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The Judge’s Take on the Case: the Religious Group Leader Engaged the Members in Groupthink, They Couldn’t Decide for Themselves

The opinion of the judge who ruled on the case, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Why would Ru-Yuen Ming Gong’s member comply with Chiao-Ming Chen and do such atrocious things?  The judge had once scheduled for the six defendants to the hospital to get their psyc evaluations, to make sure, that none of them had any mental issues that can affect their judgments of right and wrong.  The verdict quoted the concepts of “an ordinary evil” Hannah Arendt, believed that it’s a behavior that came out of abnormal social influences, and, the evil part of it is it’d caused the person to not think straight, which was why the behaviors are so hard to understand.

The judge found out, that when Chen gathered her group at “Silent Gardens”, if she felt that someone has misbehaved or said the wrong things, she would call on everybody else who were there, and started grilling the individual on the same or different questions, and when the replies didn’t match up, then, the members would take turns, slapping the person, and, after awhile, the members of her cult learned that they must be truthful with her, it’d given Chen an “absolute authority”.  There was a youngest daughter of one of the members that was disciplined by the group, and was slapped until she’d become deaf, but she not only didn’t sue, instead, she’d continued, joining the group gatherings.

The death of Jeng had happened in “Silent Gardens”, Chen’s neighbors said, that after the incident, nearly nobody came in or out of the place, and from time to time, they’d seen the families come back to offer incense to the ancestors, but the common areas were unkempt, the trees had all died, and, leaves fallen everywhere.  In the past, every years, the flowers would be kept very well, and the family members are already considering selling the properties.

And so, because you don’t have a strong sense of the self, you looked to your leader, and when your leader says, “Jump”, you do it, and, after a few times of this “training”, your brains are completely turned OFF, and so, that, was why you’d blindly, followed the woman’s lead, in torturing of the young man, because you don’t have a strong sense of yourselves!

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Found Guilty for Raping an Adolescent Female, a Man in Charge of a Cult Got Eighteen Years, a Heavy Sentence

Finally a V-E-R-D-I-C-T, from that case that happened, oh, say???  Over SIX months ago???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The holder of the cult, “the Door to Taoism, a Life Course”, Ou-Yang, was accused of raping a female follower’s thirteen year old daughter seventeen times, and the female follower had even demonstrated for her daughter, how to fellate him.  The High Courts in Taiwan believed that Ou-Yang and the youth’s mother showed NO remorse, and gave them eighteen and twelve years respectively, and they can still go for an appeal.

The high courts pointed out, that in the evidence that the young adolescent female kept, she’d hollered out helplessly, along with the man, enjoying himself in raping her, would make anybody feel bad for the girl.

The verdict stated, that the woman thirteen years ago, entered into the cult that was set up by Ou-Yang and his wife at Hsinbei city, “The Entryway to Tao, the Life Course”.  In July of 2011, Shien Ou-Yang took the woman and her daughter to a motel, the woman told her daughter, that she must go through the “redirection of energy” to up her likability and become more able in her talents, she’d enticed her own offspring to fellate Ou-Yang, and showed her how it was done herself.

The young girl at first didn’t want to, and her mother warned her, “If you don’t, then, you will have NO allowances”, and, in the pressures, the young girl complied, and Ou-Yang was able to get his way with her.  In May of 2012, the adolescent girl came home, and bumped into Ou-Yang again, the mother used the excuse of “redirecting the energy”, to ask her child to fellate him, and later, the adolescent was told by her mother, to get on the bed, to allow Ou-Yang to rape her.

The adolescent is growing older, and other than writing about the events in her own journals, she’d also gone online to pour her heart out, and, someone she met online taught her to use her cell to record the process and use it as evidence to sue, and that, was when the case blew open.

In the hearings, Ou-Yang refused to plead guilty, claimed that the adolescent’s journal was a “romance novel”, that it was all made-up; the mother only admitted to having her daughter touch Ou-Yang’s pubic area twice.  The first trial, the judge believed, that the adolescent’s claims in her diary about being raped by her mother and a “grandfather-aged” teacher, could NOT be a projection of her romantic feelings, and the judge gave Ou-Yang fourteen years, and the adolescent’s mother eleven.

