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The Predatory School Instructor Forced His Students to Pose in Sexually-Illicit Manners for Him, Got His Contract for Hire Terminated & Taken into the Police

As this LOSER, should be, and note, there’s still, NO victims, only enablers in this case here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A male substitute, Chen from a Kinmen Middle School forced the female students to put on intimates, and posed in sexually-illicit manners for him, afterwards, a student felt, “uncomfortable”, and told the homeroom instructor about it last month, that was how this blew wide, open, currently, the number of the substitute’s victims are close to thirty, Chen got his contract for hire terminated, and sent to the evaluation committees, the investigators confiscated Chen’s personal computer, found massive number of sexually illicit photos, and they’re investigating him based off of the laws of child and adolescent sextortion.

The parents questioned that the school didn’t notify the authorities as soon as the school found out, causing a ton of parents to be in the dark about this, that the school had tried “silencing the victims”, and spoke on Chen’s behalf, that he was only, “too caring”, that he was only doing the promotional photographs for the dance club.  The school clarified, that their first principle was to protect the students, that they are not covering for the substitute, only worried, that the truth is covered up.

The head of the county, Chen directed the Department of Education to do what it needed, to investigate until the facts are all, known, to not allow the school to cover up for a predatory instructor, that everything will be by the law, that justice will be given to the victim students and their, families, the Department of Education demanded that the school finish the investigations in two months’ time, to sort through this with the minds of protecting the students being the most important, principle of all.

The parents told, that Chen invited the female students of the dance club to the video room to get their photos taken, and provided them with the tank tops, the spaghetti straps, and short shorts, fishnet stockings, and other items that get them to expose their bodies, Chen would tell them, that if they put on the short shorts, and not wear any panties, or to pose with nothing on, because he is normally quite fierce in class, if the students refused, he would scream at them to get them to comply, and gave stuffed animals, treated the victims to drinks, or meals afterwards, and given them “a hundred dollars” as hush fees after the photo shoots.

The parents told, that Chen used the “methods” to get the adolescents to go along on the shoots, mostly, he’d selected the young, the new members of the street dance club members as his, targets, or getting the victims from the classes he was teaching in, first, he would take them out to hang out on the weekends, and take the ordinary day-to-day interaction photos, as he’d gained their trusts, then, he would demand that they come to his home, or his studio to pose, and, the clothes the victims wore would get reduced too, “we can’t imagine how helpless the children must feel, in the ‘predator’s nest’!”

Many parents, upon knowing what happened to their own children, called the police on the 21st of last month, the police searched Chen’s office and home, confiscated the computers, iPad, and laptop, cell phones, as well as the drives and tech equipment, compared the photos on the laptop, the computers, and confirmed with the social workers, suspected that there were, nearly, thirty victims, Chen had deleted a lot of the pictures, the forensics team is still currently, working to retrieve what he’d, deleted currently.

And so, this is just how young, and naïve these, teens are, and, they’re not victims, they’re, enablers, to this predatory school instructor’s, abuse of them, they’re just, way too, naïve, way too, inexperienced, and way too, STUPID too, but that’s still NO excuse, for this, predatory instructor, to take advantage of these, young, naïve, and innocent (not to mention stupid!) teens.

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The Adult Male Enticed a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl to Send Him Her Nude Photos, Gotten Her Out to Have Sex with Him, Sentenced to Six Years

How’s that close to enough, I mean, there’s a very high chance, that this SOLICITOR/SEX OFFENDER is more than likely to, do it again!  On Crimes and Punishment, and no, still does NOT “fit”…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The adult male, Hsu started dating the thirteen-year-old minor, within ten days, he’d, enticed her with a new cell phone as “bait”, asked her to use the cell phone he’d given her to take nude shots of herself and send them to him, and he’d passed out the nude photos of the teen online, and two weeks later, he’d taken her away on a trip, and had sex with her twice; the Taoyuan District Court charged Hsu on sextortion prevention of children and adolescents, obstructions of sexual freedoms and other charges, sentenced him to six months of prison term, this can still be appealed.

