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Gone, is the Last Liberal…

Gone, is the last liberal, so y’all can forget about getting them laws on same-sex marriages, abortions, women’s rights to their bodies, passed!

Gone, is the last liberal, as the courts are, taken over by, nothing but, conservatives, too outdated in their beliefs, ideals, firmly insistent, that we women, are lesser than men, stripping the rights of our bodies away.

Gone, is the last liberal, the only one who will, speak out, on our, behalf, and, there’s nothing we can do about it, this final liberal, was the ONLY chance we will have, of, close to, evening the votes, and yet, s/he got, struck off the rosters already.

Gone, is the last liberal, and, we all must, fall down, to all those, conservatives’ rules, because, they’d outnumbered us, and they are going to, keep on, silencing us all, because we are, more, liberal than they are…

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Long-Term Care Became an Abandoned Infant, and the Justice Systems Can’t Patch up the Holes

How the HEAD (OFF with HIS HEAD!) of the DDP is already checked out as the head of DDP, with his sight on the mayoral election of the city of Taipei at the end of the year, and the policies for long-term care still isn’t set up from the start, and it’d been ten fucking (so???) years since the “birth” of the long-term care policies here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Every time I saw the verdict of the cases o murder in the families with long-term care needs, it’d pained me, since the start of Long-Term Care 2.0, the tragedies in the families hadn’t stopped yet.  Although the UDN papers did a special report on “Murders of Long-Term Care”, and yet, seeing how the Department of Sanitation & Welfare boasting on the coverage rate of over fifty-percent of Long-Term Care 2.0, for the past two years, the head of CDC, Chen hadn’t shown ANY concerns for this area, only cared about the pandemic, and now, he’d, shifted his focus onto the mayoral elections at the end of year.  The DDP government should evaluate the lacking of Long-Term Care 2.0, to NOT give up the right to set up the rules correctly, to allow the justice systems to patch up those holes.

The sixty-nine-year-old man didn’t want to see his wife suffer anymore, for being bedridden for a whole of thirty years, suffocated her with a plastic bag, and the defense argued that it was a “mercy killing”, the district attorney asked the courts for mercy, the Taipei District Court believed that the case fitted to the requirements of a sentence reduction, sentenced Tsai to two years six months, and this can still be appealed.  The seventy-nine-year-old elderly man took care of his daughter with cerebral palsy for close to fifty years, smothered her to death with a quilt, and his life saved by emergency resuscitation from his suicide attempt after killing his daughter, the Taipei District Court sentenced him to two years six months, and, the courts asked the president to issue a special pardon for him, which was quite rare.

If the government stepped in to help out, then, maybe, these tragedies from the burdens of long-term care could’ve been, avoided.  And yet, the setting up of the policies are to the legislature, while the right of justice is left to the courts, whether it be “mercy killings”, or the judges reviewed over the deeds, and gave a reduced sentence, then asked the president for a special pardon, it still doesn’t STOP the cases of long-term care from recurring, only through the evaluations of the department of Sanitation & Welfare, learning from the judiciary’s empathy in evaluating the lacking of Long-Term Care 2.0, then, maybe, we can reduce the cases of tragic deaths that came out of Long-Term Care 2.0.

Long-Term Care 2.0 is one of the major promises that Tsai made from her election in 2016, and the budgeting of the programs started back in 2017, and the total amount had accumulated to over thousands of millions of dollars to date; there’s the budget of close to sixty billion dollars N.T. in long-term care uses, a new high in history, and this is still not including the “basic structure designs projects’” money set aside to put into long-term care.  Problem is, the money can’t solve the problem of the pressures from the caretaking, that it needed the effective policies, and the implementations of the policies to work.

Tsai is half way through her second term, there are still two more years left, if she can evaluate the lacking of the past six years’ worth of long-term care lacking, rethink the people’s needs for the services, and stop boasting about the pretty statistics and numbers, change the provisions of as-needed services, and set up a fuller and more complete long-term care system, teaching the people how to get the resource when they need, how to set up a properly functioning system of long-term care provisions.