After the appeals, Ou-Yang had admitted to wrongdoing, but had gone back on his statements, said that he’d only had the youth suck his fingers; and the mother also kept speaking on behalf of the man, the high courts believed that Ou-Yang didn’t manage to exert the positive energies of the religion, and the woman also didn’t protect her own offspring, and that they both showed NO remorse, and so, they were both given even heavier sentences.

And so, finally the LAW had spoken, and, justice seemingly WAS served, but, is it?  I mean, really?  How is this young woman going to EVER recover from the fact, that she was molested, raped, and FORCED to fellate someone who’s old enough to be her grandmother, and, how is she to overcome the betrayals from how her mother was supposed to protect her, but instead, joined in raping her?

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Eight Members of the Cult Indicted, Jeng, the High School Student Arrived to School an Hour Early, and Lost His Life, Chiao-Ming Chen Led the Abuse, and the D.A. Asked for a Severe Sentence

Splashed, across the FRONT PAGE section today, translated…

The case where the high school student, Jeng, was abused to DEATH by the members of the cult, Ru-Yue-Ming-Gong, the district attorneys of Changhwa made their closing statements yesterday, and they’d also found out, that the reason for the high schooler getting ABUSED to death was only because the student came to school, one and a half hour earlier than he was supposed to, to volunteer.

Chen Had Made Escape Plans, the D.A. Asked for Her Incarceration

The D.A. pointed out, that there were total of EIGHT members of the cult who were involved in the physical tortures of the high school student, including his own mother, Huang, the leader of the cult, Chiao-Ming Chen, and the D.A. prosecuted all of them based off of abused to death, unlawful incarceration, and obstruction of personal freedom, the eight of them were also involved in perjury.  And, another eleven members were suspected of making false statements to affect the outcomes of the case, and they were going to stand in for questioning at another time.

The D.A. pointed out, that last year on November 27, after Jeng’s mother was taken in, she’d once withdrawn over seventeen million dollars, N.T., along with fifty thousand dollars in U.S. currency, as where she’d kept the money, Chen still hadn’t told the investigators yet, and the D.A. suspected that she’s at flight risk, asked the judge to allow her to be taken in.

There Were at LEAST Fifty Children Who Got “Disciplined” Including the High Schooler, Jeng

The D.A. pointed out, that when Chen suspected that her followers, or the children of had misbehaved, she would always had the entire group, gaining up on the individuals, and, there were OVER fifty children who got “disciplined”, including Jeng, the high schooler.  And, the reason why Jeng was disciplined to DEATH, it was all because of Chen, and she’d even had the high school student’s mother shoulder the blames, and asked for a severe punishment.

The indictment pointed out, that the fifty-nine year old Chen, over ten years ago, had started the cult, taught her followers, to use breathing techniques and stretching, to make their bodies and minds more advanced.  Starting seven years ago, she’d asked her followers to bring their children and spouses to her ancestral home in the town of Hemei, “Silent Gardens”, to do their homework assignments and to live together.

And, because last year on May eighteenth, because Jeng’s own high school class had misbehaved, and had to do volunteer services for punishment, as mandated by his school, he’d arrived late, that night at ten, Chen grilled the high schooler on his whereabouts, and believed that he was hiding something from her, because he’d left early for school, and hollered out, “Group!” to everybody who lived at the place.

That night, Jeng’s own mother, along with nineteen more others were called to the small room, to “fix” Jeng up, and whenever Jeng’s answers didn’t come right after Chen’s inquiries, or that he’d NOT given her a satisfactory explanations, she’d gotten beaten with pipes, bamboo, by Chen, his own mother, along with six others, and this went on for over ten hours.

The High School Student’s Death Was Even MORE Painful than When Hong Was Abused to Death in the Army

The D.A. pointed out, that Jeng was beaten to have multiple wounds, and his muscles failed, to the point he couldn’t eat anything, that he’d died, an even MORE painful death, than Hong, who was abused to death in the army.  The coroner’s report found, that the liver weighed in at 1200 grams, for normal persons, while Jeng’s liver weighed only 900 grams.

