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A Man Who’d Donated Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars in Five Years to the Local Government Who’d Remained Anonymous

Doing good deeds, and maintaining one’s anonymity, brings hope to the world here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The accumulated “unmailed certificates of gratitude”, an anonymous donor had contniuosly, for five years, donated to the Hsinbei City governments, to help the less fortunate, for the accumulated total of ninety million dollars; the city government had made specific use of this donation, and there was an estimated 230,000 individuals who benefitted.

The mayor, Chu yesterday posted on Facebook, showing his gratitude to the anonymous donor, and posted the letter from the unknown donor, stating that this medium-small scale business’s good deeds are done anonymously, insisted on not claiming the good name, in the five years’ time, the company donated to the city government, to help the children and youths from the lower end of the socioeconomic status, the handicapped, the elderly who lived alone, or those listed as high risk families, so they can feel the cares and concerns, coming from the world around.

The anonymous donor in her/his text message stated, “with the cold fronts hitting us, still, it didn’t turn our hearts cold, let’s welcome in the New Year with this surge of warmth from inside of us.”  And the city government had planned out the use of this large sum of donation, and sent the paperworks, to this small scale business owner.

So, here’s someone who only want to do good deeds, and s/he doesn’t really care about getting the good name of being a do-gooder, because a reputation is less important, compared to the real good deeds you’re doing, and this, would be the RIGHT kind of values that we need more of, especially in today’s world!


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Page by Page, Life Flew by

Page by page, life flew by, it’s, as if that book had taken on a life of all its own…

Page by page, life flew by, whereas from before, I couldn’t even T-U-R-N the page, it got STUCK, but now, page by page, life flew by, so quickly that I didn’t have the time to catch my breath even!

Page by page, life flew right by, and, there’s NO way you can prevent these pages of YOUR books from turning too quickly, there’s NO way to slow down the pace that book is being “flipped” either.  Page by page, life flew by, and now, you have only a handful of pages, as your lives are about to end, and, you can’t look back, because it hurt too bad (yeah, I still know!!!), and, you recalled the times, when you’d flipped through the pages so quickly, that you didn’t even take your sweet time, savoring the words of your own stories.

Page by page, life flew by, and, that book had taken on a life of its own, and it’s now going at, TWICE the speed of light, and, you KNOW that by the time that the pages are over, your lives will be too, don’t you???

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Why Do You Still Keep His Memories Around???

Do help me understand, because I really don’t get it!!!

Why do you still keep his memories around???  After he’d cheated and LIED to you, time and time again, why did you still let him come back?  Are you a masochist?

Why do you still keep his memories around???  Because you’d enjoyed getting tortured by those “ghosts” day after day, 24/7?  Why do you still keep his memories around???  Because you can’t let go of the fact, that someone you loved so dearly can and had betrayed your trust?

Why do you still keep his memories around???  Because you want a reminder of how he’d hurt you, so, the next time he came crawlin’ back, you would harden up your heart, and NOT let him back in again?  Who are you kidding?  We BOTH know, that the next time he came crawling back, you’d still open the front door wide, and you’d still stand in the doorway, with your arms, WIDE open…

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I’d Relived Every Word of Your Anger

I feel it, burning me up from the inside.  I’d relived EVERY word of your anger, and, it’d made me sick to my stomach, like I’d swallowed something tasting awful!!!

I’d relived EVERY word of your anger, heck, I’d turned INTO your anger, and, I’d fumed, and I’m about to B-L-O-W UP.  I’d relived EVERY word of your anger, how can this be?  You’re the one he’d betrayed, NOT me, so, how come I feel this strong hatred toward him?  I mean, it wasn’t as IF I was the one he’d cheated on, was it?

I’d relived EVERY word of your anger, I’d taken the words to heart, and, I just internalized everything you’re experiencing in your life, because you did NOT show ANY anger toward his fucking his whore, and I’d died, because of it.

I’d relived EVERY word of your anger, and, after years of this pain that’s NOT supposed to be mine, I’d finally gotten out, of your anger, feels like the load’s become so much lighter, and, I’d given your angers, his betrayals, back to you and him to take…







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Losing the Past, to Find the Future…

Once again, I’m STUCK on this “bridge”, god dammit!!!

Losing the past, so you’ll find the future, how is that even possible, when your futures ARE tied with your past, and, you ain’t sorted through ALL of that SHIT yet, how is it even possible, that you even HAVE a future there?  I really got ZERO clue here.

Losing the past, to find the future?  Are you sure you’re “sound”?  I mean, are you sure, that you K-N-O-W how life works?  You can’t just leave the past behind you know?  And, how would you know, that your past won’t come back, and BITE you, real hard, on the A-S-S one unknown day from where you currently are?

