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The Stepfather Had Abused the Young Girl, She Was Found, Famished, Receiving a Four Year-Two-Months Jail Sentence

Living in starvation, since she could, recall, and now, as she got out of that state of mind and being, the nightmares still, came repeatedly, the effects of childhood abuse is still just not, short-term here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

At Eight Years of Age, She Only Weighed 29.7 Pounds, She’d Rummaged Through the Trash Cans at School to Find Food, the Stepfather Claimed that He Didn’t Have the Money, the Maternal Grandfather Criticized, that Both His Daughter and Her Husband Were Using iPhones

A young girl, Huang had been abused by her stepfather, Lin for two years straight, she’d only been fed a bite of food to eat per day, at age eight, she’d only weighed under thirty pounds, became nothing but “skins and bones”, she’d started stealing in school, and begging for food too, rummaged through the trash cans for foods, the instructor notified social services, and that was when Lin’s neglect of his stepdaughter came out into the open; the Kaohsiung District Court sentenced him on malicious acts of preventing young children from growing up healthy, sentenced Lin to four years two months.

what is being done, to a, young child!

photo from online

Lin said he was troubled economically, that he couldn’t give his young stepdaughter the money for the foods that she needed, by the child’s father stated, that Lin and his own daughter both had iPhones to use, that they DO, have the money.  The mother of the child, Huang had the charges dropped against her, and the judge, in the trials, scolded her hard, “As a mother, you’d not protected your own daughter from harm, you’re, an unfit mother.”

The child’s mother had her out of wedlock, at age twenty-five, she’d married Lin with her six-year-old young daughter, and gave birth to another daughter a year later; the stepdaughter was cared for by Lin, but he’d abused her, and only fed her one bite at mealtimes, and, only, allowed her three pieces of apples too.  And he’d used the excuses of how the young child was misbehaving to strangle her, the abuse her, and, worried that his abuse of her might get busted, put the child in the long-sleeves and pants that covered up the signs of abuse.

As the police interrogated, the child told them, that other than where she “uses for peeing” she’d been beaten everywhere else on her body, because of hunger, she’d gotten up in the middle of the nights, to steal the cookies, the leftovers to fill her stomach up.  And she can only take the opportunities of the food  provisions they give to her at school, to stuff herself up, and sometimes, she’d had to steal the foods, rummage through the trash, to find the leftovers to get fed.

The maternal grandfather had once taken her to live with him, found that she’d become, “skeletal”, that before he’d put all the foods he’d prepared on the tables, the foods were already, eaten completely by his granddaughter already, he’d questioned his own daughter, and she’d not given him a response, in the end, he was turned away, from wanting to visit the young granddaughter again.  At the age of eight, the child’s school found her covered in bruising all over her body, reported it to the social services, and that was when they’d found, that she’d sustained abuse long-term, as she was placed, they’d found that her growth curve was way lower than girls her age, she had low calcium in her blood, and was, slightly, anemic.

As Lin was called in, he’d denied the allegations of child abuse, claimed that the family wasn’t economically well, that was why the child had, starved, that her injuries had nothing to do with him; and, as he was taken in, he’d finally admitted to abusing the young girl, at his bail hearing, he’d, denied having confessed to the abuse.  The judge found, that the child had been starved long-term, that it was most definitely not due to disciplinary means, that it was, child abuse pure and simple, otherwise, the young girls couldn’t possibly be so famished like she’d become, and, criticized Lin for denying all the accusations, despite the evidence showed that he had, abused the child.

The courts also, terminated the mother, Huang’s, maternal rights in sum, and gave the custody of the young child to her maternal grandfather.  Currently, the young girl is weighed at almost sixty-two pounds, but is still having the nightmares of her former days of abuse, she’d screamed in her sleep: “Don’t beat me”!, and as she woke, she’d, hugged her grandfather tight and asked, “grandpa, you’re not going to take me back to dad’s again, right?”

