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The Original Sins of the, Dumplings

Because the DDP sees the mayor of Hsinbei as a BIGGEST threat, that’s why, the side wings are, going after him right now, and, isn’t it EVERYBODY’s option to have whatever the HELL it is that they want to eat in the meals?  Apparently, N-O-T, according to the side wings of the DDP, the MINIONS of Tsai, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For those who are more intuitive, from a plate of dumplings, the people can tell what each other is thinking about, guessing your intentions, correctly.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou posted the photo of the New Year’s meal he was having at home, a plate of dumplings, stated that the fillings inside the dumplings are the bliss he’d shared with his, loved ones.  The fans of the side wings of the DDP immediately started calling him out, stated that he was having the “Chinese Norther Province local’s” food for the New Year’s, that it was to show his loyalty toward the Retired Veteran’s from the National Army of the R.O.C., that he aimed at getting the votes of those who are from northern China who are eligible to vote here.

Under Tsai’s rule, the side wings of the DDP went all out, wit its sharpened tongues, going after all who spoke ill of the party and its leaders.  And now, they can, find the nonexistence of meaning in a plate of dumpling, giving it such an awful name, so truly, shocking!  Dumpling had been added to the people’s diets here for what, sixty, seventy years in counting, and someone actually found that it was not right, that the Hous had this item for his New Year’s Eve meal, and libeled that he did it for the purpose of getting the votes.  This sort of a side wings, truly, tragic!

the photo of Hou, mayor of Hsinbei City sharing what he had on New Year’s Eve on his social media…off of Yahoo! Tw

Actually, looking closer at the mayor’s New Year’s Eve meal, it’s almost all, vegetarian.  Other than the dumplings, the radish cakes, there were, the vegetables, soy bean byproducts, there were only, no more than three dishes of meats.  If a nutritionist sees his table, s/he would probably commend Hou and his families for healthy eating.  But, in those politically turned people’s minds, a plate of dumpling was, tabooed, believing, that Hou was too into keeping the seats, and feigning toward the true KMTs, that’s why, they were, after him.

But, immediately, someone from online asked, that Tsai’s New Year’s Eve meal was French cuisine, with the “buns of the black gold”, whose votes was it that she’s trying to win?  Plainly stated, the varieties of food items served on the New Year’s Eve meals meant that the tastes of the Taiwanese is becoming, worldly, that the diets are, evolving to healthier, merging the old with the news, and who says, that every New Years we must, keep guards to the traditions?

Do forgive the original sins of the, dumplings!

And so, the mayor of the Hsinbei City is only guilty, of, “flashing” his New Year’s Eve meal, of dumplings, and, the side wings of the DDP went after him, and this is still just, bullshit!

What we want for our meals, it’s entirely UP to US to decide, isn’t it?  and, when the @#$%ING government has something to SAY about what we can, and cannot enjoy for our meals, where’s the “Free” in that?

And so, we continue to, live under, the REIGN of TERROR of the DDP and Tsai…

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The Parents’ Not Letting Go Expert Found: Children Can Easily Become, Unprepared for Life

Uh…ya THINK???  And this is what the experts here, only started, figuring out too, wow, are they, slow here or what???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the eighteen-year-olds as adults citizenship rights, the dropping out of school of college and university students no longer needed consents from the parents.  But, for most, parents are the ones, paying the tuitions still, and they believed that they should have the right to know if their own children are dropping out, and why.  The education groups stated, that the parents should let the children try the schools out first, and co-own the responsibilities of the rights and benefits, otherwise, the children entering into the world will get hurt too easily, and the parents who are all-powerful may end up having incompetent children.

The many professors of the colleges and universities called the parents who don’t let go “helicopter parents”, keep on, spinning around the children.  A professor from Poli-Sci University stated, that some of the parents are too forceful, believed that “we’re the ones paying for your tuition”, therefore, we have the rights to know, and disregarded that their children are all eighteen-year-old adults, and, their actions are painted over as “being understanding of how their young couldn’t afford their own tuitions yet”, but the students would more than likely, interpret the parents as “meddling in their lives”.

and, this would be what that, looked, like!

and it’s, NOT, “pretty”…photo from online

The Taiwanese Youth Democracy Foundation’s Vice President, He told, that as the students make any major decisions, the parents will be notified after these decisions are made and the school told.  But, the students also need to know, that being “adults” means that they’re, shouldering more responsibilities, for instance, if they’re involved in a fender-bender, the parents are no longer responsible as collaterals that needed to pay on their children’s, behalf.

