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GPS for Gays

Let me see, who’s in my vicinity that might be, interested, in hanging out with me here……….oh, I see that blinker, I’ll go there then!  Translated…

The first year of iPhone for me was 2007, my very first smartphone was Sony Xperia from 2012, the prevalence of smartphones in Taiwan back in 2014 got to seventy-percent of the population.  The smartphones combined with the GPS system, with the friendship apps were born, made the physical bodies into geography.  This turned the friendships of gale males upside down.  But, before-Smart to SmartPhones, the transitional phases, there’d been, a very short-lived website: GapMap.  The site is active during the “with the needs, but when the SmartPhones weren’t prevalent enough” back in 2010.  I was still not yet into my doctoral program, still lived with my boyfriend at a suite high up in a building.  My desk was in the midst of that penthouse, and, perhaps, due to the fengshui, I’d not, opened my field of vision, nor my life, wide, enough yet.

One day, my good friend, Doobe told me, that there was a website, GapMap, that I could see those who are…close to where I live—I’d tried register online, the image was like GoogleMap, but, with every person a dot, like the tacks on a map.  And, passing the Fuhe Bridge, there were, the highly inhabited region of Zhonghe and Yonghe, living up to its name of “first class warzone”, the map needed to be maximized, then, maximized, again, to see the gaps between the people.  There was a headshot like a sticker that’s, stuck on my head, I can’t remove it—looking at the face more closely, it seemed like that gay man on the twelfth floor, the one with the French dog.

something that’s like…this! found online

The Fengshui programs told that if the walls aren’t with light, our minds will always and forever be, closed.  And yet, there’s, only limited living spaces in the city.  I’d turned on the GayMap daily, like I was, opening the window, to see a wider, world, to resolve the problems of fengshui of my wall over my desk.  It’s just, that the location of the GayMap GPS, it’s based off of the individuals’ needs, I’d often seen Elvin, Dong, from someplace, hanging themselves above the Hsintien Creek often.  From upstream to downstream, the heads floated, like the ships of an ocean, very interesting, and malicious.  Looked like the people afloat, actually, they’d, swum out of the Red Sea, that was, a way of appearing too.  I’d not cared about cheating a lot, but, going north to south, south, to north, scanning from the origins of the creek, to the exit, it seemed, that I’d, immersed, completely, in water then.

My “field” discoveries ended, with the coming on of the SmartPhones, the friendship apps automatically set up the priorities for me based off of my geographical location in relation to others’, from near to far off.  There’s only a limit to the number of people whom you can see on this trial version of the app, there’s a dense population of gay people in Yonghe, I can’t get my cursor out of Anhe and Shuanghe Boroughs at all—the hands of the goddess that’s blocked up the Monkey King of the digital era.  My friend, Doobe who is out of the engineering majors, told me, that this isn’t difficult, there’s the false GPS system software.  We can be physically in Yonghe, but our minds, Thailand, before we travel abroad, we’d already, set up our location at the hotel we are to check in abroad, and, gotten along with those around us virtually, and, as we physically arrived we are, already, well, connected.  I’m completely taken now, the desks, the walls, and now, my imagination, became, limited.

And now, iPhone got to the fourteenth generation already, and, I’d still gotten reminded time to time of GapMap.  Maybe, it’s more like that gap, opening up this tiny hole in the times.   Can drag it with my hand, or, imagined a false location, I’d wanted to know the gay population in Zhoushan Island too, if there are passionate boys like me in Hai Phong, Vietnam, if there are Dongs who are like me, holding my location above a lake in Vieng Chan, Cambodia………………

So, this is how the invention of the internet, of programs like GoogleMaps, help people stay, connected, especially in this day and age, when face-to-face contact is next to impossible, especially due to the outbreak and all of that, we longed to connect, establish that sense of hey, I know you, “friend”, let’s hang out online, and see what sort of troubles we can get ourselves into, yada, yada, yada.  And these apps aren’t that bad, if you use them in the correct means, if you only use them for the sole purpose of socializing, and connection.

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Objectifying the Members of the Opposite Sex

This is really awful, with the stimuli we come across, every single day, hinting at sex!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In 2022, there was a striptease performed for the elderly in the Taoyuan Veteran’s Home to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, that’s caused the debates of what’s proper and what’s not.  And yet, there were the professional psychiatrists that claimed, “there’s nothing wrong with stripteases in the nursing homes”.  To get the demented elderly to react isn’t anything easy, while there’s a ton of visual stimuli from the stripteases, that will be quite effective on the senses.  The stripteases, and other sexual performances can’t exist as a part of the Taiwanese society and culture, other than the limitations placed on these by the law, morally, it’s gained its, bad reputation as well.

