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Many of the Public Preschools Found to be Substandard, the Department of Education Under Fire for Not Keeping a Tighter Leash on Things

As these public preschools are publicly funded, there wouldn’t be enough funding, which made the quality drop!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since 2019 to current day, there’d been around 1,700 preschools across the country that’s been fined, and most are, private preschools.  The legislator, Wang stated, that the public preschool systems had started being in operations four years ago, and more and more of the budgets were placed in getting the systems set up and running, but, the privatized employees of the private schools, forty-percent are turning public, she’d suspected that the Department of Education wasn’t a good enough gatekeeper of qualities; the educational groups criticized, that the public preschools-to-be’s financials, the evaluations of the operations are hard to control, demanded that the Department of Education shift the focuses back to the evaluation means that centered around the quality of early childhood education in the publicly-funded systems.

In 2018, the Department of Education posed the policies of the public preschool mandates, with the government, signing a contract with the private preschools and offering the subsidiaries, the parents pay no more than $3,500N.T. per month, hoping, to elevate the quality of childcare and nurseries.

But Wang told, that a lot of the to-be public preschool employers set up the English, the talent classes, to get more money from the parents, and this was ranked number one as the cause of fines in the breaching of the laws of public childcare programs, and when the parents refused, most of the preschool programs just, place the child who didn’t participate in the programs, to another location, which doesn’t ensure the quality of daycare program provided to them.

Wang said, the public preschool programs had already filed the subsidiary support of $10.7 billion N.T.s with the government, reaching the limits of the budgets of $16 billion N.T.s that’s been written in for the public preschool programs that the government had set up, this showed, how the public preschools to-be aren’t transitioning, or that they’re actually in need of assistance, that it’d, deferred from the set up of the government’s principles.

how do we decide, as, parents??? From online

Yang that chairperson of the All-Early Childhood Education Commissions Committee pointed out, that currently the ratio of affordable daycare and the normal daycare is 6:4, that it’d matched to the parents’ expectations, that the Department of Education should STOP matching the demands, to return to the policies of centering the programs of the public childcare.

The Department of Education responded, that if the public-childcare programs-to-be’s operators had broken the laws, the local governments can take away the signed contracts.  While the public preschools to be is a vital transitional point of making public childcare affordable, that there’s the need to take in the young children who are in need of most assistance, and the enrollment postings needed to get evaluated closely, that it will have the local governments to discuss, the means of making enrollment better and more fitting to the families’, needs.

Yeah so, this is, the substandards of the public school systems, and, the parents only see how CHEAP it costs, because public schools are way cheaper than private ones, and, who has the time, the energy, to provide quality care to our young children, when we are all, stressed out at work, so we looked to the government to help us out, only that the government is lacking in this, it’d posed this, ideal of providing public daycare programs, with only, limited slots, and, as parents we don’t want to pay a ton of cash (‘cuz we’re already, running SHORT on it!), to place our own young into the preschool programs, the nursery programs, because we all have to, work our asses off, to provide for our young.

The children ARE, receiving, SUBQUALITY care in these public daycare programs, and the private preschools, nurseries are, way too, expensive, so it’s still, the young babies who are getting SCREWED over!

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The Scholastic Pointed Out: English and the Mother Tongue Can’t Coexist that Easily Together

The professionals had, “spoken”, and yet, the DDP still, intended to, go ahead, with its, bullshitting policies, because “we” need to, “connect” with the rest of the English speaking world, well, why don’t we all, master CHINESE first, then, we just might be able to, master a second language???  Oh yeah, that won’t work, because the DDP is too rushed, to connect with the outside world in speaking ENGLISH, and, guess who gets, FUCKED (don’t pardon me!) up here?  You guessed it, it’s, all of them, little ones, who are still, currently eating DIRT right now, because they’re going to be, taking the CONSEQUENCES of the governments, SHITTY ideals here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The professor of Foreign Language in N.T.U. awhile ago, started up a petition, stating how the dual-language policies are against the country’s language development’s multiple values of the country of Taiwan, that the dual-language instruction policies should be placed on hold temporarily, to start up the “multilingual Taiwan, English-Friendly” system instead, the academia believed, that the English instruction means, can’t coexist side-by-side with the mother tongue, to grow together with the mother tongue.

