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Sponsors of a Concert, Blamed for Allowing Her to Drink & Drive…

This is, for someone who was, legally allowed to, drink…

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, and this is still, SCAPEGOATING, that the woman is just, too, irresponsible, I mean, she is, already considered, legally an, ADULT already, and, who can control her, if she wanted to get behind the wheels after she’d had, one too, many?

And yet, the sponsors of a concert, are blamed, for allowing her to drink and drive, what the @#$%?  And, this would, open up the doors, to all those who got killed by drugs or alcohol, because, it wouldn’t be the abusers, the users of these, substances who are, responsible for what they’re doing to their, bodies (putting poisons in themselves, and, getting too high to function, rationally!).

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, for starters, it wasn’t the sponsors of that concert who’d pointed a gun to her head, told her to, down how many shots of vodka, how many cans of beer, how many glasses of whiskey or whatever to get her plastered, was it?  NO!  She is an adult, who CAN (or you’d think that she would be able to!) make the decisions to drink or to not on her own.

And yet, as she crashed the vehicle, the sponsors of that concert where she’d attended previously, where alcohol was available for, consumption, was, BLAMED. 

Tell me, how’s, THAT, just???

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Nine Suspects Indicted in the Case of Offering High Wages to Get the Unsuspecting Abroad to Have Their Organs Harvested

There are still NO vics here, only ENABLERS!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The owner of a cell phone game company, Chen and others were suspected of enticing a man and a woman to work in Thailand, sent them to the KK Industrial Parks, getting their organs harvested; the female victim through the Burmese-Taipei Economic Diplomatic Offices to contact her mother to get her to pay the one million Thai Baht, was released; another victim was smart enough to make his escape back to Taiwan, the detectives chased the leads, arrested Chen and eight other suspects, the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office charged them on human trafficking laws, and illegally attempting to harvests the organs of the living.

The police chased the leads, found that the nine who were caught were between ages twenty and twenty-two, Chen is the C.E.O. of a cell phone game company, with his middle school classmate, Hu, his friend, Yuan, and a few others, found the lucrative business in enticing the unsuspecting to fly abroad to get their organs harvested to make the large sums of money; between June and August of last, they’d used the means of high wages to get a man and a woman to part-time in Thailand, also helped them get their passports, a total physical, and shipped them both out.

what those human traffickers see, when they see those, “piggies”…”diagram” found online

and the whole body adds up to??? yeah, I’m NOT doing the “math” here, okay???

The indictment pointed out, that the head of the human trafficking ring, Chen lied to the woman who’s fluent in English, that she was hired as a personal secretary to Thailand with a very high wage, but instead, he’d handed her off to another accomplice, to contact the organ harvesters from abroad, planned to make the illegal profits of $1.7 million, and transferred the woman to the KK Parks close to the Burmese border.

Until the woman shocking realized what had happened, and begged Chen to spare her, Chen finally agreed to allow her to call her families for the ransom amount, she’d contacted the Burmese Taiwanese Economic Cultural Office locally, which helped her sent her S.O.S. to her mother, and, as her mother paid one million dollars N.T. exchanged to Thai Baht, did she come back safe and sound.

As Chen and his accomplices kidnapped and extorted the woman, they’d set up another man to go abroad to have his organ harvested, and this time, using the claims that they wanted him to pick up the gambling fees of a boxing match in Thailand, that as he returned, he would be rewarded with a bonus amount, and on the payroll of the company.  As the victim arrived in Thailand, he’d found that the driver drove all the way north, which was opposite to the direction of the hotel, realized that something wasn’t right, and got away on his own.

The police and district attorneys based off of the data of exiting the country and entering, the surveillance, the conversations on the phone records, zoomed in on Chen, a primary suspect and other members of the human trafficking ring, arrested a total of nine, then, it was confirmed that they each took up a different role in the human trafficking ring.  The D.A., due to the nature of the case, asked the courts to sentence all who were involved heavily.

And, this still just showed???  That people are, STUPID!  I mean, this is still NOT an isolated case, it’d happened again, again, again, again, and again (you get the point???), and yet, these younger generations are still, falling for that same old bag of tricks, what are you, stupid?  This time (and this is the ONLY time!), these individuals came home safe, with nothing in their bodies, missing, but what OF the next time some unsuspecting younger generation members fall for it?  I mean, I came here, for the money they promised me, and I ended up getting a KIDNEY of one side of my lungs cut out!