The developments of the communication apps, especially the cell phone games, to get the guys to play, to download, these programs would often “objectify women”.  And, in the virtual world of Meta, this is more prevalent even.  In the era where the sexes are created equal, “objectifying” had the negative overtones, and, it would be hinting at those who promoted this lacked in cultural standards; and, more severely, it would be called sexism and sexually-illicit.  But, how is “objectifying women” defined?  We are now, confronted with the hard to restrict, “the behaviors of the body as a form of expression in art”, because it’s too difficult, to separate between “art” and “pornography”, and there’s NO standards to go by.  For most, the understanding is this, if the work makes the viewer think about sex, then, it would be considered porn.  But, wouldn’t the paintings of nudes have the same effects to them?  It is truly, not easy, to identify, to define this, area of, gray.

Actually, the works of art can be pornographic too, that’s, a part of, life, no need to deny it.  Shakespeare, in writing the scene of the secret rendezvous of Romeo and Juliet, set a, role of the jester, Mercutio in the gardens, waiting, imagining what was happening between Romeo and Juliet.  Shakespeare told us, that humans have many different means of thoughts, there’s the different interpretations of what constitutes as sexually illicit, and what’s not.  The very first time that Juliet had sex with her Romeo, she was only thirteen.  The U.S. later set up the Romeo and Juliet Laws.  This law decriminalized the act of consensual sex of underage minors who wanted to have sex with each other, or that it’d reduced the act to a misdemeanor, that way, it would not end tragically like Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Shakespeare is a playwright, his scripts are used for performances onstage, to sell the tickets.  And so, his work would not only need to be fitting for all age groups, but, also, for those who aren’t, old enough to view, in order, to sell a ton of, tickets.  If you loved Shakespeare’s plays, that does NOT mean you’re cultured or with good tastes.  For Shakespeare wrote for the ordinary man, those who loved his work may be in love with how “vernacular”, how “ordinary” his plays were.  The key is in how Shakespeare is good with words, his play on them.  The audience with the purity of mind, loved his witticism; those who aren’t cultured, who are, less educated, loved the subliminal suggestions of sexual nature, and what they’re seeing, is, the play that, objectified, women.  His comedy, “Much Ado about Nothing”, with the dual meanings of the word, “nothing”, referring to sex, and objectifying women too.

If the creator of Meta can have the abilities of Shakespeare, can use the dual meanings of sexual references of words into the virtual realities, then, the objectifying of women will be elevated, to a, brand new level.  While, can the moral regulations, the laws in Taiwan, will it catch up to the current trends, and deal with the taboos of sex more, practically?

And so, this is how sex is everywhere, even when we’re unaware that we’d encountered it in our daily lives, because we’re all, drawn to it, everybody wants to peep, because that’s, just human nature, we want to peep into what’s tabooed, what we shouldn’t be looking at, and the more we are banned from these things, the more we are, drawn into them, because that, is just how human nature worked!

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Promise Me, Do, Spare Those Under the Keys

As these words of ours that we’re all posting online, might be, damaging…translated…

Recently a friend started a diner, other than being in awe of his cooking skills, I’d hoped, that I can do something for him, to help his shop run smoothly.  My friend didn’t ask for much, smiled and said, that if I’d used my articles to recommend his shop to the online community, that it may be the best form of, advertisement.  And so, I’d, tapped into my editorial skills from my work from before, wrote an article for him, and gladly, the article got the attention of a group of hundreds had posted things.

As we were both happy over this, I’d suddenly found, that my personal page hits surpassed thousands per day too, but, most of the comments, they were like friendly like they’d been before, instead, the trolls trolled us for making the shop look and sounded good, that the shop my friend owned, seemed like it would cheat the guests.  Some of those who made real troubles, left the messages of “the food, disgusting, and the prices, too expensive, while the owner of the shop was…well………”, then, my personal headshot got posted to the bottom of the posts, and, those “martyrs of justice” started attacking my “immoral behaviors”, criticizing about why I couldn’t do what I’d been “paid to” do, that I was, immoral in embellishing my friend’s shop, how I was, “cheating the people out of their money”, etc., etc., etc.

trolls online! like this, and this may be someone you know too! Illustration from online

It wasn’t that I’d never been bullied before, but, seeing how my headshot got cut, I started to panic for real, at the shortest time, I’d thought, that I had the photos of my family members on there too, could it be that they were also, attacked?  I’d felt apologetic toward my friend too, my good intention, got abused by the online community.

