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The Younger Generations of Tik-Tokers, Walking on the Borderlines of Morality

These younger generations will do just about any and everything, for hits on their channels here, even losing their virginity too, I bet!!!  And it’s still all due to the developments of these internet platforms, that made it too easy, to gain the “fames” that these younger generations of children are longing to get, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bytedance, the internet company in China in 2016 announced it’s APP Tik-Tok being provided, since the selfie shorts are, trending all across the world, and now, the international version of Tik-Tok, and the Chines versions had been downloaded over three billion times, surpassing FB, IG, and other social media leaders.

and this, is how it all got, started…

photo from online

The adolescents are already used to sharing their selfie videos, streaming them online, anytime, anyplace, sharing it with the online communities.  The Child Welfare League’s “Survey of Children & Adolescents Usage of Internet Software” back in 2019 found, that thirty-five-percent of children and adolescents have the habits of making short films of themselves, and streaming online, sixty-percent are using Tik-Tok, of the surveyed, forty-five percent said that they wanted to be young internet sensations.

In the past, Tiktok had made a ton of middle and high school age students famous.  There were the students who’d started speaking for the products, hiring the agents, with many of the high school age students’ followers breaking over hundreds of thousands, most of the followers are in the peer groups of teenagers.

To get the trending videos made, some of the teens are walking the borderlines of morality.  In October, there are the TikTok footages of many adolescents interacting with a homeless man, Huang.  The homeless man, Huang seemed to be psychologically ill, had once gone and hugged unknown school students who’d passed him by, and now, where the homeless man squatted, there is, a crowd holding their cell phones, making fun, and, some had used improper language to anger the homeless man, and there were those students in their school uniforms, hugging him, kissing him, all of the sake, of getting thousands, or hundreds of thousands of hearts, and the “most number of Kudos” on TikTok.

advancing to this…

photo from online…and, this too…
photo from online

So, this, is how bad it is getting, to boost our ratings, our “popularities”, we’re, willing to, put our lives out there, in HARM’s way, and, you don’t know, if that homeless guy you’re, hugging, for “ratings” might get turned on, and, start molesting you, and yeah, I’d been there, and had that done to me, and that just showed how the younger generations will do everything, just to get a HIT on their YouTube channels or whatever.


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The Bite-Back of the Net Armies that’s Messed Up Taiwan

 taste of their own, @#$%ING, medicines now, karma’s still, a BITCH here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator of the DDP, Kao being abused by her ex-boyfriend, Lin, the former vice president, Lu pointed out, that it was the DDP net armies that became, the enablers, hoped, that the DDP can keep itself in check more, to respond to this currently, social injustice; the head of state, Su told, that he will make sure that Lin gets a severe punishment for his abuse of his girlfriend, Kao, but hadn’t respond a single word on how the DDP net armies are the enablers in this.  And, the entire case had, entered, into, another level of concern for all in the country now: how does the political party in power, that’s relied on the net armies solely to build up their forces, gets bitten back?

how the net army, draws, the “crowd”…

photo from online

In a few short days, Lin’s identities of an abusive boyfriend, a writer, a member of the Taiwanese Taliban, political-social cockroach, to the malicious of the net armies were all, exposed.  But, what sort of a political biosphere, that’s, allowed those like him, to get what they wanted, out of the government, to take as much as they wished to, as much as, they can from the government?

As Lin was put on that cross, in the shortest time, there were the net armies that’s tried to turn the wind, and there was that incident of members of the net armies, publicly and openly, threatening Kao.  And, what the outside world saw as a loser, abusing his girlfriend, busting the innerworkings of the various systems of the various net armies of the DDP; the related net armies even started engaging themselves, in the party’s internal discords, getting involve all around the island, from the north to the south, those who support us, live, those who don’t, gets, eliminated, and nobody can fight them off.

But what’s funny was, Lin, who’d become reduced, to less than, a “nobody”, can keep up the lies of how he’s, closely tied with the political realms, not only did the famed politicians, the famous businesspeople made an appearance at his own mother’s, funeral, and when something had happened, it’d, taken the heads of the DDP to “show concerns over the matters”.  And, had he not shown his “power”, then, how can these older generations of politicians, of businesspersons, pay attention?