The assistant professor, Chou of English Department of National Taiwan Normal University stated, that English is listed as an official language by Singapore, and, although the other tongues are listed as protected under the law, and instructed in the schools, but, there are, less and less of the population who are using, the mother tongue to speak, and, if Taiwan believes, that the mother tongue can still be passed down from one generation to the next, the government is, way too naïve in thinking so.  The lecturing professor of foreign languages department of Donghai University, He also stated, that in 2018, the government assed the Language Development Act, and posed the dual-language policy by 2030, although the name is “dual-language”, but, the government is focusing on the English, to have the country use both Chinese and English together fluently, it’s, quite, unimaginable.

And, the “Dual Language Development Center” in charge of pushing forth the dual-language systems sparked up the protests; the drafts of the “keeping Taiwanese, and other mother tongues intact” got passed into law, at the same time by the Executive Department.  The Language Research Department professor, Jiang of N.T.U. suspected, that the setting up the “Dual Language Development Center” is merely an executive order of the government, with the goal that conflicts with the developing of the country’s language.

And so, this is, one more, attempt that the DDP uses, to DE-Chinese the country here, by setting up these rules of how the children here will learn strictly under English instructions (Well, where are you going to find the professional English speakers, without the weird accent to teach the young???), with the understaffed instructors, who don’t speak English without an accent, how the FUCK do you expect the younger generations will learn to speak English, without that weird, accent here?  And, what if, these young children, can’t learn English to start, and they didn’t get enough exposure of Chinese (‘cuz that was, the “official language” of this country, or so I believe!!!), then what?  Oh yeah, then, the children will all become, MUTES, and then, we will all have to learn to sign with each other, and, sign language then becomes, the “official language” of this country, under DDP’s messed up, dual-language, policies!

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A Lot of the Special Eds Instructor in the Elementary Schools of Hsinbei City are Surrogate Instructor, Up to Thirty-Six Percent

And this would be, problematic because???  Oh yeah, these instructors are only, temps, and, they don’t get paid equally as the formal instructors, and they’re, teaching, classes with special needs students, how do you think that’s going to, work out, huh???  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The City Councilmembers Wondered How the Parents Can Feel at Ease?  Called Out to Increase the Quality of Education The Department of Education: Let Us Get the Personnel Stabilized, Then We Will, Increase the Number of Formal Teaching Staff Members

There’s the recorded total of 11,880 special needs student, thirty-percent more than the record from four years ago, but the special needs surrogate instructors are at the rate of thirty-six percent, a total of 333 surrogate instructors on staff, the city councilman questioned, how does this make the parents feel secure?  The Department of Education stated, that the number was mostly made up of substitutes,  because on average, there are more than dozen of retired instructors who’d transferred away out of district or had filed for retirement, that the Department of Education is looking to find the stability of the staffing, then, increase the number of formal instructors next.

The discussions of special needs students had sparked up debate in the council meeting, the councilpersons suggested that the Department of Education allow the formally certified instructors who are currently surrogate instructors to become formally certified, so the special needs students get equal opportunity in education, the mayor, Hou responded, that the special needs instructors are too vital to the system, before school age is the most important period, that he will make sure that the Department of Education make up for the special needs instructors in numbers year by year.

The statistics of the Department of Education showed that from the 8,925 students with special needs in 2017, in four years, the number increased to 11,880 students, every five school years, there’s the increase by 500 special needs students per year.  The number of the  formal special needs instructors in the elementary years is 586, 333 surrogate instructors, and of the 333, eight didn’t get certified to teach the special needs, seventy-seven of the special needs instructors didn’t qualify as school instructors.