The secretary of the Taiwanese Youth League, Lin pointed out, dropping out of the schools, is the decisions of the children, the parents should respect it, after all, “the all-knowing parents may have incompetent children”, the schools are relatively safe as is, that it’s best that the students can trip and fall in front of the professors and parents, but they should not be ill-prepared for the world after they graduate, and get hurt.

And so, this is just how, Asian parents, covered for their own kids’ asses, I mean, it’s ETCHED into these Asian parents’ belief, that WE must be responsible for our own “young”, no matter how old they are, even if they’re all, in their, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, as LONG as we’re still living, we will, keep them safe, like they were all, babies, because, they are, our babies, no matter how OLD they get!

And this is EXACTLY the attitude that’s, preventing all of your adult babies from manning UP, taking responsibilities for what they can’t do (i.e. keep a job, make their own marriages work, extramarital affairs, yada, yada, yada), because, all of these adult BABIES need to do is, WAH-WAH-WAH and you, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) would run on over, and kiss all those adult sons-of-bitches, and adult ladies on their, BOO-BOOS!

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The Crocodiles without the Tears: Making the Empty Promises to Get Our Votes, Once in the Office, “I’m Sorry, WHO are You???”

Them candidates will say, any and everything that we the people want to hear, but soon as the votes are over, it’ll be, WHO are you, and, DID I promise that, I don’t believe I ever, had!  The LIES they are selling to us, voters, as the election nears, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The polls showed, that the mayoral candidates of Taipei City was built with hate, that the critiques by the media was actually, an outlet of the people’s, anger toward the DDP government.  The Taiwanese idiot had “before the elections, the grandeur promises, and afterwards: who are you again???”, this was the embodiment of the DDP’s being inconsistent in its attitude, of all the false promises the party’s made to the voters who elected them into office.

The primary reason for this accumulation of displease lies in how the party in power only considered the benefits of those who are in office, with no regard for people’s lives, and, are chickened out to face up to the anger of we the people.  There were the news of the former and current head of Sanitation Welfare Department’s getting together, to offer one another encouragements, to pat one another on the backs.  The thousand-day anniversary of the Command Center for MERS-CoV had a grand celebration, with the president, the head of state, present; and what’s weird was, there were, the multiple funerals for those who’d died in the current pandemic, the memorials, but the higher up government officials were all, no-shows, and they were criticized as “crocodiles without the tears”.

“The Thousand-Day Milestone of the Command Center for MERS-CoV”, people would think, that the focal point would be to remember, to commemorate those who’d died in the pandemic, but the higher up government officials, showed a total, lack of, respect for the dead.

Another reason for why the public is upset, is also on how unprofessional the party in power, how the party in power are, only into its own, private gains.  Take for instance, the breaking of the artifacts of the Palace Museums, they’d, brushed the matter off as being, one man’s carelessness, and blamed the breaking of the artifacts on the carelessness of the exhibition management, or how the systems of protecting the artifacts hadn’t done their jobs properly.

Third reason for why the people are completely upset, was how the party in power used the manipulative means, to split up the masses, to cause the split in the people who are originally, kindhearted.  Using the “hatred toward China” as their primary card to play, calling out to the people to defend Taiwan, to FIGHT against the Chinese Communist rule, in reality, it’s ensuring, that the reputations of the higher up officials from the DDP maintained.  The preciousness of democracy lies in that there are multiple opinions allowed, and each opinion gets heard, and is respected, and now, everything is based off of the colors, which will only, heighten the upsets of we the, people.

There are now, more than 12,000 citizens who’d lost their lives in the pandemic so far, and, as the higher up government officials could, stop breaking the country apart, splitting the people, to turn the votes, and start focusing on doing things that are beneficial to the people instead, only then, will the hatred, and the angers of we the people be gone from Taiwan, do all the higher up officials of the DDP government know this?

