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The Squadron Chief Got Plastered, Lost His Stature, Received a Written Reprimand & Transferred

Improper behaviors of these officers of the law, with alcohol being what’s caused these men to get demoted, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

He’d Hugged His Subordinates, and Started Swearing

Ke, the captain of the investigations squad of the Gui-Jen Substation of Tainan Police went to a goodbye banquet in April, afterwards he was said to have returned back to the office and not behaved appropriately, and there were the accusations of his sexually harassing the female officers too; the city police department found, that at the time, Ke became unsteady, had saluted bowed to the patrol officers, cussed aloud, that his actions were indeed, improper, and the police department decided to give him a written reprimand and transfer him from the position of the captain.  On the charges of sexual harassment, the investigations are ongoing.  Ke didn’t respond to the accusations yesterday.

In April of this year, the Fifth City Police Squadron’s assisting the Guijen Substation’s juvenile business had ended, the substation held a meal gathering, as Ke returned back to his office, he’d acted out due to him being intoxicated, and someone told on him this month.  The social networks online even disclosed how Ke attempted to sexually harass the female officers too.

The city police’s internal affairs, the head of chief of police office reviewed over the surveillance footage at the substation, found that on the day, Ke had stumbled around, and saluted toward the male officers many a times, bowed, and even hugged, and in the process he’d cussed, and there were the evidence of his improper behaviors.

The police believed, that Ke, in a leadership position, hadn’t set a good example, that he’d lost his stature, that he’d become unfitting, gave him one minor written reprimand, and transferred him to a nonmanagerial post, he had been transferred to working with the city’s investigation units on the twenty-eighth of this month.

There’d been multiple disclosures at the Tainan Police, the fourth precinct’s former captain of the detective squad, Tsai after the meal gathering on March 17th, became incontinent in the restrooms of the An-Ping District Office, and, the fecal matter dripped all the way to his office next door to the land offices, Tsai was given two warnings, and had asked to be demoted himself.

Then, there was the fifth substation’s detective squad captain, Tsai’s hugging onto women, getting drunk, Tsai admitted that two yeas ago, in July, August, he had, gotten invited to a dance club by his friends, and he couldn’t remember what had happened, and was given a minor reprimand, and demoted to a sergeant of a substation afterwards.

And so, in all of these cases, alcohol is still the culprit, had these men not gotten drunk, then, they wouldn’t have behaved themselves so badly, but hey, at these functions, where alcohol had been served, we’re all bound to, let lose a bit, and this was the end result of letting loose.

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The Predator Lured the Woman to the Breastfeeding Room and Sexually Assaulted Her, Sentenced to Three and a Half Years

How the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) is THREE and a HALF years enough, for what this LOSER did to this mother, huh???  It’s not, but hey, that’s what you get, as the laws still don’t protect us women, from RAPISTS!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Four years ago, the man, Chen went to a five-star hotel to attend a seminar on American-Taiwanese Industry cooperation, and used the excuse of “the designs of the breastfeeding room was awkward”, lured the female employee of the seminar, ushering the attendants of the conference into the room, and sexually assaulted her, later on, he’d told that it was consensual; the Highest Courts found Chen guilty of forced rape, sentenced him to three years six months.

Chen was an employee of a foreign bank, in the leaders of the future seminar that was held in February of 2018, met the victim, they’d contacted through email on the means of the seminars; on the afternoon of March 16th of the same year, Chen arrived to a high-end hotel to attend the introductions seminar of Louisiana and Taiwanese Business cooperation, saw the woman working as an usher, he’d asked her to have a chat right before the seminar started outside.

The woman told him that the seminar was about to start, that she needed to get with her coworker, as the two walked together back to the seminar, when they’d passed the first-floor breastfeeding quarter, Chen claimed, “the designs of the breastfeeding room seemed a bit weird”, had the woman go in with him to check it out, as soon as she’d gone into the room with him, he’d locked the doors, then, grabbed the woman, kissed her, molested her, dropped his pants, told her to masturbate him.