The councilwoman, Lee stated in 2018, the Examination Department noted how the Hsinbei City’s special needs formal educators is the lowest of the six major cities across the country, that the city has the highest rate of hiring the surrogate instructors, last year, the rate dropped to 29.6-percent, but the rate of special needs surrogate instructors is still as high as 36.2-percent, the preschool special needs surrogate instructors is at 24.7-percent, and there are only two special needs instructors who had passed certification to teach special needs students.

Lee believed that the number of special needs students are increasing by the years, and the students take a long time to establish that trust with the instructors.  Currently, there are 321 special needs surrogate instructors who are formally qualified to instructor, if they all become formally qualified instructors, then, the special needs students would have higher quality education provided to them, and, from 2017 to date there’s only a fourteen-percent increase of budget in this area, and the city department need to put this as a priority.

The Department of Education stated, that in the last four years, they’d added in 108 classes, with a total of 232 special needs instructors on staff, to have the increasing number of special needs students to get the required care they are in need of, first, they are zooming in to stabilize the personnel resources, then, increasing the formal instructors would come next, based off of the statistics from the end of 2022 the formal instructors had been raised up to 70.4-percent.

The Department of Education stated, to increase the number of the rates of formal instructors, in the future, there will be expanded certification of special needs instructors, and setting up of the specific classes of the special needs students, to swiftly increase the ratio of formal instructors.

And so, because there’s this dire need, for the special needs instructors and yet, there’s, not enough of those who’d been, certified, formally, there’s, this shortage of instructors, and, the city is doing all that it can, to make it work, and, these surrogate instructors should just get their formal teaching certificates if they qualify, to make up for the shortage of staff of instructions.

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Don’t Let Discrimination Spread Across the School Campuses

The name-calling, and, I’m sure, it’d, started out, very innocently, by these, middle school, students, but, this showed of the intolerance the people have for different cultures, how ignorant, the schools can be, in allowing these sorts of discriminatory remarks to get posted!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Awhile ago, a carnival stand at the First High School in Taichung had the name of “Sodium Cyclopentadienide” homophonous with “you DEAD Native”, it’d caused the online community to get heated up.  In actuality, this wasn’t an isolated incident; last year, at a middle school in Taichung, there’d been an incident of someone calling a native, “You DEAD Native”, that’s caused a fight to break up, that ended in the victim of the bullied leaping off the building to commit suicide.  The school and the department of the school responsible in overseeing these issues in discrimination, if they don’t take these things seriously enough, and start changing the systems, once the modeling effect sets in, there would be more and more cases of bullying in schools.

There are two facets worth noting in this current “incident”: the meaning of these events, what the schools and departments of the schools responsible should do about it.  On the meaning of the events, the racism in school went from the individual, to the collective.  The propaganda with the discrimination isn’t from just one individual, but through the discussion of the class, which they’d, come up with; not only did the theme carry that overtone of discrimination, the items served on the stand, are also, insulting to the, natives.  A group of sixteen, seventeen year-old boys, spent a whole lot of time in class, discussing about how they’re to, verbally assault a certain group, this collective discrimination is alerting to the realms of, education for sure.

at a school carnival like this, where discrimination against the natives was, happening! Photo from online

Although the school demanded the students take down the posters as soon as it was sighted, and gave the class opportune education, to prevent the discrimination from spreading, but the severity which the school viewed the events, needed more attention on.  What sort of a schooling environment, can cause the students to make fun of another race, subculture so heartlessly, to STEP on the dignity of the group, to view it as, something, funny.  I strongly recommend, that the school go back, and reexamine the lacking of education in cultural awareness, race, equality, to make up for the damages of the events, and to have the measures, to PREVENT these sorts of things from recurring again.