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He’d Robbed the Gold Jewelries Worth $470,000N.T., Escaped, Leapt into the Creeks, Fallen to His Legs Became Injured So Badly He Couldn’t Move a Single Muscle

The quick KARMA that bit him on the ASS here!  Served him right, for robbing a jewelry store!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two evenings ago, an eighteen-year-old man, Wu went into the jewelry shop told that he wanted to buy a gold necklace, as he pretended to be selecting from the batch, he’d grabbed a necklace worth $470,000N.T., and run right out of the shop, the shop owner chased after him, and called the cops as he’d chased after the robber; as Wu saw the police and the locals coming towards him, he’d leapt into a five-meter deep creek, and injured both his legs, and couldn’t move an inch, was arrested by the police who just arrived, he was taken to the hospital, and sustained no major injuries, booked for robbery, after the D.A. interrogated him, they’d asked the courts to have him in custody, which the courts signed off.

The police investigated, that Wu just turned eighteen, two evenings ago at around six, he’d walked into a jewelry shop in Zhushan Township in Nantou, claimed that he was looking for a gold necklace and a ring; the manager found him keep on switching to and from the pieces, acting weird, as he was about to tell the clerk to collect the jewelry, Wu grabbed two gold necklaces, and two gold rings, then, ran right out, the clerk immediately chased after him, and called the police as he’d chased him down.

The locals learned that there was a robbery, and joined in the pursuit of the robber, not long thereafter, the police arrived too, Wu saw the crowd behind him getting bigger and bigger, he’d flipped over the railings, and leapt into the street-end creek down below, not realized that it was a five-meter drop downward, he’d injured both his legs, couldn’t move an inch.  The patrol officers arrived immediately afterwards, cuffed him, took him to the hospitals, and gotten the robbed gold jewelry returned to the shop.

And, look on the bright side (sliver lining anyone???) you got to hold that gold of $470,000N.T.s, at least, for a brief moment in time, and that still just showed, how quickly KARMA bites back, meaning, IF you do something bad, then, what you did will return back to you TENFOLD, like for this loser, he would not just be facing the jail term, but also the medical fees too now, and it still was NOT worth it!

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Stashed His Deceased Mother’s Body in the Freezer Bins, and Continued Getting the Assistance Money, He Got Indicted for Scamming the Social Welfare Programs

Scamming the social welfare systems here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The elderly woman, Chiang died from illness, the son got the body back, and, put her corpse into the freezer bins, and, used his mother’s stamps to continue receiving the assistance paid to the elderly woman, and he’d received the funds for five whole years without getting caught, until last year he’d been reported for abusing his own daughter, as the social workers showed care and concerns, the daughter disclosed, “grandma is stashed in the freezer”, then, this shocking case of hiding the corpse inside the freezers got out; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office indicted the man on forgery, and scamming the system.

The indictment pointed out, that in October of 2017, Chiang had vascular problems, and was taken to the hospital, where she’d not come out alive, her son got the body returned to the family, then, stashed the corpse in the freezer bins of his own, not gone to get the death certificate filed, nor gotten his mother taken off of the household registries, instead, he’d, continued using his mother’s stamps to continue to receive the welfare assistance.

The D.A. investigated, the man from 2017 to 2022, received a total of $750,000N.T.s in funds from the low-income support, the lesser of the community assistance, rent assistance, the elderly care for the holidays, the elderly health insurance, and he also received the local living assistance amount, the refund back to the community from recycled waste water, over $750,000N.T.s.; and he’d also used his mother’s name to take out a rental place.

Based off of understanding, the adolescent got addicted in the cell phone games, and her father could not get her to stop play, he’d beaten her, the school found the girl with bruises on her, and visited her home, and the adolescent blurted out, “Grandma’s in the freezers”, the police were notified and went to check, and confirmed, that the elderly woman, Chiang’s body WAS, stashed in the lower ice storage units of the refrigerator, that was when the case went bust.

