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Only Sent the Nude Photos to One Other Person, Lin Got His Charges Dropped for Another Case

Yeah, so it’s punishable by “quantity”, instead of, “quality” then?  That makes it, a whole lot better, that he’d, only, passed the nude photo of his own ex-girlfriend, the legislator, Kao to one other person…are you, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) shitting me???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lin, due to the case of abuse of the legislator, Kao was indicted on eight counts, the case is currently pending trial at the Hsinbei District Court, Kao also sued him for public indecency for passing the photo of one of his ex-girlfriends online, the Hsinbei District Court believed, that Lin only sent the photo to one other friend, that there was no intention of passing the photos out online, dropped the charges.

Kao, the legislator told her representing attorney, Lee, that the district attorney’s office was unreasonable in the case, that if based off of the fact, that the photos were sent to only one other person, it doesn’t constitute as spreading the sexually-illicit materials around, then, all the cases of the nude photos gone viral will not make the charges of “spreading of sexually-illicit photographs”, “this does NOT match to the morale of this country’s laws.”

Because of Lin’s physical violence toward Kao, he was charged with forgery, obstruction of secret, unlawful custody, forced act, defamation, obstruction of computer uses, assault, threats, a total of, eight charges.  The Hsinbei D.A.’s Office found him suspicious of all eight, that there’s proof that he may collaborate his statements, that he will repeatedly offend, on the twenty-first, kept him in police custody for two more months.

Kao found then, that other than her own sexually-illicit photos, Lin also had the sexually-illicit photos of his exes, that Lin used the communication apps to pass the photos to others he knew, she’d reported to the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office, that Lin was in suspicion of spreading and possession of lewd photos and footages.

Lin claimed this was slanderous, that the photos he received were from the women themselves, that back then, his friend, Lee mentioned how he shared private things of his wife, that was why he’d sent the lewd photos to Lee, that he’d not sent them to anybody else.

And, the district attorneys confirmed that the photos were sent to only Lee by Lin, that there were, no other recipients, that it’d not constitute as “spreading the lewd materials”, that there’s no reasonable doubt, that Lin had committed this crime, dropped the charges.

The attorney, Liu found, that the D.A. viewed this case from a practical and traditional means, and, the penal codes of this particular law was to protect the good in society, not on the invasions of privacy.  The attorney Lin interpreted, even if it’s just one on one, sending the lewd materials to three or more, it constitutes as public indecency.

Lee believed, that whether or not there’s an intention, only the individuals know, that legally, there are, only, the objective review of evidence, Lin admitted having the sexually illicit footages, and admitting to sending it to one other person, “doesn’t that constitutes as intentionally spreading and possession” then?

So, this, is on how the various attorneys interpreted the matter of this loser’s (b/c that is what he is!) behaviors of sharing the sexually illicit photos with his pals, and it don’t matter how many other persons you shared these photos of intimacies with, even if it’s just to brag to your best friend on hey, I had this one, it’s still against the law, but, the laws are defined, too, loosely here, with NO specification of the exact words of what constitutes as legal or not, that’s why, there are still these holes, that the defense will drill into, to help the individuals who hired them to get off easy.

And the law here, still doesn’t do SHIT for the invasions of privacy, to protect those individuals who shot their own nudes to send to the people they’re in love with, and these people are, just, way too, mother @#$%ING (maxed out!), stupid to boot too.

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In the Face-Switch Case, the Primary Suspect, Yu Pleaded Guilty & Sought Mediation in Her Sentencing

The verdict, of the woman, who’d, used someone else’s face in a photo, with the nude bodies that’s of another, and, the hammer came down on her!  On crimes and punishment, cyberbullying here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The famed YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and his twenty-two-year-old assistant, Chuang, used the face-switch capabilities of high tech devices, produced the pornographic footages, putting the famed actresses, youtubers, politicians, and sold the footages for a huge profit of over $13.38 million N.T.s, they were charged on aggravated slander, obstruction of social order, and violating the personal data protection act, indicted.  Yesterday was the first day of the trial at Hsinbei District Court, Chu admitted to the guilty pleas, the case went into simplified trial mode, because there were too many victims, the judge decided to call them all one by one to the stand, to see if mediation can be achieved.

with this sort of an effect

photo found online, only with the sexually illicit images in this particular case!

After the court ended the sessions, “Yu” walked out of the courthouse, and faced the pressed, “I’d admitted to my own wrongdoings, and I want to offer my most sincere apologies to all of my victims”, and bowed to apologize to all the victims.