Besides, the school should not forget, that there are, many, native students attending the school, as a parent of native origins, we feel it, that our young is, learning in an, unfriendly environment.  I suggest, that the school should pay more attention to the minds, the psychological wellbeing of the natives students who are attending the school, to not put this group of students under more pressures, or cause them to become the detonator of conflicts on the campuses.

And, although the education forum had started pushing forth the education of native cultures in the policies, through the curriculum, teaching the students to understand the native cultures more, but, comparing to the gender equality education, with its separate set of curriculum, there is, the room for more improvement on this.

And so, this, is how something that’s, so “innocent” (no it’s not!), can get blown, out of, control, and, these students did NOT get their discriminatory beliefs, from thin air, they must be, absorbing these values, from watching the adults in their lives, interact with their, environments, because, children still watch and, learn, and, the school, as well as the classroom are both at FAULT, for NOT “reviewing” things, more, carefully!


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The Foundations of Early Childhood Education will Influence the Children the Rest of Their Lives

The importance of EARLY childhood EDUCATION, even more so than higher-education, the beliefs of a neurology professor, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the meal gathering of the school, a colleague of mine told the tale of how she got her hair pulled by the child sitting behind her, and the parents only focused on their cell phone, and not put a stop to the child’s bad behaviors, she decided, to spend more money to get more peace and quite from here on out, in the business class trains; another coworker of mine told, that it wasn’t worth it, because the business class isn’t that much, better either.

A few days ago, there was the story of how the three generations of grandparents, parents and grandchildren going to a museum in China, they were tired from looking around, so they found a bench to sit on the second floor of the exhibition hall; the nine-year-old girl was hopping up and down on the bench, because she’d leapt too high, she’d gotten over the railing behind her, fell twenty-meters down toward the lobby, the mother reached out to grab the child, lost her foothold, fell down, and died too.  And as I’d told this story, everybody was, shocked, started claiming, that why aren’t these adults putting an end to the misbehaviors?  Members of this lunch gathering stated, can we actually, tell the kids no these days, and they would, follow the rules?  And we’d, discussed the matter of that Japanese teen who’d, picked up the sushi from the rotating belt, licked it, then, put it back, or how the middle school student in Kaohsiung poured a whole bottle of pepper into the soup at a cafeteria……….everybody fell silent, and started shaking their heads.

The education of the child starts, when s/he is born, not when s/he enters into elementary school, especially the matter of emotional management, and habitual responses.  Reason why the government gives the parents two-year-nursery break, it’s because from the moment of conception, to two years of age, these one thousand days, it’s the golden period of brain development of the young child, it’s also, the best time that parents will exert an influence on the child’s behaviors; and this is the time when children are, modeling after their own, parents the most, the adults didn’t need to teach the young, what the child sees, s/he will, follow in action.  So, the children are the mirrors of the parents, and, the modeling neuron started working, since the infant is, born.

The emotional control center works exactly the same: the experimenters dripped the drops of sugary water onto the infant’s tongue, causing the left side of the prefrontal cortex to get activated, this is the area in charge of the positive emotions; dripping the lemon waters, the right frontal cortex gets activated, this is the processing part of negative emotions in the brains, just like how the adult brains, worked.  Although the infant brain is not yet matured, but, the continual usage of the prefrontal cortex, can speed up its maturation processes; as the parents used encouragements for the children to manage their own emotions, this would stimulate the cells in the brain that are used to suppress the negative emotions, causing these cells to become even more sensitive, making the child even more, easily, angered.  Like how if the T.V. is turned on for a long time, you would NOT need to wait for the machine to warm up, there would be the images right away.

By the same, those children with the less activated emotional neural network systems, when they get older, they will NOT be able to control their emotions, because these neural networks did NOT receive the proper care, the needed nutrients when they’re, maturing, and got taken over by some other, functions.