The case of Yang, allowed the members of the public see, how swiftly, the net armies, severed off those who damaged their reputations; Han, Ke, and Lai’s being, ganged up on, made the people see just how, hard the net armies can hit; the case of Kao, it’d disclosed, just how dark the workings of the net armies are, and how the collective stupidity of the party in power, and debauchery of the party had, become.  The net armies that’s made a huge mess of the country now, bites back at its, host, this is, what’s, trending, now.

And so, the net armies, set up by the DDP became, this parasite now, and now, the DDP is only, starting to taste, their own, bitter medication, which they’d, sown the seeds for, and it’s still karma, and payback is, still, a total, BITCH!  Now the political party, will, suffer, the consequences of that bad seed they’d, planted down.

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The Digital Footprints, the Criminals with NO Place to Hide

Nobody can hide her/his tracks, in the high-tech age here, written by the professor of South Caroline University, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An American teenager took the gun his father bought at the Thanksgiving sale to school and went on a shooting rampage, causing four fatalities, seven injuries; the legislator, Kao found of being abused and controlled by her boyfriend, and there were, four more victims found; the net armies are rash and spread the rumors online, trying, to sway the public.  So, what do these three stories, that are, totally different have, in common?

Answer: they’d become, the examples I use to teach from current events in class today.  There’s a computer crimes forensic course offered this semester, and today’s theme was the case studies, and all of these cases, are perfect, in the discussion of how digital evidence is used, in the investigations of crimes, and utilized as the facts in the cases going to trial.

The advancements in technologies are coming every single day, their applications, already, rooted, into our, everyday, lives now, whether it be connecting with friends and families, shopping commuting, leisure and fun, we are leaving, our, digital footprints behind.  Same as the criminals too, which made the studies in digital forensic as, a primary field of study in the criminology forensic investigation department.

inerasable are these, digital, footprints of, ours, photo from online


The American teen posted a picture of his father’s gun on his Instagram account, called it his new toy, that anyone with a question for him, feel free to leave a message; the police also found the carefully detailed plan of the youth’s bringing his gun to school to go on a shooting rampage, although he’d not posted that on social media yet, and the motives of what he was to do wasn’t cleared yet, all of these digital footprints became solid evidences of his premeditating murder, which also made the police to decide to charge him as an adult.

During the time when Kao was being abused by her boyfriend, she’d wanted to charge her cell phone, and she’d, found the “recovery data file” gadget that would, save the files of the cellphone into the cell chargers on its own, and found the photos of four other females posing nude; and although, there’s the password function on this backup drive, but her boyfriend clearly, overlooked the importance of the function of this, that’s caused him to get busted.

And the net armies mistakenly believed, that they can spread the rumors anonymously, using the anonymous account names, without knowing, that as they’d logged in using their account names, their IP locations are, registered, which can get traced back to them.

And, all of these cases exemplifies the fact, that “everything leaves a trace”, even in the digital age too.  The criminals search records and the cell phones, the other high-tech devices they’re using, are exposing their activities, which expedited the paces of the investigation, and how quickly the charges will be, pressed; and because there’s the inerasable quality of digital data, it can keep the records of one’s crimes from the younger years through the individuals’ entire lives.  This is why we’re, pushing forth the digital forensic courses, hoping that more would know the powers of the digital footprints, that before these criminals do something bad, they will, think before they act, to NOT make the mistakes that they will be paying for, for the, rest of, their, lives!

And so, due to how we’re all, tracked down, and nobody can not use their cell phones for a minute in her/his life, we’d grown, reliant, on these, high-tech devices, they’d become, something we can’t do without in life, that’s why, it’s that easy, for the systems to, track us, and, this would be considered as an invasion of people’s privacy of sorts, sure, but it’s, utilized as crime prevention, and evidence, in case a crime had, occurred.

