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Happiness, Defined

The twists and turns of, life, that offered us those lessons we must, learn well!  Translated…

I’d, squandered the money away when I was younger, and I’d gotten grilled by my mother, for not being, frugal enough.  Back then, I’d paid her, no mind, and talked back, “I’d made my own way, it’s my right to spend what I make, however I want.”  As my mother heard, she’d sighed, said, “wait until you’re in charge of the household expenses, then you will have a taste of what it’s like, being pressed with money.”

My mother grew up in the times when Taiwan just gained its independence, the resources were limited then, plus there are, too many, mouths to feed, life was hard, she’d followed my maternal grandfather in working, to support her household economics, which was what turned her frugal.

I have excellent job when I was younger, with high pay, plus I wasn’t, married, I’d thought, that my life was, on the rise, that it only, gets better with the, times, I’d not thought about, “saving” at all.  Until as I was, discussing the matter of marriage with my husband, I’d found, that I had, only, very little in my bank accounts, not known how I was, going to, afford the items I would need for marriage at all, and in the end, I’d begged my mother to give me her secretly saved up sum to help me out.

Looking at my husband, because his father died when he was way too young, he’d become, totally, self-reliant, worked hard, had excellent performance in work, gotten the boss’s attention, he’d just past thirty years of age, and was already a high-end manager of his company.  Although my husband was frugal on himself, he’d, spoiled me rotten, everything we spend on living, including the house, he’d covered for.  Back then, my best friends, my coworkers thought, that I was, set for life, having found a good man who could, provide for me.

And, after I was wed, I’d not changed my habits of squandering the money away, I only see if I liked something, when I go to buy it; my clothes, my bags, stuffed up my closets until they’d, overflowed, the foods in my fridge are, way past expiration already, and I can only, thrown them all, away.  Although my husband didn’t agree with my means, loving me as he does, he’d, not come down too hard on me.

what all our lives, looked, like!

photo from online

Until the environment changed greatly, my husband’s company was having trouble keeping the operations running, the owner took off, leaving behind, the workers, not knowing what they’re to do next, no pension, the employees hadn’t been paid in months at a time, and the stocks of the company, turned to, trash, it was, next to impossible, to estimate how much was lost, and, finally, I’d, come to, realized, that we’re, in, trouble.

Thankfully, my family was there, backing us up, and we were able to, sail through this hardship, no troubles.  My mother told me, seriously, “you must, learn from these, mistakes!”, I’d told her, that the lesson was, too harsh, that it’d, hit me too hard, and it was only, a few short months back when I’d still, lived in the dreams of my husband’s company’s stock becoming publicly traded, and yet, the industries changed too quickly, and all the machines became, scrap metal, as the owner of his enterprise declared, bankruptcy.

After this serious trial of our lives, I’d found, that the changes in life came, most, unexpectedly.  And so, I’d started working again.  And after this turn of events, not just my values of life got altered, the way I’d, spent the money too.  I’d not spent so, listlessly anymore, other than the living expenses, I’d, put aside the rest in the financial planning, the savings.  As my mother warned me repeatedly, “you don’t think much when you’re younger, you won’t have enough to live through your elderly, years.”

And now, my life is, smoothed, my husband started up his own company, our two daughters, grown, very independent, no need for me to worry over them now.  And, looking at them, I’d come to believe, that they are, way better, behaved than I ever was when I was, their age.

Had it not been this huge turn of life, it would still be quite impossible, for me, to alter my behaviors.  After weathering through this turn of events in our lives, I’d finally understood, that the bliss in life I’m looking for, involves that, simple, and steady, peaceful way of, living from day to day.

And so, this is when life throws you that, curve ball that came too suddenly, that you’d become, totally, unprepared for, and you’d learned your lessons, that’s why, life is now, getting better again, and, you will, take that hard-learned lesson to heart, because if you don’t, something ELSE will HIT you, just as hard, if not, harder again!

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The Woman with a Master’s in Education Switched Tracks into Integrated Circuit Engineering, and Learned the Skills as She’d Worked, Her Yearly Payrate Leapt to $1.5 Million N.T.s

Switching tracks from what she majored in, and worked hard to learn all the new sets of skills she needed to excel in her new job, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“A woman of liberal arts major, barged into the male-oriented engineering major world of semiconductors, put in the overtime until four, five in the morn, and within four hours, then started back up in work again, too much stress, and need to seek out treatment from the doctors, asking me, had I thought about quitting?  I don’t want to, there’s too much here for me to learn still!”  Jenny who has a master’s in education, out of the liberal arts majors, barged into the semiconductor industries, and, she was tried harder than the engineering majors, but Jenny had made it, she’d believed, that it’s not impossible, for the liberal arts majors to get into the semiconductor industries.

