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He’d Received the Message, “a Horny Dog in Love with a Shrew”, Sent the Porn Back as a Reply to a Woman He Met Online, the Elderly in His Seventies Found by the Verdict to Pay the Woman $10,000N.T.s

Sexting here, and you still get, SUED!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventy-year-old elderly man, Tsai sent the porn footage to a female he met online, was sued for sexual harassment, and the woman sued him for $200,000N.T.s, he’d said he was innocent, that it was the woman, sending the footage of the dog humping the female owner to him, which misled him.  The judge found, that the footages were sent and received in the time of two-months, and, in the dialogues, it was difficult, to confirm, that the woman was hinting at sex, the courts mandated that Tsai needed to pay the woman $10,000N.T.s; both the elderly and the D.A. filed for the appeals, the district court in Kaohsiung believed, that Tsai the elderly had, damaged the woman’s dignity, and still mandated that he pays the woman $10,000N.T.s.

The verdict pointed out, that Tsai and the woman met online, added one another to LINE and started chatting from time to time, sending one another the greetings; in January of two years ago, the woman sent a footage, “The horny dog in love with the shrew” to Tsai, with the dog, humping the female owner’s legs, two months later, Tsai also sent the three segments of pornography he’d downloaded to the woman.

The woman felt that Tsai was sexually harassing her, called the cops, and pressed charges, and sued him for $20,000N.T.s.  During the trial of the simplified court of Fengshan, Tsai said that it wasn’t what it looked like, that Tsai had asked him to go to a motel, and told him that the cost was $2,000N.T.s, back then, he’d not made the “date”; later the woman sent him the footage of “the horny dog in love with the shrew”, that was why he’d, responded by sending the porn footages back to her; he said, that sending and receiving the videos is the culture of the online interactions, that the contents of what he’d sent wasn’t really sexually illicit, that it’d not constitute as sexual harassment.

The judge reviewed over the conversation records, and noted how two months after the woman sent Tsai the footage, did Tsai send the three segments of porn to her, that during the time, there were the only ordinary greetings of “Good morning”, “how are you” exchanged between the two, that it was hard to confirm, that the footages sent by the elderly has anything to do with what the woman sent to him, from two months ago.

The judge believed, that Tsai is with enough experiences of life, that he should know, that the footages he’d sent to the woman, would cause her disgust, or thrills, that his behaviors was sexual harassment, and, considering the finances of both, mandated that Tsai needed to pay the woman $10,000N.T.s.  Tsai still denied the sexual harassment charges, while the woman felt that the money the courts fined Tsai to pay to her wasn’t quite enough, both filed for appeals.

The district court of Kaohsiung found, that the two had never met physically, that their interactions revolved around “greetings toward elderly”, and that the woman told Tsai, that she was seeing someone else, that it wasn’t like Tsai stated, that they were, dating, didn’t believe Tsai’s claims, and found that Tsai needed to pay the woman $10,000N.T.s, as for the asking of the woman in payment, the original trial already specified the basis for it, tossed back her appeal.

And so, this is how, these online interactions, can get people the wrong ideas, and besides, you should NEVER be sexting other people, because, most of us here (still just, assuming, and yet, I’m still, NO ASShole!), would take it as something OFFENSIVE, so, just don’t do it!  Otherwise, you get SUED for sexual harassment.

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He’d Falsified Himself as a Woman, and Successful Scammed Two Men to Sleep with Him, Raped His Victims a Total of Thirteen Times

There are still, NO “victims” in this, “equation” only ABUSER AND, ENABLER!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lin falsified himself as a woman, logged onto the friendship software, started dating two men, and, gotten the two male victims to his residence, used the sleeping pills to put them out, turn off the lights in the room, then, went into the room, to have sex with the men; one of the victims was a virgin, and didn’t have a clue, that he’d “lost his virginity” twelve times, the other man, after once, felt something wasn’t right, and immediately notified the police; the courts criticized Lin for fulfilling his own urges, disregarding his victims’ wills, raped them, causing the victims to get traumatized, showed no remorse after the crimes, sentenced him to four years six months on sexual assault.  This can be appealed.

