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Finding the Self, Causing the Matured Population Divorce Rates to Get Higher

The “dissections” of why there are more divorces in the golden years in the world right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With Three Primary Causes the Couple’s Relationship Can’t Return Back to What it Once Was, the Steady Growth of Divorces in the Population of Thirty-Years and Over Marriages

As those born in the fifties to sixties passed through the baby boom era, the economy taking flight, they’re now faced with retirement, or already are, retired, but, the multiple statistics showed, that the marriage relations of this particular age group is slowly, altering.  The total number of divorces, those over fifty years of age took up more than twenty-percent, especially for the couple who’d been married more than thirty years, there’s this, fast growth in numbers.  The experts analyzed and found, that this may be due to how women’s becoming more economically independent, the changes in the interactions of after retirement, and how the couple viewed life after retirement too differently.

There is no precise definition of “divorce in the older years”, the famed family law attorney, Lai stated, that what she defined as “mature divorces”, are those who’d been married for over ten years, that they’d entered into the later relations of interacting as husbands and wives for a long time, and getting to divorce; the trend of divorcing after more than a decade of marriage, after retirement right now in Taiwan, had already started trending in Japan more than a decade ago.

Becoming Economically Independent, Getting Out of the Roles of Wife, and Daughter-in-Law

In 2007, the Japanese government, in order to protect women’s rights to receive their living assistance, after retirement, the wives can file for half of the retirement assistance the ex-husband earned (similar to the social securities benefits here), shortly after the law was set up, there’s the massive numbers in exiting out of marriage in the golden years.  Lai stated, that although there are similarities of trends in Taiwan and Japan, on the matter of economics, based off of her observations, the causes of divorce in the elderly years is mostly due to the maladaptation of the changes in interactions between husband and wife after the retirement.

how the interactions goes, after we both, retire…

photo from online

The women of the postwar baby boom era, compared to women in the eighties, nineties, are all very, economically independent, as they entered into marriage, the value of the society was “man in charge of work, women in charge of running the homes”, the women became the sole caretaker of the men, the in-laws, their children, and as the husbands retired from work, they get to stay at home, and barked out orders, while the women are still, chained to the duties of “wife” of “daughter-in-law”, women also wanted to, walk out from the roles of wife and daughter-in-law, plus they’re relatively economically independent, and have a better chance of finding the self.

Nothing to Say, Staying Together for the Children’s Sakes

The second kind of divorce in the elderly years is due to how after retirement, the couple had nothing to say to one another, in the past, their relationship was built on resolving the matter of childcare, childrearing, working together to get on better terms with the in-laws, but as the children leave the nest, the in-laws died, the two can’t build their relationships back up again; the third, when the males lost work, they’d lost that long-term sought after competitiveness, lost the focus, and couldn’t face ones’ own selves, if at home, they can’t find that competitive edge, then, the men will search for that fulfillment out, which often affected their own, bottom half of, life.

The counselor, Lin said, for couples married for over twenty years, the two became “companions” to each other, and, giving up on the companionship, partially it’s because of the long-term bad relations, and just putting up with each other for the children’s sakes, and as children flew out of the nests, the relationships end.  Another being how after men retired, they’d had time and money on their hands, and became in pursuit of youth, and started pursuing after younger women, to prove that they’re, capable.

Lin said, those who filed for divorce after eighty are mostly women, they’d felt, that they’d served the families their whole life, didn’t want to get buried with the families that they hated after they’re dead, divorces aren’t just due to the upset with their independent spouses, but also, toward their spouses’, families too.

And so, as we women age, we became, more and more independent, and we come into the realization of hey, I’d worked hard, slaved my whole life for this god damn family, and what do I get out of it?  Not much, so I am getting a divorce, simple as that.

This just showed, how late it is, that women came into the awareness of their own, selves, finally realizing what they want for their lives, what they don’t want to do anymore: to SERVE the families hand-and-foot!

