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Says Who Foreign Brides are Living Happily?

For the American Dreams, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Making $10,000N.T. per month, the rent costs $8,000N.T., and they’d still need to mail some cash home…

The UDN Papers reported that based off of the reports from the Offices of Immigrations, over ninety-percent of foreign spouses believed that coming to Taiwan is very lucky, that they’d made over $40,000N.T. or more per month.  But, that, was NOT what our foundation had observed at all.

For long term, we’d taken care of over thousands of international families, and, all of these foreign wedded ladies are separated from their husbands, or divorced, or maybe, their husbands are doing time in their separate countries, or had even died, or are ill in their sickbeds, and the foreign women are the ones, shouldering up the responsibilities for their entire households, at the same time, taking care of the daily routines of their own young, and those who made anywhere between $10,000N.T. to $20,000N.T. takes up the majority of population.

I’d even heard the social workers told, that there are those men who are in their fifties, who are retired, and married a younger foreign woman to take care of their daily livings.  And, what’s even unimaginable is, that the in-laws hovered over their sons, and had made the foreign brides worked their hands to the bones to provide for the family.

I’d gone along on visits with the social workers, and, as I watched the goings on of these families, I was almost crying.

I’d often seen, that these foreign wedded brides making a little over $10,000N.T.s a month, and, deducting the rents of $8,000N.T. to $10,000N.T., there’s not that much left over, and, they’d still needed to care for their young too.  Even for the regular people in the population, we wouldn’t have a CLUE of how to make such little money meet our own ends!

I was hired, as the CEO of the foundation by the Internal Affairs’ “Torch Program for Foreign Wedded People”, and I’d visited the elementary schools of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, and the most I’d heard about, was the pressing need, to change one’s own household economic statuses.

Even so, most of the foreign wedded brides still felt, that Taiwan is a great place to live, and this, is what the governments, along with the social welfare programs should feel glad about.

And so, this, would be the DARK side of the American dreams in Taiwan, and yeah, those foreign wedded brides are making a HELL of a LOT more than they made back home, sure, but, they’re separated from their homes, and, they married here, for the expectation of a better life, but, instead, what did they get?  They are now, in charge, of the household finances, taking care of their ailing and aging parents-in-laws, and, they still MUST wipe the ASSES of their own husbands (1 @ a time!), and their children’s too, so, DO give those foreign hired help a break already!!!

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Promise of a New Start

Giving someone false hope here???

Promise of a new start, you’d given to me, and I didn’t know, that that, was just one of many promises, that you’d never had the intentions of fulfilling, and I was simply, just way too young, way too inexperienced, and way too trusting of you, I guess…

The promise of a new start, I’d lived on, this false fantasy that you’d handed to me, and, because the cruel, cold reality, of you, never doing what is right is simply, too hard, for me to handle, and so, I’d lived in this, picture-perfect lie you’d painted me.

The promise of a new start, is it, ever, going to get fulfilled?  I guess not, I’d waited, for so very long, and, I’m already, very old and gray, waiting on this promise, to get fulfilled by someone else, I’d allowed someone else, to delegate my happiness, when I’m the one who should BE in charge, of my own happiness, well, I’d come to this realization way too late, it’s too late, for me, to make a new start for myself now.  My body grows weaker by the day, and, each step I’m taking right now, became harder than the last, guess, that’s a price I pay???

The promise of a new start, don’t buy into it, because, people are going to promise you things of wonder, and, they don’t need to fulfill these promises that you took to be real to you, and in the end, you’d get let down, over, over, over, and over again, and, became, a product of disappointment!

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When an Unarmed Black Man Gets Shot by a White Cop

And no, this, is still N-O-T the last time this will EVER happen!!!

When an unarmed black man gets shot by a white cop, wait a minute, did I get shipped back somewhere in time again, because it’s feeling a whole lot like déjà vu!!!

When an unarmed black man gets shot by a white cop, this happens, as we’d learned in social psych (think it was!!!), that people are MORE likely to associate a colored person (in this case, a BLACK man) who’s holding something NOT dangerous (like a pen???) to someone who’s holding a dangerous weapon, and why do you think that is?  Oh yeah, because we are all pre-wired to JUDGE people by the way they’re “presented” (by their skin colors???).

And, this had happened, so many times in the past too, like that high school grad who got SHOT after his graduation somewhere UP in the mid-western strip of the U.S., and, there are a TON of other cases like this, so, when will this SHIT stop?  Oh yeah, I know, when one day, the planet is completely RULED by D-O-G-S!!!  Then, they (the dogs) would decide whether you’re a friend or an enemy, by SNIFFING you!