The district attorneys believed, “Yu” and Chuang, for their own personal profits, abused the technology, made the pictures of 119 women into sexually illicit footages via cut and paste, and, shared the photos online repeatedly, causing even more damages to the victims, and had, selected their victims via a voting call online, objectifying women; but, considering how the two suspects admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A. advised the courts to confiscate all the earnings from their crimes, and charged them with violation of other people’s privacy, asked the courts to give them both a sentence that fitted to their, crimes.

The victims included Kao, the legislator, the city councilwoman from Kaohsiung, Huang, Huang, who was a former spokeswoman for the mayor’s office of Taipei, and there were those in the movie/entertainment industries, Jolin Tsai, Cheng, Kuo, as well as YouTubers too.  But the president, Tsai, who was said as a previous victim wasn’t among those who’s photos were misused.

The Hsinbei District Court prepared the case, with “Yu” pleading guilty in court, hoping to reach a settlement agreement with all of the victims; the judge presiding told “Yu”, the next time the court is in session all the victims will all get called to come up all at once, to see which ones are willing to settle through mediation.  “if the perpetrator receives enough forgiveness from the victims, the sentences will reduce by a great deal”.  The next hearing is scheduled for June third.

And hopefully, these “victims”, don’t forgive this individual easily, after all, this, is easily done all over again, I mean, you can, just, cut and paste someone’s head onto someone (or something!) else’s body, and, spread it out online, and, there’s no set law, to prevent this sort of using the internet to bully, to defame, to paste some famous person’s head to a naked woman (or a man)’s, body here.

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Sold the DeepFake Video Footages from Online, Made Millions of Dollars Illegally, Yu Indicted on Three Counts

Taking cyber sex crimes, one more step, farther, with the DeepFake app here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were 119 Victims, the A.I. Deepfake Technologies were Abused in Areas of Sexual Cyberbullying, and the Calls of Amendments to Protect Came About as Well

The famous YouTuber, “Yu”, Yu-Cheng Chu used the Deepfake technologies to make the porns, and sold them off online, switched the faces of famous female actresses, the YouTubers, politicians too, onto the bodies of the porn stars, there were 119 victims so far.  The Hsinbei D.A.’s office charged Chu and her male assistant, Chuang on charges of public indecency, slander, and breaking the laws on personal data protection, suggested to the courts to confiscate the total earnings of $13.38 million N.T.s they’d made illegally; the YouTuber, “Smiley”, the woman, Ye, had been dropped from the charges due to lack of evidence.

The D.A. found, that Chu and Chuang, for their own private means, abused the techniques of A.I. made the fake photos of women up, produced the hard-to-tell real videos of sexually illicit means, and shared the videos online, that it’s caused irreparable damages to the victims, and had gone online to poll the public who they wanted to see, objectifying women, causing sexual violence online, as well as cyberbullying, that the damages they’d done were, enormous, beyond calculations, and, considering how both admitted to wrongdoing, the D.A.’s Office had asked the courts to give them the sentences they deserve.

The Deepfake case, brought out the amendments of the laws against cyberbullying.  On the tenth, the Executive Department passed the amendment of the obstruction of sexual privacy and the falsified images, producing of spreading the sexually illicit images of another that were false, with the heaviest sentence of five years and if the perpetrators attempted to make money, then, the heaviest sentences would be increased to seven years.

The head of justice department, Tsai told, that the amendments were to protect the rights of the victims’ privacy, that members of the public should NOT, without the consents, film or spread the sexually illicit images of other people, and reiterated that the members of the public need to be on the alert, to know if the footages were Deepfake, to not produce, nor spread the false videos, to protect the privacies and the rights of others, to make the online world, safer.

the DeepFake programs, someone else’s body with your face, or your body with someone else’s, face…photo from online

The police and D.A. found, that Chu in July two years ago, started up the Twitter Fans page of “Taiwan YouTuber Face-Off”, later changed the name of the group to “Taiwan YouTube Sensation Videos Synthesis”, recruited the members of the online community to get into the Telegram group, with the charges of eight hundred dollars per member gaining the regular memberships, that they can watch the footages, upgrading to VIP with paying for $1,900N.T. in membership, the individuals can watch the long films, and attracted 4,500 individual to get the memberships.