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Is There a Conflict Between the Ethics & the Freedoms of Marriage?

On the debate of whether or not the party that’s had an affair is allowed to start up the decree of divorce or not!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The debates in the Constitution Courts got started, the debate is on “whether or not the party at fault in a marriage is allowed to start up the process to divorce”?  the side that’s in support of the current law, believed, that the party who was wrong at first, should NOT be allowed to benefit from her/his own illegal actions (having an affair and be allowed to divorce one’s own wife!), in restricting the right to file for divorce would be justified for the ethics code of love that people are living by.  The side that believed that the current law should be unconstitutional stressed that the laws guarantee the freedoms of marriage, including the rights to divorce, that the laws needed not step in, to an already, broken marriage.

This is something that needs thorough evaluation, the values, the benefits, and also at the same time, the matter of, “consequences”, an issue that needed thorough, contemplation.  Is it unconstitutional for “the party who’s to blame to not have the right to divorce”, this is dependent on the individuals’, interpretations of the, matter.  But in the constitutional debate and the legal realm, and when people start discussing this matter, there’s a trending belief that needed to be evaluated over: marriage is freedom, and it shall NOT be bound by the morals and the ethics!

This group set ethics, moral against freedom, believed, that modern day countries’ constitutions protected the freedoms, to allow the individual to go up against the majority, so ethics, moral, and personal feelings (marriage and divorce), the freedoms, should NOT be restricted.

Under this belief system, “freedom” is a neutral value, with the ethical considerations taken out.  Those who preached personal freedoms, are considered advanced and modern; and when those who’d preached about ethics, and values, that’s, oppression.  Similar beliefs are used in debating the validity of same-sex marriages.  Some who are for same sex marriages claimed, “two people who love one another, why are they restricted by the country to love each other?”.  While anyone who’d equated marriage to ethical values gets attacked.

Another case was in the decriminalizing of adultery.  The Grand Justices, although didn’t deny the responsibilities of both party being faithful to one another in the marriage, but the reasoning books stated, “in a marriage, personal freedom ranked higher than the functionality of the society”.  Which showed the grand justices’ leaning toward “freedom as priority” more.

And yet, putting “Freedom” opposite of “ethics”, believing that the constitution protects the former, and not the latter, this is, quite problematic.  In recent times, the major debates of laws have to do with the ethical values, the reasonings behind the laws.  Marriage (same-sex, adultery and divorce), punishment (death penalty), forced apologies, abortions………. if we don’t have a proper conversation with the ethics, the morale of these, then, the problems simply, can’t be, solved.  But, as people get into argument on the issues, they’d always dodged “ethic”, the MOST important consideration of all.  The side that supported freedom believed, that ethic is the leftover from the caste systems, the side that fought for the ethics only stated that current situation, traditions, are a product of, ethical values that’s passed down from ages ago, not mentioning the interaction of the modern values with these age-old beliefs.

A lot believed, that laws and ethics should be separated like church and state, or that these are the most basic of freedoms that humans are endowed, that simply can’t be restricted by morality.  These beliefs of freedom that’s “demoralized”, is slanted.  The debates of ethics, the arguments of law, can’t avoid.

Marriage is a form of contract too, but, how come, the “contract” between two people needed the law to enforce, to, guarantee?  This is a matter of, “ethics”, and, on the marriage itself, or the assets, people need to discuss thoroughly on.  Personal freedom or not, what constitutes as a “breach of contract”?  And, what’s the difference between identity and the laws on assets?

Anyways, the forefront of freedom is ethics, forgetting ethics, morality, the claims of freedom would be without confound.  The beliefs of freedom need to respond to ethics, stating ones’ own values clearly; the conservatives should NOT use ethics like a magical spell, not talked about the contents, and just using it as a motto.  In the legal debates of ethics, if there’s the lacking of the delicate conversations of moral values, then we would become like the Pharisees, using the edicts to hurt people, and feeling that they are, just.  Same should be considered in the debate of whether the party at fault should have the right to divorce.