The woman told him no repeatedly, Chen started masturbating, then, forced the woman into a squatting position, and because the woman is physically not as large, and Chen being an esteemed guest of her boss’s, she was forced to comply, later she’d told what had happened to her to her fellow coworker, called the police.

Chen denied the allegations, said that it was consensual, that it occurred naturally, that the woman was active in the sexual intercourse with him, that he’d not gone against her will; while the female employee told, that the reason why she didn’t fight off her attacker was that Chen was a guest of her boss’s that there’s the connection to be considered, “I am afraid of offending him.”  The courts found, that to satisfy his own needs, he’d dragged the woman whom he’d met for the very first time into the breastfeeding room to rape her, and used her being trapped with him, with no escape, and couldn’t fight him off, to rape her, that afterwards, he’d stated that she came on to him first, that there’s no remorse in him, in the first and second trials, the courts gave him three years six months, the Highest Courts tossed back Chen’s appeal, case settled.

So, what’s three and a half years in prison, compared to what this woman weathered through, huh???  And, how can it be severe enough, that this PREDATORY male only receives three and a half years of jail time for what he did to the woman, using the fact, that he was a client of her boss’s, and how she wouldn’t DARE offend him?  This is still just, SHIT!

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The Sighting of a Predator by the Mayor of Tainan’s Side, Huang was Criticized for Allowing the Predator to Go Unpunished

And the DDP ruled city still covered the ASS of this, @#$%ING, sexual predator too, believe it or don’t!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former assistant speaker of the Tainan City government, Yi was reported for cases in sexual harassment of children and adolescents, the issues were brought up in yesterday’s press conferences, the city councilman, Hsieh criticized the mayor, Huang for not being careful enough, that he’d allowed a predator to work for him; and took out the intel papers of how the head of economic development, Chen had been taking bribes in money and in sexual favors too, demanded that he be suspended from his position, to be investigated, Huang stated that everybody is innocent until there’s proof that s/he had committed a crime, and stated that he’d demanded Yi to explain himself as well, to tell the public the truth.

Yesterday, Yi posted on his FB, that he’d not had any intentions of sexual harassment, but, he apologizes for making others feel uncomfortable by his words, or his, actions.  Called out, that if there are any physical evidence that others are accusing him of, to pursue him in court.

from ten hours ago

“the assistant spokesperson of Tainan City Office, Yi suspected of sexually molesting multiple children for as long as three years”…from a Chinese paper based in Hong Kong, from online

The KMT hosted a press conference yesterday, that after Yi was accused of multiple counts of sexual harassments of teens, he’d only sent in his resignation, but the city government didn’t investigate the matters further, suspected that the mayor, Huang was, overlooking the illegal behaviors of his own subordinates., to the point that as soon as the city government received the notices, someone had pushed Yi to resign, and Yi immediately used his friends to pressure, told the victims to withdraw the claims, suspected, that the personal data of the victims had been, leaked out.

The mayor of Tainan, Huang stated, that as he’d been notified that the Children & Youth Welfare Leagues told that they were hosting a press conference, he’d had Yi speak to the press, and explained himself, that day at 5:45 in the afternoon, as the city government received the letter that accused Yi, Yi also sent in his resignation, stated that, he had new plans of what he wanted to do with his life, that nobody had, forced Yi to resign.

Huang told, that the contents of the disclosures are between the individuals involved only.

And so, there must be, a leak, based off of this, otherwise, how did this get out into the open, and clearly, this mayor was, covering for his subordinate’s ass, because, there were multiple accusations of this LOSER (b/c that was what he was!) sexually molesting the minors, and as the mayor learned of this, he’d not fired the man, instead, he’d, vouched for him, not even a suspension.

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The Sex Scandals of the Zhongzhen First Substation, the Captain of the Detective Squad Suspended

The morale of the police department surely had, gone, down low, low, lower, lower still here, and this was a decorated higher up officer of the police units too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the Captain, Chen of the Detective Squad was on Duty, He Got Drunk & Raped a Female Friend, the D.A. of Taipei Investigated that Case, the Assistant Station Manager Asked to be Punished on His Own

The Zhongzhen First Substation had a sex scandal, the captain of the detective teams, Chen was accused of sexually assaulting a woman during his time at work, as the substation had been notified, they’d sent Chen in on obstruction of sexual freedom, and terminated his post at work, the case will be investigated and prosecuted by the Taipei D.A.’s Office.