And so, this sort of abuse, doesn’t just affect the body, but also, the psychological, the mental too, and this child is going to continue to have the nightmares of her former years of abuse and neglect from her stepfather and her mother for a long time to come, and these unfitting, awful parents who starve their own young deserved the harshest possible sentence, for what they did, to this young girl!

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DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

PATTY GIDDIS                                                                Inbox – iCloud  3:23 am   Fine let’s talk this way   To:   Daddy,   Maybe this way you won’t hang up on me again or worry about my roommate knowing my sordid secret.  She’s not even here to peek over my shoulder at what I’m typing – actually would never […]

DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

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The Mother, Careless, Wrapped Up the Fetus She’d Given Birth to, Mistaken it as a Stillborn, Tossed the Baby Out the Window, Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Given that the woman is mildly mentally retarded, that’s why she wasn’t charged with murder, nor given a harsher sentence, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A mildly retarded woman, Chu gave birth to an infant girl at her own home, she’d not heard her baby cried, and thought she was a stillborn, wrapped her up in a plastic bag, tossed her out of the window, to the rain roof, as the infant’s body rotted out and started giving off a rancid smell, that was when the infant was discovered.  The coroners conducted an autopsy, and found that as the infant was born, she was still alive, the Tainan District Court found that the woman was negligent, considered how she’s incapacitated mentally, and couldn’t have the abilities to problem-solve, sentenced her on death by negligence, gave her two years in prison, this can be appealed.

Chu gave birth twice, and got pregnant again, two years ago in November, she’d given birth to an infant girl in her own bathroom, wrapped the infant in a plastic bag, tossed her out of the third-story window to the second-floor rain roof; the infant’s body started rotting away, the homeowner received a complaint from the tenants, that there was the dead body of an animal, found someone to clean it up, and they’d discovered it was the body of the infant.  The coroners autopsied the infant, found that she wasn’t given the necessary measures of care, and got wrapped into a plastic bag to dispose of, causing her to die of respiratory failure.

The coroners claimed, that the as the infant girl was born, the umbilical cords was attached to her placenta, if the cord wasn’t severed, patting the back gently, to help the infant girl spit out what was stuck inside, and as the air entered into the lung, she would start to cry, but Chu had ripped the placenta out, the air didn’t get into the infant’s lungs, she couldn’t possibly cry.

The coroners stated, that the infant could receive the oxygen from the placenta, and lived for half an hour more, the autopsy showed that the internal organs looked different to those internal organs of stillborns, and deducted that the infant girl was not a stillborn, that her death was caused by the improper care after birth.

Chu’s attorney claimed, that Chu saw her daughter not made a peep, smacked her bottom and she’d stayed unresponsive, she’d mistaken her as a stillborn, and worried that others may misunderstand, and because of her mental incapacitations, she’d worried that others may misunderstand the situation, and couldn’t come up with a better solution to deal with the problems or to seek help from outside, asked the courts to give her probation.

The courts noted, that this was Chu’s third birth, she should have enough awareness of the neonatal care procedures that’s needed for her own daughter, and saw her daughter as a stillborn because she failed to cry, she’d used such a rash means to handle the matter, that she was negligent, that she needed to be placed into a correctional facility to learn what she did wrong, and in the interrogations by the police, she’d not mentioned that she’d patted the infant girl’s back and buttocks, only stated it in the trials, there’s questions on her statements; but because she was mildly mentally retarded, she may have a limited ability to cope with the problems, and admitted to what she did, so the courts sentenced her to two years.

And, this infant would’ve been alive, had she been born to a mother who is healthy, and “normal”, but because this woman was mildly mentally retarded, she couldn’t make the right judgment calls, and that’s why her daughter died, and because of her negligence, that’s what caused the infant to die, and considering how her state of mind, being mentally retarded may have affected her judgment, the courts only gave her a two year sentence, which is quite light.