And so, this goes beyond the law, there are still the socialization, the ethic code, the expectations of society to consider in the matter of whether or not the party at fault should have the right to divorce.  And I do NOT believe, that the party AT fault should have the right to divorce, because you’re the ones who’d fouled up in the marriage first, and that’s why, you do NOT have the right to call your spouses out, to divorce them, the spouses that weren’t cheating are the ones who have the rights to divorce, that’s only fair, after all the ones who’d not cheated aren’t the ones to screw around outside the marriage.

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Suspected that His Wife Set Him Up, the Courts Still Found Him at Loss for the Car Crash & His One-Night Stand

This is how F-A-R, someone CAN and, WILL, go, to catch a, cheating man, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The married man, Huang had a crash with a woman, Yang’s car, two months ago, they’d had their, one-night stand at a motel, as Huang was exiting the motel, opening the door to the motel room, his wife, his mother-in-law, along with a private investigator were all, waiting for him, he was asked to pay his wife $600,000N.T.s.  Later on, Huang learned, that Yang was the owner of the private investigation agency, suspected that his wife had, set him up with Yang’s help, the Kaohsiung District Court believed, that even IF his wife had, set him up, it’d been proven factual, that Huang had cheated on his wife, mandated that he pay his wife $60,000N.T.s.

The verdict pointed out, that Huang and Chen were married many years, with a son and a daughter, after they were wed, they’d moved back to Chen’s family home in Wandan, Pingdong to stay; in July of 2019, Yang ran a red light, and crashed into Huang’s car, they’d left their means of contact with one another, and left.

Afterwards, they’d started hitting it hot on the communication apps, on September 14th two years ago, Yang went to Kaohsiung to meet up with Huang on a date, they’d dined at an Italian restaurant, took a stroll to the second specialty district afterwards, later, Yang told Huang that she was too intoxicated to walk, and Huang got her back into her hotel room; as Yang entered the room, she’d put her head down on Huang’s stomach to rest, then, because it was “too hot”, she’d, stripped her clothes off, and in the end, she’d, masturbated Huang.

The two spent an hour and a half in the hotel room, then Huang readied to go home, as he opened the hotel room door, his wife an mother-in-law were, standing there, with the private investigators blocking the door, Chen believed her husband had cheated on her, Chen demanded Huang pay $600,000N.T. for being unfaithful in their marriage and breaking the marriage up.  Huang later on discovered that the woman, Hsiao, who was there with his wife, worked for a private investigator, with the “set up for a divorce” on her business card, suspected that he’d been, set up, found that Yang was the owner of the private investigator, later, his wife detracted the suit against Yang, he’d suspected that he’d been, set up.

how easily, men are, tempted…

by that honey trap!!! Photo from online

During the trial, Huang cried that he’d been, set up, claimed that his wife had long wanted to divorce him, to be with her own affair, that he wasn’t willing to, because he wanted to keep his family together for his children, but his wife pressed him, and threatened, “you make me sick!”, suspected that his wife couldn’t get him to sign the divorce, and got together with Yang and set him up, and came with the private investigators to catch him in the act.

The judge reviewed the investigation records by the police, believed, that it didn’t matter if Chen set Huang up with Yang, if Huang didn’t want to go to the motel, he could very well told the woman that he wasn’t interested, or cut of contact with the woman straight, but he’d not declined, and “willingly” allowed Yang to masturbate him in the hotel room, that it’d, exceeded the means of normal interactions socially, that it’d, affected the trust in the marriage with Chen, mandated that Huang pay $60,000N.T. to Chen.

And, this is how, a woman, SETS her husband, UP!  And, it didn’t really matter, if it was a set up, the man had, had sexual encounters with another woman, outside of his marriage, and maybe, what the wife did was low, but heck, at least, she found out the truth about her own husband, that he’s willing to, drop his pants down, for any woman out there, and this loser deserved what he got!