The police investigators found, that last year on May 10th, Hsu met the then thirteen-year-old female victim, the two started dating; between the fifteenth and the twentieth of the same month, Hsu messaged the adolescent using FB, used buying her brand new cell phone as bait, demanded that she sent nudes and private parts of her body to him, he’d gained the photo of the adolescent’s showing her breasts, and also, sent the photo to others he knew too.

Later, Hsu asked the adolescent out at four in the afternoon on May 24th of the same year, they’d had sexual intercourse in a hotel in Yilan; at two to four in the afternoon of the following day, they’d gone to the shopping malls, and had sex in the handicap stalls in the restroom areas consensually.  After the father of the teen learned this, he’d notified the police and pressed charges.

As Hsu came into the station, he’d admitted to the sex with the young adolescent girl, the district attorneys prosecuted him in court.  At the trial, Hsu’s attorney claimed that Hsu’s relationship with the teen was of that of a dating couple, they’d given each other the gifts, texted the photos to one another, then, had sex, stated, that the seducing of the teen’s sending her nude photos to him and obstruction of sexual freedom should be only one charge; and seeing how the dates of them having sex were close together around the same time, the charges of the obstructions of sexual freedom should be combined with sex with a minor.

sold, so, easily! Photo from online

The Taoyuan District Court found, that there’s the differences of interpretation of children and adolescent sextortion prevention laws and the criminal codes for protection of the rights of children and adolescents, that they’re, separate, and there’s the time frame of close to twenty-four hours of the two times they had sexual intercourses, and the locations were different, which showed, that Hsu had the intentions of having sex with her twice, the courts tossed out the defense’s claims.

And so, you are, too fucking (so???) retarded thinking that you can, “hook” a teenager, without her parents knowing, well, guess what, Mr. Peeping Tom, SEXAUL predator?  You got caught, and six years is still not enough for your crimes against that teenager who has, absolutely NO clue of how she’d, lost her, virginity!

Yeah, that, is how easily virginities still, get, lost these days here…

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It Wasn’t Those Ladies Who’d Used the Wrong Methods

How you need to consider the kinds of clientele you want to attract for your own business, and, set up a plan to attract those target clients, the RIGHT way, instead of using this!  Translated…

Because of the pandemic, it’d been three whole years since I last set foot into the Taipei World Trade Center, prior to 2019, I’d gone every year to the international book expo.  In the earlier years, before the second Taipei World Trade Center was torn down, I’d worked in sales in the building; several years later, other than working the stands there, I’d started involving myself in various forums, discussed the matter of copyrights; in recent years, I’d become the sponsor of various activities, seminars, meet and greet…….as well as selling my own books on the stands too.

The changes in my work in the book expo, it had to do with my rotating to another position, on the other hand, it has to do with the readers’ habits, as well as the demands of the, markets.  The international book expo was for the sake of sales of the copyrights of books, and yet, to get sellers worked to get the sales up, while those with the ideals, worked to emphasize the importance of reading, this is clear, in this, cultural expo.  With the clear goals set, there would be the desired gains, but going in blind, using the wrong means to meet the end goals, and it will cause everything to get, wasted.

this was the Book Expo back in 2019…photo from online

One year, in front of my former work’s stand, was the then major English cram school, the company had three young girls, with the three-inch thin silver boots, dressed in the white shirt black mini skirt, with heavy makeup on, and the voices that sounded very airy, and handed out the questionnaires to all who pass by, and, if people tried to dodge them, the girls not only blocked the paths with their arms, they’d even, hooked their arms around those who wanted to, get, away.  Close by to the stand, there were, the fanatics of anime, the readers of fictional literature, as well as parents and children too, the cram school was already, an “odd duck” there, and, they’d used this means to attract the customers, it’d made many who were their disgusted.

This show would come on at the most populated time during the weekends, at noon, when the crowds were rushing in, we were too busy, we’d not had any attention to pay to the girls.  It wasn’t until as the day slowed back down into the early evening hours, as the crowd dissipated, the girls still stood at their posts, and, continued that act, and they’d even, started, trying to get the attentions of not the customers, but us, the other booths and stands.