Jenny graduated out of the education department of Chingwha University, the graduate studies of National Taiwan University of Education.  In the time of her studies, she’d gone to the schools to intern, and felt, that the learning atmosphere in the schools are too shut in, she didn’t want to become a teacher, after graduation, Jenny started working in human resources for an enterprise, the interior designing firms, and worked as a case manager’s assistance for the food industry too.

Jenny’s best friend worked in the IC of Semi-Conductor, and, there was an older schoolmate of Jenny’s working there, and asked her if she was interested in working as an assistant to the engineer?  Jenny had enjoyed learning new things since she was younger, and was more than interested in the new offer, and, as her best friend taught her the programming skills during the off hours from work, and her spare time, she got accepted to the firm to work, and ever since, she’d worked in the semi-conductor industries.

Jenny stated blunt, the programming skills are only tools, there’s also the need for knowledge in the electrical engineering fields, but, nobody teaches you that, she’d learned by doing, six months after she got into semi-conductor industries, she was interested in managing the cases, and fought hard for it with her manager as a case manager, and she got it.

Jenny told, that although she’s very good in setting up schedules, and working according to the plans, but, she’s still a rookie in the field, starting out, lacking the professional knowledge of electrical engineering, and sometimes, the coworkers from the designs department spoke in jargons she couldn’t understand, and they’d made fun of her, “you’re only a rookie, what makes you think you can manage the cases?”, it’d made her too anxious she’d become, insomniac.

The workload in semiconductor companies is quite heavy, she’d told, that at the end of every year and the start of the next, she’d always worked overtime every single night, to four, five in the early mornings, and after no more than four hours of sleep, she’d begun working the following day again, she felt tried in her body, and her mind.  And because she’s not from the engineering majors, even with the same master’s education, she received the payrate of lower than the master’s, and she’s a temp too, not a formal employee yet.

“Every time I wanted to quit, there’s that voice inside telling me, I don’t want to quit!”, Jenny gritted her teeth, and buckled down, after she got through the hardships of learning the skills, the husband of a friend worked in another IC designs company, asked her if she wanted to work as an application engineer for the firm?  She’d gone to interviews, and got in, her wages rose to about $1.3 million N.T. to $1.5 million N.T. per year.

Toward the switching tracks from the liberal arts into engineering, Jenny believe, that unlike the engineer majors, who only can focus on the work at hand, the liberal arts majors knew how to interact with others better, “When you’re in a place where nobody communicated with each other, this skill set makes you stand out”, this is, the advantage of the liberal arts majors.

And so, this woman worked relentlessly, to hone up on the skills she needed, to help her succeed in her line of work, and, she’d not begun as an engineering major, but she’d, found her success in engineering, and it’d shown, that switching tracks isn’t at all difficult, so long as you’re willing to work really hard, to acquire all the needed knowledge, the skills you are required to have for your new line of work.

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Life Took a Sharp Turn

On changing tracks, not knowing, if you’d, made the right choices in life or not! Translated…

Life flew by too fast, it’d been six months, since my return back to Puli, this small town to live. The me a decade ago, or even, just two years ago, I’d never imagined a life like this for me.

Being on the rise through school and into the workforce, I’d entered into my first-choice schools locally, and entered into my top choices of university, after I graduated, I’d started working as an engineer in the well-known high-tech companies in Taipei. I’d worked very hard, and my abilities gotten the attention of the boss, in a few short years, I’d gotten promoted, and raises too. Back then, I’d imagined, that ten years later, I should be a high-end manager in the workforce, and would go on business trips to Europe and America often.

like this???the roadsigns of your life…

And now, I’d, walked with difficulties, with my pregnant belly, travelled on foot, delivering the goods that my clients ordered, and pondering, what I needed to update onto my website to sell when I arrived home.

A few years ago, I’d gotten married for a while, as my husband and I started thinking about when to have children, and how we’re going to take care of our kids after they were born. Both working as engineers in the high-tech companies, after subtracting the time for sleep away, there were only, about two hours in the late hours of the nights we can, save for ourselves. We didn’t want to be missing out on the coming of age of our young, so, a change in track was needed. And, something had, happened at home then, after careful considerations, we’d decided to quit our jobs, return back home, and my husband started working in the field, and I, started setting up my online shop.