At the end of May, when Chen was on duty at the station, he got drunk in his office alone, then, called in a woman, and, shortly thereafter, he’d, sexually, assaulted her, the female friend was upsets, and called the Women’s & Children’s Squad to press charges on him.

As the substation was notified, they’d, immediately started investigating, believed that Chen had broken the laws, other than handing down the severe punishments for him, they’d sent him to Taipei D.A.’s Office as they needed to, reported to the police units, and, suspended him, and, demoted him to a nonmanagerial position at the station, while the manager of the substation, Chen asked for his punishment on his own, for not supervising his subordinates closely enough.

Based off of understanding, the victim stated that she had said NO, but Chen still raped her; but, in his interrogations, Chen believed that the sex was, consensual, that he’d not, forced himself onto her.

Chen is tall and handsome, graduated out of the Police Academy’s 66th term of training, out of the criminal investigations graduate school, other than being good looking, articulate, he’d entered into the police forces second unit, and, worked as the guard of the former department of chief of justice, Shih, afterwards, he’d entered into the criminal investigations unit, started working as the higher up official of the Taipei Criminal Investigations Unit, worked as the captain of the Wenshan First Substation, then, transferred to Zhongzhen First Substation as a captain of the detective squad, had a good outlook in the career path of law enforcement.

Based off of understanding, those who knew him in the police forces found that Chen had issues with alcohol, and consoled with him to not get intoxicated, and yet, in the end, he still, got drunk, and is now, involved in sexual assault; the married Chen had close contact with Taipei D.A.’s Office, and the way he’d worked every case assigned to him had, impressed the district attorneys, last month, as the gangs gathered up to incite a fight, it was Chen who’d, solved the case in only two short weeks’ time, and, many of the district attorneys who’d heard about how Chen was involved in sexual assault, they all shook their heads in disbelief.

And so, had this captain of the detective squad not gotten drunk then, maybe none of this SHIT would’ve, happened, but, he got drunk, and raped someone, and he deserved to get punished, no matter how blemish-free his prior records, or how many arrests, how outstanding he is at his work in law enforcement, because this act of rape, it’d, destroyed him completely.

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The Humanistic Education Foundation Protested the School for Halting the Instructor Who’d Sexually Harassed the Students for Only Six Months

This is still too, @#$%ED, up, and instead of terminating this instructor’s contract for hire, they’d, only gave him that, slap on the wrist!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Kaohsiung City Government Fined the School $180,000 for Breaking the Laws of Child and Youth Protection, the School Hadn’t Responded if They’re Going to Terminate His Teaching Contracts Yet

A middle school instructor, Chen in Kaohsiung was suspected of long-term sexually bullying his students, sexually harassing the students, using the derogatory remarks to verbally abuse his students, the Humanistic Foundation last year demanded that the school terminate the contract of Chen, the school only terminated the contract to teach for him for six short months, the Humanistic Foundation went to the school, to object, demanded that the school stopped hiring the unfitting instructor.  The school called an evaluation meeting, and used the privacy clause, said that they’d already sent the teacher’s evaluation up to the Department of Education, to discuss whether to terminate the contract of hiring, and refused to tell if the school will, terminate his contract to teach there.

The social services stated, that the instructor will be fined $180,000 for “abusing children or teens physically or psychologically”, and the name of the instructor will be posted to the public to know; the head of the school’s PTA stated however, that the instructor, Chen may be a bit tougher, but was very responsible, that his behaviors may not have been correct, but not to the point of having his contract to teach terminated, and there were students who’d wanted Chen to keep on teaching, the school already did its best, to fend for the right of students to get an education best as it could.

The office manager, Chang of the southern branch office of the Humanistic Education Foundation told, last year, as Chen started out as the homeroom instructor of the first year middle school class, shortly after the school started, they’d received the complaints from the parents and students, that the instructor would smack the students’ heads, pinch their ears, and, cussed their parents out for not teaching them, that the students are way worse the dogs, and to the male students who couldn’t focus in class, he’d asked, “did you stay up all night to watch porn?”, or mocked the female students, “maybe, I’ll see you, with your pregnant belly on your graduation three years from now.”

