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Student: from Growing Up, When I Didn’t Do Well on Exams, I Got Scolded

Tracing down, to the roots of, why the students were, compelled, to, cheat!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The news of a public university’s students involved in the collective cheating of an exams, many of the students were noted as the “heads of their classes”.  The researcher of the Central Research Agency, Chen stated, that reason for why students cheat has to do with how they’re not, interested in the course, that they wanted to use the easiest means to get pass the exams.  There are also the scholars who believed, that from the values that stemmed from “Degrees meant everything, grades are the most important”, it’d driven the students to cheat to get a higher grade.

Chen told, that reasons why students would cheat may be related to how they’re disinterested in the courses.  The most important goal of university education is to instilled that love of learning in students, to help students find a direction of an area of interest that they will be pursuing.  Cheating is bad, but, the universities need to consider, that if they’d, instructed the professional knowledge way too soon, not allowing the students enough means to, exercise their interest profiles?

The Experimental League Foundation of Taiwan’s C.E.O., Wei told, that those with the beliefs of “Degrees ranks the top”, the values of “grades meant everything”, it’d caused the results of the students, working to get the grades, and not cared about how they got the grade they received, and, this sort of upbringing, will only cause them to have the wrong focus of pursuits in life.

The student of Central University, who’d directed the documentary of last year high school student, “1819”, Chen told, when we didn’t do well we get scolded this was, the common experience of students in Taiwan, “no matter what, you need to get your grades high” became, the rooted value across all schools.  And, even as the rules and regulations of the schools tightened up, it still, wouldn’t work, it would only cause the disagreements of professors, students to happen more and more often.

The C.E.O. of Taiwan Democratic Youth Association, Chang also believed, that the students are raised in the grades-oriented, testing environment, and even if the schools punished the cheaters, it’s still, fixing what’s broken after it’s broken.  Chang called out, that education should help students return to themselves to have them take the responsibilities for their own learning, other than strict discipline for those who were caught cheating, “counseling” is also, needed, he’d hoped that the schools can set up a supportive system, to help the students understand, why they’d not done well enough on the exams, and to give the students a viable outlet, so they don’t get crushed by their academic work, that way, they wouldn’t, cheat again.

The former head of Department of Education, Tseng told, that the school needed to view the cheating of students with a serious manner, to examine if the cheating were, isolated incident, or is it, happening all across the schools, what’s, trending?

And so, by fixing this problem, we need to figure out, what drove these students to cheat, and, if we don’t dig deep enough, and only punish those who were caught cheating, there will always be cheating, but, if we dig down deeper, to find out WHAT drove these students to cheat, we have a better means, to fix this problem completely.

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The Need for Evolution of Traditional Testing Means Aside from Preventing Uses of High-Tech Gadgets to Cheat

Due to how many of the colleges, universities had been found of students, cheating on their exams recently, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been many universities with the cheating of the mid-term exams of late, the natives of the digital age knew more than their professors, how to get a higher grade from technologies, the pure moral lectures are, no longer enough, to block of these trends in cheating now.  In the online learning age, smartphones are, a part of, daily lives now, and, the digital became, an asset in cheating, and the traditional evaluation measures, and the rules needed, to adapt, and adjust, and amend to prevent this.

from before…

photo from online

The university lecturers used the never-amended textbooks to teach, whether the notes, the test questions, and even the reports for the classes are, easily, accessible, which allows the students to easily copy and cheat.  As I’d gone to my doctoral course, the classes are, smaller, and, the teaching assistant would find the newest English international publications, have the students read them, and the professor would evaluate, the materials for the courses are, innovative, and the students don’t dare slack off.

But, in the undergraduate level, when there are over hundreds of students per course, how can the professors resolve the matter of understanding of the materials?  The written reports, the exams by pencil and Scantrons, why aren’t they, effective?

The high-tech devices are the best tools for communication between us, also, a good device for cheating, the smartphones, the smart watches, glasses, iPads, Bluetooth, glasses, or even, watches too, not only are they, ever the more, advanced, and their sizes are, getting smaller too.

and now…

the watches, the glasses you wear are, the “best-used”, tools…photo from online

It seemed natural, to use the cell phones in class at the university levels, but, during the mid-term exams, the rules of the middle school exams, the college entrance should be followed, NO high tech devices allowed into the testing classrooms; even if there’s the limitation of space for storage of these devices, the high-tech devices should be placed aside, in a plastic bag that the schools can provide, to prevent the students from cheating using the high-tech devise, to set up the cheating prevention of the high-tech devise.