The definition of long-term care isn’t on the temporary, emergent medical treatment means, the tragedies are mostly from the long-term accumulations of the pressures of caretaking that’s lasted for decades at a time, the government should return back to the basic services provided to the families on these needs, helping the families set up a system that will work, and provide the quality and quantity of care that the people are in need of.

The Department of Sanitations & Welfare is in charge of the legislatures of the long-term policies, and should be full of empathy, with the leadership skills, the ability for planning, with the head of department being able and capable to implement the policies, but, from the past years’ worth of pandemic, although there’s the appearances of the elegant “getting ahead”, but on the means of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, the planning of the vaccinations, the availabilities of the quick scan kits, the hikes of contractions in the nursing homes, there are still, too many holes, and yet, the head of department, Chen now shifted his focus to running in the mayoral race of the city of Taipei, and long-term care is once again, abandoned.

I hope, that the DDP isn’t solely zoomed in on the 2022 election of the mayors of the various cities in the country, but need to set their sights farther to the 2024 presidential elections, and, by then, the efficacy of the DDP ruling over this country may well be decided on the total numbers of deaths of the long-term care tragedies.  You need to know, that the justice system will NEVER be able to patch up the holes in the system of long-term care.

And so, this is still due to how this DDP government lacked the foresight, and because the system isn’t set up correctly, that’s why, so many are being MURDERED by their caretakers, and it’s still a top down problem, because the heads of these separate units already checked out, like for Chen, he only cared about the mayoral election at the end of the year, and he let his post of head of CDC slide, leaving we the people, defenseless against the viruses of MERS-CoV, and now, monkeypox too, and that’s still because of how the DDP is corrupt, from the top down, and rotten to the CORES already!

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A Beautiful Sight

Watching the acts of kindness, it changes you, and adds to your awareness, of how important it is, to offer that hand in assistance to someone else who’s in need, translated…

On an afternoon, I was sitting by the window of a second floor of a fast food restaurant, I saw a visually impaired person, with a guiding cane, crossing a six-lane road on the pedestrian crossing.  As I was getting up to head downstairs to help the individual, there was already, another woman, who’d gone up and helped the individual to get to the bus stop.

I’d found, that the visually impaired person had a board hung around his chest, I’d originally thought he was passing the gospels, but as I looked closer, it had “12, 36, 0East…………”, that was when it’d dawned on me, that that was the bus route number the individual wanted to take, and, I’d prayed, that the drivers of Route 12, 36, and 0East will see him, and help him get to his next stop.  And suddenly, I’d felt enormous respect toward this visually impaired friend, respect for his not getting defeated by his own, reality.

like this…

photo from online

Not long thereafter, came two buses, I saw the woman who’d helped the visually impaired person cross to the bus stop, talking to the driver, then, with her arms, around the visually impaired person, walked to the bus behind the first.  As I was confused, I saw that woman bowing to the driver, then, run to the first bus.  Then suddenly, I’d, understood, she was helping this visually impaired person settling in.  In the five short minutes, I’d felt the warmth from the understanding of the woman, the visually impaired person, and the two bus drivers, how they’d shared an understanding together.

As I got home, I’d told my wife, my two children what I encountered enthusiastically, but, I’d gotten the unpassionate, response from them, and it’d, not felt, good.

As I was getting to bed, I’d run everything I’d encountered of the day through once, and my families’ reactions, and believed, that I needed to, share these, simple but wonderful things with others, most importantly, to keep that sight of love, of compassion alive, so I can be reminded of how much kindness the world still has.

So, this is from a bystander’s angle, watching how this visually impaired person received the assistance that he was in need of, by the unknown strangers, and, it’d touched him, and, it’d, changed him, in ways he isn’t even aware of yet, but that seed is already, planted inside.

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The CDC, is Delayed, Once Again, in the Preparation for the Vaccines of Monkeypox

Because, uh, we don’t see monkeypox as a threat, like how we didn’t see MERS-CoV as one either!  And this government agency, like ALL of the DDP, still operates on, HINDSIGHT and screwed are, WE the people!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

At the start of May, monkeypox had started spreading outside of the tradition areas of the pandemic, and there’s the community spreading cases, and it’d caused the attention of the global community.  So, is monkeypox worth our worrying over?  What are the misunderstanding, and the traps?  What should we be prepared on?