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The Officers that Didn’t Pursue the Case of the Chang-Rong University Female Student’s Murder Got Demoted as Reprimands

How the police was, negligent in working the case of the murder of the Malaysian female student, and now, they’re all, fired, demoted, as punishment, and the problem still started, at the, very top of the “systems” here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the murder of the Malaysian female student at Changrong University from two years ago, it’d been found, that the officer, Kao who was working at the Gui-Jen Subprecinct, Datang Substation, didn’t follow protocol in taking the case, the police station manager, Chang, and the assistant office manager, Yang didn’t supervise him closely enough in the case, the Examination Department found that the three had severely damaged the reputation of the local police department, destroyed the images of the police, impeached all three, sent them to the punishment courts, and the punishment courts yesterday demoted Yang and Chang two levels, and Kao got demoted one level.

As the case happened Yang was transferred to the position of department manager, then, sent to Hsinhwa Substation as the manager, after he was impeached, he got demoted twice to the secretary, and got his rank pulled.  He’d stated yesterday, that he accepts the rulings, “no comment!”  While Chang had asked to get transferred to work in Changwha, that he had, “nothing else to say”.  Kao filed for retirement.  And, the police chief of Tainan, Jeng, three months after the case, got pulled off his post.

On October 28th, 2020, the university student, Chung was taken by the suspect, Liang against her will, raped then, murdered, the Chiaotou District Court in March sentenced Liang to death for forced sexual intercourse, and intent to murder.

Before Chung was murdered, Liang had attempted to abduct another female student from the same school on the evening of September 30th, afterwards, the woman went to the Datang Substation to report the matter with her landlord’s daughter, but Kao didn’t take the case and recorded it, not written the matter up, nor taken the women’s statements, not put down the women coming in to report the incident on the docket.  As Chung’s murder was solved, the female students returned to the substation, to give their statements, and identified the perp, that was when the fact that the police officials didn’t keep the records of their coming in to report the incident out into the open.

The Examination Department investigated, that on the evening of September 30th, Chang knew the incident of the victims, but didn’t report, that he was at fault.  After the murder had been solved, Chang didn’t report up the chain of command, that the female student had come in, causing the station to print out the untrue facts of the case.

During the time, Yang had supervised at Datang Substation twice, and not found Kao, and Chang having broken the rules of protocol.  As the substation manager, he should be more careful in making the statements to the press, checking the facts, and, in Yang’s interview on October 30th, he’d claimed, that the murdered student was unidentifiable, that she’d refused to report the case, that it was, a “prank”.

So, this is still, a chain of command thing, because the upper level supervisors did NOT supervise the lower level officers closely enough, and these men can’t keep themselves checked, in their means of taking the reports from the locals seriously, they just, brushed off the case, and so, they all deserved to get their ranks pulled, and even, fired from the police forces, because, would you want to go to report something major to the police (i.e. rape, or murder?), and have the officers, not take you seriously?  I wouldn’t think so, but this is still a top-down problem, because the heads of these places aren’t running their stations tightly enough, that’s why, all those little screws, come loose at the bottom layers.

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The Father Who’s an Addict Used His Own Infant Son Like a Punching Bag

The physical abuse of this young infant boy, by his own, father, and finally, the neighbors, decided to, put an end to this, abuse that’s been, ongoing, for way too long already, because I’m more than certain, that this wasn’t, the very first time!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Used a Belt to Beat the Infant Boy, Smothered Him with the Quilts

There was the shocking news of a one-month-old infant boy who’d gotten punched more than dozens of times by his father who’d been high on substance, the father was suspected of using his belt, to whip the infant male continuously, then, smothering him with a quilt, the cruel methods the man used to abuse his own infant son was, atrocious; the police were called, and arrested the man, and took him in on physical assault charges, as the D.A. interrogated the man, they’d asked for the courts to mandate him into custody, which the courts signed off on, the infant male was sent to the hospital, and thankfully, he wasn’t in any life-threatening danger.