The police and the district attorneys investigated, that Lin had been sent to prison on robbery charges before, he’d taken up the falsified identity of “Yu-Jie Lin” online, and met the nineteen year-old male, A, on the evening of March 26th, 2020, Lin falsified himself as “Yu-Jie Lin’s” older brother, taking the victim back to his own stay by scooter, added the sleeping pills into the alcohol he’d served to the victim, turned off the lights and waited, then, used his falsified identity of “Yu-Jie Lin”, went into the room, to have SEX with his victim, after he was done, raping his victim, he’d, left the room, without showing his face.

As victim A finally woke, Lin made the excuse of his “sister” being out already, but as victim A went home, he’d found fecal matter on his penis, and texted “Yu-Jie Lin” about it, Lin slurred through the matter, and victim A went to get a urine test at the hospital and found sleeping pill inside his urine, then, called the police.

As the police looked into the matter, they’d found another man, B, age twenty-four, who was also, a victim too, before B was raped, he had no prior experience of sexual intercourse, and was scammed by the same measures, and he’d insisted that “Yu-Jie Lin” was a woman, and from February to May of the year, he’d had sex as many as twelve times, and never once thought, that it was, a man whom he was, having sex with, and, in the chats, they’d started, referring to one another like they were dating couples.

As Lin turned himself into the police station, he’d admitted to taking the two victim males home, but denied the sexual intercourses, claimed that he’d only, carried on in conversation with both males the entire night.  The courts criticized Lin, that knowing the two victims had NO intentions of having se with him, but, disregarded the rights to their bodies, causing the victims to get traumatized, and denied what he’d done throughout, not mentioned of paying his victims, with no signs of remorse.

The courts considered, that Lin committed thirteen counts of forced sexual acts, but, used the same measures, in a short period of time, that there’s the responsibilities of his wrongdoing on himself, gave him four years six months for these counts; the drugging his victims, due to insufficient evidence that it’d affected victim A’s will to have sexual intercourse, and the medications were Lin’s by prescriptions by a hospital, he got off on that count.

And so, this still just showed, how FUCKING (no need to pardon me here!) these younger generations of males are, and, it also showed, how modern day people relied too much on the interactions online, and how easily they get, fooled, and this is still, not good, the perp was wrong, but, the “victims” aren’t, right either, they’re all, way too, STUPID!

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The Deepfake Crimes for Profit, the Most Severe Punishments of Seven Years in Prison

The government’s really, CRACKING down on these sex crimes that are happening on the internet right now here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Lawmakers Passed the Four Bills to Prevent Sexual Crime, Giving a Jail Sentence Term of Ten Years for Shooting, Spreading Sexually-Illicit Footages of Children & Adolescents Online

The YouTuber, Jade used Deepfake last year, transferred the females’ faces to the porn sites to make a profit, the victims were made up of legislators as well as T.V. personnel, and actresses, it’d caused the society to pay attention.  The legislature passed the drafts with four specifics on prevention of sexual violence, of them, the individuals will receive up to seven years for making the false sexually illicit images and spreading them; if there’s no justified reason, and the individuals were found with child pornography in possession, the jail sentence of a year or less would be passed down.

The various departments of the government brought up four amendments, including the amending of the criminal law, the children-adolescent sextortion laws, the sexual assault prevention, along with the protective bills for the victims of these crimes.

The head of State, Su stated, that in recent years, there’d been an influx of cases of sexual violence using the internet, that in the past, only the charges of libel and slander were applicable, that it’d, defamed the victims; and, a lot of the behaviors are limited by the law, there’s no effective ways of preventing the criminals from making a profit off of the sexually illicit footages, which caused the victims to never coming out from under.

The penal code had added the “obstruction of sexual privacy and the false images”, taping, photographing without consents, with the heaviest sentence of three years; and, six months to five years for spreading out the photos, the footages; if money was made, then, the sentence would be increased by half.  With the add on of spreading the sexually illicit footages without the consents getting seven years at most.

The victims of these sex crimes online are mostly made up of children, adolescents, and women, increased punishments for the related offenses to these is being set at three years to ten years; and, the sentence for passing these sexually illicit footages, videos increased to anywhere from a year to seven year’s term in prison.

And, this is the government’s attempts, to stop the children and adolescent from getting sextorted, and, chances are, these means are still not going to work, because, it can only work on paper, not in reality, the way they should do it is to CRACK down on the sources, the supplies, and try to cut the demands of the predators, but that can’t happen, so, yeah, this still works, only in theory, but not in application I’m afraid.  Just because you’d, increased the severity of punishment for these crimes, it doesn’t mean that people will be scared into, not committing these crimes.