Recalling how back when I’d just graduated from graduate school, my dad asked me if I wanted to take the public offices examinations. Back then, I was so satisfied with my own life, full of confidence, didn’t consider, that the life of a government office worker wouldn’t suit me well. But now, as my shop online just got set up, I’d had an unstable source of income, and I’d found those job openings in the areas of Puli, and I’d, wanted, to kick myself. After I’d left Taipei, Hsinchu, and Tainan, cities with the larger scale technology companies, it’s like, I’d, whited out my past work experiences. As I’d passed the post offices, along with Taipower offices, I couldn’t help but wondered, if I’d, only taken the government post exams.

查看來源圖片imagine how different life can turn out for you…photo from online…

At the age of thirty, for the sake of my family, my life took a sharp turn, and I can’t tell yet, whether if it’s going to be good or bad, but I believe, that so long as I carried the heart I’d had before, worked hard, I can totally, find a brand new direction in life again.

And so, this, is a huge life-changing situation you’re, faced with now, isn’t it? You’d quit your government job, to chase your dreams, so you can have more time with your young, to not miss out in their coming of age, and, although you’re, unsure of whether or not you’d, made the correct choices in life, your life knows where it’s, taking you.


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A Senior Rookie

Switching tracks later on in life, translated…

I’d switched tracks at almost forty years of age, the former decade I’d spent, working in the business realm, and the latter decade, to now, I’m working in the realms of education.  And, I’d become, rookies in the workforce twice in my life.

The very first time I was a rookie, it was when I’d just, started out working, I was, a blank piece of paper, and, the goal of my work from day to day, is to fill up this blank piece of paper that I once was with a wide variety of colors, hoped to gain the approvals of others.  Back then, all us rookies all wondered, how “do we enrich ourselves”?

not my drawing…

The second time I’d become a rookie, I’d gone from working in business, to teaching, and, although I was a rookie in the field of education, but because of getting olrder, plus the decades’ worth of work experience, this time, this rookie’s focus is no longer on the “self”, but how to benefit someone else.  I’d taught the subject of English in school, but, I’d known, that before I’m able to teach the lessons in English, I must find a way to connect with my students, and so, other than teaching the lessons in class, I’d worked really hard, to manage my classes as well, after I’d gained the trust of my students, the classes flowed even more freely.

These two experiences of being a rookie gave me different understandings of life, it’d also, enriched my working experience as well.

not my picture still…

So, this, is on switching tracks, this person wnet from working in business, to teaching in a classroom, and it’s such a huge difference, and, he must’ve needed to, adjust himself, based off of the people he’d encountered in business, and in school, teaching a classroom of students, but, it’s, these sorts of varied experiences in life that makes life more interesting.


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Giving Up on Becoming a Doctor

I wonder W-H-Y, as being a doctor is a prestigious job, translated…

Wang is the janitor at our office, he is very kind, honest, and is very popular.  We’d all known, that he has a son, who’s the pride and joy of his life.

Although Wang wasn’t that educated, but he’d worked hard, cultivating his own son, would accompany his son in his studies every single day, and his son didn’t let him down either, gotten into his first choice high school, but, he didn’t get a good enough grade, for this, Wang took a week off, to take his son around the island, to help lift up his moods.  And, later on, the son worked hard in taking his secondary entrance exams, after the grades were posted, Wang had proudly showed us his grade sheets, every single subjects he’d scored over ninety, and there was also a perfect score too, and, naturally, he’d gotten into the medical school of N.T.U.  Everybody congratulated Wang, said that his hard times are over, although the cost will be very expensive, for the medical degree, but Wang said, that no matter what, he will help his son through his education.

Finally, he’d waited, and waited, to his son’s graduation from the medical school, but the son told him a shocking news, that he didn’t want to be a patient-seeing doctor, but wanted to go into pathology.  Wang almost passed out, naturally, he was, against his son’s decisions, he’d told his son, that he’d worked so very hard, to want his son to become a doctor, so he could live off easy.

His son’s choice made him mad and disappointed, and he’d come to us to complain.  Although we all knew how Wang felt, but, we are all very in awe with his son’s decision.