Chuang first downloaded the images of the victims to start of, then, Chu cut off the face using internet, switched the faces to the sexually illicit footages, the victims included the Taipei City’s legislator, Kao, the city councilwoman, Huang, the Taipei City Spokeswoman, Huang, a total of 119 victims, of these eighty-three had pursued their cases on the criminal fronts.

Last October, the Detective Agency last October took Chu and two others into custody.  Chu and Chuang admitted to the crimes, claimed “it was fun, and it gets the volumes of the visitors to the website higher”; Chu’s girlfriend, Ye, denied her involvement, claimed that she cohabited with him, but they had separate rooms to work in, that she was unclear of what he made, Chu also claimed that he’d not told his girlfriend either.

And so this, is how the “face-off” technologies, exacerbated the cyber sex trade, because, there’s, no way any of us can prevent someone else from taking our headshots, that’s why this is an easy crime to commit, and, even if these perps were caught, there’s no telling how far these, falsified sex photos of our heads, with naked bodies that aren’t ours to begin with, got to, and there’s the need for an even harsher punishment for these sorts of crimes, slaps on the wrists will, no longer do, as this will, become, the primary means that crimes are committed now, with everything getting, exchanged from online, any one of us can be targets.

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The Internet Public Trials Damaging the Trusts Between Students & Instructors

How the internet worsened the students’ relationship with their teacher who’d gone off on them, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The conflicts of Taichung’s First High School teacher and student struck up the debates, in recent years, there were similar things that had happened in the schools all around.  Some instructors believed, that the most important thing is still how the instructors needed to shift their views on discipline, and being more flexible, along with how to communicate with this brand new generation of human beings.  Some of the instructors worried, that in the future, if the students and parents felt that the teacher was bad, then, they’d cried out to the internet, and this may be twisted into a form of “private justice”, which will damage the trusts between the school instructors with the parents and the students.

The middle school principal from Miaoli, Lin told, that there’s very low transfer rate of the teachers in his school, that in the long-term teaching means, and the interactions of day to day with their students, if the instructors aren’t self-aware enough, then, they would easily miss the part of their own emotional control in the given situations.  The elementary school instructor, Chang, who was a head of student affairs told, that more importantly, is the elevating of the knowledge of the instructors’ means of teaching, and the changing of their disciplines of the students, and their own flexibilities of personality.

with the accessibility of the internet, everybody is a member of the “jury”….

photo from online

The former principal of Ming-Der High School, Chang pointed out, that in the busyness of teaching, the instructors can’t find an outlet of their own negative emotions, the pressures accumulated quickly, to causing the instructors to crack, and get into conflicts with the students, not only would this affect the quality of the learning sessions and the relations between the students and instructors, it will become this scab, that grows up along with the child.  The principal is willing to shoulder it, to actively tackle the problems that surface between the students and the instructors, then, the students and teachers will get along, amicably with one another.

The elementary school teacher from Hualien Elementary worried, that in the futures, if the students and parents felt that the instructors were ill-fitted, then they can use the public trials online on their own, and it may turn into a darker shade of justice.  The students have a right to record things for their own sake, but, as the mediations were resolved, how would the students face up to what they may have caused, “the trials by the publics”?  A representative of the teachers’ group told, that the public trials online will destroy the trusts between the students and the instructors, and as the instructors knew that their actions can and might be recorded at any given time, then, they will naturally, keep themselves in check, and, restrict themselves, even when the students misbehaved.

And so, this, is the true problem that’s, hidden underneath the surfaces, now that the students can record the teachers’ actions in class, like the case of the music class, then, stream it online, and the instructors who are the targets will be tried by the public, and then, even if the students pulled down the videos afterwards, the damages are already, done, and so, this is what we all need to be really careful, in the high-tech age that we’re, currently living in right now.

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The Deepfake Crimes for Profit, the Most Severe Punishments of Seven Years in Prison

The government’s really, CRACKING down on these sex crimes that are happening on the internet right now here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Lawmakers Passed the Four Bills to Prevent Sexual Crime, Giving a Jail Sentence Term of Ten Years for Shooting, Spreading Sexually-Illicit Footages of Children & Adolescents Online

The YouTuber, Jade used Deepfake last year, transferred the females’ faces to the porn sites to make a profit, the victims were made up of legislators as well as T.V. personnel, and actresses, it’d caused the society to pay attention.  The legislature passed the drafts with four specifics on prevention of sexual violence, of them, the individuals will receive up to seven years for making the false sexually illicit images and spreading them; if there’s no justified reason, and the individuals were found with child pornography in possession, the jail sentence of a year or less would be passed down.

