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The Political-Correctness of the Word, “Hymen”…

This is still just, BULL-S-H-I-T, if you ask me…

It says here, and yes, I’m reading off of my cell phone right now, that “there are the myths that people held of the hymen, believing, that “a tear meant that the female isn’t a virgin anymore”, and to get away from the patriarchy, the “virgin complex”, the legislator, Lin called out today (on the 30th) to the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations, to change the referring noun to something more “neutral”, to replace all of these nouns, that are, going to, make women feel pressured by society, at the same time, teaching the children the correct ideas of sex education, so they know their own body and how it’s “made up”, its structures.  Toward this, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations agreed to the idea, that the terms of “vaginal flaps”, and, the “discharges after birth”, along with other medical terms, to change the stereotypes against women in society.

This morning, Lin held the press conference with the C.E.O. of Taiwan Women Connect pounding down the sexist belief of women’s virginities.  Demanding thatthe government starts with the textbooks, and the dictionaries, to label the women’s parts in a more, gender-neutral way.

And this still showed, just how, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) retarded the DDP, is.  And, by NOT using these, gender specific terms to refer to, to differentiate between men and women’s, “parts”, how do you think this will end?

Oh, I know, the next generations will be discussing the matter of coitus (the more “formal” way of saying, “scoring that FUCK!) as: you want put your thing down there, into, my “hole down” there, and, no, I still have that thin film (my HYMEN) down there, attached onto the “entrance” of my “hole down there” (as the term: VAGINA! Will soon be, “outlawed” too, like the word HYMEN is about to be!).

That’s, your SEX ed for the generations of the future here, in this god damn, country I’m currently, residing in right now…

Wow, are we going not just backwards, but, way, way, WAY backwards, of backwards here…

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The Self-Deceptions of God Help Those Who Help Themselves

How the Russian invasion on Ukraine will be more than likely what will happen if China selected to invade Taiwan, see how this government still has its HEAD up its ASS???  Observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the experts analyzed the situations of Russia and Ukraine, Tsai in the committee meeting of the DDP summed up, that “god help those who help themselves” is the best description of Ukraine.  I would imagine, that had Zelensky heard these words, he would totally get angered, because he’d just, sent the videos online to blame the west for watching Ukraine die, where’s the help that the country needed?

Zelensky’s painful understanding of the predicament of his country, is the most vivid thing of the war.  He’d accepted the interview of ABC, stated, that he had given up hope on joining N.A.T.O. already, that N.A.T.O. never wanted Ukraine as one of its members, that he refused to bow down lower than he had already.  Then, on his own YouTube channel, he’d criticized the western world for not fulfilling the promises of providing the fighter planes, that he’d waited for thirteen days on end, and not received any help from them.

Zelensky stated these words time and time again already.  He’d asked N.A.T.O. to make the no-fly zone over Ukraine, which N.A.T.O. declined, which he blamed the west as enablers.  What was ironic was, U.S. stated, that if Zelensky were to get assassinated, it already had a backup plan.  Tsai chose to ignore this, and, used the hollowed idioms, to try and fool the people!

The belated understanding from Zelensky had turned
Ukraine into a wasteland, and it’d proven the hypocrisy of the U.N.  Yet, Tsai thought she could donate what she’d made in a month in wages to help Ukraine, that that’s, the help the Ukraine is currently in need of?  War isn’t for kicks, but of the people, displace from their homes, fighting for their, lives to, survive.  If Taiwan can’t spend the needed arms to Ukraine, it can at least, stop the huffle and puff.

Blankly stated, what Tsai couldn’t face, wasn’t the miseries of how Ukraine was invaded, but the mirages of Taiwanese independence.  The boasting of her words were merely making the noises, playing pretend, that if Communist China invades, the west will come to our rescues.  It wasn’t that Ukraine helped itself, because the people are banded together, but the government of Tsai in, self-deception.

And so, this god damn country has no business, commenting on what’s going on in Ukraine, but this god damn president felt the need to make her self known, and started blabbing bullshit out of turn, let’s see who will come to Taiwan’s rescue if and when China DOES, invade, then, we will, ALL be like the Ukrainians too then, won’t we???