The incident happened at around one in the morn yesterday, the police investigated, that the man, Hsien, about thirty years of age, is a construction worker of a company in Shinying District, he’d gotten addicted to the illegal substances, had multiple priors in illegal substances, midnight last night after he’d abused the substance at home, he was suspected of taking a belt, and continually whipping, smothering his own young infant son, and, the baby was naked, and couldn’t withstand the abuse, continued to let out the shrilling cries nonstop, the families couldn’t deter the man from abusing the child, other than recording the videos of him abusing his own young with their cell phones, the families also called the cops.

like this, with, a much, harder, force! Photo from online

The substation sent the officers over, to stop Hsieh in his abuse of his own young infant son, arrested him, and quickly, took the infant to the hospital, and at the preliminary checks, other than the multiple contusions the infant boy sustained on his arms, legs, most of his injuries were only on the surfaces, the infant was in no critical danger, and is now, staying at the hospitals for observations.

The social services of Tainan immediately stepped in, the city councilman, Lee also rushed over to see how the infant was doing, the man’s wife cried, as she’d told of how after her husband started abusing the illegal substances, how badly he’d acted, and, she had, tried to stop him from hurting the infant, but, he’d, hollered for her to get out, the man didn’t speak a single word as the police took him into the station, the police changed him on assault, and sent him to the D.A.’s offices, the courts mandated the man’s custody.

As the locals learned of the infant abuse from the internet streams, they were all angered, and started stating that they wanted to teach the man a lesson, as the police learned, they’d already tried to, talk the members of the public out of taking the matter into their own hands, Lee, the city councilman stated, that the city’s priority is in protecting the mother and the infant male, and asked the outside world, to try and not disturb the family more, that leave everything to the law.

And so, this is how, this man, used his own, INFANT son as a PUNCHING bag, and, I’m sure, that the beating of this young infant male had occurred, even when the man wasn’t high, it’s just, that it got worse when he got high, and, the mother of the child can’t do a thing, because she’s, fearing her own, safety too, as in most of these cases would be, but thankfully, the infant boy was rescued out, and the man is looking at hard time in prison now.

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The Nursing Home in Shanghai Started Cremating the Living Elderly Residents, Causing Anger in the General Public

Yeah uh, due to, an, oversight (let’s call it that, shall we then???) an old guy almost got, cremated, but, thankfully, the funeral home worker was, “intelligent” enough, to notice that hey, he ain’t DEAD yet!!!  Happened in a nursing home in China, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’d been, one outrageous thing after the next, as Shanghai closed down operations due to the pandemic, a nursing home in Shanghai placed an elderly person who was still breathing into the body bag, almost cremated the individual, causing public anger.  As the Shanghai officials investigated the matter they’d, immediately gone after five of the local district government officials who are responsible for the matter, and, retracted the physician’s license of the physician that signed off on the elderly as deceased, and the case is now, investigated by the Public Safety Units.  And, based off of disclosures of the news media press of China, there are at least five nursing homes in Shanghai that had the pandemic contractions of MERS-CoV within the facilities, and, multiple elderly persons had died in this current wave of the pandemic.

Based off of the WeChat footage, you can see, that as the funeral home workers went to take the elderly off from the Welfare Hospice, discovered that the elderly is still alive, still moving, and then, the funeral home workers pulled out the bed, and, the body bag.  The funeral home worker stated, “see, he’s alive, don’t cover him up anymore.”, early yesterday morn, the nursing home facility, as well as the land offices of the local district confirmed the incident as truth.  Currently, the elderly man who was mistaken as dead had been lifted to the hospital to get treated, and is now, in stable conditions currently.

and the YouTube video on that…and yes, the link works!

Elderly Shanghai patient mistaken for dead, later found alive in transit to morgue – YouTube

And, because this incident had caused a huge wave of public anger online, the local government office of Shanghai based off of the results of the investigations yesterday, went after five individuals, including the secretary of the local districts, the manager of the district office, the assistant manager of the district office, and the nursing home department of the local district, firing three of the employees of the government offices; the director of the nursing home, relieved of his post, with the criminal negligence charges against him, and he’s now, under investigation.

