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The Shooting in Japan Causing Three Fatalities, the Gunman Went to Hide in the Councilman’s Home

With the firearms, so easily owned, there are going to be, more incidents of this in all around the world right now, making this world, that much more, dangerous to, live in…off of the Front Page Sections, from the international “fronts”, translated…

On the afternoon of the twenty-fifth, in Nagano, Japan, there was a case of a man of about age thirty who’d attacked the members of the public at random, causing two officers and a woman between ages forty and fifty to get, killed, along with a man being injured, in the span of no more than seven, eight hours’ time.  After the stabbing and the shooting, the perp ducked out in the local residential areas, and was at a standoff with the police, and the police forces called out to the locals to stay in their homes.

The NHK reported, that the city police in Nagano stated that at around 4:26, the police were called by locals, “a woman was stabbed by a man”, then they’d immediately sent the dispatchers over.  The suspect started firing off using a weapon that looked like an assault rifle at the police, causing a forty-six year-old, and a sixty-one-year-old sergeant to be killed in the line of duty, with four others who’d been, injured.

and here’s the news report…

Based off of the reports, the suspect was dressed in camouflage military wear, with the dark glasses and mask.  After he’d shot people, he’d escaped into the local’s homes, the owner of the residence he’d escaped into was the home of the city councilmember, Aoki, and there were gunshots firing off.  The location of the shooting was the residential area that’s only 1.5 kilometer away from the train stations, which were populated with the shopfronts, the restaurants, the cafés.  Aoki’s fellow councilmembers called him, but none were able to get into contact with him.

At around 8:30 at night, a woman escaped out of the residence where the suspect was hiding, told that her son was still in their home, the police are confirming this right now.

And so, this is how the accessibility of arms was what caused these shootings, these murders to happen more prevalently, and, if you can buy a gun from just about anywhere, and there’s not the enforced background checks, the waiting period, and everything else, there will only be more who will, die!

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The Command Center for MERS-CoV is Shut Down, But Did the Pandemic Stop, Spreading Too?

From hindsight, we should, gain some, foresights, then, get the insights, but, this government of the DDP, is still, STUCK on hindsight, it can’t look beyond its own, incompetence, because it needs to feel good about itself, just like the god DAMN, @#$%ING (maxed out!) president here, and so, we people are still, getting, SCREWED over, by this government that’s been, elected by, WE the, people, and yes, We the people are, still, way too, FUCKING (don’t pardon me!), RETARDED!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Of the, more than a-thousand days of the operations of the Command Center for MERS-CoV, finally ended, those who were working in the command center, surely, like the frontline medical workers, worked really, hard, after all, this is a job that involves the lives and deaths of the people.  As for, how much good had the Command Center done, surely, we can, all, decide for our, selves, the point is, with the shutting down of the Command Center, “MERS-CoV is only, downgraded”, it’s not the END of the pandemic.  I believe, that we need to, learn from the mistakes of these past three years, and to research better, to help ourselves, better able to, cope with the coming ons of possible pandemics of the, future times.

Since the start of 2020, MERS-CoV spread from Wuhan, China, other than the island countries, that were, kept isolated, because of the oceans that were, “safer”, all others couldn’t, escape it; Taiwan had the geographical, advantage, there wasn’t, any major outbreaks during the beginning stages of MERS-CoV.  Until 2021 after the New Year’s holidays, did the pandemic started, taking over, it became full-blown by May, with the sharp rises in deaths, until the end of year, in the eight months’ time, the total mortality was 10,000 more than the, previous, year.  Because the Command Center only reported that there’d been, a little more than eighty fatalities, I’d started, thinking, where did all these, extra deaths, come, from?

So I’d, started, analyzing the trends of death of these past decade, found, that there are three reasons, this can be, attributed to, first, the population aging, second, the major accidents, or natural disasters, third, the cold harsh winter, the flu.  For 2021 and 2022, the last two factors weren’t there, so, taking away the factor of population aging fast, then, we can attribute the massive numbers of death to “exceeding numbers of death by MERS-CoV”.

First, the morbidity rate by the Command Center is based off of the SOP of the government, the cured after contraction, then dying shortly afterwards, the deaths then tested positive for MERS, didn’t get count in; this “underreported statistic” doesn’t just exist here in Taiwan, but in all the world’s countries too.