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This is, what we all are, by these, high-tech devices, and we’d all been, marked, without our being, aware that we are!  Tracked, and, there’s nothing we can do ‘bout it, because, as we turned off the GPS on our cellphones, it has the message of, “turning off the tracking GPS, you may not be able to track your phone if it gets lost!”, and that made us, timid, think twice (or three, or four, even five times), before going ahead and shutting of that GPS tracker on our phones.

what we’d, become, dogs with, tracking device on the collars…

photo from online

And, every one of our moves is, kept tabs on, by these, programs, when you’re not even aware of it, then, a bit later, you would get that update of the month e-mail from your google mail, that says: that place you visited from DD/MM/YYYY, however many people are giving it kudos!

And, you were SHOCKED, how the HELL did the computer know where I’d been, huh???

This is how, these, high-tech devices, tracks us, watches us, monitors, every single move we make, that’s how government, keeps us, enslaved, and, feel free, to call me a conspiracy theorist, I know I’m not!

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Cyberbullying: More than Half Believed “It Didn’t Help to Tell Anyone”

What’s, feeding to this trend of, cyberbullying that’s, taken over the world now, as the primary way of, bullying each other, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Children Welfare League posted its results from the 2021 Taiwanese Student Cyberbullying Situation, found that close to eighty-percent of youths believed that cyberbullying is hitting them hard, but, if they’d encountered it, close to sixty-percent of the surveyed believed that nothing is solved by telling, and close to fifty-percent thought that if they’d told, it would only get worse for them.

The C.E.O. of Child Welfare League, Pai mentioned the resolves to this, admitting accepting, controlling the time children spent on the internet social networking, and started up the “I Want to Hear You” LINE official account, with the professional social workers, hearing the children pour out their troubles, to reduce the impacts of the damages from cyberbullying.

Based off of the newest investigations by the Children’s Welfare League, children and adolescents are online for 42.7 hours per week, grew by multiples from last year, reviewing over the details of cyberbullying, there are, more than twenty-percent of adolescents and children who are under attack, and, the primary means of bullying is “attacked or blamed by someone with no reasons at all”, and, the platform of these attacks primarily occurred in the communication apps, took up seventy-five percent; seventy-percent of these personal attacks occurred on social networks.

a child in distress…photo from online

As children and adolescents are being cyberbullied, eighty percent believed that they could trust parents or teachers, but, as cyberbullying takes place, only twenty-two-percent of the victims would tell their teachers or parents, and, there are, around twelve-percent of the victims who wouldn’t tell anybody about it.  Of them, fifty-nine-percent believed that it wouldn’t help if they’d told, forty-seven percent worried that the bullying would worsen if they’d told, and, twenty-six percent who’d been cyberbullied thought about harming themselves.

Although the Department of Education set up the anti-bullying hotlines, the head of school board, Wu stated, that the hotlines doesn’t do anything effective, usually, it’s the results that occurred that didn’t fit the needs of the callers, then, the callers called up the superiors of the units to help.

Wu told, that the Department of Education kept on hosting the seminars on anti-bullying for the school officials to attend, to help the school officials become more aware of the situations.  Pai suggested, that the government should start educating the principals on the anti-bullying policies.  Because in the past, the teachers’ training didn’t focus on matters of how to help children resolve their issues with one another, she’d hoped, that through these seminars, it can help enforce the measures the teachers can find useful, in counseling the students when they have conflicts with one another.

And so, this is still, a top-down thing, because the heads of the school officials aren’t educated enough to handle the matters of cyberbullying, and the kids are, using the methods of covert bullying now, singling each other out, passing the rumors of so-and-so around online, and the WWW is helping to make this worse for the children.

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The Incident of YouTuber Changing the Face of a Political Figure, the Bite-Back of an Ordinary Sort of Maliciousness

Written by a retired professor from college, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The YouTube sensation, “Jade”, Chu, sold the face-change footages, creating multiple victims, the president Tsai, spoke again high-tech crimes, stressed, “We can’t just sit and watch this happen, I will start amending the laws, and I call out to the operators of online platforms, to prevent the misuses of videos, footages, to hurt the innocent people.”