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Infidelities, Most Likely to Happen, Three Years After the Marriage

From research statistics, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Shu-De Technical University Human Sexuality Department manager, Yen-Ching Lin said, that modern day women are financially independent, have a strong sense of themselves, and, once the quality of their marriage drops, they have a higher chance of having affairs; the Graduate Research Department in its 2010 survey of 400 married women in southern Taiwan, the rate of infidelity was 36.5 percent.  Lin believed, that the statistics for the married women in the central and northern parts would be roughly the same as well.

This study showed, that the partners of the affairs who were friends made up about 44.3 percent, the highest, followed by coworkers, friends from online, exes, and, the time when the affairs are most likely to start would be three years after the marriage.

And on top of that, the results of a survey by the Sexology Research Department before Valentine’s Day showed, that the rate of modern day female college students who had already had sex makes up about 43.5 percent, compared to the 27.3 percent from seventeen years ago, there is a clear increase, the primary reason for this being how open the societies had become.  Lin said, that from the researches conducted abroad, the women who had had sex prior to marriage are more than likely to have extramarital affairs after they are married, and, modern day women are expecting higher quality from their marriages, compared to the last generations, and so, they are bound, by the cultures, to stay in a marriage, so, they’re more than likely to find an exit for their own emotions.

On the males’ front, although the sexology department didn’t conduct such researches, however, on a survey over the subjects of one-night-stands, twenty-five percent of surveyed males are accepting to the idea, thirty-three percent of the subjects HAD experiences with one night stands, and men who wanted to try out one night stands, make up sixty percent.

Lin suggested that couples need to work hard, in making their relationships work, just spend more time with one another, showing cares and concerns for each other often, it shouldn’t be that difficult, to keep happy in the marriage.

So, there you have it, from the lips of the researcher, and, this still just shows, how as we advanced in every single way, our behaviors are falling backwards, and, just because you can, doesn’t mean that you would do it, where’s the moral restraints???

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Before the Honeymoon Started, the Woman Claimed that She Will Get a Divorce, and Called Her Husband, a “Lousy Mama’s Boy”

Honeymoon WAS O-V-E-R, even before it began here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, who’d just gotten married not too long ago, on the day before they are supposed to go on their honeymoon, his wife told him, “Let’s get a divorce”, then, she’d started criticizing him, called him “mama’s boy, a bad child”, and taped the sign of “Do NOT enter, or I will SUE” on their bedroom doors.  Wu couldn’t deal with how his wife, Lai had taken his son into her own mother’s house, and allowed him to see the child, “only through the screen doors”, he’d filed for divorce, and was allowed to.

The judge ruled, that the one-and-a-half year old son is in the custody of the woman’s side of the family, that the mother had SOLE parental rights, but Wu can still go to visit his son at specified times, and Lai was NOT to prevent him from so doing.

Wu and Lai got married at the end of 2010, he’d accused, that two years ago, before they went on their second honeymoon, his wife first mentioned to him she wanted a divorce, and texted him, “Right after our return from the trip, we will file for divorce, I will get an abortion.”, and two years ago, from the months of June to August, his wife texted him multiple times, mentioned to him, “Why don’t you just go back to your own parents, and continue being a mama’s boy, all you need are your parents, go home, and be a good son, I’m so unlucky for marrying you…”, etc., etc., etc.

He said, in order to avoid problems of mother and daughter-in-law not getting along, his parents rented their own place, bought a new house for him, and the wife had asked the deeds to be transferred to under her name for the “securities” of the marry; two years ago in September, after the mother-in-law learned about the “wish” of the daughter-in-law, she’d taken back the deeds to the house that she’d given her son, and the wife treated him with even MORE coldness.

He’d pointed, that two years ago in July, they’d started sleeping in separate rooms, the wife posted a “Do NOT Enter” sign outside the door, they’d lived separate lives now.