Losing the past, to find the future, this, just isn’t right.  If I’m trapped in the past, how is a future even possible for me?  And, how can I get my feet out of the MUCK and the mud, I’m having a hard time, walking through this “trench” here.

Losing the past, to find the future?  You MIGHT want to get that long-overdue BRAIN scan now, because something IS missing from inside your head all right, and, I’m thinkin’, that it’s your MTL (medial temporal lobe, the “part” responsible for MEMORIES???)…








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The Execution of a Death Row Inmate

This, might appear to be “cruel & unusual” (Amendment EIGHT???) to you, but, consider this: how would you feel, IF you were the family members of the person who was MURDERED brutally, by this person who’s about to go UP for that lethal dosage of the “Death cocktail”?  Would you still feel that what the law was doing WAS cruel OR unusual?  I wouldn’t think so.

The execution of a death row inmate, maybe, giving the person a LIFE sentence would be a HELL of a L-O-T harsher, but, think about it, the citizens will be paying for the LOSER’s medical care, his room AND board, from the taxes, and, the longer those inmates lived, the MORE the citizens of this nation MUST pay, and it just doesn’t even out, nor is it fair, I mean, why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) should WE pay, just because it was “cruel and unusual”, to kill someone via lethal injection or the electric chair?

So, what do we do?  We get STUCK, between the right way to do it, and how the world would view us, IF we executed the person, and, we became this rope that’s being pulled on, and, we’d gotten strained, and so, we S-N-A-P!!!

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Put It All Behind

Wouldn’t that be nice, and, NOT get chased down by what you’d put behind you…

Put it all behind, you’d told me, it’s time, that you moved on from the hurt, after all, EVERYONE WILL get OVER the betrayals from their own lives, otherwise, how will you move on? Put it all behind, but how can I, when I’m the one who’d been beaten up by you over, over, AND over again?  And, it would be unfair for you, to ask of me to, after all, you were the ones who weren’t raised UP right.

Put it all behind, oh no I won’t, I will NOT, let it go that easily, I will NOT let go of the hurt, the pains, from your betrayals of me, after all, you were, the ones who’d hurt others UNKNOWINGLY (and by now we should ALL know, that not knowing still doesn’t make one innocent!!!).

Put it all behind, I can’t, because I’m STUCK here, in the past, and the world, it just keeps on moving forward, faster, faster and faster by the passing of each and every day, and so, I’m STUCK here, in this freeze frame of life, and NO, I WILL N-O-T, put it ALL behind me, because I shall carry my hatred for you, until the day that I D-I-E……










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Words on My Epitaph

Now, this was written, a V-E-R-Y long time ago…

Here lies a person who had helped so many others in her lifetime, she was loved by all who knew her and all who didn’t.  She had spent her life helping others see the light, the errors of their own ways, she had achieved greatness, she will remain in the hearts of all those who had touched her and those whom she had touched.  She had lived a happy and fulfilled life!!!

This is how I want to be remembered by the world…No tears and no crying allowed, unless you want to be haunted by a ghost with a vengeance…

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A Deadline for Yourselves

Did you set one yet?  I mean, if you don’t, how will you know how FAR you’d gone, or how far you should’ve gone, or even, how far you could’ve gone in life?

A deadline for yourselves, this, is all too important, because if you got NONE, then, you’re basically, wasting your life away, indefinitely, because you will wander, aimlessly, NOT knowing what you want out of your lives, and, by the time you’d realized this, a TON (and no, that’s still NOT an exaggeration) of years would’ve gone by, and, you’d be left with???  Nothing but that huge river of regret, growing wilder, as the flood water came UP to the “banks”, threatening your lives.

A deadline for yourselves, SET it, quickly, and, don’t squander your years away like your parents did.  A deadline for yourselves, you MUST have, because, how ELSE will you know if you’d achieved what you were supposed to in life if you don’t have one???



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My Feet Got Heavier with Each Mile

All these “things”, they’re weighing me down, and, my feet got heavier, with each mile, and, I’m just walking around, aimlessly, NOT knowing where I’m going, I’m just going…

My feet got heavier with each mile, it’s like I’m carrying at least FIVE thousand pounds on my back, and, I am finding it, harder, and harder still, to lift my feet up off the ground.

My feet got heavier with each mile, and, I just can’t walk anymore, because of ALL the emotional burdens, all the expectations that I don’t want to fulfill.  My feet got heavier with each mile, and now, I feel like at least FIVE thousand pounds, it is just way too hard, for me to, keep living like this…

My feet got heavier with each mile, and, I’d been walking around, for over FIVE million miles like this, and, I’m finally, weighed down, and I just can’t walk one more extra step, it’s just too hard.


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