Because as we were younger, we learn by modeling, when you hit your child, it’s you, teaching your own young, that it’s okay for her/him to hit someone else, so, do NOT hit your child; for children under age three, when s/he misbehaved, just perform the right behaviors you want her/him to do.  After three, the parents can start reasoning with the young, letting them know, the consequences of what would happen if s/he does something; every child wanted to please her/his parents, so, the children will, do everything they can, to please you, and, as a behavior is performed repeatedly, it’d become, natural.  So, the parents should ask why more often, and say “no” less.  If a child does NOT learn to manage her/his own emotions well enough when they were growing up, then, the parents will have hell as the child become, an adolescent.

Actually, the turbulent teens can be, avoided, so long as the means of parent-child communication flows fluidly, and how the fluidity works, is solely reliant on how you educate your young in their, early childhood years.  The amount of work you put in in socializing, educating your own children, is only going to add on, and it beats a whole lot when you had to go to the police station, to bail her/him out of trouble, or when you have to visit her/him in prison in the futures.

The key to education are emotions, and attitude, which is the key of what the younger generations are, doing.  The researches showed, that the early childhood experiences will be deep into the DNA, affecting the child for the rest of her/his life; and, making sure that the children are well-educated in the early childhood years, is way more important than higher education, and yet, there’s, little funding put into this, compared to the money the government allotted to higher ed.

As the birthrates are declining at an all-time high, why doesn’t the government put more funding in improving the standards in early childhood education?  Only when the parents aren’t worried about their own offspring, will they, dare, to have them!

And so, this still stated what we should (b/c “we” should!), already know, that the importance of early childhood education.  But, the government doesn’t seem to give a shit about this sector, because all of its attention is taxed by higher ed reform, allotting the funding of education to the higher ed, with absolutely, NO clue that the early childhood years, are the defining time of an individual’s, life.  How we turn out in our futures, is solely reliant on how we were, raised.  But the government is BLIND to this F-A-C-T for some unknown reasons!

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Turning Down Her Daughter’s Requests of Her to Put the Money in for Her Business Venture

How this mother handled this matter, quite wisely, to say no, but, not to break up the relationship with her own, daughter, and this takes, wisdom of the years to accomplish!  Translated…

As the children come to us and ask for a huge sum of loan, can the parents tell them, no?  If we don’t allow them to get the loans from us, would they hate us for it?  And if we’d loaned them the amount, is there the guarantee of us, getting the sum back?  Hsiu-Ching was worried about this awhile ago.

At fifty-five, she’d received the retirement pension of a little over $1.7 million N.T.s, as she was calculating how she was going to spend it, so she would have enough saved for her own elderly years; her daughter who’d only worked in the restaurant business just three years told her that she wanted to start a restaurant on her own, said that if she is the boss, then, she couldn’t need to follow anybody else’s orders.  “Mom, can you let me borrow $1.5 million N.T.s?  I will pay you back once I start earning with interests!”

Hsiu-Ching was entangled, her daughter showed a ton of passions for starting her own business, and how can she, as her mother, rain on her, parade?  But, she’s so young and so inexperienced, entrepreneurship is nothing easy, and she can’t throw all her money down the drains.  And in the end, she’d, told her daughter, to give her three days to think on it.  She was troubled, and solicited us, her friends for, advice, and we can’t, reach that, consensus, later, a friend who is also an entrepreneur suggested to her, to have her daughter draft up a business plan and submit it to her.  Hsiu-Ching felt a bit, relieved, she knew, that with her daughter’s quick temperament, she would, NEVER be able to, produce such a business, proposal.

And surely enough, her daughter blamed her for it, knowing that she wasn’t good in writing, and made her write the business proposals, that her mother was, making it too hard for her.  Hsiu-Ching told her daughter calmly, that she would need to conduct a market research first if she were to really open up a restaurant, including the location of the shop, and the number of estimated customers she is to get, the target clients, and had to estimate up the cost of personnel, and the produces and the foods, to control the sources of the raw material, the cooking skills, and the cash flow, along with risk-assessment.  “You were only a waitress, and managed the teams of waitstaff, lacking the experience, and, if you’re the boss, you can’t take time off as you wished, anytime you pleased!”