The man claimed, he’d spent all of his money caring for his own mother, and couldn’t afford to bury her that was why he’d put her into the ice bin, and admitted to fraudulently receiving the assistance from social welfare.

And so, this is really bad, you’d NOT given your mother a proper burial, just put her inside the ice bins, not given her a final place of rest, simply because you wanted to keep on claiming her social welfare benefits, what kind of a son are you!

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Detonated a Bomb at the Station, Became Amputated, Received Seven-and-a-Half Years

Can’t see what he did, only pointed finger to those who’d, “wronged” him, yeah, that’s the bad behaviors, of a man all right!  How KARMA is still, a total, BITCH!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A plumber-electrician, Yu because he was in a foul mood in July, he’d taken a bomb, with the reputation of “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation, stated that he was going to, detonate it, and, he’d actually, accidentally pressed the detonator, and set the bomb off, his right palm was blown to bits, and got taken to the hospital and amputated; the Hsinchu District Court tried him, found that he’d caused troubles in public safety, but already paid a dear price, sentenced him to seven years six months for breaking the laws of ownership of illegal dangerous arms, and obstruction of police business.

The verdict pointed out, Wu learned to make the bomb from online, went to the hardware, chemical stores on July 6th , bought the needed supplies, and started making the bomb at home, and, late that evening, he’d tried to see his own young daughter, was barred from seeing her, got in a foul mood, took the bomb, “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation locally.

as Yu entered into the substation, he’d immediately told the officer on duty he was with an explosive device, and took it out to “play with” again, and again, the officers worried that Yu may actually detonate, tried calming him down, while calling up his father, and, Yu started shouting at his father in the phones, that he had a bomb on him, and he got more and more, worked up as they spoke.

And, half way through talking with his father, Yu accidentally set the detonator off, and, blew up his own right palm, and thankfully, none of the officers on duty had, gotten injured.

And so, this is what happened, when you put an explosive device in the hands of someone who’s, worked up, emotionally unstable, and what exacerbated this man’s bad behavior, was his own ex-wife’s barring him from seeing his own daughter, and he’d not considered WHY, his own ex-wife barred him from seeing his own young daughter, because he’d gone to her place too late, and the child may already be in bed, and he’d, blamed EVERYBODY else for his, “misfortunes”…

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The Perpetrator of the DeepFake Cases, the YouTuber, Yu Mandated to Pay Jie Huang a Million Dollars N.T.

How it’s, so easy, for our headshots we use for our profiles to get stolen, and, mixed and matched, to a body of, a porn star, and the government still does SQUAT, because the punishment isn’t, harsh enough for these, perps here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and her assistant, Chuang used the DeepFake technologies to switch the faces out, to produce pornographic videos, and selling them online, switched the faces of famous T.V. personnel, movie stars, and politicians onto the bodies of porn stars, and selling the footages online, of these, the city councilwoman, Jie Huang and a flight attendant’s DeepFake footages are still currently streaming on the internet, they’d sued for a million dollars N.T. for damages to their reputations with the courts, the Hsinbei District Court found the charges to be valid for the YouTuber and her assistant, and that they will pay.

Chu and her assistant claimed, that all their audiences knew that the footages they’d posted aren’t real, that they’d not damaged the victims’ reputations, that it wasn’t their intentions to damage the reputations of their victims, but the judge believed, that the sexually-illicit footages of these individuals’ faces with the bodies of porn stars, went viral online, that this constitutes as a damage in the women’s rights to their bodies.  The judge found, based off of current laws in Taiwan, Chu and her accomplice, Chuang are responsible for the most severe crimes of invasion of privacy, toward the means of how the victims’ faces are swapped out, and the nude photos spreading on the internet, the laws can’t prevent these, and other than filing for the civil claims, the victims can do, nothing else.

how easily our own faces can’t get “stolen” without our consents using this technology! Found online

The judge worried, that in these situations, the women from Taiwan will be ill-at-ease using the internet, “they will no longer be comfortable, posting their photos that helped document their daily lives”, which in turn, caused the limitations of freedom of speech online, so it can’t only be punished with just a slap on the wrists for these two perps, the courts sentenced Chu and her assistant, Chuang to pay both the flight attendant, and Jie Huang both a million dollars N.T. each.