And so, these smart phones, smart watches, whatever became, a good tools for students to cheat with, unlike how we were to cheat back then, we only had slips of papers to write the answers on, over, writing of the answers over our hands to look at when we take the exams, and, the means to prevent cheating does need to evolve, because these high-tech devices are evolving too.

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Take Your Children to the Animal Shelters if They Ask to Have a Pet

Having a pet for your child, it’s, a wonderful thing, but there are, things that you need to consider, before you get that pet for your own child to have, off of the Front Page Sections, words of experts, translated by me…

The C.E.O. of the Kiwi Attention Learning Center, Liao and the secretary of Animal Protection Agency He suggested, through the illustrated books, to taking children to the animal shelters, can help the children know the animals more, to help them know if they really want a pet or not.  And if the families adopted a pet, then, the parents also needed to assist in the caretaking, to help the children get that sense of responsibilities build up, otherwise, children would give up on the feat easily, and, leaving all the caretaking up to the parents.

There are many benefits to having a pet for the kids, other than taking care of others, with that extra sense of companionship too, Liao stated, that hugging and patting the pets, it can increase the experience of sense of touch in your children, and can, calm them more effectively, and you can use the pets to teach the young about matters of life and death too.

He told, take for instance, the lifespan of dogs of thirteen-to-fifteen years, having a dog as a pet, can help your child experience the entire life cycle of the dog, it’s, too precious, a life experience for them.

like this…

photo from online

But, the training of your children’s responsibilities, and caretaking of the pets are, needed.  Liao told, other than confirming if your child has the drive to care for the animal, the parents can use the illustrated books to get the children to understand the habits of the animals they wanted to adopt, to make sure the children are, interested in having a pet.  And, if the family wants a pet, you can choose the options to adopt, and not buy.

He told, the parents can take a tour at the animal shelters with their young, many times, to make sure that the children really do want a pet, to NOT bring a pet home on the very first visit, and in the process of visiting the shelters, the children can become more educated on the life, the habits of the cats and dogs.

Liao told, that after a child turns nine, s/he will then become, completely, independent in her/his daily living routines, the parents should not hold too high an expectation for the child to care for her/his own pets on one’s own, that the thought of looking after the animal together is absolutely, necessary; if you’d demanded that your child takes care of her/his pet all on her/his own, then, your child will give up on the feat easily, and in the end, it would be the parents who will be, looking after the animals.

Liao told, that at first, you can get your children started off on the easier animals, like fish, turtle, insects, etc., etc., etc.  But, there are different caretaking techniques for the variety of animals, a lot of parents are fooled into thinking, that birds are easy to care for, actually, the younger children aren’t fitted to have birds as pets, because, the birds start eating nonstop when food became available to them, and the birds are often, stuffed too full that they’d died, because of the young children’s, overfeeding them.

He said, the mix breeds, the local dog breeds in Taiwan, are easier to care for, that if the child wants a dog, these could be, the options.

So, having a pet for a young child, it teaches them responsibilities, and it teaches them the lessons of life and death, because the child will outlive the pet, and, by helping your young children grieve over the death of a beloved pet, it helps them mature into being.  Having a pet is something wonderful, for all the reasons mentioned above, plus, it gives your child a chance to experience, to give and to receive, unconditional love, but it’s a huge responsibility, because if you don’t get the rules set straight, then you the parents, will be the one, cleaning up after the pets your children wanted to have.

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The “Fruits” of Education, the Coffees that Turned Up White

The encounters of a school instructor, on a graduation trip, on how the government, @#$%ED up, in its, attempt to, “connect” with the rest of the world, advocating the importance of English education, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d gone for the room checks during the graduation trip I’d taken my students on, my students asked me with his confusion, “Mr. Lin, is it normal, for coffees to turn out white after I poured in the hot water?”

I looked at the wrap, it had “Coffee Mate” on it, and I was, stunned, as his, instructor… “this is, not coffee!”, as he heard, he’d become, “ecstatic”, chimed in, “told you this is, milk tea!”, and I don’t know HOW I should or, could, react to that!

This odd scenario, is a true story that’s happened, in one of the, most, prestigious middle school graduating student, and, it’d made me think, of the reforms of education the government is pushing forth, and the blind goal of, dual-language country policies, so ironical.