The editor, S, shook her head, “they are, good, even IF I looked like that, I wouldn’t, dare SHAKE like they do, to get the customers.”

“What’s so great about it, they’d used, the wrong means”, I’d told.

“Yeah?  Everybody likes to see the hotties shake it, and, isn’t it a good sales technique to have them pass out the questionnaires?”

“No, didn’t you notice, how the customers here, are all, too cold to them?  Why don’t you go and ask her.”  I’d looked toward one of the girls, “she’d run around all day, how many questionnaires did she get done?”

The girl caught us looking, smiled at us, walked toward us, chit chatted, and surely, there’s, almost no efficiency to the questionnaires she’d tried to hand out, but, we’d not filled out the questionnaires for her either, only said a, “you’d worked hard all day long”.  They’re paid by the hour, they wouldn’t earn less, if there were, less questionnaires, that got, done.

“You were just talking badly about them, and, you’d, had an interesting conversation with them just now, hadn’t you?”, S rolled her eyes at me.

“No I wasn’t.”

and you have something like this…

photo taken from a gaming expo, from online

“Yes you were, and you’d told, how they’d used, the wrong ways to attract people too.”

“No, it wasn’t them who’d used the wrong means, I’m talking about the cram school.”

The entry level employees, only followed the orders, and many had their own tragic stories, and, if they are talked badly about because of how they attracted customers, then, it’s the higher-up’s orders.

Later, this English cram school, stopped operating, due to bad management, that was, ten whole years, ago.

And so, this just showed, how, sometimes, we wanted to achieve some goals, and we’d, used what we believe to be the right means, and it wasn’t, which was what the operator of this English cram school had done, and, the ladies that were strutting, they were, selling their bodies, NOT the business, and besides, it is at a professional sort of a place, and, it’s the school that’s, set up the wrong means, not the individual workers’ faults, because they were only, following orders on what they are to do.

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Objectifying the Members of the Opposite Sex

This is really awful, with the stimuli we come across, every single day, hinting at sex!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In 2022, there was a striptease performed for the elderly in the Taoyuan Veteran’s Home to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, that’s caused the debates of what’s proper and what’s not.  And yet, there were the professional psychiatrists that claimed, “there’s nothing wrong with stripteases in the nursing homes”.  To get the demented elderly to react isn’t anything easy, while there’s a ton of visual stimuli from the stripteases, that will be quite effective on the senses.  The stripteases, and other sexual performances can’t exist as a part of the Taiwanese society and culture, other than the limitations placed on these by the law, morally, it’s gained its, bad reputation as well.

The developments of the communication apps, especially the cell phone games, to get the guys to play, to download, these programs would often “objectify women”.  And, in the virtual world of Meta, this is more prevalent even.  In the era where the sexes are created equal, “objectifying” had the negative overtones, and, it would be hinting at those who promoted this lacked in cultural standards; and, more severely, it would be called sexism and sexually-illicit.  But, how is “objectifying women” defined?  We are now, confronted with the hard to restrict, “the behaviors of the body as a form of expression in art”, because it’s too difficult, to separate between “art” and “pornography”, and there’s NO standards to go by.  For most, the understanding is this, if the work makes the viewer think about sex, then, it would be considered porn.  But, wouldn’t the paintings of nudes have the same effects to them?  It is truly, not easy, to identify, to define this, area of, gray.

Actually, the works of art can be pornographic too, that’s, a part of, life, no need to deny it.  Shakespeare, in writing the scene of the secret rendezvous of Romeo and Juliet, set a, role of the jester, Mercutio in the gardens, waiting, imagining what was happening between Romeo and Juliet.  Shakespeare told us, that humans have many different means of thoughts, there’s the different interpretations of what constitutes as sexually illicit, and what’s not.  The very first time that Juliet had sex with her Romeo, she was only thirteen.  The U.S. later set up the Romeo and Juliet Laws.  This law decriminalized the act of consensual sex of underage minors who wanted to have sex with each other, or that it’d reduced the act to a misdemeanor, that way, it would not end tragically like Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Shakespeare is a playwright, his scripts are used for performances onstage, to sell the tickets.  And so, his work would not only need to be fitting for all age groups, but, also, for those who aren’t, old enough to view, in order, to sell a ton of, tickets.  If you loved Shakespeare’s plays, that does NOT mean you’re cultured or with good tastes.  For Shakespeare wrote for the ordinary man, those who loved his work may be in love with how “vernacular”, how “ordinary” his plays were.  The key is in how Shakespeare is good with words, his play on them.  The audience with the purity of mind, loved his witticism; those who aren’t cultured, who are, less educated, loved the subliminal suggestions of sexual nature, and what they’re seeing, is, the play that, objectified, women.  His comedy, “Much Ado about Nothing”, with the dual meanings of the word, “nothing”, referring to sex, and objectifying women too.

