Biden-Xi conference from two days ago, seemed, smoother now, without the countries going at one another’s, throats; and, while the heat between the conflicts of U.S. and China loses momentum, can the “defy China” card still work wonders for the DDP?  Or, would it, go against the party? 

The election is high on the results, and is the DDP really like the higher up officials of the party stated, “Taking off?”, or, is it, just, tooting its own, horns?  Soon, the answers shall, present themselves.

And so, this oldest trick in the book that the DDP uses, is about to, stoop working on the people, in the past, the government tapped into the fears of the people, spun the stories to how if we don’t vote for the DDP, then, Communist China will take over us, and that was when U.S. was still, on our sides (or so it seemed that way!), and now, as Xi and Biden interacted amicably, that card can no longer be played, and, Taiwan got its place back, as a PAWN, in this game of chess, and we still don’t have ANYBODY on our side, and being split internally, guess what’s gonna happen?  Yeah, we’re, all totally, @#$%ED up all right!

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As the Provisions of Medical Care Units Run Low, the Patients Couldn’t Pick Up the Medication, Chen Became an Ostrich in Dealing with the Matters

How the head of CDC here, had been, dealing with what’s happened with the pandemic since day one, and he continued that method of “coping”, and his inability caused the entire country to, suffer, and he’s still, not, ousted of the office yet???  Why is that?  Oh yeah, because once this LOSER gets “fired”, the general public is going to aim at the president, and the president won’t and can’t have that, so, this loser, sits firmly on that, post still!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

this is what the outside of the hospitals looked like right now!

photo from online

As the pandemic is going for that climax here, the CDC started issuing the new edicts, but, each and every rule had, taxed the medical professional workers more and more, adding to the helplessness of we the people, can’t get the quick-scan kits, can’t get the notices of confirmed diagnoses, not getting the medications that people needs, and, in the near future, there may also be the messes from the webcam treatment sessions, all of these messes piled up, and, as the CDC watches, it seemed, unaffected, allowing our voices calling out for help to continue to, echo in the wind, as we all live in, anxieties.

We’d run short quickly on the means of quick scans, the E.R. capacity now, completely, maxed out, the vacant beds in the hospitals, not as the hospital stated they are, and the frontline workers at the hospital, the nurses, the physicians are now, all, angered, stated that they’d been, working hard, to hold done that line of defense for two WHOLE years now, and yet, the system had become, worse and worse by the days.  The medical professionals called out to the CDC to “hear us out”, and yet, the CDC stated, “This is the final battle, just, push through, we thank you for your contribution to our society.”

with the inside of the E.R., looking like…

photo from online

The continual disregard of the medical care professionals’ health conditions, along with the safety of the patients, adding more patients to the care of per medical professional worker, adding the specialty MERS-CoV wards, and stated that the government will, compensate the workers for their hard work, but, the medical professionals relied on their professional knowledge, and, no amount of money can get the health that’s already gone back, and, it’s not as if, you can squeeze the systems so more medical care professionals would be available to start working.

In recent days, Chen had gone several times to the Taipei Hospital in Sinchuang to check, the Taipei Veteran Memorial Hospital to see the situations, and, toward the public waiting, calling allow, “We don’t have the beds in the E.R. we need”, “not enough quick scan stations being set up”, he’d kept his head in the sand throughout all of this, said it was only the minor complaints of the minority of the general public.  To the point of someone complaining to him, that s/he couldn’t get the orally administered treatment dosages of medicine that was needed, he’d stated, “I hadn’t come across this, this is a unique case I’m sure.”

What fazes the people is the CDC really “on the same boat” as the rest of us?  Let’s work through it, isn’t telling the public “take care of it yourselves”, and spreading out the hands, there’s nothing we can do for you here, and we can only, keep on, trying our best to make it, the press conferences every day at two in the afternoon by the CDC, should no longer be built on the spits anymore, otherwise, as the height of the pandemic comes, the situation may grow, even, worse still.