The dual-language education allowed the schools to hire the instructors, certified in English language, and so, instead of counting out the numbers in Chinese, it’d become, a recitation of the numbers in English.  And yet, the students can’t even read “Coffee Mate”.

and, can we, blame the student, for his, mis-interpretation??? After all, there’s the word, “Coffee” on the pack! Photo from online

I’d remembered the school song from Teacher’s University, that first line, “The foundation of a country of education, Teacher’s University ranks at the top”, and now, the “foundations” of this country isn’t even set, it got, reformed out of WHACK, by the “expert scholars” inside those, ivory, towers, plus the politicians doing what they wished and willed, short-sighted, only wanted what benefited them, “Someone else’s child will die instead of our own”, pages after pages, of whacked out public policies, and what’s sacrificed, was the futures of, our own, future, generations.  We can’t even keep the foundations of this country, education rooted down firmly, and only, tried to, embellish the externals, wasting taxpayers’ hard earned money, and, damaging the citizens.  Looking at the frequently occurring acts of violence on the news, most of the perpetrators are younger generations, and it’d, alerted us: here comes, the consequences now!

I hope, that the individual in power, who truly cared about the wellbeing of the next generations can pull that stopping plug now, to stop using the excuse of “we won’t go backwards”, to refuse to examine the fails of the current reforms of education.  Walking down the wrong path, and keep going down this wrong path, it’ll, only, trap the country deeper, into, its own, mistakes, to the point of, never, turning back onto, the right paths again.

This is how education is, FAILING this next generation, of children, and, we are, going to be, ruled by them some day, and, we’re, totally, SCREWED, because this @#$%ED up government, messed up the reforms of, education here, thinking, that wow, we need to connect with the international fronts, so, let’s teach and learn in ALL-English, without realizing, that HEY, this is NOT an English speaking country to begin with, and English is, a second language here, for all of us, who’d been, raised in, this country!

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Your Teeth are NOT Made for Biting Other People!

When we tell our kids, “use your words”, this is not, what we mean, that they should BITE someone else, translated…

The very first time my child got bitten by her classmate, it was one bite, the second time, three bites, reason for why my child was bitten was, the one who’d bitten her thought that my child was like, brad.

Thankfully, the external injuries weren’t, too severe, after I took my child in for tetanus shot, the second dose.  We’d blamed ourselves, for allowing our young to get bitten, twice, the first time he got bitten, we’d communicated with him on the angle of, “biting hurts someone”, that he shouldn’t use the “An eye for and eye, and bite the one who’d bitten him back, that he should call for help, and run away as fast as he could.”

I’d told the other parent, “it’s normal, that when kids play together, they may conflict, so long as there’s no serious injuries, and it wasn’t, intentional, we won’t pursue, but you still need to be careful, after all, children are cute sure, but, very, fragile too.” reason why I’d told the biting child’s father this, was because there was the incident of how this classmate who’d bitten another got scratched by the one whom he’d bitten, and, as soon as the father of the other child found out, he became, furious, I think, now that we’re, the victims, we should, take a, milder approach, with more tolerance, to make things easier for both.

like this, in young children…

and, guess what’ll, happen next??? that kid in black is gonna, CRY!!! Photo from online

The father of the classmate saw how we weren’t going to, pursue, and, let out a sigh of relief, asked if the teacher had, disciplined on the matter, and he’d told, “then, I won’t nag him anymore when we go home.”, and, it’s still because of this attitude, that my son got bitten, again!

We can understand, that biting is what happens at this age, and, the road to childrearing, isn’t an easy one to be on, we’d cared more of one another’s attitude on the matter, and the thoughts of it, that we needed to work together, and it couldn’t be that our child became “bread” to the other child, because of our, being, too tolerant.  And later, we’d, reached consensus, and my young girl’s father took her to apologize, and promised that he’ll, communicate how biting was wrong to his own young.

Later on, we’d bought the illustrated books, “Your Teeth aren’t Used for Biting Another Person” to teach, and in the same series, there were also the titles of, “Your Hands, Not Made for Hitting”, and “Your Feet, Not for Kicking Someone”, it’s a hard road we’re on, educating our own young, and we shouldn’t take it lightly either.

