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The Idols’ Means of, Self-Destruction

How the star had, flushed HIS own, reputations, D-O-W-N, that DRAIN here!  Observations on the infidelity of the singer Wang and the impacts of his bad behaviors on his wife, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the day of the public policy voting, had the members of the public paid enough concerns over the issues as they are doing Wang’s affair, then, the issues would’ve all been, passed.  But unfortunately, all people were seeing, was, the loser behaviors of an idol, his infidelity in the marriage, causing his divorced wife’s nuclear accusations, destroying his, reputations; then, with his aging father’s statement from overseas, to support him, which only, brought more, questions to the matter.

That day, Wang returned from Beijing to Taiwan, was, down and out, it’d stated, how he was even more lacking in handling of his own problems, than how he’d, treated his own, marriage.  The image that the couple gave was being in love, that they’re a, perfectly, happy, family, and yet, behind the curtains, the spotlights, everything became, rotten and, rancid.  Especially, after they broke up, the “parting peacefully”, this common courtesy can’t even be, achieved, they’d still, kept disclosing one another’s disgusting news on the matter of money, so ugly.

like this…photo from online

It was Wang who’d, begun this, “self-destruct” mode of behaviors.  If he were truly, the same in and out, and kept that image of a good man, gentle, taking care of his own families, then, even as his wife became ever the more, malicious toward him, it couldn’t, damage a tiny bit of his, reputation.  And yet, his booty calls with other women, calling on hookers, all of these accusations are, too thrilling, and he can’t rebut, no longer do all of his friends cut off, and stopped following him on Instagram, it’d even gotten the close female friends to get on the air, to clarify their own names and relationships, with him.  So, how did an idol, fall so hard like this?

After the incident, within a day’s time, there were, THREE companies that ended the spokesperson signing with him.  Which suggested, that the masks he wore as an idol is, completely, stripped of, and now, nobody wants to be anywhere, in the vicinity of, having anything to do with him.  The paparazzi worker in China stated, “Wang’s elegant existence in China is now, over!”; from the “high-quality performer”, he’d fallen, to absolutely, nothing, how quickly everything, crumbled down for him;  And comparing, Weng’s break up with his wife, Barbie Hsu’s divorce would be considered, much, much more, civilized.

And so, this still just showed, how all it takes, is ONE bad behavior, and, your reputations get flushed down that drain, and, everybody will HATE you for what you did to your wife, cheating on her, and it don’t matter how you were formerly noted, how quickly, they all, crumbled here, well, that’s, the stars for ya!

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The Reason Why Lee Has an Active Warrant for His Arrest, He’d Secretly Filmed the Sex Tapes with His Spares

Now, let’s take, a closer look, under, that, MICROSCOPE, at the, private life of the man spread the rumors about the female legislator, Kao had been dating, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “Taiwanese Machine Gun”, Lee’s involvement in swaying the online armies as soon as the case of Kao, the DDP legislator was physically abused by her boyfriend came out, using the display name, “Crazy Winne”, to help Lin clear his name, was sucked into the center of the scandals, yesterday, someone told, that Lee had been charged by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices for secretly taping him and another woman not his spouse having sex, and he was indicted, after he was, taken into custody.

As the events blew out of control, Lee quickly came out, and tried to clear that he’d not, tried to influence the opinions online for Lin’s sake, that “I was lied to myself too!”, but, the cases of his obstruction of reputation had been found valid, and the Tainan D.A.’s Office put out an active arrest warrant on him.  And yesterday, it’d been found, that he had an active arrest warrant, for secretly filming a woman, Lu having sex with him without her consent, that he’d been, charged by the D.A.’s Office, he was called in in June of this year, and, had a simplified verdict on the case by September.

Based off of understanding, Lee is a married man when he’d had an affair with Lu, on the morning at ten o November 11th, 2018, in his Linkou rental resident in Hsinbei, he’d secretly taped the three segments of him having sex with Lu, her nude body, and, stored it in is cell phone for keepsake.