We’d told Wang that he should be proud at his son’s decision, because as a pathologist, his son may be able to help more people, and maybe, we will all benefit from his research in the future, as we’d consoled with him, Wang’s eyes started glowing, showing his pride once more.

Such a great kid, he deserved the applauses, I’m really happy for Wang.

So, although he’d graduated from the medical schools, he’d wanted to do the research, instead of becoming a doctor, and this made his father angry, because the father had slaved his life, saving up the money, to put the son through school, in hopes, that he could become a doctor, so the father could retire and live off easy, but the son wanted to become a pathologist, to research on the illnesses, so he can help find a cure, which will help more people in the end, and that’s something to be proud of, and here we have, a young man, with his own ideals on life, and nobody’s going to influence his decisions at all.

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Of All the Successful Entrepreneurs, Ninety-Percent Had Once Worked in a Corporation

Laying the brick works here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Should the newly graduated youths start working for a company, or, should they, start their own businesses?  The junior and about-to-be entrepreneur, Lin said, IF you want success in entrepreneurship, from the practical point of view, there are over ninety-percent of people who’d worked for the businesses, and had been trained.

Lin used his own experiences, at first, when he’d started his entrepreneurship, he was among the “cofounders”, there’s a little bit less of the pressure, although he’d gotten the opportunities to learn back then, but, what he learned, wasn’t that much at all, because the leader of the group lacked real-world experiences too, and, they’d all, buried their heads, and worked without a purpose; after a decade’s worth of experiences in entrepreneurship, he’s finally able to, start on his own.

He’d pointed out, that in ALL the successful entrepreneurs in the society, over ninety-percent had once worked in a corporation, because when you’re making your own businesses, you must know the products, the sales techniques, the operations, the managing, the finance, the laws and the regulations, if you didn’t work as a nine-to-five, everything starts at zero, it’s really hard, to learn, to manage all of these skills quickly enough; if you can enter into a corporation to learn, then, you’d be able to learn these needed techniques, instead of you, doing things blind.

Secondly, from the environmental angle, the society in Taiwan isn’t at all friendly toward those new entrepreneurs, and would NOT actively cooperate with those fresh-off-the-farm entrepreneurs, and so, you’d must accumulate the experiences, the connections, and, entering into the workforce is one way of achieving this.

There are a lot of the successful entrepreneurs who’d dropped out of school, then, set up their businesses, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the like.  Like the creator of Paypal, Peter Thiel, he’d also gotten involved in the 20 under 20 plan, encouraged those in college to DROP out, and start their own business.  Lin reminded, that those who were able to successfully make a business work after dropping out of college are the “geniuses of geniuses”, and it’s not for everybody to try; on the contrary, if you have great qualifications, and, if you are interested in entrepreneurship, you should first, work for the corporations, to gain some experiences first.

And so, this, is someone, sharing HIS experiences with those who are interested in embarking in entrepreneurship, and, he’s right on how it is hard, being an entrepreneur, especially IF this, is your very first attempt, you’re without the experiences, without the connections, you may have a degree, but that’s about it, and, in the real world, we care about working experiences and work abilities, NOT just a higher degree, so, what this guy suggested, to work for a corporation FIRST, then, STRIKE out on your own, is quite workable!  And besides, it’s from someone who’s BEEN THERE, and DONE THAT too, and he’s just, sharing his own experiences, hoping that it could save those in the community who wanted to STRIKE out, from making the errors that he’d made, because he was inexperienced at the very beginning of HIS own entrepreneurship.

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In the Right Place, You Will Shine, Brightly, Like a Star, on Changing Tracks


Had it not been the instructor’s name being too familiar, too unique, I may not have known, that this famous instructor in the cramming world, was my father’s former colleague.

Heard my dad said, that Uncle Woo was a total “troublemaker” in his unit back then, because in the public facilities from twenty some years ago, all you need, is to manage the workload that you have, and, nobody will bug you about it, but, Uncle Wu had, made a ton of errors, don’t know what’s wrong with him, but, he’d always been the one that the superiors zoomed in on, and had always gotten the lowest markers for his evaluations.

Turns out, Uncle Wu was a natural born chatterbox, every day he’d talked of everything at work, he knew a lot about everything, and, when you got him to start talking, there’s NO end, but, when he’s faced with the boring documents from work, well, he just, couldn’t, hold his horses down to finish the work, and so, the superiors and the people whom he manages, all hated him so.