And, depending on the age, biting, is a part of normal development, and, a preschool age who continued to use her/his teeth to “communicate” with the outside world around her/him, may not have had enough oral stimulation in her/his own oral stages of development, that’s what causes her/him, to bite excessively, or, maybe, it’s because the child is upset, and s/he couldn’t find the right words to verbalize (as a kid that young doesn’t have a rich enough vocabulary bank yet!), that’s why this kid is, using BITING, to show her upset, and, the parents MUST find out what causes her/his own young to want to bite the classmates, to resolve this completely, and, don’t think, that oh, my son/daughter will, grow out of it, because it’s this sort of a, “I’ll just let time pass and see what happens” attitude, that will get you, SUED, because your child’s still a “minor”, and, whatever your kid did wrong or bad, it’s, on Y-O-U!

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Can We Punish the Parents When the Children Behaved Badly?

By the professor of neurosciences here, on the functions of the families individually, and how the families affects the children in educating them, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A few of my master students who’d graduated came back to school for a visit with me, told me that they wanted to host a thank-you banquet for me, because back in June, the epidemic just got started, and they couldn’t, return back to school then, and the classes, dissembled on their own, and now, the epidemic seemed to have slowed down, they wanted to gather, and they’d wanted to tell me, how they put what they learned in my courses to good use after their graduation.  As I’d heard, I’d, gladly gone to the meal, because as a professor, I’d cared of nothing more than the effects of my education on my students.

That day, a student told me, “Professor, had I not taken your course on brain and emotions, I wouldn’t have realized that ‘you are in control of your own emotions, nobody can make you feel unhappy, you’re the one, making yourself, unhappy.”, I would’ve gotten too angered too like that teacher on the news, tipping the desks over too.”

He’d continued, the parents are spoiling their young rotten, they don’t believe that it’s a big deal if the children plagiarize, skip school, or play their cell phone games in class, eating the snacks, sleeping during class is wrong, he got angered that he couldn’t, teach anymore.  The character education wase not instilled in the families first, the teachers are “lone armies of one”, and couldn’t exert any power, he’d read on the papers, that China is implementing the punishment of the parents for not educating their young well enough at home, he’d hoped that Taiwan could, do the same too.

But, no way that was, happening, so he can only adjust his own mindset, took the time he was angry, to get to know the backgrounds of these students who are making him upset, and that was when he’d realized, that these students who’d been, full on their disciplinary records, were only, looking for, extra attention, they needed the attention, needed the affirmations……………They fitted in to the classics of “learned helplessness”, are the children the schools, and the parents had, given up, on.

He’d remembered me telling the class, that exercise will kick up the production of dopamine in the brain, to elevate the moods, he’d thought, writing his students up will only make the students give up on themselves, because for a student with the sense of shame, getting a written up is a stain on his record; but for a student without any mind to care, it wouldn’t have an inkling of an effect, it wouldn’t make any difference to her/him.  Then, as a punishment, he’d made the student go and clean up the local communities.  And, as the environment became cleaner, the student gained the sense of achievement from the commends of the residents of the local community, and it’d boosted the student’s self-confidence, and self-confidence brings about that sense of self-respect, and that particular student no longer acted up in his classes, and he’d not needed to tell him to “BE QUIET!” every three minutes.

Another student told me, he’d found, that what helped him the most, was what I’d told the class out of the blue.  Turns out one day, I’d told the classes, that everybody has two persona, one in front of others, the other, when we’re, alone, that the best way to observe someone, is when the individual is living from day to day.  Back then, this student was into a female lecturer, in the school where he’d taught, but his families liked the woman at the matchmaking.  Last month, the school sent him and this particular instructor he’d liked to visit someone who’d fallen ill.  He’d told, that as this female instructor saw how the place was messy, she’d, immediately, rolled up her sleeves, gone into the kitchen, and started clearing up the bathrooms and the kitchen areas, and before they’d left, she’d told the elderly janitor thank you, for giving her chance to do something good for him for the day.  My student was very moved then, felt that this female instructor carried the “virtues of being a good wife”, that she was fitting to become the mother of his own young; and decided to drop the matchmaking call that his families had made for him, and marry this female instructor from his school.

I was moved by his “fitting to be the mother of my children”, if every couple can consider closely, their qualifications of becoming parents, then, why would we need the country to set up the laws to punish those, unfitting, parents?

The families, the schools, and the society, are three pillars that make up a country, any one missing won’t do, and it’s a domino effect, one falls, the rest falls with it.  Currently, Taiwan is in a awkward position in that game of tug-of-war between China and the U.S., rather than sucking up, why not, work hard, to earn back that lost respect.  We were once, the head of the four dragons of Asia a long time, ago, why are we, moving, backwards, to the, bottom, of that list?