On September 28th of the following year, Lee’s wife found the footage, and SUED Lu for criminal charges of adultery, and because adultery had been listed an not a criminal offense, and, the wife sued her on the civil front, and used the sex tapes as evidence provided to the courts.

As Lu received the affidavit, that was when she’d learned, that Lee had been, secretly filming her, and, angrily confronted Lee on LINE, Lee admitted it, Lu pressed the case of obstruction of secret against him.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office called Lee in, he’d not shown, and had an active arrest warrant on him, and was arrested this June.

And so, this, isn’t a good man, he’d, had priors in cheating, and secretly filming his sexual intercourse with other women, and, it’s his need to keep the records of his “catches” on file, that’s, gotten him, caught, red handed.

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Feared “Losing Face”, the Experts: Social Support is Most Important

Reasons why the abused that are famous would normally not seek out help when they are, abused…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao being physically abused by her boyfriend, mentioned that as it’d happened first time, she’d felt ashamed; the dean of the counseling department of Tainan University, Chen told, that women who are higher up in socioeconomic statuses, after being abused, normally go through a period of feeling helpless, not dared to seek out help, let alone, the members of the general public who’d been, abused, that it’s important that we have the social support from the outside communities, and the education of gender equality, to help the victims of abuse get out.

and here are, the signs, found online…

how many matched your relationships???

Chen told, that the victims of domestic violence aren’t all women, but women make up the bigger population of those who are abused, and the abusers would give the victims the mindset of “it’s because you’re not good enough, making me angry, that’s why I hit you, it’s all your fault…”, causing the female victims to wonder, “is it my fault, had I not done this or that, would he not have, beaten me?”

After Kao was abused, other than having the sex tapes in her boyfriend’s possessions, causing her to not go to the police, it may be “was it my fault” mentality? Had I not made him jealous, then, would he not have, beaten me?  That sort of sense of uncertainty of her own, guilt, and, even as women who’d been trained that the sexes are equal, being raised under the patriarchal ideals, it’s still, rooted down too deep.

Chen made the example, the former C.E.O. of CTS T.V. Station, Hsu’s being raped, and after she walked out of the shadows more than a decade later, she’d gone public with her own experiences, published, “The Survivors of the Nights”, but before she went public, others had questioned her, that it’d happened so very long ago, was it worth it now, to get it out in the open?  Would it not cause a damage a second time, to put her under the negative experiences again; the MeToo movement gave a ton of courage to the victims, Kao’s being able to step out, is quite brave, although the supports for the victims are increasing in Taiwan now, but there’s, still room for improvement.

The director of a psychiatric clinic in Chiayi, Lee told, that there are six signs of “dangerous lovers”, including, keeping a close eye on the person, verbal violence, not respect the individual, over involvement into the other person’s life, ignoring the feelings of the other individual, verbal violence, that before diving in to a relationship, start as friends first, and observe the person more, to understand what s/he is truly like, and if you find yourselves in danger of abuse, seek help immediately.

The Crime Prevention Department of Zhongzhen University dean, Cheng pointed out, that the abusers would use threats to hurt her/himself, to threaten the one breaking up with her/him, to the point of, losing her/his own life in the process, and at this time, the relationship should NOT be severed off immediately, but to be patient, to reduce the times you’d interacted with the other individual, and as the relationships fazed off then, break up.

And so, these, are what we all need to, watch out for, men AND women alike, to seek out help when there’s a need, to NOT feel ashamed, because it’s NOT our faults, just because we are men, or women, because abuse still does NOT discriminate against gender, race, age, etc., etc., etc., any one of us can become victims of domestic violence here.

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The Clerks are All Fearful Now: No Longer Told the Customers to Mask Up

The domino effect here, call this, the aftermath of what’s happened here, and now, no store clerk DARED, telling the customers who come into the shop without their masks on, to MASK up, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The prevalence of the cases of super convenience shop clerks getting attacked, causing the workers scared.  An employee of a super convenience shop close to the Gangshan Train Station in Kaohsiung when asked, stated, “of course I’m scared!”, especially it’d become, even more dangerous for the graveyard shift workers, and they can only, heighten up their own senses of, alerts; another work of the same location told, that the clerk from before got stabbed because he reminded a customer to mask up, “and, I won’t mention it to a customer who’s not wearing a mask when s/he comes into the shop from here on out!”

