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Families or, Outsider

Caught in her mother’s, mind games, and she hadn’t, figured, a way out yet, and so, she continues to, enable her mother in her, bad behaviors!  Translated…

My parents were divorced when I was young, three, five………or maybe even, younger?  I really don’t, remember, but I can’t, recall what “home” looked like.

I’d followed my father and stepmother to live for a while, in my, not happy enough but without the worries childhood years, and, in high school, I’d, gone to live with my mother, at the family home that she got, remarried to, and started, my not bright-colored, filled with dreams, teen.  I think, it took me a lot, to make myself grow up fine, tried my hardest, to learn what exactly, this world is to, teach me, to learn about the relationships, the love, that aren’t, constants in my life, to get to know, what families, and family members, look, like.

Until I had left home, become independent on my own, started renting away, I’d started, trying to, understand the meaning of, family.

My mother is remarried, she’s taking care of her other family, I had three more siblings, and we’d spent the New Year’s holidays together, gone out, and gathered for meals.  And, as my mother worked too hard, felt too bad, after she’d felt taken, and gotten drunk, she’d called me up, to pour her heart out to me, cried about how the home she now had, did not show her, enough, respect, the complaints came one by one: how bad the foods tasted in that home of hers, how she and her new families are having disagreements on the delegations of the chores around the house, the frictions she’d had with those family members of hers.  Every time as I’d done hearing her, I was the one, getting too upset, because that is what I’d lacked, growing up!  Then, I’d walked out of my place, like I was, getting someone back, went to my mother’s, home, with the words, sharpened like the swords, my eyes, sharp like the arrows, like I was, getting even.

But, who am I, getting even for?

Then, my mother would, switch her tone, and soothe me, told me that it was, all right, then, my anger made me into, an outsider of that, family, I’d turned into, that, outsider.

And, turned out, the hardest of the choices, wasn’t who I want to live with when my parents got divorced; nor is it, whether or not I’d answered the phones, to hear whoever was on the other end pouring her/his heart out to me.  This difficult choice that God had sent my way, which side do I belong, in the realms of, family relations, so I can, feel, like, I’m not, the, odd one, out?

And so, this is how bad these parents are, they made their kids choose sides, and, this mother had, manipulated her own young, to feel sorry for her, by emotionally blackmailing the child, perhaps, to make her feel more important, like in the cases of Munchausen by proxy, to get the attention on her, and this child feel, too tired of all of this now, and still hadn’t a clue of how to stop her mother from doing this, and this child unknowingly, became, the enabler of her/his own mother’s, emotional blackmail.

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So close, yet, so far, far away, you and I, on an attraction that is there, but, stayed, unspoken, unexpressed…translated…

You and I, the distance between us, from where you are on the driver’s side, me, on the, passenger’s side.  Not that far away, but, there’s still, that border between us, that we can’t, and we shouldn’t, cross.

or maybe, because it’s that patch of loneliness that belonged solely to you, or maybe, because I’d been, mobile, but always, walking alone, then suddenly, we were able to, start off that conversation easily.  Even though it was only a few serendipitous meetings, the exchanges of a few short bus stops, but, we’d, left traces of ourselves in one another’s, lies.  But, that was, all I know, if I don’t alight the bus you drive, then, we will, never, bump into, one another, again.  I’d loved this sort, of an, accidental encounters with you.

the seasons changed, so do our attires, the only thing that stayed, were the masks we put on our, faces.  That way, I’m, camouflaged enough, to keep myself unknown to you, even if, I alight the bus you were driving again.

But unfortunately, my cover got blown, you’d made me at one sight, without any extra facial expressions, but I saw your excitement for seeing me, shining through your eyes.  Then you’d told me, recounted, how started from the day of the month, of last year, to this very day, how long you’d not, seen me.

This sort of a concentration, of focus, it was, out of my expectations.  I felt a bit, touched by your gesture, but at the same time, that scent of light sorrows that came too.  I’d loved, that ambiguous flirtatious means, knowing, that someone is, silently, expecting my appearances; but I’d also felt a bit sad too, that this was, a sort of a mirage of beautiful feeling that existed, only because, of the, mysteriousness.