If the creator of Meta can have the abilities of Shakespeare, can use the dual meanings of sexual references of words into the virtual realities, then, the objectifying of women will be elevated, to a, brand new level.  While, can the moral regulations, the laws in Taiwan, will it catch up to the current trends, and deal with the taboos of sex more, practically?

And so, this is how sex is everywhere, even when we’re unaware that we’d encountered it in our daily lives, because we’re all, drawn to it, everybody wants to peep, because that’s, just human nature, we want to peep into what’s tabooed, what we shouldn’t be looking at, and the more we are banned from these things, the more we are, drawn into them, because that, is just how human nature worked!

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The Perpetrator of the DeepFake Cases, the YouTuber, Yu Mandated to Pay Jie Huang a Million Dollars N.T.

How it’s, so easy, for our headshots we use for our profiles to get stolen, and, mixed and matched, to a body of, a porn star, and the government still does SQUAT, because the punishment isn’t, harsh enough for these, perps here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and her assistant, Chuang used the DeepFake technologies to switch the faces out, to produce pornographic videos, and selling them online, switched the faces of famous T.V. personnel, movie stars, and politicians onto the bodies of porn stars, and selling the footages online, of these, the city councilwoman, Jie Huang and a flight attendant’s DeepFake footages are still currently streaming on the internet, they’d sued for a million dollars N.T. for damages to their reputations with the courts, the Hsinbei District Court found the charges to be valid for the YouTuber and her assistant, and that they will pay.

Chu and her assistant claimed, that all their audiences knew that the footages they’d posted aren’t real, that they’d not damaged the victims’ reputations, that it wasn’t their intentions to damage the reputations of their victims, but the judge believed, that the sexually-illicit footages of these individuals’ faces with the bodies of porn stars, went viral online, that this constitutes as a damage in the women’s rights to their bodies.  The judge found, based off of current laws in Taiwan, Chu and her accomplice, Chuang are responsible for the most severe crimes of invasion of privacy, toward the means of how the victims’ faces are swapped out, and the nude photos spreading on the internet, the laws can’t prevent these, and other than filing for the civil claims, the victims can do, nothing else.

how easily our own faces can’t get “stolen” without our consents using this technology! Found online

The judge worried, that in these situations, the women from Taiwan will be ill-at-ease using the internet, “they will no longer be comfortable, posting their photos that helped document their daily lives”, which in turn, caused the limitations of freedom of speech online, so it can’t only be punished with just a slap on the wrists for these two perps, the courts sentenced Chu and her assistant, Chuang to pay both the flight attendant, and Jie Huang both a million dollars N.T. each.

Chu and Chuang had abused the technology DeepFake, targeted a total of 119, to make the sexually illicit photos or footages, and shared these on the internet, it’d caused continued damages for the victims, eighty-three of the one hundred nineteen victims pressed charges, the judge believed, that the two made the profits illegally, that it’d severely damaged the reputations, the psychological wellbeing of their victims, that their actions were, malicious, considering how they’d admitted to wrongdoing, and had attempted to settle with the victims, and carried a willing to accept the consequences attitude, on the 119 counts of invasions of privacy, breaching the personal data protection laws, sentenced Chu to fie months, Chuang to three, Chu will be serving five years six months in prison, Chuang, three years eight months, and these sentences can be paid for to skip the time served, the district attorney is filing for an appeal right now.