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The Predatory Instructor Enticed the Adolescent Girls to Pose Nude & Raped Them, Sentenced to a Heavy Twenty-Five Years

Do you, parents, feel safe, with a predator like this, posing as a schoolteacher, in your children’s, schools???  I wouldn’t imagine so!  This is still, an abuser/enabler interaction style that’s presented here, in this case, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An office manager of an unnamed cram school in the southern parts, Lee had enticed the middle, high school age girls to pose nude for him, then, threatened every one of them that he’ll send the photos all over, to coerce the victims to have sexual intercourse, there were at least, eleven school age girls who’d been found as victims, the police search found, close to 600 nude photos in the man’s possessions, there were victims who’d told, that they’d been controlled by Lee for five whole years, the courts grilled Lee for using the girls as tools that he could use at any time, sentenced him to a harsh twenty-five years.

Since 2015, Lee had falsified himself as a woman on FB, and randomly found multiple middle and high school age girls, sent the private messages, claimed that he was looking for underwear models, and had the victims take shots on themselves in only their underwear, or nude, that he will pay them, there were, eleven found adolescent female victims, who’d sent anywhere from fifteen to seventy-one nudes to Lee.

There were the teenage girls who’d found Lee’s demands improper, and wanted out, then Lee used a dummy account, and threatened to spread the nude photos of his victims online, to get the adolescents to send him photos every single day, and the victim had, complied, and, from her middle school into her high school years, sent a total of close to six hundred shots or videos, and wired over $110,000N.T. to Lee.

In 2017, Lee met another high school age girl out, claimed that he was looking for model to pose in underwear, but, forcibly took the adolescent girl to a motel, and threatened her, “you have to strip for me, allow me to take your nude photos, then I will pay you”, forced to take her shots nude, and, molested her; the police received multiple calls of adolescent girls, and back in 2020, Lee was finally caught in Kaohsiung.

During the trial, Lee denied the allegations, claimed that he didn’t know that his victims were underage, but had mentioned to them that he was looking for models, that the photos they’d sent him will need to get reviewed first; the victimized adolescent female claimed, that Lee had started connecting with her since her first year of middle school, and threatened to go viral with the nudes she’d sent him, that she’d been under Lee’s control for as long as five whole years to date.

Lee had even threatened the young woman, “I think, I should, go public with your name and personal information then”, the young girl, out of fear, continued to send her nude photos to him, and continued wiring the money to him, the courts found, that the adolescent girl was coerced, and feared what Lee may do, that was why she kept sending him the photos.

The judge considered that Lee is over thirty years of age, and can tell right from wrong, and had used these girls for his own personal sexual pleasures long-term, controlled them, and the victims’ ages ranged from elementary school to high school, and after he was caught, he’d evaded responsibilities, continued damaging these adolescent girls’ lives, forced them to continue producing the sexually-illicit images, molesting them, found him guilty on five charges, gave him a heavy sentence of twenty-five years.

So, are there, victims here?  Or, is this still, an abuser/enabler relationship interaction style?  I mean, these young girls (too dumb, and inexperienced of the world!!!) should’ve told an adult they trusted in their lives, or called the cops, but, because this man preyed on their fears, and all of these, victims (or enablers, whichever you see as fitting calling them!), all allowed him to take advantage of them, that’s why, this LOSER was able to, do this SHIT, for as long as he had, and now, he got twenty-five years behind bars.  But that’s still, nowhere NEAR quite enough, to repair for the damages of these innocent, naïve, school-age girls’, lives, is it?  Nowhere NEAR, close!

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Taking the Ladies Out, He Was Honey-Trapped, and Forced to Swallow the Live Goldfishes

And, some might say, that this LOSER got what’s coming HIS way, for, soliciting, paying for, S-E-X!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, who runs a call girl station, with the ladies, set up a honey trap, zoomed in on the john, Peng, as he took a woman out, he’d not only take nude shots of the man, and forced him to “swallow the live goldfishes” as torture, and, threatened him that the group will sue him for raping the hookers, and he’d, signed a cashier’s check for it, and, the sex trafficking ring also hired the middle school age girls, to accompany the male customers to drink, to go to the drug parties etc., etc., etc., the Taoyuan D.A.’s Office recently prosecuted Wu and six other individuals on robbery, and sextortion of youth and adolescents.

