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The Husband Died, the Son is Ill, the Girlfriend Scammed the Woman for Forty Million Dollars

Vulnerability is the cause of being scammed here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman, Chen saw that her childhood best friend after she retired from the banks, she’d weathered through the death of her husband, her eldest son’s divorce, and she had a stroke herself, claimed that she knew a “master”, attempted of scamming her best friend for money using that she wanted to help her get rid of her bad luck, and, as her former colleague realized that something wasn’t quite right and called the police, that, was how this scam got busted, and the D.A. asked for Chen to be taken into custody, which the judge allowed for.

The police pointed out, that the sixty-seven year-old Chen grew up with the victim, and so, she’d trusted Chen, but, Chen too advantage of the victim’s husband dying, her eldest son fallen ill, her younger son in the U.S., working, she felt lonely and empty, in a year’s time, she’d managed, to scam her for about forty million dollars.

The police stated, that last year in August, Chen told the victim, that she knew a “master” who knew how to turn her luck around, to ward off her bad luck, but she must put up the money for the procedures, Chen used the fact, that the victim’s husband had died, because there was something bad in her karma, her eldest son’s divorce, as well as her stroke, are all, due to difficulties in her life, wanted the woman to pay a huge sum of money, to have rituals performed for her.

Later, Chen told the victim, that she was hexed by a former coworker, and that she must pay some money, to have the hex removed, or, she will lose her life, and her offspring will have bad luck too.  The victim had, given thirty million dollars N.T. to Chen, and Chen said, that she is in charge of manipulating the prices on the sales of properties, that she could make sure that the victim gets her property’s value increased, and the woman had signed over a house that she has in a very highly-priced neighborhood, to the bank, for ten million dollars N.T. for Chen to use.

Last month, Chen asked the woman to take her retirement pension which was very good from the banks out, to give it to her in cash, and the woman’s former colleagues realized that something wasn’t quite right, he’d notified the police, and, got the victim to use $100,000N.T., to lure Chen out, and, the police busted her.

Chen stated, that she was looking out for her old friend, that it wasn’t fraud, the police booked her on fraud, and, the judge allowed for her to be taken into custody after the D.A. pleaded the case.

So, this, is the downside of trusting someone too much, like this woman, who’d trusted the scam artist, and ended up, losing almost everything she had, but gladly, she didn’t, and this scam artist used her friendship with the woman, and she knew the woman’s state of mind, how she felt she was having a good run of bad luck, and that, was how she was able to scam her.



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After the Death of a High School Student, the Police Were on the Look Out for the Bookies and Found Three High Schools and Twenty-Seven of Their Students Involved

Started too young, in the life of crimes, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The second-year high school student, Kao works as a bookie for a gambling website, because he’d owed $280,000N.T. in gambling debts he couldn’t pay up, on Mother’s Day, he’d attempted suicide by burning charcoal in his home.  The police followed the leads, and two nights ago, managed to arrest the bookies He works under, Tsai and Lee, and Yeou, who’s above the bookies.  After Tsai and Lee were interrogated, they were taken into police custody, and Chuang was charged with gambling right away.

The police sorted through He’s cell phone, and found there to be twenty-four other students from his school who were also involved, and, interrogated them all yesterday, and so far, three schools and twenty-seven students have been found to have involvements in the case, and from this, we can see how serious the problem of on campus gambling is.

The police stated, because the online gambling sites are set up abroad, and, the workers took cash bets, it’s really hard, to find the person behind it all, and, Chuang was merely a “small fish” in the gambling websites.

Tsai and Lee are both minors, and, although they’re involved in the gambling charges, they weren’t caught in the act, and so, they were sent home after being interrogated, alongside twenty-four others, and, they’re to make their appearances in juvenile court at another date.

The investigative officers pointed out, that two weeks ago, Lai, another student from He’s high school, because of how much pressure there was for him as a junior bookie (Retailers), after He learned, he’d taken up the post, but, for the next two weeks, because the students who’d signed the bets couldn’t pay him, and he’d owed the debts himself, he and his peers owed a total of $160,000N.T.  And because the debts are collected on Mondays, in order to find a way out, to turn his situations around, on the evening of May 9th, before Mother’s Day, he’d bet in the “Dice Games”, but, in just one night, he’d lost $120,000N.T.s, the very next day, he’d left the message, “Lost my final bet in life”, committed suicide by burning charcoal.

The student, Tsai was once the upstream for Lai, in February, he was caught by the police, and, he’d handed his job to another student from another school, Lee, later on, He connected with Lee, Tsai and Lee admitted to working as the general agents, and reported to Chuang directly; Chuang sold drinks at the night markets regularly, and, in order to increase his earnings, he’d gotten the agent rights from a gambling ring online, from a man nicknamed “Chang”, absorbed Tsai, Lee as his downstream, on the ninth, he’d heard Lee told, that “He is suicidal”, but he didn’t know He personally.