And so, this is how the CDC worked, since day one of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, ill-prepared for the Delta, then the, Omicron, still got its head, all the way, UP its ass, on oh wow, we were, number one on the defense (yeah, that was from BEFORE the virus mutated, hello, hello, hello???), and now, as the outbreaks are worsening still, the head of CDC still, tried to, evade HIS responsibilities, for setting up a better-operating system, and this is still a top-down problem, because the heads of these god damn departments could NOT get their acts together, therefore, it’s a huge mess, all the way, down the line, or, hadn’t you seen that already, huh???

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Underneath the Silky Smooth Surfaces…

Underneath the silky smooth surfaces, there’s something that’s, slowly, rotting away, it’s just, that we’d, painted that over, coat after coat after coat, that it’d become, invisible to our, naked eyes.

Underneath the silky smooth surfaces, something’s not quite right, you can’t see it, but, your six sense tells you so, and, you try to ignore what your six sense is telling you about it, but you can’t, and it eventually, become this, huge black hole inside your mind, making you doubt everything around you.

Underneath the silky smooth surfaces, something was, going on, but what?  You can’t quite get a grasp on it, and so, you told yourselves, that it’s, quite all right, nothing’s wrong, and then, all it took, was that tiny speck of dust, to bring it all, down.

rotten in the core, but it looks fine on the outside…photo from online

And you’re still, painting it over, pretending that everything’s, a-okay, because you can’t cope with it, any other, way.

Underneath the silky smooth surfaces, the things rotting out will eventually, take over, and you will have, NOTHING to cover your lies with, then what, huh???

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Never Saw the Underlining Lies

Never saw the underlining lies, because you don’t want to admit to yourselves, that you were tricked, that you were fooled, that you were, STUPID!

Never saw the underlining lies, but, the rest of the world did, as it (the world???) SCREAMED out that warning so loud toward you, and yet, did you hear?  Not at ALL!  You were, too intoxicated, with those sweet lies he’d fed to you, you were, eating OUT of his two hands…

Never saw the underlining lies, and now, you are, paying for that price, a price, that’s, WAY, WAY, WAY above what you CAN afford, but, you’d played the game, and had, lost, BIG times, and, that, would be the end.

Never saw the underlining lies, how?  They were all, UNDERLINED for you, to get your attention, so, how come you still didn’t pay attention to them, huh?  Are you, STUPID?  Or, are you just, S-T-U-P-I-D!!!  Or, perhaps, losing him was too painful, that, you’d rather live in, those sweet lies, than face up, to the COLD, HARD truth of it all???

Never saw the underlining lies, and now, it’s too late, for you to see them, even IF you want to, you won’t be able to, because, they’d become, NONEXISTENT, in this, MADE-UP, fantasy world of yours, so, keep on, living IN your denials, why don’t ya!

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Getting Intoxicated, to Get Over a Lost Love

Drinkin’ the pains away here, are we now???

Getting intoxicated, to get over a lost love, well, it seemed, like a good idea at the time, but, the more I’d drunk, the more I’d think of her, and, after MORE than ten round with José Cuervo, I’m seeing TRIPLE here!

Getting intoxicated, to get over a lost love, it’s the BEST solution, that I can come up with, because since she’d been gone, I’d only have HALF a mind left, couldn’t focus on my work, and so, the boss told me to go HOME, and NOT come back ‘til I’d gotten everything sorted all out…

Getting intoxicated, to get over a lost love, because that, is the only thing I can think of, to get YOU off my mind, and so yeah, I’d headed, to the bars tonight, hoping, that I won’t find you, like those last couple of nights I’d spent at the bar, at the bottom of my drinkin’ glass, and, who knows, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get lucky tonight, and forget ALL about Y-O-U.

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Hard for Me to Believe, Depsite All the Evidence

I don’t know what it’ll take, to convince myself…it’s hard for me to believe, despite all the evidence that’s stacked up against him, he’s my husband, and I support him, more than one-hundred percent, there’s NOT an inkling of doubt about what he told me, I trust me, wholeheartedly.