Chu and Chuang had abused the technology DeepFake, targeted a total of 119, to make the sexually illicit photos or footages, and shared these on the internet, it’d caused continued damages for the victims, eighty-three of the one hundred nineteen victims pressed charges, the judge believed, that the two made the profits illegally, that it’d severely damaged the reputations, the psychological wellbeing of their victims, that their actions were, malicious, considering how they’d admitted to wrongdoing, and had attempted to settle with the victims, and carried a willing to accept the consequences attitude, on the 119 counts of invasions of privacy, breaching the personal data protection laws, sentenced Chu to fie months, Chuang to three, Chu will be serving five years six months in prison, Chuang, three years eight months, and these sentences can be paid for to skip the time served, the district attorney is filing for an appeal right now.

And so this is still just, SHIT, you can pay your way out of such a serious crime, and considering how these things are already, VIRAL online, how the FUCK can you undo the damages that you’d caused to someone else’s rep, huh?  And this is after the cyberbullying laws, the laws against internet crimes got passed too, and this god damn country still prided itself on being advanced in that?  Give me a break, the punishment here, does NOT even come close to, fitting to the crimes committed, especially when it’s the victims’ reputations that’s gotten, dragged, through the mud and the muck!

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The Sexually-Illicit Footages Gone Viral, Getting Passed Around, with the “Multiples of Damaging Effects”

How cyberbullying is still NEXT to impossible to stop, in this, high-tech age, and how the law does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Leaks, the Forwarding, the Viewing Online is Enabling, the Legislators Called for an Amendment, to Set up a Specialized Unit to Remove the Images Completely OFFLINE

There’d been an influx of cases of sexual violence footages being found, there’d been an increase of 876 case involving children and adolescents from 2019 to 2021.  The experts stated, every time that these footages get watched or forwarded, it’d a damage, the victims keep on getting “raped repeatedly”.  The legislator,

Wang called out that other than amending the laws, there should also be a unit in the government set up especially to tackle this matter, to ensure that the images, the footages had been, erased completely on and offline.

Based off of understanding, the sexual image violence cases involving the age group of eighteen to seventy-four is continuing on at four-percent, but, there are not that many who came out to ask the law enforcement units for help.  The professor from social policies and sociology, Wang stated, that the sexual assault victims may only get assaulted once in a lifetime, but the effects of the violence is for life, and the damages of those who were caught on tape getting assaulted, multiplies, this is even harder to break from, the post-traumatic stress.

The victims interviewed of the sexual violence footages, because everybody on the streets had seen the videos, they’d not dared disclosed what happened to them to anybody else, worried that the others may blame them, “you were the ones to have consented to get taped”, if the perp is one person, then, the enablers of this assault by footage is infinite, not only the one who’d leaked the footages out, those who’d viewed the footages, those who’d forwarded the footages, are all, enablers.

Wang stated, the filmed are usually enticed, inexperienced, mostly were “tricked”, of the adolescent age group, some perps used the titles of job offerings, companionship charts, getting the victims dressed in next to nothing, then, getting the victims to strip themselves to completely nude.  The victims are primarily females, but, the number of male victims are on the rise too now.

The counselor, Chen stated, that the cases of sexual violence were more prevalent in the less functional families, but with the internet, this form of digital violence had already spread to every single household, and any age can be victimized.  Especially children and teen, they are the group that needs close attention, the victims may find it hard to disclose what happened to them, the families, and schools need to be more sensitive to the signs, to note the behaviors that seemed off for a child.

Wang stated, the laws to prevent digital violence here in Taiwan is not as advanced compared to other countries’, it’d still not yet specified the class behaviors of what constitutes as illegal here.  Until the start of this year, the Executive Department only started listing out the specifics, there are still many details that needed to get written out, a ton of rules that needed amending, hope, that the government doesn’t just set up the rules, but also, find effective ways to enforce the laws, to prevent more victims from being abused, to effectively, STOP the streaming live footages and the footages going viral.

And so, this god DAMN government DARE pride itself for being advanced in the laws to prevent the invasions of privacy, setting up and passing those, anti-stalker laws, yada, yada, yada, and yet, it does, absolutely, N-A-D-A, to prevent the abuse of victims who’d been raped, molested, and captured on tape, and now, the footages of these, sexual violence, with the victims’ faces not blurred out, are going, to spread all over the internet!  Yeah, we’re, advanced all right: advanced, on falling behind HUMAN rights, and the protection of the victims of these, crimes of sexual nature!

