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An Injured Female Motorist Helped Lifted the Car, to Save Someone’s Life from a Car Accident

Altruism still exists, apparently, this woman, although injured, still helped someone who was involved in a car crash alongside her, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-seven year-old woman, Yang yesterday evening rode her motorcycle to the hospital to pick up her mother’s medications, but, she’d gotten involved into a chain car accident as she was riding toward the hospital, where there are three deaths, five injured, although she’d gotten hurt herself, and was shocked, but still, she’d gone out of her way, to save someone else, and when she’d heard that the female motorist, Chang whom she managed to pull out from the crash site still died, Yang cried, “I’m really unwilling to let go, but I’d done all that I possibly could!”

“It was truly scary!  There were still members of the public who were trapped underneath the overturned eighteen-wheeler.”, Yang was still in shock, when the car crash happened, she was waiting for the light, and heard three loud bangs from behind her, then, she was pushed downward, and her mind went blank, thinking back, “Gladly, I wasn’t speeding, otherwise, I too, may have died as well.”

As Yang recalled the crash, she was still shaken up.  She said, that right at the moment, she’d become dumbfounded, and, as she’d come to, she saw a female motorist, STUCK beneath the overturned small truck, she’d helped the five men who were there, to help lift up the truck, then, pulled the female motorist out, “Back then, I couldn’t think at all, just knew I had to pull her out.”  But, after two hours of emergency resuscitation, the motorist, Chang was still dead, Yang was having trouble, holding back her pain said, “I really don’t want her to die, but, I’d done all I could for her!”

So, this woman put her own safety on hold, and went to save someone else’s life, and that, is altruism, she’d done everything she possibly could at the moment, but, the female motorist still died, and this woman had done all she possibly could.

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Something’s Happening Outside………a Helpful Man Tried to Catch the Thief, Ended Up, Getting Stabbed to Death

The PRICE of ALTRUISM is still too great here, isn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chuang in Kaohsiung yesterday before he went to bed, heard a loud raucous outside his place, found that there was a man, who tried to enter into someone else’s house to steal, he’d gone out, to catch him; in the process of their physical altercations, the other man took out a knife, and stabbed Chuang so many times in the chest, then ran, Chuang bled out, and the police are now, chasing the leads on this murderer.

“He has a strong sense of justice,” said Chuang’s (age 55) neighbors, from before he’d helped his neighbor catch a thief, “He’s very passionate about helping others out, it really feels awful that he’d died like this.”

The police investigated, that Chuang works as a factory worker for China Petroleum, unmarried, originally lived with his mother, in the dormitories of China Petroleum, but after his mother died, he’d lived alone.  Yesterday at around three in the morn, a passerby found Chuang, covered in blood, fallen, close to the exit of the MRT station; the fire department rushed to the scene, he was still conscious, they’d lifted him to the hospital, but after two hours, he’d bled out and died.

When Chuang was still lucid, the police tried to find out just what had happened, Chuang told them, that at around three o’clock in the morning when he was about to fall asleep, he’d found a man walking around stealthily outside his house, seeming about to commit theft; he rushed out of his own house, wanted to drag the man to the subprecinct, and got into a fist fight with the man, and the man took out a knife, and started stabbing at him, then, rode off on his motorcycle.

The police said, that there were deep wounds on Chuang’s right shoulder and left chest cavity, and that there was no sign of forced entry at Chuang’s place, and they believed, that the murderer never entered into his property.  The police are already checking the lead, the surveillance camera, and had already zoomed in on a suspect.  “He’s such a nice man, how could it have happened”, after his neighbors were told that Chuang was stabbed to death, they were all shocked.  The neighbors said, that Chuang was very kind toward others, got along very well with everybody in the neighborhood, and was very kind toward his mother.

And so, this, is how helping ended up, taking someone’s life, and, altruism really DOES bite, doesn’t it?  And, had this man just ignored his neighbor’s house being robbed, then, his life would’ve been spared, but, he felt that it was his responsibility, as a good citizen, to go AFTER the man, which, was what caused him to lose his life…

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Five Bystanders Stood in a Circle to Keep a Woman Who Got Run Over on the Roads from Getting Hit by Cars that Passed by

This time, however, the diffusion of responsibility FAILED to do ITS “magic”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two days ago, a woman, Hsu rode her motorcycle and after she rammed into a sedan, her motorcycle fell into the high speed lanes, the students and nurse, along with other passersby saw, they’d all stopped and offered assistance, some had placed their bicycles as road blocks, others had redirected the traffic, and used an umbrella to shelter the woman who was hit from the rain, and their actions had filled the street of Lugang with warmth.

The police investigated, that Huang two days ago at around four in the afternoon, parked by the side of the road, and, as she’d opened up her car door, the woman, Hsu (age 57) came flying by on her motorcycle, and she’d fallen onto the fast lanes, the student from Lugang High School, Chao rode her bicycle pass the scene, she saw how there was a LOT of traffic on the roads, and she feared for the safety of the woman, she’d gotten off her bicycle, put the bike in the middle of the road as a blocker, to prevent cars from hitting her.

Chao kept whispering in the woman’s ear, “Aunt, wake up”, at this time, the rain came down, Chiao took out a coat from her backpack, and sheltered Hsu from the rain.

The nurse, Liu, from a clinic in Lugang had just gotten off from work and happened to pass by, she saw how the female student was offering assistance from the opposite lanes, she’d stopped her car and offered to help out as well.  She first took the vitals for Hsu, and made sure that she was breathing right, then, she’d wiped away the blood stain from the woman’s right arm, she said, “there’s professional medical assistance required at the scene of an accident, I saw that there were NO paramedics around, so, I’d offered my assistance.”

Then, two passersby stopped and helped redirect the traffic too, another woman had offered to hold the umbrella for Chiao and the Liu.  Slowly, the woman, Hsu finally regained her conscious, the paramedics from the fire department rushed her to the hospitals, Hsu opened up her eyes and said “thank you” to all who’d helped her out, and there were only minor bruising and scrapes on her arms and legs.

“I didn’t think that much, seeing someone hurt, you must offer help immediately,” Wei-Ru Chiao said, there was huge traffic flow on Mingchuan Road, and it was dangerous to lie on the roads there, she didn’t know how to give resuscitation, all she could do was to make sure that Hsu was safe and offered her words of comfort.

And so, this young lady saw a woman hurt, and started helping out, and, other people see her help, and, they all offered to help too, and that still just shows how kindness is infectious too, and all it took, was this young lady, to realize that someone is in need, and she’d placed herself in harm’s way (in ONCOMING traffic), and helped save the woman.

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