Hard for me to believe, despite all the evidence, yeah, I know what the evidences point towards, that he’s cheating on me, but I just don’t believe that to be true, because I KNOW, that he is faithful to me (here comes the D-E-N-I-A-L!!!). He’d never cheated on me, and, so, why would I believe the words of someone else?  Plus, he’d tell me if he’s NO longer in love with me anymore that’s for sure.

It’s hard for me to believe, despite ALL the evidence, because I’m blinded by love, and, there’s NO way for me to see the truth, shining through again, until, I get KNOCKED off my feet, and that’s not happenin’, anytime soon, so………

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A Gifted and Talented Student from N.T.U. Became a Horrid Lover

Guess WHAT set this P-S-Y-C-H-O off here???  She wanted to break up with him!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A horrid lover who claimed he loved her…Stabbed his girlfriend in the open public…desecrated her body in public.

The man, Chang, who graduated from N.T.U. out of the accounting department who works as a CPA was displeased with how his kindergarten teacher girlfriend wanted to break up with him, the police suspected that he took her nude photos without her consent, and threatened to put it into the open, to get her back, but she didn’t want to get back together with him, so, he got angered, yesterday after he’d stabbed his girlfriend to death, and attempted to kill himself, but unsuccessfully, and he’d desecrated her corpse too, and, when the police found the woman, Lin, her neck was almost severed off, the police took Chang into the hospital, after they’d made sure he was okay, they charged him with murder.

The Suspect Chang Works in a Famous Accountant’s Office

The twenty-nine year old Chang is an actuary of the An-Hou Building Construction United Offices of Accountants, last year, from online, he’d met his girlfriend who works as a kindergarten teacher who was seven years his junior, six months ago, they’d started dating, he was loving to her, after June of this year when Lin graduated from an Education University in the middle regions, he’d rented a place for her in Taipei, they’d lived together a lot, and he’d even taken her home to meet his parents. Based off of understanding, last month, Lin wanted to break up, and, they still didn’t have a clean enough break, when they’d gone to Japan together at the start of this month, they got into an argument, Chang slapped her across the face, after they’d had sex together, Chang took out his cell, and forcefully took her nude photos without her consent, and as they’d returned to Taiwan, Lin threatened her, “If you have sex with me just once, I’ll delete the photograph”, Lin discovered how scary the man is, insisted on breaking up with him, but Chang couldn’t accept it at all, made numerous threats to kill her.

Stabbed His Girlfriend’s Neck, Chest and Abdomen a Total of FORTY Times

Yesterday at seven in the morn, as Lin was leaving for work from her rental place, Chang came to her and blocked her path, and, caught her on the way to work close to the Shisong Elementary School, and begged her to take him back, Lin used the excuse of she was in a hurry, and brushed him off, Chang took out a thirty centimeter fruits knife, and stabbed it toward her neck, chest and abdomen a total of over forty times, the woman’s windpipe was severed.  After the woman fell to the ground, he’d continued hacking her up, he’d even taken off her pants, and started licking her, then, put her pants back on, and held tight to her, hollering, “I won’t do it again!”

As the witnesses on the streets called it in, by the time the police got there, Chang had the knife against his own neck, pulled his shirt, slashed his own chest, the patrol officers made the gestures of pulling out their guns to get him to drop the knife, and cuffed him, made an arrest; the paramedics found Lin already dead, and that there were over ten wounds on Chang’s neck, chest, legs and arms, the police escorted him to the hospital, after he was arrested, he kept claiming that Lin belonged to him alone, that he will NEVER allow anybody ELSE to touch her.

“I’d Given Her ALL My Love, I Wanted to Die with Her”

“I really loved her so very much!”, Chang claimed, he’d been through several loves, and he loved this girl the most, but later, she turned cold, would no longer hold his hands or have sex with him, they didn’t argue at all, and he didn’t know what caused their break up, “I’d given her ALL my love, I wanted to die with her!”, toward the nude photos of her, he’d explained that he thought they’d made up on the trip to Japan, as they’d had sex, he’d used attempted to take their nude photos together, and she’d told him no, she’d touched his cell phone, and that, was how the shot was taken.