And, during the harshest time of the outbreaks, due to the uneven distributions of medical resources, those severely impacted or the terminal cancer patients who did NOT get the treatments needed who had died, and this statistic wouldn’t be that huge, while, we have a well-established medical care system, but this will also, cause there to be, the overreported numbers of, deaths as well.

What’s worth noting, is the correlation of vaccination and death.  The number of deaths by vaccination may be enormous, but, there’s no direct relation of cause and effect.  I believe, that these data of deaths related to vaccines are especially valuable, it can be used as a basis to develop a more effective, and safer vaccine for the futures to come.

Thinking back over these three years, how many experts had claimed, that if the general population get vaccinated, then, we would have the group immunities, but, which country can achieve this?  Not only did this measure not effectively stop the coming on of the mutated strains, you can also, contract the virus again, even AFTER you were, vaccinated!  And, in the end, the government used the excuse of how vaccinations can reduce the chances of death, to rationalize the efficacy of the vaccines.  Based off of the close-to-hundred-years’ of experience of human history, vaccinations are, the means to prevent the spread of infectious, diseases, and yet, the current CoVid vaccine came forth out of necessity, and the medical professions would have to question, how useful are these, vaccines, would it have the after effects that come, years from now?  That would be, the motives needed, for the effective forms of the vaccines to get, developed.

And, even as statistics showed, there’s a higher rate of death by contraction for those who didn’t get vaccinated, but this does not prove, that the vaccines are, working.  And, for those who are, antivaxxers, they may be against it, because of their own physical conditions, or how they’re, too elderly, or with, preexisting, conditions; once they’d contracted, the morbidity rate would hike, and, using this sample may cause selection bias.

Finally, I want to call out to the government, to examine the records of our vaccinations, to review the medical treatment sessions, and deaths, to trace after the possibilities of the after effects of these, vaccines, this would be a vital asset, to this country, in developing the vaccines in the, futures to come!

This is on the spectrums of time, and yet, all the government agencies got their heads, stuck up their asses in the current moments, besides, so many had already died during the pandemic thus far, and, we do not have the mind, to examine the big pictures, because, we’re all, too, caught up in the current, and, with this shortsightedness, how the HELL are we, and every government in the world, supposed to see the trends of the flows of, things?  So yeah, what this professor “proposed” will only work, IF the governments had the foresight, but, unfortunately, this government of the DDP, still currently, keeps on, operating on, HINDSIGHT, so yeah, it ain’t, gonna, HAPPEN!

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The Mob’s Hire-for-Hit for Six Million Dollars N.T., Two Suspects Got Life in Prison

Life in prison, just want these hired hits, deserved, and the murder needed it, because he has cancer!  On crime and punishment, and the worst part is, we are the ones, paying for these, murderers’, treatment and medical care!   Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man from Hsintien, Ho was executed two years ago, the D.A. found, that it was the member of the Huashan Chapter of the Thento Union member, paying six million dollars N.T., through the manager of the chapter, Chang, getting his gang member’s childhood playmate, Huang to hit, all three were indicted on murder charges, Hsu is on the run, with an active warrant out of his, arrest currently.  The Taipei District Court sentenced Huang and Chang to life yesterday, stripped of their public positions for life, Chen was given six years in prison.

The investigations showed, that the coffee merchant, He, due to using the fake diet pills, had a record of arrest, he’d interacted closely with Hsu and Du, Hsu suspected that He had leaked out the intel on the illegal substances, spent six million dollars N.T. to hire a hit on him.

Chang was once a member of the Hwashan Union, as he’d returned to Kaohsiung, he’d set up another gang on his own, and he is a loan shark; Chen is a follower of Chang’s, was a childhood playmate of Huang’s.  Hsu and Du were the masterminds, they got out of country, and used the satellite phones to direct the members of the gang what they are to do, with Chang in the country, keeping tabs on the process of the hit, and assigning the escape routes out of country.

like this!

photo from online

The deceased knew how to cook up the illegal substances, had interactions in the skills in producing the substances with the Hwashan Chapter, was suspected of being a “mole”, leaking out the drug processing methods, causing the Hwashan Chapter to suffer great losses in sales, Hsu and Du, and others of the group decided to retaliate, found Chang to find a hitman; Chen knew that Huang owed gambling debts, so he’d, introduced him to the job, and they’d set it up, for Huang to assassinate He.