Without the nitty-gritty of daily living getting between us, no age difference, no differences in our habits of life, we were like those pen pals who’d written one another for years on end, sharing our multitude of feelings with one another in words, and, as we’d put our pens down, we’d, returned back to our, separate corners, to, work hard for, our own, lives.

Well, we shall, keep on, maintaining that distance then.  No means of contact, there wouldn’t be any differences, interferences, or the possibilities of, cruelty.  But know, that as you stopped at the lights, you would wonder, if you’ll get to see me, crossing the streets, like how when I’m lonely and feeling down, seeing that gentle gaze out of your eyes, it’s, a comfort that I’d, longed for.

This was the settling distance that’s quite comforting between us, until we meet again, by chance.

And so, there’s, that I like you, but I’m not saying it here, because you two had interacted enough number of times, the two of you connected, but, it doesn’t go beyond the professional sense, and sometimes, it’s best it’s kept at that, because, you do NOT want to burst those bubbles of attraction and feeling of liking that the two of you have for one another.

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Loving You, a Child Who’s, Not, Mine…

I thought it was, impossible, loving you, a child who’s, not, mine, but I do, love you, oh so, very much…

When he brought you home, you were wrapped up inside, that warm blanket, and I’d, become your mother right then and there, and, it’d not mattered to me, where you came from, you were, mine for certain.

And, I watched you grow up, get into, your, equal share of troubles, and, when it came time for me, to pick up after your messes, yeah, I’d, complained, but, I remembered, that loving you, a child who’s, not, mine, was the choice I’d decided on, and, all the annoyances, went, away.

Loving you, a child who’s, not, mine, never thought I was, capable, of such, selfless kind of love, placing you before me, never thought I could, love someone so very much, since my own died.

But I love you, child, who’s, not mine, oh so dearly, so very, much, and I always will!

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Let’s Switch Bikes

The son’s thoughtfulness for his mother, on their rides out to the riverside by bicycle, translated…

Under the lamppost after the sunset, the river brought over that gentle breeze, you’d first, lifted up your own bicycle upstairs, then, hopped your way downstairs, and swiftly, carried up my bike.  “Mom, let me help you with that.”  Your voice started changing already.  You got taller, I now have to, lift my head, to see your face.  Passing this staircase, that’s freedom waiting for you there, in the month of June, you were kept indoors, staring at the computer screens, taking your school courses, you’re, feeling, very, stuffed up.

As we rode our bikes out, it’d always been dad first, then your younger brother, you, with me as the last.  Looking at your back as you rode, I’d recalled the day you finally learned to ride, at the age of four, I’d, let go, then, you’d, ridden forward.  That very first time we took you to the riverside to ride, at the age of seven, your younger brother was in preschool then, and, you had me all to yourself then, so very excited, you’d been, expecting the day since the day before.  On that day, I’d, rented a dirt bicycle to allow you to ride free, we’d gone ten kilometers without stopping, just, speeding away, and we’d, made a pact, to remember what we see on the way, and, make a poem together at the end of the path.  During that time, we’d gone on “dates” like those, sometimes, it’s for my marathon runs, with you, riding alongside, as my companion, and, as we got tired, we’d, stopped, taken out the book, the foods for our, picnics together.  These past few years, we’d, stopped riding out together as much, you no longer have the half days, and, the medication I take for treating my cancer, it’d left me, weakened in my joints, and I couldn’t, go the longer way.  At age twelve, you’d, gone alone on your own, with a backpack, followed the group of cyclists out to circle around the island, up and down those slopes, rain or shine, becoming independent, and strong.

illustration from

The whole family moved forward, seeing me lagging behind, you’d, stopped to wait, I told you to go ahead, that I will ride at my own pace.  You wouldn’t, worried that I may not know where you guys would go.  Then, you’d, pulled over, lowered your seat, “mom, let’s switch bicycles, my bicycle rides better.”  Then, you got on my lady’s bike, allowed me to go ahead of you, and, stayed on the back.  In this time of the entire world seemingly have halted, it’d felt, that times slowly, marches on, and, at this moment, the time had, switched our places, you at the tender age of, thirteen.