And, based off of the physician’s law of China, the physician on staff at the home, Tien’s license to treat patients, retracted, and the case is being sent to the public safety agency to review.  And all other members of the neglect are all, going under review as well.  The nursing home will be punished, and, the government sent in its workers to take over the operations of the nursing home.

And so, this, is how China covers up, the matter, how it’d, punished those who are heads of the facility, thinking, that it’ll, calm the public down a bit, but it really doesn’t do SHIT, because, if you don’t change the systems of operations, these sorts of shit will only keep on happening, and, then, the people of China will finally realize, that hey, it’s this, SHITTY government that’s, caused all of this SHIT top happen, and then, there may be a proletariat revolution, who knows???

This is a top-down thing, because the heads don’t act right, that’s why, the corruptions, run its way, down the line here.

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The Young Toddler in Critical Condition after Just ONE Day of Being Placed with the Nanny

Because the kid’s only been left with the nanny for one day, and this became of him, and so, we are bound to deduct, that it’s the nanny who’d not looked after this young infant boy closely enough, but, the real facts hadn’t come out yet, so…but, someone IS, responsible for what happened to this young boy!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Hospital Found Signs of Abuse, the Nanny Claimed that the Toddler Choked on the Formula then Fell into a Coma, the D.A. & Police Checked the Child, Found Him to Have Old & New Injuries, and is Now Looking into Who Abused Him

A young boy, Yi, of a year and ten months of age, two evenings ago, fell into a coma two evenings ago, was rushed into the E.R. by his nanny, Hsia, he was found with multiple bruises on his body, subdural hematoma.  The police investigated, Hsia claimed that the infant had choked on the formula, that was why she’d rushed him in, and was unclear as to how he came to have the bruises over him, but the parents of the boy told, that when they’d handed their son to the nanny, he didn’t have any injuries on him, pressed charges of physical assault on the nanny. The investigators found the young boy to have multiple injuries on him old and new, but, who had abused him, they will clarify that through investigations after the hospital evaluations come out.

The police found, that the nanny, Hsia started looking after the one year-old boy Yi, started on the evening of the 24th this month, on the evening of the 25th, the boy was taken in, it was only, a day’s time, the police questioned about the time of the injuries, and the results are pending until the hospital’s reports come out.

Based off of understanding, the boy sustained the injuries of subdural hematoma, a fractured skull, retinal hematoma, redness, bruising on the lips, body, the wounds were numerous, and some were old, while others are, new, and, if the boy’s injuries were caused by the nanny, or someone else, is the focus of the police investigations right now.

After the interrogations at the D.A.s office, the nanny was listed as a defendant, the toddler’s persons as related individuals, the police aren’t ruling out a third person who’s involved, and will be comparing the evidence, the statements made by both sides, to clarify the facts of the case.

An individual, Chen who claimed he was related to the family disclosed, that two afternoons ago, the nanny, Hsia had texted the parents the photo of their child, and at ten in the evening, she’d notified the parents, that the boy choked on his formula, and was in the E.R.; the families rushed to the hospital, and the nanny had, left, and not told them exactly what had happened.

The individual from online, Chen told, that the nanny stated that the injuries weren’t caused by her, that he’d bitten his own tongue when she fed him the bottle, that she’d not called an ambulance, but drove him to the hospital herself.

The Social Services of Taichung told, that Hsia didn’t have a certification of operation for a daycare center, that if she’d taken in the children unlawfully, she will be fined anywhere from $6,000N.T. to $30,000N.T.s.

And so, let’s put aside, whether or not this nanny was certified, and the facts are this, a child is injured, and someone should be held accountable for that, it’s just that as all the details of the case hadn’t come out in the open yet, we still can’t tell, who’s fault it is, but the least, neglect, and maybe, abuse too.