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When You’d Become an Unwanted “Zygote”

First and foremost, is there ANYBODY in the “house” that don’t know what a “zygote” is?  It’s when a woman’s OVUM got “mixed” with a LOSER’s M***ER F***ING (like I’d said, “maxed OUT”!!!) T-A-D-P-O-L-E???

When you’d become an unwanted “zygote”, whatever are we going to do with you, not-yet-formed child?  Oh, I know, we’ll just get RID of you, and by doing so, I risk scarring my uterus, risking myself for never getting pregnant again, but hey, that’s a risk I’ll have to live with, because I do NOT want to have you!

When you’d become an unwanted “zygote”, then, why the FUCK did you let my biological father FUCK you?  Uh, in MY defense, I was too drunk (are you FUCKING kidding me???), and, I got TOO horny, and because he was a married man, and you ALREADY know how appealing that kind of a LOSER is to us, whores, don’t you???

When you’d become an unwanted “zygote”, boy, am I glad, that when I found out I was pregnant with you, you were NOT even into the germinal stages of life (that’s still BEFORE the FIRST trimester, y’all!!!) and so, I quickly made an appointment to get rid of Y-O-U.

And that, is how you fucking adults who FUCKED irresponsibly, that’s caused the DEATH of an innocent “child”, well, NOT exactly, because that “child” is still NOT even IN the germinal stages, and so, you CAN rationalize, that you’re NOT killing a life, but, you ARE, playing G-O-D, and, are you god?  Hell NO, as there IS no G-O-D!!!  And, feel free, to dress UP in your god DAMN KKK white hoodies, and come STICK that god DAMN fucking cross on my FRONT lawn and set THAT on fire, why don’t ya???

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The Execution of a Death Row Inmate

This, might appear to be “cruel & unusual” (Amendment EIGHT???) to you, but, consider this: how would you feel, IF you were the family members of the person who was MURDERED brutally, by this person who’s about to go UP for that lethal dosage of the “Death cocktail”?  Would you still feel that what the law was doing WAS cruel OR unusual?  I wouldn’t think so.

The execution of a death row inmate, maybe, giving the person a LIFE sentence would be a HELL of a L-O-T harsher, but, think about it, the citizens will be paying for the LOSER’s medical care, his room AND board, from the taxes, and, the longer those inmates lived, the MORE the citizens of this nation MUST pay, and it just doesn’t even out, nor is it fair, I mean, why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) should WE pay, just because it was “cruel and unusual”, to kill someone via lethal injection or the electric chair?

So, what do we do?  We get STUCK, between the right way to do it, and how the world would view us, IF we executed the person, and, we became this rope that’s being pulled on, and, we’d gotten strained, and so, we S-N-A-P!!!

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A Dreamer without a Dream

This, is way, way, W-A-Y worse than a dream without the “ownership” from the dreamer…

A dreamer without a dream, was that the feel that Alice had, after she was DECAPITATED by the Queen of Hearts? Or, was it more like how she’d fallen into the Rabbit Hole, OR, was it something ELSE, entirely AWAY from the “neighborhoods” of where those fairytales occurred?

A dreamer without a dream, it’s like a dog, with a leash and a collar, but NO owner, or, a goal without a setter, someone who can see it through, to make sure that it (the goal???) had served ITS purpose.  A dreamer without a dream, that, is what you will always and forever be, keep reaching hard, for something (and you still got NO clue W-H-A-T!!!), and you’d always come UP empty-handed, and that, would be the MINDSET you’re always AND forever going to be STUCK in!!!







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Hanging On, to a Dying Hope

Hanging on, to a dying hope, but, what would be the purpose? I mean, the hope is dying, isn’t it? And, chance of it being saved, is still slim to N-O-N-E, right? So, what use is there, hanging on, to a dying hope?

Hanging on, to a dying hope, that, is what we all do, because we don’t want to sink, because even though, death is inevitable, and it’s only a matter of time, we’d still worked hard, delaying facing it, long as we could.

Hanging on, to a dying hope, that, is what we are doing, because even IF the hope is not real, so long as we can hold on tight, to that “floatation device”, we live in the façade, of being able to be saved, and that, is why, people are hanging on, to a dying hope.

Hanging on, to a dying hope, without knowing, that hope is eventually dead and gone, and we still hang on to it, like that pit bull with a death wish, biting down hard, on the hand that hits it……

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