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Beware, of the Illusive Effects of the “Ring of Online”

This still just showed, how you should NEVER believe what you see or hear on the internet!  On the validity of the news you get off of the internet, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict that’s currently ongoing, the influx of “data of the warzones” came like wildfires.  And, naturally, for those YouTubers, trying to get the kudos, and the hits, they’d, taken advantage of the situation, but in just one short week, there’d been, a lot of, mismatched cases.  For instance, the writer, Nick Wang posted the footage of “brave Ukrainian little girl, yelling at the soldiers”, he’d, told that the little girl was telling the soldiers to get the HELL out of her country.  And the online community called him out; because the footage was from Palestine ten years ago, and, it was the Israel soldier who was yelled at by the child.  Wang then stated, then, just, watch it like a soap opera then.

It’s minor, that you see the footages, the photos, the claims online, and started forwarding it, and adding more fuel to the fire, and in the end, you’d, made a, mistake.  And, those who started blabbing online, may well hurt themselves, as well as their own, fellow countrymen too.  As the war in Ukraine just occurred, a lot of the Chinese online communities started operating under transference, believed that Russia would win soon enough, and started talking trash about Ukraine, there were the slanderous claims of how Ukrainian women are whores.  All of these came onto the news media, and naturally, it’d, angered the Ukrainian citizens, who are trying to fight off Russian invasion, and, the hatred for the enemy’s supporters got, sparked up; causing the citizens of China currently in Ukraine to become scapegoats, and their lives are, threatened.

The internet brought the boundlessness of the world full of information at our finger tips, more so than we can ever, imagine but, is what’s broadcasted on screen, reality?  Or does it, just, look like it’s, the reality of things, the mixed and matched, the, misinformation being, passed, around?  Especially with the anonymity of the internet, it’d, allowed people to loosen their own morale, and those things we have trouble opening up on, got spread out online is, certainly, nothing good.

how the internet, connects ,and we can all be, fooled by what we encounter, on the WWW…photo from online

As the war far off is currently ongoing, in wishing that everything eventually turns out, peacefully, the people are, faced with, enormous amount of data they must, sift through carefully, and, we should never get, tempted, by this ring of information that’s been placed on our, fingers.

And so, this still just showed, how we all need to check, at least three times (sometimes more than that!) to make sure that the data we receive from online is true, as anybody can claim just about anything (i.e. I AM, G-O-D, but you don’t know that!!!) without the proofs of what s/he is, claiming, which is why we all need to be, careful, of the sources of information we are taking these data off of, is it, credible, factual, or is it, huffle and puff, just, someone, trying to, gain the number of views?

Be smart when you sift through everything online, otherwise, you are, going to get, fooled.

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Seventy-Percent of the Government’s Energy Spent on Breaking Down Hou, Thirty on Breaking Down Ke, are the Greens Worried about Getting Voted Out of Power?

Apparently, the people’s lives, weighed a HELL of a LOT, less than trying to, silence those who have a difference of opinion than they have here, the government is totally, missing the point here, and yet, it’s still, in power!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the midst of the outbreaks, nobody is completely safe, working together is the key, while the DDP still had the mind to beat down the mayors of Taipei, Ke and Hsinbei City, Hou, splashing the soiled waters onto them.

The legislator of the party Lo, and the councilman, Chang started it first, attacked Hou for not blocking out the virus from spreading too fast throughout the city, criticized how the city government didn’t make a single move last yar, that Hou was behind Ke for over a year; the commanding center’s using the claims of “Corrected numbers” made the entire nation upset, while the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen immediately spoke on the central government’s behalf, that this was caused by both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities.

As Chen finished firing off, the legislator from Tainan, Kuo fired up, pointed out that Hou asked the Central Government to NOT block out the privately owned organizations to buy the vaccines, that he’d not examined his own city, with the rate of inoculation of less than fifty-percent.  Then, the former legislator, Duan criticized on how the rates of those staying in the quarantine hotels in Hsinbei City were lowest of the nation’s, that he’d called the hotels to become quarantine hotels at random, and criticized him on calling to “seal up the city” too often, and that it’d caused a scare among the general population to fly into a shopping feeding frenzy.