Of course not, they don’t know SHIT, all they care about, is winning the mayoral election at the beginning of January next year, and, blackening the opponents’ names, thinking, that they can still, bullshit we the people, and, they probably can, because, there are those, BLIND supporters of the DDP, who will be voting at the elections, while those of us, who saw the truth as the pandemic started (how the DDP blocked off the shipments, the orders of BioNTech into the country, because the agent for Asia East is a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, and how it’d, delayed the ordering, the shipments of vaccines, causing us to become, beggars for these necessities we need, to survive through the pandemic, but, none of this SHIT will matter, because we the people are color-coded, blind and stupid, and we will, continue to allow the DDP to take charge over this god DAMN @#$%ING island, until China DROPPED that NUCLEAR BOMB on the land, and this island S-I-N-K-S, or, with the effects of global warming, the sea level rises up, and this island becomes, underwater, whichever one comes, first!

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DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

PATTY GIDDIS                                                                Inbox – iCloud  3:23 am   Fine let’s talk this way   To:   Daddy,   Maybe this way you won’t hang up on me again or worry about my roommate knowing my sordid secret.  She’s not even here to peek over my shoulder at what I’m typing – actually would never […]

DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

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Truth is DEAD, as the Way of the Mobsters Overrides Ethics of Research

How the ethics of research, became, questionable, when the politics pressured the schools, and yet, the N.T.U. lived up to it reputation of being the top university in all of the country, made the right judgments, using the RIGHT means of evaluations of whether or not Lin had, plagiarized, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty some odd years ago, at a gathering of sorts, I’d met a German man.  After a few words of exchange, he’d suddenly stated to me, “the Taiwanese are liars”, to defend the people, I’d naturally returned, “There are a ton of liars in Germany too!”, he’d smiled, “I’m not saying that Germans don’t lie, but, as the Taiwanese got caught, they’d tried to lie even further, and denied the lies out of their mouths”.  As I’d finished my studies and returned to the country to live for close to thirty years, I have to say, this guy’s observations were, too precise.  The behaviors of Lin and the DDP from the top down of late, showed, once more, the Taiwanese politic had been, rotten, down to the cores.

Toward the heaviness of political pressures, the research ethics committee of N.T.U. made the right calls.  The point of argument, quite simple really: was his thesis plagiarized?  How much was plagiarized?  The originality claims were only the smokes and mirrors that the professor and Lin shot out to fool the masses.  And even so, the ethic committee still managed to dissolve the claims using what’s correct and sound, and, based off of solely this, it puts the London Politics Academy to shame.  Tsai’s degree came into question, and the school only issued an “unspecified named” paper to vouch for the credibility of Tsai’s papers.  And, if we really wanted the details of the case, the N.T.U. should’ve posted Lin and Yu’s theses for comparison.  Those who pretended to sleep can’t be wakened up, but, seeing IS believing, this would silence those who are stating the opposite of what’s already been discovered.  The hard work of the ethics committee also rebutted the “related”, Chen’s claims.  And, anybody who has the least bit of understanding about the scholarly, knows that he’s “lying in public”.

The ethics committee is a part of the self-governing means of universities.  Lin has the right to not accept the rulings, but his absences from the hearings three times, how can he fight for his own behalf?  And the supporter, Tsai, is the president, and naturally, she should comply to the rulings of the ethics committee.  And yet, she’d called out, “I believe in the man”, turned the ethics of the mobs into the means: whether or not the man did the researches, is up to us to decide, N.T.U. should, step aside!

There are the plagiarisms in every country, many a year ago, the head of Defense, Guttenberg and the head of education, Schavan’s plagiarism, at first, Merkel spoken up for both (one being her best friend, one being a political leader of tomorrow).  And as the alma mater made the clarifications of plagiarism of their papers had been found, the doctoral degrees were tossed out, and, even as Merkel is one of the most influential women in the world, she can only, accept the resignations of the men; this was a country ruled by the laws.  Now, look at Tsai, she’d not only stepped on the ethics evaluation committee, even used her power status, to try and force the most prestigious university in Taiwan to submit to her will, to silence the school; this is shameless, and, unlawful!