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He’d Wheeled His Mother Who’d Died to the Park to Dispose of Her Body, Didn’t Get Caught Until a Year Later

He should’ve known better, after all, it was, her mother, who’d, passed, and yet, instead of giving her a proper burial or have her cremated, he’d, left her body at a children’s playground…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lee in Taichung found his eighty-five-year-old mother dead at home, didn’t call it in, instead, in the depth of the nights, he’d wheeled her out on her wheelchair to a children’s playground a kilometer away to dispose of her body, left her corpse on the slides, then left, the police caught Lee a week later, but because he wasn’t caught in the act, they’d not taken him into custody, and Lee ran, and got an arrest warrant on him, he’d not gotten caught until recently, the district attorney’s office charged him on disposing of his mother’s body illegally.

The investigators found, Lee (age 55) originally lived with his own mother, on the evening of March 22nd of last year, Lee found his mother dead of illness at home, he’d not called up the paramedics, nor the police, instead, he’d used the wheelchair left by his landlord on the first floor, then, put his mother’s body on it, wheeled her out.

At around eleven late in the evening, he’d wheeled her body to a children’s playground locally, Lee left the body on the slides, then, left, the following morn, as the locals were exercising, they’d found the elderly woman leaning against the slide, with her head hung, not moving, they’d gotten close to check, and found that she was dead, the locals were thrilled, they’d notified the police.

The police arrived at the playground, because the elderly woman had no identification on her, they’d treated her as a jane doe first, and, after the coroner’s autopsy, they’d found that she didn’t have any external injuries, and there wasn’t any toxins in her blood, the police sorted through the surveillance footages, and found that it was Lee who’d, dumped the elderly woman’s, body, Lee was called in.

Lee claimed at first, that he was wheeling his mother out for a walk, back then, his mother was still breathing, then he’d changed his statement to how she’d died at home, and not known what he was to do, that was why he’d, wheeled his mother to the park, he wasn’t consistent in his statements.

The police called up the family to the morgue to identify the body, the elderly woman’s other sons positively confirmed it was her, but Lee didn’t show, he’d lost contact, the police went to his home, his rental place to find him, but they weren’t able to, and there was an active warrant for his arrest signed by the D.A.’s office.

Lee was out on the run for close to a whole year, and it wasn’t until recently, did he, finally, get caught by the police, and the D.A.’s office asked the courts to mandate him into police custody, which the courts signed off on, the coroner’s believed, that the elderly was dead before she was disposed of by her own son, that he’d not leave her to die in the park.

Yeah, that made it, a whole lot, better, right?  I mean, at least this LOSESR did NOT leave his own elderly mother to D-I-E, in the park.  This just showed, how easy you can, dispose of a body, and yet, in the end, you still, get, caught.

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Worked as a Homeroom Instructor & on the Gender-Equality Committee of the School, He’d Secretly Filmed a Female Student Using the Toilets, Sentenced to Nine-and-a-Half Years

Yes, another one of them, mother @#$%ING predators, “dressed”, as a, school, instructor here, off of the Front Page Sections translated…

A male instructor in an unnamed elementary school in Hsinbei City, Tseng was caught, for long-term filming the female students, the female workers going to the restrooms, on his computer, more than hundreds of photographs had been found, and there were also, four footages, and the identifiable victims included three female instructors, and four underage minor female students.  The Hsinbei City’s District Court found him guilty on the counts of exploitation of children and teens, sentenced him for nine years six months; he’d touched a young girl’s breasts, and he was sentenced for breaking the anti-sexual harassment laws, sentenced to three months, and he can pay a fine without serving the time for this particular charge.

The police and D.A. investigated, that the instructor, Tseng started teaching in the elementary school since 2013, and before, the parents had complained about him for using the improper language, but he was still at his post of homeroom instructor, and served as a member of the gender equality board.