The DDPs spending “Seventy-percent of their energies on trash-talking Hou, thirty on grilling Ke”, the inoculations of the vaccines in Taipei also got criticized, the net armies started calling out on how it was faster to get inoculated in Kaohsiung than in Taipei, the assistant mayor, Huang of Taipei stated, that most of the vaccines were specified for the hospital workers in the front line of defense, that there are tons of specialized wards in the city of Taipei, the medical professionals are getting their turns by shifts to get the vaccines, so of course it’s, slower.

The DDP continually hitting Hou, Ke, and this is clearly, a fight for power in the politics.  All of us knew, that both mayors are hot for the presidential election of 2024, while the breaks in preventing the spread was, caused by the DDP, it’s not on Hou or Ke, and the people watches the government, attacking them using all their might, are the higher up officials of DDP treating citizens as idiots?  Or are they, already, anxiety stricken about, losing their, status of power over the control of this government?

Or maybe, both?  Because this current government does SQUAT for its people, and now, as election comes closer, it’s afraid, which is why it’s using all the guns, the cannons, the knives to ATTACK the heads of these two major cities up north, and the party IS, at its, wits end, on maintaining control over power here, that’s why these attacks on the mayors of these two major cities are occurring right now.

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Trump’s Legacy: Voters Who Reject Democracy & Any Politics But Their Own, by Trip Gabriel

From the New York Times that came with the papers today, on the civilian MOBS occupied the Capitol of the U.S….written by T. Gabriel

The sight of a violent mob inspired by President Donald Trump smashing its way into the Capitol was more than just a shocking spectacle.  It also highlighted one of the most dangerous parts of Trump’s legacy: the4 disbelief in democracy that has metastasized among many of his supporters.

While the turmoil has divided the Republican officials, there are few signs of division among these voters who fervently back Trump.  In interviews earlier this month, they expressed sympathy with what they said were the motives of the mob: to stop the4 counting of Electoral College results in Congress, under the false premise that widespread fraud had deprived the president of reelection.

and here’s a YouTube video on that…

Trump Mob Takes Over U.S. Capitol: Joe Biden, Cardi B. and More React – YouTube

(and yes, the link works!!!)

The adherence of Trump’s base to his groundless claims of a “sacred landslide’ victory and their rejection of a routine constitutional process——a position abetted by 147 congressional Republicans who objected to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s election—suggest that a core part of the Republican Party is dead=set on rejecting the legitimacy of any politics or party but their own.

In the interviews, Trump supporters adamantly clung to what they called evidence of a fraudulent election, engaged in so-called whataboutism to play down the scenes of destruction in Washington and accused the news media of being overly melodramatic in describing events as a historical inflection.

Since Trump first ran for president, his critics have been predicting that one of his norm-shattering acts would send droves of his supporters fleeing.  It has never happened.

For these voters, the lack of allegiance to democratic values seemed to stem, in part, from the shift among many Republicans to imbibing information from sources that offer propaganda rather than news and facts.

Another likely factor that leads to delegitimizing political opponents among Trump supporters is the scorched-earth attacks on Democratic candidates during elections.

Some members of the president’s base said they would view Biden as illegitimately occupying the Oval Office, a further polarization of Americans after years when some Democrats questioned or denied Trump’s legitimacy.  In the view of many Trump supporters, the president was never given a chance to govern; he was besieged from day one by claims of Russian collusion, fierce obstruction of his priorities and, ultimately, an impeachment.

Wow, all those TRUMP supporters surely ARE, fanatics, like those who’d followed a CULT, following the LEADER, as s/he drive down that sharpened CLIFF somewhere, and that, is what was happening, with these supporters of Trump, still living in the MIRAGE of Trump’s claims of “MAKE AMERICA GREAT again!” well, you know what?  America is NOT great, nor had it, ever been, “great” and it’s because of people like YOU guys (angry MOBS!), who’d destroyed the DEMOCRATIC voting process of AMERICA there!  And that’s still???  Oh yeah my T-A-K-E, those of you won’t don’t like it, yeah like I give a SHIT!