A college student who’s been part-timing at the super convenience shop, Lo told, that the storge manager had asked the employees to remind the customers to mask up, and he’d, told the elderly population to, but not dared telling the younger generations, because the younger generations would intentionally, not mask up like they were all supposed to, and, going up to tell them to, it’s no guarantee of his own personal, safety, and he was called by a customer, for not telling another customer to mask up, and got scolded by the store manager, but he’d wanted to know, “why is it our responsibility, to tell the customers to mask up?”

The son of the police officer, Lin from Taoyuan works in a super convenience shop, he’d told, that as he’d come across a customer who didn’t take his words, and stared him down when he’d told her/him to mask up, he’d felt fearful, but, if he’d not told the customer, he would get reprimanded, and, he and other part-timing employees believed, that it’s NOT their responsibilities to tell the customers to mask up, suggested that the act of having the employees to remind the customers to mask up get eliminated.

Lin the store clerk from Hsinbei City told, that in the future, when he interacts with the customers, he will be hypervigilant, will be more aware of their facial expressions, to stay alert, for instance, noting the individuals’ tones of voice, and, if there’s the opportunities, he’d hoped that the government and the company can set up the means to help them protect themselves, or at least, have the tools that they can, defend themselves with in the shops.

Back in September in Pingdong, the female clerk, Pan got her eyes gouged out, although Pan already returned home, but she’s having nightmares of the events of what’s happened to her.  The female owner of the shop told, that she hoped that the related organizations can take the matter of employees’ safety more seriously, she’d also told her workers to protect themselves, that if there’s an irrational customer, in the shortest time, call the police, to avoid direct confrontation with the customers.  The grandmother of the female clerk told, that her granddaughter had been having nightmares, that she had yet to recover from her trauma, hoped that the news media can, leave them alone.

And so, this, is really awful, because, you’re only, giving the customers a heads-up, to remind them to mask up, and you risk getting attacked, and this is just, how dangerous this world became, and, because of what’d happened here, it’d caused the workers, to become too fearful, to let the customers know, that they need to, mask up.

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A Cram School Instructor Hired a Hacker to Steal 7.5 Million Personal Data & Sold Them Off

A breach in the systems, using the high-tech criminal means here, and the perp here was, enticed by???  Oh yeah, MONEY!!!off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Student Introduced the Instructor, Hacked into the Systems at School, Four were Arrested, Department of Education: the System of Evaluation of Teachers’ Qualifications Wasn’t Hacked in

A famous math instructor of a famed cram school in Tainan, Tsai, worked with two hackers, suspected of hacking into the department of education in the various cities around the country, the high school, middle and elementary school system, to steal about 7.5 million data files of personal information of parents and students, as well as the grades, then, through a man named Chen, sold each of the data files at anywhere around ten to twenty thousand N.T. to the various cram schools for the purpose of enrollment; the district attorney office’s investigator specializing in high-tech crimes found four suspects, charged them for breaking the laws of privacy of citizens, the courts set the bail for Tsai at $200,000N.T.s, while the other three suspects were taken into custody.

The Department of Education stated, that the case is currently investigated by the district attorney’s office, and will keep on following up, the Taiwanese Teacher’s University’s Psychological Testing Center responsible for overseeing the workings of the middle school educational exams wasn’t hacked in, and will be sending out the notices for the local department of education to watch out for the data files to be encrypted, so the files don’t get stolen by hackers again, and will be assisting the local governments to set up training sessions on elevating the awareness of information security.

Based off of understanding, the hacker, Chai worked as the internet system management of a school, knows the systems, the facilities, the set up of the webpage designs of the schools well, good at writing the computer programs that attacked the holes in the systems; Chang started researching into the hacker programs in his elementary school years on his own, was prosecuted for hacking into someone else’s sites and was sued, very agile in breaking the firewalls of the webpages.