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What I Couldn’t, Recall, from Before…

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, it all came, flooding back, into my mind, too fast, I can’t, process them, and the dusts never, settled down fully, nothing was, calm, again!

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, why are they, all hitting me hard now?  Why do I need to, remember, all of these things of pain from my younger years, why can’t my mind, just, keep me, deceived, as it’d done before, huh?

difficulties accessing the memories locked inside the brains! Image from online

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, it’d all, come back out, of the darkness of my, unconscious, passing through the grays of the, subconscious, into, the consciousness that’s me!  What I couldn’t, recall, from before, they’re all coming back, one by one, a fact here, a fact there, several on a day, none on the next, too many to cope on the following day after that.

Until, until, everything that’s happened to me in the past, presented themselves, collectively, to me, inside, that, Pandora’s, box………

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The Nanny Went to the Restrooms, the Two-Year-Old Young Girl Passed Out from the Hoist Attached to the Backpack

This is still, a NEGLECT charge!  Also W-H-Y, you should, always KEEP your young children by your sides, at ALL times, tragedy off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The two-year-old young girl, Hsieh from Taichung, yesterday sustained a serious strangulation, she’d lost consciousness, and was rushed to the hospital, under her nanny’s care in her home, yesterday, the young child was admitted to the I.C.U. and intubated; Yeh told, that the young girl was strangled around the neck by the harness from the backpack she’d set her down by the protective child’s seat, back when it happened, she was “going to the bathrooms”, the child climbed up the protective railing, which was what caused the accident.  The police took the nanny in on negligence charges, the social services intervened to understand what exactly happened, at the same time, the social services transferred the three toddlers that Yeh was looking after.

The police investigated, that the forty-three-year-old Yeh is a licensed nanny, and took on caring for Chou’s young daughter for a little over a year to date.

Yeh told, that at eight in the morn yesterday, she’d taken a short bathroom break, put the child down inside the enclosure, and as she’d returned back, she’d found that the young girl’s neck was strangled by the strap to the backpack that’s hung on the walls; she’d immediately loosened the strap, carried the young girl down, and immediately called the emergency services.

As the paramedics arrived, the child was with no signs of life, on the way to the hospital, the emergency service workers continued performing CPR on her, and finally, her vitals returned, but it was still, weak; after the assessment of the physicians from the Lin Shin Hospital made the decisions of intubation, rushed the child to the Taidong branch of Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, after the emergency resuscitation measures were performed, the young girl started breathing, with a heart rate again, but, the toddler is in a stage four coma, severely injured, and she may have permanent brain damage.

As Chou went to the hospital alongside her young daughter, she was very emotional, and hadn’t decided to sue the nanny for negligence yet, Yeh said, “it was only for a matter of a few short moments she’d stepped away to go to the bathrooms”, she’d not expected that the child would flip herself over the enclosure, and get tied up by the straps, she felt awful over the accident.

The social services of Taichung stated, that there’s no record of the young girl being reported for child protective services, that Yeh is a certified and registered nanny, the social workers will work alongside the district attorney’s offices, as well as the police investigators, to find out the cause and effect of the injuries of the young child.

And this still just showed, that you should NEVER leave a young child alone, no matter how safe you think the environment you are in is, because, it’s not, as these cases showed, that children will get their heads, STUCK in the cookie jar, like another case I’d written up on, how that young toddler boy committed suicide by HANGING himself using the strings from the window blinds, or how that young baby girl got crushed to death, getting put down for that nap, next to the grandfather by the grandmother, and unfortunate as these cases are, they will, keep on happening, because you @#$%ING (so???) parents have absolutely NO sense!

And all of these tragedies could’ve been easily, avoided, and these young lives, spared, but they still weren’t, due to adults’, CARELESSNESS!