This was what DEMOCRACY in AMERICA looked like, now, maybe???  How the hell should I know when the occupying of the Capitol started, and if it’d, ended yet???

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The Chinese “Army” from Online Changed the Postings on FB, Passing Out the Falsified News

The validity of the news, from the WWW!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The investigative bureau’s cracking down on the falsified news stories on MERS-CoV, they’d found that on the fans pages of Facebook, because of lacking in maintenance of the webpages, causing there to be a link on the site to China, which was used as a way of manipulating the flow of the facts and spreading of the rumors that weren’t, valid.  There are, another twelve of the websites before the presidential election that were, bought out by the online forces of China, with the untrue claims, aiming at causing war.

The Investigative Bureau recently called in the manager of the FB group, and the person who’d registered the site, a total of six people in for questioning, they’d claimed, that because they’d failed to pay for the maintenance charges of their website, they weren’t aware that the postings are, altered, that they’d not received any money from China, after they were all questioned, they were, sent back home.

The Investigative Bureau believed, that this sort of highly-organized and tactile maliciously spreading the rumors online, there may well be Chinese military involvement behind it, that it’s aimed at causing the citizens here to fear, to feel even more uncertain of the government, during this period of MERS-CoV epidemic.

Based off of understanding, there were the FB fans pages, due to lacking in maintenance, causing these site’s “About” sections, to get linked to the contents related to China, and from the start of this year, there were, the debatable statements about revolting against the Taiwanese government.

After chasing the leads, other than having highly debatable contents, the Facebook page had also, connected to a ton of external sites, with the “Content Farms” by the Communist in China’s patterns, in a short period of time, producing and spreading out the unchecked facts, and, duplicated them to the FB groups here to mass-distribute.

And, there were, another twelve internal links to the FB page, which was said to have been, bought out by a third-party platform, which became the provider of these, falsified news for the Content Farms, and, the time when these sites were bought was six months before the votes at the start of the year, mid last year.

The Investigative Bureau stated, that take for example, “puddingco” that was bought out, the original name of the company’s website remained unchanged, but the contents of what’s been posted are filled with the Chinese authorized news stories, the policies, along with the untrue slanders toward our nation.

And so, this just, makes it, that much harder, to know if what we’re reading is true or false, especially in these, sensitive times, when the Chinese government wanted to, take over the Taiwanese government, to UNIFY us, and, this is still, using rumors, to shake up the hearts and faiths that people have for the governing bodies of their own countries, and, there’s, NO way we would know, if what we encounter online is true or if it isn’t, unless we all know how to differentiate between facts and fiction already!

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The Rent-a-Pet Program

Let me put on my “salesman” outfit here, wait for it…wait for it…okay, now I’m dressed for the “occasion”…

The Rent-a-Pet program, you’re allowed to, get a firsthand experience of what it would be like, to have a pet around your house, with NO need to commit, until they (the pets) die.

And, I have a feel, that this, would be a program that’ll gain widened popularity in the world, as the modern man’s souls become more and more empty, and, people more often than not are returning home, to an empty house, with absolutely NO source of life there, now, imagine, for one bit, if, you can have someone (fine, it’s a some THING), eager for you to come home, something that’ll welcome you, maybe, even bring you your slippers, why not, but, you’re still NOT sure, if this, is the sort of a long-term commitment that you want to have?  That’s fine too, our program allows you to take a pet home, on a trial basis, and, you don’t even have to pay, for the first two weeks, just provide the food for the pets, and, if, at the end of those two weeks you’re still not wanting to keep the pets we’d lent to you, you can then, bring ‘em all back in, and, we’ll “dispose” of them for ya!

Uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me, right, and, don’t TELL me, that some of you out there are actually, BUYING into THIS sort of shit, and yet, in order to fit to the needs of modern day man, some countries (still NOT naming names here though…) are offering SUCH a BULLSHITTING service to its citizens, can you believe it???