Last year in November, he’d secretly filmed a female student going to the restrooms, he’d put his cell into the next-stall toilet, and was caught by the female student, the child told the other instructors, the school notified the police, and they’d reviewed over the surveillance, and CAUGHT Tseng for what he did.

something that’s, barely, noticeable, that we simply, don’t, pay enough, attention to…photo from online

The police and D.A. conducted a search, and they’d found more than hundreds of photos of secretly filmed sexually illicit photographs and four segments of video footages, and, they were able to identify three of the female instructors at the school, and four young girls; and, they’d also found, that two years ago, Tseng had used his cell phone, to take a shot of a school girl’s breasts exposing, from the unfitted clothes, and demanded that a female student to get the water from the drinking fountain for him, and as she was getting the water, he’d, intentionally, brushed against the female student’s breasts.

Tseng claimed, that what drove him to secretly film, was his curiosity, the Collectivist Courts believed, that as a school instructor, Tseng lacked the respect for his post, and secretly filmed the females for his own personal pleasures, and denied the allegation after he’d been caught doing it, harassed the females, and for the sake of his own personal pleasures, he’d secretly filmed the girls and women, denied the accusations after he’d been caught, found him guilty on charges of exploitation of hildren and teens, sentenced him to nine years six months, and on the charges of breaking the laws of sexual harassment prevention, he was sentenced to three months, which he will be allowed to pay the fines, and skip out of serving the time for.

And so, this is still not, severe enough, and, what if, this SEX predator gets released on early parole for good behaviors in prison and he somehow, got into another school or line of work where he could come into close contact with more victims?  And what’s worse, was that this SEX predator WAS on the gender equality commissions board of HIS school too!

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The Male School Instructor Had Abused a Male Student to the Point that the Student Would Pass Out Twenty-Times a Day

The abuse by this ill-fitted school instructor that’s caused this male student to suffer from dissociative symptoms, and PTSD as well, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male instructor, Liu asked a ten-year-old male student to look out for his young son who just started in school, believed that the student he’d asked to watch out for his son didn’t do his job, he’d beaten the genital of the student with a drum stick, and abused the ten-year-old for a whole year, causing the boy to start exerting the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and he’d fainted in school twenty times once.  The Taipei District Court found that Liu the instructor, used his authority as a school instructor, abused a helpless student, during the trial, he’d ignored how he’d caused the child to become psychologically ill, that he deserved a harsh punishment, sentenced him to four years six months for obstructing the growth of young children; this can be appealed.

The victimized male student wrote the thank you notes to the judges, “Thank you, judges, for serving justice for me”, “it’d been four years since, although I’m taller, and more mature now, but it’d still, stayed in my mind, I kept replaying the scene of me, getting beaten up by Mr. Liu.”

Based off of investigations, the instructor, Liu believed that the student didn’t care for his son well enough, had multiple times abused him in class, using the drum sticks to beat on his genital, his bones in the calves, or smacked the back of the student’s head, temple, the nose ridge, and slapped him across the face, insulted him, “Your father is stupid, your mother, a fool, that’s why a trash like you were born, you IDIOT!”, and forced the student to not tell anybody about his abuse.

The victimized student started exerting the symptoms of dizziness, stomach troubles, and started in September of the following year, he’d started having the fainting spells in class, started screaming and begging for forgiveness, and was later diagnosed with PTSD with symptoms of dissociation.

The instructor, Liu denied the allegations of abuse to the end, and claimed that he was libeled and slandered against by the young student.

But the homeroom instructor of the boy told, that the victim would pass out in class, ten to twenty times a day, that as he’d fallen down, he’d started, convulsing, kept ranting, “I won’t do it again, I’m sorry, Mr. Liu, I won’t, do it, again!”

The Collectivist Court found, that before the boy was placed in medical treatment, he’d never disclosed what Liu had done to him, later, as he’d disclosed what had happened to him when he was unconscious, and his families heard, that he had, NO reasons to, frame Liu.

And so, this is how the victims of abuse, suffered from the dissociations, reliving the traumatic moments of what had happened to him, and this instructor was awful in his means of abusing the student, and he NEVER should’ve asked a TNE year old KID to take care of his own young, first grade son, the boy is still a child himself, and how the @#$%, can he, possibly, take up the responsibilities of caring for another child who’s, only, a few years younger than he is?

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