Chang guaranteed to Huang, that after he’d completed the hit, he would be paid four million dollars N.T., that he will assist him in getting out of the country, that, the money will get to his families by Chen; Hsu also told Huang to prepare three sets of clothes, set up two separate cutoff points, to place the gun used inside the shoes of the small bag.  Before Huang went for the hit, he’d told his eldest sister-in-law, “I’m going to do something major!”, told her to get the two million dollars N.T. from Chen afterwards.

On the morn of November 22nd, 2021, Huang arrived in the neighborhood of He’s residence, shot a photo to confirm identity to Hsu and Du, after He returned from getting his kids to school, Huang called out to him, “He, how do you plan to pay”, then immediately, shot He’s head, neck, and thorax, four times.

During the trial at the Taipei District Court, only Huang had admitted to the hit, and told that he had liver cancer, and epilepsy.

And so, the reason why this hitman admitted to gunning down this other man, is he thought he could get a “free ride”, after all, the prison system provides the inmates with a complete healthcare plan, and this hitman has cancer now, and he would need the free treatments, that was why he’d, admitted in court, that he’d, done it, and, life-terms, served these two murderers, just right, because they will be tortured by their, guilty conscience until they die, the problem with that, is that it puts a “damper” on all of our, pockets, because it’s still the TAXPAYERS, who are, PAYING for the “stays” of these, lifers!

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What the Command Center Did NOT, Clarify

The DDP government receive a SOLID F for its “policies of MERS-CoV” here, and the officials still think that they’d done, quite well, wow, talk about, totally, DETACHED from the realities of, things here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the pandemic, slowing, the Central CDC Command Center is finally about to, get relieved of its, duties.

Recalling to the over-a-thousand-days, the Command Center created numerous mottos, the “revised numbers”, “getting ahead”, “like general scans”, “blame it on the virus”, “how can the world catch up to Taiwan?”, “I’ll take full responsibilities for the 3+11 plans of quarantine”, “self-adaptation”, and the “micro ban lifts”, etc., etc., etc., all of these are, “classics”.

For over three years, the command center hosted its daily press conferences, like clockwork, and the online community jokingly called these, “the Bullshits of Five”.  The pandemic is heartless, the loss of every life made us all feel sad, and yet, the command center turned these lives into, nothing but, icy cold, stats.

and, here are, the facts, on how the elected mayor of Taipei stating how Chen’s “grade report” of his role as director of the Command Center is, a solid,”F”, off of YouTube

In this quite lengthy process of pandemic, the questions of the “3+11 policy implementations”, (claimed that there was NO record of this), is Wanhwa the breakout point of entry of the pandemic, do the dead bodies get cremated within twenty-four hours of death, why do the vaccine purchases needed to be sealed for thirty years and listed as classified information, why does the Tsai government favor Medigenvac so much (that as the borders opened, the people who had the Medigenvac vaccines who wanted to travel to Japan had to pay extra to get their PCR test, because Japan didn’t approve Medigenvac vaccines), all of these are questions left, unanswered.

Looking back to the roads we took, the start of the pandemic, the shortages of vaccines, unevenly distributed, we didn’t have what we are in desperate need of, to defend ourselves against the pandemic; the chaotic data output, causing people to get upset and worried, the Command Center didn’t do a thing, to help us feel safer, more secure, nor, settled.  And I feel compelled, to offer my personal condolences to the more-than-ten-thousand lives that’s been lost.

The Command Center had finally, “served its time”, and, everything that’s happened during these times of the outbreaks, will get recorded down in, history, and continue to stay, very lucid, in the minds of, we the, people.

So, this is still how the DDP’s BULLSHITS had caused, so many lives to get, lost in the pandemic, the government was late from the very start, in the purchase orders of the vaccines that worked, then, we became reliant on other countries’ garbage vaccines from AZ, and the government spun it as wow, everybody’s giving to us (more like dumping their unwanted TRASH!), and, it’d refused to purchase the needed BioNTech vaccines from Fosun Pharma, as that’s the only AGENT in the Asian regions, delaying the shipments of vaccines, and, leaving the private sector, to do ITS work, in purchasing of the vaccines that we are in dire need off, and, not to mention, how many of those lives that were lost, that could’ve been, saved or spared, but this DDP government doesn’t give a flying FUCK (don’t pardon me) about us, and so, how do you think the “grade report” of the DDP’s helping we the people, defend against the pandemic would, “score” again???  Exactly!