Asked him why he’d entered into a public office?  He said that it was by his family members’ arrangements, plus since he was younger, he was excellent in “test-taking”, and so, he’d stepped, right into what everybody envies most about, an “ironclad meal ticket”, and because a public service person.

After over ten years of working as a public office worker, he’d gotten a retirement pension, one day, he’d met a former elementary school classmate.  The classmate saw his abilities: very articulate, the desires to “perform”, and he’d invited Uncle Wu to the cram school he opened up.  At first, Uncle Wu was still doubtful, but because of his optimistic temperament, and his loving a challenge, he’d accepted the friend’s offer.

He’d worked hard in preparing the class sessions and in teaching his classes, in a short two, to three years, he’d become a popular teacher.  Later, he’d found this elementary school classmate, the person who helped him realized his potential in life, and opened up a cram school to help the test takers for government positions, he was responsible for the classroom instructions, his friend, all the paperwork and administrative duties, the two of them worked very well together, and made the business run well.

It’s hard to say about the happenings in life, maybe, perhaps, my Uncle Wu who’d done quite well back in the day had picked the wrong paths, that, was why he wasn’t able to use his abilities to their fullest extent, and still, changing an angle, turn the corner, finding what one is good at, put oneself onto the right spot, and, you can shine through!  Like how now, on the podium, Uncle Wu would become really animated, and energetic.

And so, maybe, working AT a government office, dealing with the paper works and everything did not fit this man’s personality, because he’s naturally talkative, outgoing, loved socializing with others, so, he’d be better off, teaching a class, plus, he gets to pass along the knowledge he already has.

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The Bed & Breakfast Owned & Operated by an Engineer, on Changing Tracks

This, would be, a 360 degree change someone made in his life all right!!!  Translated…

Some three years ago, my coworker, Liu handed in his resignation, back then, we’d all suspected that he was, getting a better offer for work from another hi-tech company, without realizing, that he was invited by a friend, to work, as a manager at a certain vacation hotel in Taidong.

Turns out, this friend saw how personable and outgoing Liu was, hoped that he could help, up the operations of the vacation spot.  Back then, Liu was having a low in his career, and, he was contemplating, whether or not he should stay working in the hi-tech field or not, and, because his friend had handed him the invitations, Liu had, gone all out, and changed tracks into the service industries, and he’d left Taipei, gone to Taidong, to open up, a brand new territory for himself.

After Liu started working, he’d managed, to open up a LOT of good connections, in recent two, three years, anytime our company gets group vacations, we’d all, headed his way, and would have at least, one fresh vegetable hot pot for a meal at the vacation spot.  The coworkers who knew Liu who had trips planned to Taidong would always drop by to say hi, and they’d taken the advantage of the company vacations, to catch up with him too.

Other than putting forth the dining experience in the vacation spot, Liu had utilized the local botanical garden, and put forth an assortment of natural herbal products such as herbal insect repellents, essential oils, hand creams, etc., etc., etc.  Once very few months, when Liu went on business trips or returned home to Taipei, he’d returned to the office, to visit with his former colleagues and his managers.  And he’d loved sharing the ups and down of him working in the service industry, as well as the observations he’d made from working in the vacation spot in Taidong.

Maybe it was because of the good environment, and how well he felt in working, every time I saw Liu, we’d realized, that he’s looking better than before, and it’d made us all, very envious.

Liu who fell in love with Taidong had, bought a property there two years ago, on the one hand, he’d worked on changing the property, a mansion, into what those backpackers enjoyed staying, a bed and breakfasts, and started looking at people who can be the successors.  Later on, he was able, to hand off the baton, and he was able to, fulfill the request of his friend in the end.

The bed and breakfast had its grand opening just last April, Liu had set up the touring sites, using the preferences of the different backpackers, to allow them to be able to experience the life in Taidong in depth, and shared the stories of the backpackers he’d met up on Facebook, to attract more tourists to visit Taidong.

Other than running the bed and breakfast, Liu also helped put forth the products of the artists from the locale, to help the travelers know Taidong better.

There’s a line in an ad, “The focused woman is the most beautiful”, seeing the changes that Liu had made these couple of years, I’d realized, that a focused man is even more handsome.  It’s a bliss, to work in a career that pleases oneself, as well as one’s own friend that’s for certain.