And that was when Hsiu-Ching’s daughter came to understand, that she’d, underestimated how much she still had to learn about management, heard her mother’s, advice; Hsiu-Ching didn’t just manage to keep her retirement pension, and the relationship with her daughter didn’t go bad, she’d also, given her daughter a lesson too.

And so, this mother found a perfect way, to break it to her daughter, “no, I can’t invest all my retirement pension in your brand new business venture”, and managed to keep her relationship with her daughter still good, and that takes wisdom, and, the children may have the dreams, but, they may also be too idealistic than their, parents, and, if the parents just flat out told the children NO, I won’t give you the cash for whatever it is you wanted to do, then, the relationships of the parents and children may go bad, but this woman found a good way, to break it to her daughter, to help her own young, see and analyze the situation, so she’d not just managed to keep all her retirement pensions from being lost, she was also able to, not break the relationship with her own daughter too.  And that takes, wisdom!


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The Adults Sent in the Complaints, Causing the Children to Lose Their Chances to Learn

How it’s still the god DAMN adults, who’d, @#$%ED up the children’s lives here!  From a carnival fair, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Teacher, this is my happiest day!”, that was what the children told me, on the carnival fair at the celebration of Children’s Day.  But on that morning, the child told me that he forgot to bring the money, that he couldn’t shop for what he wanted, there was that disappointment in his, voice then.

This child, due to his family issues, did NOT go to kindergarten; as school started, he’d, cried every day into the classrooms, couldn’t even hold a pencil to write.  But, after a whole semester’s hard work, he can, finish an exam with the multiple kinds of questions on it.  And so I’d told him, because you’d worked so hard, I shall, take you to shop at the carnival fair.

As we’d gone to a certain stand, he’d, stopped, the older girl from a higher grade level watching a stand, asked if he wanted something?  He’d instinctively told her, “I don’t have any money!”, the older girls responded, “that’s okay, you can select anything you want, absolutely, FREE!”

He’d looked at me, there was, that joy and surprise that came up to his face; the young boy selected something he’d wanted, and the older girls gave him two tiny, presents.  He’d asked me, “Why are the older girls so nice to me?”, I’d told him, after you’d become older, you need to, treat the younger children like the two older girls had, shown you kindness too.  And, I’d spent, less than ten dollars, bought him two tiny toy cars, and today became, the happiest day he ever had, since he’d begun, school.

I’d thought back to about a week ago, at a not-for-profit fair, where items were sold, the parents, because they did NOT receive the earnings from the fair, filed a complaint to the Department of Education.  The purpose of the festivities, is to help children learn to cherish what’s been given to them, and to help others out, and what most kids get out of the activities, is the happiness, and not the monetary, gains from the sales of the items; the parents who’d put up the money and the time, had weaved in and out of the fair too.  And, those few adults, used their own selfishness, and, gave a bad reputation to the schools, causing the schools to be investigated by the Department of Education, with never-ending paperwork.

And, once the schools halted all the activities, because of the parents’ pressuring them, it’s still the children who are bound to fall, victims, losing the joys, and the opportunities to, learn!

And so, this still just showed, how BAD the adults are, because the adults had lost that sense of their own child innocence, and everything for them, is based off of profits, gains, and what am I getting out of this?  Taking away the children’s chances at keep their innocence intact, taking the opportunities of socialization, interactions away.

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Don’t Get into the Habits of Brushing Children Off, the Encouragements of Shohei Otani, is What Made His Major League Career a Possibility

When physical punishments in childrearing stopped doing the tricks, to make our kids successful, like this major sports star from the Japanese team, on how we should raise our own young (and no, still ain’t got me one, not now, not ever!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Shohei Otani led the Japanese team to win the Baseball Classic Championship, he was voted as most valuable player, became a legendary figure like in the comics.  As the justice department planned to take away the rights of parents to punish their own young, Otani can be used as an example role model of how to educate the children.

