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The Choices From Way Back When, a Unique Way of Educating Children



Since I was a child, I’d taken up martial arts with my father instructing me, my father’s generation who was taught using Japanese values, his training processes were strict, and there was NO laughter or smiles either.  Many years later, I’d graduated from the physical education department, and became a boxing coach too, I’d carried the way that my father trained me with, but I’d placed a stronger emphasis on character education.

My son who’d been white and fat when he was a baby, was extremely lovable, he was hovered over by the elders.  In NOT controlling his diets, as he’d gone into middle school, he’d already passed the 170 pound marker.  He was so used to being looked after and being taken care of, he started caring about NOTHING, and, every time he’d met a fork in the road, he’d given up.

I feared, that I might raise my next generation to be slacking, and a leech, I believed, that he needed a total makeover on his lifestyle, and so, I took him to the boxing ring.  As he’d entered the ring, he must say his respective words to the elders, then, started with cleaning up the environment, keeping the equipments, then, calculate the times, getting the water, carrying the punching bags, etc., etc., etc.………After he’d started working the odds and ends for a short while, he’d started getting trained with the boring, but fundamental moves.  At first, my son had a LOT of complaints, sure, but, he knew, that including his dear old dad, along with all other outstanding fighters started out like so, he’d slowly agreed to his training methods.

In his training, my son witnessed those competitors at the national and international levels show their hard-working stamina, and are disciplined very well, with a TON of hard trainings, that no ordinary persons can possibly manage, and he’d finally understood, that outstanding performances don’t just fall from the skies, they come from years of training and hard work.

 But, because of his lack of talents, my son never made it to the top of the sports ring, but, started in those boxing days, he’d been trained to focus, and perfectionism, I couldn’t have asked for anything else, and, no amount of money I pay, can get that sort of an amazing results.

And now, he’s about to graduate from the graduate department of a public university, his positive attitude toward life, his classmates and professors loved about him.

The saying, “Having good habits beats having a good fate!”  even though, I don’t have any great amount of money to leave my son, but, I’m glad, I’d taken him to sports training when he was younger.

Like all the sports, it requires great discipline to manage, and so, this father took his son to training, NOT because he expected him to end up as a top fighter, but he just wanted his son to get rid of his laziness, and, the child carried what he’d learned (not the fighting skills, of course) from the years before into his life now, and the son now has a good attitude, and that, was all due to how his father took him to training from when he was younger.


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“Linsanity” is NOT Just a Dream

On the overnight basketball sensation, Jeremy Lin, translated…

The past three months had been just like a dream.

We met him at the New York Knicks’ training center in the

start of January, without any members of the press from the American media, he just joined the Knicks and was quietly practicing with the rest of the teammates, after the other members are done practicing and are taking rests, he still practice outside the shooting lines, and still worried that he might get traded.

Starting February 4th, “Linsanity” started to ferment, the Knicks went from barely breathing in the after season games to getting back into the games, Jeremy Lin became the new American Idol; the Madison Square Garden is now, always FULLY-PACKED, he became the “golden child” of the American Press, “Linsanity”.

Yesterday, before the games, we heard that the Knicks are hosting a press conference on behalf of Jeremy, we’d all sensed that something wasn’t right, but, we never expected that it would get this bad.

At the start of the press conference, the publicist for the Knicks, Sue Bonovitz and Coach Woodson walked into the room, and the words that followed, “the half-moon disc”, “lacerations”, “six weeks”, “knee surgeries”, these few keywords were read out loud, and, what everybody feared the most had happened.

After Woodson had spoken, came Lin’s turn to face the press, without letting the press get ahead of himself, he spoke of the examinations during the past few days, along with his being treated for his injuries.  Said that he had never had any kind of surgery before, he just knew that at first, it started with feeling sore, until it exacerbated to the extent that he couldn’t run across the courtside any longer.

Back then, Jeremy never expected the season to be over so soon.

“It feels awful,” he said, followed by “it is what it is”, with a scent of helplessness.  Because once something happened, there’s NO way you can change the outcomes of the events, all he could do was to face up to the challenges in the future with bravery.  The past three months had been like a dream, but, Linsanity DID happen.  So, what if he’s been injured?  It is what it is, after the surgery, he will go through vigorous rehabilitation schedule, Jeremy will be back again.

So, one more star turns pale, and, is ready to FALL out of the skies, and this, is just the REALITY of the world.  If you get everybody’s attention right now, then, you’re the “it” child, but, eventually, everything will FAZE out, and, where does that leave you?  A “Has-Been”, and, with sports, it would be easier to get “released”, because the turnover rates and the rates of injuries, they are really fast, and, before you know it, you’d be REPLACED by the “next-big-thing”, another version of who or what you used to be.

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