Although, there’s only just one fatality to date, but, there were the children who’d been placed in the I.C.U. after contraction.  Children, pregnant women, and those with a weaker immunity are the at-risk groups.  Other than the skin problems that may cause the aches and pains, the dehydration, the loss of proteins, and the reinfections, it can also damage the eye sight, or cause pneumonia, inability to breathe, hepatitis, and encephalitis, etc., etc., etc.  Once there is an increase in the number of cases, the families, the medical professionals, as well as everybody else in the society will be impacted with the risks of contraction.

The problem with monkeypox is that there’s a long incubation period, that it’s not spread widely enough, and it couldn’t be like MERS-CoV, initiating the border controls, to block the disease out of the country, but, in the means of animals and humans transmission, it can easily transmit from the wildlife or the pets to human, as monkeypox makes its way into the local communities, it would be impossible to eliminate, and thus it will become, regional, and exist long-term.

And once it started spreading, it would cause a second damage to the communities, the medical care systems, for example, the workers in the medical industries, the janitorial workers will be faced with a new threat of occupational hazards, and the laundromat may also be impacted as well.

In the means of prevention, there’s a need to rely on both the public health services as well as the medical treatment facilities.  Setting up a system of reporting is the most basic of prevention, but, with only the definitions of the disease, and ordering the medical treatment facilities to report on the cases is not enough, we need to heighten the alerts of the locals, as well as the doctors in all medical treatment units, to send in the tests, to diagnose early, to quarantine as needed, to limit the spread, and through the detailed reports, to stop the spread, to prevent the virus to root in the local communities.

On the means of prevention, there’s the need of vaccinating all who are in the social circles of the individual who’d contracted the virus, to cut off the chain of spread.  W.H.O. advised those who came into contact, to get vaccinated within four days of contact, but no more than fourteen days, before the symptoms set in, through the immediate vaccinations, to prevent the onset, and the spread.

As for the high risk individuals, such as the professionals in medical care, the lab workers, the operators of the labs, even gay males, can receive the vaccines prior to exposures.

Theoretically, chickenpox vaccines can prevent monkeypox, but, the second, third generations of safer vaccines should be used.  In treatment, due to the limited research of efficacy of the medications, W.H.O. advises that only the severely symptomatic, and those who are at higher risk is given.

As what most of us had learned from MERS-CoV: the outbreaks are really sly; it would cause the multiple impacts on the medical care provision systems, the societies; to deal with the outbreaks, the easiest means is through stopping the spread before it began on a community level; we need to get the three tools (the vaccines, the test kits, the medicines) we need to prevent the monkeypox from becoming a pandemic like MERS-CoV.

Although, monkeypox isn’t as quickly to spread out like MERS-CoV, there’s no need to get everybody vaccinated, we still need to prevent the virus from rooting down, and the key to this, is the vaccines.  As the monkeypox started spreading globally for over a month to date, as the virus is already at our gates, the government is still talking of “we will have the vaccines by the end of the year!”, and clearly, for the six months following now, we can’t even start preparing for the preventions of exposures, or the treatment after we are exposed.  And, the constant missing out on the timelines, it’d put the country’s people, the medical professionals at war, without our, needed, ammunitions, when will the CDC learn?

The answer is: NEVER!  Because the head of the CDC, Chen is already CHECKED out, with his sight set on the end-of-year mayoral elections, leaving we the people, without a single clue, and, the CDC app, can’t even answer what monkeypox is, because the systems isn’t updated yet, yeah, that’s, stupid all right, and, we are still, all FUCKED up, by the DDP, because everybody in the government is from the party, and, from the MERS-CoV cases, we can see, just how incompetent, this DDP government truly is, and, we the people are all going to D-I-E!

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The Coach of a Gaming Competition and His Girlfriend Made a Death Pact, He’d Survived, the High Courts Changed His Sentence to a Year

Because this is a case of “let’s commit suicide together”, and he’d survived, so he’s not charged with MURDER!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The gaming competition coach, Du seven years ago, made a death pact with his girlfriend at their shared rental home, Wang died, and Du lived; the first trial found Du guilty of assistance suicide, he received a two year eight months sentence, the second trial gave him an added four more years on Du’s “not keeping the promises he’d made with the woman, causing her to die”; the first retrial by the High Courts found, that as Du was taken into the hospital, he suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, and refused resuscitation, left a final note, which helped his case, yesterday, he was sentenced to a year for helping someone to commit suicide, this can be appealed.