And now, in the multitude of pressures, Lin denounced his nomination of the mayor of Taoyuan on the DDP ticket, but the papers reported that “Tsai was unwilling to see him step down”.  And, the more than two thousand professors of N.T.U., not had spoken on how the ethics committee had made the right calls, let alone, mentioning the hand that’s pushing the process, this is, an even more serious problem.  The soul to seek out the just, the truth in the hall of knowledge is now, dead, and the rankings of N.T.U. as one of the top university in the world is, false and useless now.

And so, this showed, how the politics here, is still, dipping ITS, filthy little hands into everything, it’d tried to manipulate the outcomes of Lin’s evaluation of whether or not plagiarism had occurred, and, thankfully, the N.T.U. conducted the evaluations in a just, correct mean, and this is going to be one of the straws, that end up, breaking DDP’s back, because now, the people see just how corrupt the party truly is, and hopefully, at the end of the year, when voting comes around, they will lose a ton of votes.

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Wife or Lover

A loser, caught between his own wife, and his, whore, and it wasn’t until that the other woman (his whore) made the decision to start over with another brand new man, the affair had, finally, ended!  Call this, the confession, of a CHEAT if you will!  Translated…

I admit, that I fell for, another woman, the night I’d asked that girl to sleep with me away from home, I’d found, I’d started, falling deep.  After all, for a man, from loving a woman, to being in love with a girl, that means, that happiness must, learn to, coexist, with the, heartbreaks.  I’d met a ton of women, but only as I held her, I’d be reminded, that I was, cheating on my wife of twenty years, like how back in college, I’d, dated two girlfriends at the same time, I am, ashamed of myself.

Making a choice normally comes with, comparing the two, disappointment, and destruction of a relationship.  I’d cherished and loved people, not wanted to hurt women and cost them to waste their youth away on me, actually, I don’t want to ignore my own, instincts the most, in my maturity, I would’ve, never imagined, I could, feel my heart skipping a beat in time again, the love came, out of, nowhere, her smile started, surfacing before me, and it’d, made me feel the bliss, I’d loved, seeing me, reflected, from her, brown-colored, pupils.

like this…

and it’s still, ALL the man’s fault here! Photo from online

It’s not that I don’t love my own wife, I do, everybody knew it, I’d help around the house when I got home, took my kids to cram school, kiss my own wife passionately, and made love to her too.  I believe, that staying low key, and keeping this as is, can keep everybody safe, and, being in power, I’d given all my time, my money, as well as, my love too, and not wanted get anything back from, anybody else.

But on that day, as she’d, started, feeling something for another man, I couldn’t help but feel that heartache inside of me, and that sense of loss, and that was when I’d realized, that I too, had been, too afraid, to choose, fearing that I may not have, everything I ever, wanted.

And yeah, this is the mindset of a cheater here, he can’t let go of his wife, out of obligation, out of, responsibilities, as she’d kept his home so well, birthed out his children, and yet, he still couldn’t help but fall for that, younger woman, who’d, made him feel, more alive, that’s just the general state of mind for men who cheat, they wanted it both ways.

Well, here’s that NEWSFLASH (again!) for you, you mother FUCKING sons-of-bitches (still not the four-legged varieties, because at LEAST we can all train those to behave themselves!), we want it both ways, it’s just that most women (this might be a generalization, I wouldn’t know here!) are bound by morals, and the society’s views of women who cheat, being labeled as “whores”, “tart”, “harlots”, etc., etc., etc., that would keep us all way, from cheating on our, husbands, and besides, women are more prone to emotional/psychological affairs, meaning that we do NOT act on our urges to SCREW!

And so, that is, that.

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The C.D.C. Got Chased by the Virus, Again, Using the Policies the Way Frogs are Cooked in Warm Water

There’s, a pattern to be, detected in this!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The cases outbreaks grew triple fold in only one week, from a little over a hundred cases, to more than three hundred, and it’s estimated, that in a month or two, the number of contractions will reach its, all-time, high, we’re racing against time, battling the virus, and yet, the CDC must wait until the fires are at our doors, to finally state to the public, “it’s not possible at all, to reduce the number of contractions down to nil”, the measures of “coexisting with the virus”, the guidelines for quarantining at home for the mild and asymptomatic are only getting set up next week, and, then, the trial terms by the separate cities and counties of the country.