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The Two Dead Female Adolescents Case at a Motel, the Man Who Took Them to the Motel Taken in as a Suspect

Who’s to blame here, these ladies who’d decided to start abusing the illegal substances, the man who took them to the motel for that drug party?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Body Was Wrapped in the Bedsheets, the Suspect Claimed He Couldn’t Carry it Out, That Was Why He’d Left Her Body There, But Was Found with Another Hooker in a Drug Rave

At an unidentified motel in Hsinbei City yesterday, there was a double-body murder, two underage adolescent girls, found wrapped in the bedsheets, dead in the staircases; four hours later, the police caught the thirty-year-old male, Hong who’d found to have checked in with them, he was caught with another hooker, in Taoyuan, continuing the party with the drugs being used.  Hong claimed that during the party, the two girls passed out suddenly, he’d wanted to wrap them in the bedsheets and move their bodies, but because they were too heavy, and he couldn’t manage it along, that’s why he’d, driven off alone.  The investigators believed that the two teenagers had, overdosed, but the source of the substances, and what happened to them are questionable based off of Hong’s testimonies, they will get the autopsies and clarify what exactly caused the teens to die, Hong is sent to the D.A.’s Office on charges of illegal substances and abandonment causing death.

The Hsintien Substation of the Hsinbei Police Department received a call from a motel on Baichiao Road at around eleven in the morn yesterday, that the employees found two dead young women in the room as they went to clean it.  The police rushed over, found these two dead female bodies, with their clothes on, wrapped in the sheets, moved to the stairways of the motel suite, they’d immediately closed up the scene with the tapes, and had the forensics came to take the evidence.

The police found shortly afterwards, that the two females who died were only sixteen and seventeen years of age, there was even an unopened drug coffee pouch inside one of the adolescent’s purse, there were the white ketamine powders on the table in the room; the two deceased weren’t in school, lived in Sinchuang, Hsinbei, and were friends.

The police filtered through the surveillance, and the listed guests at the motel, found the two adolescents arrived at around five in the morning, checked in using false identities, at around eleven yesterday morn, Hong left on his own by car; the police based off of the license plate, tracked Hong down; the police arrested Hong at three in the afternoon, at a motel in Taoyuan.  As Hong was caught, he was continuing to party with another twenty-one-year-old hooker, nine packs of coffee drug pouches and ketamine were discovered on site.

As Hong was taken in for questioning, he’d stated, that he’d found the two adolescents via an online friendship app, and asked them out to party, but, the two seemed to have gotten too high, took too many pouches of drugs, then, passed out on the bed, “I was truly thrilled by them”, he’d flown into a panic, forgot to call the ambulance, because he had the illegal substances, he’d not dared called the police, thought he could wrapped both girls up in the bedsheets to take them into his car, but, they were too heavy to carry, and so, he could only, ditch them and leave on his own, rushed to the motel in Taoyuan to hide.

The autopsy showed, that the two girls didn’t have any external injuries, the police aren’t ruling their deaths out as accidental overdose, but, Hong was evasive, he will be sent to the D.A.’s office for the district attorneys’ office to continue interrogating him.

And so, this is how, these, illegal substances can, KILL, and, these women who are, hookers, still don’t have enough of a CLUE, to treasure their own lives, to have the LEAST amount of RESPECT for themselves, their bodies, and now they’d ended up, D-E-A-D!

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The Tragedies of Murder in Domestic Violence Cases, the Couple Need to Be Careful Not to Allow Their Emotions to Run Haywire

This is still in HINDSIGHT, which is still 20/20!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Criminology Department professor, Cheng from Zhongzhen University observed the case of domestic violence resulting in three deaths and one wounded, that this is a classic murder case of domestic violence, Wu and his wife got into a verbal altercation, he’d murdered his own wife, then, killed himself, he exerted borderline personality traits; the county government’s social services department had sent the social workers to help the families with the aftermath, the school started the counseling for the students.