Later, the wife went back to Taichung to wait to give birth, wouldn’t allow him to hold his own child, he could only see his own son through the screen doors, the wife had even picked the days of his visits on the days he’d worked, and he has an “inaccessible” son.

She’d posted on Facebook, stating that his family only knew how to TEACH other people’s daughters how to be a daughter-in-law, and NOT teach the son how to be a son-in-law.  He believed, that his wife had constantly spoken of divorce, and cursed his whole family, so he could only divorce.

Even though she’d claimed to want a divorce, but toward the husband’s claims, Lai begged the judge, to “Not destroy a possibly fixable family”.  She said, that her husband took to her in-law’s words, he’d followed her mother-in-law’s superstitions, to drink a sort of a blessed water, to cast spells; she feared that it would affect her child, that, was why she didn’t want her husband’s side of the family caring for her son; and that she’d used such harsh language to get to her husband out of love.  Other than that, the husband had installed surveillance cameras all around their house, it’d made her scared, that they’d gotten into a physical altercation because of it; that the reason why they’d slept in different rooms was because “he’d affected my quality of sleep”.

So, there is still a ZILLION (and that, IS an understatement!!!) problem in this marriage, and, we still have NO clue WHAT caused this woman to feel this way, because we do NOT have the entire story, we don’t have ALL the details of their lives, but, based off of this, the woman DOES have a right to want to divorce the man.  So, this might well become a “He-Said, She-Said” case…


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The “Spare” Claimed, “We’d Only Had Sex on Foreign Soils”, and the Cheat & His Spare Got Only a Slap on the Wrist

Because you’re on FOREIGN SOIL when “it” happened, that, is why the cheat and his WHORE got merely a SLAP on their wrists, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A married man, Liao fell into infatuation with a married woman, Lee, and they’d tattooed each other’s names on their buttocks to show the love, later, they’d broken up and went to court, Liao’s wife helped prepared the law suit, and accidentally found the sex tapes by accident, and she’d SUED Lee for breaking up her marriage.  The judge gave Lee four months in jail based off of obstruction of family, which she could pay a fee, and that she was also mandated to pay a thirty thousand dollar fine too.

The courts found, that back in 2004, Liao had rented a parking space out to Lee and they’d started having an affair, Lee later divorced and moved in with Liao, at the end of 2009, they’d gotten into a fight that broke them up, and went to court, accusing each other.

Liao accused Lee for taking his stamp and the deeds to his house, and changed the registration of the name to his property to her.  The judge found, that Liao was there with Lee as they’d gone to the local land offices to make the transfers, that Liao had given the property to her willingly, so, Liao had lost the case.

Liao’s wife, during the suits had dug into some dirt and accidentally found the sex tapes that her husband and Lee had made; Liao admitted to his wife for having an affair, and gained her forgiveness, Liao’s wife, however, decided, to sue Lee for obstruction of her family, and asked for a million dollars in payment for her losses.

Lee said, Liao claimed that his marriage with his wife from abroad was on the rocks, and that he had the intentions of getting a divorce, and wrote a contract of forever, and promised to marry her, to get her to divorce her own husband; and said that he was willing to pay the alimony that her husband asked for for the amount of five million dollars.  On her birthday in 2005, they’d tattooed each other’s name on their separate buttocks, to show the love, the very next year, she’d divorced and moved in with Liao, and, Liao had transferred the deeds to two of his properties to her name, but, he didn’t pay the alimony that she’d owed her husband FOR her, nor did he get divorced.  Later, she’d suspected, that Liao was seeing another nurse on the side, and that, was when they broke up.

She said, that she was misled into believing that Liao would divorce his own wife, but, they’d had had sex on foreign soil, and she was found guilty, of obstruction for family and had gotten three years, that she should not get punished.

The judge believed, that when Lee was staying with Liao, how would they not have had sex where they lived, and Lee didn’t take back her words about having sex overseas; that Lee’s words had not been consistent, that it didn’t match up.