And so this is still just, SHIT, you can pay your way out of such a serious crime, and considering how these things are already, VIRAL online, how the FUCK can you undo the damages that you’d caused to someone else’s rep, huh?  And this is after the cyberbullying laws, the laws against internet crimes got passed too, and this god damn country still prided itself on being advanced in that?  Give me a break, the punishment here, does NOT even come close to, fitting to the crimes committed, especially when it’s the victims’ reputations that’s gotten, dragged, through the mud and the muck!

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Seventy-Percent of the Victims Who Went to Cambodia are Under Thirty-Years of Age, the Dropout Students are Also Among These Too

How the population makeup are of those who are, fresh out of college, with NO future outlook for better jobs here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Of the population of people here who were conned to Cambodia to work in the scams, some willingly went, some were tricked, and there were those with the dual-identities of human-trafficker/victims, the enabler of the scam artist rings, and, there were a lot of these that are made up of adolescents from families that couldn’t function.

“Do NOT be too hard on the victims”, there were the officers who’d stated, that seventy-percent of victims were under age of twenty-nine, there were a lot of them who had no priors in criminal offenses, and it was their very first time out of the country, that they were clueless, and, they’d left their bank accounts to the scam artist groups, and had the priors of “selling the accounts”, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t fall prey.

Most of those who’d been enticed to Cambodia were from lower education backgrounds, with a lacking in the family functionality.  The sixteen-year-old dropout, from a single-mother family, his home is registered as low income, he went to Cambodia this April, and because he is still a minor, he’d needed a guardian to get a passport, he’d lied to his mother that he was headed to Penghu to work, and his mother believed him, and signed for his passport application.

The human trafficking rings split up the duties delicately, “the internet group”, to recruit the workers of the mechanical units, the engineers for hire, the customer services, maids, outside sales, to adult porn.  The “Receiving” units are responsible for assisting in applying for the passports, chauffeuring to and from the airports, some would fly out with the victims, and when they were caught, they’d told that they were only instructed to accompany the clients, and not known the purpose of travel.

Based off of understanding, the U.S., China and other Southeastern countries started pressuring Cambodia, and the ransoms the scam artist rings dropped from $600,000 to $100,000, to the point of letting the victims go without any ransoms received, the official police figured out, that the scam artists are trying to get the laws off their back, that’s why they’re, releasing the victims, but they needed to catch the operation units to get rid of the whole systems of scamming completely.

The police observed that China hadn’t begun the rescues completely yet, because the local police are in the pockets of the human traffickers, and there’s a “tip” paid to the Cambodian police for the searches, at $500 U.S per scam artist, but the funding of the Public Safety offices of China isn’t as much as it used to be; and there was also the saying of how China wasn’t hit hard enough by the Cambodian sex scams too.

And so, this is how it goes, because these younger generations are fooled by the false promises of big bucks, easy work, they’d gone to Cambodia, and got sold by the human traffickers into the scams or the sex trades, and some even got their organs harvested out and sold on the black markets too, and, it’s still all because???  Oh yeah, these younger generations are way too dumb and naïve, and the environment being hard is only a secondary cause for why they get tricked.

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Fifteen-Percent in the Leaks of Intimate Photos are From Someone You’d Been Intimate With

Knowing this as a FACT, we still can’t, help but share those, photos of intimacy we share with one another, why is that?  Oh yeah, because we’re in, L-O-V-E!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao’s nude photos by her ex-boyfriend, Lin leaked out, and he’d used that to extort, to threaten her, the T.V. personnel, Hsieh’s X-rated albums leaked, based off of statistics, only thirty-nine percent of the victims with their sexual photos leaking out are willing to call the police, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations protective unit announced the initiation of “Taiwan protective sexual photo defense system”, working along with the Department of Health & Welfare, the social workers will assist the victims to get their sexual photos off the internet.

Chang of the protective agency of the Department of Health & Welfare stated, that the “Private Me Project” was on a trial basis last year, there were up to fifteen victims with their sexual photos leaked out online who sought help from the department, there’d been 109 calls, the photos were posted to as many as 821 sites, with as many as twenty-seven accounts online, the photos were leaked out of.  The analysis found that from January to July this year, the victim population make up were seventy-four percent females, twenty-two percent males, mostly were between ages of nineteen to twenty-five, and, there were elderly victims in the seventies as well.