The case lasted seven whole years, on the seventh, the first retrial, the statements argued that Wang’s father blamed himself for telling his daughter to “Study in high school and college, to NOT get involved with a man”, causing her to not tell him what was going on; while Du spoke on behalf of himself, unlike how he’d maintained silence for the past seven years.

Du and Wang started dating and cohabited started in April of 2015, on August 17th of the same year, Wang told that “there’s nothing I have to live for”, started contemplating suicide, although Du didn’t feel he had nothing to live but, but was willing to commit suicide with her, took Wang to buy the sleeping pills, the charcoal; Wang fell into a coma after she took the drugs, died of carbon monoxide poisoning, at around eleven in the late night, Du called his mother, and called the emergency services for help.

Du took twelve pills himself, then started the fire, they embraced and sang the songs, then, fell asleep; at nine in the evening, he woke up vomiting, and his girlfriend was already cold, he’d wanted to “try killing himself again”, that’s why he’d not called the emergency services in the time being.

The Shihlin District Court gave Du a two year eight months sentence on assisting suicide, the High Courts criticized Du for “not keeping up his promise, causing the woman to die”, added more to his sentence, gave him a total of four years.  The High Courts tossed the verdict, passed it back down to retrial.

The judge of the first retrial of the High Courts stated, that as Du was taken into the hospital, he’d shown signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, he’d refused treatment multiple times, and there was a final note left on site, all of these benefitted the defendant, and gave him a year for helping another to commit suicide by conspiracy.

And so, this is how it goes, killing themselves for love, but one survived, and the one who lives is now, charged with a crime, and this man still went along with his girlfriend’s wishes of wanting to commit suicide, instead of telling her she has so much to live for.

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He’d Killed His Wife after Thirty Years of Looking After Her after She Had a Stroke, to Release Her from Her Body, the D.A. Begged the Courts for Mercy

Because seeing his wife in so much pain, it’d pained him even more, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixty-nine-year-old man, Tsai couldn’t watch his wife who’d had a stroke and had been bedridden for thirty whole years keep on suffering, at the hospital, she’d, suffocated her to death with a plastic bag, and was charged on domestic violence murder; as the trial started, both the Taipei D.A.’s Office as well as his families asked for mercy from the courts, Tsai’s son also said, that his father took care of his mother for thirty years in smiles, never had a word of complaint; the judge believed, that the murder that Tsai committed qualified for two reduction of sentencing, and sentenced him to two years six months, this can be appealed.

The attorney of the defendant used the “murder of mercy”, and it’s a rare instant, that both the district attorney and defense had agreed on it, the district attorney on the case did NOT take Tsai into protective custody, the district attorney in the trial only care if Tsai was responsible for what he’d done or not, the defense had also played the recording of Tsai’s wife’s cries of pain, to prove that Tsai murdered his wife to put her out of her misery.

The judge found that Tsai had qualified for the two “turned himself in”, “understandable circumstances” reduction of sentencing, and gave him half, then half of the lowest terms of the murder sentence of ten years.

The district attorneys stated, that Tsai, because his wife had long-term been tortured by illnesses, on September 5th of 2020, at the Changgang Hospital of Taipei, he took a bag and suffocated his wife to death, and went to the nurse’s stations, told the nurses, “my wife is now, free!”

Tsai’s wife, after five days’ worth of resuscitations, due to anoxia, complications from her pneumonia, died, the district attorneys charged Tsai on domestic violence murder, Tsai didn’t fight the D.A., and admitted to his guilt, and the district attorneys believed that his situation is understandable, and suggested to the courts to give him a lighter sentence.

And every time Tsai went to court, he’d not talked much, and admitted to the charges, the courts asked the Changgang Hospital to do a psych evaluation, and it’d shown that Tsai was of sound mind when he’d murdered his own wife.