Chen, along with her accomplices had “disciplined” Jeng the whole night, the next day at lunch, the member of the cult, Liu, had even told others, “last night, when we’d disciplined Chuen-Yu (Jeng), my hands are so sore from beating him up.”  Jeng was continually abused by Chen and kept in lock up, until the morning of June fifth, when there’s NOTHING but skins and bones left on him, then, he was taken to the hospitals, but, before they’d arrived to the hospital, Jeng had died.

The D.A. stated, that Chen, in order to cover up her own bad behaviors, she’d called upon the members of the cult over ten times, to get their statement the same, had everybody blamed it on Jeng’s own mother, and had asked the members of the group who were called by the police, to write out the questions they were asked by the investigative officers.

Last year in June, when Jeng, the high schooler died of abuse, but was accused of overdosing on illegal substances and died, his older sister came out, and accused the cult, and this, had helped the truth of how her own younger brother died come out.  Yesterday, as Chen, along with other members of the cult were indicted, the older sister said, “I’m just a woman, and the thought of wanting to do something for my dearly beloved brother, had given me the strengths”.

She said, that the cult, along with Chen, was what caused her family to break up, and her younger brother to die, and that there was NO way she will EVER forgive, but, awhile ago, she’d gone to jail to visit her mother, they’d held one another and cried, and she saw her mother smile, “Mom had returned to the way she was before, kind, and I’m willing to wait for her.”

Last night, when Jeng’s father was interviewed by the paper, said, that “unless you give me my son back, otherwise, I will NEVER forgive my ex wife, along with those in the cult.”  When he’d recalled how he was the one, burying his son, he couldn’t help it but cry.

Chen was indicted as the primary person who caused the high school student’s death, her younger brother, said, that he wasn’t sure of what had happened, that he isn’t at place to comment, “After all, she is my older sister, and, it would be inappropriate for me to say anything now.”  He’d only worried, that if his mother had found out, she would be saddened, by the fact, that his older sister was indicted, he and his family will let everything sink in, then, decide on what they’re to do about Chiao-Ming Chen.

The younger brother, Jou-Ming Chen said, that the family is completely against his older sister, running the cult, he’d mentioned to the cult members, multiple times, that they should NOT trust his older sister, but, nobody listened to him, and, the members are all well-educated, and adults, so, they should have their own sensible judgments, but instead, they’d treated his older sister like she was god, and he just couldn’t understand why, “and now, after the wall fell, everybody’s still PUSHING at it, something bad happened, and everybody blames it on Chiao-Ming Chen.”

And so, you have it, families of the victim AND the accused, and that still shows you, how DANGEROUS, it is, to NOT have a strong sense of the self, you’d get easily swayed, into listening to the WORDS of the D-E-V-I-L, and, end up doing a VERY bad thing, to someone you loved, like how the mother of this high schooler had followed the words of the cult leader, and allowed her SON to get ABUSED to death!!!


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The Teenager, Jeng Was Disciplined, Members of the Cult: NOT My Fault

Call it the CONCLUSIONS of the investigation, from that case where that teenager was ABUSED to DEATH by the cult that his mother was involved in, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The District Attorney’s Offices in Changhwa investigated about the high schooler student, Jeng’s abused to death, yesterday, they’d called in eighteen members of the cult, among them, an electrical engineer, Yeou, was suspected of physically abusing the high schooler; and, the seven members of the teacher’s guild in Bei-Gang Agricultural and Skilled Worker High School, including an instructor, Wang, were all listed as defendants, and the D.A. asked the judge, to increase the bail to $200,000N.T., and the people charged had been increased to nineteen individuals.

Wang yesterday went to class as usual, the police waited until he finished second period, then, they’d gone in and hauled him out, and, many of his coworkers didn’t know what was going on; Wang’s colleague said, that he’d taught math, and is a very good instructor in their view, and usually kept to himself, but recently, his father was ill, so, he’d returned to Kaohsiung whenever he was able to, and the next day, he would come back to school to teach, that he was involved in the case of abuse, and his colleagues are all shocked about it.

The D.A. had interrogated Jeng’s father, Huang, she’d disclosed to them the details of her son’s abuse, the district attorney’s office called in eighteen members of the cult, other than Wang (age 38), Yeou (age 41); and seven others who are students who are still minors, they are ALL witnesses’ children, or the children of the accused, and the police are trying to find out, if they’d all gotten abused or not.