Chai in his high school years, when Chang was in the elementary years, they’d met on the Hacker Annual Conferences, the student of the cram school instructor Tsai knew Chang, and told him that Chang is very skillful in stealing personal data, asked if the cram school has the need for such services, they’d connected, and, Chang invited Chai onboard too.

how these hackers, do, “business”, behind this huge screen called the WWW! Photo from online

The Tainan D.A.’s Office received the calls that the cram schools are using the personal data of the students, and selling them off as dummy accounts, and selling the personal data of students out.  The local offices of the Investigation Bureau in Tainan started chasing the I.P. addresses, and found the thirty-two year-old man, Chen who was responsible for selling out the personal data, arrested him back in September, the D.A. asked the courts to keep him in custody, and followed the leads, and chased upstream.

The D.A. found, that the biggest seller of the cram school industry is the forty-seven-year-old math instructor, Tsai who works in a cram school, they’d found, that since 2015, he’d worked with Chai (age 36), Chang (age 27), the two hackers, infiltrated into the local departments of education, the high school, middle and elementary school websites, to get the personal data of the grades of the students, the personal information of the parents, a total of over 7.5 million individual data.

The two hackers, in order to escape detection from the school’s anti-hacker programs, they were patient to download the students’ profiles separately, then, handed it over to Tsai, who gave the data to Chen to sell, and ninety-percent of the profits were split amongst the two hackers, the D.A. estimated that they’d earned over millions of dollars illegally.  As the second bust for the searches came last month, the D.A. took Tsai into custody, but the courts gave the bail of Tsai at $100,000N.T.s; on the eleventh of this month, the police arrested the two hackers, and, asked the courts to keep them in custody, which the courts signed off on.

The three separate busts confiscated a total of seventeen cell phones, ten laptops, a web storage server, many hard drives, the tools they used to commit the crimes, along with watches, name brand goods, the amount of $300,000 N.T. in cash, and, in Tsai’s flash drives, they’d found more than 7.5 million sets of data.

And so, this, is how high tech crimes are, happening, the data you try to keep private, is, that easily, hacked, and sold off for “scraps”, and the motive is still, money, and, because this man works in the realms of education, he had easy access to these information, and, with money tempting him, he’d, sold the information off, and got caught!


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The Holes in the Security Nets of Society: the Case Had Been Discharged Many Times Before, and Passed the Psych Evaluations of the Professional Psychiatrists

How safe, are we, if the psych ward can’t, even, correctly identify the dangerous who might harm others, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The social security nets is the vital policies of the president, Tsai, yet, there were the repeated cases of attacks on locals in Pingdong by someone with schizophrenia, the female super convenience store clerk had been severely wounded, and the president’s policies are questioned.  The head of the county, Pan stated, that this is a serious problem, a lesson learned, that he will, evaluate the laws more closely.  The psychiatrists suggested the families to get their loved ones into treatment, to not go soft of these individuals with these conditions.

Based off of understanding, Yang, the assailant from eleven years, had similar records, started in 2017, he was treated, and categorized as “difficult to cure”, every time he was admitted to the psych wards, he’d started crying that he wanted to be, released.  Pan said, Yang had been in and out of the hospitals multiple times, and had been evaluated closely each and every time, other than the related rules, all the assessment made for his discharge went through the professional evaluation of the psychiatrists.  But, the patient had injured others multiple times, Pan stressed that he’d already, requested that the hospital enforce a stricter rule of evaluation, and the man will be admitted to the psych ward as a long-term resident now.

The C.E.O. of the Pingdong Clinical Psychologist Association, Hu told, that the case has violent tendencies, always used threats of violence on others, that she’d advised to have him locked up long-term.  If the families wanted to take him home, then, they must learn how to interact with the case, to avoid violence, to change their ways of, interacting, relating to him from before.

a place like this then…photo from online

Hu said, that psychological disorders aren’t a “get-out-of-jail free card”, the penal code 19 states, that punishments shall be waived if the individual can’t tell the difference of right and wrong behaviors due to psychological disorders, or other mental conditions.  But, the third of penal code 19 also stated that “unfitting to be used if the act of harm was intentional, or the individual admitted to knowing what’s right and wrong!”, and, if treatments aren’t given, there will be, the criminal charges enforced.