In the past, our culture taught us to be courteous to one another, to be kind to those whom we meet, and yet, the online world became, a secret headquarters, betting on how you can’t see me, and I can’t, see you either, the anonymity, I’m not who I say I am, and you’re not who you say you are either, forgetting, that behind the keyboards, there are, REAL live, human beings, the hearts that are, working really hard, to make the lives, count.  As our lives are, tied in to the internet, but, can we, in all the words we post online, put that empathy into what we’re, saying?

My friend did NOT blame me, but I’d still, taken a little more time, to get myself from under the glooms of the attack.  And I will, never try to, help my friends in, anything, anymore.

And so this, is how the internet affects people in a negative way, because there will always be, TROLLS, those sour masses, that are, commenting on what they really got no clue about, and, these words of “you suck”, or whatever, it hurt, and, especially if these bad words can spread like a wildfire too fast, burn through the online world, damaging the reputations, hurt the feelings of someone who don’t even know those who are targeted by the online community!  And this is really, B-A-D!

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Banning TikTok, Building a Great Wall of DDP?

The DDP’s, infringing our rights to use TikTok, and using that valid excuse of how it would be, addictive for younger generations of children, and that it would cause our personal information to get, stolen by the hackers, and the DDPs reason for banning it would be???  It was developed by, C-H-I-N-A, simple as that.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

TikTok had been the focus these days, from the addictions to the platform of younger generations of students or from the considerations of personal data safety, this may be, debatable, but, the head of Digital Developments, Tang said, the Executive Department is going to discuss this matter on the means of national security, with other departments of the government too, getting all of the offices of the departments of the government involved, is this, for the sake, of setting up the great wall of the, DDP here?

Tang stated, that the government already placed the restrictions of the public offices from downloading and using software such as TikTok, that if the government agencies wanted to become closed in in banning certain websites on the internet, the people can’t have any say in it; but she said “the authorities believed, that TikTok presents danger to national security”, and it’d made us all worried, that the excuses of “national security” will soon become “uncontrolled”, and the government now dips its filthy hands into the people’s uses of their cell phones and computers and laptops too.

like, this! Photo from online

The reason for banning TikTok, there’s the saying of, “as TikTok sounded off, the parents are, at wits’ ends”, meaning, that TikTok is addictive to the adolescents; but, banning TikTok, the younger generations are going to find alternatives, the online games, the friendship platforms, wouldn’t they get addicted to those too?  Not using the means of education as prevention means, to tackle the matter of internet addictions, just wanted to kill off a platform, it’s worse than sawing off the arrows from the arrows being shot out of bows.

There’s also the “cultural invasions” that are being considered here too, then, would not the Japanese, the Korean influences in the media be the exact same too?  And, hadn’t the president, Tsai also been following the soaps on the fights of the inside of the emperors’ palaces too?  Even the legislator, Lin who spoke against TikTok also, has a TikTok account too!  Another case of, “the DDP can, but we the people, can’t!”.  To the claims that using TikTok constitutes as “spreading the false news, and using cognitive manipulation warfare”, doesn’t Facebook, LINE pose the same risks as well?

There are the multitudes of various perspectives from various social media, platform, posted from the various sides, that is the collective of the digitized visual industries, it’s not surprising, that there would be, the false news mixed in them, but, there are, the creative agencies, the business opportunities in these too, Tang can not bring down the name of “digital development department” by banning TikTok.  With the huge cannon of “national security”, does the DDP want to, turn Taiwan into, North Korea?

Because TikTok is developed by China (“our ENEMY!!!”), that’s why this god damn dictatorship of the DDP is, trying to ban the downloading, the usage of it here, and that’s just shit, how far can these authoritarians go, in controlling, we the people’s, lives, and how far can the people allow, those mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) authoritarian, dictators, to rule over our lives here?  Well, apparently, we the people, still ain’t had enough of the TOUGH hands of the DDP Y-E-T!