I held tight to your bicycle handle, it’d felt still heated, and more strength came from my, legs, the wheels had, become, lighter.  Seeing how I now rode with more ease, “like I told you, my bicycle rides better!”, you rode next to me, with your mask on, eyes, squinted, smiled and told me, “let’s ride through the riverside quickly, the wind feels, so good, like we are, riding through a, romantic, forest here”, and that smile was, exactly like how you’d looked, a few years ago, when I’d taken you out for a ride by the riverside.

And so, these, are the moments the two of you shared, as mother and son, and your son is kind and gentle, he’d noted your needs, and, showed his concerns for you, and it’d made you feel warmed up.

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A More Advanced Version of a Daughter Thief

This is how to, pave the way, to make sure, that your own children will be, more than, willing to stay close to you, instead of, getting as far away from you as they possibly can, when they’re older, by putting in the time to spend with them, by treating them well, translated…

I’d been a daughter thief for a couple of decades now, and I believe my ability to “steal” is, excellent, that I’d gained every time I “stole”.  Thought I’d, learned from the best, and become, the best, but, my throne is slowly, stolen from me, from my daughter who’s, in her, twenties now.

On the weekend we went shopping together, the two of us went trying on the outfits in the fitting rooms.  My daughter’s sharpened eyes, always found the fitting clothes in the young ladies’ sections for her old lady.  At the checkout, I was so happy I’d, found the bathing suits for the fountains of my youth, and naturally, I’d, paid for my daughter’s tab too.

Every now and then, she’d recommended to me the restaurants for afternoon tea, she knew, that her mom longed for romance the most.  And, in the setting of the light being just right, setting of the romantic mood, enjoying the sweetness of the treats, I’d been, more than willing to, pull my credit card out, and pay for the tabs.  I’d missed how when my daughter was still younger, and how we’d gone traveling as a whole family.  But, for the younger generations that’s just started working, they don’t make enough money, and don’t have that many days of, vacation time either.  And now, as we invited her to travel, all she needed to do, was to set the time aside for the vacation, and, we’d, covered her for the hotels, the restaurants, and the transportation too, and, it’d not ached our hearts, spending, the extra wads of, cash for her.

Actually, I’m really glad, of this, advanced version of a daughter-thief in my home.  Because of her coming out shopping with me, I was able to dress in a younger fashion, and it’d, made me more willing, and open to try a variety of styles of attires.  Our closets are, opened to one another, and, we are, about thirty years apart, and yet, we’d, traded clothes from time to time.  And because of her finding more things out for me, I got the opportunities to, treat myself better.  To find a good and valid excuse, to stay away from my own kitchen, to go into the restaurants I normally wouldn’t, venture into, and gotten the opportunities, to try the different varieties of foods.

Into my empty nest now, and I’d, cherished these outings with my families more.  Money is easily made, and, the limited resources we’d exchanged, for that unlimited blessing of our daughter’s, companionship, more than worth it!  If one day, maybe, my daughter’s “more advanced” version of being a thief might gain a couple more extra “thieves”.  But actually I’d wanted, make the extra sets of keys for my future grandchildren, for them, to come and “steal” things from my house, anytime they wish to.

And so, this is the point, money isn’t that important, the time shared is, and yet, most of you adults, spends all your working years, working, working, working away, saving up just enough (and maybe not even) for your own children so they will have more than enough materials, like you never had when you were growing up, without realizing, that spending the time with your children when they’re still, young is the most important thing, and, in this family, the parents must’ve already done their job as the parents correctly, which is why the daughter is now, more than willing to, spend more time, accompanying the parents out, and these parents are now, blessed, to have their daughter as their, “partner in crime”.

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A Type-A & a Slowpoke

One will, drive the other, CRAZY that’s for sure, and yet, they are, members of a family!  Isn’t that something???  On how the opposites complimented one another, how they work things out, and stay in love for the long haul, translated…

Awhile ago, pops because of buying a car, got the vouchers to stay at a hotel, he’d planned a three-day trip to Kaohsiung with mom, my older sister who is experienced with these things, helped them plan the trip, made a form for them, so our parents can, see everything.