Sixty-eight percent of the leakage came from unknown, uncertain individuals, fifteen-percent from current or ex lovers, two percent from friends of the victims, or from the self-loaded onto the websites.  Chang stated, the unknowns were mostly from the secret filming after a one-night-stands, there are three major reasons for the under reported numbers of these victims, worry that they may be shunned by the society, that there are no means to seek out help, worried that the sexually-illicit photos can’t get taken off the web.

Chang analyzed, that there are more and more victims of “nude chats”, the online games or the friendship apps are used to gain the trusts of the victims, as the victims started using the webcam to chat, the perps would prod first, and, as the victims are willing to strip in the chat, they would be taped, and, the footages will be used to threaten the victims.

Chang said, do NOT believe that the nude photo of someone you see is real on the other end, as the filters of the cell phone photo programs can be used to edit the photos nowadays, do NOT send photos of yourselves nude to anybody else, including your significant, intimate partners.

There’d been the prevalence of case of leaks in nude photos of late, the Department of Sanitation Welfares pushed forth the “online sexual violence protection program” for the victims, setting up the “Private ME Plan” team, offering the victims to file the complaints, to get the sexual photos off the internet and get deleted, along with the afterwards legal consulting means too.

The “Private Me” work alongside seven locally operated foundations, the social media, Meta, with Meta supplying the “Stop NCII” system, switching the sexually illicit photos to accessible by digital fingerprint, as the searches on similar content had been found on the platform, they would, immediately, pull it off the shelves, the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations hoped that more online platforms can come onboard, to prevent the spread of the private photos, the sexually illicit footages from leaking all over the internet.

And so, this is the government’s attempts to help stop the nude photos from leaking all over the internet, and, would it work, maybe, but only to a certain extent, because you’re NOT cutting off the sources of the supplies, as this is still the matter of supply and demand, because there’s a demand for these sexual SHIT, there’s always going to be the suppliers, and, who would know, that when we’re lovey-dovey with each other, sharing those kisses, strokes, fucks or whatever, that one day, we may not be together anymore, and, one of us (or both), would use those photos of sexual matters we shared from before, to get back at each other, for the sake of, revenge?  We can’t be sure of that.

So, the BEST way of preventing this sort of SHIT, is, do NOT share your nude photos with anyone, not even your lovers, and, what goes on in the bedrooms, should always stay in the bedrooms, like how I’d told my boys???  Yeah, uh-huh.

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The Two Officers Had Investments into the Sex Massage Parlors, Worked in the Department to Stop the Sex Trades, Both Sentenced

As they both, should, because you’re a cop, and because the operators offered you guys the money to not tell on them, and you took it, with the morale of the police department, sinking lower still, on taking bribes and the consequences of it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The officers Jing and Liu were originally in charge of cracking down the sex trade, but they’d, put investments into the sex massage parlors, and made the illegal profits of $200,000N.T. each, Liu, for the sake of competing with the adversary massage parlors, had even made an anonymous call to the police; the Changwha District Court charged both on bribe and encroachment, sentenced one to two years, the other, three years six months prison terms.

The verdict pointed out, that Jing (age 55) originally worked for the first squad in the Hemei Police Substation, in charge of cracking down on the illegal sex trade operators, Liu (age 51), originally worked as a sergeant of the Daxia Substation of Hemei Police, helped with the crackdown of the illegal human the trafficking, because they both had people on the inside of the business as their tails, they’d cracked many of the sex human trafficking rings, and they were both valued workers by their superiors.

The two officers, because they knew the female sex masseur, Gu and her boyfriend, Hong, Gu wanted to set up her own shop, with Jing and Liu wanting the shares of the earning, and Gu believed, that with the police officers watching out for her business, that it will help her set up shop, in June of 2018, she’d set the two up for stock options for the newly started Jun-Yuen Massage Parlor, Gu and Hong put up a total of $450,000N.T. for their business, with Jing and Liu putting up $125,000N.T. to be included.