I totally agree, with the call out of the president, and how she wanted to, amend the constitution, but, should we also, evaluate, how this happened, how the society and media, due to their differences of views, allowing this sort of a cyberbullying to become a trend, and now, this, “every day evil”, bite the society on the ass, and that’s when we were all shocked that this sort of a bad behavior, can turn any of us, ordinary, law-abiding citizens, into, victims.

Let’s look back at the former president, Ma’s term, how many members of the online community had, maliciously, distorted his photograph, the DDP and the media not only didn’t stop this behavior, instead, they’d, made fun.  To the 2014 Taipei Mayoral race, the candidate, Lien for the KMT, his ads were, made over, to the point of it becoming a YouTube video, getting more hits than the official ads from YouTube, that was the heightened state of this, makeover behavior.

And, with the advances in technologies, the makeover went from the voice-overs to the distortions of the images, as the mayor of Kaohisung, Han’s candidacy of mayor to the president, even, during his impeachment, there were, the distortions of Han in photo by photoshop, this became, a way the YouTubers used to attract the hits.  And this bad behavior was scolded, some of the political figures became the guests of their shows, and all of that, encouraged the bad behaviors.

The German scholar, Arendt, in her “Eichmann in Jerusalem”; Eichmann isn’t an immoral monster, but his malice showed NO active will in maliciousness, this is attributed to his “lacking in the abilities of thought”, he’d not been aware of how awful his behaviors truly were.  His murdering of Jews so cruelly, is no more than the obedience of following the orders, so he could make a name for himself in the Nazi government.

The case with the YouTuber is exactly like so, people believed that these photoshopping of political figures were just for fun, that it caused no harm, and, allowed for it, and, we’re all, encouraging this bad trend.  After the incident of the YouTuber “Jade”, we are all shocked that not just the political figures, we can all become, targets of this, “ordinary evil”, and, this sort of a biting us back can, hurt every one of us who’s kind.

I’m happy, to see that the president, Tsai is taking the matter seriously, and hope, that she could, actively, work to amend the laws, to prevent this sort of bad behaviors from recurring, but I hope more, that the political figures, the news media will, understand the damages this sort of an ordinary evil caused to eh society, and say no to it, and block out this sort of, a behavior.

And so, maybe, you think it’s just, fun, but, this is cyberbullying, and this happened to a political figure, not in school, so it’s, quite far from us all, but, think about it, if it’d happened to your kid, if your kid got bullied in school, and someone posted a YouTube video of your kid’s head with an animal’s body, and made fun, wouldn’t that make you mad?  And this had happened, on a, national level of things, and it’d, rolled from the individuals, to now, a matter of, national concerns here.

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The Mutated News of the DDP

The title out of be changed to “The Mutated News of the Authoritarian DemoCrazy Party” instead if you asked me (but hey, who asked, Y-O-U???  Exactly!), commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Taiwan’s defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV became, a total, JOKE!  Everybody knows, that to get rid of the outbreak completely, the vaccines are, absolutely, necessary; and yet, Tsai’s government is, at wit’s, end.  And now, the local and privately owned organizations are trying to get the vaccines from out of the country for Taiwan, the Tsai government is, giving the foundations, the organizations a difficult time about it.

With the problem of not enough vaccines to go around to everybody here, there are also, the influx of, fake news regarding the outbreaks, that spread quickly and widely.  As the first wave of false news like “China will be selling the defective vaccines to Taiwan”, or “the BNT vaccines were manufactured by China” were busted, the following series of false news such as “the vaccines produced here are provided by for by the techniques of the U.S.” or “all the world’s vaccines had only been done to the stage-two phases”, so confusing to the people.