The night before departure, mom started nagging on, “there’s something wrong with the GPS on your dad’s car, I’d told him to go figure it out, he’d refused, I’d told him to have the systems checked out by the garage, he wouldn’t, that day, your older brother-in-law taught him to use the GPS navigator on his cell phone, and I don’t know if he got it down!”, pops half-jokingly replied, “What’s the hurry, huh?  It’s not like I’m going to, drive you off somewhere, and sell you off, even if I sold you off, you wouldn’t be, worth, that much!”, although, dad was able to use his sense of humor, to dissolve my mother’s displease, but, to prevent them getting into argument on the trip again, my husband and I worked out a plan, I’d used a pop-quiz to test my dad’s knowledge of the GPS system, while my husband went to check my dad’s car, fixing up all the problems that he could find with the GPS install in my father’s car, then, set up all the sights to see into the GPS, so they can select at their will.  After this was finished, my parents thanked us, and my mother seemed, relieved.

The two of them are, completely opposites, my dad preferred to go at it slowly, he is fitted for those, French restaurants that served the meal course by course; while my mother focuses on speed, she is fitted for the regular food shops where you go in and eat, and get out, and so, I’d felt, that they were a slow-poke, and a type-A personality, meshed together; but after close to forty years of marriage, they were still, very much in love, and, we the children came to understand, that these minor disagreements that they have, are ways they show each other I love you!

And so, this showed, how the opposites attracted, the mother was quick, the father, slow, and, they complement one another, perfectly, and, surely, there would be the disagreements from day to day, but, these members of the family knew, that they loved each other, and so, they will, work out their differences, in getting along with one another.

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Just Want You to Be Happy

The plans that, fell out of hand, with the rare condition diagnosis of their, young infant, daughter, the causes of the condition, still, not yet, known, translated…

From When Our Daughter Was Born to When She Got Sick, the Trials My Wife and I Weathered, Simply Can’t Get Put into Words, the Original Growth Plans We’d Set Up, All of a Sudden, Fell Out………

At First, it was, Hard for Me to, Accept

When Xiang-Xiang was only six months old, my wife and I noted how she seemed to, be developing, at a slower rate than infants her age, and we’d, hurried up and took her to the pediatrician.  After a thorough check, the pediatrician told us she was, normal, we’d both felt, relieved, but, at the age of one, Xiang-Xiang still couldn’t, flip herself over, and it’d, caused my wife and I panic.

To know what had happened, we’d had the pediatricians to conduct a thorough assessment on her, and in the end, we’d received the diagnosis of “Dope-Reactive Dystonia, DRD); meaning, that the pediatrician can only deduct that something wasn’t quite right with Xiang-Xiang’s neuron signaling system, and couldn’t tell us exactly, what was, wrong with her

From the joys of my daughter’s birth, to being told she’d had a rare condition, the changes in my wife and my heart can’t be put into, words, the original plans of her growth, all of a sudden, fell, out of whack.  At first, it was, quite difficult for us to accept this, but, being Xiang-Xiang’s parents, if we can’t even, cope with it, who will, give her the help she needed, on this, long road, of her life?  Only facing this head on, working hard, to find the cause of her condition, working with the pediatricians to treat her, that’s the only way, we’ll find the right treatments for her, so she could, have a, better life.

illustration from


But even so, as I looked at how the conditions of my daughter was very, unstable, I’d felt, helpless, upset, and, because she isn’t health, there are, many accidents, situations that’s, surfaced as she grew up, going to the hospitals became, something too regular, and we’d often, gone for “vacations” at the hospitals too.  On top of that, due to how “unique” our daughter’s condition, the doctors couldn’t set up a clear and precise treatment plan for her, and it’s up to us, her parents, to make the detailed, observations, to finding the assortments of information, data online, to help us communicate with the pediatricians; and because of this, we’d taken a lot of time daily, energies too, to stay close to Xiang-Xiang, and documented the changes in her, closely.

Making Her Happy, that’s, the Most Important Matter in Our Lives

Because Xiang-Xiang loved going out, to observe everything around her, we’d often, taken her out for strolls.  I would put her in my lap, talk to her, play with her, sometimes, we would watch my wife, busying about, wait until my wife’s done busying, and hugged her.  Although Xiang-Xiang couldn’t speak a word, but, from her eyes, we can see, that she was, happy.