“Someone is disciplining her child, it’s NOT my business”, many of the “followers” told the police, they’d learned that Jeng, the high school student had a spat after supper with his mother last year, on May 18th, and they’d also seen Wu, along with others, helped Huang the mother discipline the high schooler.  A female cult member said, that later, the high schooler was taken to another smaller room, she saw Chiao-Ming Chen in the chair of that small room.

The D.A. claimed that they will be prosecuting the case according to abuse to death, last night, other than taking Yeou into custody, Wang, along with other members of the cult are out on bail of $100,000N.T. and $200,000N.T. respectively.

And so, while they waited for JUSTICE…well, at least, someone IS being held responsible for this teenager getting ABUSED to death, and even though that is still NOWHERE N-E-A-R justice, but that, is as good as we can work this, for now.

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The Mother Who Forced the Daughter to “Get a Transfer of Energy” from the Master Got Eleven Years in Prison for Allowing Her Own Child to Get Raped

The C-O-N-C-L-U-S-I-O-N of the report from days ago, here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

“The Entryway to Taoism, Living Lectures”, the initiator of this cult, was accused of raping the believer’s thirteen-year-old young daughter, even though, he’d claimed that the girl’s diaries are from her own imagination, a “romance novel”, but the judge doubted that “the young woman’s sentiments came from getting raped by an elderly person, along with her own mother?”, yesterday, the judge gave the man who was the cult leader fourteen years in prison, and the adolescent girl’s mother, eleven years.

The judge criticized, that the mother’s duty is to protect her own daughter, but instead, she took the false words of “rechanneling energy”, and allowed the man to sexually rape and molest her own child, that she should be severely reprimanded.  The young girl’s mother was out on bail of $300,000N.T., as she left, she kept silent; Xiang Ou-Yang, however, stayed the night at the Taipei Penitentiary.

The young girl’s mother more than ten years ago, joined the Ou-Yang’s (age 67) cult, two years ago, she’d told her daughter, that after she goes through “guided energy practices” she will become more popular, and would have multiple talents too, told the daughter to fellate the spiritual mentor, Ou-Yang.

The young woman wrote about what had happened to her in her diary, after her mother read it, she’d mocked the daughter, “nobody’s going to believe you”; and the young woman, got the advices from the online community, and started collecting her own evidence, and started suing the adults, and, when Ou-Yang was arrested, he’d claimed, that the youth was writing an X-rated novel, that there are nothing but made-up stories in the adolescent girl’s diaries, and that he was impotent, and so, he couldn’t have raped the girl.

The judge believed, that the hospitals diagnosed the young woman as having a deep laceration in her hymen, and that most romance novels are merely projections of love imagined by the authors, how would it detail the rapes of her own mother, along with a “grandfather-aged” man, that it must’ve really actually happened to her.

At the court sessions, the woman admitted to giving the “master” oral sex, that her daughter was watching her do it; but she believed, that it would be helpful to her own life, encourage the daughter to help the “master” fellate too.

And so, here, is a less-than-PERFECT (as there IS no way of ending this SHIT right!!!) ending to the suffering of this young woman, at the hands of her own mother, and this, is still DUE to the WEAKNESS in human nature, and that, was what the LOSER was counting on, the WEAKNESS in human nature, and so, this sort of SHIT will keep on happening ALL over, NOT just here, because there are those who are out there, taking advantage of the WEAKNESS in human nature.


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An Adolescent Woman Followed Her Mother to a Cult, She Was Taken Advantage of, and the Online Friends Taught Her to Collect the Evidences

Hello, did you NOT read up on that very LAST case???  Apparently N-O-T, which, is exactly why, this SHIT is still happening here, and, it just might (I mean, it is, all too possible!!!) happen, in your separate “neighborhoods” too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mother had forced her to “get with” the sixty-seven year old spiritual instructor, and had demonstrated for her daughter to see, and as the police called in the mother and the “instructor”, they were both very well educated and articulate, the young woman sought out assistance from online, and took evidence in voice recording, to get a conviction.