And so, because the “spared” claimed that “we’d only had sex abroad”, and there’s a LIGHTER punishment based off of the legislatures overseas, she’d gotten JUST a slap on her wrists, and, what of this L-O-S-E-R?  He still got away with cheating on HIS wife, and that, is just how the laws still FAVORED the men in cases of infidelity, and so, we women MUST suffer the consequences, is that even F-A-I-R???  I wouldn’t think so!!!

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Can’t Get the Love Back

Even IF you’d managed to find ALL the shattered pieces of that mirror (metaphorically speakin’, of course!!!), and put it all back together, it still wouldn’t look as it did when it was unbroken now, would it???  Of course N-O-T!!!  Translated…

After my husband’s youngest brother and his wife divorced, he’d taken his young child to come back to live with my in-laws, and allowed my in-laws to help out with raising his own son.  The originally vanished younger sister-in-law, recently, because she’d wanted to get back together with my husband’s youngest brother, in my mother-in-law’s matchmaking them, recently, started showing up more often, in my mother-in-law’s house again.

Even though my husband’s sister-in-law worked real hard, to suck up to my in-laws, and worked hard to patch the relationship between her and children back up, but, my brother-in-law still treated her like a stranger, and even when they met face to face, there would be NO verbal exchanges.  Recently, we’d even heard, that my husband’s younger brother is dating someone new, seems, that my husband’s younger sister-in-law has her work cut out for her, in order to get back with him.

I’d once inquired my husband about his thoughts on the view, he’d believed that based off of his understanding about his own younger brother, the chances are very slim, because back then, it was she who cheated, and had left her child behind too, during the year’s time when she’d gone away, she’d never called to ask about her own child, it’d made his younger brother cold; plus, when they got married, it was for the sake of their child, and there wasn’t that depth of connection between them, that it wouldn’t be easy for him, to open his heart up to her again.

In the realms of emotions, nobody can comment on it, but I’d used my husband’s younger sister-in-law as a mirror, to remind myself, what NOT to do.  A happy marriage is made possible, by the working together of both the husband AND the wife, and, it takes very much care, and if this fragile relationship is somehow broken, it would be extremely hard, to put it back together, after all, you can’t go back over the bridges you’d burned, and you CAN’T put a broken marriage back together again.

That, is what I’d been preaching (yeah, so???) all alone, because after the betrayals had been had, you’d lose trust in yourselves, and the other person, and, it WILL take, a VERY long time (and some never even get there!!!), to finally trust yourselves (b/c it’s still called???  Oh yeah: T-R-A-N-S-F-E-R-E-N-C-E???).  And, there is still NO second chances, when it comes to giving someone who’d cheated ANOTHER try.

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As His Wedding Band Loosened…

He turned it, over, and over, around his left hand ring finger, and, as his wedding band loosened, he was shocked to find, that the love he’d felt, for his wife, is NO more, or, was there, ever any love?  Or, was it, something else entirely unrelated to love?

As his wedding band loosened, he took it off, and, played with it, and, all of a sudden, it dawned on him, that he’d been trapped, by this small, golden band.  As his wedding band loosened, he fell, into the arms, of another woman…

As his wedding band loosened, he didn’t think about getting it re-sized (can you do that???), instead, he slipped it off, carelessly, put it away, and now, he couldn’t remember where that thing was placed, and he got in trouble, for NOT wearing it like he was supposed to, as his wife had done…

As his wedding band loosened, he’d started making excuses for NOT wearing it, and, people around him started thinking, that he’s NO longer married to his wife.  As his wedding band loosened?  That happened, way, way, W-A-Y after he stopped loving her, and, they’re at the end of their ropes, wondering, IF there’s anything WORTH salvaging, from what’s left of their marriage, as their children are all grown.

As his wedding band loosened little by little each and every day, and, eventually, he’s going to lose it completely, and, after he did, he won’t even recall the PRECISE moment that it’d slipped from his fingers, kinda like how he’d lost track of where they’d gone wrong too!!!