Tsai’s son testified, that his mother had seven strokes, that the first few times, she got better with the rehabilitations, and returned back to work, by the sixth time, the surgery had left her paralyzed on the left side of her body; and since his mother became completely paralyzed, she’d never had a single bedsore, his father took her to physical therapy, like helping her slide her fingers, he’d told her, ‘We’re at Badozi right now, almost to Yangming Mountain”.

Tsai testified, that his father in caring for his mother, he’d grown older and ill too, “there’s not just the medicines for my mother on the bedstands, but also the heart, the hypertensions that my father needed too”, that his father always wore a smile in caring for his mother, and he blamed himself for not being able to shoulder the burdens.

The defense attorney told, that Tsai is in emotional pain in making the decision to kill his own wife, that he’d grown ill physically too, there’s no record of him being treated, he had to work, and look after his wife, and asked the courts to consider Tsai’s mental state to give him a fitting sentence.

The judge believed, that Tsai lost his personal life due to having to care for his own wife long-term, that after he fell ill too, he’d not placed her in a long-term care facility, that he loved his wife deeply, that Tsai couldn’t handle the strains, and selected to take his own wife’s life, to put her out of her misery, “different from the motives of hurting the victim through murder”.

The verdict pointed out, that after Tsai smothered his wife to death, he’d gone to the nurse’s station, and apologized, cried and stated, “I’d killed her”, told the police who came to arrest him that he’d “felt he was about to fall”, claimed that his wife “she’d convulsed and cried out in pain every single day, she wanted to die”, based off of Tsai’s statement, he knew what was happening to his wife, and can’t use the insanity plea to get his sentence reduced to even less.

And so, this is, another case of mercy killing, and the husband can’t stand to see his wife in pain anymore, he felt tried by her pains, and, he’s also, overcome with his own ailments, and killing her, was setting her free from her sick body, and even though this qualified as mercy killing, because that’s his “motive” for “murdering” his own wife.

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Outrageous!  It’s the THIRD Time that the Taoyuan District Court Had Drawn a Demented Elderly Person as a Member of the Jury

Anybody CAN be selected as a juror, now that all of us, over eighteen are all, in the systems here, problems of jury selection in the brand new system of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The trial by jury system is set to begin next year, but there had been, multiple instances that are, off, a one hundred one year old elderly severely demented woman, Chang who lives in a nursing home had been selected three times to sit as a juror, her daughter was upset, and wrote, called the district courts of Taoyuan, but no response, claimed, “this is, outrageous!”  The justice department responded yesterday, that in this particular case, the evaluation committee of the Taoyuan District Court system had failed in its functions, that they’re sorry it’d caused the inconveniences to the members of the public, the court system will reevaluate the juror selection process.

The jury system is the most important item of Tsai’s reforming the justice department.  The judiciary branch had smashed down a ton of money to set up the mock practices, and had the director, Wu film the promo, etc., etc., etc., and now, a one-hundred year-old demented elderly woman had been picked, more than once, it’d caused great debates.

The Justice Department told, that the jury system mandates that the selected must be “twenty-three-years-old age at least, and needed to reside in the jurisdiction for more than four months, a citizen of the country to qualify.”  But it’d not set up the roof of the age limit, unless one is “under the custody of another”, otherwise, the hundred year old elderly can still be selected as a juror.

The daughter of the woman in Taoyuan, Chang, who had been selected as a juror stated, that last August, they’d received the very first notice of their mother’s being selected, but because the mother had become severely demented, and couldn’t speak, is immobilized, and had started living in assisted living three years ago, she’d had to use certified mail to respond to the justice division her mother’s conditions, stated that she wouldn’t be fitting to serve as a juror.

And in February of this year, Chang once got her name put down for the list of the second round of selection for the jurors, as her daughter received the second notice from the courts, she’d called up the courts herself, and the individual she talked with stated, “the man in charge of the department is busy to take your call”, the call ended.  Two days ago, Chang’s daughter received a third notice for her to appear in court as a juror, demanded that her mother present herself at nine in the morn on August 16th, she’d exclaimed, “this is outrageous!”

The justice department told, the roster for the eligible jurors were set up by the local governments, that if the selected jurors had an illness or isn’t fit to serve, the district court’s evaluation teams would make a note (to delete those who are with a severe disability), believed that it was the members of the evaluation group that’s problematic.