Otani pitching…photo from online

As Otani got on the plate, there’s a high chance of him, striking out, those who knew how he’d hit knows, that he’d been injured, and gone under the knife too.  In high school, his team had gotten eliminated in the preliminaries, he’d never attended the all-star high school baseball competitions, nothing was going for him, but he’d, not gotten defeated, just worked hard, to perfect his, playing skills.  Although there’s no in-depth report on his families, but one thing is for certain, that he did NOT grow up with being negated or talked down to.

And, rather than debating the thin line between discipline and  punishment and education, let’s think, of if we’d, treated the children as, independent individuals.

How do we, help them learn, when they were younger, and not know that much of the world, without, hurting their, senses of, dignity and self.  The adults must understand, that parents doesn’t always know it all, that we should NOT negate the children too easily, everybody has thing s/he doesn’t know and not yet understood; for the sake of safety, and courtesy, surely, we can draw the boundaries, but we should no physically punish them, nor use verbal violence.

Encouraging the children to grow up like Otani, that does not mean that we want our children to get to the top of the world, but to, accompany them through the upsets in their lives; that they get to, have the, durability of a hero, in the ordinariness of, their, lives.  If we can raise our own children like Otani, to have the wider perspectives, then, our children will also be able to, use their various interests, hobbies, to interact with the world around them too.

ready to bat!

at the major league games in the U.S., photo from online

Adults, children, teaching and learning, should be shared in joy, not entangled in the violence, the, pain.

Yeah, but, we’d all been raised by the values of “you spare the rod you spoil the child” here, and, as we got raised this way, and if we lacked the awareness of our own selves, how we were raised, and how we felt, getting raised the way we got raised (by corporal punishments, beating, etc., etc., etc.), then, how can we, become aware, that hey, this shitty way we got raised, does NOT do SHIT for the development of young children and change?  We can’t, because, we’re still stuck, inside this, god damn, VICIOUS, cycle, so the key here is, being aware of our own selves, and yet, how many, by a show of hands (yeah, uh right, and give ME a break here!), of you, hadn’t been raised by the “stick”???

Most of us had been raised by the STICK, and now, it’s only natural, that we raise our own young (and nope, still don’t got me one!) the exact same way, and whether or not YOU (not one of you out there, hello, hello, hello???) realize it, you will, pass the SHITTY cycle down to your own young, ‘cuz that’s just, how it goes, unless you have as much, and/or more awareness of how you were raised like me, but do ya?  Do ya?  Yeah, go figure!

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Who DARES to Have Children, as the Government’s Focus is on Having Them, But Not Raising, ThemWho DARES

When the government, BUTTS into the families’ “businesses” of, how to discipline our own, children, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Justice is, planning on amending the parental right to punish their own young, it seemed, that this would make it even harder for the parents, which would ultimately, add more trouble to the, already, lowering, birthrate in this country.

To help with the birthrates, the government only knew how to, put down the cash.  And surely, money is, important, but, raising, educating the children, the time that it will take, the energies, is way harder to, tackle for the, parents.  And now, the government is planning to tie up the parents’, teaching you HOW you are to, raise your own, young, otherwise, you would be deemed as, unfitting, to the point of, taking you to court, to stripping you of your, parental, rights.

I agree with the head of protections of the Sanitation Welfare Department’s “everybody should learn how to use the more civilized means to educate”, but, ideals are, never close to the realities of, things, and the laws can’t expect every single parent to be, “experts of parenting” either. 