The various departments of the government brought up four amendments, including the amending of the criminal law, the children-adolescent sextortion laws, the sexual assault prevention, along with the protective bills for the victims of these crimes.

The head of State, Su stated, that in recent years, there’d been an influx of cases of sexual violence using the internet, that in the past, only the charges of libel and slander were applicable, that it’d, defamed the victims; and, a lot of the behaviors are limited by the law, there’s no effective ways of preventing the criminals from making a profit off of the sexually illicit footages, which caused the victims to never coming out from under.

The penal code had added the “obstruction of sexual privacy and the false images”, taping, photographing without consents, with the heaviest sentence of three years; and, six months to five years for spreading out the photos, the footages; if money was made, then, the sentence would be increased by half.  With the add on of spreading the sexually illicit footages without the consents getting seven years at most.

The victims of these sex crimes online are mostly made up of children, adolescents, and women, increased punishments for the related offenses to these is being set at three years to ten years; and, the sentence for passing these sexually illicit footages, videos increased to anywhere from a year to seven year’s term in prison.

And, this is the government’s attempts, to stop the children and adolescent from getting sextorted, and, chances are, these means are still not going to work, because, it can only work on paper, not in reality, the way they should do it is to CRACK down on the sources, the supplies, and try to cut the demands of the predators, but that can’t happen, so, yeah, this still works, only in theory, but not in application I’m afraid.  Just because you’d, increased the severity of punishment for these crimes, it doesn’t mean that people will be scared into, not committing these crimes.

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Beware, of the Illusive Effects of the “Ring of Online”

This still just showed, how you should NEVER believe what you see or hear on the internet!  On the validity of the news you get off of the internet, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict that’s currently ongoing, the influx of “data of the warzones” came like wildfires.  And, naturally, for those YouTubers, trying to get the kudos, and the hits, they’d, taken advantage of the situation, but in just one short week, there’d been, a lot of, mismatched cases.  For instance, the writer, Nick Wang posted the footage of “brave Ukrainian little girl, yelling at the soldiers”, he’d, told that the little girl was telling the soldiers to get the HELL out of her country.  And the online community called him out; because the footage was from Palestine ten years ago, and, it was the Israel soldier who was yelled at by the child.  Wang then stated, then, just, watch it like a soap opera then.

It’s minor, that you see the footages, the photos, the claims online, and started forwarding it, and adding more fuel to the fire, and in the end, you’d, made a, mistake.  And, those who started blabbing online, may well hurt themselves, as well as their own, fellow countrymen too.  As the war in Ukraine just occurred, a lot of the Chinese online communities started operating under transference, believed that Russia would win soon enough, and started talking trash about Ukraine, there were the slanderous claims of how Ukrainian women are whores.  All of these came onto the news media, and naturally, it’d, angered the Ukrainian citizens, who are trying to fight off Russian invasion, and, the hatred for the enemy’s supporters got, sparked up; causing the citizens of China currently in Ukraine to become scapegoats, and their lives are, threatened.

The internet brought the boundlessness of the world full of information at our finger tips, more so than we can ever, imagine but, is what’s broadcasted on screen, reality?  Or does it, just, look like it’s, the reality of things, the mixed and matched, the, misinformation being, passed, around?  Especially with the anonymity of the internet, it’d, allowed people to loosen their own morale, and those things we have trouble opening up on, got spread out online is, certainly, nothing good.

how the internet, connects ,and we can all be, fooled by what we encounter, on the WWW…photo from online

As the war far off is currently ongoing, in wishing that everything eventually turns out, peacefully, the people are, faced with, enormous amount of data they must, sift through carefully, and, we should never get, tempted, by this ring of information that’s been placed on our, fingers.

And so, this still just showed, how we all need to check, at least three times (sometimes more than that!) to make sure that the data we receive from online is true, as anybody can claim just about anything (i.e. I AM, G-O-D, but you don’t know that!!!) without the proofs of what s/he is, claiming, which is why we all need to be, careful, of the sources of information we are taking these data off of, is it, credible, factual, or is it, huffle and puff, just, someone, trying to, gain the number of views?

Be smart when you sift through everything online, otherwise, you are, going to get, fooled.