Based off of understanding, Wu (age 47), operated a massage parlor/brothel in Zhongli District, hired the fifteen-year-old middle school student as a drinking companion for men, charging $1,200 N.T. to $1,500N.T every two hours.

Last year, Peng took a lady home in May to use the laughing gases, and have sexual intercourse, but, the woman already conspired with the hooker station on a honeytrap, as the two were having intercourse, Wu and several men broke into Peng’s place, took the photos of him nude, beaten him, and, shoed a live goldfish down Peng’s throat, forced him to swallow the goldfish live down.

Then, the group robbed away the wallet, the ring from Peng, and forced him to sign a cashier’s check worth one million dollars N.T., and took him to a steel shack in Pingzhen District, held him in their custody, later, the group found Peng to have escaped and called the police, they’d threatened to sue him on rape, to force him to keep quiet.

someone pulling the strings on this one! Photo found online

And, another woman, Chen from the same sex ring, was displeased at how the money she’d made got deducted, and wanted to quit, and was forced into a motel to have confront with Wu, and Wu knew, that Chen only took a five-thousand dollar N.T. advance from her pay, he’d claimed that she’d owed $200,000N.T., and beaten her to injury with a baseball bat, forced her to sign a check, and, confiscated her identification card.

The police were called by Peng and by Chen, they’d received a search warrant from the D.A.’s office, went to make the arrests, confiscated the guns, the ammunitions, and drugs, and other contrabands, and, there were the checks that Peng and Chen were forced into signing.

As the D.A. interrogated, Wu only admitted to running the hooker station, denied the robbery, the recruiting of underage girls as hookers; the major office personnel, the woman Lin testified, that she saw her accomplice forced Peng to “swallow a goldfish live!”, taking shots of him nude, and the D.A. called the underage girls to testify for them, and, confirmed that they were all, underage, but worked as call girls.

And so, there’s, still, NO victim here, only abuser and enabler, and, this loser who’d solicited sex, got it coming (And this is still NOT “blaming the vic” here!) because you shouldn’t have hired a hooker, and yet you can’t keep your hands to yourselves, and that, is how it led you to, where you were, taken into custody against your will, and, forced to sign that cashier’s check of, how much again?  Exactly, and, it’s still all on the, “vic”, because he’s into hiring the WHORES!

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He Had Enticed EIGHTY-ONE Adolescent Girls to Pose Nude, Sentenced to 106 Years in Prison

This is still ABUSER/ENABLER, no victims here!  And the PERP here, IS a master student from N.T.U., the MOST prestigious university in ALL of Taiwan too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The master program student from N.T.U. Lin used a false photo to entice eighty-one adolescent girls, young girls to take the nude photos of themselves, and sending the photos to him, there were 120G’s worth of files in his possession.  On the first trial, Lin was sentenced to three years on exploitation of children and adolescents, the Highest Court fund him guilty of ninety-two counts, and, sentenced him to 106 years, ten months, the other thirty-four months he received, were payable by fines; the terms of what he is set to serve is pending the investigations of which counts were valid and which ones, not.

The twenty-six year-old Lin was raised by his father, graduated out of a certain technical university, in November of 2016, he’d passed the entrance exams for the master program in N.T.U.’s medical equipment, and imaging graduate department, he was kicked out of the program after 2017, when the case busted into the open, he’d become a skilled worker, made around $22,000N.T. per month.

like this, a predator, hiding behind, a computer screen…

the “perp”…photo from online

The accusations showed, that started in 2014, through the communications apps, the friendships websites, he’d used the false identities to get the underage adolescent girls to send him their nudes, and as he’d set up the files, he’d set them up by name, age, school, and comments on their bodies, categorized his victims, and, the victims’ ages were from the elementary to the high school years, the youngest was only a second-grader.