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The Sexually-Illicit Footages Gone Viral, Getting Passed Around, with the “Multiples of Damaging Effects”

How cyberbullying is still NEXT to impossible to stop, in this, high-tech age, and how the law does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Leaks, the Forwarding, the Viewing Online is Enabling, the Legislators Called for an Amendment, to Set up a Specialized Unit to Remove the Images Completely OFFLINE

There’d been an influx of cases of sexual violence footages being found, there’d been an increase of 876 case involving children and adolescents from 2019 to 2021.  The experts stated, every time that these footages get watched or forwarded, it’d a damage, the victims keep on getting “raped repeatedly”.  The legislator,

Wang called out that other than amending the laws, there should also be a unit in the government set up especially to tackle this matter, to ensure that the images, the footages had been, erased completely on and offline.

Based off of understanding, the sexual image violence cases involving the age group of eighteen to seventy-four is continuing on at four-percent, but, there are not that many who came out to ask the law enforcement units for help.  The professor from social policies and sociology, Wang stated, that the sexual assault victims may only get assaulted once in a lifetime, but the effects of the violence is for life, and the damages of those who were caught on tape getting assaulted, multiplies, this is even harder to break from, the post-traumatic stress.

The victims interviewed of the sexual violence footages, because everybody on the streets had seen the videos, they’d not dared disclosed what happened to them to anybody else, worried that the others may blame them, “you were the ones to have consented to get taped”, if the perp is one person, then, the enablers of this assault by footage is infinite, not only the one who’d leaked the footages out, those who’d viewed the footages, those who’d forwarded the footages, are all, enablers.

Wang stated, the filmed are usually enticed, inexperienced, mostly were “tricked”, of the adolescent age group, some perps used the titles of job offerings, companionship charts, getting the victims dressed in next to nothing, then, getting the victims to strip themselves to completely nude.  The victims are primarily females, but, the number of male victims are on the rise too now.

The counselor, Chen stated, that the cases of sexual violence were more prevalent in the less functional families, but with the internet, this form of digital violence had already spread to every single household, and any age can be victimized.  Especially children and teen, they are the group that needs close attention, the victims may find it hard to disclose what happened to them, the families, and schools need to be more sensitive to the signs, to note the behaviors that seemed off for a child.

Wang stated, the laws to prevent digital violence here in Taiwan is not as advanced compared to other countries’, it’d still not yet specified the class behaviors of what constitutes as illegal here.  Until the start of this year, the Executive Department only started listing out the specifics, there are still many details that needed to get written out, a ton of rules that needed amending, hope, that the government doesn’t just set up the rules, but also, find effective ways to enforce the laws, to prevent more victims from being abused, to effectively, STOP the streaming live footages and the footages going viral.

And so, this god DAMN government DARE pride itself for being advanced in the laws to prevent the invasions of privacy, setting up and passing those, anti-stalker laws, yada, yada, yada, and yet, it does, absolutely, N-A-D-A, to prevent the abuse of victims who’d been raped, molested, and captured on tape, and now, the footages of these, sexual violence, with the victims’ faces not blurred out, are going, to spread all over the internet!  Yeah, we’re, advanced all right: advanced, on falling behind HUMAN rights, and the protection of the victims of these, crimes of sexual nature!

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The Increases in Identity Thefts, the KMTs Called Out to the Government to Patch Up the Holes in the Systems Quickly

How easily, for even, the higher up government officials to get their personal information misused and stolen by the hackers, and that’s with, a high-end, security system that they’re currently using, now, imagine, if it’s that easy for the government officials’ information to get stolen, how our information can be stolen and misused, even more, easily!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Words are that Twenty-Three Million Personal Data Had Gotten Sold, with Lai and Gu Listed as Among Them

An account online “OKE” claimed that it’s selling over 23 million pieces of personal information of users in Taiwan, with a lot of the people leaving messages that they wanted to buy, this was on the BreachForums discussion board.  The legislator from KMT, Hsieh stated yesterday, that the digital development department of the offices of internal affairs told yesterday, that their system was NOT hacked, but, there were the anonymous hackers who’d compared the data, and it’d shown, that the information was close to identical to the data in the database of the local land offices’, with the personal information of the vice president, secretary of NSA, Gu, and the head of economics, Wang in them.

The digital development department stated, the government, followed the “information communications secured management” edicts of the varied levels of security.  That the massive amounts of personal data from the citizens, they’d set up the drills to prevent the hacking, and the real-life means of prevention of getting hacked, that it takes one to two months, for these drills to be completed to set up the needed protections of the security of our personal data every year.