Cheng stated, that if the couple’s relations showed signs of trouble in communications, domestic violence issues, the Domestic Violence Prevention Center should be notified, the Family Education Center, as well as seeking out help from a marriage counselor or a psychotherapist, and the families, the neighbors should get a little nosier too.  The family and community counseling center manager, Lu by the Chiayi University said, males are less likely to seek out help, he deducted, that the husband may have accumulated the bad feelings for along time, then, exploded, and it’d caused harm to his own, young.

The supervisor of the Chiayi Chapter of a nonprofit organization, Lee told, that the youngest son who’d survived, who’d witnessed these violent acts and tragedies may show signs of withdrawal, refusing to go to school, insomnia, and loss of appetite and other symptoms, that the help from a child psychologist may be necessary for him, the families and school need to help him get the assistance he needed, stay beside him, to offer the child emotional and social support.

The counselor, Lin stated, that parents should NOT see the children as their own properties, hurting them, and taking their lives, the individual who’d gone violent should also be more aware of her/his own anger management, if s/he feels angry, then, s/he should get away from where s/he is, and start breathing deep, to calm oneself down, to lower the chances of doing something that one would regret.

Yeah, this is still, all hindsight, and, there’s still, NO way anyone could’ve, prevent this tragedy or any others like this one, because, we only read about these things in the news, and let it become yesterday’s new, and we forget, and the key to prevent these sorts of tragedies is by having a higher sense of awareness of oneself, and yet, do people have that?  Not really, because if everybody is too aware of her/himself, this SHIT would not happen in the first place, would it?  Of course not, and, you also should not get jealous, and that is what everybody needs to work out, to STOP mistaking possessiveness for love!

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Suspicions of the Student Who Committed Suicide was Bullied by the Instructors, the Educators: Speculating What Happened isn’t Objective, the High School Student’s Father: the School’s Investigations are Coming Along Too Slowly

The aftermath of the suicide of a high school student, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male high school student from Taichung committed suicide this February, the families came out, and accused the school for inappropriate discipline, that it was how the school managed the matter that’s caused the son to withstand way too much pressures, that eventually led to his, suicide, it’d been over a month to date, and the school still took a passive approach to handling this matter, it’d angered the community.  The high school student’s father told the central chapter of the Humanistic Education Foundation, that since the events, the school attributed his son’s death to personal matter and family causes, delayed the investigations of what actually caused the student to suicide, it wasn’t until the Department of Education finally intervened, did the school started taking the matters, seriously, and the investigators, are still too slow to act, everything is now, hindsight, but finally, someone’s, doing, something now.

The school matter meeting occurring in April, will have the high school student’s father to come.  The father stated, that he had, completely trusted and complied with the means of discipline and trainings of his son, and yet, the school’s means caused his son to commit suicide, “I don’t think I can trust the school’s own investigations now, he’d hoped, that a representative of the foundation will accompany him to the meeting, so the truth can come out soon.  The school had no response toward this.

Before the high school student committed suicide, he was suspected of being body searched, having his backpack searched, with NO justifiable cause by the school instructors, and the teachers blankly accused him for stealing money, when there’s NO physical proof or evidence that he had done so, and he couldn’t withstand the pressures any longer, at the bottom half of February, he’d committed suicide at home, and a lot of the members of the online community left the messages, and stated that they feel bad for the student, and that was when the parents found, that their son had been bullied repeatedly, and harshly by the school’s instructors.  But the school was quite passive in handling the matter, until the Department of Education intervened into this matter, then, it’d started up the investigations of what had, happened.

Wang, the professor of counseling major of Changwha Teacher’s University stated, that the case seemed to be how there was a lacking of counseling provided to the student, that the school didn’t take into considerations how the student would feel being a thief, that’s caused the student experience the severe negative emotions, this showed that there’s the problems in the operations of the entire systems of education, that it’s best, to get the expert outside of the school, to get involved with the investigation, to try to find out the part of the structures that were set up right.

Wang told, that as the students started exerting the wayward behaviors, and odd emotions, then, the risks of self-mutilating, should be implored, the means included, identifying the behaviors, showing care and concerns for the students, referring the individuals to professionals, first, identify the individual with the negative emotional responses, accompanying her/him, and set up counseling, if needed, refer the person to a fitting professional facility, to prevent the dangerous feelings from growing bigger.

Those who work in education stated, that the society does NOT know what happened in the case, and started judging right and wrong from the speculations, which caused the opinions to tilt, the entire matter is already sent into the investigation processes now, other than investigating what happened, the Department of Education, and the schools should also, help the students gain more abilities to resolve their emotional difficulties, to prevent the happening of, the next tragedy.