Chang is currently in the hospital, and ALL his vital signs are fine, the police already took his computer to check if there are nude photos.  As Lin’s mother ran to the police subprecinct, she’d spoken angrily, “It’s so unfair, if you wanted to hurt yourself, why don’t you just do so, you’d killed someone’s daughter, why didn’t you have the guts to kill yourself too?”

Here’s the “follow-up”…

Chang, with a master’s degree from N.T.U., after stabbing his girlfriend to death, he’d desecrated her body, then, acted like he was possessed, started stabbing himself, his crazed behaviors seemed to be psychotic symptoms of some sort, but after the doctors checked him out, they’d found NO history of mental illness, and the D.A. will have him checked out by a psychiatrist.  Police found, that Chang believed that he and his girlfriend had an affinity that started three thousand years ago, insisted on keep going with her, he had a very strong and forceful view toward loving her.

After the stabbing, the police attempted to get in contact with Chang’s mother, but her cell was already turned off, they only managed to get through to his older brother, who came to accompany him at the hospital; the police interviewed the neighbors, and found, that the Changs didn’t have any contact with them, and that they’re curious of the family’s background.

The police and firefighters pointed out, that based off of the traffic cam in Chang’s car, after he’d killed his girlfriend, he’d kneeled down by her body, covered in her blood, stripped her pants and her panties off, then, put his head between her legs, then, used the knife in his right hand, to cut himself; first, he’d slapped his own face with the blade of the knife, then, slashed his own necks, and he’d done that over ten times, and each time, he’d used more force.

Because Chang had a knife and was all worked up, as the paramedics arrived, they couldn’t get near, the two patrol officers rushed to the scene, Chang put the woman’s pants back on, lifted his head back up, continued mutilating himself; the two officers circled around him, approached him carefully, with their hands on their guns, hollered, “Put the knife DOWN!”, he’d let go of the knife, and wiped away the blood and the tears from his face.

Chang was taken to the Army’s General Hospital in Songshan, as they cuffed him, he looked out of it, the blood kept flowing from his neck, he looked in a daze; after they’d managed to stop his bleeding, he was taken to the psych ward, and the psychiatrist believed that he was sound, but there are still more steps needed to confirm this.

Chang claimed, after he’d returned from Japan, he’d accepted the fact they’d broken up, once when his girlfriend got a cold, and agreed that he went to accompany her, it gave him the hopes of getting back together, but she’d become cold toward him in the phones; the messages he’d left on her Facebook got deleted, in the end, she’d even changed her Facebook account information, he couldn’t accept this at all.

He said, about an hour before he’d committed the murder, he’d gone to where his girlfriend lived and waited, he’d wanted to “commit suicide in front of her”, but after they’d met, he couldn’t kill himself at all; because she was hurrying to work, she’d left and ignored him, he got angered by her actions, he’d started hacking her up.

The last post on Chang’s Facebook disclosed how he couldn’t let his love for her go, said that she will NEVER know how much he loved her, “How much affinity we must need, in order to love one another without the regrets?  I think, at least three thousand years, would sound ’bout right!”, the post pointed out, that he’d started fighting for the start, but couldn’t get the ending he desired, and if the heavens will allow, he would be willing to have another three thousand years of making himself better, so they could meet back up again three thousand years from now.

Yeah uh, that, would be the END of that PSYCHO’s statement all right!  This man, because he’d invested (yeah, we’re looking AT it from a “business’s angle” here) too much time, energy AND heart into loving this woman, and, when she didn’t want to reciprocate anymore, because, perhaps, she felt he was too controlling, who knows???  She wanted to sever the ties, and, she’d CUT him off completely, and that angered this kind of personality, and, this, is still NOT a murder out of love, this isn’t even L-O-V-E, because IF you really loved someone, then, you would want the other person to be happy, even IF s/he is NOT with Y-O-U, isn’t that right?  Or, am I on a totally different PLANE of reality compared to ALL of you out there???

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Why Would a Beauty Like Her, Be into a Beast Like You?

The noises are getting to the B-E-A-S-T these days, as soon as Belle had agreed, for her father’s sakes, to living in his castle…

Why would a beauty like her, be into a beast like you, the townsfolk all said, and, whenever the beast got bombarded with the townsfolk’s inquiries, he couldn’t find a reply.