The KMT head recruit, Tseng told since 2019, there’d been 674 cases in regards to national security data breach, and there’s that consistent hike in the cases per year, including the Postal services, and more than ten thousand personal data getting leaked out from the department of foreign affairs in 2017, and there’s the over 23 million personal data files leaked out just this past November.

And, there were the cases of hackers hacking into the data files on the rise too, getting more and more serious.  The hackers are getting bolder and overboard, the government can’t just sit and do nothing about this.

Toward the claims of the selling of personal data by OKE, the offices of internal affairs and the digital development department both told, that it wasn’t the land offices that got hacked, some said, that the files leaked are exactly identical to the 2020 “Toogod” hacking files; but, based off of the anonymous reports, and in comparing the “OKE” files, the complete household registry, with the I.D. numbers listed, that’s all, brand, new.

Based off of the claims of the anonymous hacker, the data being sold contained personal information of the vice president, Lai, Gu, and Wang, the head of economics, it’d become a matter of national security, calling out to the DDP, to start zooming in on the matter of attacking the opposing party, and start, tackling this serious matter now.

The legislator of the KMT, Lai told, that there are nine hundred openings of the national government employees of the high-tech departments, the head of state, Su told that the department was going to outsource to get the workers filled, he’d suspected that the matter data security can be “outsourced”?  Both the president, Tsai and the head of state, Su are using the mottos to run the country, he’d demanded the government to see these data breach as a matter of national security, to try to BLOCK it off.

Yeah, and this still just showed, how INCOMPETENT the DDP government is, on this matter too!  I mean, it is the government’s job, to try its best, to protect the government owned and operated systems from being HACKED, and yet, see how many data breaches, the higher up government officials’ names, personal data are being, misused?  That just showed, how dangerous it is, for ordinary people like you and I, because if the government officials higher up get their personal data, identities, stolen, how easy it would be, for you and I, to get our personal information stolen?  And this is still a top-down problem, because the system was NOT set up securely enough at the very top, that’s why, it trickles down…

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The YouTuber Lost Another Case, Claiming that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Mass Shooting was a Scam, Mandated to Pay Another $3.07 Billion

Like this god damn world isn’t, already MESSED up enough, and we still got these, CONSPIRACY theorists, spreading the rumors around???  Yeah, this LOSER (still not calling names here!) DESERVED to pay up, and serve that long jail sentence for, libel and slander, for spreading the unfounded rumors all right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The founder, Jones of the conspiracy theory based right wing website, “Infowars” claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting from eight years ago is a scam, to get the congress to pass the gun control bill.  His words angered the families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims to sue for libel and slander, the jury from Connecticut on the twelfth found Jones lost, and he needed to pay $956,000,000 U.S.  Jones’s attorney will appeal this.

This was Jones’s second loss, from before a jury in Texas already found that Jones need to pay the families of a six-year-old child who’d died $49,300,000 to the family of a six-year-old child who’d died in the shooting.

The 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting caused twenty students, six teachers to lose their lives, and yet, Jones kept claiming that this is the fake news that the gun control groups and the new media made up, that there WAS, no massacre, the goal of this is to get the congress to pass the gun control bills.

Many of the parents of the students who were killed started suing Jones for libel and slander in Texas and Connecticut, and one of the first FBI agent who got to the scene, sued him in Connecticut too, and testified in court.

the protesting outside his court trial…photo from online

Some of the victims’ families testified on the stand, that for over the years, they’d been, harassed by supporters of Jones, getting the death threats regularly.  The supporters of Jones had even made the fake videos of how the elementary students who were killed were living elsewhere.

As the jury in Connecticut came out with a verdict, Jones wasn’t in the courthouse, but in his show, he’d barked back, “everything was set up, it’s very funny, this is, the leftwing politicians, completely, out of control!”

Jones’s attorney stated, because the amount is way higher than they’d expected, he will be fighting for an appeal.

In the trial, although Jones admitted on the stand, that he was wrong about Sandy Hook, but he’d still, used the court as a performance stage, mocked the justice, and the procedural proceedings of the court, and called his case an insult to his right to free speech, that it’s the conspiracy of the Democrats and the news media, with the primary goals of, bankrupting him.