Xiang-Xiang is a laughing girl, whenever her tiny needs were met, she’d, started, giggling loud.  Her needs may be a sound we made, or a movement, even, that tiny response we’d, given to her, and that giggle from inside of her, can last for a long, long time.  We’d also found, that Xiang-Xiang, loved holding conversations, because she couldn’t speak a word, she’d, used the various noises, movements, facial expressions, to express her self, and she’d demanded that we “hear” her from start to finish, and so, we played that game of, “Charades” a lot at home, we all worked together, to guess what Xiang-Xiang wants to, tell to us.

Actually, the needs and desires of a child like Xiang-Xiang is quite, simple, being with those whom she enjoyed being around, it’s, the best thing in their lives, while we’d both, done all we possibly can, to fulfill, the tiniest wishes that our, young daughter  has.

To this point, we still have no clue, what’s, caused our daughter to not speak, to not flip on her tummy, to walk, and to, feed herself, but no matter, Xiang-Xiang is our, baby.  As parents, our only hope for her, is that she’s, safe and healthy, and happy throughout her life, while we shall, keep on, holding her, tiny hands, to lead her, to grow up slowly, on this, hard road of life she’d found herself to be one, to become, the strongest backup for her, in her life.

And this, is the love, the devotion, of parents with a special needs child, and the cause of the conditions of this young child is unknown, and the parents had, started to, accept that, they may, never find out what exactly, had caused their daughter’s, condition, but, they’d learned, to give her the love, the support she needed, on this road to life, and that, is the most, important sort of support, of love, that any parents can, give to, their, own young.

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In the Crease of a Book, a Poem

It’s NEVER good, being, THIS, passive in a relationship here, because you leave your selves, at, someone else’s mercies…translated…

The Thinned Back-Ridge of the Book was Stopped, Your Sight

Came in from the Pages……with that Moisture

——————Passing through the Preface, the Table of Contents

Disregarded My Copyright

As Well as the Recommendations of the Experts

Like an Inchworm

With Light Fingertips, Flipping Through

Measured Those Fresh Green Words

Broken Holes in the Pages with Your Repeated Criticisms

Shocked, I saw the Rotted Away, Autograph that Resembled a Masterpiece

and the TINY folded upward corner is all you get!!!

all you’re allowed, is this, tiny little, corner, opposed to, the rest of, this volume of, book here…photo from online

You’d Covered Up the Pages Lightly, Used Your Breaths, to Turn the Pages

With the Majesty of Sniffing the Richness of Life

Knowing that the Warmth of Your Palm was Once on the Pages

Surely, the Eyes that Stayed Turning, and Longing

Couldn’t Contain Your Self in Front of Some Words of Love

The Butterfly Wings Trembled at the Folded Crease of a Book

The Roses Don’t Need to Bloom Fully, There were the Holes Then

Yet the Skies Disallowed You to Cocoon Yourself in

How Do You Explain to that Sharpened Beak———

The Page Numbers that’d Fallen Down, How You’d, Cherished

Those Lies that Tangled You, Up

Nobody Know How Far the Skies Extends

How Far Down, is Your, Bottomline?

We Looked Toward Each Other—in the, Farthest, Distance

About to Miss Out, Like How the Axle Tilted

Avoiding that Returned Light, a Enormous Question

Was about to Get, Solved, Resolved, by You…………

So, this, is on waiting for someone, to love, to notice you, you’re now, the objective, because you’d, allowed the other individual to take control of the initiatives to reach out to you, and that’s not good, because, you will be at the person’s mercy, hanging on her/his every last word, and when s/he loses interests, you’ll be, left alone, with, nothing, not even, your self!

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The Air, My Friend

On the need to hear that certain someone call out your names, and this is, codependence, it’s not good!  The column by Jimmi Liao, translated…

The wind blew by, the ears, floating along

The wind stopped, the ears hung down low.