At the end of last year, the Humanistic Foundation already demanded that the school terminate the contract to teach for Chen, the school held a gender equality evaluation, and the investigations on the accusations toward the instructor were all found to be, valid, and for the matter of sexual harassment, the school issued the punishment of terminating the contract for hire for six months, and the bullying portion, due to how it’d been reported, and the school already gave the instructor a written warning, they’d done away with punishing him this time, and this terminating his hiring contract for six months meant, that the students will have to be subjected to his abuse of them the next semester, that the school had totally, neglected the right of student to be educated.

The principal of the school stated, that the instructor had been on the teaching staff for twenty years of the school, that some of the beliefs of teaching that the instructor carried may be a bit, outdated, that they’d already, negotiated with him on it.  The school also held another teaching evaluation, and had invited two of the expert scholars in law and child development to attend, and they’d also allowed Chen to state his case, and in the end, they’d voted anonymously, that the behaviors of the instructor would be written about in an evaluation, and submit to the Department of Education for review, the Department of Education stated that it will review over the records, and see what needs to be done.

And so, this, is how this teacher still got away, with her/his, improper behaviors toward the students, and, this sort of an instructor, if the accusations were valid and true, should NOT be allowed, anywhere NEAR a student, think on it, parents, would you want an instructor like stated above, to teach your children?  And how can you, the parents, continue to subject your own young, to this sort of abuse and continual mistreatment?  Given that the accusations made were found true, that is.

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The Government that Cared about its Own Benefits is More Horrible than Covid 19

And it’s still, WE the people’s, fault, because we allow the government to, keep on, ABUSING us!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Starting in March of this year, the confirmed contractions broke a hundred cases by the day, by April, the number went up to more than 10,000 per day, and, by May, it’d, exceeded to close to 100,000 cases, and the rise of rate of morbidity occurred to, with young children and elderly in the population making up the majority.  In the lacking of resources, medical personnel, the meds, because the government failed to keep the virus from getting into the country, they’d used the excuse of “we’re now changing the means to coexisting with the virus”, and used backed its claims using a ton of, not-yet-mature enough results from the researches internationally, continued to try and persuade the people, that there’s a lower rate of morbidity now, stressing that the government’s goal of tackling MERS-CoV is in coexisting with it, to cover up how the pandemic is, spreading all around Taiwan locally.

And yet, during this time of heightened pandemic watch, we all saw, how delayed the reactions to help the people the central government had been, that it’s all left, to the individual cities.  Especially, the set up of the quick-scan station at the Songshan Airport, it’d, fazed me so.  As I’d passed the airport awhile ago, there was no route separating those who’d contracted the virus, from the rest, and most of these visitors are from the regions of islets, and those places had a lacking in medical resource provisions, and isn’t this, increasing the risks?  And, the workers of the airport were in close contact with everybody who was in and out of the airport, and wouldn’t it be increasing the risks of contraction too?  And, if lives were lost because of these, how would this country shoulder up the responsibilities, for setting up the wrong policies?

“Should We Coexist with the Virus?”, I believe, this is the wrong topic, first, we only have a limited knowledge of the virus with all the data collected built on the different races of people in the world; plus, Taiwan’s pandemic wasn’t out of control from the beginning of the outbreaks like in the U.S. or in Europe, we knew that there are means to delay the onset, but, we’d come to find, that in these past two years, the government lacked the provisions of preparing the nation to coexist with the virus, the testing of the systems of care provisions, to withstand the pressures, it’s like, it’s a trial-by-error basis, like how the government had been forced to keep on coming up with brand new excuses, for its lack of, foresight.