Hu suggests that the family seek out help as early as they possibly can, a lot of the families, due to their lack of understanding of the psychological disorders, are afraid, with the communications with the trained professionals, they can accumulate the skills to caring for their loved ones, and can, more easily, avoid similar acts of violence from recurring.

and this is the modern-day “version” of the psych ward…

with the professional shrink’s treating the patients individually, photo from online

And so, this, is due to the lack of education, because the families aren’t trained like the professionals at the hospitals, they couldn’t offer the help that these mental patients needed to recover, and, if these mental patients aren’t getting the help they needed, then, some will become, violent, if they have the violent prior tendencies.  The system of evaluation is still, too loosened, too, lacking in this case.

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No Resolves Over the Shortage of Power, But the Government’s Getting Better at Bullshitting Us

BRAVO!!!  For this, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here, not this time!!!) government, that’s still, BULLSHITTING us, and we’re, letting it too!  So this is once again, an abuser/enabler sort of an interaction we’d deadlocked ourselves in, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Economics, on the two huge power outages of May 13th and May 17th, it’d written the reports of “The Evaluation of the Power Outages of May 13th and May 17th” sent it in to the legislative house for review, but don’t know if the head of the legislature, Su was too busy or whatever, he’d not, issued a response, he’d not expressed anything on how the power shortages that the island might face after the Nuclear 21 stopped working at the end of this month, that we may yet face, the crises of power shortage again during the summertime.

It’s just, that the before the truth came out of the causes of breaking of the covers of Nuclear one plant, Su could post on his own personal FB pages, stating that “on the matter of nuclear leakage of the plant in Guangdong, the Energy & Agricultural Departments will control it.”  At the same time, Su stressed that all the measures taken are based off of the “highest standards to protect our country, our people, and our industries”.  The anti-nuclear group were ecstatic, immediately boasted, chimed in with the department, stated that the “nuclear incident” that occurred in Taishan Nuclear Plant will cause the radiation leaks to neighboring countries, and claimed on how the nuclear reliance of the world is slowly declining, that the current countries that are adding the plants are all the powerful nations.

To the citizens who aren’t educated enough, seeing how the government boasting on the nuclear leaks, along with the individuals’ claiming, they’re naturally, fearful, worried that there may be another nuclear disaster.  Afterwards, as the facts slowly come back out, not only didn’t the Executive Department try to calm the people, the heads of the energy departments disregarded the claims too, and it made people doubt, other than demeaning the uses of nuclear power, there were the helping the votes on restarting Nuclear 4, going up for vote on August 28th too.

a power crises ongoing right now! Photo from online

The truth of the matter of the Taishan Nuclear Plant were due to the broken protective covers of the machines, causing the uranium particles to leak into the side, cooling down in the water.  And because this cooling system is a closed loop, the melted nuclear radioactive materials won’t get out, so there’s no issues of contamination of close by environment of the plant itself.  But the cause of this melting of the covers, if it’s due to the faulty manufacture of the French company, or if the water quality in the cooling systems, it’s unknown.

And, the priorities are needed, and rather than posting statements to scare the citizens, to trash talk nuclear power, as the head of the executive branch, Su should be working to resolve more pressing issues of power shortage, instead of working hard to become, a famous YouTuber!

And so, we are, short of power that’s a F-A-C-T, and, it don’t matter if it’s “man-made error” that the power outage in May happened or not, there’s clearly FLAWS in the systems of provision of power, and the government, instead of TACKLING the problems, that’s, the IMPORTANT crisis for the government to resolve at hand!!!