The district attorney’s expert witness testified, that Jones and his Infowars’s mother company, Free Speech Systems, used the large scale massacres to attract their audiences, to earn millions of dollars.  A financial expert in the trial in Texas testified that Jones and his company is worth over $27 million U.S.

In April of this year, as Jones learned that he will be faced with the huge amounts of money, he and his company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy with the Federal District Court in Southern Texas already, to protect his own assets.

And so, this is how the Republican supporters work, just like the DDP here, they spread the unfounded rumors, with the FACTS pointing the OTHER direction, and they’re still, libeling and slandering, delusional, believing that they’re right, and yeah, we are all, letting, these, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) run our separate countries here.

Wow, we the people are, STUPID all right!


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With the Whole City, Looking for a Missing Child with Autism, a Treasure Map of Memories

Thanks to FB, and the members who uses FB, making the recovery of this autistic boy easier, translated…

The Following Morn When She Woke & Had Calmed Back Down, Wanted to Sit Down with Her Son, and that was When She’d Found Him Gone, as Was the Piggy Bank He’d Put His Allowances in Too………

Late one evening, the phone at the office rang, it was a single mother who lives in Taichung, she was hurried and anxious stricken, asked us to help find her son back.

She’d divorced because her husband was abusive, and ever since, she’d been, working hard to care for her young on her own.  The boy had autism and Tourette’s, and needed even more time and mind to care, but, no matter what, he was her own son, and no matter how hard, she’d, bitten down, and worked hard to give her own son the economic stability, as well as her physical companionship.

It’s just that, no matter how great the mother’s love, there’s only just, her alone, and she’s faced with the hardships of livelihood and caring for her own young, and, it’s only natural, that she too, has her emotions, after a day’s worth of hard work, arriving home, faced with her son who didn’t want to hear her teaching, became hard to communicate with, she’d, lost it, and gotten angry at her own son.

The following morn as she’d slept the night off, and calmed down, wanted to have a talk with her son, she’d found, that he was, gone, and the piggy bank that he’d put his allowances in was too…………she’d worried, that her adolescent son had, ran away from home!

She couldn’t find him close by to home, and immediately gone to the police to report him missing, and yet, for seven days, no news.  And, as she was on her way home, she saw the ad of our agency, and so, with that tiny hope, she’d, called us.

Hearing her voice on the other end of the line, I could feel this single mother’s anxiousness and her worries, but because it was already late, even if I started looking for her son, it wouldn’t be, fruitful.  So I can, only record down the information of this child, and promised his mother, that we will, get right on it, the next morn bright and early.

To tell the truth, although, finding the missing persons, catching someone cheating, and tailing someone, are the three biggest businesses of the private investigators’ agencies, but, finding the missing persons is the lowest in charges, with the highest level of, difficulty, with a very low, rate of, success, because there’s not enough leads to go on.  And, even if we can get into the special resources that we’re entitled to gain, it’s normally, quite, unsuccessful.  But this mother’s cries, resonated in my ears, and it’d, made me feel bad for her………

I’d thought hard for the entire night, and, analyzed the best way to approach this problem, and, sorted through my own feelings of worries, waited until the morn, I’d, called my coworkers, to discuss this particular case, swiftly got the information of this kid out, had all hands on deck, working this case, asked them to pay mind to this; the officemates knew the police office in Taichung, and their friends, and asked them to pay attention; those who are active on the internet, sent out the missing persons’ notice on FB, after they’d gotten the okay for the posts with the managers of the groups.

And I knew too well, that this, is all we’re, able to, do, the following was to, just, wait, wait, and wait, and wait, endlessly………

If we’re lucky, maybe, someone will, bump into, this kid.  If not, then, we can only tell this, single mother, that we’d done the best we could—and that, was the situation I hated the most.

Maybe, it was because I’d not lived with my mother growing up, I couldn’t defend myself against “a mother’s tears”.  In our past cases, whenever there’s a mother who’d come asking, I’d worked my best, to help them out, and it didn’t matter if the cases were next-to-impossible, I’d forced myself to do it until “there’s nothing more that I can do”.

Watching how my coworkers posted the FB fans page of our office the missing person’s ads, I’d stressed on which ways there are still, to help us recover the teen.  At this time, a pop-up came on FB, the missing persons’ notices get a lot of hits, we can place an ad, to get this post out to more people out there.

Normally, I’d felt, that this was FB’s spin of getting us to place the ads with them.  But at this time, I’d suddenly had a brand new thought: “isn’t FB ads regional?”

illustration from

we finally found him!