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The Empathies of the Leaders of Our Countries

How the government will say whatever we want to hear, to get us to elect them into office, then, after that, the elected officials had amnesia, and don’t give a flying @#$% about their constituents!  How governments EVERYWHERE worked!  Scamming for our, votes, on the callousness of the leaders of the countries all over the world, who could, care LESS, about the sufferings, the trials of the lives of, WE the people, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In August of 2009, the Typhoon Morakot hit, the president went to Taidong to see the damages, on her way, a mother-son pair came to her, and asked, “Why was it that we’d voted for you, and when we needed you the most, we can’t see you!”, the president responded, “Well, I’m here now, aren’t I?”, there was a pair of sisters who were buried alive by the landslides from the typhoon, as their maternal grandfather managed to rescue them both out, as the president visited the sisters, she’d stated, “Wow, you guys are amazing, can hold your breaths for two whole minutes!”

Then came, August of 2018, the rains from the tropical depression caused the floods from the rain in the mid-strip and southern parts of Taiwan, the president went to Chiayi to see the damages, rode up on the armored vehicles, and it’d caused a ton of discussions.  Although, the official explanation was that that was how the president got to the location, and for the rest of the visit, she’d walked on foot, then, she was caught, waving to the public riding on the armored vehicle.

Knowing the trials the people are going through, feeling their loss through empathy, is quite important for a leader of a country.  And awhile ago, there was a flood in Australia, the prime minister, Morrison waited until the flood to the most severe of levels, then, days after that, he’d finally, announced the country in a state of emergency, and, refused to meet up with the locals who are hit hardest when he’d gone to visit the local regions, and he’d received severe criticisms for his actions.

As the people watched the rain started coming down, harder, harder, and harder, causing the floods to rise up higher, higher, and higher still, swallowing up their homes, destroyed their lives, these people need a leader who empathizes, and is willing to listen, and offers hope to them, who feels the trials of the people.

A professor in Australia stated, that maybe, for many Australians, “The manners of leadership of Morrison in crises seemed to be that he was, never here at the places of these crises, and even as he’d finally arrived, he is not there, for the people who are hit hard by these disasters.”  Everybody longed for the quality of the leaders of their countries to identify with the people that they’re leading, representing, and the readiness to go through the trials with one’s own constituents, to help the citizens resolve their problems with them together.

Just like the French politician, De Gaulle stated, the quality of a true leader in times of crises, will demand more of oneself, show the people, that s/he can handle the crises, and shoulder up the responsibilities, turning what hit the people as one’s own business and hardships.

It’d only been just, three months into 2022, and, a lot of major crises had occurred in the world, which all required the leadership skills of the leaders of the countries.  Other than the horrifying floods of Eastern coast of Australia, there is still this new wave of MERS-CoV epidemic, and the Russian invasions into Ukraine too, threatening of another world war, and the inability to resolves these matters of the world leaders, are all disastrous to the people.

The leaders of the countries would often excuse their own incompetence on the lack of resources, causing them to not be able to, or maybe, materialistically, it is, for instance, the president of Ukraine claimed that due to the lack of the resources, the citizens can only, escape the country or to, surrender, but he didn’t.  The core missions of the leaders aren’t to explain why we’d, failed, but offering hopes to the people, and standing beside the people to fight with them hand-in-hand.  Like after the massacre at Christchurch in New Zealand, the prime minster worked really hard to contact the Muslim communities, and shared their grief, identified with their losses, dressed the same as they do.

Mencius said, “if the emperors treated the subordinates as dirt, then, their subordinates will treat them like thieves”, switching the subordinates to the people, it works, exactly, the same.

And so, this, is how lacking in empathy these leaders of the countries are now, because they all sit high up, in their, ivory towers, not know what the @#$% (maxed out???) we the people are, going through, and, these leaders we the people elected are too, clueless over what they’re doing, that isn’t at all, helping we the people out (we are, still the people, aren’t we???) and so, we are still, SCREWED over, by our own choices of going to cast those important votes down, for the callous, uncaring, individuals who are, ruining our lives right now, and, W-H-O can we blame???  NOBODY, we brought this on ourselves, remember?

Yeah, feel free to call ME calloused too here.

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