The four ran the massage parlors, and had the ladies pay the fees of $600 N.T.s or $400 N.T.s for the bonuses of the earning, but later, the business went bad, Gu and Hong made their exit from the ownership of the massage parlor, set up another shop, with Jing and Liu still as shareholders, and Liu found others to take over the operations of the massage parlors continually, so it can keep on operating; until June of 2019, the police found out about the two sex massage parlors, and found that the two officers had received $200,000N.T. each from the total earning operations.

The judge found, that the officers, Jing and Liu didn’t care of how they’re about to retire, they’d become shareholders of the sex massage parlors, that this was bad morale for the police department, that it’d destroyed the trust the people have toward the police department, the officer, Jing’s good work was erased overnight, and the behaviors of the two officers puts the reputations of the police department to shame, that there’s the need for the severe punishments to be handed down to them.

The courts charged Jing with encroachment sentenced him to two years, and stripped him of his post at the police department for two years; Liu was sentenced to three years six months, stripped of his police status for three years; Gu and Hong both received nine months, they can pay the treasury without serving the time, both will be on probation for four years, and they are to pay the treasury more than a quarter of a million dollars N.T. each.

And so, you have these officers, who are into, making the extra cash for their side business, and, because it’s easy, for them to, they’d used their statuses as police, to get the sex massage parlor operators to bribe them, to look the other way, to tip them off, and that’s just wrong.

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The Three Traps in Society, Many Cases of Work-Scams Came Out of Cambodia

The reason why it’s just, next to impossible, to send someone to rescue those who are being sold into human trafficking in Cambodia right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The reports on the news media that came continually, of how younger generations of Taiwanese “got invited” to Cambodia to work at high-paying jobs, with their room and board all covered.  As they entered into the country, they were all incarcerated by the scam artist groups, beaten, raped, forced to sell, exchanged hands, they were all tortured in various means; even, there were those whose organs were harvested illegally and sold off.  Not only in Cambodia, but in northern Burma, Thailand, as well as the Philippines, there were similar cases, attracting the unsuspecting younger generations from Taiwan and from China to “work”.

There were only a handful of luckier youths, through the assortment of means who were, successfully, “rescued” out; even less of them, had been, lucky enough, to successfully run away, then, used an assortment of means (including the help from local Taiwanese merchants, or the rescue groups) to successfully return back to Taiwan.  Toward these prevalent cases of human trafficking job scams in Cambodia, our police departments seemed to only be using the more traditional means to handle it, including the officers trying to stop or persuade the potential “victims”; reason being how the government (not just the police forces’) not yet connecting all their resources together.  What’s fazing was, the internet, social media, as well as the printed media had the stories reported, why are there so many younger generations of Taiwanese still getting tricked?  There may be three possible reasons”

First, the younger generations in Taiwan lacked judgment: maybe because most of these younger adults lacked the worldly experiences, plus, the job outlook here isn’t that well.  They were all enticed by the lies of the high wages, and intentionally or unintentionally ignored the hidden potentials of dangers of going overseas to Cambodia.  As for why the younger generations in Taiwan lacked the sense, may have to do with the following reasons.

Secondly, the younger generations in Taiwan had drifted too far from education: the market for work isn’t friendly enough, surely, that’s a key reason of why the younger generations from Taiwan lacked the senses they needed.  But, the primary cause is due to the education the younger generations had at school being not in synchrony with the skills they needed to find better work.  There are a lot of high paying jobs, for instance, the plumbing/electrician, and the construction sites, that the younger generations didn’t want to get their hands dirty in.  Secondly, the technical universities were seen as second to the formal universities, keeping the younger generations away from these schools.  More importantly however, is how the education is separated from the job outlooks, which directly and indirectly caused the younger generations to not adapt to finding work, causing the next problem.

Third, the younger generations in Taiwan is not connected to the society: the originally in existence connection these younger generations have with the society, became, disconnected due to the complexities in politics, economics, and culture, which made it harder for the youths in Taiwan to find the work.  For example, the younger generations of Taiwanese getting scammed to go to Cambodia being so serious now, it’s no longer a matter of security”.  But, as the younger generations are tricked to go to Cambodia becoming a huge problem for the society, the government still treated this as a domestic matter of safety and security in the country.