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Using the Virginity Test to Establish Morality

This is really SEXIST, from the New York Times that came with today’s Chinese newspapers, written by: J. Cochrane…

JARKARTA, Indonesia—Colonel Sri Rumiati made her career in the Indonesian National Police, but the day she was tested for it, in 1984, is one she would rather forget.

During a mandatory physical examination, a doctor administered a so-called virginity test, inserting two fingers to determine whether her hymen was intact.

“I was not comfortable with the test,” said Colonel Rumiati, who is now a police psychologist.  “The test can be stressful on women and embarrassing.”

It mattered little that the doctor who tested her was a woman.  It felt like a violation, she said, one that does not determine virginity, that has no comparable equivalent for male police recruits and that does not achieve its ostensible goal: evaluating a recruit’s morality.

“You learn about the morality of a candidate from prosocial behavior testing,” or evaluating a person’s actions, she said.  “It’s not about virginity.”

Women who apply to be police officers in Indonesia have been subjected to virginity testing since at least 1965.

But the issue has set off heated debate here since Human-Rights Watch released a report and a video last month with evidence that the police was still in force.

The organization said it had interviewed eight current and former female police officers and applicants in six cities, including two who said they had undergone virginity tests this year.  Married women are not eligible to become police officers.

The National Police chief said last month that female recruits did not undergo virginity tests.  But hours later, two high-ranking National Police officials in Jakarta were quoted by the local news media confirming that the police force conducts the tests.

While failing the virginity does not disqualify a police applicant, she “may get fewer points if her hymen is not intact,” Brigadier General Arthur Tampi told The Jakarta Post.

Local women’s and human rights groups have demanded an end to the practice.  Last year, the head of a local education office in South Sumatra Province suggested conducting virginity tests on high school girls to discourage promiscuity and thwart teenage prostitution.  Thousands of Indonesians took to social media sites to criticize the idea, which was quickly dismissed by national government officials.

Colonel Dede Rahayu, who runs the Police Women’s School in Jakarta, said she had never heard of any of her students or staff members having to undergo the tests.

The policewomen “who said they had that tests didn’t understand what a virginity test is,” she said nothing that all applicants undergo a rectal exam and they may have confused the two.  “Or maybe the want people think they were still virgins when they joined,” she said half in jest.  “A single woman not being a virgin is taboo in Indonesia”.

So, if there’s a need for a woman to undergo such examinations, to solidify HER status, what about men?  Don’t they need to also go through a virginity test too?  Oh wait, you LOSERS don’t have HYMENS like we women do, that can clearly SHOW if you’d had SEX or not, and, this idea of how unwed, single women are eligible to become cops is still way too STUPID, and this had happened, in the modern day world, believe it or don’t!  And, hello, hello, hello, virginity is NO determinant of morality, I mean, you DO realize, that someone CAN be a virgin, and act immorally, right???

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A School without the Fences…Would We Still Be Safe the Next Time?

Commentaries, translated…

An elementary school was broken in by a stranger man, not only did he managed to beat up the school teacher, he’d also took a male student to the roof of the school.  The police came to help out after they got a call, and managed to subdue the man, and the students, as well as the instructors were all very scared by this event.

This rare-to-come-by incident posed the issue of school safety, in order to help keep the campuses safe, the teachers, as well as the students must have the sense of danger, and they should NOT ignore the signs of danger that easily, in order to ensure the safety of the students, as well as the school instructors.

For now, there’s a lax in the number of security officers at the elementary schools across the city of Taipei, the originally two members of the security officers that were assigned to each of the schools, due to the simplifying plan of personnel by the city governments, there was NO one to fill the posts, and the schools started hiring from the private sectors, causing the varied income problem, and it’d affected how well the schools and the hired security guards worked together.  The government, in order to save the cash, had sacrificed the safety of the schools, it’s really not worth it.

And, recently, the janitors had been reduced in numbers in the schools, for a school with one-thousand students, there were only two janitor, and, the janitors also had to be responsible for the cooking in the kindergarten levels, along with being the correspondences to the government, and, the number of employees is NOT even half of what the schools had hired.