While all of these false news are all provided by the followers of the DDP.  For instance, “the techniques provided by for by the U.S.”, started by the DDP’s famous YouTuber first, with the high up officials of the government, in the relays, giving the news to the media.  Or how the “vaccines from international manufacturers only passed the stage two trials”, was led by the social media center’s director, Fang of the DDP; as for the BioTech vaccines were manufactured by China, by the representative of the DDP, and the public office holders of the DDP, and even as Chuang made a statement correcting the matters, Chen still returned to his origin.  This Central Kitchen surely, corroborated all their, statements all right.

and, here’s, one of, the leaders!

“All HAIL 928 (what the net army of the DDP are known as)…photo from online

What’s interesting was, Taiwan has a ton of “experts” in busting the myths locally, and, an assortment of professionals immediately, busted all the fake news, and counterattacked the claims of the supporters of the DDP from online, as well as the officials of the DDP.  And just like that, the Command Center’s press conference to “fight off the fake news” can only, evade the discussions of the matters of the false news being spread on MERS-CoV.

The Tsai government’s blocking out and blackening the names of the internationally manufactured vaccines, and yet, she’d, signed the contracts for the locally manufactured vaccines that’s not yet past the stage two trials.  And, surely, we can all see, what’s, behind, this, outrageous game she’s playing.

Of course, it’s to, spread fears across the island, so people would be, stupid enough, to WORSHIP our current president as G-O-D, because she is to save us from the attacks of MERS-CoV, while, a ton of people are dying every single day, and the center of disease control here, led by Chen is still, doing its, RE-recount of how many dead, how there are no new cases, etc., etc., etc., it’s, simple BULLSHIT, and yet, the majority of the population are still, blind, because they’re still, blindly following Reverend Jones (remember Jonestown, Heavens’ Gate cult???) to COMMIT suicide, and there’s NOTHING we can do, because no amount of “fairy dust” (aka, CHILI powder’s what I need to use now!) that the REALITY FAIRY is pouring down this moron’s faces will wake them all back up!!!  Hello, hello, hello, did the battery in this “thing” (my mic) went DEAD again?  Thought I told someone to CHANGE it, well, looks like, I’m still doing EVERYTHING on my own here (sigh…………).

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How there are, the dangers online that not even God himself can, defend from!  Translated…

Fear is best used, in covering up one’s lacking of skills.  God is online, and, He can only tap on the keys to console.  The innocence, and the world set up many goals———ahhhh, that lost goal, dripped down like the raindrops, only time felt that it’s kind and gentle, and, genuine.  God can only tap the keys as consoles, the longer lines, with the longer ways ahead, getting, lost.  Suddenly, the depth of the dark net, a woman who’d glowed pressed down on a key, then, God is, pulled, by, into, the darkness.

all you need is something like this…

and you’re, in, “business”…photo from online

So, if even God is drawn in by those, sex solicitors, and, how easy do you think humans CAN fall?  And this still just shows, how dangerous it is, online, you can get that flash of large sets of jugs on top, or in a jiffy, some LOSER flashed himself in front of a webcam, and, you got, NO clue as to hey, how’d that got turn on, and, what am I looking at here!

That, is how easily children, CAN get, exposed to bullshits, because SEX still???  Oh yeah, it still, S-E-L-L-S!!!

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Naked Girls, L-I-V-E!!!

Like I give a, flying FUCK!!!  Those of you interested in knowing, I got them TITS on top too.

So, why the FUCK (no need to pardon me still!!!), you still, comin’ on to me, huh?  And, you DO realize, that even if I were into that sort of shits, I still, wouldn’t FLASH my “needs” to the “general public”, right?  So, why you ladies, screwing your selves over like that, huh?

And, don’t you got something, better to do, than to, sit in front of that webcam, and wait, for someone, to TURN you on?  This is still, S-H-I-T, if you ask me (but HECK, W-H-O asked you???  EXACTLY!!!

like, this???查看來源圖片photo found online

Naked girls, L-I-V-E!!!  That’s what “we” (don’t ask who “We” are!!!) are, advertising, ‘cuz, we all know this, god damn, FUCKING (like I’d already said???) “market economy” way too well, ‘cuz we (more like me, myself, AND I, collectively!!!) are still, operating on the basic principles of, SUPPLY AND, D-E-M-A-N-D, and it’s just, that even as there are, NO demands, we still, supply, UN-conditionally, UN-endingly…

You have, GOT to be, shitting me here!!!