The Highest Court found, that because of his own fetish for young children, he’d solicited nude photos of others, that it wasn’t a lapse of his judgment, there’s NO mercy for the courts to consider for him, that his situation isn’t sympathized with, there’s no reduced sentence given for him.  In the futures, there may be the situations of the sentences combined, as the case was finally sorted through in the futures, then, the D.A. of his case by then will ask for the fitting sentence for him from the judge residing over the case.

and now, the, “vic”…

photo from online

And so here, we still have a PEDOPHILE, who’s with a higher degree, and this still just showed, that pedophile is pedophile is pedophile, no matter how high up on the education ladder you can get, you are, what, you are, and these young ladies, they must be, stupid, not known of the dangers, lurking online, and you would think, that all these cases had already gotten busted out into the wide open, that these younger generations of girls would be, more aware of them, but no, they’re all, way too, fucking (don’t pardon me!) retarded here!

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The Temptations of Money: a Nude Photo of a Teenage Girl Earned $10,000N.T.s, the Adolescent Sent in the Nude Shots of Herself, and Was Threatened Repeatedly

Sextortion here, the younger generations are still, way too DUMB, way too, naïve in all of this, so totally C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the past six years there were 554 cases of victims who got their private photos spread out online who’d sought out assistance with the Women’s Rescue Foundation, ninety-eight cases from last year, and, already 121 cases from the first half of this year, the rate of increases in these case is too worrisome.

The Women’s Rescue Foundation told, that the sexual photos getting streamed and posted online, thirty-percent were on social networking sites including FB, LINE, Telegram, Dcard, Twitter, and the porn sites took up twenty-percent, primarily on Pornhub.  A lot of the porn sites are operated from out of the country, there’s no way the law enforcement offices can contact and force them to pull the images off, causing the victims damages for life.

The sixteen-year-old adolescent female, Huang received a message on IG, and went to WeChat’s “Chats with Rich Businessmen from China”, and enticed by the payments of $10,000N.T. per time, had been enticed to “send the one-time photo of sex organ” to earn an extra $10,000, she couldn’t turn down the temptations of money, and, took her own selfie nude, sent it out, and, had been threatened, to keep on sending the photo, she was so thrilled that she’d deleted her WeChat account before she was paid anything.

There were the male worms from online who’d falsified themselves as “older girls”, and, used the nude photos of women online to falsely identifying themselves, to get the adolescent girls to “trade pictures”, to the point of persuading these inexperienced teens to strip nude on webcam chats, as they’d, secretly filmed them.  And used the footages of extort the victims to send more photos of themselves, nude.

young children being, SEXTORTED here!!!

photo from online

The Women’s Rescue Organizations told, that there are millions of ways to scam for the nude photos, a lot of the victims worried of how the photos would go viral online, and not called it in to the police, while others feared angering the perps, that they may let the footages go viral, and not notified the police; there are even more minors who don’t dare tell anyone, the unreported numbers are, too high to be counted.

Filming or asking underage minors to provide sexually illicit photos is criminal behaviors, with the heaviest sentences of seven years in prison, using the scams, more that seven years; spreading, broadcasting, or selling, three years or less.  There were 100 cases of filming, producing of children and teenager sexually illicit footages, last year, the number rose to 291 cases, and the uploading of these went from 186 from last year to 246 cases this year.

The criminal investigation agency stated, that the parents, the teachers should advise children to NOT talk with strangers online, to NOT give out the personal information, the private photos of themselves, the parents can download apps like “Family Link” to keep their children safe, to know the app usage of one’s own young on their cell phones remotely, to observes if they’d been chatting with unknown strangers online; if they accidentally fell victim, save the conversations records, and call the police.

How dumb can you, stupid little children get, huh???  And all you parents out there, start watching over your young (so I DON’T have to!!!), and, because you stupid adults didn’t notice ANY of the signs, and yes, there will be, signs of your children, being in trouble of this sort, that’s why, they are all, stripped NAKED, by those, big bad wolves online, and, they won’t just become, Granny Red, oh no!!!

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Posing Nude for Photos in Front of the Police Station, Not Received Even a Warning, Causing the Debates in the Legal Realms

It’s A-R-T, I tell ya!!!  Let’s see HOW, the double-standards, worked, shall we???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The D.A.’s Office: it’s Like the Female Stars, Getting Their Clothes Off for the Photo Albums, Doesn’t Count as Lewd Behaviors, Those Who are Against This Find it Hard to Accept, that it May Cause a Wayward Trend