This man was burnt out from his original work, and so, he’d changed tracks, without hesitation, because he knew, that staying put will get him nowhere, and that, was why, he was brave to change track, and, because he held a positive attitude, that, was why he was able to succeed in working, and, his attitude is admirable, and in the end, he not only helped his friend out, he’d also, found a brand new path for himself…

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The Old Ship Captain in a Green Sea, on Organic Living


There was a new renter at our vegetable garden, it was, an outgoing older gentleman, after we struck up a conversation, I’d learned, that he was a former captain of a ship, that he owned two fishing boats, and, because of that, we’d all called him “Old Ship Captain.”

The old ship captain wasn’t afraid when he was faced with the raging waves of the seas, the only thing that worries him was: his ailing wife at home had no one to care for her.  After struggling a long time, he’d decided, to bid farewell to the seas, and took care of his wife at home.  In order to help his wife’s dizzying conditions, he’d learned to massage, and Tai-chi, hoped that he could teach it to him wife, to “interact” with her.  Not only so, in order for his wife to have organic vegetables and fruits every single day, he’d come to our place, and rented a patch to plant on.

When we’d learned about the reason behind his getting a patch of land, we’d all handed him our homegrown vegetables and fruits, because we were all very moved, by the love he has for his wife.  I’d often given him the finger bananas I’d grown, as well as the red guava too, the old ship captain who’s dark-skinned and seemed to be very strict would flash his two rows of white teeth, said shy and cutely, “thanks a bundles”.

Without knowing, the old captain had been planting on the patch of land for two to three years, and those small young saplings are all grown up.  When he first came, he didn’t know a thing about planting, without knowing, that for the sake of his own wife, his fishing hands had turned green.

The old captain treated the land as a green oceans, and the nets he used to fish with were taken to the vegetable gardens, and used, as a net to capture the insects instead; the hand that took the hold of the navigation on the ships, became very capable in operating the tillers of the land.  Without knowing, that he’d become the one who’d harvested the most among us all.  And now, he would, share his own produce with us.

Because his careful taking care of his wife, and how she’d gotten the organic vegetables, she’d improved on her overall health, and would come to the vegetable gardens to help him out from time to time.  During the summer season when there’s not much business to do, the old ship captain would also drive his wife to the middle and southern parts of the island to visit, and all of this, he’d never expected to be possible at the beginning, when he’d started renting the patch of land to plant on.

And so, this man had found HIS focus after he retired, and, the starting point of this was in helping his wife improve on her health conditions, and, because he’d planted the vegetables without the agricultural poisons, the pesticides, his wife’s health improved, because she wasn’t taking in so much poisons, and now, he’d gotten his healthy wife back, and, they’re spending their retirements together, a good picture, painted of old age, isn’t it???

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Giving Up His Career as a Doctor and Becoming a Teacher

A man with a purpose here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CEO of the Cheng-Chih Education Foundation has the halo of graduating from the medical school of NTU, but gave up his high-end job, with high salaries, and, went into providing education for the children in distant regions, he’d made over thousands of videos teaching, and, there are over millions of viewers already.  Lu said, he never regretted giving up medical school to become a teacher, he hoped, that the kids from the distant regions can one day, test into NTU medical school, and after they graduate, they can head back to their hometowns, and benefit the people.

Lu wrote his experiences from being the looked upon “Dr. Lu” to “Mr. Lu” in his book, “A Man Who Dreams During the Daytime”, and shared his experiences of “ability to dream, ability to turn dreams into reality”.

Started in his second year in high school, he’d worked as a tutor, and, in his sophomore year in college, he’d set up the Dream Schoolyard, to help teach the children in elementary schools, but he’d quickly found, that the program he’d started can only help those kids how can pay for the services, that, it couldn’t help the children who are from poorer backgrounds.

As he’d interned in his fifth year in university, he was inspired by the founder of the Khan Academy, and started filming teaching courses in high school and shared it online for free, and, there were over millions of viewers, and after he got out of the armed services, he’d poured his heart and soul into using the internet as a platform to teach.

Lu was the best intern for the dermatology department from NTU hospital, he’d also gotten his practicing license, but instead, he’d chosen an alternative path.  He said, his wages are only half to a-fifth of what his classmates who became doctors made, but, an educator treat the mind, and that by going into education, Lu feels he’s giving more to the world.

And here, we have a guy, who went against the norm, found something that mattered to him, worked toward it, and, achieved greatness, in that he’d made a difference, to the children, whose lives he’d touched through teaching them, and that still just shows, how personal satisfaction weighed more than the amount of money you are able to earn here.

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