The police officers said, the student He accepted the bets from his fellow students, and got 1.5 percent of the fees, and, the bets ranged anywhere from $100 N.T. to $10,000N.T., the gambling rings used the temptation of making huge amounts of money to attract the students, and, at the start, they’d given them the sweet rewards, but, they’d found an assortment of reasons, to withhold their commissions.

The police suspected, that He had lost the bets, and, wanted to gamble one last time, to see if he could make what he’d lost back again, and maybe, he was affected by the Japanese comic of “Revelation of Gambling”, the main character from the comic was a habitual gambler, with high debts, in the end, he’d taken his friend’s advice, went onboard a gambling ship called, “Hope”, placed his final bets, ended up, winning everything, but the money was scammed away by his friends, He might have copied the behaviors in the stories, but, he’d ended up, committing suicide.

So, this, is the cause of the death of a high school kid, because he was tempted, and, once he was drawn in, he’d found himself, sinking deeper, deeper, and deeper, and in the end, he couldn’t get out, so, he took the easy way out.


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A Strong Man Beaten Someone to Death, But He Didn’t Use His Right Hand, So, He Was Given a Lighter Sentence

What the!!!  Translated…

A strong man, who had an amputation on his right calf because of a fire, Lang had been placed, because he was displeased at how his roommate, Huang often claimed and bragged, “I belong to the mob!”, in the middle of the nights, he’d gone into Huang’s room to beat him up; Huang, who was immobilized because of a stroke called out, “I’m sorry!”, and became limp, but he was still held out by Chi and beaten.  The D.A. believed, that Chi had once been involved in a boxing competition, knew that beating someone’s central nervous system can cause death, they’d charged him with murder; Chi said, “What the HELL do you know?  I’m using a ‘false’ fist!”

The District Court in Shihlin believed, that Chi didn’t use his right fist which was his primary hand, and didn’t use the beer bottle, or any sort of weapons to hit the man, that there was no intent for murder, gave him eight years, six months based off of involuntary manslaughter.  The District Attorney’s Office in Shihlin said, “Murder IS murder”, they’re going to appeal.

Chi (age 43) has priors in public endangerment and threats to get money, in a fire, he was hurt, his right calf was amputated; the Social Services Department of Hsinbei City has given him help, placed him in the Ai-Hu Development Center.  Huang was a stroke patient, relied on wheelchair to get around.  Last year in the early morning of August 31st, Chi went to Huang’s room, asked, “I thought you knew people, go call them all here then!”, before Huang had the time to react, he’d been fisted on the right side of his face.

Huang kept begging for his life, “I’m sorry!”, he’d become limp in his bed, but, Chi still held him up, and pounded his fists into him.  After Chi was done, beaten on Huang, he’d gone to the subprecinct to report, “I was threatened!”  the Ai-Hu Development Center took him to the hospitals, and Huang died on September 12th, because of a shock, induced by his own central nervous system.

Chi admitted to hitting Huang five, six times, he’d claimed that it was because Huang had used verbal insults on him, “I knew a gang in Sanchong”, and wanted him to “take out a loan, so I can spend the money”, that, was why he was displeased, the D.A. discovered, that since Chi started living at Ai-Hu, he’d only had two conversations with Huang, they never interacted, just because Huang felt insulted, he’d killed someone, and showed NO remorse, the D.A. asked for a heavy sentence.  But Chi insisted that he’d only used his left hand, and his left palm, to hit Huang’s face, close to the eyes.

See how it doesn’t take much, to SET someone off?  And, this loser still tried to WEASEL too, believe it or don’t, but gladly, the judge didn’t buy it, and still found him responsible.

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Safety Off

The Goings on of Today in the U.S.

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It Took Just Two Seconds for the Police to Open Fire on the Twelve-Year-Old African American Boy Who Brought a Toy Gun to the Playground

The videos of the shooting of that little boy that took a toy gun to the playground is finally released here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Police Department of Cleveland, Ohio showed the surveillance footage of the little boy, getting SHOT by the police, holding a toy gun, the footage showed that the police who’d answered the call came to the playground, and shot the child with the toy gun, Rice, to seriously injured, the very next day, the boy died, from the moment that the cops arrived on scene to the child, getting shot and fallen onto the ground, the entire process took no more than two seconds time, and, this got the public to question if the police acted too rashly.

Two days ago, the white officer, who’d shot the eighteen-year-old African American, Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri didn’t get prosecuted further, it’d initiated this nationwide protest in the U.S., there were over a hundred individuals who’d marched onto the streets of Cleveland, for the miscarriage of justice in the death of Brown.

The footage publicized by the police department showed Rice, playing with his toy gun on the playground, later, he’d sat down at a resting chair, at which time, the police had arrived, Rice walked out of the resting place, toward the police squad car, two officers came from the car, pointing their guns at Rice, and, Rice’s body was just blocked by the patrol car, when an officer opened fire on the child, twice.