A woman was taken by the “Doors of Taoism, Living and Learning” spiritual course, she’d sent her thirteen year old daughter to meet the “instructor”, Xian Ou-Yang, forced the teen to fellate the instructor, and demonstrated for the young girl HOW it is done.  Xian Ou-Yang, along with the mother, after being charged with forced sexual intercourse, and the district courts in Shihlin already allowed them to be out on bail, but the D.A. feared that they might be at flight risk, or that they might do it again, already challenged the court’s rulings.

The D.A. said, that the young girl was very brave and intelligent, in calmly recording the events herself, but, recently, there had been multiple cases of religious misbehaviors, could this be, “getting in too deep”, and the individuals are merely rationalizing their own bad behaviors.  Based off of understanding, after the young girl was raped, she “wanted to die”, and asked the online community, someone from online was shocked to discover that she’d been raped, taught her to collect the evidence, and managed to take the sixty-seven year old “spiritual master” down.

Based off of understanding, Ou-Yang, who’s already married, ten years ago, set up a cult in Shijr District of Hsinbei City, and the members are college level professors.  Two years ago, in July, the woman and Ou-Yang took her daughter to a motel, the man had tricked the woman into believing that he’d opened up the child’s talent side; the girl didn’t want to fellate him, but the mother demonstrated for her how it was done, then, Ou-Yang successfully raped the young woman with his hands.

Because the woman was so taken up with the cult, she’d had arguments with her husband, last year, after the couple split up, the daughter was placed in the husband’s custody; but the young woman had to head over to her mother’s every Wednesday, and, this “weekly meet” because her living nightmare.

Based off of the accusations, Ou-Yang not only had the child fellate him, her mother would pry her legs open, to allow the “instructor” to have intercourse; the young girl wrote out her angers on a notebook, and the pressures from being deflowered, after the mother found out, she’d mocked the child, saying that “nobody will ever find out or believe you”.  The girl posed the question online, and the online community gave her supports, and taught her how to collect the evidence.

The young woman recorded the sessions with Ou-Yang while he was “diverting energy”, and kept the toilet paper with his bodily fluid as evidence.  The woman and Ou-Yang denied having done it, and Ou-Yang said that he was impotent, and couldn’t have ejaculated; but the D.A. found him, panting in the voice recording, saying, “I’m about to guide you in now”, plus there’s the toilet paper with his DNA, the D.A charged the mother and the “master” based off of the physical evidence.

Based off of understanding, the father stated, at the opening of the trial, that he’d gone to the cult with his wife some ten odd years ago, and back then, he’d thought that it was outrageous, and stopped going, without knowing, that his wife had put his own daughter through this torture.

The woman and Ou-Yang appeared to be well-educated and articulate in the way they’d dressed and speech too, at the very beginning of the investigations, the officers had their doubts, “Would they really do such a thing?”, the verdict will be passed down on the 31st.

And so, can you imagine how much SHIT this young woman had gone through, and, it’s still ALL because of how WEAK and GULLIBLE her own mother was, and that is still NOT going to BE the last case where someone who claimed to be a “preacher” of sorts does something EVIL, because there will always BE the weak, who will be willing to believe ANYTHING, because humans are just quite S-T-U-P-I-D, no offense still!!!

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In the Eighteen Days the High Schooler, Jeng was Incarcerated, He’d Been “Tried” by the Cult Ten Times, He’d Stopped Eating, and that, Was What Killed Him

From the “series” of reports on the papers, about the CULT that ended up, killing that high schooler???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A. in Changhwa on the investigation of the death of the high school student, Jeng, found that a year ago, he was put on “trial” by the founder of the cult, Chen, and when his answers didn’t match their expectations, they’d slapped him, and after the “trial”, he must write out a confession too; and this time, he was incarcerated for eighteen days, been tried ten times, and because his body and mind couldn’t withstand the tortures, that, was what had caused him to die.

The D.A. sorted through the details of the case of the death of the high schooler, Jeng, turns out, that because of Chen’s own marriage had problems, that, was why she’d needed all the specifics of things, asked her followers, to be truthful and honest to a fault to her; she’d taken the approach that psychologist had on “Group therapy”, she’d called on the “believers” whom she thought was “off” to appear at night, to get “treatment” from the higher up officers, and the rest of the group.