“Brothers shared the same hearts, no need to get the inheritance from their parents”, with the parents acting right, the schools doing their jobs, teaching the students the right morale, the government officials taking the responsibilities………………, you can count on only you, and nobody else!

And so, this showed, how important, the education in the family is, because the family IS the most basic, functional unit of a society, and, if all these families that makes up the society started, falling off left and right, how can you expect the country to be great?  So, this is on how education should still starts, with the family first, education in the families is, way, way, WAY more important than anything we will learn from school, unfortunately, the families are, mal-functioning all over the places, and, these days, if you don’t have the ability to educate yourselves, then, society gets, totally, SCREWED, and that’s, why the world is, currently, this big a mess, because families are, not functioning properly, and, children these days, well, they lacked the abilities to, educate themselves, after all they grow up, without the proper, role models when they were young.

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The Belief of the Elementary School Principal in Education, “Slow is Fast”

His beliefs about education: steady and slow, wins, that race!  A dedicated, educator, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The school principal of Jingwha Elementary, Tseng had been working for forty years to date in the realms of education, in the past, he’d pushed forth the teaching methods of the science subjects as closely related to life, as the 2019 education reforms were implemented, he’d hosted the seminars monthly, to help the instructors deal and cope with the changes in the new curricula, and given them advise on how to teach the classes, and, held firm to the beliefs of “in and out, living and learning”, to educate the students.  Tseng told, that this may be, ambiguous, but, the well-rounded beliefs of education leis that “simplicity will be everlasting, step by step, making the learning flow along more smoothly.”

Tseng told, that he’d been pushing forth the reforms of education of 2019, and now it’s finally, implemented, and the biggest differences of the former curricula and the current is in the “directions of the lessons”, for science, for instance, during the original lesson plans, the plants would be taken apart into parts for the students to learn about.

The Concepts of “Life in Life Out” in Teaching the Students

But the new curricula had the students to learn about the generalized concepts first, for the students to make observations about the plants, to get them to become curious, then to explain to them which part of the plants are which, the instructors’ roles in guiding the discoveries is vital, it’s closer to reality, instead of taking the plant apart, and learning the various parts of the plants from before.

“The concepts I want to train the students to learn is life in, life out”, Tseng said, that through caring about a certain thing, to discuss with the students on the processes, to hypothesize, to deduct, then to, discuss, to the final, end results, the conclusions, instead of ignoring the process, and getting, straight to the end, the answers.  And, after the discoveries, then, what’s learned in the classrooms can be more easily applied to every day life, the knowledge that the students can take, out of, the classroom setting.

the photo of this, dedicating, educator…

off of

Tseng who’d planned the science education curricula, and worked as the science club sponsoring instructor, with a rich experience in teaching the subject, even as he became the principal, he’d still set up the open lectures every school year, to teach the school children about science, and he’d hosted the education seminars to help the instructors find ideas to teaching, under the 2019 academic reforms.

Education Shouldn’t be Focused Solely on the End Result, and Ignoring the Processes of Learning

Tseng stated, that in the past, the students were passive, in absorbing everything the instructor fed to them, and now, the students are getting active, asking questions in the classroom settings, it would give the teacher more motivation to teach, but it’s also, a challenge, the students and teachers learning together, exchanging their thoughts, this, is the meaning of the new reforms of education.

Tseng smiled and told, that he has a belief about teaching, and running a school, which is, “simple is, longer lasting, slow and steady, wins the races.”, it sounds ambiguous, but the truth is, education shouldn’t be focused on the end results, and ignoring the processes in the middle, that it should be on the step-by-step discovery processes, after the concepts are learned, then, learning becomes, smoother flowing.

And so, this, is the school principal’s beliefs about education, and he’d, put his theories into, practice, in advocating the new education reforms, and, he’d made the lessons in science more applicable to the students’ every day life, which is, combining the theories with the application, which is what learning is, all about.

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On the Longings, in Our, Hearts

Interactions of a father and daughter, on things that come into their lives, every single day, translated…

During the outbreak in the summer, my third-grade daughter and I are together 24/7 at home, and I’d had to, play the part of her teacher then, taught her the very first class.  I’d, selected the book, “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho, after I had her read, I’d asked her to think about the following: explain why the youth felt that “he’d learned more from the herd of sheep than he had in reading the books?” why is it that “in the key moments in life, we couldn’t do anything about our lives, only let destiny take over, this was, the biggest, lie”, along with, “When you truly want something really bad, the entire universe will work in your favor, and help you accomplish it?”