Why would a beauty like her, be into a beast like you?  Because, because DESPITE my ugly looks on the outside, I still got me an amazing heart, and that, was what had made the beauty fall for a beast like me, yeah, just keep on telling yourselves that!

Why would a beauty like her, be into a beast like you?  Well, unless you got something that those AVERAGE LOSERS don’t, otherwise, I can’t think of a reason, why, a beauty like her, would be into a beast like you, so, what IS it that you got, that sets you apart, from the rest of T-H-E-M?

And, because the Beast knew that the Beauty was way too good for her, and so, he’d let her get away, with JUST about any and everything, and, everything she wanted, he’d given to her, and, the Beauty is now, in control, of the B-E-A-S-T, she’s gotten him on a TIGHT leash, don’t you know it!



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Getting a Hang of the Environment, Getting the Attention of the Child with ADHD Back Again

On dealing with a child with special needs, translated…

It’s been two weeks since school started, did the teachers at school tell you, that your child had become a “space cadet” in class, left her/his seat during lecture, or, getting into conflicts with her/his classmates?  At home, did your child get tired easily, of playing with just one kind of toy and constantly needed to switch around, and took endless hours, to finally complete that homework assignments, or showed a lack of patience too?  All of these behaviors, are called attention-deficit, or hyperactivity.

  • The Three Signs of Children with ADHD:

  1. Difficulties Focusing: for instance, the kid would look around the classroom a lot, stared into space, or, when doing her/his assignments, s/he just couldn’t focus on the tasks.
  2. Hyperactivity: constantly running around, could not sit still to finish one thing, like s/he has never-ending energies.
  3. Has Bad Impulse Control: Constantly disrupts in class by talking incessantly, would often get into someone’s conversations that were ongoing.

Normally, we could intervene, using one of two methods, and to find out exactly, WHY the child has difficulties, focusing, first, through the environment, second, through the child.

On the environmental front, the instructors can discuss with the parents, to see if there are overly stimulating things in the child’s environment, that’s causing her/him to get distracted easily?  Or, maybe, it’s the activities that lacked attraction to the child, couldn’t keep her/his attention at all?  Or, it may be a nutrition deficiency, that’s caused the child to be lack of attention.

As for the child her/himself, many kids who were diagnosed with ADHD also exert the symptoms of lack of balance, falling down easy, and having fine motor difficulties, and using items the wrong ways, such as not holding the scissors correctly, and, these kids may be diagnosed with sensory processing disorder.

SPD means, that when the child’s brain is processing information from the outside world, s/he couldn’t find the right way to act, couldn’t effectively sort through the messages s/he receives from the outside; and, would often show impulsivity, which would easily cause them to fall over, trip, when they’re being taught a new movement.

Through the interventions of an occupational therapist, based off of the child’s conditions, offering the sensory combination, or behaviorist therapy techniques, to allow the child, to interact, under different circumstances, helping the child deal with the stimulations so they can make the right decisions on how to respond, upping the child’s attention, to allow their behaviors to match up to the environments’ requirements.

And, working alongside the doctors and the professional therapist, to find out what, exactly, IS the cause of the child’s lack of attention, and offering the child the needed treatment, and encouraging the parents to get involved in the discussions of the treatment process, to help one know one’s own child better, and to incorporate the treatment processes into the child’s daily living routines, to help the child better adapt to life in school and at home too.

And, this, would be from the PATHOLOGICAL angle, but, from the EDUCATIONAL angle (mine!!!), I still say, that the kid who’s running around like a P-S-Y-C-H-O may be too intelligent for the average kid in her/his class, and, you DO know, that there’s a BETTER way of “describing” kids with ADHD, right?  It’s called Bodily-Kinesthetic, you MORONS!  STOP labeling your children as whatever, and, just sit back, observe them a bit, and, who knows, the answers you’re searching for just might BE right in front of your noses, and you just can’t see it!  Are you FUCKING kidding me, parents???

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