These problems can’t all be tackled in the time being by the government or the society, but the government (not just the police), should come up with the short-term, and long-term policies to respond.  For instance, the police already started up their work, with the airport police, and the criminal investigations agency, halting those members of the younger generations from heading off into another country to work; the police department of Tainan had also, started up the reporting programs, the education, and started the searches for potential victims on a grander scale as well.  But what we don’t see, is the heads of governments gathering up to discuss, the connecting of the reporting, along with how the national government can work hand-in-hand with foreign countries, to connect the resources they need, to conduct the rescues effectively.

Simply because Taiwan doesn’t have any diplomatic ties with Cambodia, we’d, come into the hardships of conducting the rescues, and the communists’ patrolling our skies also, made the rescues harder directly and indirectly. 

And so, this is how our government still doesn’t do ENOUGH, to help those who were sold off as “piggies” in Cambodia, yeah sure, we’re all worried, but, our hands are tied, what, with the communist military planes patrolling our air every two, three days, the ships crossing over the borders of our waters, the government’s completely, too busy, dealing, so how can this government possibly, spare any of its attention to those younger generation members who are sold off in Cambodia, besides, we ain’t got diplomatic ties with the country, which makes rescuing these younger generations even harder still.

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Overlooking the Businesses in the Brothels, Three Current & Retired Officers Taken into Custody

Law enforcement officials, covering up for the illegitimate businesses of sex trafficking, for what???  Extra money!  See how money is still, what drove these, bad behaviors here???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Neipu Subprecinct’s Beishih Substation’s sergeant, Cheng and the retired manager, Lin, the officer, Li, were found in suspicions for covering up for the privately owned and operated brothels; the offices of police business learned of this, two days ago, the searches of the substation was conducted, and, the three police officials were taken into custody, and, they were all charged on taking bribes, encroachment, and remained in custody.  The local police station stated, that they will pursue all who are involved.

a place, like this??? Photo from online

The privately operated brothels are in the neighborhood close by to the local stations, and the police checks had been zoomed in on the areas surrounding, but the district attorneys office were tipped off, that the retired police officials had been covering for these brothels, looking the other way in the operations.  The retired officer, Lin as he was head of the investigations two years ago before he retired, the office of internal affairs received the tips, that he’d been, covering up, and after they’d investigated into the matter, there was lack of evidence, so he wasn’t, charged with anything.

The D.A.’s office found, that the sixty-year-old Lin, the fifty-four-year-old Li, worked together in the station, and they were responsible for reporting the sex trade, last year, due to drunk driving, Lin was given a major reprimand, and demoted, he’d filed for retirement this June, while Li had already been retired two years ago; the current sergeant, the fifty-year-old Cheng, about five years ago, worked in the Longchuan Substation around that region where the brothels are located, and two years ago, he was transferred to the New Beishih District to work.

The district attorneys interrogated all three retired and officers who are still working currently, and searched their homes, confiscated the records and searched the homes of the privately owned brothel operators, Cheng and Wang.

After the D.A.’s Office interrogated the retired police, they’d asked the courts to have them in custody, which the courts signed off on; Cheng was suspected of bribing, attempted to make the profits off of the sex trades, also taken into custody by the court’s mandates; Wang was out on bail of $100,000N.T.s.  The local county police set up an evaluation committee, and transferred Cheng to a backup squad.

In the best times, the Changching Street brothels had a total of thirty, forty shops, and now, there were, only, around a little more than ten left, mostly were the private single operating workshops, and there were the “grandpa shops” too, the working ladies are between ages thirty and sixty, the business is dying.

And yet, it’s still, operating, because???  There’s still this demand for SEX, and therefore, there will always be those who supplied to these, demands, and, the only way to rid the world of these places where sex is being sold, is by eliminating the demands, but that would be, impossible, because all of you, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) still got those, urges, needs, whatever, and until these “demands” are completely eliminated (say, by, getting all you, mother @#$%ERS, NEUTERED!), there will always be these bad places, where women are being sold, for SEX!

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