And the schools, in order to make sure the schools worked well, would have the two guards work at the same time frames, and, had one of these security guards help with the paper works at the offices of the schools.

And so, walking around the school to make sure that it’s safe was deeply affected, and there was a HUGE hole in the security, thus, allow the bad guys to squeeze in.

Lastly, in recent years, the schools across the nations had gotten away with the fences, and, a LOT of schools had fought for lowering the fences, or do away with them completely, and used plants as the fences, but, without the fences, the schools would be in danger, of intruders from the outside.

In order to safeguard the safety of the students and the teachers, the educational managers from the cities, along with the school’s executive officials MUST work together.

The school must give education as it becomes necessary, to up the level of awareness of the students and the teachers, and instill the idea of “keeping the schools safe is everybody’s responsibilities”, to keep a close eye on strangers that show up, and to have the students and the teachers report if they see someone who’s awkward in the schools, and must hold safety conferences regularly, along with have drills.

The increase of safety on campuses, other than the schools that must work hard, there’s also a need for care and concerns from the systems, for instance, the funding, and the personnel, to allow the schools to have the extra money to install surveillance cameras, security equipments, and increase manpower on campus, to reduced the spare time where there would be no one there, to keep the schools safe, and this would up the safety of the schools.

And so, we need more guards to keep our schools safe, but, where DOES the funding come from?  Taxes?  We’re already paying a WHOLE lot, and, this article only poses the problem, without giving a viable solution, and, you still have to admit, that school safety IS a very important matter, I mean, after all, who would feel safe, if the kids’ schools can be entered by just about anyone?

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A Man Who Ran Off From an Unsuccessful Rape…Took the Panties, and Was Prosecuted

Yeah, uh, are you FUCKING (no, do NOT pardon me this time!!!) kidding me here??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Zhu, forcibly pulled down the panties of a woman, and attempted to rape her on the streets, and because the victim’s hollering caused the crowd to come, he’d picked up her underwear, and ran. The D.A. prosecuted him for robbery of her underwear, and attempted rape, but the judge believed that he didn’t pull her panties off to possess it as his own, that it wouldn’t be robbery, and sentenced him to two years based off of the attempted rape charges.

Last year on the midnight of June 29, Zhu was passing by a certain intersection in Taoyuan, saw a woman, who got drunk, walking alone, he got a bad thought, followed her; he grabbed her from behind, then, got in front of her, pushed her down, stripped her panties off, was about to rape her.

The victim kicked him and fought hard, a rider passing by found it to be awkward, started honking his horns for attention, and there was another driver who stopped and offered assistance to the woman; Zhu saw that he wasn’t going to get his way with her, took the woman’s underwear and ran off, couple of days later, he’d tossed the panties away inside the Keelung train station, after the police got a call, they’d reviewed the surveillance camera, and made an arrest.

“After I forcibly removed the victim’s underwear, I’d shoved it into my pockets; and the reason why I took her panties home was because I wanted to smell it, I admit to robbery.” The D.A. used Zhu’s statements, decided, that the victim’s underwear was also considered property, and prosecuted him based off of attempted rape and robbery.

And because in interrogation, Zhu claimed, “I was about to keep touching her pubic area, then, have sex with her, that, was why I’d stripped her underwear off; and the panties felt jammed, half way down, and so, I’d stripped it off completely, and I ran, because someone came by.” The courts, based the attempted rape off of this statement, and that it didn’t constitute as forced robbery, and sentenced him on attempted rape for three years two months, and gave him a free pass for the robbery charge.  Zhu and the D.A. were both dissatisfied with the result, and went for separate appeals, and the High Courts decided, that the charge of robbery didn’t stand up.

And, this, is still clearly, an UNSUCCESFUL R-A-P-E, and, just because you got a bit drunk, and feel somewhat HORNY, that still doesn’t give you the right, to RAPE a woman who was just passing through, does it? Of course N-O-T, and, this woman was still violated through the entire process.

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