Secondly, the government kept stressing that those who’d died already had the predisposition of illnesses attempted to use the big data to mask up this group of people whose lives are, already, lost.  While the real point here is, even AS the goal of coexisting with the virus is now set, but, did the government do anything, to protect the group of lesser individuals, those with the weakened immunities, those who can’t receive the vaccines, those who work in the medical scene?  Did the government give them weapons to protect themselves against the invasions of the virus, the resources, and help them gain the confidence that they can, defend themselves against the virus?  So, I believe, that what’s scary is NOT the virus itself, but the government that cared about its own benefits.

And so, this article basically showed, what a lot of us, already KNOW about this government of ours here: it only CARED about its own party, delayed in response time of everything, because we were ahead (yay us!!!), from the start of the pandemic, when the virus had yet to, mutate, and this DDP government still got STUCK in that mindset of: yay, we’re NUMBER ONE, and that’s, exactly, WHAT had, screwed us over, and yet, the supporters of the DDP still can’t wake themselves up, because they’re, following the leader to H-E-L-L, and taking the REST of the general population down with it!

And there’s, NOTHING that we the people can do ‘bout it, because we’d been enslaved by the government, and we just don’t feel like rebelling against this dictatorship no (and your point being???) more, ‘cuz what is the use?

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The Father Was Ticketed for Exceeding the Weight Limits on His Truck, His Son Took Revenge on the Officer Who’d Ticketed His Father, Ran the Office-on-Duty Over, Injuring Him

Yeah, uh, that, is what THIS world’s gone to, the son taking it out on the officer who’d ticketed his father, for breaking the limit of weights on his semi, on law and disorder, crime and, punishment here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The semi driver, Shi was ticketed by the police for hauling over-the-limit loads for $46,000N.T.s, and, thirty minutes later, the officer who’d ticketed the semi driver, Chuang was run over in high speed by a sedan, he’d flew more than ten meters in front of his scoter, sustained contusions all over his body; the police chased the leads, and found that it seemed to have been a premeditated hit, and they’d found, that it was the son of the semi driver who got ticketed.  The man told, that he only wanted to get even for his own father, and the case had been sent to the D.A.’s office as attempted murder and aggravated obstruction of public duties, the D.A. set Shi’s bail at $50,000N.T.s, and, his father was sent back home without any bail set.

The officer, Chuang is still at home, recovering from his injuries, his families felt awful, seeing the multiple contusions all over his body, Chuang said, he’d originally thought that it was only a random car wrecks, later as he’d heard his coworkers discuss, that the man who hit him was the son of the semi driver he’d handed that ticket to, he was, shocked.

The incident happened last month on the 27th, at the time, the patrol officers, Chuang and Liu were riding out on patrol calls at Jiaxing E. Road, and found the semi driver, Shi (age 57) to have an over-the-limit haul on his semi, and, as they’d pulled him over, and weighed the item on his semi, it’d exceeded the limit of what was allowed by more than seventeen tons, and they’d ticketed him with a fine of $46,000N.T.s.

And, half an hour later, as the two patrol officer had left the weighing station, was they were going south on Gangshan N. Road, Chuang was hit by a white sedan in high speed, he’d flew off his scooter, and, rolled several times, to more than a dozen meters, his shoes flew off his feet, his sleeves, socks, pants and shirt were all, torn up, and thankfully, he’d only, sustained, the physical contusions, the officer, Liu bore witness to all of this, and called it in.

Shi (age 34) stayed at the scene for the interrogations, claimed that he was running late from work and didn’t get enough sleep the night previous, that he’d accidentally, hit the officer.  But he wasn’t a local resident, and his work place was in the opposite direction to which he was driving towards, which made the officers who were interrogating him suspicious.

The police reviewed over the surveillance and found, that the sedan was parked waiting out of the weighing station, and as the patrol officer rode out, it’d followed the scooter, and, rammed straight at Chuang’s patrol scooter; and because of the evidence from the scenes, the police suspected that Shi had premeditated the crash, as they looked deeper, they’d shockingly discovered, that the man who’d hit the officer was the son of the semi driver, and believed that he’d held a grudge, and wanted a payback for them ticketing his father.

Two evenings ago, the D.A., and the police took both the father and the son into custody, Shi admitted, that he wanted payback for what happened to his own father, that was why he’d ambushed, then, went after the officer; the father said, that as he was pulled over for hauling over the limit, he had called up his son to the weigh station to help him unload the haul, but he’d not known, that his son had, gone after the officers who’d pulled him over.