I’d done a minor experiment first, found that my theories were, correct, then following, I’d immediately started discussing the matters with my officemates who are in charge of the ads.  Through the ads systems of FB, I’d posted the “Missing Person” ad of my company’s fan pages onto the clientele of Taichung areas, hoping to get more usable, helpful information.

Everything went well, not long thereafter, the fans group started receiving the help from the members of the online community: there were those who’d called us to ask for more details of the case, said that they would be happy to head out onto the streets to look for the child, from McDonalds, the train stations, the local parks, there were sightings of the boy it’d seemed.

Based off of the reports of those who are out looking, this kid, as soon as he’d realized that someone was zoomed in on him, he’d run off, and, it’d, made all of these helpful people from online feel, defeated.

“Don’t feel like that, your message is great help to us already”, every time I’d read the responses of the online community, we’d showed our gratitude for their assistance.  This isn’t courtesy, it’s, the truth, because although these individuals weren’t able to stop the kid from running off, but, through the entire mapping systems, we could already, see a pattern of where he’d run to and from.

I’d opened up the map for the metro of Taichung, and, started mapping out the routes based off of the reports from the online community, to guess at where this kid will show up to next, and, sent my coworkers out to the regions.

Early the following morn, someone from online told, that he’d sighted the child in front of the train station.  The coworkers who were right in the close vicinity went there immediately.  Not long thereafter, I received a call, “Bo, we’d, found him!”

The coworker told, that the child was cared for by the local homeless population.  Being on his own for days on end, he’d become, fatigued and too hungry, but, his physical health and mental states were both, fine.  As I’d heard this, I’d finally, felt, relieved.

And this was, the only time I wanted to thank Zuckerberg.  A platform online, had helped the people tapped into their own kindness, their passions, and it’d helped a single mother relieved of her worries for her son.

I’d never thought of using the ads as a missing person’s, and, trying it out, it’d, yielded the outcomes we wanted.  But, if Zuckerberg can change that god DAMN algorithm, and give us back our, normal number of hits, I shall be more grateful to him for it.

And so, this is how FB had, helped in the recovery of this autistic child who’d, run away from home, and this still showed, how the internet can be helpful sometimes, and, the boy was returned to his mother, safe and sound, without a scratch, thanks to the local communities, the online communities, that all chipped in to help recover him, and send him back to his mother.

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The “Double Agents” of Cognitive Warfare of the Government

Yeah, playing BOTH sides, from, behind the computer screens, that’s a new one by the DDP here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Cognitive warfare” had been abused, and overused by the DDP to the extremes now; all the criticisms toward Tsai’s government or the DDP, the government’s censoring, can all be, filed under “cognitive warfare”.  What’s worth noting was, the member of the policy committee, Chang elevated cognitive warfare onto, another, higher, level.

The star, Rainie Yang Cheng Lin two months ago appeared on a programming in China, mentioned how “extravagant it was to have seafood in Taiwan” and the online community started hitting her hard, even the offices of internal affairs, the cultural department, all trolled on her.  But, due to the timing, as the truth slowly came up to the surfaces, the attacks died down soon enough, and the Office of Internal Affairs issued an apology, changed their posting, the DDP was, beaten, this time.

But, Chang put a brand new focal point on the matter, suspected that the hits on Yang may have been started by the Red Armies of China in “cognitive warfare”.  He said, if the Communists were behind this, it’d shown, how well they knew Taiwan’s means, that they had the ability to get the “online communities in Taiwan, and lead them to wherever it wanted the Taiwanese to go”.  In other words, what made the DDP eat dirt in this, wasn’t it’s own mismanipulation of the matter, but “falling into the traps of the Communist Net Army’s Cognitive Warfare”.

how it takes just one mind, to exert the influences on many, other minds, as the many other minds ca’t decide for themselves! Photo from online

This, is, questionable, however.  The Tsai government’s pounding down on “cognitive warfare from across the straits”, had only been limited to those who’d given kudos to China, criticized Taiwan or the Tsai government; and now, even “the DDP’s manipulating the net armies unsuccessfully” got interpreted as “China’s cognitive warfare on Taiwan”.  Based off of this logic, then, the head of internal affairs, Hsu, he must be a spy for the Communist government from China who’d infiltrated here then?