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By the End of the Third Year

By the end of the third year, love’s completely, utterly, totally, DRAINED D-R-Y because First year, man talks woman listens. Second year, woman talks man listens. Third year, they both talk and the neighbors listen???
And, by the end of the third year, love is run out, because the two of you did NOT make your regular deposits, you two just kept taking from the accounts of love, and, those accounts become over drafted, and the collectors are now, on your backs, demanding that you pay them back the D-E-B-T. So, in just three years, you went from having a lot, to having N-A-D-A, and you wonder to yourselves: where did we go wrong? We loved (past tense???) one another, didn’t we? So, what, had changed? Oh yeah, it’s the REALITY that slowly took up the spaces between the two of you, and, as reality sets in, romance fell out.
So, by the end of that third year, you two decided, to rekindle the love that’s nearly dying (why can’t you just let it D-I-E???), and the two of you hopped onboard, for that second honeymoon, and, end up getting pregnant, and you thought that things will BE smooth-sailing, now that a “buffer” is about to be born, without realizing that HOLY SHIT, that “crying thing” just won’t go down easy for its (we don’t know the sex yet!!!) nappies, and it would wake, at fifteen minute intervals and start screaming, NOT only during the daytime (it slept right through the days) but at night, it’s like that little D-E-M-O-N is way too active.
And so, by that third year, it is totally O-V-E-R, but, because the two of you don’t realize this, you let it drag on, and on, and on, and on, and O-N, and, as your marriage rolled out (like that foot-long candy???), children will BE harmed in the process, because they NEVER asked to be B-O-R-N, and you were still the ones to decide: hey, let’s FUCK, and WHAM, those Pretty Little Mistakes start popping O-U-T, and, you already K-N-O-W where all that’s gonna end, don’t you???

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De-Criminalizing Adultery

The debate is still ongoing here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Justice Department held a hearing on the de-criminalizing cheating, and the majority of the votes were for how the people who are for de-criminalizing cheating, stating that stepping into marriage doesn’t mean giving UP the right to one’s own bodies, and that the ones being sued were mostly women, meaning that the law was punishing women for the infidelities solely; the people who are against it believed that if cheating became a criminal offense, then, it would have the ability to prevent the extramarital affairs, and to maintain the value of families, “Everything for the children, the children are everything.”

This March, the International specialist came to investigate if this country is breaching into the citizens’ private lives, and if it was violating the people’s right to privacy, suggested the government to toss out the punishments of cheating people, because it didn’t match up to the 17th rule of “the International Pact for Citizens and Politics”.  But the justice department did its own survey just this April and May, and found that people here who were sampled showed 82% against the decriminalization and 77% percent against it respectively.

The secretary of the Women’s New Knowledge Foundation, along with a lawyer, Lin believed that de-criminalizing infidelity doesn’t help out a marriage, that the ones being sued in these cases were women in majority, because they didn’t know that the ones they’re with are already married; and the men became the plaintiff’s witness, stating that the “spare” was the one who slept with him; and the laws against adultery is merely a weapon that the first wives can use against the spares, for the sake of getting even.

A female attorney stated that from her experiences of taking cases of adultery, the first wives normally dropped the charges because they wanted to give their kids a complete home to grow up in, and so, they’d all sucked it up.  She suspected, that the women’s organizations being against de-criminalizing adultery is fighting for sexual rights and sexual freedoms, but, is it necessarily good for the nation?
And so, should we, or should we NOT treat adultery as a crime?  I mean, other than feelings that are damaged, what else was taken?  Oh yeah, the trust, the family will totally get BROKEN up, and, what OF the “victims” of the cases, the CHILDREN, after all, you DO know, how they’d be the ones, suffering the most, in that mess, don’t you???  And no, I don’t believe, that adultery should BE de-criminalized, but that’s just my opinion, so…


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