As the epidemic hit us locally last May and June, there’s the “paper work playing catch up with the virus”, “getting chased by the virus” and the result of that was the beds in the E.R.s are overpopulated, those who are dying at their homes, the uncounted numbers of deaths, must we, go through all of that again this time around?

Due to the increased number of confirms cases internationally, the various countries had already set up the rules for “the lightly symptomatic care at home guidelines”, countries like Great Britain already did away with the quarantine phases, the U.S, with five days of at-home quarantine, seven days in South Korean, three days in Singapore, all the countries in the world had seen how powerful the Omicron strain is, but, our country is still, immersed in the delusions of being the “role model” of defense against MERS-CoV, using the warm water, to broil up the frogs here.

Recalling how back on January third, Taiwan welcomed its very first Omicron case, back then, the clusters of infections occurred in a quarantine hotel, which showed the aerial transmission ability of the Omicron strain, the cases can no longer be identified as locally or externally anymore.  As the clusters of the international airports, Wang’s Steaks, it’d shown, how quickly the virus can be transmitted, as people ate out, and, although the CDC kept proving its abilities to quickly get these cases in check, but it still hadn’t, learned the lessons, of prevention is better than treatment.

Starting in April, the quarantine period had been shortened to just ten days, and, in a few short days, the local cases grew to over three hundred in these past few days, and the CDC now only started, to set up the rules of those with the milder symptoms for the individuals to quarantine at home, even the cities of Hsinbei, and Taipei all got ahead of the CDC many a time already.

The memories of being outstanding in the measures of preventing the spread of MERS-CoV was from the year before last, and if the CDC still doesn’t catch itself up, we can’t even catch up to the taillights of the Omicron chains, and the people here, can’t deal with the failures of the delays, the losses of, lives either.

And so, the CDC, with its head up its ASS, still screwed us all, because it doesn’t want to piss the people off (so it’d rather, that people lose their lives?), not setting up the tougher rules of quarantine and the incubation period of the Omicron strain, is no longer just fourteen days, HECK, the quarantine period of our dogs for rabies is twenty-one days, and the government still doesn’t take this quickly transmitting mutated strain seriously enough, and we the people, are all going to, D-I-E (or maybe not all of us, the few of us, with the BEST DNAs will survive, I’m sure of it!) because of the government’s incompetence.

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The Weakening of the Humanities, Not Reading Became Wasteful

On the legislators of the DDP’s calling to do away with Chinese in the academics, this is totally, trying to ERASE the children’s knowledge of where they came from, similar to the Mao Zedong Era in China from before!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislators of the DDP called out to the Examination Department to eliminate the Chinese language exams on the national exams, and quote how the former testing department legislators stating how “young people shouldn’t waste their time away on the ancient texts”.  A lot of the members of the younger generations are addicted to their cell phones, if the Chinese examinations are eliminated, this may be more the excuses for the younger generations to not read up on things, and, wasting away the culture, that is, the truly sad thing.

Those of us who were demanded by our instructors to memorize the ancient texts, our Chinese had its foundations set firmly, the classics that we’d been told to recite from our memories, we still remember these texts to our old age, and we found these texts useful for our entire lives.  Doing away with the ancient texts not only would this weaken the literacy of the people, it would cause us to become the butts of jokes too. 

controlling what we read off of the internet…comic found online

A lot of the members of the younger generations don’t read at all, and has a weakened level of understanding of the Chinese language, there was a coworker of mine from before, with a master’s degree, but he couldn’t even write the characters in his own name correctly, he wrote one stroke less when signing his own name, it’s quite, shocking!

With Memorial Day just around the corner, when they got to the tombstone of their forefathers, and can’t even read what’s on the tombstones.  “Not taken the advantage to study hard when we’re still young, when we’re elders, we’d regretted not having studied at all”.  Crack open a book is beneficial to us all, we should encourage the younger generations to read more texts in Chinese, so they won’t regret it when they’re elderly, instead of stripping them of the rights to read and to understand the ancient texts.