As she’d read that very first chapter, the first question she’d replied, “errr………I………dunno!”, I’d encouraged her, that it’s okay that she didn’t know the answers yet, had her gone back through the pages, to reread the passages, to think, to come up with an answer if she could?  After deep thought, she’d still, fallen, silent.

And so, I’d, switched into the mentor mode, spiritual guide, asked her, what she took from her interactions with everything she encounters in life, the cats, the dogs, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the bees.  In the end, I’d asked her, “What, can we learn, from the flocks of sheep?”

She’d fallen, more and more, silent as she’d heard me explained, and I’d felt a bit, helpless, halted the lesson, and, with a bad look coming over my face, asked her to think.  She’d run into her room, put her head down on her desk, and thought, and, it’d, taken her, over an hour, no words, no naughty behaviors, I’d become, a bit, panicky then, and that was when I realized, that compared to whether or not she could come up with the right answers to my questions, I’d, cared more about whether or not she’s, happy.  I’d entered into her room, inquired, “What’s wrong?  If you can’t think of it, take a break!  You want to watch some T.V.?  or, go out for a ride?”

She’d remained, silent still.  Did I, push her too hard, after all, she’s, only, nine, to think on things, she couldn’t, yet relate to?  suddenly, I’d become, that panicky, mothering roll, the father who’d, carried that apologetic heart, to dress her up or maybe, that was, her way, of telling me, “WHAT, is it, that you long for?”

Nothing but for my girl to be, happy!  Until my daughter told me, “I’m fine”, then, started, misbehaving again, and the world finally, came back to, normal…………………………

And so, this, is how this father and daughter interacted, the father and daughter were all that each other had, for whatever reasons, and, the daughter is the father’s world, and so, the father cares a whole lot about whether or not his baby girl is happy, is well, and, posing that question to his child, he’d, stumped her a bit, and, she just, needed time, to sort everything through herself, and after that, everything’s, back to normal.

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The Learning Process Profiles, Causing the Technical High School Students to Burn on Both Ends

I really, DO, feel, sorry for, these, next generations of, students here, they got enough on their plates, and here, the government’s, making it, even HARDER for them, like we the children don’t have enough already???  But hey, it’s still, the policies made by, the Department of Education here, a B-U-S-T, in the reforms of education here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Next year, our first graduates of the newly implemented reforms of education is coming, for them, the learning process profiles, are, the biggies, but, the National Teachers’ Guild’s Home Chapter pointed out, that whether it be ordinary high schools, or technical high schools, the Department of Education mandated that the schools must upload the learning process profiles into the Central Database completely, causing the technical high school students to be tried by, preparing the profiles, and getting ready for the college entrance exams in May, which will make it harder for them to concentrate on their entrance exams, and, the act of having students upload their learning profiles is questioned as “focusing on the academics too much, and not on the skillsets enough”.

the “checklist” of what the students need to upload to the database, from online


The Department of Education stated, that this is on the matters relating to the students’ higher education rights, that it affects the works of the entry level executive paperwork along with the risks of enrollment of students, that they will come up with a more fitting plan to deal with this, with the national education unit, in considering the rights of all students, and the needs of the parents too.

There’s a different system of gaining a higher education for the four-year university academic programs, and the two-year community college technical programs, the college entrances are administered in January of every year, while the general exams happen in May.  Based off of the Department of Education’s plans, the high school students’ exam results would be posted by end of March, and by April 26th, the learning process profiles should be uploaded into the systems, with the same dates for the technical high schools, causing the technical high school students faced with the generalized entrance exams in less than a week’s time.

The leading member of the All General High School Program Education, Chang stated, that the technical high school students only had the generalized entrance exams of May, not like the regular high schools, with the subject exams, there’s no need, for them to follow the track of the college entrance exams processions, the two should be apart; the C.E.O. of the All-Education Foundation, Hou also stated, that of the technical high school students, half of who used the skills program to continue into school, that the learning process profiles are a major thing for this group of students, that the timing for the academic, the skills exams being at the same time, it may, impact the rights to continue education for the students of the technical high school tracks.