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The Male Prostitute from Hong Kong Drew a Taiwanese Female Police Officer “I Thought Taiwan wouldn’t Punish”

Phishing for SEX online, and, you CAUGHT, the BIGGEST “fish” all right, and she is a C-O-P you MORON!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As third-stage alerts are reached, most of the operators of the sex industries still took on the clients privately, the police recently found the cases, of the foreign ladies selling for sex, but, a man, Kwok from Hong Kong came to Taiwan on a work visa solicited the clients online, but, he’d not imagined, that he hooked up with a female officer of the Changwha Substation, the female officer bravely asked Kwok to a motel two days ago, as they’d discussed the prices, Kwok was, immediately, arrested, and fined $1,500 N.T. for obstructions of social order.

The police found, that since the zooming in on the sex industries as the outbreak happened, there were mostly, foreign ladies who’d sold, and this time, the 39-year-old male, Kwok was found, and this may be the very first, of its case.

The officer told, that Kwok is about 5’6, gentlemanly looking, and he had that thick Hong Kong accent as he spoke, looked like a finance industry worker, hard to imagine, that he works as a male prostitute.

like this one???

hot, right, ladies??? Photo from online, and this one, is a Brazilian, so state on the “caption” of this photo from online

Kwok came to Taiwan on a work visa, worked at the sex massage parlors in Taichung, Changwha, he’d claimed that this was the first time he was caught, and said, that he couldn’t imagine, that the police in Taiwan was out to arrest male prostitutes too.

A female officer of Dapu Substation, when shopping online using a social media program on her phones, received a pop-up ad, she’d clicked it, then, immediately, someone’s LINE account asked her to befriend her, the individual claimed to be a masseur, but used the sexually illicit languages, even sent the female officer photos of his penis, and stated that he “customizes” his “service”; the female officer suspected that the male masseur was a cowboy, after she’d reported the matter to the station manager, Wang, two days ago, she’d asked Kwok out to a motel, to “trade”.

The female officer bravely entered into the room, started up the conversation with Kwok, and agreed on a price, the man spoke in a Cantonese accent, that for the simple massages, the cost is $2,500N.T, with sex, $2,000N.T. more, as the female officer managed to collect the evidences, the two male officers, and the police station manager, Wang came in, made an arrest, and it’d, thrilled Kwok.

This is still, by, pure, chance, had the female officer not shopped online on the website, she wouldn’t have encountered that pop-up ad, where this MANWHORE was selling his body for sex, and she wouldn’t have, enticed him to take the bait, and this LOSER wouldn’t have, gotten caught, in the A-C-T, with his PANTS down (not physically!), and, that just showed, how easy, someone can still get solicited for S-E-X online, even when one isn’t, looking for it!

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The Founder of Watchout, Liou, Charged with Sexual Molestations, Sentenced to a Year and a Half

And the IRONY of this is?  Oh yeah, this platform is on keeping an eye out for danger, to prevent injustices, and abuse, and its founder does this???  Yeah, uh, what the @#$% (maxed out!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Liou, the founder of Watchout, was suspected of using the excuses of giving massages, under enormous pressures, and the excuse of not seeing his victims for too long, demanded to hug three women, and forcibly kissed them, molested their breasts and pubic areas, he’d denied the allegations, claimed that the ladies wanted to date him, but he didn’t want to date them, that was why he was, framed; the Taipei District Court disregarded his claims, and sentenced him on three counts of forced sexual molestation charges for a total of a year six months, this can be appealed.

Liou was an active member of the Sunflower Student Movement, and received the title of “Social Movement Physician”, also a founder of the online media group “Watchout” and “MedPartner”.

the LOSER who’d, molested the three women, photo from online

On Chinese Valentine’s Day of 2015, he’d invited a high school age girl whom he was the leader of the physicians summer camp to supper, as he drove her home, he’d, forced a kiss on her, and got his way.

On April 16, 2017, Liou used the excuse of setting up the product database “MedPartner”, a line of beauty products, invited a woman whom he’d met in a school lecture tour, forcibly kissed her in his car.

On October 3rd, 2017, after Liou set up the platform, “MedPartner” he’d had a part-time female worker to come to his home to clean to earn some money, he’d forcibly kissed her ears, and, grabbed her breasts and her pubic area too.