But the police found, that this had become too bad, that in the group sessions, if the one being “healed” had stuttered or contradicted oneself when interrogated, then, the person who’d asked the question would go up to the person, and start SLAPPING her/him across the face, like in a “public trial”; and because these sessions happened during the night time, it felt like how a legendary court officials in the ancient times doing his interrogations.

Chen claimed herself to be the “master healer”, and held these “public trials”, Lu, and the Hsus, higher official, Lin, along with Wu, had all played the role of the “therapist”.  The D.A. found over a hundred confessions at Chen’s home along with the gathering place, almost everybody belonging to this cult had written at least ONE confession AFTER they were put on “trial” by Chen.

In these confessions, eleven were written by the high schooler, Jeng, one was from when he was a second-year student in high school, he was first, interrogated on what he’d been doing?  He opened up about how he went online, but because he didn’t give the details, he was slapped across the face multiple times, and had confessed on how he will NEVER lie again.

The police chased the leads and found, that on the evening of May 18, Jeng, because he’d arrived a bit later to the Silent Gardens, he was put on “public trial”; Jeng was really getting annoyed, he’d challenged Chen’s authorities, said to her, “I’m been on drugs, joined gangs, after I get into college, I’m getting AWAY from this CULT, and away from my own mother too………”, it had angered Chen, along with other members of the cult.

And, Jeng was slapped across the face by the members and he’d gotten angered and reacted, and then, the group tied him UP with a boys scout rope, then, was beaten with pipes and bamboo, until he was hurt all over, then, locked inside a small room, and the next time, he was placed before the authorities and tried again, that made him even more rebellious, and was abused, once again.

The police found, that on May 20th, Jeng stopped taking in any food as a silent rebellion, and, after he’d starved himself for two days, he’d started to twitch, and as Chen saw, she’d told Huang, the mother, “That, is withdrawal from the drug use”, and Huang believed that Chen had the intentions of helping her son get cleaned even more, asked her son to write out a confession, but Jeng was angered even more, and so, he’d started bullshitting in the confessions.

He’d written a total of ten confessions, meant that he’d been “tried” for ten times, in the end, Jeng was already malnutritioned, and fell into a coma; on the evening of June 5, his mother realized, that something was dead wrong, that, was when Chen had asked Hsu, to drive him to the hospitals, but it was too late.

The man, who was a manager of a company in China, Wu, had returned here, two days ago, is a high up official of the cult, and had participated in the “disciplines”, plus, he’d gone back and forth on his claims, yesterday, the judge ordered him to be taken in, and that he was to have NO visitors.

And so, this, is as FAR as justice WILL go, and, they will be found guilty, for torturing this high school student to death, and, that kid WAS in high school, and, he’s naturally going to rebel, and yet, the “follower” of this cult (b/c that, is what IT is!!!) were so fucking (oopsy!!!) blind, that they’d participated in the tortures of this innocent, NORMAL high schooler, and ended up, murdering him.








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The High School Student Did NOT Use Drugs, He Was, STARVED to DEATH

Here is the LATEST developments of the case where the teen got STARVED to death by his mother who was a part of a C-U-L-T, from the Front Page Section, translated…

The autopsy report of the son of the mother who was a part of the cult, the D.A. found, that there was NO drug inside the son’s system, that he was starved to death, and NOT beaten to death; as for those who had participated in the tortures of this teenager, other than the mother, Hsu, along with Chen, there are two other people, a man, and a woman, who are also involved.

The head of the district attorney’s office in Taichung, Tsai said, that Jeng, the high schooler’s main cause of death was malnutrition, that even though there are wounds only skin deep on him, but NONE of those wounds was enough to kill him, after the autopsy, the coroners concluded, that Jeng was starved to the point that he could NO longer eat anything, which in turn, caused him to be malnourished, and that what killed him was NOT The external injuries found on his body.

As for the eleven pages of “Confession” by Jeng’s hand, at first, the handwritings are normal, then, the words became super sized and it went all over the places, the investigative officers believed that it was because Jeng was too starved, but was still FORCED to write out the confessions, and these couple of pages of his own confessions can show how quickly his health deteriorated in the days before he’d passed.