Reading the ancient texts, you will absorb the essences of the cultural traditions, as well as the humanities, there was a line, “in your stance, there’s the books you’d once read, the paths you’d, walked, as well as those you once, loved.”  The writer, San Mao also wrote down: the books you’d read will seep into your blood and bones, change your face, elevating your flair.  The politicians should not fall prey to their ideologies, for their own political advantages, eliminating the lessons in the ancient Chinese texts, and, causing damage to the younger generations’ futures.

And so, welcome, to the “book burning” of the Mao Zedong Era, only, that these aren’t the “red coats” who are now, burning those, ancient text, they’re, the DDP legislators, DDP supporters, and I get that, the ancient Chinese texts may be somewhat irrelevant, as everything is now, written in plain Chinese language, but, there’s that need to learn the ancient Chinese texts, because after all, the most important knowledge from the ancient times are, within those texts, and, by doing away with teaching the students how to read these texts from ancient times, the DDP is, depriving the next generations of children the ability to tell what’s right and what’s wrong for themselves, and so, the DDP is creating, the next generations of ZOMBIES, who will just, follow the leader, without ANY of their own, differences of thoughts, and differences of, opinions, and then, the DDP can all lead us to, H-E-L-L (uh, as if we’re not there already, under their rules!).

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The KMT Mocked that the Online Supporters of the DDP are “Adopting the Green Roaches”

An INFESTATION of the DDP cockroaches, and they’re, multiplying too, here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Su, the Head of State: Connecting to the Activities of the Net Armies is Defamation

The case of Lin abusing the DDP legislator, Kao caused the net armies to get caught red-handed.  The head of state, Su stated, “the government doesn’t have the extra money to pay for the work of the net armies, nor would the DDP need to pay for the work of the net armies.”, and claimed that the net armies, the inappropriate propagandas spreading right now, are the malicious attacks on the political party.  Toward the secretary of the DDP, Lin’s claims that “the DDP does NOT have the extra money to pay for the works of the net armies”, the head of committee for the KMT, Ling rebutted, “lying through their teeth!”

and no, still not talking about these, rare species of, green, roaches here…

photo from online

Toward the mayor of Taipei, Ke’s calling “one man a letter” to Su, to check the activities of the net army.  The spokesperson of the Executive Department, Lo spoke after the press conferences, that he’d already received the letter from Ke, that the government, in implementing the policies, will discuss the matter of enforcing the law with the people truthfully, “the government does NOT support the net armies, we will NOT tolerate the spreading of rumors by the net armies either!”

Lin claimed that the DDP didn’t have the extra money to support the works of the net armies, Ling criticized it as “a total joke!”, there are multiple victims of the DDP net army rumors, and they’d been caught for spreading the rumors online many times already, and the fact-check center found their statements as false, the online community believed that the DDP are growing the “green roaches”, and nobody is going to believe the lies that Lin is telling now.

And so this, is how bad this shit is getting, because the online net armies, are sponsored by the DDP, if they didn’t say so (making a formal statement), that still does NOT mean that they’re not, supporting these roaches, in their spreading the false truths online, and this is just one of many ways that the DDP is, shifting the wind toward their favors, not knowing, that their behaviors will eventually, turn their own supporters, against them, because they’d gone, overboard on everything.

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Were the Pilots a Hole in the System, or is it Chen’s Conscience that’s the Hole?

The EGO of the government is what SCREWED us, then, the policies regarding the quarantine periods, the vaccination orders and, it all, snowballed, and that is how, the government, managed to screw, WE the people, O-V-E-R!  Political observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pilots of EVAAIR contracted the delta strain, one of them had, passed it to his son, causing the technical university his son attended to shut down for two whole weeks.  From before, the China-Air initiated local epidemic only started settling, now, Eva Air was the one, causing this current restart of the outbreaks, tracing to the roots, it’s all due to the carelessness of the CDC’s regulations of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  From before, a total of eight hundred in the population had died, while Chen insisted that the China-Airlines, the quarantine hotels aren’t a “clear cause”; it’s all because of the commander’s inability to introspect, that’s why he kept making the same mistakes.