Liou denied all allegations, the judge believed, that the three victims’ posts on FB and related information, and accused him on what he’d done, which was, in similar measures, which showed, that they’d, not made it up; and the victims didn’t know each other, and they’d hoped that he wouldn’t get away with fines, and the courts found him guilty on three counts of forced sexual molestation, sentenced him to eight and nine months each, of the sentences given, he will be serving a total of a year and six months.

And so, this is still, a sex crime from opportunity, because the losers saw himself as all that, and he thought that no woman could, or would reject him, and that’s what drove him to molest his victims, and, he’d, attempted to weasel out from getting punished by claiming that the ladies couldn’t date him, because he wasn’t interested, that was why they’d, tried to frame him for the forced sexual behaviors, but thankfully, the courts didn’t believe him, but the sentence still isn’t, tough enough, I mean, who’s to say, that this SEX offender wouldn’t offend again, once he’d, served his terms???  You can’t guarantee the women that!

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With $5.51 Million Cash in Question, the Police Officer Found to Have Been Laundering Money, Sentenced to a Year

Considering how this man is a police officer, and knowing the law, and breaking it, he should’ve, received, a longer, a harsher, sentence, knowing the law and breaking it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police sergeant from Longtan Substation of Taoyuan City Police Department, Chang received the amount of $5.51 million N.T. from unknown sources, deposited the amount by portions into his own account, and in a short month’s time, he’d used the ATM to make 333 withdrawals; Chang claimed that he was borrowing the amount from his eldest brother, that the withdrawals were to pay up the debts from gambling, the Taoyuan District Court believed that his statements were inconsistent, and, charged him on money laundering sentenced him for a year, this can be appealed.

The D.A.s Special Office investigated, that Chang started working as a sergeant of the traffic department of Longtan Police substation, made about $70,000N.T. per month, from July 1 to August 5 of 2017, Chang deposited a little over $5.51 million N.T. in parts into the banks, the post office using the ATM, then, took out the withdraws 257 times and 76 times, to the remaining cash of both account having only $349N.T.s and $599 N.T.s.  the D.A. believed, that Chang was using this method, to dodge the seventh and ninth rule of anti-money laundering law, pressed charges.

During the trial, Chang claimed that he owed debts and took out a loan from his eldest brother and sister-in-aw in over four million dollars N.T. of the amount, three million dollars N.T. were at home, but later he’d felt, that the ATM deposits are quite convenient, that he’d withdrawn so much because he’d lost a ton of money in the mahjong games he’d played, denied the allegations of money laundering.  Chang’s eldest brother and sister-in-law testified, that Chang brought up splitting up the assets, they’d wired a total of four million dollars N.T. to him sporadically since 2014.

The courts believed that Chang claimed he’d owed three million dollars N.T. that his pay were deducted, but, not used the amount he’d borrowed to pay the debts, that he’d, deposited $5.51 million N.T.s in only a little over a month’s time, surpassing what he’d made in wages.  That had he’d actually, owed the amounts back in 2014, he’d delayed the payments until 2018, then, made the frequent deposits, that his actions were, questionable.

That Chang chose not to go to the counters of the banks to deposit the amounts in huge sums, instead, used the ATMs to deposit on many occasions, and didn’t explain where he’d gotten the five million dollars N.T., that he’d used the ATM to withdraw anywhere from $100,000N.T. to $300,000N.T., clearly showed, that he was, dodging the bank teller.

The courts considered that Chang is a police officer, that he should’ve been aware of the anti-money laundering laws, but had, broken the laws, and, received the unreasonable amounts, evaded the rules, that his behavior helps the money laundering behaviors get worse, that it’d, affected the society, and denied his own involvements in the process, sentenced him to a year in prison on specialized money laundering charges.

And so, this officer’s claims about the money was, unreasonable, and clearly, he was, laundering money, an he got charged with it, and, he got caught, which still showed, how easy it is, for an officer of the law, to try to work his way around the law, using the knowledge he had of what’s legal and what’s not, and how you will get CAUGHT, if you do something bad.

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