And so, this is how bad people are getting these days, they’re the ones who’d not abided by the laws and got caught, and they held that grudge toward the officers ticketing them, and, went after the police who’d ticketed him, yeah, and this man deserve a very long prison term for attempting to murder a cop on behalf of getting even for his own father all right!

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The Messes in the Defenses Against the Pandemic, No Tricks Beats Tricks, the Government, Playing We the People Like Fools

A total M-E-S-S, is what this is here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the pandemic of MERS-CoV grew, there are more and more college and university students who’d been confirmed of contraction, making the schools stressed out about the problems of quarantine, even in N.T.U., there’s the outrageous, unbelievable conditions of those who’d contracted the virus being placed in the conference rooms, and the tents inside the school’s buildings.

From the government’s “getting ahead” to “help yourselves, adapt on your own”, the mottos of the government, truly, tests the local universities, community colleges’ ability to adapt all right.  In the past the online members here in Taiwan laughed at how the ark hospitals in China, calling them the “concentration camps” of those who’d contracted the virus, and now, there’s the “mini ark” in the most prestigious university in the lecture halls, with the students’ kind reminders of, “remember to stay in tent number two, if you want access of the extension cord””, does this not make those government officials who preached about getting ahead feel ashamed of themselves?

It’d been for long since the demands of the schools’ dormitories exceeding the supplies, that was why the situation in N.T.U. is happening right now, and, in other universities across the island, there are the instances of the MERS-CoV positive students, sharing the same living space as those students who are healthy.  And so, the “at-resident quarantine” of the student’s, the transportation means should be left to the schools individually to do, this is, the means, of resolving this problem; and toward the “foreign exchange students”, they would have to wait until the dorms occupied by the students here gets cleared out, then, they will be able to use the dorms as a site for their, quarantine.

And, one of the universities’ responsibilities is to look after the students, and yet, there’s this, “tent situation” in N.T.U. here right now, and, we can imagine, that the other universities around the island aren’t faring any better.  The government should not have just “one rule”, but a series of rules that can be adapted to the different conditions of the needs of the students, from “we can’t get the masks to we can’t get the vaccines, to now, we can’t get the quick scans”, does the Department of Education have enough quick-scan kits for all the students?

The epidemic, along with the number of confirmed diagnoses is determinant of whether or not the in-class sessions are to be halted, and the afterwards of at-home quarantine, hospitalization, and the health of those who hadn’t contracted the virus, is more important of all.  The CDC’s policies, communication with the schools needed to get up to speed.  From before the CDC mandated the three-doses for the tour groups, the head of the department of transportation only came to know upon reading the reports, and now, the CDC is seeing the troubles the students of the N.T.U. are experiencing in the quarantines, and, should it NOT discuss with the Department of Education, on coming up with a plan to tackle this matter?

And, these are, only the stuff that the CDC overlooked, as the HEAD of the CDC is no longer, with his mind intact, on, how to, tackle the pandemic, but on how to win the mayoral race of Taipei here, and this still just showed, how the government can abuse its power, making the peoples’ lives, a living hell, and the party controlling this god DAMN country is still, clueless of what it’s doing!

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He Was Unsuccessful in Getting a Female Older Schoolmate to Accept His Love for Her, He’d Started Waving that Knife and Injured Her

Despite how the ANTI-STALKING law’s been signed into effect, and this shit is still, happening here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first-year student from Shu-Der Technical University in Kaohsiung, Lin had a crush on a sophomore older female schoolmate, two evenings ago after an unsuccessful attempt to get her to love him, Lin told the woman that he wanted to accompany her and a friend of hers back to the dorm, she’d turned him down again, Lin became emotional, started waving a craft knife around, injured the back of the neck of the older female schoolmate he was crushing on, and her arms too; as the police arrived, they’d escorted the injured female student to the nursing units to get her injuries treated, found Lin in his dorm room, with the knife, with the bloody clothes he was wearing; as Lin was taken in and interrogated, he’d claimed he had amnesia over what happened as his professions of love to the woman wasn’t accepted.