From our knowledge, the breakthrough of the virus came from the “Three-plus-Eleven” quarantine rule mistake.  Because of the DDP legislator, Fang’s pushing through the rules, the Command Center relaxed on the rules, allowing the pilots to only quarantine at home for just three days only, then, eleven days more of self- health management.  By this, this was way shorter than normal citizens’ fourteen plus seven days of quarantine.  And because the term is too short, to see if the virus is present, it’d caused the pilots with the contractions in the hibernation period to go out to their communities, and spread the virus all across Taiwan, causing the downfall of the breaking down of the systems as the local epidemics occurred on a grander scale in May.

But, Chen hadn’t learned from this lesson, nor admitted that the hotel quarantine of China-Airlines is the “hole” in the systems, in June, July, he’d opened up the “three-plus eleven”, the “five-plus-nine” quarantines to the pilots.  Of these, to all the pilots who had two full vaccines, the “demands” of “Self-management for seven days” are made of them, deleting the at-home quarantine terms completely.  The assumptions of the Command Center was: as the pilots received two vaccines for over two weeks, they have the protections, so there’s no need for the stricter rules of quarantines then.  Unfortunately, the three pilots who contracted the virus all had their, two doses of Astra-Zeneca, and yet, there’s, no “protective wear” to their systems’ defenses, they were both attacked by the Delta strain in other countries, then, returned home, and passed it to other members of their own, families.

From the Command Center’s perspectives, the government believes that two vaccinations means complete defense, that the pilots don’t need to quarantine, this was, completely, backwards, and incorrect cognition.  In actuality, from July to date, there were more than forty cases from internationally who’d shown “breakthrough sort of contraction”, there were eight cases locally too, and of them, there were an assortments of brands of vaccines, AZ being the most.  This showed, that two doses doesn’t guarantee the human bodies from being invaded by the virus, especially the delta strain.  With the forefronts of the China-Airline/quarantine hotel cases, the command center had, loosen up the rules of pilots’ quarantine terms; and, we’d fallen twice, on the, exact, same locations, could Chen be only, amnesic?  Or did he, lose his abilities to learn from his own mistakes, to employ a different method? 

There are the mutations coming currently, and the vaccines needed to be updated again, again, and again, there’s a need to improve the methods of treatments for the patients, including the tactics of defense against the spread for the whole country needed advancing too.  But on Chen, people saw no evolution in his management, and his thought, he kept using that last year mindset of “wow, we stopped the spread”!, not seen how we are all, depressed in the currently outbreak, how the lives are, lost daily, not seen how hard the medical professionals are working their lives away.  He’d only reported on the numbers, reading from the scripts on T.V., and, talked down to members of the press who’d questioned his ways, and started arguing for how he did right.  As for why there are not enough vaccines in the country, Chen felt no need to reply to.

And, let’s look at the special treatment of the pilots the government allowed, it’d become their supposed “special rights”.  Even if there’s only a shortened week-long quarantine, some of the pilots still found holes.  In these past two days, there was a pilot who was supposed to be in self-quarantine, who was sighted at a populated restaurant to dine, and, lied about his status at the filling out of the forms, lied about his situation when asked.  With the special rights to them, and not fulfilling their obligated terms of quarantines, these are the holes in the systems that the government made, especially for these personnel, who can possibly, stop it?

The outbreak in May was caused by China Airlines, the September outbreaks, by Eva Air, it showed, of how egotistical, how foolish the Tsai government and the center for disease control are.  Egotistical in, that they’d, overestimated their own abilities, couldn’t manage the systems effectively, that’s why they’d fallen, on the, exact, same spots, TWICE!  The stubborn part is, they don’t want to learn from their mistakes, allowing their asses to think for their actions, and putting, ALL our lives, in harms’ way!

And so, there’s still, NOTHING that we can do, about this, shitty government of ours, it’d started screwing us all over, with the vaccine policies first, not enough are coming in, everything is delayed here, what we’d “ordered”, hadn’t even come in by half, and now, schools are starting, and we working class people in our thirties, forties, are pushed back on the vaccine orders, because the government was too ill-prepared for the epidemic, because the government still lived in that stupid mindset of, “We’re all alright!”, thus, screwing, WE the people, O-V-E-R!  And, unfortunately, there’s still, NOTHING we can do about it…

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