My father was raised the Japanese method, and he was, especially tough, toward me, the eldest, son, physical discipline was, everyday and normal, but based off of the means today, it would constitute as, abuse; I don’t’ know if this impacted my personality formation as an adult, but, as I grew older, I could understand, how my father took it upon himself, to make sure that he’d, trained me, right.  As I had children, I’d started, learning to, try to, educate them, using the, more civilized means, but I’d found, that kids don’t know enough reasoning, and I simply, can’t use the non-physical means, to get them to, behave well all the time.  For instance, playing with fire, and, picking up a stick and hitting things, especially for boys, they’re, naturally, curious, playful, with absolutely, NO sense of, safety, only through making them associate a behavior with pain, that is, how they will, remember what they should not, do; but based off of “expert opinions”, this constitutes as, physical punishment, that it would deeply impact a child’s, developing, mind, and this is, “illegal” now!

With the coming of a grandson, we’d asked our son, to be, more patient with him.  But boys have too much energy, and misbehaved a whole lot, and, if we can’t even, punish them to face the wall, or to make them perform physical tasks, or even yell at them, I’m sure, the majority of parents would have to, surrender then!  And so, there’s the need of boundary definition for discipline versus, abuse, so the parents can know if they’d, crossed the lines or not.

If by thinking, ridding the right of parents to punishing their young when they’d done something they’re not supposed to, then, there would be, no more, problems, this is too simple-minded, in the matter of, the education of, our own, next, generations.

And so, this showed, just how difficult parents are having it these days, because we can’t even, make our own children to go to the corner anymore, because that constitutes as, “corporal punishment” as defined by the government, and so, how do we, as parents (still not one!), manage?  We can’t, we can only, test the waters, and, try stay within the lines of what’s legal in disciplining our own young, but this would be, next to impossible, because the government did NOT have the rules of what’s allowed in punishment if a kid misbehaved, and the alternative of what we can all do, when our kids no longer give a SHIT about those, “three verbal warnings” we give to them, and, the kids may get worse, because they learn that “you can’t hit me!”

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The Records of Our Children’s Savings

The “discussions” of the matter of allowances, do we give them out, or don’t we???  Teaching their children, how to effectively, manage their own, allowances, by allowing them to have free access over the accounts with their moneys in them, translated…

Do we need to give our children allowances?  At what age should we start giving the allowances to them?  How much is within, reason?  Do we need to know where they’re, spending their allowances on?  For this, my husband and I started discussing all of the above in depth.

As my kids went up to the higher grades in the elementary years, my husband felt, that it’s time for them to get trained in how to utilize money, and as we’d discussed the matter, we’d taken out a notebook, started recording down the amounts we’d handed to them for daily allowances, the money as rewards for making good grades, as well as what they received in red envelopes during the New Year’s too, and it’d become the “savings ledger of their allowances”.

like this, putting the money into, a piggy bank…teaching children to save! Photo from online

I’d asked my son if he’d wanted a designated amount as allowance, or should I give him what he needed when he’d asked me for it?  He’d told me he’d preferred to receive the scheduled allowances.  For close to three years, we’d observed our son’s means of, spending his allowances, found that he’d learned to save his money, for the things he wanted to buy; as that first week in middle school, he’d gone to the school store to buy the snacks, and reported back to us, what sorts of goodies they have there daily, then, he’d found, that the costs of the items are cheaper in the wholesales marts and the super convenience shops, he’d learned to comparison shop, and reduced his habits of buying the snacks from his school store.

Actually, we really did NOT care at all, what our children buy outside of our homes, or how much money they have left, they meals they ate away from home, and their bus fares, MRT fares, all were, deducted from the allowances we’d given to them, then, we’d reviewed over their spending, and withdraw the cash for them as needed.  And, as the savings records got up to a high enough amount, we then would, deposit the cash into the post offices, and that was how we know, what our kids were saving up, how much they’d, spent.

Through this record of saving, it’d made our kids think of what they’re spending their allowances on, how they are to, save up, this is, a good way, to help our young learn to manage their own, finances.

And so, this is how we can, help the kids develop that sense of saving their money, by allowing them to have access to the money that we’re, giving to them for allowances, and this can start at a young age, to teach your children the importance of saving up the cash, to buy what they wanted on their own.

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