The twenty-eight-year-old woman, Tsuei in June, asked her boyfriend Lin who’s a police officer, to go to the Sanming One Substation of Kaohsiung Police on Harping Street to have her photos taken nude, then, used the blurring over her “parts”, with the labels, “flashing at the Kaohsiung Police Station”, “Showing at Kaohsiung”, caused great debates, she was taken into custody by the police.  The D.A.’s offices in Kaohsiung believed that Tseui’s nude shots were like female singers or movie stars posing in little to no clothing on, that it doesn’t count as “lewd”, and the two only wanted more hits, that was why they’d shot the photos, that, it would not be persuasive, slapping the charges of public humiliating a government agency either, the D.A. dropped the indictments.

flaunting her self for a shot! Photo from online

This caused great debates in the legal realm, there were the district attorneys who believed differently, believed, that the substation is a public location, that there are members of the public going in and out, that the act of posing nude there constitutes as public lewdness and sexually illicit behaviors in public; in IKEA in Taichung last July, there were the nude models, the cameraman, the female model was indicted by the Taichung D.A.’s Office on lewd behaviors in public, that this case was not that much different compared to the current.

In the Twitter profile, Tsuei introduced herself as the “discipline queen”, on the evening of June 26th this year, the patrol office, Lin went southbound, met Tsuei, checked into a hotel together, at around two in the morn the following, Tsuei put on a windcoat, and, walked to the substation on Harping Street, unzipped the coat, for Lin to take her shots nude.

As they returned back to hotel, they’d, used black stars, to cover up the parts, uploaded the photo to Twitter; the police found the police vehicles, and substation in the shot, called the two in, Tsuei claimed that she was wasted when she came up with the idea to do it, Lin told that he didn’t think Tsuei would upload the photos online, they were both charged with public humiliation of a public office, public indecency charges.

The district attorney of the case believed, that Tsuei stood to the side of the substation, that if a woman stands, right in front of the substation, then, the charges of public indecency was given, it would not be a good thing, for a society that’s, seeking out equality for all.  The D.A. then used the example of an actress posing nude for publicity stunt, “both cases showed skins, but not the private parts”, we don’t think, that the volume of nude photos of the actress as lewd, then, the photos that Tsuei uploaded online shouldn’t be interpreted as the same either.  And because there is NO victim in this case, the case is dropped.

The district attorney who has a different opinion stated, that the indictment papers are too generalized, that a lot of the locations where the female stars posed nude at were private locations, not on the streets, or right in front of the police stations, and they’re still charged with public indecency; currently, the society does NOT agree with such behaviors, dropping the indictment may be encouraging to those who wanted to get their photos taken nude, it would cause disgust in the society.

The police department staid, the district attorney’s office have their reasons to drop the indictment charges, but the police will still catch these cases and send them in, if there are nude models showing up in front of the police stations in the futures, the individuals will still get arrested.

Yeah, this, is how wayward the values are these days, there are, the double standards of what constitutes as lewd behaviors, if you flash your “stuff” in front of the general public, in an artsy way, it’s art, but if you flash someone then it’s, against the law.  This is double-standards, and it gives way for those flashers to find the excuses, to flash themselves, and, we don’t want to see anybody naked here, do we now?  Yeah uh, no we do NOT!

So, put your clothes back on already!!!


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The Consulting Charges of $200,000 N.T. Month to Crack Down on the Sex Massage Parlors, Who Receives it?

Sex is still, a lucrative, “business”, not just here, but, everywhere ELSE, in the world too!  And it’s, too hard to fine these operations, because these facilities can find a million plus one way, to evade the checks, to weasel their ways out, from getting, shut down, besides, the police can also be, covering for them too, so, there’s no way, we can, clean this SHIT up completely here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “Pleasing Looks Village”, a massage parlor in Zhongshan District of Taipei, being suspected of becoming a brothel since 2018, the investigators had a warrant this September and gone in, there were the managers who’d claimed that the owner had bribed the government officials to evade the checks, the four operators of this massage parlor were taken into custody.  The D.A. and police started a second wave of check yesterday, called in eight other workers, to clarify if they’d actually, bribed the government workers, and sent them late at night to the Taipei District Attorney’s Office.

Based off of understanding, the “Pleasing Looks Village” is a famed half-services sex shop, only takes in the customers that they’re familiar with, and the johns can look at the photos of the women, then select first.

a crackdown!

photo from online

The Northern Units of the Department of Investigation workstation split up in sixteen teams, to conduct a second sweep, called in eight total current and former workers into questioning; on the lists of these two busts, they’d not found officers and other government officials who’d been, bribed.  But, at the first bust, the D.A. took the major stockholder, Liang, and Liang who are brothers, and, Wu, a total of three, the woman, nicknamed “Sister Huei”, the backhand operator of the Pleasing Looks Village is the ex-wife of Wu, a few days later she too, was taken into, police custody.