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The Younger Generations of Tik-Tokers, Walking on the Borderlines of Morality

These younger generations will do just about any and everything, for hits on their channels here, even losing their virginity too, I bet!!!  And it’s still all due to the developments of these internet platforms, that made it too easy, to gain the “fames” that these younger generations of children are longing to get, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bytedance, the internet company in China in 2016 announced it’s APP Tik-Tok being provided, since the selfie shorts are, trending all across the world, and now, the international version of Tik-Tok, and the Chines versions had been downloaded over three billion times, surpassing FB, IG, and other social media leaders.

and this, is how it all got, started…

photo from online

The adolescents are already used to sharing their selfie videos, streaming them online, anytime, anyplace, sharing it with the online communities.  The Child Welfare League’s “Survey of Children & Adolescents Usage of Internet Software” back in 2019 found, that thirty-five-percent of children and adolescents have the habits of making short films of themselves, and streaming online, sixty-percent are using Tik-Tok, of the surveyed, forty-five percent said that they wanted to be young internet sensations.

In the past, Tiktok had made a ton of middle and high school age students famous.  There were the students who’d started speaking for the products, hiring the agents, with many of the high school age students’ followers breaking over hundreds of thousands, most of the followers are in the peer groups of teenagers.

To get the trending videos made, some of the teens are walking the borderlines of morality.  In October, there are the TikTok footages of many adolescents interacting with a homeless man, Huang.  The homeless man, Huang seemed to be psychologically ill, had once gone and hugged unknown school students who’d passed him by, and now, where the homeless man squatted, there is, a crowd holding their cell phones, making fun, and, some had used improper language to anger the homeless man, and there were those students in their school uniforms, hugging him, kissing him, all of the sake, of getting thousands, or hundreds of thousands of hearts, and the “most number of Kudos” on TikTok.

advancing to this…

photo from online…and, this too…
photo from online

So, this, is how bad it is getting, to boost our ratings, our “popularities”, we’re, willing to, put our lives out there, in HARM’s way, and, you don’t know, if that homeless guy you’re, hugging, for “ratings” might get turned on, and, start molesting you, and yeah, I’d been there, and had that done to me, and that just showed how the younger generations will do everything, just to get a HIT on their YouTube channels or whatever.


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The Bite-Back of the Net Armies that’s Messed Up Taiwan

 taste of their own, @#$%ING, medicines now, karma’s still, a BITCH here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator of the DDP, Kao being abused by her ex-boyfriend, Lin, the former vice president, Lu pointed out, that it was the DDP net armies that became, the enablers, hoped, that the DDP can keep itself in check more, to respond to this currently, social injustice; the head of state, Su told, that he will make sure that Lin gets a severe punishment for his abuse of his girlfriend, Kao, but hadn’t respond a single word on how the DDP net armies are the enablers in this.  And, the entire case had, entered, into, another level of concern for all in the country now: how does the political party in power, that’s relied on the net armies solely to build up their forces, gets bitten back?

how the net army, draws, the “crowd”…

photo from online

In a few short days, Lin’s identities of an abusive boyfriend, a writer, a member of the Taiwanese Taliban, political-social cockroach, to the malicious of the net armies were all, exposed.  But, what sort of a political biosphere, that’s, allowed those like him, to get what they wanted, out of the government, to take as much as they wished to, as much as, they can from the government?

As Lin was put on that cross, in the shortest time, there were the net armies that’s tried to turn the wind, and there was that incident of members of the net armies, publicly and openly, threatening Kao.  And, what the outside world saw as a loser, abusing his girlfriend, busting the innerworkings of the various systems of the various net armies of the DDP; the related net armies even started engaging themselves, in the party’s internal discords, getting involve all around the island, from the north to the south, those who support us, live, those who don’t, gets, eliminated, and nobody can fight them off.

But what’s funny was, Lin, who’d become reduced, to less than, a “nobody”, can keep up the lies of how he’s, closely tied with the political realms, not only did the famed politicians, the famous businesspeople made an appearance at his own mother’s, funeral, and when something had happened, it’d, taken the heads of the DDP to “show concerns over the matters”.  And, had he not shown his “power”, then, how can these older generations of politicians, of businesspersons, pay attention?

The case of Yang, allowed the members of the public see, how swiftly, the net armies, severed off those who damaged their reputations; Han, Ke, and Lai’s being, ganged up on, made the people see just how, hard the net armies can hit; the case of Kao, it’d disclosed, just how dark the workings of the net armies are, and how the collective stupidity of the party in power, and debauchery of the party had, become.  The net armies that’s made a huge mess of the country now, bites back at its, host, this is, what’s, trending, now.