And so, based off of this, it’s the school that’s, lacking in action, toward how this kid was being bullied by the instructors, and this is a huge problem, because of course the school will NEVER admit that they’re wrong, because that’s like slapping themselves across their own faces, but a high school student had committed suicide, and, maybe it was cowardly of the student, but at least, the school should dig into W-H-Y, this kid committed, suicide, instead of keeping on, passing the balls, and not manning up to take the responsibilities of their involvement in what caused this student to kill himself.

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The Judo Coach’s Body-Slamming the Male Student to Death, Second Trial Maintained the Nine-Year Prison Term from the Last Trial

The verdict’s finally, “IN”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taichung Judo coach, He, because of the seven-year-old pupil, Huang refused to do the Judo moves that he was teaching, he’d thrown Huang over his shoulders, tossed him up in the air, watched him land on the mats, causing the child to go into a coma then die, the first trial found He guilty of manslaughter, sentenced him to nine years; He appealed, that before Huang arrived to the dojo, he may have slammed into something himself, that his injuries weren’t caused by the lessons.  The High Subsidiary Court of Taichung didn’t believe his claims, confirmed that Huang’s injuries were caused by his landing on the mats after being slammed, maintained the original verdict; this can still be appealed.

The seventy-year-old He is a certified Judo coach, started teaching for free at the basement of Taichung Fengyuan Gym in 2015, the seven-year-old Huang went to take the lesson two years ago in April, He assigned Liao, who’d been taking the lessons for five years to pair up with Huang for the practice throws, because Huang didn’t follow the orders, He repeatedly threw him over his shoulders, and tossed Huang’s body up in the air multiple times, causing Huang to sustain multiple head trauma which caused Huang to go into a coma

After two months of treatment, Huang is declared dead, the Taichung High Subsidiary Court’s second trial found, that based off of the forensic autopsy reports, Huang had hematoma in his head, subdural hematoma in his brains, which caused sepsis, the injuries were from “counter hitting impact”, “a reactive sort of injury”, with the cause of repeatedly hitting the areas of the brain against something soft, confirmed that He didn’t have the set intentions of, harm.

the judge believed that Huang had rammed his own head, that there was no evidence proving that, that it was all speculation, that it was his way of evading responsibilities, considering how he’d denied what he did, and not settled with the families of the child, but didn’t have any priors, that the verdict from the first trial was just and fitting, tossed both the D.A. and He’s appeal.

So, this is the aftermath, after that kid got body slammed in his judo class and died, and, nine years for this “unintentional” murder is still too lenient, I mean, you are a coach, and you should’ve had the sense, knowing, that the students were only beginners, that they may not know how much force they’re slamming each other with, and at the least, you are, negligent, and the charge should be, MANSLAUGHTER, but it wasn’t!  The punishment should be a hell of a lot more, harsher than just nine years, but it wasn’t.

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The Drunk-Driver Killing One Injuring Three, the Husband of the Woman Who Was Killed: Sentencing Him to Nine Years Ten Months is Not Close to Enough, as the Second Trial’s Verdict Added Longer Sentence

Of course, considering how a family got, destroyed, and yet, there’s still, NO “harsher” punishment for those who CHOOSE to get behind the wheels, drunk in this country!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The man, Huang in Kaohsiung got behind the wheels intoxicated, rammed into Lin’s family of four, the wife of Lin died on impact, Lin and his two daughters were, severely, injured, the district attorneys indicted Huang on manslaughter charges, first trial gave him a sentence of seven years ten months.  The Kaohsiung Subsidiary Courts found that Huang did, SLAM on his brakes as he’d hit, that it wasn’t, manslaughter, but, he’d been caught twice before, getting behind the wheels drunk, and he was driving without a license, ramming the red lights, speeding, not allowed the pedestrians the right of way, that the punishment from the first trial was too lenient, yesterday, he was charged on vehicular manslaughter due to drunk driving, sentenced to nine years ten months.