Based off of understanding, Liang was an active member of the gangs “Bamboo United”, and had been active in the Zhongshan District of Taipei, the D.A. and investigators confiscated the eight notebooks, fourteen bank deposit books, and found that started in 2019, the sex massage parlor had, used the memo of “consulting fees” and “cleaning fees” to wire out $200,000N.T. to certain individuals, which match up to the statements of the operators that they’d been paying off the police forces to cover them up.

Liang and the others denied having involvement in human trafficking and the sex trade, claimed that the major shareholders of the shop kept on changing, that they’d, started it, that the massage parlor’s work is in massage to relax, and exfoliation; the consulting charge of $200,000N.T. on the rosters, were from the fraudulent claims they made toward other shops, that they’d, used the amounts on personal matters, that they’d, never bribed any law enforcement officials.

paying the police off, so they won’t get “ambushed”…

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And, do you believe that???  Of course N-O-T!  As money is still, a huge temptation here, because, there’s that demand for sex, and therefore, sex would be, supplied, and, this time, the law enforcement officials might be involved, in covering up, not reporting these “shops” as places where human trafficking, the sex trades are, happening.

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A Young Model Found a Man to Keep Her, Was Raped, and Recorded for Sex

Look how @#$%ING C-H-E-A-P, these WHORES are selling themselves for these days!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young model from Kaohsiung needed some spending cash, she’d looked online for that “sugar daddy” to keep her, met the forty-year-old Chen, met up at the motel, Chen drugged her, than raped her, too sexually-illicit photos of her, shot the sex tapes, later, as the man took her to check out of the motel she was still in a daze, her best friend, through the GPS on her cell came, and rescued her, and reported to the police.  The police searched Chen’s residence, found twenty-two FM2 pills, the district attorneys charged Chen with rape and other charges, the judge set his bail at $80,000N.T.s.

The investigators found, that Chen was looking on the “Keeps” website for women who are into earning some extra cash, met the victim, they’d agreed on the amount of $15,000N.T. each time for se, on the night of the eleventh of last month, they’d met at a motel.  The victim mistakenly thought that by going to meet the man, she’d earned a wad of cash, as she’d entered into the hotel room, she drank the red wine Chen handed to her, then, passed out, and Chen successfully, raped her.

Before the victim set out to meet Chen, she’d disclosed to her bestie, Lee that she was going to meet up with a “sugar daddy”, Lee consoled with her to not go, but she didn’t take her word, and, to help her friend not worry, she’d agreed to turn on her GPS tracker, so her friend can know where she was at all times.  On the evening, Lee couldn’t get in touch with her friend, worried something might happen to her friend, and, used the GPS tracker on the model’s phone, and found her at the motel, with her boyfriend accompanying.

Lee and her boyfriend were there, when they caught Chen, ready to check out of the room with the victim, unconscious, they’d rushed up to ask him, Chen handed over his phone, the couple sorted through the photo album, and found, that the victim not only got drugged and raped, but also, the sex tapes were recorded, with the sexual illicit photos too.

Chen saw he got caught, and wanted to use $4,000N.T. to pay Lee off, Lee refused, after she took the victim away, they’d gone to tell the cops, and pressed charges.

On the fourth, the police raided Chen’s residence, confiscated twenty-two FM2 pills, and several unknown pills too, he’d admitted to drugging and raping the victim, told the police, that it was because the woman looked nothing like the photo she’d sent to him, that he’d drugged her for cheating him.  The D.A. asked the courts to take him into custody, the judge believed that Chen wasn’t at flight risk, and the D.A. took his cell phone into evidence already, set his bail at $80,000N.T.s.

And this case still just showed, how DUMB them WHORES are getting these days, because you are in desperate need to make some cash, you’d, SOLD, and, because you are into a fuck without the consequences, a one-night-stand, you thought you could, drug her and rape her, because you wanted to revenge on her, because you thought she looked prettier than she actually was, and both of you are to blame for this, there’s still, NO victims here, still only, the abuser/enabler.

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