The Changwha Business High School instructor, Wu told, that the new curriculum is student-centered, but, as the students are preparing for their exams, they don’t have a clue what their interests are, making it hard for them to decide, based off of the current system, the students may be distracted to focus on preparing for their entrance exams.

And so, another FAIL is what this is, because this country is going “western”, not realizing, that transitions like these need to come a step at a time, and, before thneed to come a step at a time, and, before things are set up completely, with all the resources, available and ready for the students to use, WHAM, the systems F-R-I-E-D, and, guess W-H-O will, suffer the most from this???  Oh yeah, future generations of teens, entering college!

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An Expensive Child

The upbringing of the child, how do we, train our kids, what goals do we want our kids to attain in school, to excel, to become, one of the, elites, placing them in private schools, or, do we, want them to, encounter, people who are like, and unlike themselves, so they can, gain a wider perspective of, the world, to learn that there are, others who are, different than them?  Points to consider, when selecting what sort of schools to place your children in, private, public, etc., etc., etc., translated…

I’d seen on T.V. that there were Chinese rich parents who’d, thrown down wads of cash to celebrate their children’s birthdays, turning the girls into, princesses, the boys, into, princes, with the parents, dressed up to the nines, surprising all the guests who were, invited.  From before, I’d seen on the news, that a seven-year-old Filipino girl, dressed in that custom-made present, with a crown on her head, with the full-service banquets, and fireworks on display.

There are friends in my circle, who, for the sake of their children’s, “only childhoods”, wrecked their brains on the celebration means every year, put on that large party for them.  Other than inviting the kids’ friends, also, showed everybody else, how they’d, cherished, the only childhoods of their own, young.

Actually, every moment of life is the only, childhood is deemed as innocent, naïve, and only happens once, but, when did these, childhood birthday parties came into being in Taiwan?

I was just past forty, recalled how there was the McDonald’s commercials on T.V.  Back then, the shop was up to rent, and the character will bring tons of presents to the child, with the burgers, fries, the cokes, the happy meals.

illustration from


That was in the eighties, a lot of the parents had, weathered through the poverties of post-war, and, as the U.S. gave the aids, the economy started, looking, up.  The government encouraged selling the items internationally, and, gave us the newer concepts of childrearing too.  The older generations will never host these grand celebrations for their kids on their birthdays, but the American ways believed, that we need to, toss down a whole lot of money on the kids, not expecting, nor demanding anything in return, and this concept had, rooted, downward in us.

And yet, based off of the economics sociologist, Zelizer, “Pricing the Priceless Child”, we can find, that the children now are seen, as, “little angels” and viewed as, “idols” in their existence, naïve, with complete dependence, this is, unique to modern day society only.

From a study of a sample of thirty families in Los Angeles, no single child would take responsibilities on her/his own for the family’s chores.  Normally, the parents had to plead, and ask (and usually failed at), but in the end, the parents can only, start doing all these chores like the maids do.  Modern day society, like the anthropologist, Tam Ramsay stated, “infants rule”, the children didn’t have any freedom, but they could, get whatever they wanted, they asked, of their, parents, without, any of the, related responsibilities.

In “Anthropology of Childhood” there are massive amounts of data collected which showed that we are now, living in a world where, “Children ranked supreme”, believing in their innocence, encouraging the younger generations to express themselves, and, do our bests, to, satisfy all their needs and wants, and this reflected on the collective society’s ideals of the natures of innocence of young children.  And besides, this society became, the projections of individual families’ tastes and value systems, becoming, a duplicate of the caste systems, and makes the gaps between the varied levels of socioeconomic statuses hard to understand one another, with the difficulties of, communicating with each other.

My son is in the first-grade now, I’d originally wanted to send him to private school, but thinking back to my own younger years, being enrolled in the nearby public elementary schools, he will get a chance to encounter children from various socioeconomic statuses, various backgrounds too, that was, what I believe to be, “normal” experiences for a child, to help him adapt and live along with people of an assortment of, backgrounds, to understand each of his classmates’ personality traits, likes, and dislikes, instead of getting to know his classmates, by how much money their families have.

And so, this, is on the socialization of the child, do we want our kids to be elites, is that why we’re, placing them in those, high-end, higher-quality, private schools from preschool on up, by making sure, that they excelled in the academia, or, do we want them to, get interactive, with, an assortments of, various children from the varied backgrounds, from blue collar families, to white collar families, that, is the question to be, considered here.

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