The ears floated at the lobes, where’s the wind?

the artwork of Jimmi Liao, courtesy of


Who cares where the wind comes from,

All I care about are the breaths of love

You’d called out to me, my ears floated up

You fell silent, my ears, drooped too

And so, this speaks, of that longing, for someone, or it can be interpreted becoming codependent on the love you feel for that certain someone, which isn’t good, I mean, think about it, if your ups and down is solely reliant off of someone else’s calling out to you, wouldn’t that be, too sad???

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Learning Music After Retirement, & Having Fun Doing it

The importance of how learning is an ongoing process, the need for a hobby to be established after retirement age, translated…

As children grow up, my mother in her sixties decided to pick up on her dreams when she was younger: taking up the music lessons.  She’d not just signed up for the electric piano classes at the community center, she’d, disregarded my father’s objections, signed HIM up for the sax lessons.  Seeing how the two bought their instruments, and as time for the classes came, they’d, rushed out, packed the big and small packs to take along, and naturally, as children, we are, most, supportive of them.

Then ever since as I’d come back home on the weekends or holidays, I’d, heard music, “floating in the air”—for the players of recorder in the music classes, I’m sure, that we can all agree, that the sound that came out as beginners played, isn’t musical.  As the cat heard the music started, sounding off, it’d, scattered away, quick, with that look of, “What did I do to deserve this” on its face.  But, my father has a serious nature, and on occasions, he’d complained about how my mother “made” him go to class, but he’d still, picked up the sax every day and, started from the basics of blowing air between the reeds, making the sounds, and, playing the simple notes, and each practice session runs for over two hours at a time.  To not bug the neighbors, my father would hide inside the bathrooms, shut the doors and the windows as he’d practiced inside the loo.

And my mother, who’d, started all of this, wouldn’t be beaten by my father, she’d taken the piano for several months, and, at her instructors recommendations, she’d started playing the flute.  The sax and the flutes are both woodwind instruments, but, the sax sounded fuller, while the flute sounded, like floating in the air, the two instruments go on and off inside the house, and it’d, made the listeners, uneasy, but the cat didn’t mind, as my mother sat herself down to play, it’d hopped onto my mother’s knees, and, lay down, sometimes, the cat would, stare, deep into my mother’s eyes, like he was enjoying this sound that’s, at the same frequency of his, meowing.

illustration from


As my mother got into playing, she’d, poured her heart and soul into it, and she’d, complained to us on how she’d, hit a fork in her practice sessions.  Until one day, she’d shared with me excitedly, that her high school instructor started playing the flute when she was seventy, and, she’d continued playing, and she’s having a decade recital soon, that she will, follow her teacher’s, lead too, she’d found herself a private lesson instructor, from the pop music, she’d, advanced to the classical.  The teacher was demanding of the aperture, and I’d seen my mother focusing on sticking her tongue out, with her mouth open.

And, after awhile, the cacophony became, less and less, I can already, sit quite, settled in, in the living room, as my mother played the flute, sometimes, I’d, closed my eyes, and imagined the poetic verses as I listened to her play.  While my father favorite tune, “Amazing Grace” started with amazing, and now, there’s, the grace “factor” that’s, included in too.  Being an avid learner, he’d not only satisfied in reading the simplified sheet music, he’d even started, picking up my old sheet music, and learned to read the notes off the staff.

As our family gathered for the New Year’s this year the two of them put on a show, and, gotten a full applause from all around the room.  I can’t help but feel in awe, no matter how old you are when you started pursuing your dreams, it’s never too late.  Your lives are, fulfilled, you can find friends who shared the same interests, and it helps activate your mind, to slow down the process of aging, and it gives you that sense of achievement too.  My mother also testified, that picking up the piano was a breakthrough for her, that was the very first time she’d ever, chosen to take the lessons seriously, and knew, that she could, do it!  As we were growing up, being forced to sit at the piano to play was torture for us, but, as my parents got older, started picking up on the instruments, they’d not only, entertained themselves, but us too!

And so, this, is the right attitude that we should all carry, when we pick up on something, like these two older adults, and, maybe it’s because of their mindsets being, more matured, nobody’s pushing them to learn the musical instruments, they’d picked it up on their own, that was why they’re, able to, play it with so much joy.

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