Last night, the Justice Department issued a press release, formally apologizing to the families and the individual who’d been troubled by this, stated that before the actual implementing of this process, they will set up the needed regulations, discuss if as the selected jurors refused to participate in the trial systems by legal means, then they will be eliminated early in the juror selection process.

The Taoyuan District Court stated, that there are improvements in this case particularly, that they will advise the justice division to set up the related regulations, that as the evaluation teams the first time or the second time give the notices, to eliminate citizens who are over seventy, or those who have severe illnesses, and stated that they are unable to serve as jurors, that they will tailor to the practical needs of the citizens, but insisted that the court didn’t do anything wrong.

Yeah, because this is only the beginning stages of the trial-by-jury system that’s begun here, there are a ton of things that the justice department overlooked, and, that’s just inconvenient for us, the citizens.  Besides, the jury system isn’t always justified, because, there would be biases in everybody, and who knows, the members o the jurors may already set up in their minds, that the defendant is guilty or not, and the cases would be deadlocked, as there’s a need for an unanimous verdict of guilty or not guilty that’s required.

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But It’s Our, Bodies…

You Say that Roe vs. Wade is MURDER

But it’s Our, Bodies…

That at Conception, there’s, Something that’s Alive Inside

But it’s Our, Bodies

You Tell Us, that it’s Un-Christian, to Take a Life

But it’s Our, Bodies, Carrying Those, “Lives” (are they really noted as living at the moment of, conception???)

It’s just Not Right, that the Government Now Controls Over ALL of Our (Women’s) Reproductive Rights

But WHAT Can We Do?  We are Now, Second-Class Citizens of the Free World Here

And We Can Only, Allow the Government to DICTATE WHAT is to happen, and what isn’t to happen, with our bodies

Now Consider this:

Would this have happened, if it’s the MEN we’re talking about?

Of Course N-O-T!  ‘Cuz YOU LOSERS ain’t got what it takes to carry your babies, unless, you’re all, seahorses, sea dragons, but your not, or, are you all, kangaroos, with them, pouches here?

Of course NOT!

And you TAKE away the RIGHTS of our bodies???

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The Castration of the Rights to Our Bodies

Thank GOD, that we women don’t got them, PENISES here!

The rights to our bodies, well, that’s, CASTRATED all right, by the U.S. Supreme Court decision, overturning RvW!  The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, we are now, breeding pigs, kept in those, tight corrals of the government, each one of us, inside our own, units of, existence, with the sounds of panic (push!  Push!  Push!).

The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, thanks, U.S. Supreme Court for RE-possessing the rights to our bodies, and if we die during child birth, oh well, who CARES, I’m mean, you’ll just find the next carrier, right?  The castration of the rights to our bodies, this, is what U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of RvW does, and, it puts women’s right, back into, the CAVEMEN days (or maybe even way before???), where all we women can do, is stay inside those caves you’d built for us, taking care of those babies that are, popping out of our undersides, ‘cuz we ain’t got nothing else we need to do, but lie on our backs, waiting for all you mother FUCKERS (so???) to come back from killing the MEATS, and to hump us as a stress-relief, as we all know, how much energies you losers had drained, from chasing after those large game animals…

This is still, just one of many things, that men do, to TAKE the rights to how we women CHOOSE to live our lives from us, and, there’s nothing we can do, ‘cuz, CASE CLOSED, that GAVEL had, come down already!

This is still, way too, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up…

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Those Broken Quarters in the Wishing Fountains…

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, they were, dropped in, and because all those wishes made with those quarters never came true for someone, that’s why, people no longer come here, to make their wishes no (and your point being???) more.

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, they’re, of no use, they’d gotten broken, can’t be used anymore, they’re, junk and waste metal now.  Funny to think, how not so long ago, when they got tossed into the wishing fountains, they were still, all, brand new, bright and shiny too!

what those, looked, like

tarnished, from soaking in the water way too long! Photo from online

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, might as well, just, collect them, and, give them away, to the homeless, better than nothing, right???

Those broken quarters in the wishing fountains, those wishes, that didn’t make it, those bubbles, that burst, well, that’s how life goes, isn’t it?

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