And so, the net armies, set up by the DDP became, this parasite now, and now, the DDP is only, starting to taste, their own, bitter medication, which they’d, sown the seeds for, and it’s still karma, and payback is, still, a total, BITCH!  Now the political party, will, suffer, the consequences of that bad seed they’d, planted down.

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The Digital Footprints, the Criminals with NO Place to Hide

Nobody can hide her/his tracks, in the high-tech age here, written by the professor of South Caroline University, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An American teenager took the gun his father bought at the Thanksgiving sale to school and went on a shooting rampage, causing four fatalities, seven injuries; the legislator, Kao found of being abused and controlled by her boyfriend, and there were, four more victims found; the net armies are rash and spread the rumors online, trying, to sway the public.  So, what do these three stories, that are, totally different have, in common?

Answer: they’d become, the examples I use to teach from current events in class today.  There’s a computer crimes forensic course offered this semester, and today’s theme was the case studies, and all of these cases, are perfect, in the discussion of how digital evidence is used, in the investigations of crimes, and utilized as the facts in the cases going to trial.

The advancements in technologies are coming every single day, their applications, already, rooted, into our, everyday, lives now, whether it be connecting with friends and families, shopping commuting, leisure and fun, we are leaving, our, digital footprints behind.  Same as the criminals too, which made the studies in digital forensic as, a primary field of study in the criminology forensic investigation department.

inerasable are these, digital, footprints of, ours, photo from online


The American teen posted a picture of his father’s gun on his Instagram account, called it his new toy, that anyone with a question for him, feel free to leave a message; the police also found the carefully detailed plan of the youth’s bringing his gun to school to go on a shooting rampage, although he’d not posted that on social media yet, and the motives of what he was to do wasn’t cleared yet, all of these digital footprints became solid evidences of his premeditating murder, which also made the police to decide to charge him as an adult.

During the time when Kao was being abused by her boyfriend, she’d wanted to charge her cell phone, and she’d, found the “recovery data file” gadget that would, save the files of the cellphone into the cell chargers on its own, and found the photos of four other females posing nude; and although, there’s the password function on this backup drive, but her boyfriend clearly, overlooked the importance of the function of this, that’s caused him to get busted.

And the net armies mistakenly believed, that they can spread the rumors anonymously, using the anonymous account names, without knowing, that as they’d logged in using their account names, their IP locations are, registered, which can get traced back to them.

And, all of these cases exemplifies the fact, that “everything leaves a trace”, even in the digital age too.  The criminals search records and the cell phones, the other high-tech devices they’re using, are exposing their activities, which expedited the paces of the investigation, and how quickly the charges will be, pressed; and because there’s the inerasable quality of digital data, it can keep the records of one’s crimes from the younger years through the individuals’ entire lives.  This is why we’re, pushing forth the digital forensic courses, hoping that more would know the powers of the digital footprints, that before these criminals do something bad, they will, think before they act, to NOT make the mistakes that they will be paying for, for the, rest of, their, lives!

And so, due to how we’re all, tracked down, and nobody can not use their cell phones for a minute in her/his life, we’d grown, reliant, on these, high-tech devices, they’d become, something we can’t do without in life, that’s why, it’s that easy, for the systems to, track us, and, this would be considered as an invasion of people’s privacy of sorts, sure, but it’s, utilized as crime prevention, and evidence, in case a crime had, occurred.

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This is, what we all are, by these, high-tech devices, and we’d all been, marked, without our being, aware that we are!  Tracked, and, there’s nothing we can do ‘bout it, because, as we turned off the GPS on our cellphones, it has the message of, “turning off the tracking GPS, you may not be able to track your phone if it gets lost!”, and that made us, timid, think twice (or three, or four, even five times), before going ahead and shutting of that GPS tracker on our phones.

what we’d, become, dogs with, tracking device on the collars…

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And, every one of our moves is, kept tabs on, by these, programs, when you’re not even aware of it, then, a bit later, you would get that update of the month e-mail from your google mail, that says: that place you visited from DD/MM/YYYY, however many people are giving it kudos!

And, you were SHOCKED, how the HELL did the computer know where I’d been, huh???

This is how, these, high-tech devices, tracks us, watches us, monitors, every single move we make, that’s how government, keeps us, enslaved, and, feel free, to call me a conspiracy theorist, I know I’m not!

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