Based off of understanding, Lin and the older female schoolmate belonged to the same extracurricular group, at around half past midnight last night, Lin was suspected of being impacted by the woman’s turning him down and objecting his offer to walk her back to her dorm, used the knife and attacked the woman, the female student started bleeding from the neck, and it’d thrilled the female friend she had with her, along with someone else who was out exercising, and they’d immediately notified the police, other than taking the injured female student to the hospital, the police arrested Lin in his dorm, Lin claimed that he’d swallowed several dozen of sleeping pills, was taken to the hospital, under police custody, he’d regained consciousness yesterday, and the police interviewed him, and charged him on attempted murder and assault, sent to the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office for processing.

The Shu-Der Technical University stated, that after the incident, the families of the female student already found their legal counsel, the school worried that the events may cause trauma to the female student, and they will offer the services of counseling and professional social worker to help.

And this, is how, it worked, when you turn a man down, be careful ladies, because, nobody knows if the LOSERS (b/c that’s what you all are!) you’d turned down will react violent, especially when they are, ill-prepared for the rejections that you handed to them, and, this is how well the laws protect us women, the law does, DIDDILY squat!  So, look like we’ll all be, carrying that bottle of pepper spray, that TASER, inside our separate, purses, to PROTECT ourselves from this SORT of SHITS then, because, like in this case, the help came, sure, but, the woman was still, injured.

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He’d Disregarded that the Two-Year-Old Young Son of His Ex’s Best Friend Being There, Raped the Woman in Front of Her Own Young Son

This young toddler had been, traumatized, and he wouldn’t even KNOW it, being as young as he, watching his mama get raped!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, He went to his ex-girlfriend’s home, saw that only her best friend and her two-year-old young son in the house, suspected of raping the woman, and, told her he would pay her $30,000N.T. to settle the matter with her afterwards, and suspected of using the honey trap, cut off all contact with the woman; the Taoyuan District Court after reviewing the evidence, found that the victim had cut her own wrists after the incident, and cried as she’d appeared in the court sessions, that her behaviors matched up with that of the rape victims’, ruled out the man’s claim of honey trap, sentenced He to three years eight months for forced sexual intercourse, this can be appealed.

The police and district attorneys investigated, that on the evening of February 21st, 2020 at around six, He went to his ex girlfriend’s home in Yangmei, Taoyuan, used his own keys to get in, at the time, there was only his ex’s best friend and her son in the house, He believed that it nobody else was there, he’d taken the advantage of the woman alone at home with her son, pinned her to the bed, and raped her.

He’s ex-girlfriend testified, that that evening, her best friend called her up, told her that she’d been raped, and as she’d gone to meet up with her best friend, her best friend looked distraught, demanded He settle with her for $30,000N.T.; and because He already had a fiancée, didn’t want the matter to get out into the open, agreed to the settlement, but later he vanished, and so, she’d taken her best friend to get a rape kit at the hospital then reported the rape to the police.

The courts found, that the victim, after she’d been raped, had slit her own wrist to attempt suicide, cried when she was on the stand to testify, in the trial, she’d testified, “it was impossible for me to call out for help, with my young son there”, the courts believed that she was worried about the safety of her own son, that was why she’d not called loud for help; that if she planned the honeytrap, then, she could have someone, break the door down and catch He, forced him to admit what he did, to have him pay her, the courts ruled out the possibilities of the woman setting He up.

And so, this, is really bad, because this loser thought he could get away with raping his ex’s best friend, with her young son there in the home, and what’s worse, was how he’d, tried, paying her off with $30,000N.T.s to settle the rape, and she’d, accepted it, and when he’d refused to pay the amount, she’d, sued.

The man was wrong to rape the woman for starters, and, the woman still wasn’t right, for asking the amount to settle, what she should have done was head straight to the hospital after she was raped, to get that rape kit, and sue that loser right away, but instead, she’d waited until he refused to pay her the settlement amount, to sue, so, what does THAT tell you about the morale of this woman?

That she also, didn’t have any, even IF she was, the victim in this case!

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