“Not charging him with murder, it’d not set an example for the drunk drivers in the future…”, as Lin appeared in court in a wheelchair, heard the verdict, told, and even if the sentences had been added to more, it’s still, way too, lenient, for decades on end, the laws can’t scare off the repeated drunk drivers one bit, viewing drunk driving vehicular manslaughter as equivalent to murder in amending the laws is nowhere in sight, he’d gone up to the every single member of the Transportations Committee of the Legislature, to declare this, and only one legislator’s assistant showed up at the press conference he was holding, “The government and the representatives are all, enabling accomplices of this!”

He said, the civil case had already been settled, Huang hadn’t paid a cent to his families, and Huang’s mother found an attorney to sue him, how will his family take that lying down?  As he receives the verdict, he will then discuss with his attorneys to see if will fight for an appeal.  Lin’s mother accompanied his son to court, and recalled the past year’s worth of hardship with the trials, felt awful for what her son was going through, and started crying hard as the verdict’s been, read.

Two years ago on December 26th, Lin and his wife and daughter was crossing the crosswalks next to the Ai River in Kaohsiung, Huang rammed into them and had been drunk driving.  The D.A. found, that Huang drove without a license, and was speeding, ramming the red lights, changing lanes without signaling, stepped down on the gas, then slammed on the brakes, there’s the uncertainties of his intent to kill someone, and in the past, there’d been drunk drivers who’d killed someone drunk driving who’d received twelve years and a half, and the D.A. charged Huang on manslaughter, and asked for fifteen years.

The Kaohsiung District Court took the case, there was a 29.1 meter long skid mark from the brakes, as Huang found the pedestrian, he had, slammed on the brakes, if there’s the uncertainties of intent of killing someone, then, he would’ve run someone over shortly after he got behind the wheels drunk, instead of ramming into the family as he drove across that particular, intersection, sentenced him to seven ears ten months on vehicular manslaughter by drunk driving.

Lin and the D.A. appealed.  The Kaohsiung High Subsidiary Courts reviewed the evidence of the skid marks, and other physical evidences, and found, that there’s the uncertainties of the intent to commit murder, but, considering that Huang was driving at the speed of up to 93 kilometers per hour, considering the medical expertise, Lin and his daughter’s injuries could be treated.

The Collectivist Courts found, that in recent years, there’d been the people’s going up against drunk drivers, and Huang had two previous drunk driving records, and still got behind the wheels drunk, he’d not had a valid license, ramming the red lights, speeding, not allowed the pedestrians to have the right of way, it’d caused Lin to lose his loved ones, and still hadn’t reached a settlement agreement with the families yet, gave him the heavy sentence of nine years ten months on drunk driving causing deaths.  The most severe sentence for drunk driving in the past was ten year, the verdict was closest to that.

And yet this is still bullshit, you think, that by punishing this person for ramming over the family, killing the members of the family to serve in prison is going to, help him reform?  Yeah, right, because the law’s way too lenient here, that’s why, these drunk driving “accidents” (it would no longer be accident after that  very first case!), keep on happening all over the world, because there’s NO stricter punishments, and, you can’t take the people’s keys away, if they wobbled out of a bar either, so, this keeps on, happening.

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The DEATH, of, Little Albert…

You remember that young kid, who got, put inside a laboratory, with that god DAMN rat, where the psychologists, conditioned him to fear the rat, by making that LOUD noise as they’d, reintroduced the rat to Little Albert?  Yeah, that unfortunate, K-I-D!

Well, guess what, I’d, “checked out” the “post-op” review of this “story”, and the article said, that after the lab, his mama moved with him, out of the area, and, not long after that, Little Albert (and no, I don’t believe that the kid’s name was actually, “Albert”, that was what they’d “labeled” him as in the laboratory!), fell ill, and, never made it out of his childhood years!

And that is, MURDER, for the sake of experiment, I mean, you would think that those god DAMN psychologists would be more careful, to first come UP with a safe way, to countercondition that kid to before fear got instilled into him, but NO, that’s not how “science” worked back then.

and, here’s the video of that in black-and-white from YouTube

By the codes of research of present day, I would imagine, that this “lab” would’ve never passed review, but unfortunately back then (the 70s. 60s, 80s???), they did NOT set up a strict code of ethics, which is what caused this young child (whose name wasn’t even ALBERT!) to D-I-E.

So, another, innocent KID, got, S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-E-D, in the name of, SCIENCE…and that’s, just, ANOTHER K-I-D, that never made it out of his, childhood, ALIVE!

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