The police also publicly named the two officers who’d answered to the calls, the one who’d shot the child was the twenty-six-year-old rookie, Loehmann, he just joined the police force this March; another was the forty-six year old, Garmback, he’d worked on the force for six years already.  The Cleveland police deputy chief said the officer told Rice to raise his hand up three times, then, Loehmann got out of the squad car, and fired at Rice twice.  The police stated from before, that Rice was reaching for his toy gun, but the footage showed that the squad car had obstructed the views, and so, they weren’t sure if that, was what had happened.

The police chief publicized two tape recordings, one was from the caller, to report seeing someone on the playground with a gun, the caller was originally sitting in the resting area, and reported that he saw someone taking a gun out, pointing it toward everybody, that it might be a fake gun that the person was holding, but everybody is freaking out.  Before the patrol cars arrived, the caller had already left the rest area.

Another tape recording showed that the two officers got the call, and the operator told them, that there was a black man, pointing a gun toward people, but it didn’t showed that the caller said that the person might be holding a toy gun, or that it was a teenager who was holding the fake gun.

The two officers, after they’d reported for duty called in, “Fired a couple of shots, the man fell, he was black, maybe in his twenties, with a black handgun.”

The gun Rice was holding was a toy air gun, it looked like a semi-automatic, the police stressed that the orange tape that would show that it was a toy had been removed, and it was hard, for the officers to tell if it was real or fake.

The chief said, that the police publicized the tapes at the asking of the Rice’s families, not to help anybody get off the hook, or to find an excuse, or to show who did what wrong, losing a young life like Rice’s is a tragic loss; and “our two officers must do a job that nobody wanted to do, in order to protect, and serve the citizens.”

Looks like that RIOT will keep on raging after this, because apparently, the police department is trying to evade their responsibilities for shooting this child, and, it’d only taken no more than just TWO fucking second, for this young boy to get shot, and you still don’t think that “shoot now, ask later” is wrong???

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When Racism Became an Epidemic

And, I’m sorry (truly!!!) to tell all of you, that there’s still NO one-dose cure for this problem!!!

When racism became an epidemic, and we’re not talking about segregation like in the 1950, or was it the 1960s, how the HELL should I know??? I’m talkin’ about being stereotyped against based off of the way you appeared to be, or your sexual orientation, or things that can be used, to define who you are.

When racism became an epidemic, is there a way, we can contain it??? Sure, by education, but, that still won’t work fast enough, because, if you think about educating everybody on this FREAKIN’ planet (how many people are here right now again???  Exactly!!!), and we also need to make sure, that what they learned in those “classrooms” gets taken OUT into the real world, meaning that the pupils are still not just nodding their heads, but shaking their brains out inside.

When racism became an epidemic, oh wait, isn’t it already spreading quickly right now? And no, I’m still not saying the geographic-specific here, it’s just how the world looks right now, and, we’re still going backwards, and we don’t even realize it, because we’re all marching, in synchrony, and so, we LACKED the awareness, because we’re too close to the deal?

When racism became an epidemic, I’m afraid, that it’s gonna spread like the Ebola virus, or the West Nile virus, or some OTHER viruses, and you KNOW how quickly those things mutate, because they want to survive inside their hosts too, you DO realize that, don’t you???

Once again, this, is still just one “man’s” perspective, feel free to agree OR disagree, I’m just stating what’s on my freakin’ mind right now………

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Visiting the Home for Handicapped in Bali, FedEx Brought Warmth

Still a LOT of kindness in the world here, so, there’s still H-O-P-E!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

It’s the seventh year of the FedEx Care and Concern program this year, and this year, the company had chosen the place where the function is held in the Bali Home for the Handicapped, the CEO of the district of Taiwan, Chu took along fifty of his employees and paid a visit to the home, and showed their cares and concerns with their actions, through the accompaniment of the volunteers, they’d managed to bring some warmth to the residents.

Started in 2007, FedEx started having a volunteer week, for the last six years, they’d focused on the environmentalism and cares and concerns for distant areas, this year, they’d worked alongside Fubon Charitable Foundation and went to Bali Home for the Handicapped, to put their cares and concerns into actions.

The person in charge of the education, Shu-Miao Tsai said, that FedEx sent care and concerns to the inside of the facility, federal expressed the warmth, especially when the smiles of the residents their started showing up on the faces, one can see, that the volunteers had done more than enough.

Chu stated, that the reason why they’d chosen the Bali Home for the Handicapped was actually not easy, but the volunteers had their orientations beforehand, and, there were social workers from the inside, assisting them in the function, and so, everything worked out well.

Another story of how the big companies out there, are starting to give back to the world all around, and, this wind of kindness is going to keep blowing, I’m sure, and this will continue.

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