And, those of you interested in knowing, I’m a WOMAN, even though, I might have, changed my “sex” on my profiles to a D-U-D-E, ‘cuz I’m still, a BIOLOGICAL, W-O-M-A-N here, and no, for the, UMPTEENTH time, I still don’t have the “problem” of, G.I.D. (gender identity disorder anyone???)…

查看來源圖片 and, this, is ALL you’ll, EVER need, to “set up shop”!!!  Photo from online

Naked girls, L-I-V-E!!!  Wouldn’t you like, to come and watch all of us, WHORES, do our, striptease for ya, huh?  And, if you pay extra, we’ll, let you, touch (yeah right, and IN your FREAKIN’ god DAMN, dreams, L-O-S-E-R-S!)_

So, STOP soliciting S-E-X, you BITCHES and WHORES, or ELSE!!!

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The Cases of Sextortion from Online, the Youngest Victim Only Nine

They’re still, getting younger by the years here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There is an influx of the sextortion cases of young children for the first half of the year in Hsinbei City, it’s at the peak compared to three years, clearly, these cases are, on the rise, and there were male AND female victims, of the youngest, found in the city of Hsinbei, was only nine, the youngest found in the city of Taipei, eleven.  The summer had begun, the social services department of both Taipei and Hsinbei alerted the parents to tune in to their children’s cell phone usage, their online activities, so they don’t turn into, victims.

The outbreaks kept the children at home, plus, a lot of the children in this country all had cell phones, which was what caused this rise in the number of victims.  The head of the Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Hsinbei City, Hsu called out to the parents, to follow the “Three Don’ts and One Do” rule, “don’t photograph or film”, “Don’t keep the files”, “Don’t Share” those private photos, and to “keep the footages” on file to use as evidence.

Since the implementing of the “Children & Adolescent Sextortion Prevention Laws” were amended in 2017, there’d been a hike in the reports of the sextortion cases online, but the age of the victims, started to decline, and mostly, the video sound files were, leaked out, and to the severe, rapes.

The Department of Sanitation & Welfare and the Hsinbei Domestic Violence Prevention Center estimated, that there were 415 reported case nationwide, forty-eight were from Hsinbei; the 351 reported case in 2018, thirty-nine were from Hsinbei, with most of the cases in the age group of fifteen to eighteen, taking up seventy-four-percent; of the 677 cases nationally last year, there were 139 cases from Hsinbei, with the ages of the victim, dropped to between twelve and fifteen, taking up forty-six percent.  To this May, there were, eighty-seven reported cases in Hsinbei City, of these, two-percent were children under twelves two years ago, and this year, it’d, hiked up to eleven-percent.

There were sixty-one cases two years ago, seventy-five last year, and, just the first half of the year this year, the number reached up to fifty-one cases to date, the youngest victim was only eleven, eighty-percent were females, and the victims were mostly, fourteen-year-olds.  The Social Services pointed out, that with the hike in the cases, the parents and the police are all on high alert, and believed, that it was because of the outbreaks, the kids were kept at home, they’d, gotten more involved with the activities online.

Hsu stated, that the methods of enticing the victims back in 2018 were mostly the online gaming credits, or the “Korean pop music group selections”, and last year, the methods switched to voyeurism, sex-cam, and forced the children and teens to get more shots nude to send to the perpetrators.

Like how two days ago, the model maker, Liu from Taichung used the huge sums of money, had the adolescent female filmed herself masturbating or shoot the photos of herself nude, and he’d, kept the footages, and, threatened the young woman to expose her, forced her to take more nude photos, or make more sex tapes, like the Taiwanese version of “Room N” from Korea awhile ago.

Because all of these teenagers and tweenagers got NOTHING else better to do, they can’t play outside, so, they’d, started, roaming online, and because of how young, how NAÏVE they all are, they’re, all SCREWED, because they were educated enough, of the DANGERS, lurking in the “woods” online!

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