Based on understanding, the Changhwa District Attorneys and police were still chasing the leads in the case, and they’d found out, that in the eighteen days that Jeng was kept locked up in the Silent Gardens, there were TEN members of the cult who knew of this, and in these couple of days, after the interviews of all ten people, the pieces are slowly, falling into place, in the next two days, the police will call on Chen, Hsu, along with the two individuals who told that they knew the details.

“I kept on questioning, what kind of a force would drive my mother to do this?  Causing her to NOT tell anybody about it.”  Jeng’s older sister spoke yesterday, that yesterday, someone from the cult disclosed to her, that after her brother had died, someone from the cult had told the mother, to ADMIT to everything, and told the police that she’d “over-disciplined” her own son.

She said, that as her mother saw the D.A. showing her younger brother’s autopsy photos, she’d started crying like hell, and, she’d finally told, that there are other members of the cult, who are involved in the tortures of her own son, and this stated, how her mother still felt love for her younger brother, but, there was an unforeseen force, or some persons who’s driving her, coaching her with the answers to the questions of the officers, “My mother must feel tortured, and must be struggling within”.

And, there you have it, and that just shows you, how those who are WEAK easily fall prey, to cult activities, and now, the mother who’d TORTURED her own SON to death is feeling remorseful?  Well, too late for that now, and, the family still tried to speak on the mother’s behalf, and, even IF the woman WAS “brainwashed”, that’s still NO excuse for her to abuse her own child to D-E-A-T-H, no matter how REMORSEFUL she is toward what she’d done right now!!!








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Cracking the Case of the Cult: The Spirituality Meetings Became a Group Torture? Chen Said it Wasn’t

Continued from yesterday, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An instructor who’d gotten OUT of the spiritual group yesterday disclosed to this newspaper, that as the “students” gathered to share their knowledge of what they’d gained from practicing the beliefs, if they’d made NO progress, then, the individuals would get slapped across the faces by the rest of the group, as “encouragements for improvement”, and, a LOT of the “students” couldn’t deal with this, so, a LOT of them dropped out from the group.

This instructor said, that he’d suspected, that that, was how Jeng, the high school student was killed in this group punishment, by accident.

The district attorney’s office and the police of Changhwa raided the headquarters of this cult, “Silent Gardens”, to get the evidence, to see if there are accomplices to the death of the high schooler, and the D.A. had arrested the man in charge, Chiao-Ming Chen, as the plaintiff for the abused to death case of the high school aged boy.  The father of the high schooler, Jeng, also pursued Chen, believed that she had everything to do with his death.  Chen texted her husband, stated that “I’m a loving mother to my child, I would never hurt him.”

The instructor who came forth and told of the activities of this cult, five years ago, heard his colleague talked about, and was introduced to the cult, and joined, and, would go to “class” one day a week on the nights; at first, the meetings were held, freely by the students, and the atmosphere was NOT high pressure, he was comfortable, and enjoyed going.

But later, as the “courses” got adjusted, the students were made to share their encounters of how practicing the teachings of the cult would help them in their separate lives, and if the students couldn’t tell the specifics, then, they would have to admit to the rest of the group, along with Chiao-Ming Chen, that they’d done wrong.

He said, that the “admittance” class would schedule those who hadn’t made improvements to get SLAPPED across their faces by the classes, he once bore witness to three people, slapping one person across the faces, until the one being slapped kept saying that s/he will improve, and kept admitting to not doing well enough.

Who had specified this sort of a physical discipline, the instructor wouldn’t say, just told, that the one who initiated this process is the one who is the most powerful in the group.

Yesterday, Chiao-Ming Chen used text messages to state that this, is a “lie”, stressed how she will wait for the justice department, to return her innocence.

 Now that a HIGH SCHOOL K-I-D had been BEATEN to death, the members of this CULT (b/c that, is what this is???) are still pointing fingers, because they don’t want to be held responsible, by the L-A-W, of admit to themselves, that ALL of them had a hand, in causing this teen to get BEATEN to D-E-A-T-H, and, if what the “student” claimed here is true,, then, why the HELL would anybody willingly “sign up” for this kind of PUBLIC humiliation?  Or, because the individuals are just simply, WAY too W-E-A-K, they don’t have a STRONG sense of the self, so they sought out wrong places to belong in???  I still wouldn’t know here!!!


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