And to this point, the family of cognitive warfare had grown larger still.  What’s ongoing now, is the “cognitive warfare”, the policy of the Tsai government is “using the false claims of going against the cognitive warfare, to make cognitive warfare happen”, and now there’s the “failed cognitive warfare being interpreted as China’s cognitive warfare on Taiwan”.  And, there’s only the government led by Tsai in this entire world, that’s able to, spin cognitive warfare into double-spy agent stories.

Yeah uh, this still just showed, how the DDP manipulated the masses, as they were about to get busted, sending those messages trash-talking this country by their own net armies, and spin it like it’s from the other side of the straits, China, and that just goes to show, how it is, when the online believers follow their leaders to a fault, and what’s worse, is that these rumors continued to spread, and sway the masses, as election time nears, at the end of the year.

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Fifteen-Percent in the Leaks of Intimate Photos are From Someone You’d Been Intimate With

Knowing this as a FACT, we still can’t, help but share those, photos of intimacy we share with one another, why is that?  Oh yeah, because we’re in, L-O-V-E!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao’s nude photos by her ex-boyfriend, Lin leaked out, and he’d used that to extort, to threaten her, the T.V. personnel, Hsieh’s X-rated albums leaked, based off of statistics, only thirty-nine percent of the victims with their sexual photos leaking out are willing to call the police, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations protective unit announced the initiation of “Taiwan protective sexual photo defense system”, working along with the Department of Health & Welfare, the social workers will assist the victims to get their sexual photos off the internet.

Chang of the protective agency of the Department of Health & Welfare stated, that the “Private Me Project” was on a trial basis last year, there were up to fifteen victims with their sexual photos leaked out online who sought help from the department, there’d been 109 calls, the photos were posted to as many as 821 sites, with as many as twenty-seven accounts online, the photos were leaked out of.  The analysis found that from January to July this year, the victim population make up were seventy-four percent females, twenty-two percent males, mostly were between ages of nineteen to twenty-five, and, there were elderly victims in the seventies as well.

Sixty-eight percent of the leakage came from unknown, uncertain individuals, fifteen-percent from current or ex lovers, two percent from friends of the victims, or from the self-loaded onto the websites.  Chang stated, the unknowns were mostly from the secret filming after a one-night-stands, there are three major reasons for the under reported numbers of these victims, worry that they may be shunned by the society, that there are no means to seek out help, worried that the sexually-illicit photos can’t get taken off the web.

Chang analyzed, that there are more and more victims of “nude chats”, the online games or the friendship apps are used to gain the trusts of the victims, as the victims started using the webcam to chat, the perps would prod first, and, as the victims are willing to strip in the chat, they would be taped, and, the footages will be used to threaten the victims.

Chang said, do NOT believe that the nude photo of someone you see is real on the other end, as the filters of the cell phone photo programs can be used to edit the photos nowadays, do NOT send photos of yourselves nude to anybody else, including your significant, intimate partners.

There’d been the prevalence of case of leaks in nude photos of late, the Department of Sanitation Welfares pushed forth the “online sexual violence protection program” for the victims, setting up the “Private ME Plan” team, offering the victims to file the complaints, to get the sexual photos off the internet and get deleted, along with the afterwards legal consulting means too.

The “Private Me” work alongside seven locally operated foundations, the social media, Meta, with Meta supplying the “Stop NCII” system, switching the sexually illicit photos to accessible by digital fingerprint, as the searches on similar content had been found on the platform, they would, immediately, pull it off the shelves, the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations hoped that more online platforms can come onboard, to prevent the spread of the private photos, the sexually illicit footages from leaking all over the internet.

And so, this is the government’s attempts to help stop the nude photos from leaking all over the internet, and, would it work, maybe, but only to a certain extent, because you’re NOT cutting off the sources of the supplies, as this is still the matter of supply and demand, because there’s a demand for these sexual SHIT, there’s always going to be the suppliers, and, who would know, that when we’re lovey-dovey with each other, sharing those kisses, strokes, fucks or whatever, that one day, we may not be together anymore, and, one of us (or both), would use those photos of sexual matters we shared from before, to get back at each other, for the sake of, revenge?  We can’t be sure of that.

So, the BEST way of preventing this sort of SHIT, is, do NOT share your nude photos with anyone, not even your lovers, and, what goes on in the bedrooms, should always stay in the bedrooms, like how I’d told my boys???  Yeah, uh-huh.

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